Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco got pap’d together ‘on a hike’: predictable & weird?

For the love of God! Here’s the timeline: on Monday, Us Weekly published an exclusive claiming that Henry Cavill and Gina Carano were dunzo and that Henry was already loved up with Kaley Cuoco. Then, on Tuesday, Kaley gets pap’d by several paparazzi while she’s just hanging out in Sherman Oaks, getting her nails done. It was suspicious. Then yesterday, People Magazine gets an exclusive – the first photo of Henry and Kaley out and about together. You can see the photo here. Go look at it and come back and we’ll talk.

Apparently, Henry and Kaley were “on a hike” and then they “stopped for sushi” near Kaley’s house in Serman Oaks. How is this not a totally for-show PR game? What I really can’t wrap my head around, however, is which one of them is playing the game. I really gave Kaley the benefit of the doubt because she’s never put her dating life out there like this. Then again, she was never “dating Superman” before either. I guess I sort of assumed that these PR shenanigans were more about Team Cavill and wanting to put him with a wholesome, family-friendly Hollywood blonde. But is this more about Kaley? Is she the one pulling these shenanigans? I guess I should ask this too – maybe it’s BOTH of them? Maybe this is the deal they both agreed too? Whatever it is, it’s incredibly obvious and old-school Hollywood propaganda. I expected more from Henry.

Also, Kaley got pap’d on a horse yesterday. Apparently, she “goes riding” often in her spare time. Henry’s got a thing for girls who love horses, I guess.

UPDATE: So, we actually have some of the non-exclusive photos of Henry & Kaley, the pics came in overnight. I’ll do a separate post for them in a moment!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. mkyarwood says:

    I don’t care anymore. I’m so mad at him.

  2. Jade says:

    They already bore me. Who ever thought this pairing will actually interest someone?

  3. Elodie says:

    LOL and OMG at this obvious glorious PR mess!

    And on the grocery store pics, Henry Cavill has more chemistry with the flippin’ groceries trolley lolololol I can’t! (side note : unnffff that red shirt and his unspeakably beautiful face though…!)

    That said, if Kaley doesn’t get the perks of that PR relationship (whatever that is/means) i.e. hump that D!ck of Steel, I will judge her hard, real hard..!

  4. shruti says:

    With the amount of good /bad coverage they’re getting, it kinda does seem that their PR-move, if this is one, worked ;)

    • Mia 4S says:

      What I don’t get is why now? Is one or both angling for a particular role? Her TV show is what it is and MOS is running it’s course. He has nothing coming out anytime soon and no reason to be at Comic Con. The blockbuster promotion window is very narrow these days (Remember Iron Man 3? Star Trek? Fast and Furious? That was barely 2 months ago!) It’s definitely PR but why now?

      • Anna says:

        I think now that WarBros gave him a push with the franchise, his team needs to make Cavill a household name by the time the 2nd movie comes out. So that he goes from ‘that guy who played Superman’ – and the name getting publicity bc of the film – to the name that gets any film some publicity. Examples of success are Cumberbatch, Fassbender, Hemsworth. Less successful: Chris Evans, Hayden Christensen – despite similar auspicious franchise beginnings.

      • Nina W says:

        Has nothing to do with them, it has to do with feeding the 24-7 media beast and the sudden popularity of the Superman movie. The paps are now following and advertising his moves, posting photos and writing the drama to go with them. This is not PR, people think everything is PR but it’s not. The 24-7 media cycle demands constant feeding.

  5. Mei says:

    If you followed kayley all of the activities she’s been papped doing this week is what she always does. I don’t know if its pr that she getting papped now or that their more interested in her now because she can make money for paps now but nothing she is doing is out of the ordinary for her. And she’s rode horses for years that’s easily checked. For what it’s worth I think they look comfortable together and she’s clearly more his type and always felt Gina was a rebound girl

    • Right says:

      I agree. Everyone was saying that they hoped he didn’t end up what some big movie star and he didn’t he went with someone successful and low key and ppl still find something to say. Some just like to criticize. Is he dated someone glamorous they would talking about that too

      • LL says:

        mte. It a lose-lose situation. Any one he dates, people will be disappointed regardless of what she looks like and who she is.

