Angelina Jolie is actually on-trend with $4700 Louis Vuitton ‘It Bag’ of the year

Apparently, there is a new “It Bag” and it’s not Hermes, nor Marc Jacobs, nor Tom Ford. This year’s It Bag is a $4700 Louis Vuitton, marketed in print ads by Michelle Williams and carried prominently by Angelina Jolie. Can you smell the exclusivity? Even though I would never spend more than $100 on a bag (and even then, it would have to be a special occasion because I’m cheap as hell), I admit that I’ve been skewed by celebrity prices and I didn’t even blanche when I saw that this purse costs $4700. Hey, at least it’s not a $17,000 fug fur Olsen bag.

Against a tide of fakes flooding the market and to avoid being seen on the arm of anyone less than an A-list celebrity, Louis Vuitton have this year made a concerted effort to return to their roots as an exclusive designer brand. And it seems their plan is working as their pricey new Capucine leather handbags are currently the must-have item in their stores across Europe.

Louis Vuitton boutiques in Milan, Paris and London have all reported shortages of the £3,000 Capucine bags since their launch in June. Each store has long waiting lists for the leather bag that comes in a variety of colours and features the designer’s LV initials and monogram flower logo.

At the time of writing, London’s New Bond Street store only had one sample bag with a ‘not for sale’ sticker on and 40 people had already reserved one. But the bags aren’t likely to be available until the end of September or early in October.

Shop assistants said they took delivery of only a handful of Capucine bags every other week over the summer, intimating Louis Vuitton may have deliberately caused the shortage to create a buzz around the product – taking a leaf out of Hermes’ book.

Officially citing production constraints, Hermes is known in the luxury world for its shortages and waiting lists, particularly for its £6,000 to 25,000 Birkin and Kelly bags, which help strengthen the brand’s appeal.

Buzz around the Capucine handbag has also been created after it was seen on the arm of Angelina Jolie last month in L.A. Meanwhile, another A-lister, Michelle Williams, was enlisted to be the face of the campaign to launch the bag.

[From The Mail]

We can roll our eyes at the marketing of forced exclusivity by these “shortages” but it probably is a good idea. The real fashionistas will wait and wait for them while the fly-by-night famewhores, C-listers and Real Housewives will still trot out their Birkin bags. But the biggest shock to me is that Angelina Jolie is ahead of the curve! She’s never really shown any interest in having the hottest new look or the coolest It Bag. La Jolie does not follow trends! Which makes me think that part of HER Louis Vuitton contract includes simply being sent the latest LV products and she just took a liking to the bag. Or is she really trying to be trendy?

Photos courtesy of LV, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. lisa2 says:

    Angelina is always carrying an awesome bag. She has a great collection. I think her LV contract is over. She carries a lot of different designers. But I thinks he loves LV.. bags and shoes too.

    I would love to raid her closet for them. Besides, she keeps her bags for years.

    Every woman has her thing. Angie’s is bags and great sunglasses.

    oh and que the “how dare she carry an expensive bag when people are starving”.. as if she doesn’t give to the needy and support many causes. So I said it now it doesn’t need to be said again. But I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Toot says:

    It sounds like Angelina helped it get more notice and is ahead of the trend.

  3. Monkey Towz says:

    The bag her kid has is way cooler.

  4. xboxsucks says:

    if i had tons of money i would totally go for it,it s gorgeous.
    jolie is terrible with clothes but her shoes and bags are always trendy and cool.

    • Robi says:

      Look, its design is gorgeous, but quality?
      I have some LV s I bought or I received recently, I have seen this one in a LV boutique, and I must say that they are not even close to the vintage LV I have, some of them bought 20-30 years ago, some others coming from my mother of my grandma.They are so pricey that one would expect much more in terms of quality, durability, materials, details, lining…, good for them that many people don’t look at these details before buying.

