Benedict Cumberbatch’s Vogue feature is the sexiest he’s ever looked, ever

**NOTE: The Vogue photos have been removed from this post, per Vogue’s request.

Um. OMG. Um. I am having FEELINGS, y’all. Benedict Cumberbatch is featured in the September issue of Vogue and I am having real feelings about this header photo, done by Annie Leibovitz after what I’m assuming was a terrific shag. I’m not saying Cumberbatch and Leibovitz shagged (she’s a lesbian, but Cumby might have converted her…?), but I definitely think this is Cumby’s sex hair. And OMG. I want to run my fingers through his sex hair. I want to have sex with this photo. Feelings. So many feelings.

But the interview is utterly charming too, once you manage to pry yourself away from Leibovitz’s brilliant sex photo. Here are some highlights:

On his performance as Julian Assange: “I thought he should be more… not stiff, but like a guy who does a lot of yoga. It’s that strength where people look weak but their core is strong. He’s incredibly poised. Back straight. His head leans to the side. There’s this thing about him being very reserved and austere. I wanted him to be a little bit more like a rock star. There is something almost boyish – a joy about him. I wanted him to smile.”

He’s an old soul: “Somebody said to me the other day, ‘You’re an overnight success’ – but it didn’t happen overnight,” Cumberbatch says, ordering a beet-and-avocado salad. “Weirdly, when I was young I always wanted to be 32, I just thought it was the age when things would get to that comfortable driving-seat position: a young father, career that was stable. That was the age I’ve always been romantic about. I think I was an old soul. A teacher once compared me to William Blake, which was a little worrying: I never saw visions of angels in trees in graveyards by the side of the road.”

Rebecca Hall on her friend: “His voice mail messages are one of the great highlights of our friendships. They contain an entire conversation. They’re just joyous.”

He was a theater geek and a rugby player: “So everyone was confused – ‘There’s that chap from the rugby pitch, takes his tackles low and doesn’t complain when he comes out of it badly, And oh, look, there he is wearing a wig and prancing around being Titania, queen of the fairies.’ I covered all the bases.”

On Assange’s relationship with Daniel Domscheit-Berg: “There’s an element of seduction, intimacy, and then rejection. They are almost like lovers.”

His age: “I feel more in my 20s than I did when I was in my 20s.”

His relationship with Olivia Poulet (they split in 2010): “It happened very gradually, very mutually. We’re still very good friends. There was no acrimony. I love her, adore her, always will.”

On his career: “If I were lucky enough to be in the 4 percent of our population that’s working, that’s the first blessing. Second blessing is if you get any decent work; the third blessing is if you get variety of work…”

[From Vogue, print edition, September 2013]

There are tons of quotes from people who love Cumby, like Gary Oldman and Danny Boyle and Alice Eve, who claims that she’s been friends with Cumberbatch for nearly a decade. Vogue also jokes about how long-winded Benedict can be, saying that when asked about Meryl Streep, “he delivers a ten-minute answer… brilliantly digressive, touching on Assange and Margaret Thatcher, on process and music and notes.”

Sigh… I want Cumby to leave me a voice mail message. I want him to order a beet and avocado salad in front of me. I want to see his Sex Hair in person. I am a ride-or-die Cumberbitch.

Photos courtesy of PR Photos.

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    The photoshopping isn’t great (where is his neck in the second one?), but MY GOD that is one fine picture. That’s what we shall look like when we stay home in the fall and sip whiskey by the fireplace.

    I hope Wanda has a print out of this in an owl frame on her mantlepiece.

    Plus, I would like to say that of all the million terrible shirts that he wears over and over and over and over and over again, WHY is he not wearing this green one constantly? It’s perfect for him.

    ETA: Note to Hiddles. See the William Blake reference? That’s how it’s done.

  2. crab says:

    I think he’s rather odd looking, sorry! :(

  3. Sixer says:

    That first picture is sex on a stick. And I’m only a third class ticket on the Cumby train generally.

    Poor TommyAnne. Cumby gets Annie Liebowitz. Tommy gets Cara Delimannoyingandposh and Paedo Pete sniggering.

  4. MissMary says:

    I do love me some Cumberbatch but even I have to admit he looks fantastic with the filters and ‘shopping they did on these pics. But…still hot, lol. He’s on my “freebie” list w/my partner, lol. If he ever lost his mind and decided “hey, that one, I’d do her”, I get a pass.

  5. Eli says:

    Since when is Anna Wintour a lesbian? I must’ve missed something.

  6. Annabelle says:

    I’ve tried so hard, but I just can’t find him attractive.

  7. Tish says:

    “There’s also been talk about the two men tackling a stage production of Hamlet”

    Oldman as Claudius?! DEAR GOD!!!

    It must be so goddamn satisfying to be called by Gary Oldman (who everybody freaking idolizes) as a Porsche 911.

