Pete Doherty has moved in with lover Kate Moss.

This Train is just never late … just when there’s a lull in their tale of bad skin, bad judgment and bad decisions, the Moss and Doherty Express pulls back into the station. Londonnet has all the latest in transit news:

The Babyshambles frontman was seen carrying a treasured gold disc, a banjo, clothes and a baby-seat into the supermodel’s luxurious north London flat.
A source revealed: “It was hilarious, Pete was shifting all this tatty stuff into Kate’s posh home. Pete was carrying his gold disc and wherever that disc is, Pete is. If he has moved it into Kate’s it means he is staying there permanently.”

The gruesome twosome were sporting what is sure to be the look for the new Burberry campaign … shirtless banjo players for the Men’s line in Fall 2007 and for the Womenswear a focus on jewelry that you will pay for in so many more ways than just the purely financial.

As he carried his belongings into Kate’s property, Pete – who wasn’t wearing a shirt – stopped to entertain onlookers by strumming on his banjo. Kate, 33, was sporting a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

In case Burberry wants to develop a home furnishings line: Doherty has generously documented a sort of inspiration board for them in the shape of his previous digs.

Pete, 27, was kicked out of his east London flat after owing UKP10,000 in unpaid rent. After he left, photographs were released showing blood-spattered walls, drug paraphernalia, empty beer cans and cigarette butts strewn everywhere.

Landlord Andreas Panayiotou claimed Pete was the “worst tenant” he had ever had.

But Andy don’t be such a pessimist … the year is young … and the Greater London Metropole is full of up and coming musicians with beer as yet unbought and blood as yet unsplattered.

They may however not have a banjo or a baby car seat

pic via Daily Mail

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4 Responses to “Pete Doherty has moved in with lover Kate Moss.”

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  1. Kandice says:


    It’S SAD :-( Drugs, drugs and more drugs. Not to mention Pete’s bad influence on her.

    And to think she has a CHILD. Go visit Britney Spears Kate! NOW!

  2. FF says:

    Meh, this is one big publicity stunt for the pair of them. When will people wise up and not care. She knows what he is, she’s happy with it. Let her get on with it.

    I’m sure if no one cared tomorrow she’d boot him out on his ass.

  3. frewtloop says:

    I can’t possibly imagine how she brings herself to be intimate with that pasty, fugly, sweaty, puny creep. Shudder.

  4. jemima says:

    duh! its easy for kate to be “romantic” with pete…they are just alike. c’mon now, its no secret that kate has been hitting the hard shit so that she can keep her anorexic bod that for reasons completely alien to me, people find attractive. she is ugly, not just now, but always has been, no matter what angle the picture is taken from. it just goes to show ya that one big endorsement and a team of talented air brushers can take dirt and make it smell like roses.