Miley Cyrus’ producer insists she doesn’t ‘dance with Molly’ in new single

Miley Cyrus

Here’s Miley Cyrus all in white as she rides high on her mediocre comeback song that has inexplicably climbed to #1 on the iTunes singles chart. Don’t ask me how that happened because it makes no sense at all. Clearly, Miley doesn’t have the voice for rock or pop, and I think she should record a country album. That would be amazing, right? I don’t think Miley will go there though because that’s probably too Hannah Montana: The Movie for her taste, and she desperately wants to escape her childhood and teenage image.

Anyway, we already briefly discussed some of the lyrics to “We Can’t Stop,” which includes talk of doing “lines in the bathroom.” Miley revealed on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that “Everyone always judges and says what they want, but my fans . . . have really stood by me no matter what I’ve been through. And this is a song that says where I’m at in my life right now.” That is, Miley would have us believe that her life right now is a bunch of parties and doing whatever she wants. I guess that might be true, but it sounds like she’s singing the following lyrics: “We like to party/ Dancing with Molly/ Doing whatever we want/ This is our house/ This is our rules and we can’t stop/ And we won’t stop.” Well, Miley’s producer has told TMZ that Miley is not singing about Molly/Ecstasy but about herself … “dancing with Miley.” Hmm:

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is NOT singing about ecstasy in her new single “We Can’t Stop” … despite what seems to be an OBVIOUS lyrical reference to the drug … so says the guy who produced the track.

The controversy is centered around the hook of the song — in which it SOUNDS like Miley’s saying, “We like to party/ Dancing with Molly/ Doing whatever we want.”

Unhip Old Person Translation: “Dancing with Molly” is slang for partying on ecstasy.

But a rep for the song’s producer Mike WiLL Made It tells TMZ … the whole thing is a giant misunderstanding because what Cyrus is REALLY singing is … “Dancing with MILEY.”

As for the lyric about people “trying to get a line in the bathroom” … the rep wouldn’t say if Miley was talking about cocaine … but HELLO?!?!?!?

[From TMZ]

I don’t know if I buy this excuse because it sounds like Miley planted the nebulous “Molly/Miley” (and honestly, she was mumbling her lyrics) to generate some controversy. That’s probably all this is. Sure, she smokes pot on balconies, but I’d hope that Miley isn’t going any harder than that when it comes to recreational substances.

One thing is for sure though. Miley’s body just won’t quit. White can be a very unforgiving color, but there’s not a roll on her anywhere. Some outlets are claiming that she’s showing sideboob here, but I’m not seeing it. The “boob” looks like pinky finger holding the purse from below.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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  1. Jade says:

    Ugh she needs to go far far away. I think her 15 minutes are up!

  2. Buckwild says:

    That bod. Holy smokes! Must get to my gym tonight lol.

  3. virginia5 says:

    If she does say ‘dancing with molly’ it would be interesting to see if she gets any backlash, considering rick ross says molly in one of his songs, which got pulled from the radio, and he was dropped by some company (I forget the name).

  4. Joanna says:

    Wow, that outfit looks really good on her!

  5. epiphany says:

    Please. The song very clearly mentions ecstasy (Molly) and ‘wait for a line in the bathroom’ – although some idiot tried to convince a reporter that the lyric was ‘wait in line FOR the bathroom.’ The entire reason this song is #1 on ITunes is because of the controversy, not because the song is good by any stretch. And it isn’t even the drug references I object to – some of the best songs of the 60′s & 70′s had drug references, but those tunes were insightful and thought provoking – “We Can’t Stop” is just garbage.
    On the plus side, she’s in good shape – maybe she can morph into an exercise guru?

    • Migdalia says:

      In my opinion the reason it’s #1 is because she asked her fans to get her there. It was #26 for half a day. Twitter is a VERY useful marketing tool for Miley.

    • ShaCur says:

      When you title a song “we can’t stop” it seems a moot point to argue innocence and misinterpretation of lyrics. People dance on E and snort lines in a bathroom for the sole purpose of “not stopping”. There’s really no way to get around that…go ahead, “sing” about drug use, but own up to it or don’t do it. it’s not provocative, its teeny bopper bulls#it.