  8. JennJ says:

    Wow, great photo! I love his quote on playing rugby and acting too.

  9. Elodie says:

    My mate met him at the music festival and said he was a fun chap to hang out with.

    Apart from that, I don’t find him attractive one bit. More for you ladies :-)

  10. Mel says:

    I’ll pass, thanks. More Cumberbatch for you ladies!

  11. blue marie says:

    the top picture is probably the best I’ve seen him, but the second one looks like he has a dirty upper lip.

    I’ll admit to liking when someone gives good messages, I call back quicker.

  12. Leah says:

    I do think he is odd looking and i dont find him hot. But he is a good actor and hiddleston should take note, this is how to give an interview, charming, self deprecating, humble and funny. No big headed bragging just let other actors talk you up.

  13. Steph says:

    That first pic is … There are no words for how sexy it is.

  14. maria says:

    uhm…don’t kill me but he reminds me of Chris Martin in the first pic. I guess it’s good to know they photoshop men to hell as well and not just women

  15. Kiddo says:

    I’m not generally in the ultra-enthusiastic fan club, but very nice photos, he looks good here and Liebowitz was more inspired than usual. I like all the green and blue toning. Well done (except for the photoshop issues mentioned above). I still haven’t watched him in anything yet, so I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon.

  16. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I put the blame squarely on you people. Because of you, I watched Sherlock. Because of you, I opened this post and saw the picture in the green shirt. Because of you, I am now a complete and total convert. Oh. My. God. I get it, I got it. Bad.

  17. T.Fanty says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIGHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bijlee says:

    It was an okay interview. I like that people aren’t fawning over him endlessly. The fawning is a little more subtle not over the top.

  19. Lacy says:

    OH MY. Well then, Mr. Cumberbatch, that’s an open invitation if ever I saw one…

    But good GREIF were there more from this pose??? DO they ever post out takes or things? This pose! Those clothes! That hair! The expression! Cumbersex has arrived!! I like it! I love it! I want some more of it! (…I tried, so hard, I can’t rise of above it… ahem)

  20. Fatty Cakes says:

    I love the quote on his career. He managed to express desire for the best work without sounding whiny or entitled, and also show gratitude for what he already has. In 2 sentences. Brevity for the win!

  21. Lacy says:

    Can the green shirt be his next “go to” shirt?? I like the blue shirt. I think the blue shirt has been good for him.

    I’m just thinking… purely from a ~style standpoint, of course, nothing vulgar or inapprorpiate, you see… but what I’m thinking is that perhaps he should try the green shirt? Maybe open a few buttons? You know… just… a thought. Ahem. Tousle his hair a little? Yes. Well.

    Nice article- seems to capture a lot- Cumby’s ramblings and enthusiasm, but also his passion for what he does, and the respect he has earned from his colleagues! And woot! Oldman! :)

  22. Jenna says:

    Aww, I miss the Cumberposts of old…when the shanks were flying free. -sigh-

    When is Sherlock coming back again?

  23. Lindy79 says:

    Oh my good lord. The raised thigh, the arm behind the head.

    He’s just asking for trouble in that pic.
    And by trouble, I mean me sitting on him.

  24. Laura says:

    *faints gently unto his lap*

  25. GeeMoney says:

    Love him! I’m currently drooling over that first picture of him.

  26. Linda L says:



    He must be weeping on his early AM run along the Pacific Ocean right now.

    “I’ve got Tumblr wrapped around my little finger! They write PORN about m-m-me! But why doesn’t Gary-living-legend-Oldman talk about ME like t-t-that?”

  27. jen says:

    His face makes me want to vomit.

  28. Vesta says:

    YIPPEE-KI-YAY MOTHERF***KEER…and the Holy Hobbits

    *THAT* green shirt picture should be ILLEGAL.

    But…the comment that he feels more like a guy in his 20s now ?

    Does it mean the same as it means with Clooney, Leo di Creepio, BCooper etc. ?
    Those boys are forever in their 20s…I am worried again :o

  29. Andrea says:

    I’m not attracted to him but he’s a good actor and seems like a nice man. So I get it.

    I don’t need to be personally attracted to soneone to get their appeal.

  30. Anoni Mus says:

    I have progressively gotten on the Cumby train for the last few months, an although I’m not outright obsessed, I find myself interested in his affairs.

    It seems he’s truly arrived, and I hope he keeps a healthy distance from the Hollywood machine. He seems grounded and real, and that’s what I find most attractive about him. And the voice…And the intelligence…

    Regarding the photos, he looks great, but photoshop much? In the pic on the street it looks as if his head is pasted on. I thought Annie Leibovitz was top notch, these seem amateurish to me, and only Cumbys charisma makes them good.

  31. Ann says:

    Sexy???!!! I’m afraid I don’t get his appeal. At. All. To me he looks extremely unattractive.

