Taylor Swift ‘trying to keep relationship with Matthew Gray Gubler secret for now’

I kept meaning to do a post about this, but I guess I sort of forgot. My bad. To be fair, most of the commenters were discussing this story a few weeks ago, when I covered the 4th of July photos Taylor Swift had posted on her website. Swifty spent the 4th of July in Rhode Island, in her seaside mansion. She’s currently on tour, and it seemed like she just invited all of her backup dancers and friends over to her mansion for lots of sparklers, face-painting and wholesome fun. Swifty did not include any photos of any boys that she was banging. But Matthew Gray Gubler posted an innocent photo of HIS Independence Day celebrations on his Twitter, and suddenly fansites were aflame as conspiracy theorists claimed that Gubler was at Swifty’s mansion, celebrating with her.

In case you don’t know who Matthew Gray Gubler is… think of it this way: he’s the Tom Hiddleston of American television. He has a very dedicated fan-base of obsessed women and girls who think he’s God’s gift, who think that he’s perfect and beautiful and that he farts rainbows. He’s the lead on Criminal Minds, and he’s lanky and handsome in a male model kind of way, and he’s 33 years old. Quite honestly, he just LOOKS like the kind of guy Taylor would be into, so this doesn’t surprise me on her end. It does surprise me on his end, though. Anyway, here’s what went down, allegedly:

Man-hungry Taylor Swift has flipped for actor Matthew Gray Gubler, 33, who plays brilliant but quirky violent-criminal profiler Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Mind.

“Taylor is nuts about Matthew,” said a source close to Swift. Insiders say Gubler was a special guest at Taylor’s 4th of July bash in Rhode Island, but she was apparently trying to keep the romance under wraps.

“She posted photographs from the party on her blog that showed her backup dancers, but Matthew’s picture was conspicuously absent,” said a source. “It was as if Taylor was purposefully trying to keep his presence there on the downlow.”

Gubler gave away the secret when he posted a picture on his Twitter page from the party, and fans picked up on the details. It wasn’t long before Gubler’s Twitter photo was removed.

“Taylor’s trying to keep the whole relationship with Matthew secret for now,” said an insider. “That’s why she’s saying they’re ‘just friends’. The truth is, she wants to get to know him better before they take the relationship public.”

They might have a difficult time getting together because he works in LA and she’s in the middle of a big concert tour. And he’s likely to be wary considering that Taylor has a long list of actor and singer exes.

“Taylor wants to fly Matthew out to visit her on tour this summer,” said the source. “But Matthew’s pals are warning him to watch out. They don’t want to see him become the subject of one of Taylor’s infamous breakup songs.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I think it’s a good sign that Taylor hasn’t arranged any photo-ops with The Gube, and that they might be trying to get to know each other before everything becomes public. It shows… maturity? I guess that’s the word for whatever this is. I would imagine dating Taylor Swift is going to be a difficult proposition for the overwhelming majority of dudes, but they keep signing up for some reason. What rhymes with Gubler? Nevermind, we’ll know soon enough. Buy her next album. (Sidenote: I bet the song will actually be called “Gray”.)

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet, Wonderland, Swifty’s website.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Dr.Spencer Reid is MINE Taylor!!!!!

  2. Ema says:

    NO! I love him. He’ll be tainted in my eyes if this is true haha. No no no.

  3. Talie says:

    I knew of him back when he was a male model. Don;t know much about his acting career…

  4. Falula says:

    He is the ONLY reason I still DVR Criminal Minds. Claws are out, Swifty – be kind to Dr. Reid!

  5. Erinn says:

    I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about this guy that I find captivating.

    He DOES look like the type of guy Tay would go for though. He’s got that lanky, youthful vibe.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He’s not unique-looking, he kinda looks like a bunch of other dudes, but he’s REALLY attractive to me for some reason.

      But what is he, 33? Dating Swifty, who has the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old?