  6. whipmyhair says:

    What’s going on with the pictures from behind? It looks like she’s wearing a belly chain, or is it tape?


    EDIT: What I was going to say before I got distracted is I agree, girl should do country!

  7. Itsjustblanche. says:

    She needs to face that no one cares, stop, go to college and eventually become the yoga instructor she’s destined to be. Sounds like a better life than where she’s headed.

    • TWINK says:

      If no one cares, how is her song number 1 on iTunes and it has been for more than a day? I just don’t get the visceral reaction with Miley, she’s pro-equality, doesn’t slutshame in her songs (cough Taylor cough), she’s harmless.

      • epiphany says:

        She’s harmless to everyone but herself – girl is headed for trouble, mark my words.

      • TuesdaysChild says:

        Maybe because it’s the first new material from her in a few years? That often happens with mainstream artists who haven’t released new music in a while, the fans gobble up whatever they put, garbage or not.

      • TheOneAndOnly says:

        There’s no accounting for taste; she’s talentless in every way; and her “views” however shallow and facile they are, are irrelevant to her “artistic” talent, or complete lack thereof.
        If she wants to be a singer, why doesn’t she form a band, pay her dues by going on the road for 3-7 yrs. to actually learn her craft, instead of choosing this lazy autotuned manufactured route. SHe doesn’t do what bands from the 60s till now still do because she knows no one will pay to hear her warble awful garbage like this latest release.
        How this fameho gets so much attention and Esperanza Spalding is ignored is beyond me.

      • Migdalia says:

        I’m fine with Miley as a person. You’re right she’s pro-equality, I actually like her style (but would never wear a hoodie that says “dime piece”), she doesn’t speak negatively in a sense, and she’s got a great body. HOWEVER! I’ve NEVER liked her as a singer. Her twang is too much for me. It doesn’t need to disappear, but I feel like she needs a good vocal coach.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Twink, I think you’re a fan of her values more than her music. You didn’t say a word about her voice. I happen to think Miley panders to the LGBT crowd, but I don’t see her doing much to further the cause unless it suits her image and lines her pockets. Maybe you know something I don’t, but when has she donated to LGBT causes?

        @theone, exactly!

      • blaize says:

        People have been saying she’s ‘headed for trouble’ ever since she was 17, because her style changed. I agree that so far the behavior we’ve seen from her has been harmless, even though it has caused controversy. A celebrity can smoke weed, be experimental with her looks, and have a twitter account without being ‘the next Lindsay Lohan/trainwreck’. So can a normal person.
        As a singer, I think she’s ok. She should stick to songs like ‘When I look at you’. She’s better than Selena Gomez but not as good as Demi Lovato. As an actress, she’s nothing special. So far the only type of role I’ve seen her play is the moody teen drama queen role. I need to see her in a different role for a change so I can fully evaluate her as an actress.

  8. ncboudicca says:

    Is she wearing a chain around her waist? I have nothing nice to say.

  9. Hateonit. says:

    Okay, this is all just crazy to me. First she becomes maxims hottest and now her single is number 1 on iTunes? I’m baffled. If someone wants to help me out if appreciate it…..and she CLEARLY says waiting for a line AT the bathroom and dancing with MOLLY. She also says something about twerking and some other dumb crap. Ughhhh she’s so annoyingly overexposed. Her body is pretty hott though. I think she also fixed her front tooth….

  10. ccinkissimmee says:

    Cute girl. Kinda looks like Liam on the last pic.

  11. marie says:

    it’s a crappy song, why are we even talking about it? from what I heard she said “dancing with Molly” (nice try with the Miley) and this POS song is getting to much publicity. it’s a sh-t song but because of a few lyrics I’ve had to listen to it (stupid radio news keeps playing it) far too many times and honestly once is too much.

    something nice, Miley’s got a kicka-s body

  12. Gossip Garl says:

    Her boob just got photoshoped in de 3th pic.WEIRD>>ad no off course she ‘doesnt’ do pills…(Blinks many times)

  13. Samigirl says:

    Her body is making me consider going gluten free. And signing up for the Pilates class at my gym.

