“Chris Brown’s probation was revoked, but it’s still California, you know?” links

Chris Brown’s probation was revoked & he might go to jail. JK. [Amy Grindhouse]
PBS shades dumb reality show programming. [Reality Tea]
Stevie Wonder is going to boycott Florida. [Gawker]
Evan Rachel Wood is craving peanut butter Pop Tarts. [Evil Beet]
Everybody is talking about the brunette from the “Blurred Lines” video. [The Blemish]
Taylor Swift really loves her high-waisted shorts. [IDLYITW]
Celeb reaction to Cory Monteith’s death. [Bitten & Bound]
Lamar Odom’s alleged mistress was out and about. [Bossip]
This song is actually kind of catchy (and annoying). [PopBytes]
Sigourney Weaver doesn’t know how to hold puppies. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Kids react to the “Cheerios commercial controversy” & it’s wonderful. [The Frisky]
This collection seems… fishy. [OMG Blog]
Nicole Scherzinger is kind of drag-tastic. [Yeeeah]
Lea Michele & Cory were planning to have kids. [Life & Style]
Duchess Kate continues to waity with her parents. [The Loop]
Bradley Cooper wins “Best Hair in Hollywood”. [Limelife]
Prodigy has a new album called Albert Einstein. [Hollywood Rag]

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59 Responses to ““Chris Brown’s probation was revoked, but it’s still California, you know?” links”

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  1. Jules says:

    Like this douche will ever see jail.

    • skuddles says:

      I’m sure you’re right – or at least he likely won’t go to jail for this particular infraction… but there’s still plenty of time and opportunity ahead for Brown to get into more shit. I’d bet money on the fact he’ll rack up a ton more legal headaches before he’s done. And look at the bright side – even if he does manage to avoid jail, every asshole stunt he pulls puts another black mark on his record. Look at Rogers pulling out as a sponsor because Brown was added to the line up? Respectable people don’t want to be associated with this piece of caca.

  2. Meaghan says:

    There is justice. I hope this scumbag goes to jail.

  3. Side-Eye says:

    The Cheerios controversy was the biggest hunk of BS. Who in the hell has time to be racist in 2013?

    And over a cereal commercial? Do people think that we still live in the 50s where races don’t mix or something?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree…and that little girl is so freaking adorable, how could anyone get angry over that?

    • blaize says:

      Bigots will be bigots- it’s really sad that there are still some people who think that way.

      I’ll probably get some flak for brining this up, so let me put in my disclaimer right now: I know that not all conservatives or republicans are racist, and I know that not all racists are conservatives or republicans. But on yahoo, every single racist that I encountered- except for one- was somebody who identified themselves as a conservative, either in other comments or in their profile.

      That’s why I had to leave Yahoo- they allow open racists to use their services and they allow these disgusting comments to be posted. I reported abuse on some comments to get them removed. A week later, the comments were still there. I got a little depressed about the racism a while ago. I’m just not going to use their site anymore or even bother trying to deal with all those nasty comments that occur, because it just happens too much.

      • Apsutter says:

        Oh yea….Yahoo comments is the known cesspool of the internet. It’s full of disgusting trash of the worst kind and their articles are so stupid. In other words, good for you for getting outta there

      • Bijlee says:

        Dude your first mistake was using yahoo at all. That site has been unacceptable since 2006. They are so outdated and struggling they had to hire a former GOOGLE exec. I don’t see much hope for Yahoo’s future. And ever since those bastards closed down geocities…well whatever. I have hope with their CEO, she’s smart, but I doubt she can make Yahoo! what it was once.

        Anyways the most racist and sexist people I ever found were young or old white males who identired themselves as liberal and /or atheist. You would think they would be a little more enlightened, but no for some reason STEM nerds feel the world has dealt them a bad hand. So it’s all in where you go. Assholes be everywhere. The Internet is not a curated place. There are no rules. It’s a frightening free for all where anonymity (although I use that term lightly now) has its benefits and its GROSS downside.