      Minus points…

  6. Allie says:

    I just don’t honestly get why any man would be interested in dating Taylor. She’s cute, but she reminds me more of an annoying little sister type. Someone please explain this to me!

  7. Kate says:

    All these older guys dating Taylor creep me out. She’s 23, which should make it fine, but in everything I’ve ever read and seen she comes off as a majorly immature 14 year old. I look at her and listen to her and see an awkward teenager. The 23 year olds I know are strong and capable, very much adult women with adult interests. Taylor’s probably still drawing pictures of unicorns on her diary and having sleepovers, and any 30+ guy who wants to bang a girl like that gets the side-eye from me.

    • Anna says:

      Taylor’s strong and capable. She 23 and runs her own empire. She’s the head of her own management company. She might be overly romantic, like a lot of creative people, but she’s also a very shrewd businesswoman.

      • V4Real says:

        She might be listed as the head of her company but do you really think it’s her who is running it? She has business people behind the scene doing that for her.

      • Allie says:

        I highly doubt she’s the head of her own empire. She may be in the discussions regarding big business decisions but just because your name is attached does not mean you are the brains behind it.

      • Anna says:

        She obviously delegates to lots of people but, yes, I believe they answer to her. Her profile in The New Yorker made this clear, as did her 60 Minutes profile. She’s a very savvy, driven woman.

        Allie – she’s obviously the brains behind her empire. She writes a lot of her songs without the help of co-writers (her entire 3rd album, in fact) and is the creative director of her own tours etc

      • Allie says:

        Anna-my friend worked on her Red album and said that she has co-writers who not only helped her significantly but signed confidientality contracts. He also said she had very little talent and would not be famous if it wasn’t for her rich grandfather. Me? I blame Kanye West for her popularity. So no, I don’t believe a 23 year old girl who acts like a high schooler and doesn’t have a college degree is the brains behind her huge ass empire. She may have input, but I just can’t believe that she is running this herself.

      • Anna says:

        Allie – You and your “friend” are ridiculous. Since when do songwriters need a college education? Using that logic, Hank Williams was a phony too.

        Taylor co-wrote 9 of 16 songs on Red. They’re all properly credited. There have never been Beyonce-style whisperings about Taylor’s songwriting abilities. She has been working as a songwriter since she was 13 and no one has ever hinted at anything untoward or shady.

        I’ve never heard of a “rich grandfather”? They both died when she was young – one was an engineer and the was a regional bank manager in Pennsylvania. Taylor has been very open about the financial support her parents offered when her career started out. Her father owns shares in her record label, for example.

        As for Kanye, Taylor had actually sold more copies of her album than Kanye had of his at the time of the VMAs, despite the fact that his album had been out for months longer. That particular narrative is so lazy.

      • Allie says:

        Anna-I didn’t realize you were so sensitive about her. I can assure you my “friend” is real. It’s not uncommon to have co writers, so I’m not sure why you’re offended? I didn’t say you had to have college degree to write songs, but it definitely helps when you’re running a massive empire. All I’m trying to say is that I think she has a lot of help, whether its writing songs or making important decisions that effect her very successful bossiness. It makes you seem quite naive if you believe that she does EVERYTHING all on her own. How does she have time to perform?!

        Also, Kanye didn’t help her popularity?? You’re joking. That’s all anyone talked about for like half a year. So this particular narrative isnt lazy but quite accurate. I can understand being defensive about a favorite artist, but I could honestly care less about her. She has help, but if you want to believe its only Taylor that runs this business, be my guest.

      • grace says:

        I’m not sensitive to the fact she sometimes uses co-writers but she gives her collaborators the public credit that they’re due. Your original point was that she pays off songwriters and takes credit for their efforts. That’s a completely baseless argument.

        I don’t think she does everything alone, and clearly stated that she has many advisors and employees. But its a fact that she doesn’t have a manager and is at the top of her food chain. To suggest a 23 woman isn’t capable of writing her own songs and controlling her own career is internalised misogyny. Have u watch many interviews with her? Because she comes across as a very assured woman.

