LeAnn Rimes celebrated Independence Day by tweeting pics of her Bonus Sons

I was going to make a big deal about LeAnn Rimes spending the Independence Day holiday on Twitter, but really, what else is new? She almost always spends her holidays tweeting out “happy Bonus Family” photos and trying to prove to everyone that her life is so amaze-balls. Which just goes to prove my golden rule: if someone is trying that hard to convince you of something, you know the opposite is true.

Really, though, I think that whenever LeAnn and Eddie have Mason and Jake for any given holiday, LeAnn just goes completely overboard with the “celebrations” and she aims the photos at Brandi. Especially the photos of Mason and Jake, who LeAnn insists on photographing and posting the photos on Twitter. Apparently, LeAnn let Mason and Jake play on her tour bus (ha! She’s on tour for Spitfire, which flopped terribly), and one of them “hide in the closet”. LeAnn actually tweeted a photo of the sad-looking kid hiding in the closet, trying to get away from LeAnn. LeAnn posted it with the message, “Boys will be boys and hide in closets on the tour bus.” For God’s sake. Just leave them alone for two seconds.

I think my favorite photo is the “Sparklers!” one just because it’s a really bad photo of LeAnn, and usually she makes an effort to only post flattering selfies. If you go to her Twitter, you can also see a bunch of creepy Vine videos of LeAnn and Eddie bowling in some kind of basement dungeon. Blah.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    Poor kids. Can’t escape her anywhere.

  2. brin says:

    That picture of Mason in the closet says it all. She can’t give them a second of privacy…she’s such a crazy bitch.

  3. EmmaV1 says:

    The kids look very happy with Leann in that header picture and Brandi tweets pictures of the kids as much as Leann and only choose flattering shots too.

    Are people seriously complaining that Leann seems like a good stepmom and the stepkids like her?

  4. Hateonit. says:

    That’s the older one in the cabinet. He doesn’t like leann. He’s old enough to understand what happened between his parents and leann. He resents her a bit you can tell in every pic she tries to get with him. The little one is a ham though soooo cute!!!

    • Jules says:

      When my dad cheated on my mother, I hated him for it, not the other woman. Why does Rimes’ sleazebag husband get a free pass?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Eddie is garbage and 100% at fault for what he has done and allowed. Leann is garbage for endlessly trying to co-opt the boys and put herself with them in the public eye as if she’s their parent. Leann is blamed for her ridiculous comments (example: bragging about teaching the boys her cheating songs about their dad) and posting endless photos and videos of the boys, starting when she was their dad’s lover and nothing more. Years have passed; if she had shut up, let the parents co-parent, and been a supportive, loving adult in the background of the boys’ lives, this would’ve all passed and forgotten. But it isn’t what she wants and she drags those little boys down with her and Eddie is a POS for allowing it.

      • briargal says:

        I hated both my dad and his mistress/evenutal stepmom! My dad did apologize and ask for my forgiveness. I did forgive him but my relationship with him was never the same. I never did accept my step-mom. Believe me, those boys will never forget the hell these two sleazebags have put them and their mother through!

      • littlestar says:

        Jennifer – couldn’t agree with you more! Eddiot is the biggest loser in all of this, because he does nothing to put a stop to Leann’s behaviour. One day those boys really will resent him for all that he has done (or hasn’t done).

      • Hakura says:

        @Jules & Briargal – I’m sorry that you guys had to go through that…Reading your comments made me realize just how fortunate I am to have never had to experience that. But I do know I would’ve reacted to it the same way you did. Not sure I could ever have accepted a mistress-turned-stepmom, either.

      • Pirouette says:

        Thank you, Jules, for making sense.

    • emmie_a says:

      I can totally see LeAnn offering the older kid $1,000 to smile for a happy family photo (like he is in the first pic). She’s THAT desperate.

      • briargal says:

        Remember the pic of this “happy” family at the Batman movie? We figured out that EC had his hand holding up Mason’s arm as they all had their fingers making mustaches. Well, it sure looks like EC is once again making the point to Mason to “smile, child, this is a money chore.” with his hand pressing into his rib cage. It isn’t just resting around him. Anything to make the evil stepmom happy and generous with her money!

    • a says:

      He is also old enough to know that his father cheated on his mother while she was pregnant with his little brother and that there were these women who would get freaky with mommy while daddy watched.

      That was such a great homelife that Eddie and Brandi were providing their kids.

      • briargal says:

        Same old story from one of LR’s minions who also posts on JJ!

      • claire says:

        And now he’s brought one more cheater, and a crazy person to boot, into their lives. Go Dad!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Well, in that same vein, Eddie was taking pictures of Leann stripping and making out with their friend Liz while ALL their kids sat in the house. I doubt Eddie and Brandi invited the boys into their bedroom. Not saying I agree with it, but at least keep it private.

      • briargal says:

        The boys probably did not know what was going on in the marriage. But they sure did see LR groping EC’s wandering dong on the beach and see her flopping herself all over him. Did they see her making out with Lizzie on the deck? Probably. Give it up on trying to make Brandi out to be the villian! EC and Brandi were working on their marriage even after LR outed the affair.

      • Jessiebes says:

        Just read the comments on jj. It was honestly amazing to see that train wreck go down.

      • a says:

        I am not making Brandi out to be the bad guy, if I am painting anyone as the bad guy it is Eddie. I can see Mason being embarrassed by some of the things mentioned that LeAnn did like groping Eddie when he was nearby but that is very different than Eddie having a mistress while his mother was pregnant.

        It looks like Brandi and Eddie had a crappy home-life when Eddie had the affair with LeAnn. Eddie then divorced Brandi and married LeAnn. Either Eddie and LeAnn are providing a good home-life for the boys and therefore I cannot see any of the boys resenting her for her part in their parents’ break up, or Eddie and LeAnn are providing a crappy home-life for the boys and the more logical conclusion would be that Eddie is the problem and therefore the one getting resentment.

      • MissMoody says:

        Re: your comments about Eddie and Brandi’s “crappy” homelife. May be true but what’s Leann’s excuse for cheating on Dean then?

      • a says:

        You’re right, LeAnn seemed to have a good marriage and even if LeAnn and Dean had settled into become more like friends than lovers, LeAnn did him dirty, although there were rumors that LeAnn and Dean had an open marriage so I don’t know how that fits in if it’s true.

        That’s why I tend to think that LeAnn is more likely to be the cheater and definitely more likely to leave the marriage than Eddie. I think LeAnn loves Eddie and his boys, but if some good looking man showed her a lot of attention and then got her into bed and blew her socks off, then game over for Eddie and the bonus squints.

      • Christin says:

        In regards to finding some hot guy, has she ever had a guy (other than *possibly* Dean) who hasn’t allowed her to be their sugar mama? Some guy blowing her socks off does not necessarily equate to true happiness and contentment over the long haul.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    I never wanted a sparkler to fall into someone’s mouth so bad…

  6. Celeste says:

    She’s such a try-hard. How pathetic.

  7. Italian love says:

    God damn she looks like the Grinch. When is leann going to have her OWN kids!!!?? Seriously. You would think as many times as she says her marriage is sooooo happy and blissful – why not have kids with your cheating douche of a husband???

  8. dorothy says:

    As usual, tweeting her career away….

  9. Sharon says:

    Look at her raising her cup real high while the others are like “yeah ok ill go along with it”… She’s just so proud of herself when she had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of these boys and yet she has to convince herself that she is actually important to them. She is not. At all. They have both a mother and father who are both very loving and involved in their lives. If they didn’t have a mother or had an absentee mother it would be a different story. Leave the damn kids alone, LeAnn! He’s hiding from YOU in that closet poor thing

  10. eska says:

    I am actually kind of bothered by her body language in first pic. Like she is ignoring the youngest one just to be as close as possible to Eddie. Her foot, her hips… Ugh…

  11. Kara says:

    Mason’s eyes look super sad in that picture where he’s hiding from her. Sad & scared almost. Poor thing. And doesn’t Leann’s face look like the “overly attached girlfriend” meme in that scary pic w the sparkler? Seriously. Google it.

