Tom Hiddleston’s Twitter Q&A was full of intellectual name-dropping, flattery

As I previewed yesterday, Tom Hiddleston sat on Twitter for several hours doing a Q&A with fans. Unfortunately, the Q&A was really boring and pretentious. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: Hiddles is much, much too earnest. His earnestness almost borders on humorlessness. It’s like he’s incapable of being light, of making an easy quip, of interacting with his fans in a loose, genuine way. I got the feeling that the questions were being heavily vetted, because seriously, the questions that got through were like “Do you speak French?” No one asked him any sex stuff because Hiddles probably would have clutched his pearls and fainted. And this guy is all about seeming intellectual, to the point where I actually wonder if he’s just a poshly-educated robot, merely capable of parroting whatever his Cambridge professors taught him. Anyway, here are some highlights from Tommy’s Q&A:

What is your favourite Shakespearean insult.
Falstaff to Hal: ‘Sblood, you starveling, you elf-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, you bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish!

Out of curiosity, who is your favorite poet?
Very tough to call. T S Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is one of my favourite poems. “Let us go then, you and I…”

Do you speak french ?
Bonjour. Je comprends plus que je parle mais je parle un peu.

What went through your head when Coriolanus sold out this fast? See you in the new year!
Huge excitement followed blind terror. What you feel before every great adventure. Good nerves and adrenalin.

Care to share a few titles in Loki’s ‘prison library’?
I always liked the idea of Frigga sending a few Midgardian greats. Proust: “A la recerche de temps perdus” Plato’s Repubic. Shadows on the cave… A perfect metaphor for his imprisonment; the perpetual state of waking fear.. Alan Taylor suggested The Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci.

what’s the best part of working with chris hemsworth?
He makes me a better actor. We have such a good laugh. We trust each other. All my best scenes are with Chris.

What do you think about the Online Petition for a Solo Loki Movie? Would you like to make it???? Tell us please!
I am flattered and amazed. Really and truly. It means the world that you love the character so much. @ThorMovies is, definitively, the only one on the slate for now. But… never say never.

What do you think of Ben Whishaw?
He’s the greatest actor of my generation.

How did you like portraying F Scott Fitzgerald? Were you a big fan beforehand?
I loved it. I remember walking around Paris in June 2010 listening to Frank Muller reading The Great Gatsby (Unabridged). Perfect.

Which book/movie/play has ever made you cry profusely before?
I had to sit in the cinema for about 10 minutes after Beasts of the Southern Wild. @IAMQUVENZHANE’s courage made me cry.

Favorite book all time?
Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”. And “Any Human Heart”, by William Boyd.

What is the last book you read for your entertainment and not for role research?
I am currently re-reading the Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St Aubyn. They are very painful, very honest and very funny.

Favourite disney movie, apart from The Jungle Book.
Mary Poppins

Who is your favorite playwright aside from Shakespeare?
Anton Chekhov.

[From Hiddleston’s Twitter]

I guess I liked his compliment to Ben Whishaw. Let’s face it, Ben Whishaw is a much better actor than Tom, but Ben rarely gets a fraction of the attention Tom gets, but I suspect Ben is fine with that. I also liked his answer about Beasts of the Southern Wild. SO EARNEST. I would kind of like to see Tom sobbing after a movie. Ugh, what is wrong with me? Am I just so used to casual, jaded, cynical bitches that I don’t even know where to start with Tom?

Dragonfly photos courtesy of Flaunt.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The top pic looks nothing like him-he actually looks good.

  2. Tammy says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    This Q&A was sooo boring.

  3. T.Fanty says:

    Someone yesterday pointed out that Cumby was in the media talking about reading the same set of Patrick Melrose Novels. According to Barnes and Noble, they’re about the “burden of privilege.” I LOVE LOVE LOVE the thought of DUC and Tallulah having little book club meetings where they sip very expensive scotch and talk about how hard their lives are.

  4. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    No. No no no no no. No Kaiser! I’m staring at TWO fifteen hour work days (today and tomorrow), and you’re putting up a golden Hiddles post?

    Well, you are getting MY favorite Shakespeare insult: Aaron, the Moor, to Tamara the Goth Queen’s sons in Titus Andronicus:
    “I have DONE thy mother!”

    (Okay, I know you’re the mod and I swear I’m kidding, but damn. I can’t hang out at Thornfield until Sunday. Sadface).