      • Hannah says:

        Meh. Even if you buy its real, he bounced from Gina to this woman in a month. He is like a needy girl with all these rebounds. I belive he bounced from his ex fiancee to gina in a similar fashion.

        Whats worse is the need to publicize it immediatly, which shows lack of respect for his ex partners. I do not get a nice vibe from this guy. He is starting to come off as a douchebag.

      • Nina W says:

        Hannah he has very little control over the BS spun in the media over who he dates. We don’t know when he broke up, how fast he moved from one girl to the next or if he is involved with Kaley at all. It’s all speculation and conjecture and it’s wrong to judge him for tabloid rumors that are probably all full of lies.

      • Samtha says:

        It’s less about who he has ended up with than it is about how they’re rolling out their relationship, and how quickly and out of nowhere it seemed to occur.

        I like Kaley. She’s cute and funny and seems fairly grounded. But this whole thing has lessened my opinion of both of them.

  6. bsh says:

    This couple is so random. It really screams “PR stunt” all the way. Henry, you positevely surprised us with the gorgeous Gina and now Kaley? She’s so blah. I don’t even find her pretty, she’s really average and has a terrible sense of style.

    • Andrea says:

      For the love of God stop it with this crap.

      There was a PR angle to Gina too which plenty of us were on to. But people were so biased bc Gina is brunette and a larger woman that they ignored it. Henry and Gina called paps in JAPAN to meet them at an airport. They debuted on a red carpet! Their relationship was just as shady.

      I really wish people would stop making this about Kaley’s looks and how “unworthy” they think she is of this guy’s gorgeous d****.

      Yes. This PR is insufferable. But I’m sick of the double standard where people act like beautiful men can only be seen with certain kinds of women. Bc we do not do that when the genders are reversed.

      The PR with this is insufferable. The knocks on this woman are uncalled for.

      • Good point says:

        All celebs work the media and sites like this feed into it, part of the business. Kayley is a beautiful girl and this is no different then that post about Hugh and his wife with ppl thinking he’s gay because she isn’t “pretty” enough to be with him

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I said it yesterday too, him and Gina were the PR relationship. He needed someone to be in the press to promote MOS and she wanted to get an audition for Wonder Woman, now that the MOS is out and the Justice League movie won´t be happening for a long time, they ended their showmance. IMO him and Kayley are the real thing.

  7. Elle says:

    This is weird and it’s come out so fast and they seem so eager for everyone to know. Not buying it.

    • k says:

      It happend really quick. I wonder how you go from meeting at some point in june, then him beeing away for weeks to promote Man of steel to beeing the “loved up couple”. It´s a weird and fishy timeline. For me it just looks like a setup. He wants to be a moviestar. He needs Man of steel to be a hit and therefore I guess he or his team thought he needed a more family friendly girlfriend. Well and a woman who used to kick ass for a living isn´t exactly that.
      But putting the new “realtionship” out there so aggressively wasn´t a good game plan

    • Nina W says:

      Nothing to buy as no one seems to be selling anything.

  8. neelyo says:

    She has to have new management since last year. She’s landed endorsements, been on so many red carpets and now this. She’s been on a big PR push lately. I didn’t know who she was until last year and it seems like she’s been everywhere.

    Who knows what he gets out of it. Does he need publicity that badly?

  9. pao la says:

    in the pics on Popsugar Kaley looks really uncomfortable trying to avoid the cameras looking very stiff and defensive. Her body language seems to tell how nervous she is about walking hand in hand with him. she’s probably not used to all the attention she’s having now. i think paps now go look for them together and none of them have set ‘em up. Henry looks gorgeous and can’t help but love Kaley. They seem missmatched at first but i think they look cute and they probably have lots of fun together. I like the idea of superman dating Wonder woman (in BBt this is what she dressed like)so from me is 2 thumbs up!!

