Is Jamie Foxx jealous of the love Channing Tatum got during their press tour?

Jamie Foxx

I know that Channing Tatum is huge around here and gets a ton of love for very good reason, and I also realize that many people do not consider themselves to be Jamie Foxx fans due to his particularly controversial brand of stand-up comedy. Yet if I was ever forced to pick one of these guys for a one-night stand, it would totally be Jamie. Dude is fine, and he’s got a great little booty. I was singing Quentin Tarantino’s praises a little more loudly than usual after several nice bum shots near the end of Django Unchained (and I’m not talking about the upside-down scene, for those who have seen the movie). Jamie is used to getting this sort of attention from females, and he’s also used to being a really big deal whenever he goes on a press tour for a new movie.

However, a story in this week’s issue of the Enquirer would have us believe that Jamie was totally jealous to have to give up most of the spotlight to Channing while they toured together for White House Down. Funny story — despite my fascination with Jamie’s fine ass, I paid such little attention to the promotion for this film that I thought (just from the movie posters) it was a buddy comedy before reading some reviews. Silly me, and silly Jamie for being totally jealous of Channing:

Channing Tatum

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is being eclipsed by his “White House Down” co-star Channing Tatum, and sources say he’s not happy!

The two actors have worked nonstop to promote the film, but Foxx has played second fiddle to risin star Tatum, who’s been deluged with questions about his skyrocketing career and new baby girl.

“Fans at the premiere in Washington, D.C., were practically shoving Jamie out of the way to get a picture with Channing,” a source told the Enquirer.

“Jamie isn’t used to that. He’s usually the star of the show everywhere he goes. And the questions that reporters asked Jamie most frequently were, ‘What’s it like to work with Channing?’ or ‘Have you seen Channing’s new baby yet?’ It’s made Jamie feel like chopped liver!”

Foxx, 45, has built a stellar film career, highlighted by his Best Actor Oscar for Ray, the 2004 biopic of the legendary Ray Charles.

But Tatum, 33, is Hollywood’s hottest youg star, scoring three top box-office films in a row with 21 Jump Street, The Vow, and Magic Mike. The former model married his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan in July 2009, and on May 31 she gave birth to their first child, daughter Everly.

“The baby was conceived while Channing and Jamie were shooting White House Down,” another source noted. “Her birth put a whole new spin on promoting the movie. It all became about Channing being a first-time dad, and it was unfortunate timing in Jamie’s mind.”

To make matters worse, in contrast to Channing, Jamie believes in keeping his private life out of the spotlight, said the source.

“Channing will talk to anyone about anything at any time,” said the source. “Producers love him because that helps sell movies, but actors like Jamie think it’s grandstanding. Still, Jamie says while Channing may be the hunk of the month, he’s the one with an Oscar on his mantle!”

[From Enquirer, print edition, July 15, 2013]

I tend to think that this story is true only because Jamie is used to being such a huge deal, and Channing draws throngs of screaming women that must have drained a lot of the attention that usually is reserved for Jamie. I can see why Jamie would be annoyed if journalists primarily wanted to know about working with his hot male co-star, but I think Jamie should have realized that was part of the deal when he signed onto this film. Mr. Foxx can rest assured that his career has already demonstrated lasting power, and Channing (as nice of a guy as he is) may not be as lucky if his looks ever fade with time.

Don’t worry, Jamie. You’re still the hottest guy of the cast in my book. Now turn around and shake it.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. pretty says:

    i think jamie foxx is hotter!

    and he seems chill and down to earth.

    i loved him in django unchained. he’s so hot!!!!!

  2. I have such a crush on him after Django Unchained! He was SO good (and hot) in it :) I like Channing too. Their combined hotness is the only reason I’d ever consider watching the crappy-looking White House Down :D

  3. Elle says:

    While I think this could be partly true I don’t believe the story because Jamie recently had an interview with his daughter and Oprah so he doesn’t keep his personal life private.

    • Hakura says:

      @Elle – I’d never seen his daughter before, but your comment made me Google her. She’s so beautiful!

      I don’t know her story/whatever, but if she’s trying to ‘break into the business’ herself, appearing w/Jamie w/Oprah could give her a little ‘boost’. Maybe that was his intention? (I could be wrong, of course).

      I know Jamie is 45, but for some reason, it’s still strange to see he has a daughter that old.