  5. Spooks says:

    I liked this. He really loves Shakespeare, so what. Personally, I find him less pretentious than Cumberbatch.

  6. Maureen says:

    God, I just can’t with him. These questions…these answers…it’s too much crap by half!

    • Emily C. says:

      It’s “crap” to ask someone about literature? It’s “crap” to enjoy great literature?

      He’s well-read and well-versed in Shakespeare. What in the everloving heck is “crap” about that? Would you prefer the idiotic “what do you want in a woman?” questions Robert Pattinson invariably answers?

      • Maureen says:

        LOL @ your tantrum.

        I happen to LOVE literature, particularly the classics (though not Shakespeare especially), and I am happy for celebrities to talk about books because it makes reading look cool for the younger set–and reading IS cool. What isn’t cool are these ridiculously contrived questions and ridiculously pretentious answers.

        THAT is what’s crap.

  7. Kathy says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    So bland. Nothing interesting.

  8. Anna says:

    I’m a HiddleHard, but this interview mostly leaves me cold. Fairly unimaginative answers.

    Also, Loki would absolutely have Art of War with him, first and foremost. Know your basics!

  9. mE says:

    i want loki to speak french to me,in my bedroom.OM FREAKIN G…Oui Oui, Loki, i would say.

  10. Jada says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    Nothing wrong with you Kaiser. I feel the same way about this dude.

  11. Lindy79 says:

    Q&A was pretty pointless, nothing he hasn’t said before really.
    The thread here on it yesterday made it all worthwhile though! :)

  12. mE says:


  13. Londongal says:

    Aw no to the Hiddles-hate. Hey, I’m a cynical old cow but I find him charming, particuarly when being interviewed. Dorky and charming. I liked the Q+A, *blatantly* nutter-screened but then anyone’s would be. I don’t find him too intellectual but fuck…maybe that means *I’m* an intellectual?! Clearly can’t be that! :-}

  14. Abby says:

    His answers were soooo made up like can he ever answer anything spontaneously. Ughhh he is has started to really piss me off these days.

    Yea he looks hot in that first pic probably his best photoshoot.

  15. Patty says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    There were sooooo many good questions that were asked but didn’t get answered. Waste of time.

  16. Side-Eye says:

    Random: You know who else is a better actor than him? Sharlto Copley. And his humbleness comes across much more sincere.

  17. Lilly says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    ……Boring snoozefest…….

  18. Alexandra says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    I was a fan of Tom but no more. That crush from Thor is dead. He just seems….I don’t know can’t put my finger on it.

  19. flower says:

    That twitter Q&A was ridiculous, just canned spam and he never strayed into the more interesting questions. No doubt Luke was standing behind him with the puppet strings.

    I doubt anyone except the more insane stans in the fandom actually liked it.

    Tom is dead inside. And being dead inside he can barely type, that’s why the thing took three hours.

  20. Jessie J. says:

    Mod note: banned multiple nicks
    Blah I would like to see more post on actual attractive men and not overhyped Brit actors who are only known for playing Marvel costume characters.

  21. Kimble says:

    He sounds like a pretentious twatwaffle!

  22. CL says:

    Did y’all notice that his favorite poem is also one of Cumby’s? Cumby has also quoted Prufrock in some of his interviews.

  23. TommyAnnE of the Forest says:

    Thoughts: What makes the Q&A pretentious is the name dropping and the lack of substance. I think he actually likes the works cited, but it’s superficial:

    Q: “What are your favorite books?”

    A: (Hiddles thinks, wondering which titles will really make him look like the intellectual rockstar he wants his fans to see him as, then taps out some titles.) Next question?

    Sorry if that sounds cynical, but I continually find him to be very unrelaxed, not spontaneous, not truly engaged when he answers questions like this. He is way to concerned about how he appears.

    I’m a hardcore bookslut by the way and love a good intellectual discussion. Cumby regularly delivers. He is also unafraid of showing a real opinion.

  24. FW says:

    I was counting the number of people he flattered during the Q&A then I Lost my counts past Beasts. Nothing not-said before but I like the “Perpetual state of waking fear” quote.

  25. I Choose Me says:

    I love, love, love that photo of him in the dragonflies jacket.

    Liked the Q&A. Sure it revealed nothing really new or of note but I have no problem with his perceived earnestness.

