Breaking Bad Finale: a fitting ending to an incredible series? (spoilers)

I subscribe to Breaking Bad on iTunes since I’m overseas at the moment. Every Monday morning I wait with baited breath for the new episode to be released. Today I had to avoid large swaths of the Internet where spoilers lurk, realizing that it was the last time I would ever do this. No show has ever made me care as much as Breaking Bad. Of course it wasn’t perfect. Sometimes it felt too slow, and I was often appalled at the changes and trials that the characters went through. I would have liked for it to have more humor, but that wouldn’t have been authentic. The humor that it did have was well meted out, especially in the finale. Breaking Bad felt so real, like the best movie you ever saw, unfolding slowly enough for you to savor it and ending before you had a chance to ever be bored.

Spoilers are below
I’m still reeling a little bit from the final episode. I wish that hadn’t applied my makeup this morning because I just ruined it. Jesse survived, just like we wanted him too. He couldn’t bring himself to kill Walt, even though Walt issued the order for Jesse to be killed. The neo-Nazi creeps, that bitch Lydia, and meth Damon are all dead or close it. Walt is of course dead, but he died reminiscing about his love of making meth, something he was able to admit to his wife prior to meeting his end. This was an ending that exceeded my expectations, like most of this show. I’m just so sad that it’s over.

For a full recap I would suggest that you go to US Magazine’s website. They’ve done an excellent job of breaking down the finale point by point. To me, the takeaway is that Walt got his revenge and that there was closure for most of the characters. In terms of what was lacking, I want to know more about how Skyler and Walt Jr. are doing. I want the Bureau to recognize Hank for his service and bravery. (Which they’ve probably already done, but I would have liked to have seen it.) I want Jesse to have a fulfilling life, and more than that I want him to be at peace. That kid is going to have some serious PTSD.

I’m reassured about Jesse the more I see how game actor Aaron Paul is to promote the show and interact with fans. Paul made an appearance on the season premiere of SNL over the weekend. He played his Breaking Bad character explaining Obamacare. (You can watch that here.)

Paul also had a huge Breaking Bad finale viewing party with Bryan Cranston at The Hollywood Forever cemetery in LA. VIP tickets were auctioned off through a charity raffle on Omaze, with proceeds going to Paul’s wife’s charity, The Kind Campaign. The campaign earned over $1.8 million. Paul also hid tickets to the event all over LA and posted clues on Twitter. TMZ has details of the party, which included candy which looked like blue meth, the show’s original RV, and Cranston and Paul in hazmat suits. .

Here’s Aaron Paul cleaning Bryan Cranston’s star on the Walk of Fame on Sunday. He’s shown with the winners of the Omaze raffle. He tweetedThanks for the years my friend.” Paul will get his own star before long.

Entertainment Weekly has interviews with series creator Vince Gilligan, and stars Paul and Cranston with their thoughts about the end of the series.

Here are some more screenshots from the show. Can someone explain the significance of the watch? Was that given to Walt by The Schwartzes when they bought him out of the company? (Update: Deb and Mrs B Pitt have the answer to this watch question in the comments below.)

I don’t care what people say about Skyler, I think she’s awesome. I loved her reaction when Walt admitted he cooked meth for selfish reasons. “I did it for me. I liked it, I was good at it and I was really… I was alive.”

This was mildly satisfying. “It’s Walt, how are you feeling? Kind of under the weather, like you’ve got the flu?

Mr. White going to the big meth lab in the sky.

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  1. Deb says:

    Jesse gave Walt the watch for his 51st bday. Leaving it behind was sort of symbolic of Walt knowing he wasn’t going to need it anymore. Also needed Walt to not be wearing a watch in the Denny’s for continuity per Vince Gilligan on Talking Bad.

    Thank God Jesse and the kids survived. Best TV show ever.

  2. Arlene says:

    Scene with Skyler was heart breaking. Anna Gunn such an amazing actress.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      I agree. She really portrayed the mixed emotions of a woman looking at the man she loved for many years, the father of her babies, and also the man who turned into a manipulative monster. She was fantastic.

      I still don’t get the Skyler hate. I would read people’s comments and keep watching the show, waiting for her to turn into some awful bitch but that never happened. That poor woman was living a nightmare and was basically just trying to survive while being married to a madman.

