Khloe Kardashian confronted Lamar’s mistress, he swears she’s a groupie

Lamar Odom is rumored to have been cheating on Khloe Kardashian for years. Now that one of his (alleged) former mistresses is speaking to the press, it’s all out in the open and Khloe has to confront the fact that her man is a lying cheater. Or not. We’ve heard that Khloe kicked Lamar out of the house when she first heard about his cheating, but that she let him back in about a month ago and is determined to try and make their marriage work. Since Khloe loves Lamar and wants to believe the best of him, she’s focusing her ire on the other party. Radar has details of a confrontation Khloe had with Lamar’s mistress Jennifer at one of his games. She basically laid down the law and made the woman know she was not welcome there.

Khloe saw Jennifer in the stands of a Los Angeles Clippers NBA game in January, according to reports in In Touch and Life & Style. Khloe “lost it” a source told one of the mags

“Khloe told her, ‘How dare you come here?’ It was like Khloe wanted to take control of her marriage. It freaked Jen out – and Lamar even more.”

Richardson was seated just a few rows behind Khloe, who “went nuts” according to Life & Style. She demanded of Jennifer: “Why are you here?”

The confrontation took place in the same month that Khloe booted Lamar into a separate bedroom, a source told Radar exclusively. And after that, the NBA player left the house for a hotel, although he is now back home part-time.

Richardson, meanwhile, isn’t going away. In fact, she’s been speaking out more and more about her relationship with Lamar, now giving video interviews, discussing their sex life, their emotional bond and even their threesome!

[From Radar]

Radar has a related story about how Lamar explained this whole cheating scandal to Khloe. He’s painting this Jennifer woman as a groupie whom he has nothing to do with and Khloe is supposedly believing him. A source told Radar that “According to Lamar, Jennifer is a notorious NBA groupie, and follows various teams around during the season. Jennifer has been relentless in her pursuit of Lamar. Khloe is aware of the temptations that Lamar faces out on the road, and she is choosing to believe him at this point.

Star Magazine says this woman hasplane tickets, invoices and game tickets” to prove she was with Lamar. I wonder if she has text messages too. I get that women attach themselves to sports stars but it sounds like there’s much more to this story. There are probably plenty of other women who slept with Lamar and are keeping quiet for the money. Khloe needs to be angry at her husband, not at the women who are stupid enough to fall for his lies.

Lamar Odom is shown during a paparazzi confrontation on 7-10-13. Khloe is shown on 6-19-13. Credit: FameFlynet and

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  1. Anna says:

    I am all about good faith and benefit of the doubt, but I think at this point it’s crossed over into denial.

  2. kristine says:

    Out of all the sisters I like Khloe the most. I feel bad for her. Hes scummy. She shouldn’t attack the other females.. its him who did the cheating.

    • springingforward says:

      I like Khloe the most of the sisters, too. But it is a VERY LOW bar.
      I guess what I am saying is, I don’t care for any of them.

    • MCraw says:

      Why not be upset with the other woman, though?

      Yes, he’s her husband and he took the vows of commitment, but I really don’t understand this idea that you should have no resentment for women who a) know you’re married, b) hunt your husband down and c) have no respect for you not just as a wife, but as a woman.

      As a civilian, women who paid no mind to my husband before suddenly started fawning over him once he had a ring on his finger. I love my husband dearly and would direct my anger at him if anything happened, but that does not excuse the deplorable actions of women who seek to be part of the destruction of a family. I hate women who betray the sisterhood just as much as any cheater.

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree. Khloe and Lamar are semi-famous. There is no way she did not know that Lamar was married.

      • Nina W says:

        The other woman didn’t make a vow of fidelity to you but your husband did. I can understand being upset with the other woman but the person who betrayed your trust is your husband. He is responsible for his actions, he chooses whether or not to keep his pants on.