  10. Mark says:

    Guess with him becoming a big movie star and having two ex-girlfriends who are gay he needed a nice safe public hookup.

  11. HappyMom says:

    Aren’t they repped by the same group? I’d guess their management is coordinating the papps.

  12. Zara says:

    I have a theory – their body language looks very comfortable and at ease with each other. What if they were a couple but had to hide because the PR was trying to push Gina Carano as the next Wonder Woman and they had to hide the real relationship? and when that didn’t work out, he is now free to be with his real girlfriend?
    Their body language does not look like of someone who is in only getting used to each other. They look comfortable with each other. I say they have been a couple a lot longer than we know.

  13. Miss M says:

    “I expected more from Henry.”

    So, did I… I’ve been following his career for so long to see this happening now, selling his soul to Hollywood.

    I guess I have to believe in James Franco when he made that douche comment about HC preparing himself his whole life to be Superman. Lol

    • Andrea says:

      I expected more too. But I knew the minute he debuted with Gina months ago that he wasn’t in charge of his own life anymore.

      I hope he doesn’t change too much. It would be such a shame of he did.

      Amy Adams thinks he’s so humble and kind. She adores him and said he was the most “humble beautiful man” she had ever worked with. Can you imagine if they go back to film the sequel in a few months and he’s sold his soul? That’s so depressing.

      Henry, don’t let down, Amy! Don’t sell your soul!

    • Nina W says:

      You’re so over the top, what’s his sin exactly, being successful or breaking up with his ex?

  14. lady_luck says:

    As much as the big bang theory is a popular and well-made t.v show, she has always been my LEAST favourite cast member. She always struck me as being a bit of a Sl&t in real life…could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  15. pretty says:

    henry cavill’s PR seems so calculated and he is so boring as hell.

    yes it is soooo predictable and that guy’s team is trying so hard to make him happen now that his popularity has gone up because of his superman role but he just seems like a ‘one hit wonder’, you know. he is MEH.

    I mean, the guy is handsome enough and i have never seen him on screen so i can’t say to that but he just seems so boring.

  16. Micki says:

    How very predictable and how killing the charm of this couple.
    There are enough celebrities to supply unwanted photo-ops, I hoped for better from Cavill.

  17. Andrea says:

    Henry, you beautiful, sweet, idiot.

    You’re better than this kind of desperate behavior, baby.

  18. mom2two says:

    I like Henry and Kaley. It saddens to me to say that there is an element of this relationship that smacks of PR to me (and I think it’s more on his end then hers). She’s kept her personal life personal. She dated Johnny Galecki quietly for 2 years at one point and I don’t think there was as many pap pics of them as there are of her and Henry. And she has been a horse rider, I believe she broke her leg a year or two ago horse riding.
    I don’t care if they are hooking up, if they truly are, good for them. I just wish it smelled less of PR.

  19. EIleen says:

    Last I heard about her she was engaged,set to marry then called it off at the last second- now this-it all seems so odd the timing

  20. Silk Spectre says:

    Soooo… She’s a sitcom star, bubbly, pretty enough but not a ravishing beauty, a girl next door, really. America’s sweetheart, if you will. He’s the hot, People’s sexiest type movie star, big and possibly on his way to become bigger.

    Huh. Are they the Brad and Jen for the new millennium? And if so, who on earth could play Angelina this time around? And nobody better say KStew. Mila Kunis, maybe? She has the sultry sexy thing going on, sure, but is she craazy enough?

    (And before anyone comes at me with torches and pitchforks, do count to ten slowly and remind yourselves that I am indeed joking. Nobody needs another round of that particular drama: one was [is?] tiresome enough. And they’re not exactly like Pitt and Aniston anyway, I’m well aware of that fact too.)