  32. Tish says:

    IKR! And not just Hiddles. Every actor of his generation would beg for praise like that from Oldman. Cumby hit gold befriending and impressing him.

    Oldman actually named his 3 top young actors when he was doing his press tour for TTSS. And they’re Cumby, Fassy and Hardy.

  33. EscapedConvent says:

    A few thoughts:

    The top photo is devastating—he looks all post-shag rumply & exhausted. Mmmmm…

    His eyes are not that color. They change color, but they’re never that color.

    I might be the only C-bitch bothered by the William Blake reference, but if anyone else (cough *Hiddles* ahem) said this, we would yell at him for “humble bragging.” It sounds pretentious to me but I still adore him.

    • Sixer says:

      I think this is probably a “fair cop, gov” comment, EsCon! You’re right. Although, to be completely honest, I didn’t read the interview excerpt. I’ve pretty much decided to give up on reading or listening to what any of these actor people say, unless it’s their LINES. It’s always a crashing disappointment or a cringe.

      I’m standing by the flattering comparison of magazine shoots though: Cumby got Annie and some serious cool; Tommy got Cara and a seedy whiff of Lolita.

      I’m almost feeling sorry for the Tomster.

    • curlsunited says:

      You are right. Unusual shade of blue. Looks great in the picture, but it is not his natural eye colour. Pity.

    • T.fanty says:

      You know I take absolute joy in Cumby penchant for inappropriate name-dropping. Like a true Olivier-winning actor whom Meryl Streep adores, his inability to do it with any degree of subtlety (or relevance) is what makes it so much more fun than when TommyAnne dies it. I’m already so excited for the inevitable moment he drags the Gary Oldman compliment into an interview. And he’ll completely exaggerate what was said, forgetting that we’ve all read it.

      The difference here is that Cumby wears his foolishness openly. TommyAnne tries to present himself as perfect.

    • T.fanty says:

      You know I take absolute joy in Cumby penchant for inappropriate name-dropping. Like a true Olivier-winning actor whom Meryl Streep adores, his inability to do it with any degree of subtlety (or relevance) is what makes it so much more fun than when TommyAnne dies it. I’m already so excited for the inevitable moment he drags the Gary Oldman compliment into an interview. And he’ll completely exaggerate what was said, forgetting that we’ve all read it.

      The difference here is that Cumby wears his foolishness openly. TommyAnne tries to present himself as perfect. Plus, TommyAnne probably does consider his left foot to be fairly Miltonic.

    • Sixer says:

      T.Fanty: so good she says it twice. (Sorry missy!)

    • LilyRose says:

      The writer deserves much of the credit. She/he crafted an interesting profile from what sounds like hours of rambling nonsense.

      Profiles are hard to write, the subjects can come across as self indulgent and full of it (because are talking about themselves) But this writer was able to communicate and build a coherent picture of what meeting Cumberbatch was like.

  34. insomniac says:

    I love, love, LOVE the first picture, but what the hell is going on with the second one? It looks like his head was pasted on someone else’s body. Badly.

    Oh well (goes back to drool over first picture again…)

  35. Dani says:

    I don’t actually see that much photoshop in the first picture besides maybe the clearing of his skin/wrinkles. The second one is meh, but the first one. Hot damn.

    Don’t mind me, just going to take this picture and sit in my corner.

  36. Anna says:

    Y’all I don’t even want kids but I would sooooo have his. Now.

  37. T.fanty says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Cumby won’t make a great Hamlet?

  38. T.fanty says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Cumby won’t necessarily make a great Hamlet?

    • Janey says:

      I agree with you. It feels a bit like his time to play that role has gone – I know he’s about the right age now but I think his Hamlet would have been good about 5 years ago – when he was still quite callow and hadn’t taken the step up he has recently. To be honest, Hamlet as a role doesn’t excite me, I’d much rather see him play Coriolanus or Leontes or, he could be very good to me, and play Macbeth. That would be interesting – conflicted, damaged, in pain but a man of action.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Yes. I saw Tennant’s Hamlet and I couldn’t get past the fact that he just seemed WAY too old for the role. There’s a myth that you can play it until 40, which is fine, but you really have to be a youthful forty. Cumby (and Tennant) have way too much command and presence for me ever to believe that they can’t commit to their sense of unease. There’s a confidence and a gravity some men acquire as they get older and you can’t act that away. It’s an aura.

      • Janey says:

        Yeah – that’s exactly it. The success he’s having seems to have given him more confidence (not that I think he was a bag of nerves or insecurities before) and command of his performance. I like David Tennant, there’s always something to commend in his performances but he also annoys the hell out of me because he plays to the back of the stalls. It’s always so BIG!! And he doesn’t need to – he can do quiet and it’s really affecting, maybe he just doesn’t convince me with the switch between emotions. (I come from a house of Tennant lovers, I am not allowed to say such things, usually)

    • curlsunited says:


      He MIGHT be a great Hamlet and I’d love to hear him deliver those long, long monologues, but it is a hell of a challenge for even the best of actors. I remember Daniel Day-Lewis’ Hamlet in the National Theatre … quite disappointing.

