Jonas Brothers increase security to protect their underpants

Apparently rabid teenage fans are starting to get a bit much for the Jonas Brothers. They’ve had to amp up security – to protect their underpants.

Teen pop sensations the Jonas Brothers have reportedly increased security after an unidentified group of fans began running off with their underwear.

During the band’s recent tour, the trio reportedly began noticing pairs of boxer shorts disappearing from their dressing rooms and initially passed it off as a gag.

But when notes began to turn up in the guys’ garment bags proclaiming: “Your undies are safe with us… The Undie Snatchers!” the brothers are said to have hired more security staff to keep their possessions safe.

According to the National Enquirer, all guests including crew, press and friends, must now be escorted to the Jonas’ dressing rooms backstage.

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I would have been by far more impressed if they were stealing the underwear while the lads were still wearing them, but I guess you can’t have everything. A more simple solution might be to install a lock on their suitcase, instead of getting security to escort guests backstage. Presumably there was already a security presence screening who could come backstage.

The Jonas Brothers will be performing at the children’s inauguration party in Washington, along with Miley Cyrus. Since Miley is the ex-girlfriend of Nick, I’m hoping for one of those embarrassing hallway moments, like you used to suffer at school. Those traveling, tutored teens deserve to have some semblance of a normal childhood, and not knowing how to act around your ex-girlfriend who bad-mouthed you should be included. Of course, us common folk get a comment written on the back of a high school toilet door, not a song for the whole world to hear.

The Jonas Brothers are shown at The Golden Globes on 1/11/09. Credit: WENN


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6 Responses to “Jonas Brothers increase security to protect their underpants”

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  1. Dizzybenny says:

    please LORD let this be the last of the boy bands!!!i dont think these guys are gay because gay people dress better then me they look like geeks you know the ones back in the 70′s that had the pale blue tuxedos with the black bowtie?(shuter)

  2. photo jojo says:

    I fear this is a sign that I am just getting old but… I don’t get the Jonas Brothers. At. All.

  3. carey says:

    Jojo….that’s because you must not have a tween daughter in your midst! My life is all Jonas all the time! Bubble gum pop…brain fluff. I think back to my own crush on David Cassidy and realize that I just have to smile through the pain, make sure she is exposed to some good ole rock ‘n roll, and let puberty take its course!

    BTW…Helen! Did you not see the Golden Globes? Miley and her family lined up to interview with Ryan Seacrest RIGHT BEHIND the JoBro’s! SO Painful to watch…and her dad even stopped them to talk! Brutal. I bet she let him have it after the show!

  4. BabySanta says:

    I feel sorry for them. I would be totally freaked out if someone would steal my underwear! LOL!

  5. vdantev says:

    Yeah hate for their little glittery pink cotton Hannah Montana panties to get stolen. *Eye roll*

  6. carol says:

    queridas eu seria a 1 a roubar uma cueca ou bermuda de um deles ,amo demais eles e isso nao seria uma locura mais sim um gesto de amor ,,,,,nick te adoro