  12. Poppy says:

    Can she not close her mouth?

  13. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I can’t believe how much the older boy looks JUST like Brandi in the header picture.

  14. Alexandra says:

    She’s neighing in that sparkler pic. Neighing like there’s no tomorrow. 🎶🐎🐴🏇🎧

  15. Shelley says:

    Who is plaid shirt guy ?

  16. Itwillrain says:

    I really don’t like the tone of the Leann posts at all, and I think the interpretation of the feelings of the hiding child is ridiculous. I am willing to bet that the reality of that was that they were playing a fun game. But anyway I know the whole history of the Leann story and this is probably the only time I’ve posted … I just think this is a bit much!!

  17. Jano1981 says:

    She does this especially on birthdays and holidays that Leanne and Eddie have the boys. I feel like its to make sure people know that they have them not Brandi. At least that’s what I get from the no boundaries stepmom.

  18. eliza says:

    Is it my imagination or do FleaAnn and Eddie have those kids almost every holiday on the calendar?

    If you always have to provide a circus atmosphere for kids when you have them, it says more about your inability to entertain them normally than it does about how great the times are when you are together.

    She is trying so hard to replace their real mom, it is starting to wear on the kids in obvious ways.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Thank you for the circus comment. So true. They can’t do normal life. It has be to big big big and AMAZING!

      We even have fun holding cups together!!! Amazing! Happy! Wowza!

      So lame.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      It’s been dubbed “Disneyland Dad Syndrome.” But apparently, she’s the one with it and he just goes along for the ride.

      If I was Brandi, I would be back in court demanding every-other holiday, three-day weekend, etc…and then the following year, it’s reversed. (Think in “even years” she’d get them Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Halloween, and Christmas Day; in “odd years” she’d get them 4th of July weekend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. That kind of thing. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, and dividing every school holiday/vacation as well as all the other holidays – and we’re talking down to Presidents’ Weekend – with your ex and FCS in NOT fun, but it can be done.)

      That being said, I don’t know Brandi’s and Eddiot’s arrangement, but it sure doesn’t seem very fair to Brandi.

  19. Megan says:

    She really needs to slow her roll (throwback term there) on posting these kids pictures. I mean she is not their mother, by all reports their mother did ask her not to post, and obviously they don’t like it.

    You know I am sure Brandi posts also but I haven’t seen it a lot and again she is their mother so its different. I would feel the same if Eddie was doing it, as long as both parents are ok with the picture being posted.

    The other thing that I think people are forgetting is that the older boy is getting to an age where kids know more of what is going on and people at school like to tease and bully. There could be a lot of crap he is dealing with because of all this.

    • a says:

      From what I’ve seen Brandi posts as many if not more pictures of Mason and Jake on her Twitter. The problem is that even a Brandi loving blog like this one does not do entire blog posts when Brandi posts pictures of her sons or her tweets about them unless it involves drama with LeAnn.

      • Megan says:

        Brandi is THEIR MOTHER!! That is the difference. Also Brandi has asked LeAnne not to post their picture.

        Now I fully admit I am very against putting children’s pictures on social media, but based on my facebook page I am pretty alone on this. But I do believe that if a parent (either Brandi or Eddie) don’t want someone to post pictures of their children on someone’s social media account it should be respected. These are people’s children and their image and how it is exposed should be decided by their parents and PARENTS only.

        I don’t care if they are famous or not, and step parents need to know their place, and it is not deciding what images of children that are not theirs are shared.

        There is correct behavior and incorrect behavior and LeAnne posting pictures of another woman’s child against their mother’s wishes is incorrect and bad behavior.

      • claire says:

        Brandi posts a pic here and there. Leann posts pretty often but her Twitter is not the end of it. She posts even more on her paid website, so she’s using them as content there as part of the paid package. There’s also all the vine videos of them.

        If you think they are even in posting, you’re choosing to ignore the evidence.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Megan, you’re not alone. I rarely post photos of my kids on social media because I hear too many stories that scare me. A, Brandi really doesn’t post that many pictures. You could do a date by date breakdown and see the difference. (I don’t have the patience for that.) But, still- Brandi is THEIR MOTHER. Leann is a stepparent, and she is stomping on all lines of decency and boundaries. You cannot compare a stepmother, their dad’s wife, with their actual mother. It is weird and inappropriate how obsessed Leann is with posting pictures that say “our family” and showing every minute bit of those kids’ lives.

      • littlestar says:

        a – NO, Brandi does NOT post as many pictures of her boys as Leann does. It is extremely inappropriate of Leann to post pictures online of children that are not hers. Brandi is their MOTHER. She can post pics of her own children at her discretion if she wants to.

      • a says:

        If THEIR MOTHER!! is posting pictures on Twitter then why is there a problem with their stepmother doing it if their father is OK with it? What’s next, THEIR MOTHER!! feeds the kids red meat but tells the stepmother that any meals she prepares cannot have red meat in it? THEIR MOTHER!! takes them shopping at the mall but tells the stepmother that she cannot take the children to the mall.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Yes, THEIR MOTHER!! In the same way Leann calls herself a WIFE AND BONUS MOM!! Don’t be obtuse. Repeatedly posting photographs of children who aren’t yours is inappropriate. I don’t post photos of my nieces and nephews without asking. I don’t post photos of students without permission. You’re supposed to respect the parent. Eddie is posting all these pictures, Leann is. And HER BONUS SON!! doesn’t look too thrilled. See the closet picture for exhibit A.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        **excuse the typo- meant Eddie isn’t posting the pictures. Is she doing it with his permission? Probably. It doesn’t make it right; Eddie is no PARAGON OF VIRTUE!! It speaks of ownership.

      • briargal says:

        Ow! Did we hit a nerve? How do you know Brandi told them not to feed them red meat? Or not to take the boys to the mall? MAYBE you are LR! Ow! No wonder you are upset with all the negative comments! LOL!

      • Megan says:

        @ A its a big deal because THEIR MOTHER asked her not too.

        Let me ask if it was your child and you asked a step parent to not post pictures and they ignored it how would you feel?

        Also feeding a child the same food as their parent is not the same thing. Now if a parent is against their child eating a certain food and a step parent doesn’t follow those dietary restrictions then I feel that is wrong too. Parents decide what is in the best interest of their children.

        Also in terms of this group of losers, you pointed out that blogs don’t post Brandi’s pictures but they do LeAnne’s and they do this because of LeAnne’s behavior. So while many people aren’t on twitter or don’t follow these three people the fact that they make the blogs exposes those kids to even more people.

        A parent made a request and any person that truly loves a child would respect that parent’s request.

      • a says:

        @ Jennifer12,
        If someone repeatedly asked their relative to post pictures of his / her kids and the relative always said yes and eventually said something like, “I don’t have a problem with you posting pictures and you don’t need to keep calling me for permission,” then that person will stop getting permission. Something along these lines probably happened between Eddie and LeAnn.

        @ briargal,
        Those were hypotheticals.

        When did Brandi ask LeAnn not to?

        I agree with you about the dietary restrictions comment, and if Brandi was not calling the paps or posting photos of Mason and Jake on Twitter and asked LeAnn to do likewise and LeAnn refused that would be a different matter.

        If I was a parent who had to deal with a step-parent that I was not on good terms with, I would pick and choose my battles and I don’t see the wisdom in requesting that the step-parent not do something that I was doing myself.

