Brad Pitt worships ‘gods’ Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a God-fearing man. It’s just that his gods are Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn and Gary Oldman. Pitt was promoting Benjamin Button in Paris when he reacted to his Oscar nomination for Best Actor, and to his film’s thirteen total nominations. He complimented his fellow nominees by saying, “When I started out my Gods, so to speak, were Gary Oldman, Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke.”

Pitt also complimented co-nominee Richard Jenkins, saying, “And since then Richard Jenkins has become a great friend and someone I admire.” Pitt did not offer any praise or compliments to Frost/Nixon’s Frank Langella, however. The ghost of Nixon will haunt him now.

Brad Pitt said he is honoured to have made the Oscar Best Actor nominations list.

The actor was out in Paris promoting his film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – a drama where he plays a man who ages backwards.

The film led the field of Oscar contenders with 13 nominations, including best picture.
Pitt said: “When I started out my Gods, so to speak, were Gary Oldman, Sean Penn and Mikey Rourke and so it’s a real honour for me to be sitting at the same table and be mentioned in the same way with these fine actors.

“And since then Richard Jenkins has become a great friend and someone I admire… So it’s a fickle business but it’s nice when your number comes up.”

Pitt, arrived at the premiere of the film with his partner Angelina Jolie but she slipped into the background while he promoted his movie.

Pitt said: “The Benjamin character is really more about receiving, about the people he meets along the way. They have the burden of performance and Benjamin has the burden of taking all that in and how he simulates that.”

The film will vie for best picture with Slumdog Millionaire, Milk, The Reader and Frost/Nixon.

[From ITN News]

Sean Penn and Brad Pitt have made a film together called Tree of Life, directed by Terrence Malick. When filming last year, there was gossip that they didn’t get along and that there were many fights between the two actors. I wonder if there was any truth to the rumored “battle” and if Brad is trying to make nice with Sean Penn. God know Sean won’t be the one to try to bury the hatchet first.

Here’s Mickey Rourke with Bai Ling in London on January 12th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Gary Oldman is totally adoration worthy.

  2. BluePlanet says:

    And so he should – he is not of their caliber

  3. vdantev says:

    Love Spicolli in most everything he’s done, but Mickey Rourke looks like a burn victim that got run over and frankly nothing he’s been in stands out to me.

  4. Codzilla says:

    Mickey Rourke’s performance in The Wrestler was brilliant. All the awards, nominations, and accolades are much deserved. Brad is right to admire him.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Vdantev- Not even 9 1/2 Weeks or Wild Orchid? Back in the day, he was hot stuff. Not now.

  6. Judy says:

    Blueplanet, You are so right..he is a lot better. He can act.

  7. Codzilla says:

    Judy: Brad Pitt is a better actor than Sean Penn? I’m sure even Brad, himself, would scoff at that notion. It’s just plain laughable. And I actually really like Brad as an actor. His role in Snatch was awesome, and obviously very difficult to pull off. But Sean is in a rarefied group to which Brad simply doesn’t belong. Maybe someday, who knows?

  8. Trillion says:

    Dante, you gotta check out Rourke in a little movie called Spun (came out about 5 yrs. ago) He plays a speed cooker, looks the part to a terrifying degree of course, and is 100% entertainment.

  9. DD says:

    I’ve too think his face looks like its been burned. Did he have some kind of accident?

  10. Trillion says:

    The word is, he messed up his face amateur boxing. He lost a lot, apparently. Not a wise choice of sport for an actor maybe, but follow your bliss and all that. The post-boxing reconstructive surgery or may not be true. He really works the dandy bit with the miniature dogs, canes and such, so it wouldn’t be that out of place for him to have had cosmetic surgery, but it’s also not out of place that he forayed into boxing. Keeps things interesting I suppose!

  11. BluePlanet says:

    Pitt may be a so-called “hunk”, and celebrity headliner, but he simply does not have depth as an actor.

  12. geronimo says:

    I think Pitt is aware that he and Penn/ Rourke are poles apart in versatility and depth terms – don’t think he’s under any illusions on that score.

    Pitt’s done some good work but I do get kind of frustrated when I see him ranked as an A-list actor. He really is not. He’s an A-list celeb, a reasonable actor with some good roles behind him (Snatch, True Romance, Kalifornia, Fight Club) but that’s it. Same goes for AJ, A-list celeb but A-list actor, no.

  13. debra77 says:

    Just did some research. Looked at the past 10 pages (just 10 pages) There are 12 devoted solely to Brad/Angie. Of those twelve post the highest commented post is 95. the least is 14. If you added all the comments made about them it would equal well over 400. Now compare that to the other celeb post. It does not even come close. My point. for the people who say they are tied of them.. You are sure not tired of commenting about them. Few other celeb post get to the numbers theirs does. I guess people are not as bored with them as they like to say.. Just so funny to me. And it is funny how some of you blame them when a blog or magazine chooses to highlight a story about them. IT is their fault. So unreal and funny.

  14. czarina says:

    Well, I’m not tired of them, but I agree Pitt’s acting range is not in the same league with other fine actors, Oldman, yes, but also Johnny Depp (who I think is a phenomenal character actor). The truth is the Oscars are never just about great acting or great performances. It is a lot of politics, a lot of popularity contests, a lot of “let’s let the underdog win”, etc.
    Which is not to say the Oscars do not highlight great performances or bring attention to amazing pictures…but a lot of great movies are too low-budget or have no “star quality” for the Oscars.
    It’s become more about the ceremony and the fashion show than the awards themselvs, IMO.

  15. Keekee says:

    Amen, geronimo. They get a lot of attention because of the “cute couple” factor (although neither are my cup of tea), but neither Brad nor AJ is my idea of a good actor. Mediocre, maybe. They sell tickets but their acting skills leave a lot to be desired. Then again, if they’re selling tickets the studios couldn’t care less how good their acting skills are! LOL