“Benedict Cumberbatch wears flip-flops, fug shorts for his birthday” links

New photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in flip-flops and Capris, to make your life complete. He was arriving in Ibiza. Truly, this Week of Cumberbatch has been amazing. I don’t want it to end! [LaineyGossip]
This Aussie streaker is kind of amazing. [Dlisted]
Shailene Woodley & more at Comic-Con. [Pop Sugar]
Benedict Cumberbatch is everywhere!! [Buzzfeed]
Stephen Colbert grills Eliot Spitzer. Good. [Pajiba]
Channing Tatum goes radically blonde, looks like a ‘90s d-bag. [A Socialite Life]
Vanessa Hudgens’ fug jumpsuit. [Go Fug Yourself]
Britney Spears is going to Vegas, and she will stay in Vegas. [ICYDK]
Anna Chlumsky gave birth to a baby girl. [Wonderwall]
Jay-Z wants to change his name to Jay Z. [Starcasm]
This story will make you cry. Prepare yourselves. [CDAN]
I hate myself for loving Miranda Kerr’s dress. [Moe Jackson]
New photos of Chloe Moretz on set, with a bad wig. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Jennifer Aniston on set in NYC. [Celebslam]
Julianne Hough in workout gear. [Popoholic]
Dem Babies are SO CUTE!!! [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Eliot Spitzer is a feminist, you guys. For real. [Jezebel]

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  1. Diana says:

    Another reason to dislike him even more than I do already. Men wearing flip flops are disgusting to me.

  2. s says:

    omg, look at those CALVES! drool.

  3. Another Ann says:

    Eeew. What the hell is he wearing?

  4. doop says:

    He has a new shirt, what an amazing development!

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I like that man-bag.

  6. LoLo says:

    More cumby yay!!! Lol. He’s been everywhere *sigh*

  7. LoL says:

    Bad taste. He is one of the ugliest men in Hollywood.

  8. Belkys says:

    I didn’t know men could not wear flip flops. This must be a new rule. I always see men wearing flip flop. Doesn’t make them less of a man or gross in my eyes. Idk I guess the rules have changed..I guess.

  9. Thiajoka says:

    His legs give him away as a runner. I don’t have a crush on him, but I think he’s a great actor. But, hell yeah, I’m on board with more Idris Elba, too. Sherlock and Luther are two of my favorite shows.

  10. Lindy79 says:

    Blimey, poor men not being allowed to let their feet breathe for fear of being called disgusting. Its about 32 here at the moment and I’m barefoot when I’m in the house and flip flops when I’m out, its just too warm for anything else. I wouldn’t deny anyone else that relief ;)

    His legs…are…amazing

    I’d happily watch more Idris though. The new trailer for his Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is out..
    I think he nails the accent perfectly.


  11. Birdie says:

    Look, I love Cumberbatch. But many on this site turn against him because of the overload of articles of him. I don’t think it’s fair, because he is amazing.

  12. Debbie says:

    I noticed he has a muscular body for a skinny guy. He’s tall and lean.

  13. lamgirls3 says:

    WHY does anyone find him even remotely attractive? Ugh.

  14. cr says:

    the ‘batchbacklash-begun it has.

  15. Noreen says:

    BTW, he told everyone who would listen that he’s going to Ibiza, so of course the paps would be on the lookout for him in the airport. This is what I call over-exposure. Not appearing on a show to promote a movie. It’s the random papping thanks to no one but himself.

    Celebrities: please don’t cry “I’m private” and then constantly tell the world what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. That whole bit about the friend’s gay wedding, as well as the location, was so unnecessary. It smacks of “look at me, I have gay friends AND Jewish friends!”. Just stop.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I think he just yaps a lot. On any subject. There is lots of evidence to support this!

    • Van says:

      Well, considering that he was the one marrying them he was probably pretty damn proud of both himself and the couple who asked him to do it.

      Benedict’s grown up in the entertainment world. Through his parents, he’s probably been around gay people all his life. Fans of his already know he’s good friends with Mark Gatiss and Zachary Quinto, and he’s played gay characters before. I guess what I’m trying to say is he has absolutely no reason to make this statement in order to prove he’s not homophobic.

      Like the comment before me said, he’s just being his normal rambling self.

  16. oreally says:

    The Ibiza stuff is because they phoned him just as he was about to get on the flight so yeah no wonder he mentioned it.

  17. Sheila McCoy says:

    Enough please with the Cumberbatch posts…you are NOT going to make him “happen”. Yesterday there were 2 in one day. ENOUGH! I’m with many of your other readers…stop with those posts or I’m finding my gossip elsewhere. Sick of that guy.

  18. Abby says:

    OMG why is he soo real. Here’s a guy who isn’t afraid to be himself in front of the camera. I love that about him. He is like me who doesn’t bother to put a little more effort in looking good when stepping out of the house.

    I wear the first thing I get my hand on. My crush on him is increasing even more now, oh god Cumberbatch…stahpppp it

  19. grabbyhands says:

    I think we can cut the poor guy some slack-he’s traveling and probably doesn’t give a shit how he looks, which is kind of refreshing. If I’m going to be on a plane (or numerous planes) I’m going to be as comfortable as I can.