    • Sixer says:

      I think he’d do ok. But I might set the cat amongst the pigeons twice:

      1) I can see TommyAnne as Hamlet more than I can Cumby (and more than I can see TommyAnne as Coriolanus).

      2) If I had to pick a Shakespearean role for Cumby, I’d go with Shylock (confessing bias for that play).

      And, as an aside, my dearest girlish wish is for one of these guys (not just TommyAnne and Cumby, but everyone we like) to give a stellar Shakespearean performance and to write a beautiful book about preparing for it, a la Sher and Richard. I’d forgive ‘em any amount of subsequent PR nonsense if they’d just do that.

    • MissMary says:

      I honestly think he’s too old for Hamlet if only b/c Hamlet was supposed to be in his 20′s, iirc. And Cumby is too…I don’t know. He’s not “old” old but he’s past Hamlet. Iago, definitely. I’d love to see him as Iago. Ooooh ,or Prospero. But he may not have enough gravitas yet for Prospero.

      • Helena says:

        I think that Hamlet was supposed to be thirty two. Incidentally, Alan Rickman payed ‘Hamlet’ some years ago when he was in his early forties and had a sell out run in the West End plus a sell out tour. I think that Benedict would be a superb Hamlet but would the role be a good choice ? I don’t think so.It wouldn’t be unpredictable that he’d do it very well and perhaps an actor needs to have some unpredictibility in his choice of work.

  39. EscapedConvent says:

    I’m not sure what everyone thinks a turtleneck is supposed to do. That’s where his neck is—under the turtle-y part.

    • Lucrezia says:

      A turtleneck is supposed to keep your neck warm. But a turtle’s neck is supposed to keep its head from falling off.

      Cumby’s turtleneck seems to be failing the second part … his head somehow seems to be floating in a separate plane to the rest of his body. However I blame photoshop, not the sweater.

  40. Sally says:

    When these pics came out yesterday every one was going nuts on my tumblr, google+, twitter and facebook. Lol he looks so good. I will be picking this up. And I never buy vogue.

  41. Rose says:

    This is a great interview. And I love how they start off the article acknowledging that he talks alot. Thats one of his imperfections but thats why we like him.

  42. Tingle says:

    I was waiting for Kaiser to post these yesterday. It should of been a breaking news story lol

    Anyway I love the facial hair. It just adds a little something to his face. I remember watching him in wreckers and thought he looked good rough.

  43. lisa says:

    he does look less like a ferret here

  44. Faye says:

    I remember when he was first featured on here back in ’11 I think. Kaiser wasn’t really hot for him like that but she did like him.

    Months go by and she is completely cumberbatched.

    I think thats why I like him. Its a slow thing to get his appeal. Some might look at him their 1st glance and fall in love(my cousin). And it will take some time for others. Or some might not get it at all.

    Also him being “weird looking” works for him IMO. It sets him apart from everyone else(although he does have a couple of look alikes). High sharp cheekbones, eyes change colors, almond shaped eyes, perfectly shaped lips. You are bound to look different with those features.

  45. Samantha says:

    The sad thing is that he will soon cut his hair for his upcoming roles. *Bows head in hands and cries*.

    I think we need to cherish these lovely curly dark locks moments because they will be gone soon.

  46. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    A). The September issue? NICE. He’s here, kids.

    2). That first photo is doing things to me. And I normally don’t have that problem when I see him.

    (also, he comes off as incredibly charming. Good for him).

  47. Pam says:

    Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch I will gladly volunteer one day when you decide to settle down and have your kids. Any day, minute, year, hour. I volunteer.

  48. Cora says:

    I’ve never seen a sexy photo of this man … until now! What beautiful pictures!

  49. Katy says:

    He looks great here. Always found him fascinating to look at and read about.

  50. Rues says:

    As a woman I am insanely jealous of his lips especially the top one. Its so perfectly shaped. Cupids bow I think thats what they call it.

  51. Abby says:

    Ohhhh myyyy godddd…..bye bye ovaries!!!!! He looks delicious, I can seriously eat him right now lol. That first pic is just ughh I have no words to describe it. Though I agree with those who said second one is badly photoshopped. But Cumberbatch just makes everything beautiful for me :)

    Coming to the interview I loved what Danny Boyle said about him investigating hollywood and not vice-versa. See this proves Cumberbatch is definitely talented when he gets praised by such legend like Gary Oldman and genius director like Boyle. Even the quote by Rebecca Hall is so cute…I wish he had left me a voicemail.