      • Cam S says:

        Frankly I don’t like it when people posts pictures of my DOG on Facebook. I can’t imagine if someone other than myself or my spouse were posting photos of my KIDS

      • Jennifer12 says:

        a, I understand what you’re saying. Eddie obviously gives permission, tacit or otherwise. However, Leann is off the chain with her nonstop tweeting. It IS nonstop. She posted 6 or 7 photos of the boys within minutes of each other. She tweets their pictures and videos nonstop because she doesn’t have much else to say and she wants to play mommy and hurt Brandi. That Eddie condones it is sickening. If she backed off and acted in a respectful manner, all this would die down, but it’s really not what she wants. She knows the pain she causes by continuing this behavior; she and Eddie went to court to keep the boys off the periphery of a show, but she can follow them INTO A CLOSET and post pictures? She likes saying things like how the boys sing the songs off “Borrowed” and how they call her Mom and she likes when people refer to the kids as hers and Eddie’s. She had a huge hand in breaking up a family, ended up getting to have those kids half the time, and instead of being kind and respectful, she gleefully posts anything she can to make the point that she “won”. She consistently posts photos of her, Eddie and the boys saying things like “Happy Holidays from the Cibrians” (which she uses an apostrophe in) and “Happy _______ From Our Family to Yours”. It’s cruel and disrespectful.

      • Joanna says:

        I agree with A. If brandi doesn’t have a problem with posting her kids pics on twitter, why can’t Leann? hypocritical of brandi to say respect kids privacy when she posts their pics online. mom or not, the kids’ privacy isn’t being respected. so if mom wants kids’s privacy protected, how can she post pics? that’s not respecting their privacy. if she’s so worried about their privacy, she wouldn’t post their pics. so it’s not their privacy she’s worried about, she just wants to be petty and say stop leann, when she’s doing the same thing.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Oh, my lord. Because Brandi is the parent, that’s why. All you have to do is go to her twitter and see she doesn’t post many photos of the boys, but Leann is not their mother and doesn’t have the right to continually post their pictures. She also has the right to grab their dad’s penis in front of them and she did. She has the right to strip off and make out with a girlfriend in front of them and she did. Does it make it right? How do you compare parental rights with the right of a stepparent? My siblings and I do not post photos of one another’s kid without asking, and we are blood related. Leann is their dad’s wife. It’s not love to act like their mother. It’s not love to post their pictures and videos daily; it’s downright weird to wear them on necklaces, put their photos on your phone and iCase and have your mother (Leann’s mom) paint murals of them on her wall. It speaks of someone who sees her role in life as parent. Any stepparent understands their role is to support the parents and child and let them co-parent while remaining in the background. I do not comprehend how you can see photos of Mason HIDING and think he is okay with having his picture taken. I don’t understand how you equate Brandi with their stepmother. Forget Leann vs. Brandi- it’s common sense. Leann’s role should be more like an aunt, but her need to feel important trumps decency.

    • Jayna says:

      Megan, Eddie is okay with it. He condones it, poses for the photos with kids to go on her twitter, gets paid with Leann for set-up pap photos of them in airports, movies. None of this would continue but not for the father, Eddie.

      • Megan says:

        I get that Eddie is fine with it but Brandi is not, which means it shouldn’t be done. His condoning it shows how little his children matter to him. If you love your children you respect their parents. For the record I would feel the same if Brandi was married to a twitter addict that posted non stop pictures of his “bonus boys” and Eddie didn’t like it.

        If a parent doesn’t want them up then it shouldn’t be done. Brandi doesn’t want LeAnne to post pictures so that is the end of it those pictures should not go up and vice versa.

        It is called respecting the parents wishes. Kids on social media is a big issue for me (in general not with this d list drama), I think it is is wrong and extremely dangerous, however, I also respect that parents don’t necessarily agree with me and its up to them. But if one parent is against then all people around that child should respect it and follow that wish.

        I would hate it if I had a kid and an ex husband and they posted pictures of my child when I am against it, and I wouldn’t post pictures of a step child if their mother was against it. Its wrong and a violation of the child’s privacy and parental rights.

        Like I said this is a major issue of me, and is about the kids, and the actual kids not the ridiculous childish d listers.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        +1. As difficult as it may be for some to stomach, Eddie has as much right as Brandi to post his kids pictures with his new wife. And if she is posting them it is implicit that she is doing it with his approval.

      • claire says:

        Eddie is the one who makes a big deal about his kids not getting exposure. Those sentiments from him are even in the divorce deposition.

        The reality is: Eddie doesn’t care about their exposure. Eddie just wants to control and twist the knife in Brandi.

        Leann, however, is his sugar mama, so she can do whatever she wants, per him.

        Eddie doesn’t care. Leann and Eddie share this for sure: they both want to hurt Brandi and disregard her as a parent.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      @Megan, ITA. The sad thing about the closet photo is that it feels so violating to me. This child is old enough that she shouldn’t be posting pictures of him without his permission. Especially not a photo like that, where he is clearly trying to have some private time.

  20. Relli says:

    That shirt Crud has on looks like it came from LeAnn’s closet.

  21. Jennifer12 says:

    I **knew** she could not keep resisting her desire to tweet photos and videos of the boys. She listens to her team just so long and then she can’t take it anymore.

    • littlestar says:

      I’ll confess, I’ve been checking out her Twitter the past week. Around the end of June there was a huge drop in the number of daily Tweets she’d put out there. I found it interesting – everyone on here has been saying her handlers must have put a kibosh on her Tweeting. Then I checked again last night, and Leann is back at her constant Tweeting. Which means something is going on in her private life right now (it seems every time she has some kind of drama going on, she overcompensates by Tweeting like crazy). Why would anyone want to Tweet 30+ times a day? “Tweehab” really didn’t work for her………

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        Actually that sounds like a hallmark of someone not being treated for bipolar disorder.

      • littlestar says:

        BooBoo, it really does, doesn’t it?!

      • BeachBelle says:

        LeAnn was on a house boat on Lake Powell the last of June and even tweeted she didn’t have phone excess for five days. However, what she didn’t tell was she had another twitter account she was tweeting on the whole time. After she was outed on this board, she deleted it about two or three hours later. I read every post. It was her. I am one hundred percent sure. Same phrases, words, tone. Other people also read her tweets from this account and said it was her, too. She was even tweeting to herself. She is such a dumb liar.

      • briargal says:

        Do you really believe she did go to tweehab? Obviously she did not!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I would 100% believe that Leann has other twitter accounts that she uses because she has before and the phone line was traced to her. I think that’s how she listens (cough) to her team- she doesn’t tweet anything directly, but then she’s cut off from tweeting about the boys or Eddie and she can’t take it.

      • Hakura says:

        @BeachBelle – Re: Making new ‘secret’ Twitter account so she could Tweet when she specifically wasn’t supposed to even have access.

        Wow. I’ve heard (& seen) tons of examples of people developing major Twitter (or other social media) posting addictions (There was a vid up somewhere of a bride actually tweeting while walking to the altar)

        … But Leann has a serious problem. Sounds totally OCD…

      • Lady D says:

        “a bride actually tweeting while walking to the altar”
        It actually took a couple of minutes to get my jaw off the floor. What is that English expression… gobsmacked? Absolutely gobsmacked.

      • Hakura says:

        @Lady D – I know! ‘Gobsmacked’ is a perfect word for my reaction. My *very* 1st thought upon seeing it?

        “…This is definitely an intentional joke aimed at social media obsession, right? It *has* to be. It probably isn’t even a *real* wedding, just some parody for youtube or for some show or something (One of those that focus on getting reactions, so after you’ve been shocked, they can say GOTCHA!).

        NO bride would walk arm & arm down the aisle towards her waiting almost-husband standing at the altar, who is looking at nothing but her. Who is there, for the sole purpose of telling her that he loves *her*, & wants to spend the rest of his life with her, & he wants the WORLD to know it.

        Sadly, my saying that ‘NO’ bride would really do such a heinous, awful thing… resulted in my standing shockingly corrected. One of those situations that just… there are really no *words* for it.