      • Lauraq says:

        As the cheated on girlfriend in a past relationship, I feel like if he spun good enough lies to make me believe he wasn’t cheating, he could spin good enough lies to convince these girls that our relationship was a sham…or I was a harpy that deserved to be cheated on…Or so on. He fooled me, so why not them? That’s why I don’t resent the other women (and there were several). Also, I saw some of the chat logs he had with them and he treated some of them like absolute garbage, but they were insecure enough to still let him manipulate them.

  3. Joanna says:

    shit, if i was his wife, and that beyotch had the nerve to show up at the game, I’d go off. and I’m normally not a violent person. but that’s just flat-out disrespect. they’d prob have to peel me off the woman.

    yeah, kloe needs to dump him. but really, i think that’s the downside to dating rich/famous men. they have the attitude that i can cheat, if you don’t like it, shove off. i think that’s why jen and jessica go for the men they do. they’re faithful and loving and not going anywhere. where if they were with a rich/famous man, most of those guys go for young bimbos.

  4. Masque says:

    Actually the plane tickets and game stubs just prove she’s been at the games.

    • GiGi says:

      I agree – and she has some items with another player’s name on them… which she says proves she was with Lamar – wouldn’t that more likely prove she was with the other player? Idk what the deal is with Khloe/Lamar, but this feels like a bit of a reach.

      • colt13 says:

        Having read Jessica Canseco’s book, it seems that stars/players will pay for the woman they want to show up anywhere, but to make them feel comfortable, they sometimes pay for a friend. Not sure which one Jennifer is, or which player she is covering for.

    • fabgrrl says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Unless one of these game tickets lists her seat as “ODOM SDPCE #1″ I don’t see what proof that is.

    • hadleyb says:

      Unless he paid for the plane, maybe thats why she kept them? Also time line proof I guess, if he paid for her to come visit him while on the road.

      Groupie or not I don’t see how anyone can afford to buy tickets at the last minute for all these games even if she is working. If she’s not how does she afford it unless he’s paying for it ?

      So something is up. I am sure by now Khloe has looked through is phone records and no groupie would be calling/texting him and he wouldnt be answering if it was just her following him and thats it.

      Denial. And probably she doesn’t want to give up the lifestyle he gives her.

  5. lisa says:

    her outfit looks like she had to get dressed really fast because the UPS man rang the doorbell, not something you would wear on purpose to an event

  6. Truthful says:

    If she had of not been so frantic to marry him, she could have learned that he is a serial cheater and he always will be.

    he loves the strippers, she will have to continue to look the other way, there are more of them.

    confronting the woman?? pathetic.

  7. Hanamaru says:

    Anyone know where her shirt is from? I’d like to get it if it’s reasonably priced.

  8. Naye in VA says:

    “women dumb enough to fall for his lies”
    I doubt it. All of these groupies “and that is what they are whether they are sleeping with him or not) know exactly what they are doing and the exact situation they put themselves in. They see money for stories like this. Long term thinkers these hoes.

    That being said Lamar is wrong, but I bet she dealt with him. If the woman had the nerve to show up in my face after having the nerve to sleep with my husband, regardless of whether I keep him or not, she better get ready for the wrath. She’d be afraid to show her face outside if it was me.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Agreed. Until this chick produces a sex tape, invoices with Lamar’s information, and texts she’s a thirsty female who’s out to get her name in the news. Anyone can make claims like this. She can be taking Star and other gossips mags for a ride; very few bother to verify claims. A Kardashian scandal = hits. It’s now to the point for her to put up or shut up. If proven, Khloe needs to get a good divorce attorney.

  9. Nicolette says:

    Of course he’s painting out this woman to be a groupie. Deny, deny, deny. That’s what men do. Maybe he is innocent, but I’m more cynical when it comes to cheating rumors.

    The ex-husband of one of my closest friends’ takes the cake though. At a party she witnessed him kiss another woman. When she confronted him about it, he denied it of course. She told him she saw it with her own eyes. His response? “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” Incredible. True story.