    PS. The last pic is making me want to take up riding again. But I’d need to invest in a new sports bra first, from what I remember, it can get bumpy, and my breasts aren’t tiny and firm like they once were. Sigh. Time is so cruel. Also, chocolate and pizza.

  21. Dawn says:

    I like him and I like her and right now I see this as a new friendship and that’s it. Nothing to get all riled about. Now if they last a year or more we can talk until then I am going to leave it at everybody needs friends.

  22. Adrien says:

    Kaley Cuoco, Riley Keough. My head is spinning.

  23. Hannah says:

    I couldnt pick her out of a crowd and he was pretty unknown before superman. I guess they are both getting tabloid coverage this way, It tells you what kind of actor he wants to be. Henry wants to be a superstar, James Franco was bang on the money.

    • Noreen says:

      I never knew her name or face until all this started 3 days ago. I’ve never seen any show she’s been on. That said, I have no reason to have anything against her…but I have to confess she bothers me. And I know why. It’s because she looks like every b*tch I ever saw in high school. It’s not her fault. But she makes me so uncomfortable because she looks like “that girl”.

  24. CSR says:

    Whether the relationship is real or not, KC seems to b his type or at least like his ex fiancée right down to the equatorial hobby. She broke her leg in a rather scary accident a few years ago, so she is not putting a show for the paps.


  25. The Original Mia says:

    I saw pics of him & Gina in her tumblr tag. They were a lot more comfortable and smitten off the red carpet. And they spent a lot of time in the UK. Kinda surprised there weren’t more sightings of them over the last 9 months.

    As for Kaley, I’m amused by the talk that she wouldn’t be involved in a PR relationship. Whatever.

    • Noreen says:

      Are you referring to the ONE photo where they’re sitting in the outdoors cafe and she’s totally into her iPhone and he’s touching her knee and looking slightly winsome because his GF is paying no attention to him? That one? Because there never were any other candids of those two–not in UK or anywhere else. Those two never, ever looked love-dovey. But that’s okay because his PR took care of that problem this time, i.e. overt hand-holding with Kaley Cuoco.

      • The Original Mia says:

        No, actually I wasn’t. I said I saw photos in her tag on tumblr. Not trying to convince you or anyone. Just reporting what I saw.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Mia

        I was only trying to find out what photo you were referring to that you saw. I was not accusing you of trying convince anyone of anything. But you didn’t really answer what photo it was, so I’m going to stick to my previous point that there simply are no candids that “prove” Gina and Henry were a genuine, loved-up couple. The only picture of them caught by candid camera (where they clearly weren’t aware of being photographed) shows her busy with her phone while he sits there getting no attention.

  26. olivia says:

    kaley’s emmy campaign¡¡¡¡¡

  27. Reece says:

    What I don’t get is why it’s being pushed so hard? They both have been pretty low profile/unknown in the past so what’s the deal now?
    Idk maybe it’s been happening for a while and people are only paying attention now because he’s Superman? Maybe? Either way meh. Good for them whatever they get out of it.

  28. Noreen says:

    Guys, guys. I have a theory. It might be far-fetched but I want to get it out there in case I’m right! What if Cavill has already been chosen for the Shades of Grey role and his PR people threw together this weak, lame-as*sed “romance” with “girl next door”, harmless and cute TV actress in order to protect his image while he plays a very sexually graphic role. You know, so that in his private life people (aka fans and middle America) can still remember that he’s Clark Kent/Superman–in preparation for the next MOS movie? Just what if this really is all about image? Like, the studio doesn’t want to ruin his Superman image with the Christian Grey role, so this new romance is meant to show that hey, he’s totally a normal and monogamous nice guy, so that when he plays Christian Grey audiences won’t confuse the actor with the character? Does this make sense what I’m saying? This could explain why this romance has happened SO FAST and so IN YOUR FACE. Because the casting of SOG is about to be released.