  22. rosecolouredglasses says:

    She is what all bio-moms fear… a clingy, needy, self absorbs, self centered woman who married a man with kids who she is now claiming as her own. I’m thoroughly surprised she hasn’t had phantom labor pains yet.

    I’m a stepmom but am disgusted by MeAnn… I would hate to ever be compared to this piece of work!

    • Hakura says:

      @rosecolouredglasses – “ I’m thoroughly surprised she hasn’t had phantom labor pains yet.

      Lol! Well, she’s obviously experiencing the ‘wild hormone fluctuations’ that can make some pregnant women crazy. But she’s had those for years xD

  23. Mimi says:

    Leann has to know the reality of the situation she’s created. When she looks in the mirror she has to know she doesn’t compare to Brandi in the least. When she opens her mouth, she has to know she doesn’t have a quarter of Brandi’s charm, wit or intelligence. She has o know no matter what she does to try portray it, those boys are there because they love their father but no doubt would rather be w their mother. Judging by her incessant tweeting,constant bashing of Brandi and the swf-ing, I suspect she knows very well that if it weren’t for her money Eddie and the boys wouldn’t be there at all

  24. betty says:

    Leann probably does not like Mason because he probably has already had words with her. He will wind up asking to live with his mother full time when he gets fed up with Leann antics, if he hasn’t already. His body language says it all. He will start losing respect for Eddie if he doesn’t step up by allowing their insecure step mom to keep having her way with them. Kids don’t forget how they are treated and what Eddie keeps allowing Leann to do. Kids at that age like privacy. Leann is a prime example of a woman needing maturity .Mentally she hasn’t evolved past her teen years.

    • emmie_a says:

      I agree Betty. This is far-fetched but maybe subconsciously she doesn’t like the older boy because he looks like Brandi. The younger one looks like Eddie and she’s always doting on him.

      • Hakura says:

        I think, due to the differences in the boy’s personalities, she has an easier time manipulating Jake. It could simply be that he has a more ‘laid back’ personality.

        But being younger, (& not being aware of a lot of things that Mason surely is old enough to understand), he may be more easily ‘won over’ (bribed…) by material ‘rewards’ or promises to go places.

  25. Mae says:

    Because of her continuing to purposefully hurt others meaning the mother of Eddie’s children her karma continues to get worse and worse and she doesn’t even connect the dots. Narsasistic. spelling? Look it up she’s right there first person.

  26. UsedToBeLulu says:

    My little girl hasn’t warmed up to her stepdad either, and he treats her like gold. She’s pretty standoffish with her stepmom too. Some kids are just like that – they remain very loyal to their parents and see getting close to their steps as disloyal. We understand that, and don’t push her.

    It goes without saying (however) that LeAnn is vile, vile, vile. Poor Mason.

    • Bbb1975 says:

      This is what rubs me the wrong way with Leann, it all seems soooo forced. Blended families take time and patience, my daughter took a long time to warm up to her step-dad, but we let her set the tone. 15 years later they have a great relationship, but it was never forced on her.
      With Leann it’s seems like she’s trying to portray a perfect family….LOOK!!!!!! They love me too!! Everybody smile, we have the MOST FUN! See how super happy we are? We’re sooooo freakin happy!!!!

  27. claire says:

    I really don’t get why people condone her behavior or not see anything wrong with it. It doesn’t seem that hard to understand. You’ve got a mom who has made a request and Leann couldn’t care less, but then wants us all to believe that she always takes the high road, is such a great parent/co-parent, works so hard to make it right with Brandi but Brandi is just a crazy bitch.

    All I see in Leann is a mean, narcissistic, entitled person. Brandi’s kids are her life. Seeing them only 50% of the time is not what any mom imagines or wants. Then you’ve got a wound kept open because of the horrible treatment she got from Leann, Eddie, her employees, her friend-fans, for all those years. And then still, the constant disrespect of her wishes, her rights as a parent. You’ve got this nutjob who prevents coparenting, and has told everyone on Twitter and in interviews that Brandi is nothing to respect, and it’s Leann’s family, so she’ll do whatever she wants.

    So then you’ve got this simple request by Brandi. You’d think the least she could do is honor the mom’s wishes and stop posting photos of her kids on holidays she is without them, going on and on about “her family.” It’s a simple request Brandi has made multiple times and certainly has made clear the reasons why it hurts her. And before anyone says, well Brandi shouldn’t look at Twitter. Um, those photos don’t stay on Twitter, example: this site.

    But no, that’s not in Leann’s favor, so no-go. It’s more important to her to push the happy family agenda: see? the affair was worth it to bring me into these kids’ lives because I’m the better parent, they’re so happy with me, with us on the bus is “their happiest place on earth.” She can’t just say they have fun on the bus, they like it. No, it’s their happiest place on earth. It’s all about convincing herself and her fans that this was meant to be. Heck, just because Brandi doesn’t sit on Twitter all day but actually spend time with the kids when she has them, Leann has some fans convinced Brandi only has limited visitation and she and Eddie have full-custody. Which I’m sure fills Leann with endless glee.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      If I were on twitter, I’d cut and paste this to Leann’s page. She and Eddie are empty souls and evil beings.

    • Chell says:

      Excellent post! Agree with everything you said!

    • Karma says:

      I completely agree.

      And frankly, it was LeAnn’s constant claims that Brandi was the aggressor on twitter that inspired me to finally research and watch their twitter feeds. LeAnn’s constant media slams/comments are inviting more people to check out her train wreck and find out the truth. It’s how I found Celebitchy and discovered how utterly false LeAnn’s claims were.

      And to be blunt, LeAnn attacking any mother is a bad demographic to bully. Everyone has a mother and would protect them at all costs. But she expects those same people to stand by while she attacks two mothers, Brandi and the Smileys. She will destroy their (Eddie’s too) careers, completely, keeping this up.

      LeAnn’s ‘haters’ are actually giving her the best advice of all and she is too invested in hurting Brandi to realize it.

      Anyway, here is “it’s their happiest place on earth” twitter thread. Never missing a chance to be cruel.


    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      1. Mom had every right to make her request known, and she did.

      2. They have every right not to honor that request, because Eddie is their father and has as much right to post their photos as Brandi does.

      Eddie should be receiving the blame here, not LeAnn. HE is the responsible parent of the two.

      • LAK says:

        Perhaps Brandi should ignore Eddie’s request [or was it a court order] not to have the children in the background of her show.

        Likewise, if it was a court order, she should go to court to stop these twitter pics and paid website pics of the children.

        The situation is so contentious between the adults that it feels like legislation is the only way to make ‘requests’ stick.

      • claire says:

        Sure. If Eddie condones it, I guess she has the right.

        But then DON’T give interview after interview, and post tweet after tweet, calling the mom an asshole and telling everyone you’re the victim and you work SO HARD to get along with the mother.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        @LAK, I agree with you. Neither Eddie or LeAnne is capable of meeting Brandi half-way. It is their way or the highway.

  28. Kelley says:

    She needs to put her damn phone down and just enjoy family time. We seriously don’t care that you “have the kids” for the holiday. Its like she’s trying to shove it all into this tiny bit of time. I share custody with my ex and I have learned that if I’m constantly trying to tweet and Facebook and Instagram our lives it sucks the joy out of the time we’re spending together. She’s always been fucking annoying, though. This is just another brick in the wall of LeAnn Bullshit Rimes.

    Also, is Eddie wearing her super feminine star v-neck tee??? OMG. No.