  10. JL says:

    Her “evidence” supports the fact she was at the game, nothing more. Some Women love to set themselves up for a payday, even based on lies, regardless of whom it may hurt.

    Is Lamar cheating? well not with me, the rest I don’t know about.

    I do know I expect my HUSBAND, not just any whore to respect our marriage and act accordingly. I don’t care where he is or what he’s doing.

    If he respects the strippers, whores, groupies more and even gives the impression of impropriety then he needs to pack it up and go live with them.

    If Lamar is cheating he needs to go, if he’s telling the truth (cough) and he’s in this situation he’s too stupid to keep.

  11. emmie_a says:

    I understand wanting to keep a family together and wanting to believe your husband is the person you think he is… but if all the stories about Lamar’s cheating are true, I think Khloe is sort of humiliating herself by standing by him. This is sort of like Anthony Weiner’s wife, although to a lesser degree… But after a certain point, I don’t think these women are doing themselves any favors for staying in a marriage with a serial cheater. They deserve better.

    • jane says:

      “although to a lesser degree” …
      As in one is proven and the other is not? And I don’t even like the kardashian. But Yes, I would believe my husband other a groupie who goes to the press for some easy cash and does not deliver any proof. Because I think that until proved otherwise, he also deserve a little faith.

  12. fabgrrl says:

    I don’t think the wives of professional athletes ask for fidelity, I think they just ask their husbands to keep it “on the road”. Lamar needs to do a better job picking out his floozies.

  13. Elodie says:

    LOL! The hierarchy they seem to forget their places : wife always first hence the husband denying, then mistress trying to climb up the ladder but cheating husband lies with fake promises and keeps her between 2 chairs, then the main side-ho wanting to be the mistress, then the side-ho wanting to be the main, the $1.99 snack ho… aaand THEN the groupie!

  14. Alexandria says:

    @Hanamaru: After a quick google search I found that it’s at a website called Singer22 for $208. Hope this helps!

  15. ALG says:

    A pro athlete cheating on his wife? No way!

  16. Holden says:

    Can we get some pictures? I know what chewbacca looks like.

  17. Liberty says:

    I feel bad for Khloe, as probably this is a story of cheating, or serial cheating.

    That said, when I lived in Boston, a “model” upstairs was always flying to games of two of the city’s pro teams. At a party one night she was saying that she was “meant to be with” one or two of the players, so she was “making it clear” to his wife or fiance by being there by using credit cards supplied by her real life boyfriend(s). She talked in a matter-of-fact manner, in realistic detail, and when asked by someone if she had even been with him/them or spoken with him/them, said yes, on road trips, etc. Then, a little later, when drunker and still yapping about it, it came out that she hadn’t really spoken to one yet just sent him a drink in a bar, though the other’d looked at her in the stands, but it was only a matter of time because being persistent is how she got her modeling assignments and her current boyfriend(s). She also felt some actor wanted her. People never cease to amaze me.

  18. JuJuJen says:

    It amazes me how a woman will do something like that to another woman. How classless and what a low-life. I don’t understand the mentality of giving details of your sexual escapades with a married man and even a threesome. Smh…..Kloe needs to move on. There is no marriage there. Lamar f—ed that up completely.

  19. Maria says:

    i dont think those women “fall for the lies” they know whats in for them and in most cases they walk out the big winners. (they get the money and attention they want, the guy looses his wife(and lots of his money) and mistress and the wife looses the husband) women can be predators too :)

    no, im not excusing his cheating, he is the married one, i just wanted to point out that we shouldnt excuse women with “being in love” and not being able to judge a situation because of emotions.

    also this whole athletes and infidelity is a pretty interesting topic. there are several good articles with insights why its widespread and why people react how they react. one states that player wives dont tell other player wives because it will lead to drama and that will have a negative impact on the performance of the team, so everyone would loose money for example.