    He is so charming in the interview gahhh stahpppp it Cumby. Anyhow I can fangirl over him non-stop so I shall put a period here.

    Best news from the article was that he might do Hamlet. I would love to see his take on the charachter, it will be somehing totally different from him. Goooooo Cumbyyyyyy *dances like a maniac*

  52. Tina says:

    Love the photos and this interview. This also gets me excited for Sherlock. I think it was nice of him to say that he wants sherlock to air in the US at the same time as the UK. That would be perfect if it can happen. PBS get on it!

  53. Kae says:

    Oh god he can get it. I’ve had a crush on him for a long time.

  54. BB&TT says:

    I wish he would stop smoking but that looks like it won’t happen anytime soon. But on to important things he looks really beautiful and this interview was interesting especially the part with the voicemails which was cute.

  55. MARSHA says:

    Kaisers comments are always funny. And yes more Sherlock can’t wait. Lord knows after season 3 how long we will have to wait for season 4. If you guys thought 2 years was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Ps Cumby is hot no matter what.

  56. Dani says:

    Ehhh…..still not interested.

  57. Pink says:

    Dear Lord, he IS ugly. Sorry!

  58. Katie says:

    dang Jlaw and Bcumbs in one magazine together? I might actually buy Septembers Vogue!

  59. mimi says:

    While I’m a huge fan of his acting and I think he’s quite intelligent, I never really fancied him, looks-wise. But that picture of him is very nice. He looks quite sexy even! I may have to reconsider my original assessment of him.

  60. Miss M says:

    Nice photoshop, i meant to say picture. Still NOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, not getting the Batch fever.

  61. Ginger says:

    It’s a great article, minus the awful Photoshop disaster that is the second photo.

    I really enjoy how Cumby’s extreme hyperactivity comes across so clearly in the article. Come sit in my lap, baby – I can relax you!

    Slightly OT – apparently somebody spotted him at the V&A Bowie exhibit with a woman – no details as to whether she was a blonde or a redhead : p

    • Lindy79 says:

      Only saw the ones of him speaking with the fan whose bag he signed. In his lovely purple jeans and tight stripey top.

    • tizzyfizzy says:

      Well, he was spotted there (I think there were a few fan pics that made it out?)… did not hear about the woman, though! Figured he wouldn’t be alone, but yeah- no mention of who he was with!

      Oh dear, haha!

      I’m sure she’s just an “old friend” of course!! ;P

    • Ginger says:

      It showed up on the latest ONTD thread:

      ONTD doesn’t fangirl BC very much – in fact, a lot of the posters don’t get him/don’t like him, so the tidbits in those threads tend to be fairly on point.

      • tizzyfizzy says:


        I saw that tidbit as well… but couldn’t find the source material?

        I only did a cursory search, but tumblr didn’t seem to care, and I couldn’t find anything on twitter when I did a BC search… admittedly, my twitter/tumblr search skills are kind of… less that good?

        After all of the hullabaloo (if that’s not a real word, I have just made it one.) about blondes and redheads and stumbling out of clubs and giving “acting advice” (wink wink nudge nudge), you’d think ANY public appearance where he shows up with a female companion would warrant notice/attention?

        I dunno. Maybe it’s a delayed response? Or maybe fans are just actually trying to stay respectful of him and his private life (…yeah. that’s all I got.)

        Hrm. Anyway, he looked very cute in his purple pants and striped shirt.

      • Lindy79 says:

        They have such irrational hatred for him on there I tend to avoid it. He could wipe out world hunger and they would still be saying his face looks like a melted basin.

      • tizzyfizzy says:


        Oh, I agree! However, I think even a few of them had to admit he looked pretty good in these photos (except the second… unfortunately…)

      • Guest says:

        Yeah, they tend to go over the top even though there are some very funny posters who genuinely seem to like BC.
        Anyway, wouldn’t be too sure that this is true. I have a Twitter BC column and although there were numerous sightings of him, no one mentioned who he was with. The usual suspects such as Tumblr, DL or even ONTD (except this one poster) are completely silent. And they tend to go crazy over much smaller things than this.

        To stay OT, the Vogue shoot and article are really good!

      • Tish says:

        I know Cumby does friends with benefits. I actually believe the Alice Eve thing (and maybe the heiress too). But that Russian? Nah. Don’t think so. It’s all publicity. Her play’s production company actually tweeted those “acting lesson” articles from the Telegraph (the writer of the article is a pal of the director or something) and the Daily Fail. And her boyfriend (who is all over her instagram) is a publicist. I think the Russian set it all up.

        Have a feeling the actual girlfriend is the redhead. In that photo of him in the salon, she’s the lady beside him.

      • Lacy says:

        Know know? As in… know, like, know information about it for certain?