    • Sugar says:

      yup I’d only she could because we know she would not be able to set it down. she seems to be even more determined with the it her life she has as much right to say what like anybody else blah blah blah BS. she’s in a constant manic state except for that tweet where she slept for like 14 hours she even had to share that never happens. um yeah her twit TL reveals that-in- f#%•ing-sufferable=LR

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      If she was such a good stepmom, you would see maybe one or two tweets from her when she has the boys, like we do with Brandi. She shouldn’t be replying to fans all day long if she is such a good stepmom. I would bet a zillion dollars that if we ever saw LeAnn & Eddie in person somewhere together, they would be that type of couple who has their noses in their IPhones all dinner long, ignoring each other and ignoring the children.

      • a says:

        What I have seen is that Brandi tweets a lot more about Mason and Jake than LeAnn and that Brandi also posts slightly more picture tweets than LeAnn. Both Brandi and LeAnn tweet a lot, LeAnn is off the charts with her tweeting, but I don’t think that either of their timelines are overrun with tweets about Mason and Jake

      • briargal says:

        @ a–You just don’t get that Brandi is THEIR MOTHER! That gives her special rights over a bogus mom! Read some of the comments earlier in the thread and a lot of people recognize her (Brandi)right to being able to tweet about HER boys!

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        A: My point wasn’t tweets “about” the boys, it’s tweeting when either of them are “with” the boys. LeAnn tries to paint herself as the perfect doting stepmonster, but the fact is, Brandi is often MIA on twitter when she has her sons (with the exception of a tweet here & there about what she & the kids are doing together) whereas LeAnn is on Twitter constantly chatting with fans about Unicorns and shyte when she is supposed to be taking care of the boys. Perfect bonus mom my ass. She cares more about “presenting” her fake facade than actually living the real life & most likely always has her nose in her IPhone as we see her clutching it for dear life (like she does Eddie) in all her staged paparazzi shots.

      • claire says:

        Her fans are too stupid to see that though. Since Brandi isn’t posting pics nonstop or tweeting nonstop when she has the boys, their conclusion is Leann and Eddie always have the boys, she’s the better mother, and the boys must not be with their mom much. There is not an abundance of critical thinking skills with those people.

        It’s ridiculous that Brandi even has to correct people that they have 50/50.

  29. Rita says:

    In the top picture, isn’t Eddie wearing the blouse LeAnn was wearing about a month ago? Stars on a blue background?

    Anyway, it looks to me that Mason wants to be with his dad but tries to avoid LeAnn. In the top picture, he almost seems to be clinging to Eddie while LeAnn is reaching for him from the back side.

    Judging by the huge number of empty seats at her last two concerts, I’m surprised she can even afford a tour bus. She must work incredibly cheap.

  30. BeachBelle says:

    No one likes people walking around with a camera phone trying to take unannounced pictures of them. Mason in the closet says it all. He does not want her to make his picture. This is why we seldom see pictures of him made by LeAnn. You can bet he runs aways, hides his face, or flat says no to her. Poor Mason.

    If anyone doesn’t think she uses those kids for attention for herself, you just aren’t paying attention. Of course she does all the time. This is just the same old LeAnn, and the same one so many people find offensive. Any rational person would have taken their new album’s complete epic failure as a sign and immediately made some changes in their life. Not this crazy woman. Continuing to post pictures of the children for attention and especially when their Mother has asked her not to tells me she hates Brandi more than she loves the children or her career.

    • claire says:

      She lives in a constant state of delusion. No self-awareness, or heck, even memory of what she does and says.

      Did you see the other day she was talking about how she doesn’t often have moments of feeling proud of herself so she just had to share this one time that she did?

      This woman pats herself on the back and talks about how proud she is of herself on a weekly basis. It’s one of her favorite words up there with honesty, my truth, human.

      How is someone this disconnected from reality?

      I’m sure her and her enablers have come up with reasons to explain away her album flop that don’t at all include her behaviors, her PR issues.

    • Jayna says:

      So does Eddie. LeAnn just does his dirty work. He’s too clueless to be the smarter of the two and see it doesn’t help.

      • Relli says:

        YES, finally someone sees it the way I do, Crud is the aggressor in all of this and every time I see his stupid face grinning face I want to punch him in the dimples for it.

        But in my opinion LeAnn is too blinded by their “love” and not sophisticated enough to understand the role she plays in the third act of Brandi & Eddie’s marriage. I also have no doubt that their marriage will last the test of time because above all Crud does not like be accountable for himself or be the bad guy. In a lot of ways he makes a great soap opera villain because he really is one.

        I once read this book where one of the characters was a washed up soap opera actor who never quite made it but always believed he was a bigger deal in his own mind. Whenever the author shifted to his narration in the story the character was shown going about life as though he was acting in a script; turn and smile towards camera 1, look into her eyes full of love and hope, downcast eyes and look up and wistfully into the distance. It was an obvious attempt to show how narcissistic the character was but every time I see Crud that is what I see and hear in my head. “Turn and smile, now really give it Ed, show those stars on your shirt who shines the brightest!”

      • Hakura says:

        @Relli – Oh God, now that’s the only way I’m going to be able to see him from now on… LOL xD It really is fitting, so much so that I can actually envision it.

  31. qtpi says:

    So who pays for the extravagant tour bus?Surely not Curb?

  32. TheTruthHurts says:

    If she wasn’t so anxious to always tweet a photo of the boys to get a “neener, neener, I can do what I want” in at her haters and Brandi, she would’ve seen that Mason looks incredibly sad in that closet photo and what appear to be his true feelings about LeAnn, disgust, come through in his eyes. Those children are beautiful, thank God for their mom.

  33. My_Truth says:

    It’s was the 4th of July & the kids are forced to be on a damn tour bus with PsychoBonus because she is too insecure to do her “job” without keeping her bonus squints on her “property” DoucheDad who is too obssessed about the scent, touch & smell of her money to tell her no & let HIS kids properly celebrate the holiday like most kids around the country.

  34. SuperStef says:

    I’ll bet that the older boy has already read some of mom’s book or searched online. Chances are, kids in his school know and may have teased him about it. I read Brandi’s book and her story is heartbreaking – her pain was very real. If I were her kid reading that, I would HATE both my dad and LR for being so cruel and heartless. LeeAnne has had zero compassion for Brandi and no sense of boundaries or respect for her role. You’d think with her trying to copy and SWF the woman she would show a little compassion.

    LeeAnne gives all of us Stepmom’s a bad name. I’ve got 2 teenage stepkids fulltime (they see their mom maybe 1x a month)and even though I am their main female caregiver, I would NEVER try and take their mother’s place, bash her, or post pics about them online. Even though their mom isn’t really involved, I still know my place as a Stepmom.

    LeeAnne Rimes has minimal tact, very little class, and absolutely no shame.

    • Hakura says:

      @SuperStef – You sound the perfect definition of what it means to be a great ‘StepMom’. Those kids (& especially their mother) are very fortunate to have you. =)

      If I were her kid reading that, I would HATE both my dad and LR for being so cruel and heartless.

      I never even considered that 1 of the boys would read their Mother’s book… I feel a bit torn about that, only because of the pain it would no doubt cause them (& force them to re-live)…& they’ve been through enough already.

      Plus, w/how F-ed up their relationship with their Father already is, reading the book would surely demolish what’s left of it (& making them see him from a very ‘adult’ perspective, that’s even difficult for adults to see their parents in), which (even though he’s a complete douche & NOT anywhere near a good role model) wouldn’t be the best thing for them in the long run.

      • SuperStef says:

        Wow, thanks Hakura. I really do my best to be a good Stepmom, although it’s hard sometimes. I’ve often felt petty jealousy bubble up(they love their mom way more than they could ever love me)but I remind myself my feelings are natural and I recognize that anything negative about their mom just hurts them. I also realize that I need their mom on my side so they know its OK to accept me. As a result, I’ve worked hard to connect and empathize with their mom. I even say nice things about her all the time, even though I soemtimes have to lie. I do it for them, and to preserve and encourage their relationship with her (she abandoned them a few years ago at age 12 and 14). I love those kids like my own, but recognize the limitations of my role.