      • Mercedes says:

        I have a few LV bags plus some vintage LV handbags and luggage given to me by my mom – with the exception of one, all of my bags and luggage are made in France (the only exception — the Delightful MM was made in the US). Not sure why you think the quality isn’t there — it is. I use my Bloomsbury GM when I travel – it’s been all over the world with me and still looks as good as when I first purchased it, same thing goes with my Keep-all. If you want to know how LV bags stand up to wear and tear, nothing beats going through some of the busiest airports around the globe.

      • lower-case deb says:

        also, i heard from some shopping guru on the tv once, she said that branded names often do repairs for free (lifetime guarantee). for example she said: prada will help repair broken handles, etc. som brands will even replace broken bags with a new one if they see fit to do so. so i guess in the long run, there’s a bit of “warranty” there too, and some bags don’t lose too much value over the years.

      • littlestar says:

        I bought my very first LV bag a while ago, and I have to admit, I’m kind of disappointed by the quality of it! I’m not saying it’s poorly made, because it isn’t at all, but I guess I was expecting more for the price I paid :S. The bag isn’t even made out of real leather! However, it is still a cute bag and I had been coveting it for years, so I went ahead and bought it anyway.

        And I love the bag AJ is carrying. It’s beautiful and timeless looking.

      • Just Me says:

        The quality is there. My LV luggage I purchased 10+ years ago has been all over the world. Still beautiful. As a matter of fact, I have a particular love for the vintage epi line & have a whole collection I’ve accrued over the years. Some of these pieces are 20-30 years old. Still drop dead gorgeous.

        Little Star – you must have purchased a Damier or Monogram. This is canvas. Not leather. Save for the handles.

        Also, LV Repairs are not free – unless it’s on something you purchased within the past year. Atleast, last time I checked it was a year. I haven’t looked into it recently.

      • Robi says:

        These so- called luxury canvas bags have a production cost of about 30 dollars. Let’s say from 30 to 50 including delivery. This is simply because they produce them paying llow cost workers and using different materials.
        Lining, for example, now its mainly microfiber or cheap fabric. My vintage have leather lining, most of them peccary leather. Details are also something to look at. Internal finishes, number of interior pockets, their lining. Arethey totally hand- made or not? By whom? Vintage ones where made by few well-trained artisans. Now thare is a mass-production that simply cannot be ensured if they keep the same quality stndards.
        New gold-plated details ofter lose their laquer even with a normal use.
        That’s what I mean when I talk aout quality.
        Duration says something about the materials, but you know what ? I find Timberland shoe quite durable. But I don’t pay them 1000 to 5000 dollars a pair.

      • Mercedes says:

        Robi — not sure where you’re getting your LV bags, but I can only speak for mine and I get them from the LV boutique. I happen to be looking at my Bloomsbury GM right now and can say without a doubt that the craftsmanship is there and that the leather and canvas used is of quality, so are the zippers and gold fittings. Maybe somehow you got a knock-off? A lot of them are really good imitations but if you are familiar with the LV line you know what to look for — stitching both on the inside and the outside being key. Real LV purses will always have the same number of stitches on either side of the strap for example. Each stitch is lined up with the one across from it and the corners make a perfect 90 degree angle. Only way you can get this type of quality is from something that is hand sewn.

      • Robi says:

        Mercedes, is Paris LV flagship store enough for you? Because mine come from there. Maybe its you who have never seen an artisan hand made bag. Because those tons of bags sold all over the world can only be mass-production.

  5. Kate says:

    Jolie always has the latest bags, it’s just that 90% of the time she gets them in boring black so no one really pays attention. She also goes through trendy sunglasses like no one else.

    She spends a lot on fashion and jewellery (or is gifted a lot). She didn’t used to, she was always in cheap jeans and tank tops, but for the last decade or so she’s really gotten into designers. Again, no one really pays attention because she mostly wears similar looking black stuff, but some of the outfits she wears when she’s just hanging out with the kids are worth tens of thousands, and most of her suits are couture. She has some great stuff.

  6. bowers says:

    She has the money for it; she also gives to charity. I would do it also.

  7. LL says:

    Since I think many celebrities get almost everything free like clothes, shoes, purses and so much more, so I believe this one of those free things. Also, she’s been carrying a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag in various colors for a while too.