        Just curious, haha… I mean, I would guess he’s not celibate, so there are no doubt girlfriends/flings/fwbs

        Also, I’d be on board with the redhead! (not that it matters, tho, ha! Cumby does as he pleases!)

      • Van says:

        She may be exaggerating but Benedict does indeed have anxiety issues. He’s said it himself in a few interviews over the years, most recently in a (pretty decent) Daily Mail article from May where he expressed that his trouble with remembering lines has caused him to have meltdowns on the set of Sherlock.

      • Tish says:

        Woops. I just *think* I know. Haha! But seriously though. He’s been single for almost over a year. So I wouldn’t put it past him. Wouldn’t put it past any guy.

        Curious if he is going to bring a lady at TIFF. I remember Venice with Anna.

      • Van says:


        Yes but it’s not just that one particular point in time. He’s always been a worrier and I can see where the rumors of a clinical anxiety disorder comes from.

        Like in this old interview, from back when he was with Olivia for example:

    • Ginger says:

      It’s a very interesting combination of haters and stans over there.

      The haters can’t stand his Tumblr fans, so they take it out on him. It’s not very original – it’s repetitive and, as you said, irrational.

      It didn’t always used to be that way over there! They turned on him when they felt he was being overexposed. It’s par for the course at ONTD. They did it to Hiddleston, too.

      The people on ONTD who are neither big stans nor big haters tend to post the accurate gossip. There is, however, a stan called Jello on ONTD who’s a fan, but level headed and sane; she posts some great stuff too. Check for her on those threads – even the BC haters like her.

      • Maureen says:

        I love Jello!! She is *hilarious*.

      • Serena says:

        Jello is far from sane. She’s posted some frankly barmy stuff about the guy and more often than not – outright lies. Her last corker was his ‘diagnosed severe clinical anxiety disorder, which he’s receiving meds for’… Compete bull.

      • Van says:


        (Posted this in the wrong place before- sorry!)

        She may be exaggerating but Benedict does indeed have anxiety issues. He’s said it himself in a few interviews over the years, most recently in a (pretty decent) Daily Mail article from May where he expressed that his trouble with remembering lines has caused him to have meltdowns on the set of Sherlock.

      • Maureen says:

        It’s worth remembering that Benedict had a hugely painful break-up of a long-term, live-in relationship during the time that Sherlock was filming. He has said that the the lead-up to the end of the relationship had him very worried and very anxious. And then the end came. This is like going through a divorce, and anyone who has been through this or something similar knows the anxiety, remorse, and regret a person feels. I’ve no doubt this contributed greatly to whatever problems he was having on-set.

    • MissMary says:

      TBF, he does do FWBs and DOES have a lot of female friends (literally just friends). It seems like the woman with him might have been his assistant or not-date since i t’s not a “thing” in any gossip column and he’s being eyeballed hard lately for romance gossip.

      Same re Asprey… they’ve actually known each other since acting school and are actual “old friends”. I don’t think he’s seriously dating anyone lately (and maybe the KE debacle made him gunshy…who knows really…) but I know a few folks who run into him regularly for work related reasons (PR, etc) and say he’s always very nice and always has a friend or PA with him (maybe, if he has anxiety issues, it’s a coping thing? OR he just likes to hang out with friends…)

  62. AB says:

    still getting the creepy guy/serial killer vibe from him – sorry!

  63. The Original Mia says:

    This is the best he’s looked. It’s the tan.

  64. d says:

    first photo is a nice photography. but I really am not attracted to him at all! I find him very odd looking in a weird way. don’t get the lust.

  65. Sarah says:

    He ALWAYS gives an amazing performance. No one is harder on him then he is himself. So I have no qualms about his Hamlet. If he’s decided thats his next stage role then I’m sure it will be stunning. I love how he can get actors of the calibre of Oldman to join forces with him on pet projects like Hamlet. Now he needs a auteur film director to really make the most of his talent.

  66. Sarah says:

    If people had seen him on stage they’d know how brilliant and versatile a stage actor he is. Rattigan’s After the Dance, Ionesco’s Rhinosceros, Tennessee William’s Period of Adjustment and Frisch’s The Arsonists are all very different. I’m very confident he;ll be outstanding.

  67. Lisa says:

    I guess he looks good in the first pic, but he will never inspire a tingle.

  68. Lindsay says:

    I will miss the Sherlock hair. I know he says he hates it cause it womanly but he really has great hair at that length. That being said his short hair is great to. I wonder will he color his hair again. God that red hair that he had back in 2011 looked sooo good on him.

  69. allheavens says:

    I want his lips. NOW! That photo in the green shirt might make me leave my husband. Just kidding honey, well maybe…

    But enough silliness; the interview was pretty close to perfection, no gaffes, he was humble, intuitive and charming.

    Cumberbatch got Annie, well hells bells. And Anna must love his ass to put him in the September issue.