    • icerose says:

      I love the dragon fly jacket but I am partial to embroidery and clothing which stands out from the rum of the mill. The Q and A was fine for what it was. Twitter at best only allows for simplistic answers. It was part of the Marvel promotions and considering the range,number and repetitiveness of the questions he did well to keep it varied.

  26. TherapyCranes says:

    Usually I don’t see the appeal in this man but he looks pretty sexy in these pics.

  27. alex says:

    I don’t see any problem with his Q&A….it’s neither here nor there, just somebody talking. Totally fine with it.

    “Am I just so used to casual, jaded, cynical bitches that I don’t even know where to start with Tom?”
    I think that might be part of it….Like does somebody have an axe to grind with him on here? Cuz it seems like whatever comes out of his mouth is like nails on a chalkboard to some people hahaha

    Sometimes he can come across a little over earnest but this twitter thing, i dont see what was wrong with it.

  28. kelly says:

    I’ll take earnestness over the current trend – exuding an “I’m too cool for [insert here] and being gung-ho and committed is lame” attitude.

    If he were to start firing off quips and playing a la RDJ, many would label him as “fake.” So, what should he do?

    I’ll take him as he is.

  29. Portia says:

    The Q&A was perfectly fine for what it was supposed to be – part of overall movie promotion. It wasn’t a date where people should expect to come away with some sort of insight into his soul.

    I’ll take his eager earnestness over the cold cynicism of Hollywood anyday. It’s a relief to see someone like him who isn’t pissed off by his own fame and success or tries to act offhandedly cool when he isn’t.

    • Felice says:

      I think the main issue was that a lot of the people he answered were fans that he follows.

      • Portia says:

        No, he didn’t. That Italian Loki Army is the only one he answered that he follows. Which makes sense to address the big unofficial fan clubs. The rest were all average safe questions from those he doesn’t follow at all. I don’t think he follows Hiddles Educates but even if he did, that still makes it most of the questions.

        I noticed a bulk of the questions he was asked were 3-4 questions in one tweet and at least two of those questions were fanfic related or follow me requests or i love yous. From a PR standpoint, you stay clear of those. They picked good (safe) single question tweets to answer that were personable and friendly without being invasive. It was classic PR 101 and the exact way to go with tentpole promotions.

      • G. says:

        Just for the record: he doesn’t follow ItalianLokiArmy account either :)

  30. MAC says:

    I think he is attractive in these photos. I like men who know literature. I cried so much with Any Human Heart.

    I think it was a good honest Q&A

  31. Lana says:

    Sigh. What happened to the Hiddles that had a sense of humor and made d*ck jokes?
    This one:

  32. DahliaDee says:

    Hey, I lost comment. An entire comment, just *poof* disappeared.

    I had to include this, because someone finally noticed Chris Hemsworth’s identical face in all the Thor 2 posters on Tumblr. I love trolling it, but I’m too lazy to get one. A tumblr, not a Hemsworth. o.o I’m out of vodka :|

  33. Mary-Rose says:

    Is it just me or is the questions on here more entertaining? Plus out very own TommyAnne came out of hiding and answered them like a trooper (waves)
    Only wish The real TommyAnne could see past the tumblr loons and come on here

    • TommyAnnE says:

      I want to curl up at your feet and sing Rhinestone Cowboy for you, but Jane Eyre keeps beating me with her flyswatter, which makes it ever so difficult. As my dear friend Alain du Botton said to me while I made him fresh barbecued entrails at my mansion last week, “life is like a giraffe’s mocking laughter in the dark.” Wouldn’t you agree?

  34. Browniecakes says:

    Oh Kaiser, ‘clutched his pearls and fainted’. Perfect. No one will mistake TH for ‘cool’, ever. He is that hot professor you just can’t keep your mind from wandering while you stare at his pants as he natters on.
    I would have eaten my mobile phone for him to answer the tweet ‘what do you do in your spare time?’, to be ‘I watch porn or read my fanfiction’.

    • icerose says:

      “No one will mistake TH for ‘cool’, ever. He is that hot professor you just can’t keep your mind from wandering while you stare at his pants as he natters on.” great image and yes never cool but rocks the sexy vibe anyway. Cool is so overrated. Who wants cool in bed. I want hot, passionate and eager not somebody turning down the temperature with snark and coolaid. The last actor who admitted to reading his own fan fiction said in the end it’s best to avoid it or you might start to believe you are capable of all those positions. So better he sticks with porn me thinks we do not want any bad backs interrupting filming.

