Khloe Kardashian still has no idea where Lamar is, but he did check out of rehab

Lamar Odom recently checked into some rehab, somewhere, following the insistence of his wife, Khloe Kardashian, that he get help. Only Khloe has had very little contact with Lamar and has been unable to reach him. She didn’t even know where her husband was seeking treatment, and he didn’t tell her he intended to go, either. Lamar is likely avoiding Khloe so that her family can’t continue to leak stories about him to the press. It turns out that Lamar’s rehab stint was short-lived anyway. He checked out of wherever he was after just one day. That much the press knows, and it seems to be just about all Khloe knows too. According to Radar Online, Khloe has been desperately trying to reach Lamar, even going so far as to contact his agent. Lamar isn’t returning her calls or texts. Radar’s story is consistent with a new report in US Magazine that was likely planted by the Kardashian krew. More on that in a moment.

Lamar Odom checked out of a rehab center Thursday about a day after seeking help for drug problems, sources tell PEOPLE.

The pro basketball player, 32, checked into the drug and alcohol center on Wednesday morning and left Thursday afternoon with an assistant, according to two sources. Odom was later spotted in Los Angeles. – From People

Khloe Kardashian is furious and hurt that husband Lamar Odom is keeping her in the dark about where he is, and she has been frozen out by the NBA star’s camp, is exclusively reporting.

The reality starlet is obviously “relieved that Lamar has finally gone to rehab, if that’s where he really is, but she is pissed off she doesn’t even know his location. She has stood by him for the past two years as he descended into a nasty addiction of Oxycontin and cocaine,” the source revealed.

“For him to cut Khloe out is just a knife in her back. Khloe has reached out to Lamar’s sports agent Jeff Schwartz, but has got no information about Lamar’s whereabouts.”

While reports popped on Wednesday evening that Odom had checked himself into a rehab facility, sources tell Radar that Khloe and the Kardashians don’t know what to believe because they are in the dark just as much as the public is.

It shouldn’t come as a shocker though, because as Radar previously reported, Lamar believes the Kardashian clan has been leaking negative stories to the press about his drug addiction.

Lamar “absolutely believes Khloe’s family has been leaking stories to the tabloid press about his drug use, and his trip to rehab last year,” the insider said.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise to Khloe that he has chosen to not disclose to her where he has chosen to seek treatment.” – From Radar

[From People and Radar]

Radar’s report goes on to say that Lamar called his dealer to bail him out of jail following his DUI arrest on Friday. As we’ve already heard, Khloe didn’t learn about Lamar’s DUI either until the news hit TMZ.

There are a couple of other stories about Khloe and Lamar in the tabloids this week. US Weekly’s story paints Khloe as a sympathetic character who is only hoping to keep her marriage together. You can bet that one was blessed by PMK’s church of the 10%. The article claims that Khloe’s family is urging her to dump Lamar, which we’ve heard before, and adds the detail that Lamar was involved in “a three car collision on August 24, days before his DUI arrest.” As least he’s cabbing it now. No wonder he called his assistant to pick him up at rehab. US also claims that Lamar hasn’t contacted Khloe since August 31. And of course PMK hates Lamar and thinks that he is destroying her “brand.”

Star Magazine claims – get this – that Lamar has a sex tape “with some video dancer” that is being “shopped around” in the adult entertainment industry. The article is in Star, so who knows if it’s true. If it is, it would definitely be one way for Lamar to stick it to the Kardashian family. It would be exceptionally cruel to Khloe, though, especially after all he’s put her through already.

these photos are of Khloe outside the gym on 8-31 and at an event on 5-22-13. Lamar is shown getting takeout on 8-31. Credit:, FameFlynet and Miguel Aguilar, PacificCoastNews

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  1. Relli says:

    Wow, this is all so crazy and the marriage is clearly over. He needs to be a good person and end it with her formally as he has some stuff to work through in order to get his life/career on track. I think this is the downside of having a mother like PMK who has no boundaries when it comes to personal dilemas being for sale because I would like to believe that these two would prefer to handle it privately. This baiting the press and giving constant updates on the Kardashian view point on Lamar’s Life on the Lam is also probably not helping either but you onow good for gossip.

    • BB says:

      This all seems like one big tabloid story. It’s interesting when TMZ first reported the story, most did not believe TMZ. Then RadarOnline/Star Magazine jumped in and now there stories are similiar to TMZ, RadarOnline has an interview with his drug dealer? His has a sex tape and high price escorts?

