Ian Somerhalder steps in London with a ‘mystery woman’: is she a relative?

Here are some new photos of Ian Somerhalder in London last night. He was leaving the Groucho Club with an unidentified woman who – as you can see – in a hurry to hold his arm possessively. Fame/Flynet is trying to make this seem like Ian is a pick-up artist and the girl is a random, but doesn’t their body language suggest otherwise? I’m thinking this woman is a relative, a friend or a business associate. I’m sure Somerhalder-loonies will know her identity shortly. Ian did tweet earlier in the evening that he had dinner with his “old man” so maybe his parents are in town and this is his sister?

Regardless of whether or not this particular lady is Ian’s new beloved, I do think his fans should prepare themselves for lots of drama with his love life. He and Nina Dobrev broke up several weeks ago, and it’s looking more and more like the split was permanent and there were probably some hard feelings involved (at least that’s how I’m reading it). I would imagine that Ian will play the single man about town for a little while and then he’ll settle in for another “intense” relationship with some actress. Be prepared!

Also, there are questions (by Ian-loonies) about exactly what he’s doing in London. It seems there are a lot of Ian-loonies who are desperate for him to score the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, and his fans have been wondering if he’s in London to do some hush-hush filming for 50 Shades. But if they had put together a cast for that film, wouldn’t we know about it? And wouldn’t they announce the production? And isn’t the film set in America, like the book? All that being said… yes, they should give the part to Ian. He’s got that creepy beauty that would be good for Christian Grey, plus Ian is DESPERATE for the part and they’re probably not going to find anyone better. Let’s be real. No quality actor wants the part at all.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. marie says:

    he doesn’t look bad here, is the nipple tweek a secret code or something?

    those ladies look really happy..

  2. Indira says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Ian but mostly only because of his portrayal of Damon on the Vampire Diaries. I haven’t seen him do that kind of quality acting anywhere else but it would be nice if he chose projects that showcased his range like the Vampire Diaries does. What I mean to say is…He probably should steer clear from the 50 Shades film because he’s better than that. Or at least his work on TVD makes me believe so.

    And, yeah, pity about the break up but, come on, from what I’ve read he’s never ever single for long.

    • pretty says:

      I’m the opposite. I got completely turned off by his acting and portrayal of Damon.
      first i just don’t like damon’s character and his acting is just…so repetitive, i guess. at first, in season 1 and 2, i thought he was hot and gorgeous and yada yada but it’s just so boring now.
      on the other hand, klaus is so freaking hot, i can not!!! joseph morgan is so hot ugh! hahaha
      and Nina can do so much better than Ian. he’s old and seems to be egotistical

  3. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I love him because of his cat obsession.
    And I love his jacket….although, is that a girl’s jacket?

    He is so Rob Lowe-esque. I guess that makes me old.
    He really is purty though….

  4. Talie says:

    It looks like Nina was the one who broke it off…and he wasn’t overly happy about it.

  5. D says:

    She has the same smile as the woman in the blue coat…hmmm…I’m guessing sister :)

  6. pretty says:

    Ian smalhoder is too short to play christain gray.
    i admit, i was curious whats so entertaining about that book so i just downloaded the audio book and listened to it when i was working out and stuff.
    i couldn’t finish to the last, though i remember anathesia losing her virginity lol.
    anyway he is too short to play him. hahahaha

    • A says:

      Yup. He’s way too short, balding, is generally too old, isn’t nearly as ripped as he used too and his acting isn’t exactly A-game. He’s way too expressionate in his acting while the Grey part is more of a Stephen Amell from Arrow kinda acting role.

      I wouldn’t run to the theater to see Ian, I doubt many would.

  7. Launicaangelina says:

    I want that meemaws green Doc Martins!

  8. mollie says:

    I’m old, admittedly, but I look at him and simply see a budget Rob Lowe.
    I will take the original.

  9. Lucy says:

    Nothing against Ian, but as long as Bomer doesn’t get the role (he’s too good for that), then let Ian have it. He seems to want it, so…

  10. Micki says:

    …” Let’s be real. No quality actor wants the part at all. ”

    I get Kaiser’s bias about this …possible…film and I admit I’ve read the first book till I reached some contract.Then I thought WTF?? and sort of forgot about it.
    Got the neverending repetitions from my friends and don’t need to read it myself I think.
    Nevertheless it depends who’s directing and who’s cast. It may turn into a good film.

  11. lylaooo says:

    OMG!!! those eyes!!!!! he is so freaking gorgeous!!

  12. aligirl says:

    I think he is so hot. And what I like about him is that he also seems like a genuinely nice person when he is interviewed. And I think saying he is desparate for the role is just kind of mean.

  13. Bee says:

    Check out Ian’s tweet: “The lovely lady that grabbed my arm randomly on a London street last night wanted a photo& I politely declined-well you got one darling…”

  14. Joanna says:

    now this guy is gorgeous!! i don’t get all the love for some celebrity males you guys rave about, but this is totally my cup of tea!