Duchess Kate in a Jenny Packham gown for Tusk Trust dinner: lovely & classic?

Yay! Duchess Kate and Prince William made their first post-baby red carpet appearance this evening in London. The appearance was for The Tusk Trust, a charity/foundation focused on African conservation. William is a patron of the foundation. But who cares about that when we can talk about hair, fashion and makeup?

Kate wore Jenny Packham, one of her favorite, go-to designers for big events. I actually like Packham’s designs a lot, but then again I’m old enough to remember a time when Randolph Duke was a big deal designer and Packham’s gowns remind me a lot of Randolph Duke. Kate’s gown is sort of beige-y gold and it’s a decent color for her. I prefer her in jewel tones, but this metallic is fine. I suspect that the original Packham gown (on the runway) had a dipped back and open sides and that Kate requested the lining that you can see here. The lining looks sort of like she’s wearing a tank top under the dress, but I get it. She was aiming for a more demure look, and it’s not bad.

As we’ve seen through most of 2013, Kate finally heard some of the criticisms about her sausage curls and she’s been easing into a more mature, less fussy hair style. I would imagine this involves a lot of curlers and blow outs just like always, but at least she’s brushing out the sausage curls these days. Her hair looks fine, I just wish she would pull it back more often. This gown would have looked great with some sort of upswept ‘do.

Her makeup looks fine. She always wears so much makeup, but that’s fine for evening events, red carpet events. The problem is when she’s doing day-time, casual events. But it’s fine here. The shoes look like Choos, maybe?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and PCN.

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  1. Fue McCormick says:

    I think it’s a cute dress and it looks good on her, but dang … girlfriend needs a little lip color …

  2. StormsMama says:

    She looks incredible. New mama tired but blessed out glow :-)

  3. Penelope says:

    She looks better and healthier than she did pre-baby. She should keep a few of those extra pounds around; they flatter her. Love the dress.

  4. Xantha says:

    That dress doesn’t look properly fitted to me. In fact Andy Murray’s mom Judy Murray wore a similar dress at the Wimbledon Champion’s Ball and looked much better.


    • Sisi says:

      the dress makes he look oddly shaped from the back. I think it could have used some darts in there somewhere to create more shape.

    • mslewis says:

      Kate’s dress is perfectly fitted. Her gown is supposed to have a loose-fitting top while Judy Murray’s dress has a fitted top. The dresses are not alike in any way but the sparkle. And they both look great.

    • HH says:

      That dress is probably fitted the way she wants, but not the way it should be. An all sequined dress has a “heavy” look and needs to be tailored to absolutely hug the body (in all areas or certain areas dependent upon the style), in order to come off well. This is not as snug as it should be, which makes sense being that she just had a kid, but the fabric choice should have been more light and airy. The added panels and her hairdo don’t add anything either. That being said, the added weight on her looks really good.

  5. LAK says:

    She looks good.

    And no wiglet/extensions!!! So glad her new hairdresser talked her out of them/it and styles her hair decently.

    Those are Jimmy Choos, but what’s up with her feet?

    • Suze says:

      Although I personally would have worn my hair up with this dress, I agree, in general, her hair looks so much better since she had George. She is styling it in a more sophisticated, modern way – it looks great.

      She looks very very good here. I think the fit on the dress is good. Sparkles were a good choice for a post baby appearance, they hide figure flaws (not that she really has any at all) and bring light to the face.

      She is always going to go more modest and demure than the runway/sample version, given who she is.

    • emmie_a says:

      Yes, no wiglet but I think she’s still wearing extensions. There are soo many ‘before’ pictures when her hair was not nearly as thick as it is now. I know a good haircut and blowout can do wonders for hair but she’s still getting help in the thickness department.

      • LAK says:

        Goodness, No!! my eyes!!

        I thought i was being picky because her feet look dirty in her Jimmy choos above, but how can someone who is as hypergroomed as she is, have feet like that article? eeekk!!

        Elizabeth Hurley’s feet are just as bad. Actually hers are probably worse because the cracked heels are visible when ever she wears slingbacks.

        Why do people neglect their feet?

      • Bucky says:

        I’m not gonna hate for corns. I think it’s well established that Kate works out a good deal, including runner. As a fellow runner, and one who’s been at it a long, long time, my feet look like this despite regular pedicures. I can get weekly, deluxe pedicures and within one or two workouts, my feet look like this again. There’s only so much you can do when you’re especially active.