    Oldman calling him a Porsche 911, probably had Cumby crying (has well as Hiddles).

    So can we now say he has “arrived”.

  70. Paris says:

    Happy how his career has turned out. Unlike some of his peers. Great that he is continually getting work. If he keeps down this career path and choosing wise projects, I see an Oscar in his future. That 1st pic is giving me all type of hormonal rushes.

  71. Sarah says:

    He looks the best I’ve seen him look here but I just don’t see the appeal.

  72. Lax says:

    This is going to be a huge issue. This is big for Benny. Also Jennifer Lawrence is in the issue to. I have never brought vogue but I will buy this issue. 2 of my faves are featured in it.

  73. allheavens says:

    God, I need a proofreader. LOL!

  74. fab says:

    He is so hot. My favorite Brit at the moment.

  75. Bella Bella says:

    Ugh! I still don’t get it.

    What’s wrong with me? I don’t find him or Tom Hiddleston even remotely attractive to the point that someone would have to PAY ME money to have sex with either one of them.

    I want to understand it. I want to be cool.

  76. Mairead says:

    I should say “HOSE YERSELF DOWN WOMAN!”,
    But… Oh my! :oops:

    I wonder who the lucky assistant who got to unbutton him slightly was? ;)

  77. Olivia says:

    He is acquired taste. Some people find him hot some dont. Its so simple. But this is with everyone. Some people find Megan fox hot some people dont and say shes plastic looking. I think he’s goodlooking. But like someone said attractive & goodlooking are different. Someone can be goodlooking but not attractive because of a certain vibe they may give off. Someone can be ugly but attractive. Now Im not a Tom Hiddleston fan but I can see why girls like him. Same with Cumberbatch.

  78. Paula says:

    Lawd jesus it’s a fire. He is looking pretty fine in this spread. I wish they had a behind the scenes video of this shoot.

  79. flower says:

    Sorry, does not do it for me.

    Even though I think Hiddles is super poshy prance and is becoming a royal pain in the ***, I still prefer him.

  80. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Sexy is not a word I would use to describe this person.

  81. Lady says:

    I like the dark hair on him but only when its in his signature sherlock style. But in the 1st pic his hair looks good. My favorite is the red hair. And maybe once I was digging the blonde. Interesting to see if he goes back to red for Crimsons Peak. I know him and Chastain are playing bro & sis and shes a redhead.

  82. Ginger says:

    Wow! I don’t even find Cumby hot and I love this photo.

  83. Maritza says:

    He looks like a less older version of Dennis Quaid.

  84. Argirl says:

    I just don’t get it. Not sexy.

  85. Miss M says:

    I wonder if Eve is going to put the divorce papers on hold after this photo…

  86. Helena says:

    I find it interesting that Cumbs doesn’t have a more obvious, expression of trying to make the observer think, ‘sexy’, in that first pic, eg there’s no half open mouth or half closed eyes.He apparently, isn’t making an effort.It’s the difference between doing – or being. The pose, is sexy but nothing else is needed except for him to just look at the camera. If someone said, ” Think ‘romantic hero’, go a bit Byronesque “, the result is a managing to get many people to react to that image without having had to give many really obvious cues to get, that reaction. Romantic heroes don’t have to, try. They don’t give a stuff and they inhabit the moor, the stately home, the gypsy caravan or whatever,being indifferent, free and not, making an effort to charm others-until the right woman comes along, haha. It’s not actually arrogance..which is also absent from the picture – it’s just natural. Whether people fancy Cumbs or not and I’m not actually posting about that,in rambling about what I think the photograph is about.I think it’s a very clever portrait. He’s brilliant at ‘inhabiting’ characters and I think the picture suggests, ” Cast him in a romantic leading man role”. I think it’s like a still, of an potential role and that it works. It didn’t even need a backdrop, props or costume, for most people to get the ‘message’and Annie Leibovitz often uses, all of those. The direct but almost passive, stare is similar to what one would see from a beautiful wild cat in repose,, just staring back at you.It’s not trying, to impress or engage -it just – is. Great example I think of subject and photographer capturing what was intended, ie ‘Perfect Storm’-natural havoc, almost impassive to the havoc caused. Romanticism as a waterfront, has been well and truly covered.

  87. Gina says:

    i bet the russian wannabee gf is effing jealous of this editorial. checked her back catalogue and she is such a d-list model and she’s old in the model world. it was clever to associate herself with theatre and cumberbatch but i don’t think those widely misinterpreted photos will do it for her.

    • Sheila says:

      That whole situation seemed shady. She got the publicity and now we learn shes gonna be acting in something. Hmmmmm. I’m not one to be in conspiracies but I’m starting to believe the ppl on ONTD when they called her out. Which is sad because that site is garbage.

