Does Angelina Jolie want to adopt a Syrian refugee & give birth to one more kid?

Here are some really low-quality photos of Angelina Jolie and Pax Jolie-Pitt at LAX yesterday. I think they were getting off a private plane, though, as opposed to a commercial flight. I think Pax got to go with his mom to New York for her testimony before the UN Security Council yesterday. I know they stopped by Toys R Us in New York too – you can see those photos here. I’m assuming that’s where Pax got that absolutely adorable giant stuffed animal. Meanwhile, The Sun (ugh) has a new story about whether Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to try for one last biological child. Or maybe two!

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT will be making clothes out of curtains and singing Edelweiss on stage soon. They are planning to add two more children to their brood — which would take their tally to EIGHT.

Angelina has her heart set on adopting a baby girl from Jordan after visiting Syrian refugees in the Middle East kingdom last week. They also hope to have one more biological child before they call a halt to the biggest family since the Von Trapps.

The couple already have three adopted children — sons MADDOX and PAX, and daughter ZAHARA. Angelina gave birth to daughter SHILOH in 2006 then two years later had twins — son KNOX and daughter VIVIENNE.

A source said: “Angie and Brad’s attitude towards kids is the more the better — and that once you have several a few more makes no difference. She has been particularly touched by the situation in Syria and wants to adopt a child from Jordan to do her bit to help. The publicity would help draw the world’s attention to what’s going on there.

“The twins are now four and Angie and Brad have agreed it’s time for more kids. They’re crossing their fingers that they’ll bring their next child home soon. She is friends with Queen Rania of Jordan, so that has got to help with adopting a child. But Angie and Brad also want to have one more biological child so she is eating a diet rich in potassium.”

Angelina had a double mastectomy in May to decrease her risk of breast cancer. The couple also plan to wed before the end of the summer, at their Chateau Miraval in the south of France, so they’ve got a lot on their plate.

The source added: “Angie and Brad are even more into their family after her recent health scare. It has focused them on what’s important in life.”

[From The Sun]

This sounds pretty much like the standard tabloid BS to me. Whenever Angelina visits refugee camps, there are always stories about how she “wants to adopt” one of the refugee children. It’s actually pretty difficult to legally adopt refugee children, even when they’re orphans – refugees have questionable legal status in whatever country they’re in, so the legal framework for adoption is very iffy. Despite what Angelina’s critics claim, she does go through the proper channels to adopt children, and while her heart goes out to the children she meets in the camps, I think Angelina knows better than anyone that refugee-adoption is a legal quagmire. As for having a biological child… I believe the sources claiming that Angelina is going to remove her ovaries later this year.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Toot says:

    On another site they were coming out a door. That looked like they’re leaving from a back exit of the terminal, not a private plane.

  2. marie says:

    ok, so a random dumb question. how do they decide who gets to go where? do they rock, paper, scissor it? maybe a bit of red light, green light? draw straws or is there a chart? I’m always curious about the logistics of travelling for that family..

    • RobN says:

      I come from a large family, and while we didn’t jetset around the world, my parents did make sure that each kid got special alone time with mom and dad. Basically we all took turns, or if we showed some special interest in something, mom or dad would plan something around that interest for us. It wasn’t complicated and it always seemed fair enough.

    • Thinker says:

      It would be a good interview question since they’ve never addressed that before: take note budding journalists.

  3. Mia says:

    They took a commercial flight. She usually does when on her UN trips or if she only has one or two kids with her.

  4. Talie says:

    Yeah, Angelina criticized Madonna for using political connections and her own power to adopt a child quickly, so I doubt she’d do the same.

  5. pwal says:

    In all honesty, I think she and Brad are finished having kids. For a time, they adopted/had biological children in very short durations of time and it has been nearly five years since their last additions. Of course, there was four years (give or take) between the time she adopted Maddox and Zahara, so it’s entirely possible that maybe another adopted child is in their future. However, I don’t see her delaying her surgery in order to have another biological child, especially if she can get her eggs harvested, fertilized and frozen.