  4. Jess says:

    Is Jamie a huge deal normally? Because to me it seems like he has a big part in a good movie maybe once every 5 years, but most of the time he’s doing virtual cameo’s and instantly forgettable action movies. Is his music and stand-up really popular in the US? I like a lot of his work but I didn’t think he was ever a big box office draw or anything.

  5. Micki says:

    Ahh, personality clash…happens.

    And Maggie’s dress can make every babybump watch waste of time. WHAT is this thing in the middle?!

  6. Mercy says:

    Huge deal, is an awfull LITTLE BIG WORD to put next to J.FOX.He is a singer,wanted VERY BAD 2BE an actor.Why wasnt he JEalous of T.Cruise?Why didnt we hear the rumors before?Hype nothing more nothing less.
    He made it,aldo he wants more.

  7. hadleyb says:

    Since when has Jamie ever been down to earth ? LOL

    He loves attention, is a drama queen. Far far from down to earth.

    I admit he had a nice body in Django but his face, eh.

    Channing isn’t that great in the face either but has a better body than Jamie but Channing seems more real, a nice guy as you can be in Hollywood I guess where Jamie can be a dick at times, arrogant etc.

    It’s a movie I have no desire to ever see so it doesn’t really matter.

  8. Mia 4S says:

    Considering the movie is a massive critical and financial BOMB, I imagine they would both rather pretend they never met. Shhhh, never happened.

    Channing Potato Head…errr…Tatum ;-) has been very smart with his movie choices and in how he is exploiting his personal life for press, but this was a massive misstep. Once again it shows that these days success is much more about the right concept with the right actors than just a “name”.

    • Jen says:

      I don’t get Tatum’s appeal. His head is too small for his body, he has no neck and beady eyes. Body’s good, but just don’t get all the fuss. Silly story though.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      How is CT exploiting his personal life…he and his wife just had a baby…of course,he is going to be asked about being a first time dad…I haven’t seen tons of pictures of his baby splashed around….

      • Mia 4S says:

        That wasn’t really an accusation, just an observation on his method. All but the cream of the crop of actors do exploit their personal life. He is smart about it, more careful (the baby photos released to the press were free, lots of silly/cutsey quotes in publicist-friendly People). The technique is good; he also wisely knows that he is not talented enough not to do it.

  9. pwal says:

    Kinda don’t buy it. To me, Jamie comes across as arrogant, but in this instance, if he had an issue, he wouldn’t have participated in that Kimmel skit.

    Mind you, I wouldn’t blame him for being annoyed that Tatum is being put forward so hard, since it seemed that HW didn’t break their neck for Jamie even after he won an Oscar. Of course, Jamie has divided his focus with the recording and radio personity sidelines.

  10. V4Real says:

    Jamie oscar winner.
    Tatum probably will never get one. At least this trash mag is claiming that’s an older man jealous of a younger man and not an older woman jealous of a younger woman. Let the -ock fight begin.
    BTW I don’t buy this story. I like Tatum. I love Jamie and if he’s good enough for RDJ he’s good enough for me.

  11. Jennifer12 says:

    Quentin Tarantino has some weird fantasies, in my opinion. The crap he comes up with- guys being raped, hung naked, etc- I personally think comes from his own repressed fantasy life.

    • Lemanda says:

      Ya, cause men never get raped in real life?!

      Quentin has said many times that his stories use of violence are reality based. I hate to burst your fantasy but really bad things happen in the world. And real live violence is bloody, gruesome and always shockingly unthinkable.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        It’s an opinion, which I’m entitled to. You don’t know me, and you don’t know what I think, so back off.

      • Lemanda says:

        @ Jennifer. I never attacked you. I was merely reminding you he doesn’t pull these scenarios from his imagination like your suggesting. The world is sick! You attack Quentin in an article thread that is not even about him.

        Besides this is an anonymous BITCHY gossip site. Anyone can comment on your comments. If your uncomfortable with that you may want to keep your opinions to yourself in the future.

        Have a Wonderful weekend.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Best of luck with getting me to keep my opinions to myself, Lemanda. Have a good weekend. I don’t mind others’ opinions, so long as they’re not presented in a condescending manner. For all you knew prior to engaging, I work in a prison facility and have seen a lot (I don’t). But to clarify a bit, if, as you point out, this is a bitchy website, then I can comment on what I think of Quentin. It’s different than directly being rude to someone who is actually on here. Yes, I understand that violence is in the world, and in a personal way that I wish I didn’t. With that said, I find it odd that Quentin is consistent with putting men (particularly minorities) in scenarios where they’re nude and tortured and/or raped. He has put women in the same situations (thanks, Noreen, I’d forgotten that lovely comment he made). It doesn’t need to be in every movie and he isn’t bringing anything into the world by doing so repeatedly. To me, it’s less a statement than a fetish.