      • LAK says:

        Bucky – I was always told that corns are the result of tight fitting shoes. Especially worn during hot weather periods when one’s feet swell and they rub. I’ve always worn shoes half a size and occasionally a size bigger as a result. Consequently, no corns.

        I’d never heard of running giving one corns. I played hockey until 5-6yrs ago. That’s more than 20yrs of weekly matches and training sessions. No corns.

        With regards those pics, her nails are atrocious, and her feet are dry and dirty. Not hugely dirty, but considering she’s hypergroomed, dirty enough to surprise.

      • Decloo says:

        Now we know why she always wears her wedges.

    • Florc says:

      Those Jimmy choos are a repeat from that lavender dress with the sparkly waist from her detour to Hollywood from Canada. We haven’t seen them since then.

      I won’t hate on corns either, but where is it established Kate works out a lot? The white bikini pics vs the France topless pics show a woman who was fit and toned to someone who looks to only be restricting calories. Could be wrong though. I’m sure if she ran though there’d be a shot of her a Lupo going for a jog.

      Her feet have always looked pretty bad, but I thought if anything it was classic tell tale signs of high heels. Maybe she just has bad feet like that. I’ll moisturize my feet every night and i’m a runner on the cusp of marathon season here and have only minor issues with blisters.

    • Lady D says:

      LAK, is there a rule that says royals can’t touch in public? Other than them hugging at the Olympics and his hand on her back while introducing Georgie, I’ve never seen them hold hands or walk arm in arm, or even reach out to touch each other publically.

      • LAK says:

        No, there is not.

        These 2 simply don’t touch each other. Except when he touches her to guide her. More of a prod if you see it on video.

        The only person who can’t be touched is the monarch, something about their body being sacred – sidenote, it always makes me wonder what people would do if the monarch tripped/stumbled and fell…..

        Ps:- the no touching is an urban legend that was used to great effect by Charles and Diana to hide the fact that their marriage was an iceberg. People came to believe that they weren’t allowed to touch in public due to some rule, completely forgetting the earlier very brief touching at the beginning of their marriage.

      • Lady D says:

        Thanks LAK, and I agree about it being more of a prod. LOL at the Monarch tripping. I’m sure gravity bows to her too.

  6. Maggie says:

    Wow! Beautiful hair and really thick but I would like to see a bit more layering around her face. I have the same problem. She looks fantastic!

  7. Tania says:

    She looks great. I hope she doesn’t go back to looking skeletal.

  8. Esti says:

    I’m usually a big fan of her wardrobe, but this isn’t my favorite look. She looks gorgeous from the front but the modesty panels kind of ruin the dress for me.

    That said, I couldn’t look like this on my best day, much less two months after having a baby, so well played. And I like that she went out in something sparkly and eye-catching instead of trying to be super conservative and demure.

  9. Dawn says:

    I usually love everything she wears but not this. It just seems to be the wrong color and the wrong fit to me.

  10. Chanel says:

    Wow! Her hair and make up look great. Also, I love this dress and I don’t usually like Jenny Packham gowns.

  11. Glaughy says:

    Really unflattering colour/cut and just looks cheap, IMO.

    • EVM says:

      Meh, she looks saggy.. I generally like her outfits especially hats but this… The dress looks heavy, hair needs to be up otherwise she looks like she’s been drinking all night, big cleavage needs to be accentuated in a proper way and not hidden by this ‘trash-bag’ looking top. She has the height and the figure for fitted things, to hide the belly wear black. I think it’s time she chopped that hair, thick or thin, it makes her look really old. I am glad she is getting back to her old figure!

      • dena says:

        She looks rather blah to me. As a matter of fact, the dress seems to be wearing her versus the other way around. I think that happens with a lot of her outfits.

        The dress looks more for a woman in her mid-30s and/or above. The dress just seems too “substantial” for her. I don’t know how to explain it, but she doesn’t seem like “enough woman” to carry it off. Here, I mean “umf” or charisma or bravado, character, fire, etc.