    • goddesslove says:

      Lamar is totally running from the talk. I think she smothers him and he’s over it. He’s probably the one leaking all the stories so it can all be the “reasons” it has to end. He knows she is crazy for him and like most cowardly men he can’t just say I’m not really happy he’s all its not you its me the drugs and the sex addiction. I need to be alone to get myself together and instead of Khloe leaving him she’s all I’ll be here when you get done until death do us part. So now he’s just hiding hoping she’ll get the picture. Poor Khloe maybe if she did leave him he might get turned on again. Some men are wired that way.

  2. cmc says:

    What happens to his basketball career at this point? I mean, besides the DUI (which is unfortunately common), he hasn’t actually been caught with/arrested for any of the hard drugs reports claim he’s abusing. So…do agents read the tabloids too? Is he signed to a team right now?

  3. NerdMomma says:

    I feel terrible for Khloe. On one side she’s being betrayed and abandoned by her husband, and on the other she has a family that isn’t supporting her, they’re selling her out and making her situation worse. Of course Lamar isn’t going to tell her where he is. I hope Khloe is taking care of herself and has a friend she can trust to support her.

    • Sabrine says:

      Can’t blame the Kardashians for all the mistakes Lamar is making. They’re staying clear of this mess.

      These are decisions he is making all on his own. Khloe should throw in the towel. This marriage is done. All she’s doing now is wasting her life and time on someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

    • hadleyb says:

      I don’t at all. This famiily is disgusting and who knows how they really treated him?

      I don’t think Lamar is a some sweet innocent nice guy either but feel sorry for Khloe? Why? Because her marriage is going down the toilet in the media? She wanted that life with the money, you take the good with the bad.

      Want no media attention? Have a regular job making under 100k a year like most of America does.

      No sympathy here. Ever.

  4. lucy2 says:

    How many times does she need the door slammed in her face before she takes a hint? He’s obviously done and wants out.

  5. trudy221 says:

    This is a difficult situation. A lot of the reports about Odom are focusing on just the drug use but my bet would be he has an underlying psychological/mental health issue which is fueling his need to take drugs and “numb” his pain. So Khloe has probably been dealing both with the drug us and the mental health issues. Add to that stories leaking and you probably have a guy who feels very betrayed, hurt and not trusting of the Kardashian folks. Add to that the fact that these stories have pretty much tanked his ability to be signed now that he’s a free agent and you probably have a very trouble, ANGRY man roaming around LA. Believe me, Khloe is the last person he’s going to turn to at this point so she needs to take care of herself, have a serious talk with her ridiculous family and hope that Odom get s ALL the help he clearly needs. Godspeed Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.

  6. logan says:

    Not sure I buy this story completely. I sure hope it isn’t the Kardashian PR team (Kris) starting yet another campaign for attention. Seem she would have all kinds of eyes on this man. Since Kim delivered they need something to keep them in the news. FISHY

  7. erin says:

    Wow, Lamar is turning into Lindsay Lohan – crazy crack shenanigans.
    I just hope he gets help and sticks with it.
    I feel for Khloe but I understand why Lamar cuts her off. She needs to move on – and set some boundaries with her family.

    • janie says:

      I think it’s the Ktrash clan leaking all the stories! Khloe is in the thick of it no matter what anyone says. She’s sat back & relished the demise of all these other men & karma has come back! Their “brand” is circling the drain! I’m glad Lamar is wise enough to cut all contact!

  8. eliza says:

    Not sure why there is such sympathy for Khloe. She is part and parcel to the Kardashian machine, and while Lamar is obviously no angel, I believe there is much more to the marital discord and drug revelations than what is being leaked by the Kardashian side. We do not know what Lamar has had to deal with in that family.

    Odd how all the men are bad- Scott, Bruce, Kris H, Kim’s first husband, Reggie but the women are all long suffering saints who just want to be loved. GMAFB! Welcome to your furture Kanye when you finally decide you’ve had enough.

    If Lamar is an addict, outing him daily in the tabs is certainly not the way to reign him back into the Kardashian fold. If the man needs help with drugs, it should have been privately and not through TMZ. Everyone knows Harvey and Kris are bff’s. Steve Hirsch, who released the sex tape is also involved with TMZ in some financial capacity. Interesting how it is such a small world.