    • Noreen says:

      @ Jennifer12

      He’s a weirdo. A total nerd who was stuck in his room his whole life, with no friends, looking at porn and collecting Japanese memorabilia. Don’t forget he’s the creep who justified Uma’s rape scenes by asking “who WOULDN’T want to rape Uma Thurman?”.

  12. aquarius64 says:

    I think I would be peeved if I were an Oscar winner and the pretty boy gets the love. One could make the argument about black actors and actresses being slighted in Hollywood, even by the press. Channing got first billing because the suits thought it would help the box office, but the failure of this movie proves good looking white guy does not equal box office success.

    • Smile Now/Cry Later says:

      You mean… One could pull the race card out when things such as this don’t go your way. And remember, BOTH guys played in this movie so if it bombed, BOTH carry that weight. Would you still have felt the same way about this movie bombing had it been Jamie front and center?? From the tone of your comment, I’d venture to guess… hell NO!!
      LOL as I SMH

  13. me says:

    No big story here. Whenever Jamie Foxx isn’t the center of attention he throws a hissy fit.He did it while filming “Law Abiding Citizen” and didn’t like that women were throwing themselves at Gerard Butler and not him so much.

  14. agree says:

    Yes, Jamie can be a drama queen and yes, the tabs always try to look for (mostly pretend) jealousy stories. However, this movie REALLY flopped big time, so that has to create hard feelings. Don’t think we’ll see this matchup again any time soon.

  15. Sarah says:

    People really think CT got his success all because of his look? With his personality, he will have a long career.

  16. Mayday says:

    Maggie is so pretty but she always has the WORST hair. I feel like she’s trying to always have this vintage-y 20′s thing happening (especially when it’s longer and she does the pin curls/wave type thing) but I just feel like it does nothing for her!! I’d love to see her rock something more modern and edgy she’s super cute!!

  17. Noreen says:

    I can believe this. Jamie is self-absorbed and arrogant. And by his own words he’s also terribly defensive when it comes to race. Quote: “Everything in my life is built around race.”

    As he said when doing junkets for Django:

    “As black folks we’re always sensitive,” Foxx said. “As a black person it’s always racial. I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese — I’ll be like, ain’t this a b*tch. Y’all didn’t know black people was coming. What’s with all this white sh*t? By the same token, if there is fried chicken and watermelon I’ll say ain’t this a b*tch? So, no matter what we do as black people it’s always gonna be that.”

    He has also stated that he feels pressure to be non-Black at work and Black everywhere else: “But the minute I leave my house, I gotta put my other jacket on and say, ‘Hey, Thomas, Julian and Greg.’ And I gotta be a certain person.”

    No one forces him to do/be anything. This is a revelation of his own psyche. *Everything is racial* even when he shows up somewhere and Ritz crackers and cheese are served. And certainly when he’s doing junkets with his caucasian co-stars and one of them is getting more attention.

    So if that is true then maybe he’s got a little chip on his shoulder being the only Black man on this promotional circuit and feeling like the odd man out (despite the fact that by himself he has tons of fans). That’s Jamie’s problem, not Channing’s. Jamie is wealthy and successful and has won high awards for his acting. Clearly he has fans. Clearly people like his movies. It’s his choice to be defensive and play the race card.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Sounds like the struggle of a black man in Hollywood. Based on what he’s been through, its understandable that his life is built around race.

    • V4Real says:

      @Noreen I read that interview and that’s how a lot of Black people feel. Why is it a bad thing that Jamie said it? Some of what he is talking about is called code switching and there are a lot of people that knows when to turn it on and when to turn it off.

    • A says:

      I think it shows he has some serious issues he should seek help for, and I am black myself.
      I am not my skin color and I do not think abut “race” 24/7.
      As for Channing…he is simply younger and hotter so naturally fangirls will flock to him more.

    • ViktoryGin says:

      Whether or not you feel his feelings are justified, those comments are a reflection of his experience of being Black. I don’t care for the way that he framed it because his glib commedic schtick just served to trivialize a legitimate phenomenon.