      • MyLittlePony says:

        Sorry, but she does look sloppy, and in desperate need for a proper supporting bra. For heaven’s sake, she is breastfeeding (!), and it looks like she does not wear a bra at all. Also, her hair should be up, now it is all over her face and the dress. Also, this kind of fabric should be fitted in certain places to look good (someone already pointed this out), and now it has been altered all wrong. On the positive side: she does look so much better with little extra weight on her. To put it simply: This is what you get when you do not ask and/or take advice :/

  12. Falula says:

    I like it and I typically don’t care for updos just because it’s a “fancy” event, but I think the dress would have come off better with her hair pulled back.

  13. Tig says:

    All I can think about is her thinking-”Am I going to leak milk on this dress?”- if she’s still nursing, that’s an issue!

    A beautiful gown and she looks great!

    • elsa says:

      If she’s “still” nursing??? The baby is a month old – why wouldn’t she be for goodness sake.

      • HappyMom says:

        He’s 2 months old and I hate to break it to you, but not everybody has an easy time nursing and sometimes they actually-gasp-switch to formula.

      • ataylor says:

        Umm…why would she? Breastfeeding isn’t mandatory. There’s something called choice. She has options: Wet nurse? Formula? Etc.

        Or she could just be sick of mastitis and sore nipples. For all we know, she might never have started breastfeeding in the first place and had the kid on formula from the get go. Do you really believe it when every single celeb claims to breastfeed and have a “natural” childbirth?

        Have you SEEN her actually breastfeed?

        Thought so.

      • Manchurian Global says:

        I know numerous women who started out breastfeeding and quit after less than a month. The reasons ranged from soreness and poor attachment to having to go back to work and realizing that it’s unrealistic to keep going with it. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume that if someone starts breastfeeding they’re going to keep going for months. Anything can happen – even if you’re on your third or fourth child.

      • christa says:

        Uh oh – looks like a couple of people are hyper-sensitive about breastfeeding – or not. I actually have no problem with your comment as it pertains to Kate (i.e. not average moms). Unlike average moms who may only bf for a short while (or ff right from the start), Kate has none of the worries, stresses and concerns that these moms do ( i.e. a real job for one). She also has all the resources she needs to continue bf’ing as long as she wants (i.e. lactation consultants, nannies, etc.)

      • Applapoom says:

        Agree with Christa. Given the resources that Kate Middleton has it is likely she is breatsfeeding. I am lucky to be able to stay home and have had the money to get a breastfeeding consultant and go to an excellent hospital where midwives dropped in every few hours to teach me how to latch baby on properly and express to keep supply up. Breastfeeding is tough (I would NOT have been able to do it without help) to get started on but once you really are at it, it is easy. Celebrities have loads of money so that is why they often smugly boast about breastfeeding because they have the means to do it.

    • Florc says:

      Well said. Also, there are bras to soak up any leaks. There’s not much more embarrassing than out in public when you start to lactate though your shirt!

  14. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Her eyes look different after giving birth somehow – and their smiles look good in these photos, a refreshing change from the cheesey horsey grins they often sport.

  15. mslewis says:

    I love the dress, even with the modesty panels, which I imagine is necessary because she’s nursing and the panels would hide the leaking. The shoes are nice too. I would like to see Kate’s hair up, with a tiara. I don’t remember seeing her wear a tiara other than at her wedding. I just think all the Brit royals look great in their tiaras so Kate needs to wear one. It would make me happy.

    • phaksi says:

      I dont think she has ever attended tiara appropriate events. Hopefully when she does she wears one better then the wedding tiara. It looked dull, like they forgot to polish it

    • Flower says:

      They haven’t attended any ‘Tiara’ events and probably won’t for a few years. Tiaras used to be worn at Gala theatre or charity banquet functions but that seems to have stopped in the last 3 or 4 years and the only other events the British royals wear tiaras to are the State Banquets (2 a year) and the opening of parliament.

      Kate and Wills are too raw for the state banquets, they need some lessons and experience in small talk and chatting to your dinner neighbours as if you know what’s going on in the world while managing to not start a diplomatic crisis. I’d say that’s 5 years down the track at the rate they are going.

      The opening of parliament would be more for a photo op than for any real purpose and wouldn’t happen every year, even Charles and Camilla rarely do it and Camilla can really rock the big gun tiaras.

      Compared to the rest of the European royal families the British Royals have a major dirth of tiara events.

      Sophie and Edward of Wessex are the designated representatives of the Queen at the Euro-Tiara events and that’s not likely to change in the next 5 to 10 years because basically William and Kate are third generation royals and all their European contemporaries are still children.