      • Kate says:

        Totally unscientific opinion here, but I think the Skyler hate has a lot to do with the fact that BB’s audience is primarily male and more often than not men generally hate the female protagonist in shows/movies. Read Bill Simmons on Grantland/ESPN as a prime example. His take on pop culture invariably has a reference to the female being a “wet blanket” and often times worse. Misogyny still reigns. Yay America!

      • Sisi says:

        yeah, Started watching the series a few weeks ago and I also read about all the hate for her character and expected a real bitch, and every episode I wondered if the bitch would appear, but while watching all I saw was a conflicted yet reasonable character, and I liked her.

      • loveisthecoal says:

        I didn’t care for Skyler the first season or so, but she started to grow on me. Still, even then I didn’t HATE her and I never understood the extreme hate, either.

      • lucy2 says:

        There is definitely some misogyny in the hate for her with some people – I guess they projected their own issues onto her?
        I personally never thought of her as likable – but that’s OK. It’s OK to have a female character that not all sweet and supportive and chipper, but is really fascinating and complex. She and Hank were always similar in my mind – in the beginning, when you really rooted for Walt to pull it all off, they were a big danger to him getting caught. As he went full Heisenberg, I found myself rooting for them so much more.
        Anna Gunn’s performance was always amazing, start to finish. I’m so glad she was recognized with an Emmy this year (and hopefully next year too).

      • whateveryouwantittobe says:

        I feel like the people who hated Skyler should have been watching with parental guidance.

      • MistyNinja says:

        I have a confession, I really hated Skylar at first. If I recall it was mostly during the first two seasons. And trying to remembering here. I think it had to do with her cheating and whining.(I plan on rewatching it on netflix and I will recall) But the more I grew to despise Walt the more I had sympathy for Skylar. However, her sister and Hank I could not stop hating. Hank was a shitty cop and treated Jesse as disposable. And in my opinion Jesse was the best person out of all of them. Lydia needed to suffer more.
        Don’t get me wrong- I am a fan.

        I read a comment somewhere else about how hating characters sometimes is about us knowing that what the character is doing is something that bothers us subconsciously. I hated Skylar at first because I would never be comfortable with her decisions for myself. If she was stronger she would have disappeared with her babies. I hated Walt more than her. In saving Jesse and cleaning up the garbage he redeemed himself.

    • ray says:

      i dont understand the skyler hate! any person would probably act the same if their husband cooked meth…

  3. kaykay says:

    It was Perfect and Magnificent.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. I love that the creative force behind the show stayed with it every step of the way. It is my favorite show of all time because of its consistent high quality . So many of my other favorite series have dips in quality around seasons 3 or 5…but not BB.

  4. MrsBPitt says:

    On talking bad, Vince Gilligan said that they had shot the scene in the diner in New Hampshire, BEFORE the episode when Jesse gives Walt the watch…and Walt had been wearing the watch ever since, so when they replayed the scene of Walt in the diner, they noticed he didn’t have the watch on. So to keep continuity, they had Walt notice the watch after he made that phone call, take it off and leave it…lol

  5. Michelle says:

    Did Cranston go to the party? I saw Talking Bad, and he wasn’t on the show live, but they did say he was flying in, so maybe it was for the party. In any event, it was a great finale, I am still going over and over it in my head!

  6. LB says:

    I loved it. I got exactly what I wanted out of it. Bittersweet ending.

    I see people complaining about how it was too neat, etc. I don’t see how else they could have ended, short of everyone staying how they were in misery. Walt’s plans always go well, save one or two things that are often a result of his pride and ego. He finally dropped his pride and ego a bit, and it yielded the best possible results given the circumstances.

  7. Monkey Towz says:

    Very gratifying finale. Loved Badger & Skinny Pete scene. Didn’t think we would see those guys again.

  8. Mia 4S says:

    About as perfect as a thing can be! I am so happy (and surprised since I’ve been let down by most series finales). Bravo to all involved and much success in the future

  9. gatinha523 says:

    I took Walt ditching the watch as him accepting that he was facing his final hours. I liked the symbolism.

    I thought the finale was excellent. It was definitely more towards the crowd-pleasing end of the final spectrum, which was awesome. I selflishly wanted them to go Weeds style and do flashforwards for each character, particularly Jesse and Skylar and the kids, 10 years from now to see how all the dust really settled. That being said, I like that it tied up the lose ends but still left a lot open for imagination.

