Channing Tatum: ‘I’m a fat kid on the inside. I love food so much’

Channing Tatum has a new interview in Cosmopolitan ahead of the June 28th release of White House Down, which I’m sure will make a lot of money. Channing plays a Secret Service agent protecting President Jamie Foxx. The interview is kind of meh considering Channing is almost always a GREAT interview. Seriously. I’m not joking. When Channing sits down and talks to a magazine, he’s really quotable and he’s full of interesting little gems. The “gem” in this piece is Channing admission that he’s secretly a “fat kid”.

Why he chose White House Down:
Most movies like this are about other countries attacking America, but this one is a little more unique because the enemy’s coming from the inside. Jamie Foxx [who plays the president] is wickedly smart and strong, not unlike our president now. I believe Obama is a lot of fun when he’s not trying to keep our economy together.

His marriage to Jenna Dewan:
You have to want it. Jenna’s and my thing is checking in with each other all the time, like “On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love me right now?” And you gotta be honest, and you’ve got to want an honest answer. I told a friend to do that. He asked the question and it turned into a huge fight, and I’m like, that’s kind of the point. Obviously, something needed to be fixed, he needed to be aware of it, and she needed to get it off her chest.

Being an approachable celebrity:
It’s a hard thing for me to wrap my mind around the C word: celebrity. Rock stars are celebrities, because they’re larger than life. As an actor, you have to play the everyman and the everygirl. If you start treating people in the real world like assistants, that’s not a good look. But my friends keep me grounded. It’s embarrassing to tell you how much my friends make fun of me. Seriously, when you have a doll made of your face, it’s ridiculous how creative your friends can get…pictures, videos, little animated cartoons that they’ve made. And they’re way, way not PG-13. So I get chopped down to size all the time.

On Jennifer Lawrence:
I wouldn’t mind being the male Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s incredibly cool.

Fill in the blank: No one would think I was sexy if they knew_______.
I’m a fat kid on the inside. I love food so much, and I fluctuate about 25 to 30 pounds between movies. I feel like I have to do a chess movie that requires very little movement at some point, just so I can eat pizza and play chess on the beach all day. And then eat more pizza and cheese-burgers and drink beer. That’d be amazing. I’d give anything for that. I gotta figure that movie out.

[From Cosmopolitan]

Yes, you can always tell when Channing is between films because he does start looking… meaty. Not “fat”. But you can tell he’s carrying extra weight. But he seems to take off the weight really quickly, and he can snap back into shape within a matter of weeks. As for his idea of being “the male Jennifer Lawrence” – eh. I would like to know what question led up to that answer. Because if he’s calling himself the male Jennifer Lawrence, he might have miscalculated his place in Hollywood.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. carol says:

    he’s adorable in a doofy kind of way. His wife seems super nice.

  2. Anna says:

    Is it me or has there been a slew of interviews with male celebrities lately that mention all sort of the ‘fat kid’ trauma? Henry Cavill just talked about it…

  3. ClaireB says:

    “Channing Tatum as Bobby Fischer…the musical!”

  4. jinni says:

    When he says he’s the male JLaw, maybe he means they both come off as kind of dense, harmless goofy/doofus types?

    What’s with all of these guys going on about how they’re fat/ were fat? Is this their PR teams way of appealling to women, the way female actors going on and on about how unattractive they think they are to seem less intimidating to female moviegoers?

  5. Shannon says:

    I love him. And I still think he’s sexy knowing he’s really a fat kid on the inside.

  6. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Squeee!! I lurv the puppy walking himself. Nothing beats puppyporn.

  7. annabelle says:

    I adore him. Truly and deeply.

    I like what he said about marriage and I love him and JDT together. That said, he and JLaw would be super hot on screen and someone most definitely needs to cast that pronto.

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    A know a friend of his family: she says Channing’s “grounded” nature is the result of a good upbringing and a strong family.(They should bottle it, and also make Jenna’s peronality available in capsule form–she was adorable on Fashion Police!)

  9. Echo says:

    He’s my type of guy. Hot, silly, young, fun. I will now suffer less as I eat healthy knowing he is trying to as well.

  10. Talie says:

    He does look like the type who would balloon up if he wasn’t active.

  11. Sandra says:

    I believe he meant he’d like to be the male Jennifer Lawrence because they both have tremendously appealing off-screen personalities, both seem a little daffy and self-deprecating and (and I can see people arguing against me on this one, but I believe it) no small amount of natural talent. Plus, in an industry of phonies and fakes and flakes, it’s so damn refreshing to see somebody (Lawrence and Tatum both) who seems to have their shit together.

  12. someone says:

    sometimes, he is so hot. and sometimes, he is a thumb.

  13. Chicagogurl says:

    never noticed before but does jenna look a little bit like julianna marguiles or is that just here?

  14. Theresa says:

    I recently watched A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with a young Tatum. The entire cast was pretty amazing, but the natural acting ability of this man is pretty impressive. I think people only know his work from his more recent outings (which I must admit I have not seen) but that movie blew me away, and I hope he continues to develop his ability and showcase it in more character driven pieces!