  16. Angelic 21 says:

    She looks great, nice make up and hair although an up do would’ve been more
    I don’t like the dress, the panels looks horrible IMO.

    But she looks so insecure and lacks so much confidence and I think it’s because she is not skeleton anymore. Her posture is horrible and she looks very insecure.

  17. Stubbylove says:

    The gown, shoes and little more weight are great. In general, nothing is wrong, she’s an average, good-looking young woman. But for or the love of God, PLEASE get a new haircut – doesn’t even need to be anything dramatic – a little shorter and layers at least? And her eyeliner is cliche by now. She’s so stuck in her look and I’m afraid it’s never going to change.

  18. boredbrit says:

    I think I’m in the minority but I don’t think she looks pretty/beautiful. She looks great considering she’s just had a baby but she looks weird now. Is it just me or does a woman’s face change somehow after she’s given birth? And I don’t mean weight gain/loss or swelling it’s something else…

  19. Barrett says:

    Looks nice like everyone said with the weight in her face! No longer frail. I would love the hair half up, half down. It’s like she is hiding behind it; like a security blanket!

  20. vava says:

    Hate the dress, the panels ruin it. But also, the proportions on it are all wrong.

    She looks washed out, I think partly because of the lipstick color. And that eyeliner is dreadful, as always.

    Her hair should have been up, but like I mentioned over on the Royal Dish, I firmly believe she is hiding behind it during these official events.

  21. s6nny says:

    Jimmy Choo pumps, yep 100% sure.

  22. Anna says:

    Yea, who cares about saving the elephants…. *sigh* I get that this is a gossip site but that was such a stupid thing to say.

  23. The Original Mia says:

    I’m not liking the dress at all. It’s the fit. I understand the modesty panels, but it ruins it her seem really boxy when she’s not. Princess Charlene has broad shoulders. Waity doesn’t.

    At least, there are no sausage curls.

  24. Janet says:

    Not feeling the top half of the dress, but overall it’s not a bad look. She looks great with the extra lbs. Hope she stays at that weight, she is just the right weight for her height now.

  25. Deedee says:

    I wish she’d lose the spaniel hair and go for an updo with a formal dress. This dress is just not elegant. Those panels look terrible, like a skater costume gone wrong. The bracelet and the shoes, now those I like.

  26. Kate says:

    Sorry, hate it. The dress looks tacky (every cheap party dress store has at least 20 dresses with the same bling-tastic sequin design) and fits terribly, her long wavy hair looks silly down at an event like this and in a dress like that, and the eyeliner is just killing me. Does she draw it on with a crayon? Oh, and the shoes are bordering on being stripper heels.

    At least she has some weight on her here, but I can’t imagine that will last very long.

  27. LBJC says:

    The dress looks in good in front but not at the back. The back does not fit well making her butt looks flat. She should experiment more on her hair i.e. updo on formal occasion… I agree with the rest, this is her ideal weight and not skin and bones during her wedding. I think the reason why she tries to lose weight is to lose some fat on her face, but I think her roundish face is fine. Just play up the feature.

  28. lisa says:

    i would wear the sh*t out of this dress, i’d wear it to get coffee

  29. Sachi says:

    The dress is too shiny and heavy for an equally heavy, loose hair. A chignon would have been better.

    But she looks good.

  30. Lucy2 says:

    I like the dress but agree that it called for an up do.

  31. phaksi says:

    Ok, now that Ive seen the lining I think the dress is awful. If she wanted to be covered up she she should have chosen a more conservative design

  32. Gine says:

    I like the dress and while it would look better up, her hair looks great, but she looks tired and uncomfortable–which I’m sure she is. I would not want to be attending a black tie event two months after giving birth.

    • Florc says:

      She could have declined. A theory floated around was they’re going to a friends wedding and then a week or more vacation. Before these trips they get in a few charity events so the press can cover those stories and nobody asks why they’re on vacation again from doing nothing.

  33. angelique says:

    Is it just me or does she look poorly groomed in these pics?
    I know she is a new mom, but really she has a nanny and she could have easily spent all day at a salon.
    If she did spend all day in a salon, she should ask for her (the taxpayers’) money back.