    All I wanted was for Jesse to get his revenge, and while he did, seeing him in his slave condition was absolutely heartbreaking and indicative of a long recovery ahead for him.

    The flashback to Hank teasing Walt about coming to a drug bust with him from season 1 was striking, his character transformed to incredibly – i guess that is what the show is all about – and makes us look at ourselves when we ask the question – are humans capable of such dramatic change, or is it that we are who we are, all along, and we are just waiting for the opportunity to let the good or evil out?

  10. gatinha523 says:

    One thing that confused me though – after Walt approaches Todd and Lydia in the restaurant, Lydia tells Todd there is no way they are doing business with them. So does Todd then go behind her back and arrange a meeting for Walt with his Nazi uncles? I’m confused…

  11. Nev says:

    I thought it was predictable and lackluster. Wrapped up nicely but I wasn’t screaming or uncomfortable like the other episodes.

  12. mom2two says:

    I thought it was a fitting end to the show. Walt is finally really honest with Skyler. He tells her the truth about himself and also about Hank’s death and where to find the body.
    Jesse is set free in physically and mentally, he disposes of Todd, is free from his prison and is able to turn down Walt’s wish.
    I loved seeing Badger and Skinny Pete again.
    I did not think the ricin would be used on Lydia but it was fitting and I still wonder how he got it in the Stevia packet.
    Walt’s take down of the Redneck Nazi crew was classic and even shooting Uncle Jack in the head, not really caring about the rest of the money.
    I’d like to think that Jesse, Skyler, Walt Jr., Marie and Holly all went on with a semblance of a normal life.
    Walt was able to financially care for his kids but it cost his family big time. The ultimate irony.

  13. Maria says:

    the mind blowing finale style episode was the 14th, Ozymandias, two weeks ago. the best hour of tv i (and lots of others) ever saw. the last two episodes were kind of more like an epilogue and i enjoyed that. i like this too with Game of Thrones, season finale in the penultimate episode and the outcome of that in the last episode of the season.

    so this episode was more to bring everything together and to an end, not for big twists and big surprises. im very happy with this episode. soooooo many series screw up their finales.

    im also happy it isnt too much of a happy ending, like some people wished. everyone is scarred.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Ozymandias was probably the most amazing hour of television I have ever seen. At one point my husband walked in the room and I had my hands in my hair and I wasn’t breathing lol…I was literally holding my breath. Looking back, I think it says a lot that a television show can get so in your head. If I’m being honest, I will probably never rewatch an episode of the show, because it really was heartbreaking and depressing as heel but damn, what a story teller and what amazing actors.

  14. Tiffany27 says:

    I loved it. It was perfect. I literally screamed “Yes!!” When Jesse killed meth Damon and I was suprisingly crying when Walt died.

  15. Elodie says:

    My heart is still weeping… when he confessed why he did and all… urgh it was amazing!

  16. Jen says:

    It was super anticlimactic. But I’m sure people will tie themselves in knots talking about how it’s the most brilliant episode of television ever.

    The action movie shootout at the end? Please.

  17. L says:

    I appreciated that the writers actually had the guts to write true endings for everyone. I hate when writers can’t come up with anything and just use the cop out “we wanted to leave it open for interpretation” yada yada yada.

    The best ending ever? Nope. That’s M.A.S.H-always and forever. It is def in the top then though and 100% the best one for a major show in recent years. *side eye to you Dexter. Worse ending EVER.*

  18. eliza says:

    I LOVED the series from beginning to end. LOVED!

    I never understood why everyone always forgave Jesse’s character for his wrong doings but hated Walt for his. Walt and Jesse did basically the same things to each other and to others. Sure, Walt became consumed by the business and his greed for money but he consistently protected Jesse. Jesse wanted Walt dead many times. It wasn’t just Walt.

    Anyway I will miss the series and it’s dysfunctional characters. Dexter gone and now Breaking Bad. Two consistently great shows to watch.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      In my own mind, they were both killers but Walt seemed to have no remorse whatsoever for the actions her took. Jesse had a lot more difficulty with the violence that Walt talked him into.

      That certainly doesn’t make him a hero, but at least he had heart. He didn’t actively set out to hurt people. Walt lost his soul at some point. When he looked Jesse in the eye and said “I watched Jane die”, I mean that was cruel just for the sake of being cruel.

      • eliza says:

        I saw Walt as a man with a heart and conscience who did what had to be done. The part with Jane that was to hurt Jesse as Jesse had hurt him by turning against him several times. Walt was no saint but neither was Jesse.