  20. Dani says:

    I even hate when my husband wears flip flops because he has similar looking feet (big with long toes) and it freaks me out. But Cumberbatch has really good calves. Imagine what the rest of his leg look like…

  21. Linda L says:

    We all appreciate when ppl are competent at their jobs: servers, dentists, mechanics, whatever.
    This man is very good (in many ppl’s eyes) at his job. He is an actor with talent. Period. If you are unfamiliar with his work, try finding some of his older stuff. Even in Tinker, Tailor, Ben holds his own with those phenom, more experienced actors. Sherlock alone is worth a peek.
    His looks are secondary. So he’s not- whomever you lust after. He is tremendous to watch, if you enjoy a talented performance. If you are bothered by Ben not fitting into some Hollywood macho slot or pics of him wearing anything less than perfection- then, no, he’s probably not your cup of tea.
    We love his talent and diversity. We love his goofiness and charm. He rambles- a lot- and is rather dorky. He sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, but, for an actor, he seems genuine and real. I don’t care what he wears in an airport, when dashing around the world. Just please keep on working, Ben.

    And, please, never, ever get a Twitter account. Or go to the MTV Movie Awards in a suit. Or- oh, sorry. Wrong guy.

  22. oreally says:

    Celebitchy isnt pushing anyone – he HAS made it. He is that popular. the US are a little slower than others but they’ll get it too. I’m 99% certain Benedict will be in Star Wars and there a very good chance he’ll be in the next Bond. He isnt going away so those that dont get it – will have to get used to it.

    Producers arent stupid they know that an actor like Cumberbatch with a huge fanbase in the orient is one to come in n

  23. dizzylucy says:

    I do not find him attractive (to be fair i haven’t seen him in anything as far as I know) but I generally just skip his posts.

    The story on CDAN is sad. That photo and the story behind it was so touching.

  24. MissThing says:

    You guys complain when Tom is dressed to the Nines, but also complain that Benedict is ‘too casual’. Make up your mind ladies.

    Me I think he looks darling here but I do question the blazer with the shorts and flops. Shorts and Flops are an American staple so I don’t see why everyone is freaking out. Let the guy be casual on his friggin birthday…

  25. AnaMaria says:

    …For me, there can never be enough BC posts; thank you, Kaiser, and thanks to everyone that loves him and comments on him; he is a very talented actor, and I think he is very very very hot; don’t know what it is, but he is HOT, and that voice….

  26. Christina says:

    Sorry but to agree with the others above no one is trying to make him happen. He is already happening and has happened. No one is forcing him on anyone. He just so happens to be in the news alot this week but it will die down a little. It will probably pick back up again because he is relevant and he has a ton of movies coming out this year alone. And he also is featured here alot because Kaiser is in love with him. Alot of women are in love with him. I’m not a cumberbitch/cumbercollective but I do enjoy the guy (and kinda find him hot). He’s a great actor. If I dont want to read anything related to him I dont click on his post. If I do I will click. I get that its a link post but he’s not regularly featured in link post but his own post.

  27. LilyRose says:


    You slutty sluts, being slutty. The lot of you! With your slutty ways, typing on your slutty computers, living a slutty life! Throwing your vaginas at him like some kind of slutty confetti! Ugh.

    *crawls back under the bridge*


  28. anoninternettroll says:

    He is so ugly…i mean, high unattractive. Am I missing something?

    • Linda L says:

      Yes. Talent. Watch him perform in… anything. Random pap photos are not his selling points.

      I appreciate the opinions of others, and on this “celeb gossip site”, it is expected to comment on superficial, shallow things.
      But, good grief. The reason this man has attention on him (other than the writer of this article has the hots for him) and acting jobs scheduled until the end of time is because he is a ridiculously talented actor. All the “he’s fugly, he wears flip-flops, dresses like he’s homeless” observations of Ben are…opinions, and you are welcome to them.

      But, at the end of the day- the guy is talented. And smart, goofy, self-deprecating, humble. Looking for perfection in celebrities (or people in general, for that matter) is a no-win situation, and a waste of time. Just watch him in…well, anything. You’ll see.

  29. thatttbitch says:

    I do not understand the hype at all..he’s so unattractive with a weirdly shaped face and what’s going on with his hair..I generally skip his posts beacause I have no interest whatsoever in him but it’s become a tad excessive..maybe I’m missing something

      • flopzy says:

        i use to think the exact same thing. “he’s ugly, whats the fess? he’s not even remotely attractive”

        then, i watched sherlock and star trek. Man, is this man beautiful on screen. They must do some movie magic on him, because he is memorizing to watch. Him in motion is amazing and combined with his talen, it makes him one sexy man.

        if anyone is unsure about him, watch sherlock before you judge. Yes, in pictures, he is not particularly attractive. But, man is he beautiful on screen.

  30. Mary says:

    I love the series Sherlock but cannot for the life of me see the physical attraction for this man. Brilliant actor but seems to have his facial features arranged in a very strange way. May I add I’m no oil painting :-)

  31. Vivi says:

    I don’t care much for Benedict sense of style, but he IS a fantastic actor, and seem like a very nice and adorable person (considering his interviews and attenion to the fans).

    Also, I really don’t get the “flip-flop being used by man” hate. He’s wearing a very popular brazillian flip-flop brand. I’m brazillian, it is very commomly used by all (men and women) when we want our feet comfortable, at home, parks etc on hot/warm days specially, with casual/basic looks like shorts/jeans and t-shirt, casual dresses or any kind of beach-y clothes. But around here we don’t really use it with blazer nor at airports or malls.

  32. Peanut says:

    I think he’s pretty awesome. And I think Kaiser is pretty awesome as well. I have no problem getting on-board with her man crushes.

  33. Tony says:

    “Personality matters” is the biggest myth being perpetuated upon the male population of western civilization.

  34. The Original Original says:

    I know this is your site and all but can you please stop shoving this guy down my throat? Super creepy and unattractive :(

  35. Van says:

    If anyone cares, the reason why he went to Ibiza was because he was officiating his friend’s same-sex wedding.

    Check out this beautiful photo: http://phunkyvanspam.tumblr.com/post/56058750195/the-cat-is-called-hamish-cumberbuddy.