  34. bettyrose says:

    She looks great, but I feel the need to say something stupid. When I was her age, I would have much preferred to be out in a mini skirt, fishnets, and print tee. I mean, I wasn’t a princess, or a mom, or her, but I didn’t get into evening formal wear until at least 35.

  35. bw says:

    the dailymail put up 2 of the worst pictures i have ever seen
    the middle one looks maniacal – just plain crazy

  36. Merritt says:

    I wish she had worn her hair up.

    She looks good here. I like the bracelet.

  37. MavenTheFirst says:

    Wow! The dress does not fit properly. She’s wearing those stripper shoes again.

    I imagine Dolittle expected to make a big, blingy splash after such a long absence from the celebrity scene and as the perfect mother and wife and Duchess. She should rethink. Again.

    • AussieMum says:

      I have a seven month old and I also have the resources and finances to afford lactation consultants (I tried three), read EVERYTHING I could find, have a background in health, plus went to an excellent private hospital where we atayed for six days post birth due to the sole purpose of my breastfeeding problems. My boy never latched on – never even managed to get a nipple in his mouth. I ended up expressing for six months and the feelings of failure, loss and depression at not getting him to breastfeed still haunt me and probably always will. I feel like our bond has been affected because of it and the subsequent time spent pumping. I tried everything and those people who say it’s easy, or that all breastfeeding problems are solvable, really sh!t me. As for pumping for six months….don’t get me started. He’d still be breastfed today if he’d managed to latch on, and I would still be pumping if it hadn’t been so torturous (bleeding nipples, five hours per day overall of pumping….argh!)

  38. bo says:

    Love the dress, but her hands always seem awkward.

  39. Nikki says:

    No, Kim Kardashian wears a lot of makeup, this is tasteful.

  40. Mrs.Darcy says:

    She looks amazing, I agree with those saying the dress is ill fitting/does her no favours though.I do agree she should put her hair up though for fancy dresses, she really does use it as a security blanket and it’s so samey.

  41. marion says:

    erni – what make you think she did push that baby out – the word surrogate springs to mind

  42. gatinha523 says:

    kate looks amazing but style-wise i think she made a mistake here; her hair indeed looks silly down at at an event with a dress like that. she could have KILLED IT with a chic updo….maybe next time.

  43. Charlie Canada says:

    For all you people who think she is still nursing, just look at her forehead! Proof positive of not nursing.

    I predicted this. Just a week or two ago, she had deep wrinkles in her forehead. They are now gone (again). That means she’s back on the Botox, which also means she can’t still be nursing (or if she is, she’s putting her baby’s health at risk).

    I also think she’s vain enough to want to get her figure back as soon as possible, so she wouldn’t want to continue “eating for two.”

    My verdict: Botox, major weight loss, and NOT nursing.

  44. Tara says:

    We will talk about the skinny jeans later.Dear Kate,
    Please replace the black mascara with java mascara. It is not so harsh and brown is better for someone with your eye color.
    Please use a matte lipstain instead of a traditional lipstick. Warm figs, terra cottas and blue-based berries should work just fine. Reds, pinks and yellow-based berries are not your friend. Glossy lipsticks in these colors look maniacal paired with the halogen light cosmetic dentistry. For evenings just apply a translucent shimmer over the stains.
    Please cut three inches from your hair. Try a smooth, wide swept off center long bang tucked behind one ear with the crown slightly bumped and the back gently barrel brushed up-flipped (fresh and energetic) or under (classy, low fuss sophistication)

  45. anne says:

    HATE her eyeliner, it makes her eyes look smaller

  46. Kelly says:

    I just don’t think either one (Kate or William) is attractive frankly. Unattractive, boring couple. Nice dress but not fitted very well. Also, the shoes should be different.

  47. Lisa says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but she looks just like Patricia Krenwinkel, hair and everything.

  48. nicegirl says:

    My 15 year old son just saw these pics and says Princess Kate is stunningly beautiful.

    I have got to agree with him.

  49. Luke says:

    The BRF has a huge and amazing collection of jewels, why does the wife of the future king chose/have to wear the same bracelet and earrings to every event? Get that gorgeous stuff out of the vault for the salad years.

  50. Amelia says:

    Her hair is healthy glossy and beautiful.

  51. jackie says:

    Kate did not look like royalty . She looked like Hollywood Glam !

  52. Megan says:

    She wore those Choos to BAFTA. I wish she were more of a shoe girl.