        Just my opinion and how I saw the characters as a viewer.

      • Lauren says:

        “heart and conscience” – were we watching the same show? Walt entered the meth business because he had too much narcissism to accept the offer of financial help from his former business partners. Then, long after he had the money for his treatment, and money to leave his family, he persisted, despite the death toll, because he enjoyed the power and sense of being good at something. He poisoned a child to manipulate Jesse. Then, when Todd killed another child, Jesse wanted him out, but Walt kept working with Todd and the Aryans, ultimately to the downfall of him and his family.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      Jessie more than Walt retained a moral compass and a conscience that tormented him for his wrongdoing. The murder of Gale tormented him–he basically stopped caring for himself and turned his home into a non stop music blaring rave to shut out the images in his mind. Walt never even paused after the first murder of Crazy Eight–he rationalized everything as essential for him to help his family. Also, Jesse from the beginning was subject to coercion–Walt threatened to turn him in to the DEA if he didn’t cook meth with him. Jesse also drew a firm line at hurting kids. Plus Aaron Paul is just flat out lovable.

  19. Mandy says:

    I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this show! I tried to watch the show about a year ago on Netflix. For some reason, the first episode didn’t really draw me in. But I kept hearing people talk about what a great show it was so I decided to give it another try. I’m so glad I did! My husband and I started watching 2 episodes a night until we got caught up to the last season. All of the characters are amazing, but I have such a deep love for Jesse Pinkman! B!TCH!

  20. Backwards says:

    I think one of the reasons why I loved the final episode of Breaking Bad so much was because we weren’t getting the Walter White from the beginning of the series and we weren’t fully getting Heisenberg either. It was this new form of Walter who was using parts of his intelligence and parts of his suave manipulation, and for the first time in a very long time I was rooting for Walter the way I used to in the beginning of the series.

  21. Elle says:

    It was so cathartic, for both Skyler and the audience, when Walt finally admitted he did it all because he liked it. Like Anna Gunn said, it was like Skyler (and teh audience) could breathe again that he finally admitted it. Before going into the finale I wanted Walt to suffer and suffer, to Jesse die a peaceful death (because I really believed life would only bring him more misery). I didn’t get what I wanted but what I got was so much better. And I’m so grateful. And to hear Vince Gilligan speak and read his interviews, he has so much respect for the audience (unlike Damon Lindelof and Scott Buck, showrunners of Lost and Dexter). In the end, I just felt so SATISFIED.

  22. Mira says:

    It was a perfect finale, something I miss terribly about The Sopranos. However, I expected Walt to confront Gretchen and Elliot about their interview on Charlie Rose. Isn’t that what set off Walt to finish business in the previous episode? I can’t remember now but is Walt’s contribution to their business only the name i.e. Grey Matters? Also, I think it’s never explained why Walt broke-up with Gretchen and opted to be a high-school chemistry teacher instead.

    • Inconceivable! says:

      It’s never said why he and Gretchen broke up, but Walt does say he sold off his share of Gray Matter for $5000 to pay the rent/ mortgage. Obviously it was a decision he always regretted.

    • nicole says:

      I think we were meant to think he took off during their interview due to them saying he wasn’t very involved but it was really the mention of their large charitable donations that made him flee. He realized he could use them as the method of getting the money to his family. Them playing down his role only helped his cause as he could make them feel guilty.

      • Mira says:

        That’s makes perfect sense. Thank you, Nicole.

        @Inconceivable: Thank you. Yes, I remember that Walt sold his shares to pay the rent/mortgage. You’re right, he always regretted that decision. Come to think of it, I don’t think it matters why Walt and Gretchen broke up.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Gretchen broke off with Walt and started seeing Elliot…Walt couldn’t take seeing them together and thats why he sold his shares of the company. At least, thats what I remember…

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        No, Walt was the one who left Gretchen. They were visiting her parents. It is implied that she came from a well heeled family and Walter in his pride felt inferior or somehow diminished and simply took off without a word. She was hurt and turned to Eliot, apparently. Later on, his discomfort with Gretchen as well as probably her being with Eliot probably caused him to clear out for peanuts.

        The actress playing Gretchen has mentioned the idea that Walt was intimidated by her superior social class.

  23. MsLib says:

    Great ending! Vince Gilligan has been a favorite since X-Files – Genius!