      • Tish says:

        I gave her the benefit of the doubt too. I thought it was B’s Oscar campaign kick-off (HAHAHA). But with her play’s production company re-tweeting gossip from the Daily Mail and knowing that her boyfriend is a publicist, I really think it’s her plan all along. And this is a model who posted a stock photo of her and Kate Moss on Instagram, and then bad mouthed Moss in the Daily Mail the same day and actually posted a photo of her friend reading the article. She’s determined, I give her that. But no one will bother about the play anyway. I think a lot of B’s fans realized she’s just riding his fame.

      • Lindy79 says:

        It will certainly be interesting to see if he makes an appearance during the plays run. If she used him the way most people think she did, then he should learn from it, not be bitter but avoid it like the plague and not allow himself to be used for any more publicity, which is what some people say he was doing at his birthday where she was not present and his people also made no comment about their relationship, or the “acting lessons” yet he did with Charlotte (red haired friend). If he turns up(and she will make SURE the press knows he is there, he wont get away with sneaking in) then…I honestly won’t know what to make of it, especially since she is now claiming to have a boyfriend of 4 years.

        I honestly don’t think he’s dating anyone though. His priority at the moment is clearly work and a relationship and a family wouldn’t fit, which is where I think the “I’m living my 20′s” and “I’m not urgently needing a family” comments have stemmed from. I know a few people who had serious relationships all through their 20′s so they never did the whole dating/casual scene really. When he made the bulk of the family comments, he was pretty fresh out of a long term thing (lazy journalists tended to rehash comments he made in 2011/2010 so they looked more recent than they were), so was probably thinking he’d missed his chance or looking back at what might have been when a lot of his friends were married with children.

  88. Kaylie says:

    Good actor. Decent to his fans/people he meets out in public and no nasty gossip about being an ass on set, etc.

    I can’t understand why his looks always come up, however. It’s got no bearing on his talent and attraction really is a subjective, personal preference thing.

  89. Jane says:

    He is not conventionally handsome, but there is something about him…… Yeah, this picture does it for me. I cannot say that about the other picture though.

  90. Eunice says:

    I have ADHD, the combined type. And I know a lot who has ADHD the hyperactive kind and I think BC has it too. Lucky him for having the luxury of pursuing extreme hobbies/ sports, doing yoga and meditation and acting. I believe those helped him a lot in controlling his hyperactivity.

    • Katherine Winters says:

      I completely agree and am stunned that this isn’t more widely recognized. My son has ADHD and Benedict plainly does, too. He has himself admitted that he has ADHD. Of the three types (primarily inattentive; primarily hyperactive/impulsive; and combination of the two), I would guess he is type 2 or type 3.

      Benedict’s chaotic early school years, including school changes to better address his non-stop hyperactivity, are a classic case of ADHD. The extreme sports are indeed typical risk-taking behavior of one with ADHD.

      • Katherine Winters says:

        I also think that he may have dyslexia. 30% of those with dyslexia also have ADHD. The combination of dyslexia and ADHD would explain why our very bright Benedict was a mediocre student at Harrow, resulting in his inability to gain entrance to Cambridge or Oxford. It would also explain why, as he has admitted, he has great difficulty memorizing his lines. BTW, there is no connection between IQ and dyslexia. You can be brilliant and dyslexic. Classic example is Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines.

        A little LD, combined with possible generalized anxiety disorder, just makes Ben more human. Also makes all of us want to take care of him, doesn’t it?

  91. gefeylich says:

    I knew he was the Next Big Thing when I saw him in To The Ends of the Earth on PBS about 8 years ago. It’s just taken awhile.

    He’s much more attractive as a brunet than with his actual ginger hair – hope he keeps it dark. I understand the “feelings” surrounding him, but there’s still too much of the grubby, podgy English public school boy in him for me to find him really attractive.

  92. BooBooLaRue says:

    OMG! I missed this yesterday – would have made my migraine go away!

  93. soulsister says:

    Guess I’m in the minority, not getting what the hotness hoopla is all about. Sounds like a nice fellow though.

  94. Carolyn says:

    I don’t get his unique appeal…he certainly did have screen presence in that Star Trek movie though.

  95. Felice says:

    I’m proud of you guys. You’ve barely made any remarks or assumptions about him and Olivia. Then again, I would say the same thing about someone I’ve dated for 12 years without it ending in disaster. (it would seem it didn’t)

  96. Lyn says:

    Am I the only one to think he’s gay?

    • Katherine Winters says:

      It’s crossed my mind, but I’ve never heard of him being linked romantically to a man.

      • Belle says:

        Yes, you probably are one of the only people to think he’s gay. He was in a relationship with someone he was clearly head over heels for, for 12 years. He had a relationship with Anna James too. He’s not a Neanderthal but I would hardly say there’s anything remotely camp about him.
        So I’m really struggling to see what’s about him that could suggest gay in any way shape of form.