        And IMO Facebook is a far worse than Yahoo because younger and younger users are on it. The crap Facebook allows and the stuff it doesn’t REALLY makes you wonder about Facebook’s policies.

        But then again I’m googles bitch so I hate Facebook, yahoo, bing, etc. No ones ever gonna say they binged someone.

        Anyways I’m surprised this Cheerios commercial is getting this much “flack” this really isn’t the first biracial family commercial I’ve seen on tv. It’s definitely the funniest.

    • NorthernGirl_20 says:

      That whole controversy over the commercial makes my blood boil! I am shocked at the racism that is still very prevalent even though people should know better by now geez..
      My oldest son is bi-racial and I always worry about him (I’m white his father is from Bangladesh). I get comments about his “nice tan” often and that offends me – he has such beautiful skin and skin tone and his eyes are big and green he’s gorgeous. When he first transferred to his new school there were some comments about his smelling like a skunk that were dealt with quickly and now things seem to be fine but I worry about him all the time. People can be d**ks.

    • Kiddo says:

      What Cheerios controversy?

      I think I know what commercial you are all talking about, and it’s very cute. I was oblivious to any controversy.

  4. A says:

    He wouldn’t last two minutes in jail.

    • blaize says:

      Me too. He definitely doesn’t deserve any career success that he gets, and I’m sick of his fans defending him by saying ‘nobody’s perfect.’ HE’S the one who should have been voted worst celebrity role model back in 2009. The fact that it wasn’t him tells you something disturbing about our society.

  5. Pixie says:

    Everything that keeps coming out about Lea and Cory makes me want to cry. They seemed so happy and in love, she must be devastated. Rest in peace, big guy.

  6. Apsutter says:

    The brunette in the blurred lines video is gorgeous!

    The whole Cheerios controversy is so disgusting. I saw that commercial for the first time with my mom and thought it was so sweet and she told me about it and we were both shocked by the horribleness of people.

  7. Erinn says:

    They’re trying to prevent him from headlining a concert in Halifax, NS. The mayor, a spa, Molson Canadian, Centre for Arts and Technology-Halifax, and Rogers Communications have all pulled out.

    Times like these, I’m proud of my province.

    The Petition, if anyone is interested: https://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/drop-entertainment-group-energy-103-5-the-city-of-halifax-stop-chris-brown-from-headlining-the-energy-rush-concert

  8. Susan says:

    Poor guy can’t catch a break (that’s sarcasm). Look at how many sponsors pulled out of the Halifax Music Festival because of that loser. I wish he would just go away.

  9. Relli says:

    What oh no, I can’t believe that this was done to this model citizen.Omg what is this world coming to!*

    *please read in the most sarcastic voice in your head possible.

  10. GirlyGirl says:

    It’s California, he’ll get the same Blohan $2mil deal with Oprah as punishment

  11. ViktoryGin says:

    It was amazing to behold all of the racists and ethnic nationalists show their asses when this commercial premiered. They’re just pissed that some of them have mixed race grandchildren running around that they’re trying not to claim. I see a New America and it’s not lily white.

  12. Kiddo says:

    Good on Stevie and PBS. I agree with both.

  13. Bijlee says:

    Those PBS trailers are AMAZING!

  14. birdsat says:

    Roger Communication can go to hell for pulling out. This is precisely why Trayvon Martin was – one misdemeanor and blacks are labeled thugs for life.

    • Kim1 says:

      Yeah its funny how Charlie Sheen can be arrested for assualting multiple women yet has never had a sponsor pull out from any show.Keifer Sutherland five alcohol related arrests never lost a sponsor.Alec Baldwin multiple verbal outbursts and physically attacked a photographer ,actually two photographers ,never lost a
      sponsor.Very interesting

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I disagree, and I find it pretty awful that you compared Trayvon to Chris Brown. Wow.