  8. mickey says:

    What’s in it? What’s in it? I want to know! Let’s guess…
    - wallet
    - extra sunglasses
    - tissues
    - wet wipes
    - emergency granola bars
    - another baby

  9. blue marie says:

    she probably just likes the handbag, it’s humongous and she can fit a lot of kid friendly crap in it.

  10. lenje says:

    I saw a pic of Reese carrying the LV bag advertised by Michelle Williams. I dig it! But since the price requires me to save up, I’ll go back to the Falabella bag I’m still coveting… in gold! :D

  11. V4Real says:

    Forget the bag is that a nipple? Yes I’m the pervert on this site. I could be gay for Angie. No shame..

  12. Camille says:

    She should donate that money for charity. First she shows all these bags, private jets, diamond rings and then she goes to Africa to visit some poor people and acts like she is one of them. Come on.

  13. Nikki info lknnjj.kfddddrdesqEß6 says:

    God I hate that LV monogrammed flower print! It just screams “try hard” to me or “look at me I’m rich,I have a LV bag”. Yeh her son’s bag is cooler.

  14. doofus says:

    I agree, Maddox’s bag IS cooler. but for once, I don’t HATE an LV bag because Jolie’s version doesn’t have the “LV” logo all over it.

    I HATE that about some designer bags. Coach (while they always have a few plain bags) has been going that way with their GIANT “C” all over everything lately. I’d much prefer to buy a bag without the huge advertisement all over it.

  15. chloe says:

    I imagine they probably send her the latest purses even though she’s not on contract with them anymore, it’s great advertising and they probably still have a great relationship with her. This style is not my favorite of the LV brands, I guess if I saw it in TJ Maxx in a couple of years I’d buy it:) BTW I think we should have a shoe or purse post everyday, two things that warm my heart.

  16. TherapyCranes says:

    I really like the bag because its simple and doesn’t have the tacky logo all over it. Her sons bag is cool as well but a little too big for a purse imo.

  17. Sue says:

    I can see that kid giving her some major tude in the future….. If not already….. One of the many joys of parenthood. :)

  18. janie says:

    I don’t see Angie buying these expensive bags, they’re probably sent to her. If she does, God knows she more than helps her fellow man. I do like Mad’s carry on better. What a great kid! Do you think he’ll make an announcement for all kids to quit school? Hell will freeze over before any of their kids are disrespectful! Listening Will & Jada Smith?

  19. Dhavynia says:

    That’s cheap considering the prizes of some of those designer bags. Didnt queen weave Beyonce bought a horrendous looking LV that was $46K? Now there’s someone who throws money on expensive ugly crap just to try to be trendy. AJ’s bag is classy not trashy

  20. Andrea1 says:

    This woman looks effortlessly Chicky without even trying

  21. MonicaQ says:

    I like it. Then again, I don’t carry a purse because I’m lazy so there we go.

  22. Andrea1 says:

    I lover her sunglasses I just want to have them.

  23. Spring Season says:

    Angelina owns great handbags, sunglasses, shoes and coat collection I would love to raid!

  24. mslewis says:

    Maddox is so cool. I just love his knit hat, sunglasses and leather jacket and tote. He’s just a cool kid. His siblings probably worship him.

  25. Megan says:

    that bag is fabulous, and I am not a fan of Louis, but when he does it right he does it right.

    And honestly $4700 isn’t that much for a designer handbag. It isn’t made in China, it is made in Italy or France, by hand for heaven sakes and its the finest quality leather.

    If you don’t want to spend it on a bag that is fine and your right, but I get so offended when people judge those that do. Angelina Jolie can easily afford $4700 (not that she actually paid for it) so who cares. It is no ones business.

  26. Lucy says:

    I think there’s nothing try-hardy about Angelina. I like the bag. And it’s her money, she can afford it, so no problem with that either.

  27. cs says:

    I stand by my Angie has “Audrey Hepburn” chic, simple, classy style.

    No she’s never going to be a trendy HW “fashionista” or does she claim to be. But GF has the greatest sunglasses, shoes and Bags.