        I honestly think the older kid either has or will read mom’s book. Even if he doesn’t read the book, he can read excerpts online. Surely these kids have access to Google…They know that the paps are there and they must be curious about their famous Stepmom. It’s just a metter of time.

  35. Leslie says:

    Does she ever just have fun and not feel the need to document it in a picture? When you are having fun, enjoying a get together, you don’t constantly take pictures. Maybe a few group pictures, then you have fun and forget about having to prove to the world you’re having fun.

    I think if LeAnn were to delete her “it’s-all-about-me-the-bonus-mom” Twitter, she’d have more time to enjoy life.

    • claire says:

      But if she didn’t post a picture of the boys all the time, she wouldn’t get the tweets from her inbred fans telling her “you’re the best mom those boys have.”

      The more she hears stuff like that to feed her narcissism, the less she has to face reality.

    • Hakura says:

      She acts as though, (if she doesn’t obsessively & completely document an event/occasion…Be able to provide irrefutable proof of it…) Then it has no value to her, & may has well have never happened at all.

      ALL these things involving the kids are being done purely for herself, for whatever she can get out of it for herself. If she can’t refer to it w/PROOF… Then it was a complete waste of her time & ‘effort’.

      (& of course w/o pics, she wouldn’t have fodder to push Brandi’s buttons at every given opportunity.)

  36. Cam S says:

    Didn’t this trick tweet that being on the tour bus was “the most happiest place on earth” for the boys? Wow, just wow. Sorry, but we all know her passive aggressive games. Pathetic jab at the first wife imo

  37. bettyrose says:

    This isn’t in response to any one comment, but just a point that’s brought up a lot on these threads: I think the reason people are more critical of LeAnn than Eddie is because it seems that Eddie is getting his just reward being married to someone with the time/money/motivation to cock-block him at every turn. Moreover, he must find these heavily staged media binges – which only make him look like a spineless jellyfish of a kept man – humiliating.

    • Christin says:

      Wonder if he still gets to have the free time (buddy vacations, etc.) that Brandi described? Or is he under thumb to the point he cannot do that anymore? It’s questionable that he would throw in the towel (assuming he’s unhappy) because it would prove his ex-wife right and he may be too proud for that.

      • Hakura says:

        @Christin – I’m curious to know if he’s been away from her at all since they got married… It’s obvious she brought him on tour w/her because she knew better than the trust him while she was away. This makes me think maybe she’s dragged him along everywhere she’s traveled, since he can’t be trusted alone.

        If I thought I could stand skimming through that delusional, nonsensical, sugar & candy covered house of cards full of sunshine & fairy dust that is her Twitter, I’d go through it to see if he’s w/her everywhere since then.

        Sadly, it’s not worth the diabetes & requirement of traipsing through waist-high fields of bullshit.

        That ‘ring’ would be much better suited as a gold collar. It’d certainly be what he deserves.

      • Christin says:

        I think he gets a semi-escape when he is working. He was in Toronto earlier this year and (based on photos from the time) she seemed to be visiting him and traveling to concerts with her assistant. In an interview last month, he claimed he wants projects in LA only (he didn’t mention just being in Toronto). When asked about the alleged reality show, he seemed to snap into script (same words, phrases she used in interviews to describe the what / why).

        If he is the freedom loving, man-child his ex described, then will he put up with a leash for the money and perks (e.g., cheese platters and basement bowling)?

        If either are unhappy, I don’t think they’ll easily admit defeat. It’s like a couple of stubborn, willful teens that don’t want to hear the “I told you so” chorus.

      • Lady D says:

        I’ll bet Ediot had all kinds of buddy-time right up until Brandi’s book came out. All the excuses Brandi heard from the douche, Falkor also got to hear. I wish I could have seen her face while she was reading Brandi’s book. Now that would have been a good vine video.

  38. Sonia says:

    I bet the older boy is old enough to choose to not go with dad and Mrs. Ed, but he will continue to go so he can protect his younger brother :(

  39. Mirna says:

    For having so much money, she always looks so “trailer.”

  40. Joy says:

    It just seems like instead of being natural fun pix they’re just “hey let me shove my bonus kids down your throat”. And for somebody who didn’t even want their kids in the background of a reality show Eddie is super ok with this it seems.

  41. lisa says:

    in the top pic, she looks like she is at an alpha gam kegger, not with two children

  42. Jane says:

    I totally believe the Leann loves making the older boy suffer. She could care less about his well-being. I have serious “choice” words for her, but I’ve already been reprimanded for calling her things in the past and don’t need a wrist slap again-or to be banned.

    • Hakura says:

      @Jane – I wouldn’t worry too much about that, really… 98-99% of commenters here are totally on-board w/your opinions in this case. (Heh, I’m sure if you just stuck some symbols *%$&# in your ‘choice’ words, you wouldn’t be banned for it).

      If someone slaps your wrist? Ignore them or slap em’back. You’re completely entitled to your opinion, whether it lines up w/theirs or not.

      • Jane says:

        Thanks. However if you make comments here that questionable, when you log back in the next time around you are sent to a page basically listing expectations of how to behave on this site, hence the “wrist slap” comment I made.

      • Hakura says:

        Aaah, I didn’t know about that. Although I’ve had my fair share of super-bad-mood-nothing-going-right-bitch-o-rama days a few times here, I guess I just didn’t *quite* meet the warning requirements.

        I’m actually surprised, as I thought CB was different by actually wanting everyone to express their opinions, no matter how negative. (short of threatening to hurt someone, of course, or targeting another member viciously).

  43. skeptic says:

    There’s not many people I dislike more than this fame whor… in fact, there’s no one.

  44. lindy loo says:

    Ah, that’s so sweet of Meann to tweet pictures of the “family.”
    She’s never done that before. Guess that’s why Ediot loves her so much; she’s so private about their lives together.

  45. Jayna says:

    Wow. “It’s their happiest place on earth.”. A tweet she made when someone asked her if the boys are having fun on the bus. I can’t be bothered with Le-Le anymore. What sane stepmother tweets such a rude and overly dramatic, passive-aggressive tweet. Disgusting. You wonder why you rub people the wrong way.

    Sorry, LeAnn. I bought and played your album a few times, but your idiocy is causing me to delete current album. I won’t give up my five favorite songs of yours from your early/mid twenties,though. I visualize a different LeAnn on those songs anyway.

    And btw, mentionng in interviews you in a bikini all the time as a tease for a reality show isn’t drumming up any interest. You think everyone wants to see you on tv in a bikini all day. No one is interested, thus no offers.

  46. Ming says:

    these pics are the best i’ve seen of leann’s facial/teeth transformation.

    rather shocking.

    • bettyrose says:

      Wow, sad. I mean, I guess this is normal in celeb-world, and there was probably a lot of pressure on her to do this, not just her own self-image issues, but the “before” pics actually made me feel for her. She seems like a sweet, normal girl in those pictures.

      Like, if she walked away from this whole situation, disappeared for awhile to work on her music, and reemerged in a year or so, living in Nashville and dating a more wholesome guy, she could get her fan base back.

    • Gina says:

      OMG I did not realize until checking that page how much she has been morphed by the surgical *and dental* knife.

  47. Scarlett says:

    She obviously does this to drive a stake through Brandi’s heart. Can’t this famewhore, let this rest for five minutes and stop using the kids as a pawn and a means to famewhore on Twitter while simultaneously trying to get under Brandi’s skin. Brandi stay strong. You are the boys’ mom. No one can ever take your place as their mom and no one will love them like you as their mother. I have a son about Jake’s age and I went through a messy divorce. My husband is remarried and I can relate to Brandi’s situation although, my ex’s wife is no where near as insufferable as Leann. My son has watched me cry and is very compassionate. I think Jake is at that age. Someone once told me when I was pregnant with my son that little boys “love their mamas” and hold them dear and tend to me be very loyal. At least that has been my experience.