    This is making me sad, now, especially since she relished carrying her babies, and soon, that door will be closed, even for a good purpose.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @PWAL, who wrote: “In all honesty, I think she and Brad are finished having kids. For a time, they adopted/had biological children in very short durations of time and it has been nearly five years since their last additions.”

      I think you’ve answered the question of why they haven’t had more adopted/biological kids. There were just too many ‘small’ kids at one time. Shiloh had only just turned 2 (end of May) and was still very much a toddler in 2008 when the Twins were born. Perhaps if they hadn’t had twins it would have been doable, but another child within two years of the twins would have been ’4′ kids age 4 and under … could you imagine?

      And adopting another child Pax’s age might have brought the same period of adjustment ‘he’ went through, and with 3 kids under age 4 as well.

      I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Angie decided to become pregnant once her body has adjusted to the recently surgery. I, too, thinks she loves being pregnant. :)

  6. lisa2 says:

    Pax actually got that a while back. I remember seeing it in Japan I think.

    anyway I think the adoption story is just not true. If we have learned anything over the past few weeks is the tabloids don’t have any inside stories about what Brad/Angie and family are doing.

    They have never adopted a child in a pre existing conflict. These were the same stories circulating when she went to Haiti. Not true then not true now.

    oh and for the people hating the nude shoes.. look she is wearing flip/flops.. hahaaha

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Damn, she even looks stunning in low quality, candid photos!

  8. Kim1 says:

    The Sun has Never got a story right about this couple Never! Story is BS.The Sun claimed she bought a waterfall and helicopter for him.They bought a house in UK, they were hosting Olympics party…all lies

  9. RobN says:

    So they’re going to wed before the end of summer, again? If this story were ever true, they’d be married six times by now.

  10. just me says:

    Angelina is putting a lot of wear and tear on her body and that alone can bring on physical ailments. If she has gone through such great lengths to remove parts of her body that can lead to the cancers for which she carries the genes why wouldn’t you adjust your lifestyle too to be a lot less stressful and hectic to avoid any other types of cancers or sicknesses that can potentially occur? she looks unhealthy and undernourished as it is. having more children should not be on the top of her list at this point.

    • littlestar says:

      I think she truly enjoys and loves what she does, and doesn’t see it as wear and tear on her body. If she didn’t enjoy what she does, I could see it affecting her negatively. But when you truly are passionate about something, personally I don’t think it’s going to make a person sicker.

    • Mari says:

      This. You wrote this before I could. Having the means to travel and jetset is fine, but she really needs to let her body heal and recover properly. Her kids need her around for a long, long time.

  11. e.non says:

    uh, i think that adopting a syrian child is highly unlikely… it’s my understanding that adoptions are unusual in muslim countries, because children are typically taken in by other family members.

    but it does give the haters something to glom onto.

    • Janet says:

      There are a few Syrian Catholic children available for adoption, but generally if you google international adoptions, adopting from Syria is extremely difficult. I think Brad and Angie have reached a family size they are comfortable with and I don’t see them expanding their family further either by childbirth or by adoption. Six is enough.

    • Leen says:

      What Janet said.
      If the kid is Christian, there are less restrictions on adoption (10% of the Syrian population is Christian).
      However, refugees legally fall under different jurisdiction. Since refugees are considered stateless, UNHRC (or UNRWA, depending on what type of refugee you are) are responsible for your welfare/legal woes/the like. They don’t fall under Jordanian laws from what I understood.

  12. palermo says:

    I think it would be very unfair for her to give birth again, knowing she could be passing on that gene for breast/ovarian cancer to yet another child. She may have already done it to her current biological kids.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I don’t know that I would go so far as to call it unfair, but now that she knows she carries the gene, I tend to agree with you that she probably won’t have any more bio kids.