    But as someone said earlier, the stuff that she wears are expensive and you can tell it is. At least she doesn’t look like RHOBH or the OC. Fake tan, Fake hair or wearing designer clothes but look like you shopped at Forever 21 or Strawberry’s.

  28. apsutter says:

    Omg…Maddox!!! He’s so old now and freaking adorable! Look at the style on that kid. I bet he’s going to be a real heartbreaker.

  29. nicegirl says:

    Do you think they sent her the bag (for free, or as a perk or whatever per her contract) and she uses it, because it is kind of awesome – and then uses (some of) her own money to help others with her humanitarian aid work?

    CUZ that is SOOOO what i would do if I could!!!

  30. lucy2 says:

    I too am in the $100 or less bag club. I’d rather spend my money on my house or traveling. Must be nice to be rich and famous and be given that stuff for free though.

    I do like that bag better than all their monogrammed stuff.

    • lenje says:

      Yesss!!! I often say I can’t afford some bags (including the Falabella LOL) — but what I mean is, I can afford it, but to me the money would rather be spent on traveling!

      Speaking of traveling, here’s some in my bucket list (it’s probably rather lame to the world travelers here):
      - Alaska/Canada/Iceland/anywhere I can catch the Aurora Borealis;
      - Bhutan (I have friends there, so it’s a matter of time and, er, saving)
      - Kenya/Tanzania
      - Tunisia/Morocco/Mali

      I would also love to be able to have a long-month leave (in my job, we only have 12 working days for our annual leave), to visit the places along the Silk Road! :)

  31. knok says:

    she is a liar!!!

    she lives in luxus and to promo for her or Brad’s movie she is in a camp.

    she is a liar

  32. Maureen says:

    I’m not bothered by how much money celebs spend on themselves. What bothers me is when they spend like this and then tell you and me that we “need to do more” for those around the world. Yes, Angelina Jolie uttered those exact words. Why doesn’t SHE do more? If she can donate 2 million and then spend that much on private planes, luxury items, and renting entire villages for her children, then she can do more than I’ll ever be able to in a lifetime.

  33. Mingy says:

    ugh f*ck “it” bags.
    maddox is too cool for me!..but showing way too much chest.

  34. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know if she does a lot of freebees. I think I recall reading that some designer had sent some items to her and the children and she returned them with a note saying thanks but they couldn’t accept them. I think if she was accepting things that would have gotten out a long time ago. I never hear about her or Brad at the big giveaways for celebs during awards season. And most designer are overjoyed when she is seen in their clothing. They go straight to twitter. I see that a lot.

    So I don’t think she takes a lot of free items. She and Brad have enough money to buy whatever. Their kids dress pretty normal. Yes some expensive things mixed with everyday priced things. I have seen them in clothes from Gap and such.. and higher end. Besides the kids wear each other’s clothes. So I don’t think she or Brad are that give us free stuff.

  35. Cecilia says:

    Michelle Williams looks gorgeous in that ad still. Beautiful.

  36. Dalovelee says:

    There’s no way that bag was not a gift from LV. Just these shots alone is free advertisement from her. Could she pay for the bag we all know she can easily afford that. But when high power women see her toting this bag in the real world that beats a staged photoshoot! She makes this bag look more desirable.

  37. Dorothu says:

    Doi. Of course she gets the bags. Its cool, she liked it.Other people like it too, add some good old supply and demand and bam…a “trend” Guess that doesn’t quite fill up a blog post though does it.

  38. Mew says:

    Until the first comment I didn’t even realize she doesn’t wear aviator sunglasses anymore

  39. Kay says:

    I like the bag,majorly because of its size.And i don’t think beacause she gives to charity she shouldn’t spen on her self,that wud be STUPID

  40. Kay says:

    I like the bag,majorly because of its size.And i don’t think beacause she gives to charity she shouldn’t spend on her self,that wud be STUPID

  41. Overrated Jolie says:

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    AMPAS Board of Governors: Do not give the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to actress Angelina Jolie

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