  48. skeptical says:

    ok.. I was once in a position like Mason’s.. the older child in a horrific divorce and post-divorce situation.
    i watched daddie dearest and his lawyer rip my mother apart, and reduce her to poverty. She was eligible for food stamps because of him.
    He later married his lawyer. and paternal grandpa was so stupid as to pay for stepmomie dearest’s law school before the divorce even occurred.

    The only reason i have any contact at all with those 2 is because i have innocent half-siblings who were born long after the fact. Though the half-siblings benefit from daddie’s wealth (from stepmom being a lawyer with no student loans) the half-sibs are still innocent.
    If dad’s second marriage had not made any kids.. i would have happily forgotten the both of them even existed.

    Ediot is digging his own grave. And LeAnn has no right to make money off those kids. Remember she posts their pics on her PAID site.. which means she’s selling them as part of her site’s content!

  49. sunny says:

    I think she and Eddie are really happy together, but didn’t she tweet or otherwise brag about how much the boys enjoyed the hook to the song “Borrowed”? And isn’t that song about how she was banging their mother’s husband? Unless they hate their mother, there is no way that they won’t eventually grow to despise this woman and the effect that she has had on their parents relationship, their mothers happiness and their childhoods. Children have a way of functioning “normally” while suffering internally. There is no way they are not affected by the affair/divorce/remarriage, no matter how many super awesome vacays they get to go on. Will be interesting in about 3-5 years when they get to their teen years.

  50. Leslie says:

    I do feel sad for LeAnn. She’s not the brightest pea in the pod. Her14-yr-old-girl way of thinking only allows her to behave like a high school mean girl. That’s all she knows.

  51. Vanessa says:

    Leann is a insecure woman who constantly needs to prove to the world and her four remaing fans that she and Eddie are happy together and that they have a perfect life . Leann is in no way a good step mom Leann is what most woman fear she is a needy desperate clingy woman with no boundaries what so ever . It’s not about the kids with Leann it’s about her the boys are just her props to be use to further push her image as the best wife and stepmom . If Leann truly care about them she would realize that mason doesn’t like his picture taken and that he at age where he needs spaces . Eddie is a poor excuse for man and father the boys will realize that soon enough Eddie sold out their childhood for free trips and boozes . Leann has nothing left going for her but twitter that why she tweets so much her album fully of her truth bomb so badly its sad Leann career once had promise she blow it over a guy with dimples .

  52. Dirty Martini says:

    Children are not possessions folks, BOTH women use these children to advance their personal egos. BG doesn’t have any more right to do so because she birthed them– for god’s sake, as a mother, I hold her to the higher standard where the kids are concerned, not a lesser one. Which of these women will have the longest term psychological impact on their lives? BG of course. And while I believe she loves them, I believe she loves fame whoredom just about as much and she is as blind as LAR as to how inappropriate her actions are in using these kids. I’m disgusted with this BG vs LAR crap. Between the, and half the social media I see. Neither one of these fame whores are better or worse than the other, Just equally disgusting for different reasons

    • ncmagnolia says:

      @ DirtyMartini-

      Thanks for your psychological breakdown of Brandi as a mom. I’m sure HorseAnn appreciates it.

      What in the world would make you think that Brandi uses “these children to advance (her) personal ego”? When has Brandi consistently plastered Jake & Mason’s pictures all over twitter, vine, etc., for her own gain? Pretty much 100% of the time, she keeps the boys out of the limelight. It is “bonus mom” who invades the boy’s privacy, makes them public figures against their will and Brandi’s wishes.

      I agree with you, throw shade at Bonus B8tch all you want for fame wh0ring the Glanville-Cibrian boys. But please, leave their REAL mother out of your judgements.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        She who twitters in distress over not being able to reach the kids for a whole hour when they are with their dad??? Rofl. Who wanted them plastered all over RHOBH and had to be stopped ?? Puh-leez, Yes she uses them.

        And she isnt exactly about protecting them either. . Who doesn’t recognize how much crap they’ll get over mommy’s advertised rejuvenated VJ, one night stand with Gerald butler, etc? Yeah, way to keep it classy BG, just what boys want to know about mommy on the schoolyard. @__@

        I’ll leave the real mommy in my judgment as I choose, no reason to,leave her out, she put all the dirty laundry out there, and yes……those boys are more affected by what she does than LAR ever does. Really naive to ignore that fact.

      • claire says:

        Dirty Martini: the surgery never would have been known about if Leann hadn’t given that info to her fans who then used it for years to publicly taunt Brandi. The info was already out there, because of them.

        Now you’re mad at them, right? Because you’re so worried about the kids, you’re mad at the ones who actually made it public and hurt the kids, right? :)

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Um, what on earth is Brandi doing to her kids? She doesn’t post photos or videos of them very often and she rarely responds to the jibes sent her way by their stepmother. She’s on a reality show and does photo shoots- she is/was a model. She birthed them and that sure as hell gives her rights that a stepparent doesn’t have. She doesn’t pap them out and use the pictures for money and she doesn’t post their photos on a paid for website, and she actually would have the right to. She’s actually shown a lot of restraint and courtesy that her ex and his current wife do not ever show her.

    • Scarlett says:

      I disagree with much of what you are saying. First or all, do you have children? I’m not a Brandi fan or apologist, but as a single mother of a young boy, I can totally emphasize with her. I do not see her plastering her children’s pictures all over Twitter. Leann exploits the boys ALL the time. I also feel like when Brandi takes to Twitter to express anger it’s out of frustration..case-in-point when she was not able to talk to her children when they were with Rimes and Cibrian. As their mother, she has EVERY right to speak with her children whenever she wants. If my ex or his wife ever tried to prevent me from speaking with my son, I would completely throw down. Leann is an insecure and troubled woman and I think she has a personality disorder. I’m being kind here.

      • claire says:

        She stated they weren’t letting her get her phone call and only would respond to Twitter. Guess who answered the phone after it was on Twitter?

        Do what works when you got to check on your kid who has been left alone with a nutcase while the dad is out of town – which is in violation of their custody agreement.

      • a says:

        Unless it is court ordered, I don’t feel that Brandi should be restricted from talking to her kids but I don’t think that her rights violated because it took all of an hour to get her call returned / for them to pick up the phone.

        Regarding Brandi not posting pictures of the kids or having them papped as much as Leann, I have said numerous times that both Brandi and LeAnn do it and it looks like to me that Brandi does a little bit more but LeAnn’s tweets and photo ops get distributed far more.

        Case in point, the boys were with Eddie and LeAnn on July 4, WITHIN 48 HOURS of being back with Brandi tweeted about the boys, posted a picture on Twitter along and Brandi, Mason and Jake got papped once, and Jake and Brandi did another staged photo op, so Jake got papped TWICE WITHIN 48 HOURS!!!!!

  53. Vesper says:

    I’m not sure why LeAnn can’t post pics of her family on twitter like everyone else? It isn’t like she is the only “celebrity” to share pics of her stepsons. Brandi is being unreasonable, u don’t hear of anyone else freaking out because a stepmother is posting pics of her stepchildren. Besides, Brandi and Eddie have SHARED CUSTODY, which means Eddie doesn’t need Brandi’s permission during his time with HIS kids. He actually gets a say TOO. It seems people on this blog forget that.

    If LeAnn didn’t share pics of all of them together, people would complain about that as well. I remember one of her postings on Halloween – it was a pic of just Eddie and herself. People made comments about how self absorbed they were as a couple because it was Halloween and where were the boys? Halloween was for kids, why weren’t they celebrating with the boys? They had the boys for that particular day, WHERE were the boys?

    It is nice to see that LeAnn can actually celebrate without having an alcoholic drink in her hand. Brandi, of course, tweeted that she was partying and renting a room. What else does she ever do on her time off?