      • Noreen says:

        TBH, I don’t care about his “experience of being Black”. There’s nothing unique about whatever experiences he has because we ALL have them, and none of us has the right to insult and ridicule others because our experiences are difficult in a way that’s different from theirs. Life is hard for EVERYONE. If it isn’t because you’re black, it’s because you’re gay or handicapped or a born-again Christian, or you’re a virgin or you’re Jewish or you’re skinny or you’re fat. And on and on and on.

        Forget about black experience. I only believe in the HUMAN experience.

    • ViktoryGin says:

      Whether or not you feel his feelings are justified, those comments are a reflection of his experience of being Black. I don’t care for the way that he framed it because his glib commedic schtick just served to trivialize two legitimate phenomenona: how racial treatment colors one’s perceptions and code-switch. It’s easy to write off his comments as paranoid reverse-racism (a common deafult platitude that many have become fond of as of late), he’s trying to communicate the sensitive vulnerabilities that accompany having navigate one’s eperience with a critical eye, where you’re always having to second-guess others’ motivations. You don’t want go through life with this monkey on your back, but it’s an inconvenient reality that one much contend with if you have grown up in an environment of institutionalized racial prejudice. Part of that navigation process is code switch, a system of language and gestures that one modifies according to the social environment. This happens all the time with people whose conducts falls outside of mainstream-sanctioned behavior. This is by no means a “black” phenomenon. It happens in different ethnic communities as well. Human natures dictates that there are certsin behavoiral modification that naturally take place in order to successfully traverse different cutural waters. There are aspects of AA culture are reviled by the mainstream, i.e. WASP culture, and these elements are often “diminished” by those who seek congress into mainstresm culture. I can’t tell how annoyed I often get with black celebs who like to bring out all of their SAT vocab for mainstream interviews then decide tuo “thug it up” to protect their street cred for the black folk. But unfortunately it does play into one’s accessibility in different markets. Many people do this because coming off like a typical insert-n-word-here DOES not fly if you aren’t a rapper.

      Just hoping to shed some light.

      Peace and Love

      • Noreen says:

        Not interested in a lecture, thanks. I was only shedding some light on Jamie Foxx’s OWN behavior and words in the context of the rumor regarding Tatum seeming to get more attention.

      • V4Real says:

        “and none of us has the right to insult and ridicule others because our experiences are difficult in a way that’s different from theirs.”


        But I understand what he is saying about the Kraft Services scenario. He’s describing it as a catch 22. He’s saying that Blacks can feel stereotyped if they come to the table and see chicken. On the other hand when there is food other then the clichéd chicken, Blacks are saying where is that food that people of color are known for being disposed to.

        “Forget about black experience. I only believe in the HUMAN experience.”

        Unfortunately everybody does not feel the way you do.

  18. mslewis says:

    At this point, Jamie is probably VERY happy that he is not considered the star of this bomb! Let Tatum take all the credit.

  19. Moana says:

    It could have something to do with the fact that Jamie Foxx is a racist snob, and CT is friendly to fans, loves his family, and comes across as a genuinely nice guy.

    • V4Real says:

      Where has it been proven that Jaime is racist. Also RDJ is one of Jamie’s closest friends. Foxx even brought the man two horses for his birthday.

      • Noreen says:

        Jamie Foxx IS a racist, and that isn’t changed by the fact that he may like a few people within the race that he overwhelmingly despises.

        Just imagine if a White person used Jamie’s own words but replace “Black people” with “White people” accordingly.

      • V4Real says:


        I understand all to well that people can have friends within a certain race but yet be racist against that group of people in general (no news there).

        I just asked for proof that Foxx is a racist. If I see evidence of this I will stand up and shout he is a racist right with you.

        We’ve seen proof of what Paula Dean has said and therfore we made our judgements based on that. Where’s the proof that Jamie is a racist, not your opinion but proof.

        Please don’t use his comedy as proof of racism because a lot of Black commedians tell racist jokes.

      • Noreen says:

        LMAO. “He’s not a racist! He just tells racist jokes! But that doesn’t count!!”

        I don’t engage in irrational arguments. Ciao.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        I’m with you Noreen. The whole “I can’t be racist because I have such and such friends” really sticks out here, doesn’t it? Coming from the other side, it would have been denounced immediately.