      Trayvon was never convicted of beating a woman within an inch of her life and leaving her unconcious at the side of the road.

      In addition, Chris Brown didn’t just have this one incident. He beat on Frank Ocean. He threw a chair through a windown on GMA and went raging down the street ripping his shirt off.

      Chris has been violent repeatedly without remorse.

      • Kim1 says:

        I compared CB to Charlie Sheen who beat girlfriend and plead no contest,shot Kelly Preston,slit Brook’s throat luckily superficial wounds,drug overdose,just encouraged fans to vandalize school and attack a nine year old bully….Has he ever spent time in jail or prison ? No Was he the highest paid actor on tv 3 years ago ? I believe so .Has Sheen ever been called a thug? No .Has Alec ever been called a thug ? No .Funny enough Trayvon is being called a thug despite the fact he has no criminal record.Why?

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Do you want to get angry? Here it comes: Trayvon Martin does have a criminal record. ‘Huh?’, you think? Yes. ‘How?’, you wonder? Well, Trayvon Martin was posthumously charged with aggravated assault last week. Sorry everyone, but screw Florida and its Deer Hunter 4 Kidz mentality. No wonder Stevie Wonder refuses to go back. Look up John and Aaron White and tell me that justice is even a priority.

    • Meaghan says:

      I had to re-read your comments because I thought maybe i was misunderstanding. Chris beatdown has multiple assaults, hit and runs, violent outbursts. He almost killed a girl, and threatened her that he would. There is NO COMPARISON WHATSOEVER to Trayvon and him. And I’m sure that boy is turning in his grave right now at somebody comparing the two.

      I’m not saying there isn’t a disgusting amount of racism out there, cheerios commercial response is proof of that, but people need to stop throwing the race card around constantly as the reason for everything. Sometimes its just because somebody is an *sshole.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Oh God really? I mean I hate that some racist douchebags are trying to paint Trayvon as a thug who got what he deserved but please don’t compare the two. Beating up your girlfriend – choking her until she passed out is not a f*cking misdemeanor and I for one am still f*cking pissed that Chris Browne did not do jail time for what he did. He’s lucky he’s a celebrity or he might have gotten a deservedly harsher sentence other than probation. Oh and FYI Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen are on my sh*t list too.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, nice try on the comparison. Apples to kumquats.

  15. Lexi says:

    I really really really hope that douche-bag woman-beater goes to jail, i heard it is a four year sentence, he deserves to be locked up for four years

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Cory Montheith COD: “mixed drug toxicity…primarily heroine and alcohol.” (ROL)

    Oh, man, I’m so sorry for his friends, family, fans, and loved ones. This doesn’t change my opinion one bit. Everybody falls sometimes.

  17. Don't Touch says:

    Chris Brown can’t keep his hands off me

  18. Mia says:

    While this couldn’t have happened to a better douche, from the facts of the hit and run, it sounds like malicious prosecution. It sounds like he did everything he was supposed to do regarding the car accident and that the other person’s lawyer will stand up for him in court as well.

  19. TheWendyNerd says:

    All I could think of while watching that commercial was how that little girl looks EXACTLY LIKE SHIRLEY TEMPLE. Especially in her Good Ship Lollipop days. The curly bob. The dimples. The somewhat pointy chin. The bright eyes. IT IS UNCANNY.

  20. dholmas says:

    I hope Douche Brown does go to jail. With his attitude and anger he is a walking time-bomb.
    The Cheerios commercial is adorable. A fair depiction of America’s modern demographics.
    I come from a very conservative white-collar family. My parents grew up in the Depression. Mum from the South Dad from the Northeast. We were taught that there are good and bad in all races. Gay and lesbian is not a big deal. My nephew came out at the age of 16 and my parents were like “Tell us something we did not know”. Oh, and their favorite handyman was a biker looking man.
    In other words, you never know a person unless you take the time to get to know them.

  21. Kiddo says:

    I hate that sweater, tee shirt or sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter, it’s just ugly.

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