        Kanye definitely made Taylor more recognisible and newsworthy for tabloids and late-night talk shows. But he’s not responsible for her popularity. As I said, she was filling much larger venues and selling more albums than Kanye at the time of the VMAs. In measurable ways, Taylor was already more popular than Kanye. The narrative that Kanye turned her into an overnight success is false – she already had the highest selling album of 2009.

      • carol says:

        yah I think her image is just that – an image that she has created – she realized it would be the most profitable one so she adopted it.

      • Allie says:

        Grace-I just pointed out what my friend said. He has no reason to lie and I’m not bothered that you don’t believe it. There are artists that have contracts signed, its not uncommon, and I do believe she has more help than she’s willing to admit.
        I do believe that she is not making the important decisions regarding her company. It’s not because she’s a 23 year old woman, because I’m 24 and I love seeing empowered women at the top of their game. I’m just doubtful it’s all her. Especially since she didn’t go to college. Not all successful people went to college, I get that, but I just don’t see her being one of them. Because I don’t believe ONE young woman isnt controlling every aspect of her career you basically call me sexist? Give me a break. I have seen interviews with her, I’m not impressed. That may be due to the image she’s trying to maintain, but it does not give me confidence to the shrewd business woman you are convinced she is.

        While kanye didn’t single handedly create her, he definitely helped. Please stop dissecting every single thing. My main point is that I think she has more assistance than what’s she and her fans are willing to admit. That’s not because I hate women or because I don’t believe women can create a high profile career on their own. We all have opinions. I’m not anti women because of it

      • Meaghan says:

        I can’t stand her, her music and public persona annoy the hell out of me. However, credit where it is due. The girl clearly works her ass off, she does have skills, and people do not make it big like that unless they are very intelligent about running a corporation and keeping names in the spotlight, and hiring the right people. This being said, you can’t completely write her off as an idiot with no skills, because even if you don’t like her music, her or what she does, she works the break-up songs like no others and laughs her way to the bank.

        I hope she isn’t, in private, like how she is in public.

        I also hate that she is with him. He is adorable and I love him

      • V4Real says:

        Some people tend to believe what they want to believe myself included. But if you think for a moment Swifty writes her own songs without co-writers then I guess you do believe everything consists of unicorns and rainbows. Her profile proves only this; she’s well rehearsed and capable of giving the answers to questions that have been pre-asked.
        So what she was writing songs at the age of 13, so did other artist; but how many of those songs from that age was recorded. Swift has people behind her making those tough decissions for her creative and all. Yes I do believe there are highly intellingent women of her age that is capable of running their own business but Swift is not one of them. There’s something that is just so pretentious about her.

      • Bijlee says:

        @grace and @Anna Are you the same person on purpose? So this sock puppetry seems to be alive and well even on CB. Sigh. Now I’m starting to get a lot of these posts.

      • Anna says:

        Bijlee – I’m the same person. One post was sent from my iPhone and I had a different user name there. (I clearly wasn’t posing as a third party.)

    • A says:

      Are you serious? It’s called IMAGE. She is not really the rainbow-loving-innocent-puppy she portrays herself to be.

      It’s just a public image created to sell her records to (mostly) young girls.

      • TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

        A and Allie are right; I have a friend whose friend’s with someone in the recording biz that actually worked with Swifty and this person said her live undoctored singing voice is awful; she’s all image didn’t her father pay 350,000 to get her a contract;
        She played in my area recently (got stuck in a traffic jam passing by the venue) her fans are 12-14 yrs. old girls, no adult with any taste in music would listen to her drivel.

  8. Celeste says:

    Ugh. How does she keep sinking her claws into men? I like Matthew. He should run away. NOW. This is not a drill.

  9. jen says:

    His started his previous relationship when the girl was 16 or 17 and he was 25ish. He is best friends with Terry Richardson.

    He is a certified creeper.

  10. Buckwild says:

    How does she get all these good looking guys?