    • Lotta says:

      Unfair, how? Do you think people with the gene consider it unfair that they were given a life and were born? We can already detect the gene today and do the surgery that Angelina did, and who knows what we will be able to do in the future.
      If people with dispositions for different kind of illnesses causes by genes were regarded as unfit parents very few would pass the test.

  13. lower-case deb says:

    i wonder about adoption too. but my mama said: maybe later once the current kids are grown. the oldest ones are going to become teens or two-digit kids and according to her (based on her own brood) that’s when parents’ vigilance and attention needs to be ramped up, as they come to terms with hormone, puberty, and teenage emotions. i don’t have this sort of experience myself (yet but very very very soon).

    maybe once all the kids have flown the roost. or they’ll content themselves waiting for grandbabies.


    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I think that if anything, they will adopt one more kid. I remember they said that they wanted to “balance the races”, in other words, they might adopt another black baby, for Zahara. Which I would love to see them adopt from New Orleans. Maybe get a grumpy looking baby like Sandra Bullock’s son…so he and Zahara can make faces together…

      But who knows? I think the reason why they had/adopted all of their kids within a few short years is because of her family history with cancer. I think she wanted to experience as much of a full life as she could….I think that’s also why she’s gotten a little skinnier…

      On the subject of adoption, I’ve been doing some research lately and I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to adopt babies. 15,000 was the one of the lowest numbers I saw, and that was only if every thing went right with the adoption. I’m glad I don’t want to adopt babies. Older children will suit me just fine. Plus they have the added bonus of no diapers and no bottles.

  14. Sunnyjyl says:

    I figured she was done having biological children when she had her breasts removed. If they were planning on more bio kids, I’m guessing she would have waited to have that surgery.

  15. Bella says:

    Go for it!!!!!I would have another baby if we could afford it!!!And adopt!!

  16. mimi says:

    Does she think she is giving enough time and attention and able to spend time with each of them, especially given all the things she went through in her life?

    Sounds like she’s got a lot on her plate as it is.

  17. Maggie says:

    That boy looks a little old to carting a teddy bear around.

  18. Lotta says:

    If she wanted more biological kids I think she would have had them before she had her breast removed because of the breastfeeding. If I don´t remember it incorrectly she breastfeed both Shiloh and the twins. To me it would make more sense to have a kid, breastfeed for a while and then have the surgery, if I wanted more kids. It´s not like she had cancer right now, she was in the risk of getting it, so to wait for a while would have made more sense.
    Well, that´s the way I would see it anyway.

  19. jwoolman says:

    I hope their luck holds if they adopt more from far away. The risks of attachment disorders seem higher for kids adopted into different cultures, even if they’re pre-verbal at the time. From the kids’ standpoint, they’ve been abducted by aliens. Sounds, smells, visuals are all radically different. Many kids are resilient, fortunately, but some are not.

    My bet is that she isn’t really pining away for another pregnancy. Better to deal with the remaining risk of cancer. If they really don’t think six is enough, I would guess they would plan on adopting more instead. Why not? They already know they can build their family that way.

  20. Wallcally says:

    My stepmom had the same course of surgeries last year that Angelina is going through now. There is absolutely no way she is keeping her ovaries, estrogen is a huge danger for anyone in this medical situation.

  21. taxi says:

    Pregnancy hugely raises estrogen levels, which may be contra-indicated with AJ’s medical history & issues. Ovaries are the main estrogen producers. If they are considering another pregnancy, it would be better to do it a.s.a.p. & remove ovaries immediately following delivery.

    That could set up another big potential problem, as post-partum depression is linked to the rapid drop in estrogen following childbirth. Childbirth + ovary removal = risk of big trouble.

    The safest thing medically for her is no more pregnancies.

  22. Marcus says:

    They did this a few years ago. They had her adopting from Syria and officals had to come forward and say no because they do not do adopting. I think they will continue to adopt and they may be planning to adopt from the Congo or maybe even Sierra Leone since that is a country close to her heart. As far a being pregnant again I don’t think so.