    • Kate says:

      Absolutely agree with you. Do people really think Khloe isn’t part of the “leaks”? That Kris is just churning this mess without Khloe’s knowledge/consent and Khloe is just a poor victim in it all? If that were true, Khloe would truly be the biggest idiot on the planet. Come on people. Virtually nothing you see from any of the Kardashians is “real.” They are characters in a multi-million dollar empire and they continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

      • eliza says:

        I know! If Lamar was truly so addicted and so horrible why was this woman desperate to have children with him? If your husband is a drug addict do you seriously pursue trying to bring a child into that mess? Khloe is no innocent, naive babe in the woods. She is a product of a slick attorney and an even slicker PR whoring mother.

        I am not drinking the Kool-Aid. Lamar has issues but he is certainly not the only monster in this equation.

      • Anki says:


        She doesn’t want kids yet. It was all made up for their show/pr purposes.

      • diva says:

        Thank you!I don’t believe most of this stuff because the k klan obviously is leaking stories. The smartest thing lamar has done is not contact khloe. He shouldn’t contacted her either. There is no way he could talk to her without her family leaking his personal business. I can’t understand the sympathy for any of the kardashian women. All Lamar “put her through”? I’m sure her and her family have put him (and the other men they are involved with through much worst. I can’t give an ounce of sympathy to those people

    • Tammy says:

      I don’t care about what Khloe has or hasn’t done, this is about Lamar & his actions. If he wants out of the marriage, be a f**king man about it and say so. Stop wearing the wedding ring, file for divorce and serve her with papers. I don’t care what Khloe or the rest of the Kardashian family leaked, he still is responsible for himself. He knew what he was GETTING into when he married Khloe, just as much she knew what she was GETTING into. I do have sympathy for her because no one deserves to be treated like this…there is no EXCUSE for cheating, no EXCUSE for abusing drugs ever. Some of you need to get off your sanctimonious high horses and put yourself in Khloe’s shoes as well as you putting yourself in Lamar’s shoes. Why is everyone so sympathetic to Lamar? Because he married Khloe? He is not a saint. And she’s the villian? Why? Because she has a reality tv show and is a part of a brand… because her mother is Kris Jenner? GMAFB!!!!!

    • Frenzy says:

      +1000000000 KMZ is so laughable first they posted that Lamar was in rehab then had a retraction a few hours later. The downfall is near. Karma is a bitch and has arrived and thy name is Kanye! LOL

  9. Nicolette says:

    Wait, he called his dealer to bail him out? Seriously?

  10. Mar says:

    If I were Khloe I would be really pissed at her family. They had no right running to the press with this. Who does this sort of thing?

    • Dawn says:

      Poor Khloe this, poor Khloe that and it’s her family and not her are just pathetic excuses. Khloe is a Karda$hian first and foremost and her loyalty lies with her brand because that keeps her rolling in the dough for doing absolutely nothing. We all know that Lamar is no saint but neither is Khloe. It was reported in other sites that she is a cheater just like him, heck all Karda$hian women cheat it’s just that they like to keep it on the down low and Lamar didn’t and that’s what got him in this trouble. The dude wants out and the Karda$hians never just let someone go- they spin it to their advantage. You can buy the poor K-hoey all you want but I find her to be just another slime ball KrapTrashian. Lamar has children and it’s time they were thought of first and NOT K-hoey. I really don’t know where she is going to get her next man from because getting involved with one is like suicide. Kim was blackballed in the NFL and I see this happening to Khloe in the NBA. This family is like terminal cancer, bad news.

      • Tammy says:

        Oh, lets just blame Khloe for Lamar cheating and doing drugs..yes, it is Khloe’s fault for his incredibly poor choices in life.. and he doesn’t give a damn about his children or he would be a lot more discreet in his actions or better yet, he would checking himself into rehab and staying there.

      • Dawn says:

        Yes let’s just do give Khloe her fair share of blame! For all we know she may have been sitting there with him doing drugs in days gone by. And stories have been around for a couple of years about her cheating as well. She apparently does it a little bit more on the sly. None of us this blog know these people up close and personal but I will say that I doubt that she is as innocent as some of you want to believe. And if she really loved him she would keep her mouth shut and divorce him since that appears to be what he wants.

  11. Anki says:

    Khloe needs to wake up. Lamar clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her or her family. She needs to back off cause chasing him around just isn’t gonna work.

    Divorce is probably the only answer to this mess. I hope Lamar gets sober and finds happiness. I also hope that Khloe pulls away from her family and lives her life more like Kourtney does.

  12. MAC says:

    I hope he gets help and divorces her.