  15. Anna-fo-Fanna says:

    I love him, but I HATE the way he wears his hat!!! UGH!! It looks like someone tried to knock it off and then he just left it there!

  16. Tig says:

    I will never think he’s that good looking, but enjoy his interviews and his comedies.

  17. Anna says:

    JLawr thing is aspirational – who in Hollywood wouldnt want to be her? She;s young, hot, down to earth, funny, physical and has an Oscar.

    I kind of like the idea of ‘checking in’ in a relationship. And I like the kid overall.

  18. Abby says:

    Channing interviews are my favorite. I just want to hug the big lug.

  19. Yup says:

    I think these two are so adorable. I know they are slightly younger (well, I think they are), but they’re like the much-improved, likeable version of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: the husband is more famous than the wife, and a sex symbol, *but* both Channing and Jenna can both outdance and outact the other two, Channing and Jenna’s relationship seems real and respectful, they both have a great sense of humor in interviews (…not the ‘humor’ of pretending to dress down a dickbag friend who makes fun of homeless people, like Timberlake), and I think this couple makes mature choices, and not ‘statements’ (I mean, they have regular dogs, not ‘bad-ass, I’m so cool’ dogs, and Jenna doesn’t dress herself as an ahole at public events to appease her as-famous husband).

    Their kid is likely to be a happy, cute dancing machine.

  20. yeahright says:

    I thought he was kind of douchey just by face alone but after reading that he warmed up my heart of ice. I dare say I am fond of the guy!

  21. audrey says:

    I like that he has no issue walking a tiny dog in a sparkly collar. With a pink leash.

    He’s just all, “whatev, I love my dog”

  22. Official Bitch says:

    He is gorgeous and amazing. She is a TERRIBLE ACTRESS and meh-looking, hit the lottery, good for her ;)

  23. rose says:

    I believe him with the eating. Have you seen pics of him when he is not working? Big boy. Nothing bad. I lik emy guys with meat lol

    Good luck with the baby

  24. palermo says:

    He’d better enjoy it now, the older he gets the harder it will be to get it off

  25. Lucy says:

    He seems to be everything Kellan Lutz would like to be/thinks he is.

  26. Me Three says:

    He seems like a nice guy but I have to disagree about interviews with him or any of his movies. I just don’t get the Channing Tatum love fest. He’s not that great looking–he’s actually kind of fugly to be honest–and he seems kind of valley guy like–don’t want to say intellectually challenged because he’s not stupid, he’s just meh. I guess that’s it for me…he’s sort of like the guy who lives next door. I say hi to him when I leave for work but I have absolutely no interest in him otherwise.

    Every movie I’ve ever seen with him he plays the same role–Channing Tatum. He reads his lines in the same rote way and again, I just don’t get the whole he’s a sexy guy bs

    But I will say he does seem like a very nice person and I think he loves his wife.

  27. bluhare says:

    My nephew saw him in New York when he came into the restaurant he was eating in. He’s short, and had his peeps call ahead to let the restaurant know he was coming. Is that grounded? Serious question, because of course the manager went into a tizzy. (Although he did come over and make sure nephew had a good table with a view. :) )

  28. Lizzy1013 says:

    I think they are adorable. She is gorgeous! And all of her clothes during her pregnancy were cute and comfy, she could give a few pointers to some other pregnant people.

  29. Bella Bella says:

    Aw he seems like a sweet guy. Let’s leave him alone.

  30. Ruth Dunbar says:

    I finally got around to watching Magic Mike the other day and I enjoyed it way more than I imagined I would. He’s not my type, but his appeal is growing on me in a goofy younger brother way.

  31. Patrice says:

    I love Channing and Channing and Jenna together as a couple even more, but I can’t say that I at all agree with him on the periodically asking your partner “How much do you love me at this moment?” thing. And while I totally understand the thought behind what he’s said here and that I do co-sign, I believe the question should instead very much be “How much do you LIKE me in this moment?” Because if your merely doing something that your significant other doesn’t like, agree with or aprove of is enough to regularly change the amount of love they feel for you, that in and of itself is a major problem. And that is definitely not the type of romantic relationship that I would want for myself or my friends…

  32. Mario says:

    A fat kid on the inside and a male prostitute on the outside, and also a horrible actor.

  33. Yelly says:

    So is he doing Guys and Dolls? I just want to see more Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    • gefeylich says:

      Oh GOD NO. Sky Masterson has to be played by someone with wit, suaveness and style, which totally lets Tatum out.

      This is a role for Hugh Jackman, Michael
      Fassbender, Robert Downey Jr. – hell, I’d even take Timberlake in the role over the wooden, ugly, low-rent Tatum.

  34. gefeylich says:

    Sorry to break it to you, Channing, but you’re a fat kid on the outside, too. And a lunkhead who can’t act. Jeebus.

  35. missiecoco says:

    I’d hit it… anytime, anywhere. His wife is equally gorgeous and lovable.