    • Reece says:

      Interesting theory but I hope not. SOG just seems like career death for even a semi established actor. Casting an unknown, at least they can gain notoriety from it but “Superman” nah…It would just be weird and a plain bad choice imo.

    • Grumpycat says:

      Oooh I have a theory on top of yours: he purposly didnt wear underwear in the pic of them hiking so women (me) could obsess even more about him sexually and thus Shades of Grey would be a logical fit. If only there was a picture of him with Kaley’s riding crop when she was hanging out with horsies.

  29. Alyce says:

    Here is my theory: He and Gina were for show, and he’s been with Kaley for a while now. She found out she’s PREGNANT and they are trying to get out a few pics of them as a couple before she announces that she having his baby.

    Any takers?

  30. The Original G says:

    I know it’s unusual, but maybe they just like each other?

  31. UsedToBeLulu says:

    I have serious horse envy now.

    I like her. She is cute and normal looking. I can’t even begin to speculate on all the various theories, but I do like the one posited by Original G. Maybe they just like each other.

  32. Christina says:

    Could this be a PR stunt?? Sure. However, it could also be real. It seems like it happened fast, but no one knows the exact time he actually broke up with Gina. He has been away on press for MOS for awhile. So he would not have been pap’ed with Kaley. The story broke about about them together and the paps were following Kaley. Now they get actually pics of them together. It’s not impossible. Neither of them needs the press. Arguably she is actually more successful than he is. 8 Simple Rules was a hit show, and if John Ritter did not pass away so suddenly, it would have probably gone on even longer. The Big Bang Theory is often at the very top of the ratings list. It is a hugely popular show. I just don’t think it seems like either of them to do the whole fake relationship, staged photo ops thing. That is just my opinion though, who knows? Either way, they make a cute couple. If I was her and my PR people were like, “You have to have a fake relationship with Henry Cavill”…I would be like, “This is the best job ever!”…LOL. Maybe Henry is madly in love with a japanese body pillow and he is afraid to tell the world..

  33. abbie246 says:

    I don’t know why people think this is a publicity stunt. The reason that they were barely papped before because nobody cared about them. But when Superman came out Henry became the “it” guy of the moment. So when he dates a somewhat high profile actress, of course both are going to be followed. Anytime news breaks, good or bad, the celebrity gets followed.

    • Nina W says:

      Completely agree. The mega-success of the film has the paps scrambling to coat their mags and websites with the latest images of him. It will die down when the next bit of chum falls in the water and the sharks move off to feed on it.

  34. dcypher1 says:

    I live in the valley too maybe ill see her around town I see everyone here. I even saw a Jenner once.

  35. Eli says:

    Well Henry, you have the right (as we do) to date anyone you want.

    It’s clear he is dating and dating and dating and dating LOL …as we young people do but, please be more respectful to your career because your work lose credibility!

  36. lisa says:

    why does she always look like a (clean) hobo

  37. Evan says:

    WTF?? He left Gina Carano for this chick?

    I do feel like a bitch for saying it, but I’m gonna say it anyways….


  38. amilu says:

    “Also, Kaley got pap’d on a horse yesterday. Apparently, she ‘goes riding’ often in her spare time.”

    I know next to nothing about the woman, but I could’ve sworn that I read on this site that she nearly lost a leg a couple/few years ago when she fell off and was trampled by her horse. No need for the quotation marks. She’s a horse-lover.

  39. patvir says:

    It seems to me there is a lot of jealous women here hating on Kaley so much and saying he disappointed them and they wont see his movie again.. LOL Worst of all, thinking he would make a movie based on the worst books ever.. He is Superman! he does not need to do a sad vampire/porn movie for teenagers and he certainly does not need a PR stunt with what most of you think is a “low profile chick” just because you happen to not watch her very successful TV show. They are 2 people who like each other and the paps picked them as their new couple to follow around.
    I rather a man who dates a cute girl with something in her brain than a Leo DiCaprio or Cloney who parades a new fake top model each week. Wish them the best of luck and hope their are having lots of hot sex!