  35. WendyNerd says:

    I’d just like to say I’d like more Whishaw posts. He is dreamy.

  36. lc says:

    According to mtv Hiddles and Cumby were seen together at Elton John’s concert about an hour after the Q&A was over. What’s going on with these two? Could Hiddlesbatch be real? Makes me wonder about that Crimson Peak role.

  37. Amy says:

    I still like him, despite his “intellectual” tastes. I always find it amusing that people are branded as “intellectual snobs” as soon as they admit they like to read Shakespeare or philosophy. There’s more to intellect than those two subjects!

  38. EscapedConvent says:

    I cannot stop snickering that they’re reading the same series of books about a privileged man.

    Do you think one loaned his books to the other? I hope the loaner realizes he is never going to see those books again.

    • jamdav says:

      Perhaps, being friends, one said “hey have you read ……. it’s really good” and the other one said ” oh, right, I’ll give it a try”.

      Have you never read a book a friend has recommended?

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Of course I have! Dozens of times. & then I keep their book.

        But yes, of course. Many of my favorites, for many years, have been recommended by friends. Friends are supposed to know you well enough to know if you will like a book! I was just poking fun at them for talking about what they were reading to the press, unwittingly ensuring that the Patrick Melrose books will have a sharp spike in sales. This is not their fault!

        Also, a lot of the snickering is based upon the previous line of joking & mockery about their privileged backgrounds, which they have both discussed at length. I kid the Cumby & Hiddles team.

  39. Celebitchy says:

    The same person commented under multiple nicks on this thread and the Cumberbatch thread. Their comments have been marked and they have been banned.

  40. icerose says:

    “national sickness” that people noticed what school you’d gone to.”"
    I saw that interview and he said nothing about it being a national sickness” The reporter in question was just trying to get some attention by quizzing people on an issue that was totally irrelevant to the situation. His answer was perfectly reasonable considering the situation.
    The Q and A was great- he did no answer questions re acting but there were negligible question on that subject and any way if he those who like to dish him would just have called him pretentious again. And really who wants a 144 letter answer on a subject that you can write a book on. Pretentious is pretty subjective and its funny often the people who label others pretentious are themselves masters of the art.

    • Sixer says:

      West: “fabulous. I certainly won’t be sending my children to public school”

      Hiddleston: “wonderful. I think it’s a real national weakness to categorise people, in both directions, according to where they went to school.”

      Ok, weakness, not sickness.

      Of course it was relevant. The journalist asked three people what they thought of a current issue (also Plan B).

      Of course Hiddleston can have any opinion he chooses and I don’t mind what his opinion is – he can support private schools if he wants to. I’m on the fence myself.

      West came out against, Plan B came out for (with reservations). Both, in my view, seemed to be genuinely held opinions. Hiddleston played semantics – and, in my view, while doing so gave away his resentment that his own privilege is a black mark against him in some people’s eyes.

      You may read it however you like. But that’s how I read it and I quote to explain why and when TommyAnne started to get on my nerves.

      I’d still hit it though! And that’s why I always joke that, while hitting it, I keep him gagged.

      • TommyAnnE says:

        *Drooling on ball gag*

        Egegdbhrndd errrrrrgfmmmm……

      • T.fanty says:

        Wow, Tom really missed the point of that question, huh?

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        He sure did. I remember when this article came out and had the same thoughts. There was another interview as well where he complained about being labeled, not seeing that inequality of opportunity is the real injustice here.

      • icerose says:

        The quote actually came from a live interview and if you had had any dealings with the press you would know they love to add tags to what was said. Find me the live interview where he says this and then I will give you the points.Yes weakness is quite different from sickness, was it a Freudian slip or just haste. My experience as a non Brit actually agrees with him. I do not agree with the system but people and the press do not half have a moan about it. But nobody ever comes up with ways to change the structure.

      • icerose says:

        The comment was “”I think it’s a real national weakness to categorise people, in both directions, according to where they went to school.” as opposed to was a “national sickness” that people noticed what school you’d gone to”Its all about perception and how you chose to interpret it. If you are going to use a quote to dish someone at least quote it correctly,
        “”Both direction”"” means that no one should be labelled according to whatever school they go.He is right the UK is a country to often people are categorised from an educational background standpoint. He is not denying he had advantages but as in the earlier article he had said to label people as “toffs” just because of the school they went to is wrong. And it is. I find it annoying when wealthy actors say they will send there kids to state schools knowing full well that the neighbourhood they love in will probably mean they will attend one of the best state schools.He has never implied he was victim but called people out on their prejudice-there is a difference. Sixer it is a touchy subject which is why how we interpret what people say is as important as the subject itself.

    • Sixer says:

      ETA: sorry, was trying to reply to Fanty and failing miserably.

      Quite. And all’s I’m saying is that I, me, Sixer, know exactly how much in the way of life chances (in all sorts of ways) I got from my posh private school education, and I hope, when people ask me about it, I’m prepared to own it.

      I really hope I never become the person that would take all those advantages and turn them into implied victimhood. To me, that person is TommyAnne even more than Benny the Bitch, who at least whines right out in the open when he whines.

      And perhaps I just find it a touchy subject, too. I’ll try at least to own that!

      • T.fanty says:

        It’s quite a a spectacular navel-gazing response to a question that is essentially about poor people, and to be honest, it angers me a little. I doubt that there is a kid on a council estate in Birmingham feeling *really* bad for TommyAnne. As someone who grew up poor, and I would kill for the advantages they had. To say that wealth and private education is anything but a privilege is an insult to people who made do and couldn’t afford such opportunities. I was unable to attend a prestigious drama school because I couldn’t pay for it. God bless these boys for being able to go, but not for a second can they claim that their life isn’t better due to privilege.

        Cumby doesn’t quite as obviously imply it’s hard being privileged. In fact he regularly expresses appreciation for it and just complains that it’s annoying people stereotype him for it. Being names Benedict Cumberbatch and just looking to English and upperclass means that DUC can never assimilate. Tom could and chooses to advertise his privilege in his occasional intellectual sanctimoniousness while claiming victim hood. Seriously – what the hell was he thinking talking about the Patrick Melrose novels?

      • Sixer says:

        Thanks a) for replying and b) for including some personal experience. I wanted to reference you a little bit but didn’t like to without you having said a little something first.

        I understand the attitudes at these schools because I went to one (although mine wasn’t quite as blue-blooded as Eton, it wasn’t far off).

        The thing that really distinguishes them is that they teach a belief in oneself as a special snowflake with endowed destiny. Overtly, they are about decent values and being a good person, but the subtext is noblesse oblige, not egalitarianism.

        It’s never said, but the implication is that you’ll become a doctor, a dentist, a political leader, a CEO and you, as a special snowflake, will benefit society to the good of the peasants who will receive your beneficence and your special snowflakeness because they aren’t special snowflakes and probably couldn’t do it for themselves.

        And I should take care to add: this is the school’s view of its pupils. As a scholarship student, I was never made to feel unworthy or treated any differently by teachers or peers. I was at the school ergo I was a special snowflake too.

        It’s a shock to these people that anyone could see it differently. It’s a kind of manifest destiny, truly. The nicer ones react like Hiddles and are unable to see that even that reaction is offensive to the 99%. The less nice ones are the braying toffs we all love to hate.

        When you take a school like this, add it to parental cultural capital and family wealth, you’d have to be an idiot not to see the crashing extent of the advantage.

        I had the school and the parental cultural capital, but not the money. You’ve said to me before, Fanty, that your family was unprepared for a child at uni and your school was a bog standard comp. From TommyAnne, me, and you, I know which person I think deserves the plaudits. (I hope that I didn’t presume and say too much there).

      • Miss Jupitero says:


        “Overtly, they are about decent values and being a good person, but the subtext is noblesse oblige, not egalitarianism.”

        THAT’S IT! You have put your finger on exactly what it is that annoys me so much about Hiddles and why, among other things, I am just not impressed by his charity work. There was something missing from it all, and this is precisely it. Itis very, very patronizing, and it is very clear that he has no ability to see this at all.

        Thank you TFanty and Sixer for posting this. As an American, I don’t have this same direct experience, so this really helps.

      • jamdav says:

        Apart from that comment in the Standard (correctly or incorrectly quoted) when has he ever whinged about his priviledge?

      • T.fanty says:

        It’s fine. I don’t begrudge anyone their privilege – hell, I’m doing all I can to give my own kids every advantage I can possibly give them. If a person is lucky enough to be born into such a position, then god bless their luck.

        However, being a part of the final generation born into the a government that protected my right to higher education and then moving to the US, I have a deep appreciation for the scarcity of such privilege. In spite of all this, I still know that because of my cultural deficit and the way I speak, certain doors will always be closed to me, and that stings. So, for Hiddleston to turn a political discussion into a moment of self-pity for what ultimately amounts to a f&ck if a lot of envy and resentment directed at him enrages me.

      • jamdav says:

        Not sure from your post if you are enraged at the envy towards him or enraged at him but this is my take;

        “I think it’s a real national weakness to categorise people, in both directions, according to where they went to school.”(from the Standard- hope I’m not breaking any rules doing it this way)

        Funnily enough, if this is the one you are thinking of, I don’t see that as self-pity, I see it as a recognition of the ways things are in the UK – unfortunately.

        He also said he didn’t want to be the go to guy for tails and waistcoats, which I took simply to mean he didn’t want to get pigeonholed. Can’t blame him for that.

      • janey says:

        Now, we all know that I enjoy a bit of Hiddles bashing, but everything you have described about your education teaching you that you are a “special snowflake” are things that Cumby has taken to heart, in exactly the same way as Hiddles, his interviews around the time of Parade’s End confirm that – his reference to feudalism and “care” in the Edwardian era show that he believes in this stuff. They are both products of privilege, and Cumby constantly tries to make it seem as if his education was somehow hard won, because his mum had to do adverts (the horror!) to pay for his prep school, then Harrow. I get what you’re saying about Cumby being up front about his whining – he wears his bitchiness on his sleeve, sometimes – but, for me, I find both ways pretty distasteful. Going to Harrow, Eton, or wherever does not make you bad person – just realise that not everyone has had the same opportunities as you and that doesn’t make them inferior. It must suck to be judged on the school you went to, I just think it probably sucks less when the school you went to has furnished you with connections that will serve you in later life.

  41. Mary-Rose says:

    TommyAnne is back to doing what he does best on Twitter- quoting inspirational article and quoting them. Does anybody remember when he used to tweet pictures of his dessert? I loved the funny comments he made with them

  42. Mary-Rose says:

    I’ve found that funny interview lady video with TommyAnne. Am I allowed to post it here?

  43. jamdav says:

    Inverted snobbery is as bad as the real thing. And there is a lot of inverted snobbery around in Britain.

    A lot of it at the moment is due to the fact that we have a prime minister who is unpopular but who went to Eton.

    • janey says:

      I think it’s more to do with the fact that a large section of the house of commons, on both sides of the floor, went to public school, then Eton or Cambridge. People question why it’s such a small pool of people, with such limited life experience that end up being MPs. Look at the current government’s policies and read Sixer’s take on her own school days and see how that is being played out now in British politics. As for inverted snobbery – I don’t dislike Cameron because he’s upper class and I’m working class – I’ll admit that being Scottish means i have a knee jerk reaction to the tory party, and it ryhmes with punts – I dislike Cameron because when he is not being self-serving, he is serving the needs of big business over the vulnerable of society, because of his party’s malicious representation of the poor in society and because he is unable or unwilling to change his views in light of the damage his policies are wreaking. He could have went to a public school or a comp and I would still think he was a ham faced tw@t.

    • kaisei says:

      and unsurprisingly TH follows both Cameron and Osborne. So yeah, the man is clueless.

    • icerose says:

      “Inverted snobbery is as bad as the real thing. And there is a lot of inverted snobbery around in Britain”

      Inverted snobbery has existed in this country long before Cameron. For a while it seemed to be less of an issue but is currently having a revival. It may be Cameron or it may be the recession which highlights the rich/poor divide.

  44. LMB says:

    He looks like a younger Gary Oldman.

  45. janey says:

    You asked and as I am a benevolent mistress of snark, I mined the horror of the internet after dark and delivered. Behold, the joy of Tommyanne drunk tweeting:

    (yeah, I pretty much just googled it)

  46. icerose says:

    Where exactly does Tom say his education was not a privilege. My impression is that he recognises this and feels grateful for what has been given to him. Note his constant use of I am privileged. He is just saying do not judge people by the school they went to. I do not agree with the system of education not only is it elitist but it encourages segregation between those who can and those who cannot which breeds prejudice on both sides. But elitism exists in most education systems in most countries usually created through wealth.I was in and out of public/state school system although not always in this country on a personal level both have plus sides. Its funny in other countries it is not such a big thing.
    My friends gay son was beaten up by a group of public school boys and another gay friends was beaten up by inner city kids. Both systems breed the good ,bad and the ugly. That’s why I dislike it when people from any school are judged on their educational background and even more so when their words are twisted to imply that they have no real understanding of the situation.My kids went to tough northen schools in their early years were they educationally that good no but they gained something about street smart that their dad who was public had to learn later in life. Much of his neurosis’ stemmed from his education and privileged background. Luckily my kids never had to deal with that What is sad is that the system in the UK continues to propagate the great divide.
    Tom said wonderful if it disappeared but he was honest enough to admit it might never happen. He called people out on educational prejudice and I cannot se why that is so wrong.

  47. icerose says:

    “However, being a part of the final generation born into the a government that protected my right to higher education and then moving to the US, I have a deep appreciation for the scarcity of such privilege.”
    Until recently the grant system in the UK offered higher education to everyone regardless of their parents financial position. This has sadly been steadily eroded through the years. Many of the people in the acting profession that I know had grants to attend drama college.
    I went to a drama college which was 90% state school. RADA is the only drama college I know of that does not work within the grant system but it does offer scholarships.

    Having seen both side of the system from the UK and N American perspective I think the biggest issues are wealth. There are poor inner city schools in most both the UK and the USA the amount of money your parents have usually dictates which one you end up in.Even in the school I went to which because of its large catchment area had kids from all levels of background it was still much easier for the kids from professional families to aspire to University despite the loan system which was off putting to kids from poorer backgrounds.
    Not saying that the UK system is right but it seems to me that in the UK there is stronger focus on who goes to public school than what can be done about it.

  48. icerose says:

    “It’s a shock to these people that anyone could see it differently. ”

    I have known scholarship students who loved it because of the opportunities it gave them and the friends they made their. I know people from wealthy backgrounds who hate it and felt bullied. I know people with the same views as you. I know a single mum who kids were out of control and was given state help at that time to send them to public schools and both she and her kids swear it was the best thing that could have happened.
    Experience shapes out opinion but it does not mean that everyone will have that same opinion whether they went there or not.
    Although I agree re the elements of noblesse oblige, its quite demeaning to say that all public school attendees cannot see this element as well. Your experience has obviously led you to this belief but mine have been very different. And that to me is what Tom was saying. Its about people making general categorisations about what your feelings and opinions based on what school they went to not on who they have become. What would really be interesting is if this country had a referendum re incorporating public schools into the state schools system-just seeing what the turn out for voting was or the outcome would be interesting. But it ain’t going to happen because the political parties are too afraid of loosing votes to ever consider tabling it.

  49. Mary-Rose says:

    Here’s TommyAnne’s new photo shoot without white shirt and with grandpa pants shocker hopefully Kaiser will pick this up and we can have a discussion on it like the famous dragonfly

  50. Browniecakes says:

    Two threads about TH on DataLounge have been deleted. Neither were particularly spicy. Any ideas?

    • Caroline says:

      I think I saw the deleted threads too, plus I know a few blogs that have been requested to not share personal comments concerning Tom Hiddleston. Strange?

    • Flower says:

      Bet it was Luke tightening his control on Hiddlesworld domination…lol.

      Caroline, blogs requested not to share personal comments? Is this new?

      • Mary-Rose says:

        Although DL seems strange at times, I’ve never seen anything that suggests Trolling or any comments threatening TommyAnne. What I’ve seen is they like to talk about him ageing quickly, FWB (although that stopped ages ago). The latest one being weather he’s sincere or not. (Some people thought actually Luke and TommyAnne were on there!)
        But even though I don’t agree with what some say, none of it was harmful or could affect his career.
        He’d probably laugh like I did at some of the comments if he has seen it.
        Plus there is a long running thread discussing weather RDJ and TommyAnne were in a reationship (WTF?!) that being a tiny bit slanderous hasn’t been deleted

      • Caroline says:

        I think what was different about those two threads I noticed is that people were commenting on that british film documentary that is being made by some fans that Tom was interviewed for. Maybe they heard about it and didn’t like it.