  54. Jane says:

    Leann is going to have a cow when she reads Brandi’s latest tweet:

    Its official! THANKU! Just found out DRINKING&TWEETING has sold over 200,000 copy’s combined Hard cover &Ebook I love you all. #RT

    Countdown to Leann trying to one-up her in 3,2…1….

    • ncmagnolia says:

      Cheers to Brandi! The success of her book is well earned. She took the wasteland that Leechann and Ediot made of her life and turned it into an opportunity to support herself and her boys.

      This speaks volumes to me. Drinking and Tweeting is a smashing success because Brandi is warm, honest and has risen from the ashes of her life. Sh*tfire totally tanked, not because Leechann lacks talent, but because she is such a petty, unlikable person.

      • Lady D says:

        Ya Brandi! I’m happy for her, and I totally cosign with your second paragraph, ncmagnolia. Both of these women have gotten exactly what they deserve.

      • Scarlett says:

        I agree. Good for Brandi, glad her book is a success. When Eddie left, she was left broke with a huge legal bill..something along the lines of $250K..mainly because of the back and forth between her and Eddie regarding the marital property. It’s not like Eddie is the caliber of Tiger Woods who can fork out a huge settlement. Leann Rimes has tried to rub salt in the wounds from day one. She’s a nutcase and Eddie deserves her. Brandi is doing what she can to make a living so she can take care of herself and her sons. People who are so judgmental need to walk in her shoes before being so critical.

      • Joanna says:

        Yes, cheers to brandi! the random hookups, drinking, and plastic surgery have paid off bigtime. she’s gone from cheated on wife who’s into threesomes to a hard-drinking, plastic surgery having famewhore. Leann and Brandi have more in common than they realize!tweeting,plastic surgery, posting pics of the kids, parading around with no clothes, drinking, the list goes on and one. how anyone can say one is better than the other is beyond me. they deserve each other. Oh and they both love drama and one-upping each other. Just leann is more passive-agressive and brandi’s more direct with it.

    • brin says:

      I just read that….perfection! Ilana nailed it again.

      • Jane says:

        I second that notion. It seems as if Leann’s freedom of speech is more important to her than others, therefore she will do anything to keep it that way. She is such a sick, sick woman. I too find her fascinating…like a perpetual car accident. You cannot help but look at the destruction. Leann’s life has been a car wreck ever since she met and wed Eddie. It just sucks that she has involved two boys whose lives are going to be f***ed up forever because of her. I could care less what destruction or evil comes to Leann and Eddie. It’s those boys who are innocent victims here.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        So of course the walking crazy that is Leann had to sell a story to Radar that Brandi crashed Leann’s date with Eddie and was rude. Darin Harvey sent a tweet to Radar, chastising them for blatant lies and Brandi told them that it wasn’t true. Of course, everyone leaped on it as truth. Brandi has to be in the public eye and have some power because Leann is endlessly trying to destroy her. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Brandi and Darin and the kids are contentedly having dinner and Brandi is cordial to Eddie? That won’t get Leann in the papers or any sympathy, PLUS it scares her because she needs Brandi and Eddie to hate each other. If she truly loved those boys, she would not try to stir up trouble between their parents and sell ugly stories about their mother. Not only that, but Radar referred to the boys as belonging to “the triumvirate”. Huh? Last I looked, they are Brandi’s sons and Eddie’s sons and Leann is Eddie’s wife. Leann, selling less than 12,000 albums is only the beginning of karma for you. Really, you need to get off the crazy train because you’re not going to like what station you end up at.

  55. Vanessa says:

    Leann is a complete mess now she has this b.s story running on radaronline about how her and Eddie had the most romantic dinner ever with friends. And how Brandi crash the dinner and cause a scene when the real truth is that Brandi and her boys were having dinner at the same restaurant as Leann and Eddie . And no drama happen at all but Leann can’t help herself she has to put out a over the top drama story to make seems if Brandi is the one who refuse to move when in reality it’s Leann who refused to let things go and move on its like if Leann is not causing drama 24 /7 she not happy people who don’t like Brandi are always claiming she the one who starts all the problem when that not true Brandi is trying its Leann who refuses to stop the crazy train. I always find really funny how the Leann Stan’s are always going on and on about how Leann has just as must rights to post picture of mason and jake as Brandi Leann is their stepmother nothing more if her and Eddie were to divorce tomorrow Leann will never see those boys ever again . Brandi carry those boys for 9 months she been there for them for every millstone in their life not Leann so please spare us all with Leann has just as much rights as Brandi because Leann doesn’t she will never be their mother

  56. Jane says:

    So…now according to Leann’s Twitter page (with a link) WE are causing all the problems between her and Brandi. WTF???

    Leann…you really are one h&&& of a piece of work. Isn’t it exhausting being so God awful manipulative?

    • Apsutter says:

      But I thought we are all just a bunch of bullying liars that she ignores? She’s constantly going on about about how she loves to laugh at and ignore all the “haters” because we’re sooooooooo jealous of her wonderful, perfect, amazing life. This woman is a piece of trash and I’m so glad that her album flopped. And not just a little flop but a MASSIVE one.

      • Jane says:

        Now all we need is for that poor excuse of a marriage to fail as well. Not sure when that is going to happen, though. I was proven wrong when I thought it would last a year. Now they are in year two. It’s sick, I tell you. Just plain sick.

      • Christin says:

        If the last count of records sold is still under 12,000, then that total divided by the 50 States equals less than 250 (approximately 240 sold per state). That’s a simplistic calculation, I know, but one way to put the total sold in perspective.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I saw that! And the girl kept saying she hadn’t said anything against Brandi when she had asked if Brandi was slamming Leann for saying the boys had a great fourth of July and saying there was evidence Brandi had cheated on Eddie. Leann sits on Twitter having sex talks with these people- one of them was telling her real women swallow (WTF????) and Leann said LOL. Crazy freaks.

  57. Snowpea says:

    Look we have all been following this story for a couple of years now and I must confess that a Leann story is like sunlight on a winter’s day. That’s how hooked I am to the Hillbilly Triangle of Doom.

    But I do believe that it’s pretty obvious now that Leann is beyond help. She has dug her own grave and it’s really only a matter of time before Ed leaves her, the kids get old enough to choose to live with BG full-time, and Rimes is left with nothing but one deranged fan; that woman from Tennessee, Holly Whats-her-name…

    People turn up in this thread trying to make out that BG is a bad mum, that she’s a fameho, an alcoholic and a whore but it’s patently obvious to anyone who has followed this story long enough that these people are either Leann or one of her paid minions.

    The fact remains Leann broke up Brandi’s marriage to Cibrian, that those kids belong to Brandi and Eddie, she decimated those kids’ lives and then proceeded to punish Brandi by stalking and SWFing her.

    BG is a freakin’ saint in my eyes with class and dignity. I have two boys and if a lunatic like Rimes tried on me what she’s done to Brandi, I’d probably be in the slammer by now.

    Rimes is a very unwell person with a complete lack of boundaries, massive sense of entitlement, an unformed sense of self and is narcissistic in the extreme. She is dangerous and sick. Anybody who tries to say otherwise has been paid to do so.

  58. Jane says:

    Leann is only causing a stir simply out of jealousy. She is pissed that Brandi announced the 200,000 book copies sold. I could only imagine if Brandi would have sold 2 million. Leann would have had a thermal nuclear melt down. I would pay good money to say that.

  59. respect says:

    A and Vesper are amejean. On JJ he lists the names he uses commenting on other sites. Just a heads up. There is one other name he uses here, female with 2 names, but I can’t remember what it is.

  60. a says:

    The Daily Mail article about the restaurant incident:
    Awkward! Brandi Glanville ’causes a scene’ after finding herself at same restaurant as ex Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes