Angelina Jolie ‘lathers on SPF 30 sunscreen before getting in her tanning bed’…?

Angelina Jolie has been pale for a while now. I remember, back in the day, when she used to have fake tans or real tans – it was sort of the Lara Croft era of her career. To her credit, she was rarely orange – her skin looked natural with a little bit of color. But somewhere along the line, she began to stay out of the sun and (I’m assuming) she began to wear sunscreen every day. The pale skin works on her, I think, and she really never looks washed out to me. But it’s been a while since she’s taken a job where she has to be outside a lot. And who knew that directing Unbroken would be that kind of job? Angelina is prepping Unbroken in Australia, known for its multitude of sun-kissed blondes. So what is a pale vamp like Angelina to do? Well, her solution is kind of weird:

“Angelina Jolie loves the feeling of a tanning bed and getting UV rays, but she’s terrified of skin cancer. So she lathers on SPF 30 sunscreen before getting in her bed,” a source tells Star. “Brad thinks it’s hilarious – he says there’s no point in using the bed if she’s going to put sunscreen on to slow down the tan. His newest nickname for her Tangelina.”

But stubborn Angie is devoted to her odd routine, which she thinks helps prepare her skin for the sun in Australia, where she’s directing Unbroken. “She wants her skin to be adjusted in order to prevent burning,” explains the source. “She’s convinced the tanning bed and SPF combo gives her a glow without the tan.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

You don’t get the Vitamin D when you wear sunscreen, correct? Well, you get some but it’s negligible. Anyway, I don’t believe this. Not because I think Angelina would never obsess over skin care and preparing her skin for the Australian sun – although I do have my doubts about that – it’s that I can’t see how she would have the time to care to this extent. She’s looking after all six kids while Brad is filming Fury. Plus, she’s still prepping Unbroken and scouting locations and hiring people. When does she have the time to slather on sunscreen and lay in a tanning bed? Plus, she’s just as pale as usual. Vampire!

And “Tangelina”? RLY? That sounds like the nickname we should use for Pippa Middleton.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ha ha..what a dumb story.

    She does have amazing skin though.

  2. lauren says:

    Good god this comes from star magazine.. how can one believe one word from them?!

  3. LL says:

    That article is so ridiculous that also hilarious. Just reading the article and coming across ‘Tangelina’ makes me think I was reading something from The Onion.

  4. Jen says:

    That is not skin that lays in a tanning bed or on a beach towel.

  5. Min says:

    Dont each of the kids have 2 nannies. Her travel party is notoriously large because she has help. I am not saying she is idle or that she is a bad mum but to suggest that her kids would keep her too busy for that hour of alone time makes no sense.

    • Toot says:

      Are you for real? Stop reading/believeing tabs. I’ve seen three nannies. By your count there should be 12. The kids seem to have 1 nanny per two children.

    • tabloid lies says:

      No, they don’t have two nannies a kid. They have male security staff that seems to often function as “mannies” and 2-3 females* that are language teachers/minders/nannies that don’t seem to be around as often. From what both Brad & Angie have said over the years, no staff spends the night (I think that they made an exception for a bit when the twins were born), so I’m sure they make arrangements with some staffer when they go out in the evening- given that we have seen so many of the same people with them over the years, they must be pretty decent to work for despite having so many kids!

      *a 4Oish Asian lady, maybe Cambodian? (we haven’t seen the younger Asian lady for a few years- I think she was a Vietnamese speaker to help Pax with the transition) and a 30 something African lady/French teacher (the 20 something African lady seemed to be a relative of hers and hasn’t been seen for a couple of years). There used to be an older white lady when Zahara was a toddler, but she hasn’t been seen in a long time- she may have retired or died.

    • mccora96 says:

      Agreed- they don’t have 12 nannies or even six nannies; 2-4 seems much more likely based on what we’ve seen & heard. FYI- several member of Angie’s entourage lately have been part of her Unbroken film crew- cinematographer, production designer, other producers, etc.

      • JustJen says:

        Oh for heaven’s sake….she has help. That’s the point. And nannies don’t work 9 to 5 (know from experience thankyouverymuch) — more like 6 til when the kids go to bed. Yeah…don’t kid yourself, she’s not curling up in a bubblebath mumbling “Calgon…take me away…” while the hoards beat down the bathroom door. That may be YOUR life, but it’s not hers.

        She sees those kids when she wants and under the circumstances she wants…she’s not “just like us”.

      • Carrie says:

        She has help, she’s a millionaire, with six kids, who wouldn’t have nannies,but where did 12 nannies come from? The most I’ve seen is four, the rest are bodyguards, not nannies. There are two African-Americans, One Cambodian, and one of Asian descent women, that are seen all the time. 12 nannies, is a tabloid rumor, only people that don’t like her, believe they really have 12 nannies.

      • Sardinia says:

        The number 12 came from a fellow vacationer who also happens to be editor of Architectural Digest. He may have employed hyperbole but his point was they have alot of help.

    • Min says:

      Thank you Sardinia. This story was widely reported, did her stans really not see it?

      And Tarantino also told Howard Stern that he saw alot of people in the house who he assumed were the help before he quickly corrected himself and called them family friends. He did later say that the “family friends” put the kids to bed while he and Brad did pot.

      I expect Stans to deny every semi-negative story (is having nannies even negative?) but the level of denial always shocks me.

      I stand by my point. If she wants to find time to slather SPF 30, she can

    • Bridget says:

      Good lord. The woman has a job. Of course she has childcare. Why is this even a thing? Because some dude said one time that he saw them on vacation with 2 nannies per child? Well if some dude said it, it must be true.

    • Liz says:

      I could care less how many nannies they do or, don’t have…. Just PLEASE do something with Viviennes hair! Like cut it, curl it or pull it back. Bless her heart! I have never seen such scraggly looking hair on a child. Ever!

    • pam246 says:

      People like Min is the reason tabloids will never go out of business. It’s amazing that people believe the most ridiculous stories. It’s one thing to read tabloids/blogs for laughs but to believe anything out of pure hate is pathetic. I also love how haters make stuff up. The reporter didn’t see Brad and Angelina with 12 nannies. He said somebody told him that somebody else saw them with 12 nannies. Most likely it was family members. It’s funny that anytime somebody is seen with the family they get called nannies. With the most basic investigation it’s learned the people are family members or their managers, etc.

  6. Kitten Mittens says:

    Well, good luck to her!
    And we can’t use Tangelina for Pippa. Pippa is already Orangina, no?

  7. cancer says:

    NOBODY should tan- skin cancer is VERY real. Angie has such beautiful skin, it is clear that she is smart enough not to bake in the sun without SPF. Angie has also always been super sporty & active, so, if she is outdoors, she isn’t lying around like some beached whale. Finally, she has long had a valid fear of cancer bc of her family history- I don’t recall her mother ever being super tan either.

    • Meaghan says:

      I have severe psoriasis in the winter and my doctor has repeatedly told me to tan, because it is the only thing that helps it. Also in places up north, where there is limited sun in the winter, it is recommended to stop S.A.D and get vitamin d because of the lack of sun. The sun isn’t bad or evil in small doses, and I laugh at everyone who basically categorizes the sun as hitler.

      • TherapyCranes says:

        @Meaghan My father has very severe psoriasis on his legs, arms, and hands. He’s been tanning for the good part of 20 years. It has done wonders for him. We used to live in Canada where the sun just wasn’t out long enough or hot enough to actually help him. Now that we have all relocated to Phoenix he can truly break free from his psoriasis and feel better.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “I laugh at everyone who basically categorizes the sun as hitler.”

        +1. People go way overboard with the sun-vilification.

    • Jassy says:

      “Angie has also always been super sporty & active” I beg to differ, she is a bone rack now

    • yes says:

      Exactly- you don’t have gorgeous skin like Angelina’s if you spend all day lying about in the sun, no matter how much SPF you wear. I had a college friend who would tan on the roof of the dorm with BABY OIL- needless to say, her skin looks atrocious now.

    • kiyoshigirl says:

      @Megan, thanks for setting the record straight. People have become brain washed about sun exposure. The REALITY is that some sun exposure is good for you, for all of the reasons you mentioned. I too suffer from psoriasis and I have to use a UV lamp in limited doses. It provides tremendous curing results for my condition. I also suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and in the past have been prescribed a rationed dose of exposure in tanning beds. There are hundreds of benefits to sun exposure, in moderation.

    • RedMarine says:

      In some places around the world, you do need to be vigilant about the sun. I live on the south-east coast of Australia and even though we are just a few weeks into spring, when outdoors you can feel the sun burning almost straight away. Your skin literally sizzles.
      Apart from wearing SPF every day, I try to limit time outside to either early or late in the day.

  8. Mandy says:

    This is such a stupid story! Where do they come up with this stuff!

  9. Sara says:

    Why not just go outside for 15 minutes a day with no sunscreen to get a little Vitamin D and then your skin will get a base.

  10. emmie_a says:

    I was low on vit D and my doctor told me to take off my sunglasses for about 15 minutes while I was in the sun because he said your body gets the
    vit D through the retinas in your eyes… I’ve always wanted to research this because I don’t completely believe him. –But if you do get vit D through your skin, I think you’d still get the benefits even while wearing sunscreen because the sunscreen doesn’t block 100% of the rays…

    • mayamae says:

      A quick google search backs up your doctor. The article I read specifically dealt with African natives (whose dark skin makes it difficult to absorb ultraviolet). Apparently they had a dramatic increase in cancer rates, and associate it with the natives now wearing sunglasses, and causing insufficient vit D levels.

      • emmie_a says:

        mayamae: Thanks for doing my *homework* for me! And actually, I started doing the 15 minutes in the sun w/out my sunglasses and last time I had my D level tested, it was finally in the high range – so it works!

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I have to wear sunglasses, or else I start sneezing and my eyes water. My mom said it was because I was allergic to the sun (she noticed that happened a lot when I was a baby and wasn’t wearing a hat or sunglasses). Maybe that explains why I have such pale skin and don’t tan well. And here I always thought it was because I have my dad’s Irish complexion! :)

  11. lisa2 says:

    Her skin is flawless. She doesn’t tan.

    LOL. I guess this is something to print. Thing is you won’t here her issue a denial.

  12. Asdfg says:

    Her skin is flawless! What’s her secret?

    People ask or tell me all the time “Get some sun.”, “Are you sick?”, “You’re pale”. It’s really rude and makes me uncomfortable.

    I’m sorry I prefer to not look like tan mom.

    • mayamae says:

      Me too! I use the palest foundation that exists. People stopped nagging me when I started colouring my hair red. I have green eyes so they think I’m natural. For some reason it’s ok to have pale skin as a redhead. Go figure.

    • emmie_a says:

      I’m in the same boat. And I have tried to use self-tanner but they don’t make one light enough for me — I just want a little color but all the self tanners I have tried give me too much color and then it doesn’t blend into my natural color and you can see all my self tanner mistakes.

  13. minime says:

    This story sounds stupid but still I was a bit worried with this part “You don’t get the Vitamin D when you wear sunscreen, correct? Well, you get some but it’s negligible.”

    Although the sunscreen will diminuish the amount of Vitamin D produced by our body when exposed to sun, the amount produced will still be more than enough. It is way more important to protect the skin with sunscreen!!! Plus, tanning beds don’t have the kind of UV that actually stimulate the production of Vitamin D.

    • Mhsally says:

      Yeah, I don’t understand this article. I work outside all summer long and use a crazy amount of sunscreen every day. I still get really tan. Why do people think that sunscreen doesn’t let you get tan? It deflects harmful UV rays. You can get a sunburn through clothes or glass, because there are multiple UV rays we need to protect against, why would someone think that a tanning bed would be ineffective with sunscreen?

      You should definitely be using sunscreen in a tanning bed! UVC waves don’t happen outdoors because of the ozone layer, and only exist in tanning beds!

      Everyone should be wearing it anyway (no matter how easily you think you tan/the color of your skin, etc)! You still get vitamins, it’s not about getting tan or not, it’s about helping deflect the rays that cause cancer. People are really, really misinformed about sunscreen!

  14. TherapyCranes says:

    As a ginger that lives in Phoenix AZ I wear sunblock constantly but do still try to tan a bit to get my body ready for the summer months. My body just mainly freckles and burns but I do notice a difference when I prep my skin like this. I get slightly darker which helps prevent burning when it’s 118 out.

  15. Maggie says:

    Amazing how so many know Angelina personally, her routine and the amount of nannies she employs.

  16. Kim1 says:

    This is about as silly as the tabloid story that claimed Brad was a vegetarian.The same week an interview came out where he talked about how he loved steak.Also he mentioned grilling burgers for his

    family on the weekends. Aj is pale as Anderson Cooper yet she is addicted to tanning.GMAFB

  17. Bej says:

    What a silly story! I don’t really see Angelina as the kind of person to tan just so she fits in with the locals in the land of ‘blonde, bronzed, Aussies’. I live in Queensland, ‘the Sunshine State’ of Australia & me & my kids manage to get by without vilification for our pale skin just fine. Shockingly my kids suffer no bullying at school due to their fair complexions. Probably because the ‘sun kissed blondes’ are less predominate in this multi cultural country than any crappy Gold Coast/Beach side set tv show would have you all believe. Besides, Slip, Slop, Slap, sunsafety has been pushed in our schools for decades now, & there has been a successful skin cancer awareness program running for quite some time, so the dangers of over tanning are well known here.

  18. raye says:

    ha ha ha thy ran same story before with Jennifer aniston on it. Now that was more believable with orange looking aniston.

  19. Anon says:

    CB gets their stories from ‘Star’ magazine? smh.

  20. AKA says:

    Are we still believing tabloid reports of Angelina and Brad? Didn’t we learn after her breast surgery that everything with this couple is super guarded unless it comes from the horse’s mouth?

  21. lenje says:

    This story is so hilarious, I almost fell down my chair laughing when reading it :) :) :)

    I also love it that today we have a couple of stories with regard to skin regimen (this and the Eva Mendes post)!

  22. miriam says:

    I find her stick arms and legs really disturbing.

  23. Kay says:

    You are so right @AKA.If they don’t want us to know we wont.

  24. AmericanInOz says:

    Sorry, I’m late to the show…It’s only 7:45 here. I’m sitting out on my porch looking at the ocean and the sun is in full force already.
    Even being out for 30 minutes here requires full sunblock. IF Angelina is tanning, I don’t blame her at all if it is to prevent burning and blistering. Summer is on it’s way down here and the sun is usually around a UV index of 11. A lot of time in America in the middle of summer it’s an 8 or 9.
    In other news, this is the one place I’ve been people don’t treat sunblock as a joke. I use it as my body lotion in the summer months.

  25. dread pirate cuervo says:

    If she’s going to be outside in the Australian sun, building a base tan isn’t a bad idea. The sunscreen isn’t as important as keeping your skin moisturized for what she’s trying to do. I used to put SPF 100 on my face AND cover it with a towel when I went tanning, Now I wear 5 layers of sunscreen & try to avoid daylight as much as possible, lol. The proper way to train your skin with a tanning bed is to use it 2 minutes a day for a week, then add a minute every week. The directions are right inside ever bed I’ve ever been in.

  26. moon says:

    Speaking as a sun shy asian girl, SPF30 is not enough!

    • lenje says:

      LOL moon, I knoooww… :)

      Asian women — in particular my mom’s generation — don’t hesitant to use umbrella when walking out under striking sun. I used to mock my mom when I was a teen, but really, it’s actually a far cheaper way to protect your skin!

      (I still don’t use umbrella, hate wearing hats, and very rarely put on sunblock — even daily skin cream and moisturizer — but I’m very lucky not to have any skin problem so far. Here’s hoping it stays that way! :) )

  27. alissa says:

    what a bullshit story!! She is staying in SYdney not the outback and so its hardly like the sun is that bad here. And its not even summer here so the weather is no different to being in LA

  28. floretta50 says:

    Believe Brad and Angie is living separate lives,they have not been seen together for almost two years. Something is up, it’s soon going to come out sooner or later. Brad must have been caught by Angie looking at Aniston’s stiptease performance in We Are The Millers. As the saying goes old wood heats up quickly.

  29. Bea says:

    Yes, they are so separate that she flew with the twins 8 hours to Hong Kong to meet Brad who flew 12 hours.

    But nice try anyway.

  30. Shoe_Lover says:

    I’m an Aussie in South East Queensland and believe me, nothing will prepare Angelina for the sun and the heat. I’m pale and I can burn in the middle of winter. She needs SPF 50 and parasols. My most horrible burn was in February, I had heaps of sunscreen on and was only outside for half an hour and I got burnt. The next day I was covered in blisters (some the size of cricket balls, my legs were swollen and full of liquid, I couldn’t walk the swelling was that painful. I had third degree burns. I was on bed rest for a week and half (and I use the term rest loosely), then my skin peeled off in sheets and not just one layer, quite a few, and the skin underneath was purple. it was awful and so so painful.

    Its allegedly Spring here but its been quite warm so far. We are supposed to hit 37 and 39 degrees Celsius this week. Its dry heat so I can handle it but once the humidity sets in it will be unbearable.

    Also- the sun kissed blonde is a marketing myth. Sure, we have sun kissed blondes and a fair few of them but Australia is multicultural and in my office right now I only see one sun kissed blonde but I see 2 of Italian descent, 1 Irish, 1 Chinese and a whole heap of others.

  31. Malak says:

    She looks amazing, especially in the 3rd picture with the twins.
    Thin photographs very nice!