  13. Saffie says:

    I don’t think there’s anything left for her to do but stop leaking this mess (if that’s what they are doing) and file for divorce. The guy clearly has two feet out the door and wants nothing to do with the family. He’s going to self-destruct anyway especially if he has no basketball career to go back too. I personally think this family is going to eventually implode. When you are as fixated on money, greed and exploitation as Kris Jenner is, karma will not be kind.

  14. Bridget says:

    Lamar’s team must be furious with Khloe and this mess. After the last couple of years he would have been a hard sell to get the Lakers and Clippers interested, but with all of this leaked out pretty much any chance of a new contract is gone – and alng with it the paycheck for the manager and agent.

    By the way I’ll also say I think Lamar’s bad rep is his own fault and his own bad choices)

  15. nicegirl says:

    Does anyone else find it funny he chose to wear a Public Enemy shirt? that cracked me up!

  16. jessica says:

    regardless of what’s being leaked there must be quite a bit of truth to what’s coming out about Lamar. He never struck me as a very honest person with his half smile and now seeing the way he cheats on Khloe is just abhorant and disgraceful (I believe the stories). now there’s word of a sex tape with him and a video dancer being shopped around and it’s just tooooooo much shit with him! Khloe needs to cut these ties ASAP and stop posting selfies. It looks like a desperate attempt to get his attention.

    • Cyndi says:

      She won’t file until the day after their anniversary coming up soon. Why settle for $1.5M when you can get an even $2M by just waiting patiently and pretending you’re the poor, delicate little wife.
      Blech! That whole family is projectile vomit inducing. :o (

  17. Star says:

    I have a theory. I think Lamar is 100000% done with the Kardashians. I think he lawyered up and I think he’s hiding from the KKKs so they stop leaking his location to TMZ. PMK is probably panicking because she doesn’t know Lamar’s whereabouts and is therefore paying TMZ to slam him by saying he left rehab after only 24 hours. It’s the good ol’ PMK spin – she knows Lamar checked out of rehab, so she’s spinning that as, “Oh, his addiction is so bad that he couldn’t handle more than a day in rehab.” While that may be true, it may also be true that he transferred to a different rehab so the KKKs would stop watching him like a hawk.

    I think the next time Lamar surfaces, it will be with divorce papers in hand. I would be surprised if he ever speaks to a Kardashian again.

  18. Bread and Circuses says:

    He might be off binging. He might be squirreled away trying to get clean. Whatever the case, he’s right to cut the Kardashians out of his life.

    I feel bad for Khloe, who seems normal and nice, but the rest of them are narcissistic parasites.

  19. bettyrose says:

    Is all of this worth it to Khloe? Her own family treats her questionably, and without knowing the full history I have the sense that they aren’t interested in her finding a loving, no drama marriage. Can’t she take whatever portion of that money is hers and leave Krazy town for a more sane life?

  20. Shelvy says:

    Lamar, go buy an island and stay there until the coast is clear.

  21. Relli says:

    Oh this story keeps getting better. NOW Radar is reporting that NO ONE, his agent, can find him now!??!?!?

    You know who has been oddly quiet during this whole mess? His ex and his kids. I wonder if that is where he is now.

  22. moo says:

    She kicked him OUT, right??? So, he has to keep tabs with her then?
    I don’t think so…. aren’t all bets off at that point? This stupid family…. I’m not really surprised at all! Keep running, Lamar!!!

  23. kcarp says:

    How does anyone really know what has gone down in private? How do you know that he didn’t say hey I want out and it pissed her off so bad that she is leaking all this stuff? Granted I like her better than the rest of them. I am just saying who knows what really went down?

  24. Dirty Martini says:

    Heres the deal from DMs perspective.

    Khloe is the least objectionable Kardashian and I believe she did (does) lovee the guy. But she is part of the family machine and she’s tried hard to live life straddling. Its damned uncomfortable.

    LO is a royal f-up. Hes likely a good natured d-bag who has the emotional and intellectual depth of a puddle. Hes had few good influences in his life, and the Kardashian family unit isn’t one of them.

    Despite Khloe’s love. Shes almost as much a victim of them as he is. But no–not quite.

    But seriously–hes a drug addled, immature douche who needs to man up, face his issues, and not blame his past for his present.

    You are an adult now. Deal with it.

    Don’t blame you for distancing yourself from the Kardashians or even Khloe as long as she’s engulfed in the family bosom of lies, decepit and trickery.

    I feel sorry for the both of them.

    But not really.

  25. Jazmin says:

    She’s so heartbroken that she’s had time to get lipo and a nose job?
    Check-out her latest pics….