      • V4Real says:

        Apparently you missed the point. I said almost all Black commedians tell racist jokes and some white commedians have too. So why don’t you say all Black commedians are racist instead of just singling Jamie out.

        Your argument is irrational as well as invalid. People tell jokes regarding other races, that doesn’t make them a racist. I asked you to show me proof of Jamie being a racist; you couldn’t. The only thing you could muster up is an ittational argument statement. Sorry that’s not good enough.

  20. Bobbi says:

    Who is going to believe anything the “Enquirer” has to say?

    I like both actors for different reasons.

    Channing was just named to “Forbes 2013 List of the Most Powerful Celebrities.” He came in at #23. Not to shabby for a no talent, can’t act, unattractive guy eh? (Yes I’m being facetious cuz I luv the guy!)

    • gefeylich says:

      Tatum’s PR people are working overtime, because this definitely no-talent, wooden-acting, unattractive guy will only be as “powerful” the box office of his last movie makes him. Talk to Ryan Reynolds, Sam Worthington, Taylor Kitsch and (unfortunately) Armie Hammer for corroboration.

  21. lisa2 says:

    Jamie is not a big deal where I come from. Not sure where that perception came from. Jamie (in my black community) is still being labeled as gay; kind of the same thing that Huge, Will, Eddie, and many others are accused of).

    I think Channing is cute, but that is it.

    I think both actors would have appreciated the “screaming women” to get off the net and go to support their film. Which they didn’t do. It has earned around 33+ million in 2 weeks.

  22. rose says:

    Dont believe. Those guys seems like they are having a ball.

  23. F5 says:

    Foxx should turn to his Lord and Savior.

  24. booger says:

    Who cares if he’s jealous? All I can think about is the monstrosity Maggie is wearing.

  25. BlueAngelCV says:

    Have you seen the Channing my Tatum video they did? I don’t buy that Foxx is jealous at all.

  26. Va. Lady says:

    Wrong! Jamie Foxx seems to be one of the most generous co-stars around, and has a blast doing funny videos and appearances with everyone. He’s a multi-talented star with a lot more lasting power than Channing Tatum.

  27. booger says:

    sorry wrong article. ignore.

  28. CC says:

    Channing doesn’t have much looks now or ever has. He always had this butterface quality to him.

  29. nordicgoddess says:

    i wanna channing all over his tatum

  30. Rosemary says:

    Those two…there is no contest…both are godly.

  31. Mike says:

    How on earth do some of you find this guy (Jamie Foxx) sexy?? He looks gross. If you find that sexy you need to get some self-esteem or better standards at least. To top it all off he’s a racist a-hole, too. F-him.

  32. Shay15 says:

    Yeah I still don’t see the appeal in Channing tatum

  33. lanette says:

    nobody is checkin for their movie…it was a dud it’s first week at the box office so screw both of ‘em

  34. Joseph says:

    Can I like both of them? I think Jamie is immensely talented — he deserved an Oscar nomination for “Django Unchained.” And I think Channing is immensely talented — he’s a great dancer and has demonstrated skill at both comedy and drama.

  35. gefeylich says:

    Please. Mr. Foxx, console yourself: you have an Oscar, which the lummox-like mouthbreather Tatum will NEVER get.

  36. Lark says:

    Jaimie has an Oscar, and people always forget he was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Collateral. So he won an Oscar and was also nominated for an Oscar. He’s leaps and bounds ahead of Channing. Jaimie is a good actor, if he ever stopped doing shitty movies and focused on more complex movies I wouldn’t be surprised if he won more awards. They were saying if Harvey had “held” Django back a year and waited for this year’s Oscars… that both Jaimie and Leo would have had a good shot at getting nominated.

    That said, I doubt Jaimie is jealous of Channing. He knows what he has and is capable of. Now, I can see Jaimie being jealous of actors he competes against for certain awards bait roles because he does come across as neurotic and competitive.

  37. lady_luck says:

    Jamie needs to lighten up and take a chill pill. It’s nothing but gracious to allow the limelight to go where it wants to go. So what if somebody else is shining?

  38. Yelly says:

    I’d be jealous of Channing Tatum if I were him…

  39. hoppy says:

    If Jamie Foxx wasn’t such a racist maybe he would get more love. Keep your politics to yourself Jamie.

  40. Christina says:

    Foxx has an attitude and is acting like a baby. I agree with Happy, Foxx is racist and should keep his politics to himself. Tatum is good looking and is a good actor. Deal with it Foxx.