  20. Zorbitor says:

    When faced with the temptation of hot groupies all these rich powerful men should go back to their room nd pray and buy the women counseling to enhance their self esteem and correct their inappropriate behaviors!

  21. Sannie says:

    I am still hoping this is not true. I really like Khloe. I even watched that horrible show ‘kris’ on youtube because Khloe was co-hosting. ‘Kris’ is the most stupid show EVER, but Khloe made it watchable.. :) Anyways, I like Khloe, and it always seems she and Lamar love each other. I will be so disappointed, and I really wish Khloe the best.

  22. Meggin says:

    Ugh. Normally khloe is the only Kardashian I can handle but it sounds like she’s in denial.

  23. Dawn says:

    They both cheat would be my guess. They are both in this marriage for their own reasons but I can’t see that love is one of them. And why do women get so angry at the women their husbands cheat with? Take it up with your hubby and only your hubby. If he isn’t strong enough to say NO you don’t want him anyway because there will always be someone to cheat with.

  24. Shannon says:

    Awe poor Khloe. I feel bad for her. I like her the most out of all the Kardashians. And I thought Lamar was a nice guy. I guess not. She needs to divorce him.

  25. dcypher1 says:

    I know she loves him and dosent want to believe the truth but honey wake up and smell the roses once a cheater always a cheater divorce his ass. And if you think having his baby is going to change him girl don’t be stupid. Get a new man that dosent play sports.

  26. anon33 says:

    The only thing I have to say about this is, I myself used to be something of a baseball groupie back in the late 90s. There ABSOLUTELY ARE women who do this, and follow the teams around, without having being given any specific encouragement by the players. And some of the women I came in contact with DID get obsessive and weird. That is why I tend to agree with some of the above posters that say her plane tickets etc only prove she was at the games. Hell, I could do the exact same thing with any number of late-90s era Oriole players myself…doesn’t mean I ever hooked up with any of them!! (I didn’t, but my friend did hook up with Roberto Alomar.)

  27. Christo says:

    Chloe, despite her winsome personality and seeming confidence, is likely the most insecure of the Kardashian sisters. She is the largest and tallest of all women in the Jenner-Kardashian household in addition to being the product of an extramarital affair. All of this has the likely effect of making her feel like an outsider in her own home,thus, making her seek out a real father figure within her own relationships that she never had with her genetic father and to a larger extent Robert Kardashian following his death to cancer. And Bruce is Jenner could hardly focus on her in light of Kris’ dominance and the need to parent his own kids. As a result, the sense of decorum that the rest of us would expect from a partner is thrown out the window as her perspective on what Lamar is to her has been warped from the onset.

    • TG says:

      I agree with you and will add also that her insecurities are also a result of Kris Jenner’s lifelong favoritism of her prized pig Kimmy. You can just imagine that Khloe would have been made aware either by direct comments or even no comments at all that she wasn’t beautiful or ideal looking. And that prized pig Kimmy who is older than Khloe always treats her bad. An older sister is supposed to be supportive. If you notice Khloe is treated like a glorified servant she is always chauffeuring the girls around. I think the reason she is so vocal and twitter happy defending all things Kartrashian is to feel like she belongs to be worthy of the Klan. So she is clinging to this marriage because it proves her worth. She is the only one who has so far been able to be married and not divorced. If Lamar steps out on her than that will just add to the fact that she is unworthy of love (in her mind) and Kimmy and PMK will have won again.

  28. Frenzy says:

    In that annoying baby voice…Khloe: I love my Lamlam. Lammy is the greatest guy in the world! Lamlaaaammmm!

  29. Tara says:

    Forget cheatimg if my husband ever got caught even sexting his Men’s Warehouse suits would be cut to ribbons in the driveway.

    And i know you should blame your partner and not the other woman but i think it depends. If my husband lied to her about being married then she acted on false information. But if she knows about me and/or will not take no for an answer then that is entirely different. I would want to slap her to sleep.

