Justin Bieber sued by the pap who was beaten up via Bieb’s mad MMA moves

Justin Bieber

Wow. Some of you were really depressed that I decided not to recycle any of the “carseat” photos in the most recent Justin Bieber post. Let me just say that I do hear you, and the photos are back.

Now onto Bieber’s latest trouble resulting from a terrible tantrum that he threw last May when he had a “physical altercation with a pap. During the scuffle, Bieber only lost a hat and shoe, but the pap was actually knocked flat on his back by Bieber, which led to all applicable emergency services (police, fire, and ambulance) all flocking to the scene. In the immediate aftermath, there were buzzings that prosecutors were going forth on battery charges to put Biebs in jail for six months, but of course, nothing ever came of that empty threat. Well, it seems that the pap has finally survived the embarassment of being “the guy who got beat up by Justin Bieber,” and he’s suing, of course:

Justin Bieber

Little Justin Bieber has been sued by a photographer who claims the singer delivered a crushing MMA-type kick to his abdomen, after a perfectly lovely date with then-GF Selena Gomez.

Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran claims when he was shooting the then-couple at The Commons in Calabasas last year … Justin was trying to maneuver his brand spanking new Mercedes out of the parking lot. The suit alleges Justin became frustrated at the photogs, jumped out of the car and “delivered a martial arts-type kick … in the lower rib cage on the left side of his abdomen.”

But the suit alleges the attack continued, when Justin used his left fist to punch the photog on the right side of his face. Justin allegedly then pushed the photog against a parked car. The suit claims Selena actually returned to the scene a few minutes later to look for her cell phone and apologized for Justin.

The lawsuit is interesting … citing a litany of alleged misdeeds committed by JB, including assaulting a former bodyguard, bullying a woman, driving at reckless speeds in his gated community, stealing a pap’s SIM card and threatening to kill a neighbor.

The photog doesn’t give a specific amount he wants for the alleged assault and battery.

[From TMZ]

Man, Bieber went seriously hardcore on this guy. How did he even manage to kick anybody while his pants were hanging around his knees? Crazy. At the very least, this pap should recover enough damages to cover his medical bills, and I would hope that the judge would give him sort of punitive damages for the ongoing therapy for all of the inevitable humilation over being beaten up by the Biebs.

This week’s issue of the Enquirer (print edition, July 8, 2013) also says that the Bieb’s management team is urging him to apply for U.S. citizenship to “align himself with his biggest fan base,” but they’re worried that he’ll get turned down because of all his recent run-ins with the law will make him unable “to prove he’s of good moral character.” Good luck with that.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. marie says:

    ha ha ha ha, I refuse to read the story but the title alone will have me laughing for hours.

  2. DEE says:



  3. Poink517 says:

    UGH we don’t want you to be a US citizen!! Go away already!!! I hope that pap gets some cash out of this baby.

  4. TG says:

    Fussy toddler not throwing a temper tantrum about being out in his car seat.

  5. Arock says:

    I hate Justin bieber- He is an arrogant, infantile, little prick. But the quote…”delivered a crushing MMA style kick…” Is precious and might have made my day. We should host a fake culdesac BBQ and let his neighbors kick his ass.

  6. Emma13 says:

    No no no no, don’t let him become a citizen! Please don’t let that happen. This kid needs to grow up so so much. I’m always embarrassed to say I like some of his songs. I’m sorry ok! If I want to listen to “good” music I’ll go listen to some Pavoratti or Korn :P

  7. MsAubra says:

    That hat he has on serves as a reminder of how 1994 was the worse year in music…Kurt Kobain died, and this douche was born!

  8. K-Rock says:

    Yay baby being burped and put in his car seat is back! Thank you CB!!!!

    And we don’t want him here! Send him back to Canada and WE should get punitive damages for having to deal with his dumb ass!

  9. JL says:

    Car seat photos, car seat photos….the gift that keeps on giving.

    Citizenship, Hell NO!

  10. janie says:

    I agree.. One of the funniest & best photos ever of Canada’s “little man”.

  11. Lb says:

    Thank you! Baby Bieber pictures are a great start to my day!

  12. Dommy Dearest says:

    I’m sure the photographer could have made a run for it. Justin did have to grab his step stool from the trunk to even reach the guys ribs.

  13. Ruyana says:

    I know little girls who have been to his concerts. If they pay $400 they can go backstage after the show and get their picture taken with him.

    Not on their own camera, but with one his group controls. No conversation, just “click” and make way for the next one.

    Can’t wait for this little sh!t to go bankrupt. And he will. Throws money around with amounts and speeds that are hard to believe. And his live-ins, Lil Douche and Lil Creep are spending his money too.

    • Denise says:

      Is that true?! That’s like the ‘family’ rated version of the scene in Empire Records where Liv Tyler’s character gets invited for some one on one time with that singer she’s in love with thinking it means something, and all he wants is a faceless blow job. I feel sorry for these moms who fork over money they don’t have for an unforgettable experience for their child and get this. (Though you’d have to be nuts in the first place, I feel sorry for those who don’t know better.) What a soulless prick. I so wish he was not Canadian.