    As for the song being number 1? Better her than another child star who’s album dropped yesterday! ;-)

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Going gluten free doesn’t always lead to weight loss. I’ve been gluten free for a year, as I was recently diagnosed with celiac. I lost no weight, but have seen tons of changes in my body since taking up Pilates and TRX. If you don’t have a medical reason to eliminate gluten, I wouldn’t. You can see the same results cutting back on your carbs (since people who go gluten free have to forgo bread, pasta, and other unhealthy refined carbs). Also, there are tons of gluten free alternatives to the junk we aren’t supposed to eat (gluten free donuts, GF cake, cookies, bread, bagels etc) and its quite possible to put on weight eating this GF junk food. I’d say her body is the result of cutting back on carbs, doing pilates and (apparently) a few lines. I knew quite a few chicks on the coke and/or adderall diet back in the day and their bodies looked a lot like this without much effort.

  14. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    I want her chucks

  15. nm says:

    When I heard it I thought she did say ‘Miley’… She does mention herself in her other songs (oh god why do I know this). Oh well, either way, I ain’t listening to it again to decide LOL.

  16. menlisa says:

    Funny how 2 years ago she stated she never heard a Jay Z song but now she is all about Hip Hop.

  17. Veronica says:

    I don’t care what she does. I still can’t stand her. Arrogant, entitled, little troll. The only thing about Miley’s “act” that shocks me is that there are actually people out there who still believe she’s a nice person.

    • blaize says:

      I don’t think she’s some kind of saint, but what evidence is there that she’s not a nice person? That she’s an arrogant entitled troll? Most of the people who have met her and have worked with her- including unbiased people who have no reason to lie for her- describe her as nice, sweet, generous, down-to-earth, and fun to work with. Including someone on this site. I’m not assuming that she has never said or done anything entitled or unfriendly- that would make her super human. None of us are altruistic and polite all the time- but that’s not what the majority of people have said about her. I won’t use charity or any of her kind words and actions as evidence of her niceness, since we all know that any celebrity can be charitable no matter what they’re like. But usually when someone is a Hollywood Bitch, there are numerous reports that say so. I think she’s immature in some ways, but I don’t think she’s a mean or nasty person.

  18. Nerd Alert says:

    I don’t hate Miley, just her music. I think it’s pretty obvious the producer or whomever was like “Say ‘dancing with Miley’ but make it sound kinda like ‘Molly’.” It’s just semi-clever wordplay that I doubt was Miley’s doing.

    I had to turn the song off because it made the dog go batsh!t, so I wouldn’t know.

    Nice: That outfit would look trashy as hell on anyone BUT Miley. DAMN, gurl!

  19. Dedrie says:

    Miley.. code name molly..? Oh hear it otherwise.. yeah, we get it.. dancing in the bathroom.. dancing in the boy’s room..? There’s a bathroom on the right? Ha ha ha >>>.

  20. diva says:

    She doesn’t have much of a shape. Her stomach is nice though.

  21. Happy21 says:

    Well regardless of what the lyrics say, we can probably count on the fact that she doesn’t understand it and is only doing it for attention. I remember when the song Party in the USA came out and there is reference to “and a Jay-Z song was on…” She said afterward that she had never even heard a Jay-Z song. THAT is why this girl is THE biggest try-hard EVER!

    I used to like her but now she is just UGH to me. Although i’d love to have her bod!

  22. G says:

    Remember she’s “thugged out” and trying hard to be part of the hip hop crowd now.

    And that was Salvia and not marijuana too. *eye-roll*

  23. Emily C. says:

    She’s only 20 years old. I hope 30+ women are not comparing their bodies to hers and feeling bad about it. Bodies change with age. Further, Miley has the time and money to work out constantly — not only that, but it’s part of her job. Add to that the fact that she has a naturally small frame.

    Choice: Miley’s body or Adele’s talent? I hope we’d all choose Adele.

  24. eliza says:

    1. her body is amazing
    2. i’m obsessed with that bag