Coolio thinks computers came from space and movies predict the future

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Remember Coolio? He’s the rapper who did “Gangster’s Paradise” in the mid-nineties. Yeah, that guy. Well Coolio is now a castmate on “Celebrity Big Brother.” That’s right, they play fast and loose with the word “celebrity.” The only other name I’m sure I recognize on the cast list is LaToya Jackson. You see my point here. Even though there isn’t a lot of star power behind these celebs, there’s at least a lot of crazy. And really, isn’t that the most important part of successful reality television?

Coolio is making a name for himself with the rest of the cast. Mostly due to his wild theories about the origins of computers, the lack of human intelligence, and the future-predicting capabilities of movies.

FORGET Microsoft and AppleMac – Coolio reckons computers came from aliens! He told [co-star] Terry [Christian]: “All this technology. You think it came from this planet?… Bulls**t! I don’t think men are that smart. I think it came from somewhere else.”

An interesting theory from the 45-year-old, who also claimed that films can predict the future. He went on: “Movies are made twenty years before they happen. Look at Face Off with John Travolta. Nobody thought that s**t would happen, but it has… The movie Independence Day – that’s gonna happen.”

The gangster chef then waffled about pyramids on Mars, before concluding: “Microbiotics, computer science, jet planes – they came from a different planet.”

From the sound of things, so did he.

[From The Sun]

Supposedly Coolio is a bit of an instigator on the show, and has upset the other castmates by saying offensive things about violence and women. In fact it sounds like he’s putting a lot of work into testing people’s good graces. Which makes me wonder if maybe he’s just saying this shit to piss people off, start a fight, and/or get attention. I can’t help but hope that’s true, otherwise Coolio’s next stint is going to be in “Celebrity Rehab.” Perhaps they’ll have a mental health version.

I’m embarrassed to admit I kind of agree with him about “Face Off.” And there’s a slight chance I had the same thought when I read about the first face transplant a few years ago. But he’s still crazier than me.

Here’s Coolio arriving at the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 opening night in Borehamwood, England on January 2nd. Images thanks to WENN.
celebrity big brother 5 030109

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  1. Baholicious says:

    No wonder, have you seen his hair? Are he and Afrika Bambaataa having a ‘crazy-off’?

  2. paris herpes says:

    yeah he has is own cooking show on YouTube, he makes like a caprese salad…you know fancy stuff that’s hard to make…hahahhaah! He has stoned outta his mind during the show too!

  3. paris herpes says:

    Baho, Afrika Bambaataa has an excuse for the hair, he’s still a great, Coolio doesn’t anymore!

  4. cara says:

    Well I’ll top his crazy and admit that I think aliens (if those stories are true) are us coming back from the future, and the reason why they are always naked is because,… look at all that people have gotten away because of the clothes they wear.

    And as for what he said on movies, I caught some of The Omen II the other night and all the talk of enslaving the population via biotech seeds, hello! Most of our (US) soy crop IS from biotech seeds. (read Intervention, by Denise Caruso…hard stuff written so we can comprende) Scary.

    Sometimes there’s truth in crazy

  5. Jessie says:

    Hmm but Face Off was not made 20 years ago! So his theory is incorrect.

    I suppose dumb people might think that things they don’t have the capacity to understand come from a different planet. They probably also don’t have the self-awareness to realize that they aren’t that intelligent. So, they would assume that everyone is as dumb as them, and therefore, if they are unable to understand computers, nobody can. Dum Da Dum Da Da Dum!

  6. Baholicious says:

    @Paris H: It was a joke,eh.

    @Cara: Sometimes, there’s in crazy in truth…you just pointed that out with mention of Frankenfoods.

    @Jessie: If John Travolta movies are the basis of theories now, then I’ll just hand it over to Dante. He’ll know what to do. At least I hope.

  7. seeing him brings me back to “Fantastic Voyage”. LOVE IT!

  8. aleach says:

    i think coolio is from outer space.
    im seriously ebarassed for him with that WACK ass hairdo hes trying to sport.

  9. vdantev says:

    Did he predict his own epic failure with such brilliant insights?

  10. c says:

    I’m going to go with the theory that there are a lot of stupid people on the planet. That we can’t get rid of, but that’s another issue.

  11. obvious says:

    Unrelated to this thread, but why is it that some regulars on here never get their posts removed even though they say really mean things to other commenters, reverting to name calling? It falls under abuse and I think it’s time that the rest of us call them out for what CB is doing. Conspiracy theory– do they indeed work for Celebitchy, and that is why they never get reprimanded for their actions?

    Things that make you go hmmmm

  12. lover says:

    movies do predict things to come, who remembers that movie with arnie and sharon stone may years ago toatal recall, well go watch it again and see if the technology thay had in it reflects anything we have today.. or things that are to come.

  13. lady garden says:

    By the same token Asimov and Orwell “predicted” the future-i predict Coolio will be off CBB asap-he is a royal pain in the ass

  14. lady garden says:

    ps cooking show? This i have to see lol

  15. Mairead says:

    Err… so I’m to understand that movies aren’t written by human hand; they’re dropped off in Roswell for collection? Does mean that we have to regard Michael Bay as some sort of ultra-perceptive genius? – God help us if that’s the case)

    It’s pretty easy to explain anyway. Some things like time-travel, flying and space travel have been preoccupying the human mind for centuries – especially writers and scientists.

    Writers who have an interest in science fiction tend to have an interest in science and possibly some background. With people like Arthur C. Clarke we can go one step further, his novels “predict” the future as he was one of the scientists who was working to make his ideas come true. But in most cases with technology we have to remember that there can be a long genesis for any product – Charles Babbage designed the original computer in the 19th century(?).

    It’s probably that in most cases the writer did the research on a new technology quite early on in its genesis and this seems to be borne out in one way or another later on. The fact that we had two World Wars in the 20th century, along with numerous other localised wars has pushed forward the development of all technologies.

  16. lene says:

    mh…i can understand his theorie..sayin’ that our technologies cant’ be from us.
    look how fast the technology went forward alone in the last 20 years…50 years ago…it took a lot of time to invent things…sure…now we have other technologies to create technologys…but think…the time before 1900…there was not much what happened.

    it’s fascinating…when you think about a human being in stone age…and now…in our century…what a progress.

    it’ kinda unbelievable…that’s his main point i think. i’m open to every theorie. but…coolio is not carl sagan and so on.
    sry for my bad grammar.

  17. Baholicious says:

    @Mairead: LOL Roswell – “It wasn’t a movie, it was a weather balloon.”

  18. Rachel says:

    “He has stoned outta his mind during the show too!”

    Highly unlikely.. English Celebrity Big Brother is broadcast 24/7 100% live on tv and online, so believe me if he was smoking something he shouldn’t somebody would of rewound and prt scrnd it!