  11. wonderwoman21 says:

    And to think I thought I was a total freak for thinking Gubler was hot. Glad to know other women feel the same lol

  12. JL says:

    I guess Gubler missed the real FBI profiling class.

  13. Anna says:

    ‘America’s Hiddleston’ Oh that’s precious! I will admit, the one year I watched Criminal Minds (before it started giving me violent nightmares), I was seriously crushing on this dude. Esp when he had long, shaggy locks.

  14. Adrien says:

    Isn’t he in a relationship with model Ali Michael?

  15. Laura says:

    I really like Dr. Reid too…is he really a creeper??? he just seems like a goofy nerdy guy who happens to be really really good looking.

  16. Anna says:

    I think the Enquirer are making this up. When not on tour, Taylor spends every free moment in Rhode Island. Gubler is filming Criminal Minds in LA. Surely she’d make an effort to be in the same state as him?

  17. dcypher1 says:

    Bubler rhymes with gubler. He’s the only reason I watch criminal minds he’s hot.

  18. Noreen says:

    Ugh, this guy. He’s like a 14 year old boy who never grew up and it’s not cute. It was cute 7 or 8 years ago, but now it’s just so forced and try-hard now. How long can he go on about his mismatched socks and his Halloween decorations? Apparently, for a long, looooong time. Hate his show, too, though I used to love it. It devolved into episode after episode of horrible, unspeakable, violent acts against women. And I’m not a big banner-waver for feminism, either. But this show is grotesque.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I used to love Criminal Minds as well. Season 1-5 were great, but then the writers focused too much on the crime/criminal instead of the profiling and the BAU team. It´s a shame.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        I still watch, I still enjoy it but I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed at how much time is spent with the unsub now. I remember the early seasons when the unsub wasn’t revealed until the end unless it was a high profile/ well known actor playing the unsub. I also miss the focus on the why instead of the what. I don’t need to see the crime happening or the aftermath. I want to know why they did it. That’s why I enjoyed Criminal Minds to begin with. It was more cerebral. Now it’s becoming just like any other crime show

  19. Dani says:

    I could have sworn he was gay?

  20. Shelley says:

    Sigh…Dr Reid. He would only be hot to me in real life if he is 85% of his character in Criminal Minds. As a random guy on the street I wouldn’t consider him.

  21. Mia says:

    Ugh, this will only be a secret until they inevitably break up. Why do guys keep doing to themselves? She’s like the female John Mayer, hooking up with everyone in and around Hollyweird, creating juvenile songs based on her “relationships”.

  22. Shirreen says:

    He is so hot and supposedly a really nice guy. Everyone who has met him have nothing but nice things to say. Everyone says he is super sweet.

    Love him!

  23. Thea says:

    No no no Matthew! Not her!! ;(

  24. Sachi says:

    Aw, man! There goes my crush on him! :D

    Taylor’s outfit in the last photo is so gorgeous. I love the colour of that skirt.

  25. Brat says:

    Ugh and I liked him. I will see him differently now if true.

  26. Vee says:

    If someone wants to keep something private, you DO NOT tweet a coy picture. With the internet and cell phones, nothing is private if you put it out there. So while Taylor may want the relationship on the “down low” for now, this guy was trying to be cute, and folks caught on.

    Try hard in my opinion. FWIW – I do not know who he is and have never seen his show.

  27. Lem says:

    No NO No
    I don’t know whether to be more upset about that or the fact that he’s friends with creeper Richardson.
    Matt is hot, Dr. Spencer Reid is just… swoon. Brings to mind that wounded bird syndrome that makes me a puddle

  28. Lila says:

    This can’t last past summer hiatus. What will Taytay do when he can’t text her a million times a day?

  29. Mandy says:

    I just don’t understand how any guy would be able to put up with Tay Tay. You know she never shuts up.

  30. danielle says:

    If she’s keeping in low key until they really know each other, good for her!

  31. Lexi says:

    I love him on criminal minds, he is adorable

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