  30. Idreaminprincess says:

    Having been in a marriage where my now ex- husband did in fact have an affair, I can speak from experience that conversing with the other woman is stupid, because she won’t tell you the truth about anything.

    • sunnydaze says:

      You’re absolutely right…not only that, but my ex’s sidepieces always had extra insult…emotional insult that probably cut deeper than anything. Psychologically the worst thing (for me) would be to try and have any meaningful conversation. If you think your partner is cheating, as impossible as it can be, don’t engage with the other person- no good will come of it.

  31. jessica says:

    I tend to believe this is true. he met her at a strip club in Washington, DC. that’s an awful long way for her to be a groupie. not only that, she’s been around for months..not just all of a sudden. he is CHEATING with this hooker and it is known that he puts up women in hotels close to the stadiums he plays. Khloe better get with it and move on. he’s so yuck anyway with his crooked half smile! uggh.

  32. diva says:

    Why do women get mad at the other women and NOT their man whose did the cheating?

    • Carolyn says:

      Exactly. I couldn’t give two hoots about “poor” Khloe.

      Save your anger for your partner. If he’s not cheating with a particular woman, he’ll be out with another. Especially pro sports people. The wives, partners & accomplises all know the game & the rules.

      Oh hang on…I suppose Khloe is on board at being ‘this week’s featured PR’ for PMK. Silly me…this isn’t a real story. Just filling space until Kim’s big baby/body ‘reveal’. Yawn….Kris has missed the PR boat well & truly. No-one cares anymore.

  33. jessica says:

    The thing that makes me believe Lamar is why would she have invoices?? i’m pretty sure if he had a side piece she wouldn’t be paying!

    • JL says:

      Not if she’s a smart side piece. Let’s get real, those women are there for money and/or fame not LOVE!

      There are some psycho bitches out there.

      Why people cheat when they have a nice person at home is beyond me. You aren’t all that and when you lose your ‘glimmer’ your ass will be gone, yes you Lamar.

  34. Jayna says:

    He’s been far too quiet on this girl blabbing to the media. Now it’s damage control. Sorry, he’s a wanderer. Khloe deserves better.

  35. homegrrl says:

    Makes me want to stay single. I’m 45 and look really the best I can look for my age, with years of clean living and fitness. But do I have to go for slow sedate men in their 60′s and 70′s?
    Younger celebrity men want hot young chicks that leave when the relationship starts. Serial hot sex, that’s what they have the energy for.
    I don’t want a slack old guy. I’m doomed!!!

  36. Mia says:

    I wonder if Khloe was able to get her kicked out? Otherwise she made a spectacle of herself for no reason. Lamar looks disgusting for cheating, and she looks like she has no dignity for staying with him. And this Jennifer chick looks like an idiot with no respect for herself, publicizing that she’s an NBA sperm receptacle. All in all, no one looks good here.

  37. swack says:

    “Richardson was seated just a few rows behind Khloe, who “went nuts”” Why are we now just hearing about this confrontation? Something is wrong with this story.

  38. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Lord , girl get some dignity and kick that randy bull back into the pasture he likes to graze and hump the cows in…..He ain’t worth it…..I can never ever understand why a woman blames the other woman for her husband cheating……If the mans faithful and true to you and you alone another woman can stand on her head naked and crawl all over him and he will not cheat…..HE IS THE ONE who cheated….cause if you can me faithful in your vows so can he even……..He’s not worth keeping…..

  39. All Mark says:

    Aww I always liked Khloe – I always sensed she was more vulnerable emotionally than her sisters.
    That trick better not come for Khloe, though. She will CUT A CHICK! And the Armenian mafia will harass her (aka Pimp Mama Kris)…

  40. Jag says:

    Cloe, find your backbone and kick him to the curb for good! He’s a lying, cheating scumbag and you deserve better. Stop being stupid by believing him. You asked her why she was there? To sleep with your husband if you weren’t there!