  24. lucy2 says:

    I thought it was beautiful and perfect, and ended exactly as it should have – a rarity in TV. Everyone got resolution, and got what they deserved. Jesse taking out Todd was so satisfying.
    I didn’t cry over Walt, that sympathy ship has long sailed, but I was still pleased with how he left things. It was the best he could have done in his situation.
    Gorgeous filming and storytelling, from everyone involved, start to finish.

  25. magpie says:

    Cranston is a great actor for sure, but I have always been really impressed with Aaron Paul. He really made that character (esp. since it wasn’t supposed to be a long running one). He has 4 movies coming out next year and I think he’ll strike big with at least one of them.

  26. magpie says:

    I feel really bad for Marie, I wish she had had Hank’s baby.

  27. Melanie says:

    I thought the finale was great and I feel bad for anyone who didn’t enjoy it like I did. I’ve read that some people felt it was a bit subdued, didn’t make them feel like they did when they watched Ozymandias. I agree it didn’t feel like watching Ozymandias but I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that. It felt just the way things feel when they’re ending. It was a bit predictable but I think that’s because all the characters’ journey came to a conclusion that made sense for them; Vince Gilligan does plot twists but he doesn’t do them just for the sake of having them.

  28. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    It would have been SO BORING to watch the Bureau “thank Hank for his service and bravery.” I am very glad that did not happen.

  29. Shelly says:

    I thought the ending was perfect. I did not want Jesse to be the one to kill Walt, mainly because I never stopped rooting for Walt and his redemption. I thought everything ended perfectly. And I was screaming GO JESSE when he killed Todd. Bad ass!

  30. Jennifer says:

    Perfect ending for a perfect show!

  31. bets says:

    Magnificant. The best series of all time.

  32. Elaine Cattoggio says:

    How did Walt poison Brock with the Lily of the Valley plant ? Was that ever shown ?

  33. Apsutter says:

    Loved the ending! So cathartic and kind of sad but fulfilling. I loved how he finally admitted that he wasn’t doing it for his family so everyone can stop trying to rationalize Walt and say “It’s for his kids and wife, why arent they grateful?” I’ve always loved Skyler too because she’s incredibly smart and was willing to take all the blame from Flynn. The scene where he said goodbye to Holly and the way Sky looked at him was so heartbreaking. Loved that he got Lydia and that Jesse got to kill Ricky.

  34. socalgal says:

    I loved the ending. I am going to miss BB. I wonder if Huell ever got out of the hotel room?!?

  35. Sachi says:

    Loved it. Such a fitting finale.

    I loved when Badfinger’s Baby Blue kicked in just as Walt picked up the gas mask and the lines, “…you waiting there too long, my love…” were playing as he smiled and walked around the meth lab. It had been a while since Walt last cooked some meth. ;)

    Dying in a meth lab is like dying with his only other “love” aside from his family.

    And the look on his face when he died: he looked satisfied. He lost his family and he was a dead man walking, but he still got to take care and protect them til the end. For someone who has been as monstrous as Walt, it was great to see that he didn’t try to “survive”. He could have ridden to a hospital by car, but he didn’t. He’s made up his mind about his fate after seeing Skylar and Holly. There was no other redemption for him but death. It was great to see him embrace it.

    Great scene with Jesse laughing while crying as he drove away. For one moment I was thinking that with the speed he was going, he might crash his car. Thank goodness he didn’t and he survived.

    Funny scene with Jesse’s old friends and the laser lights. :D

  36. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Could not agree more with all the kudos. The gold standard of television drama. I felt Walt redeemed himself somewhat by his final acts, including his decision to throw himself over Jessie’s body and takes a bullet to save him and his handing the gun to Jessie to give Jessie a chance to revenge himself on Walter. Walt recognized that Jessie had a right to be angry and vengeful to him. Jessie redeemed himself again by refusing.

    I loved how they brought together so many key elements of the show in the finale, including the wildly inventive trunk based machine gun (Science! As Jessie would say), the ricin deployed in the Stevia that prissy Lydia always made a huge deal out of, bringing back minor characters to play a pivotal role like Gretchen, Eliot and the comic relief of Badger and Skinny Pete.

    One aspect of Skyler that the haters did not appreciate and Walt only realized once she became his partner in crime is how smart and resourceful she is. Even if Walt had never made a dime before he died, Skyler would have found a way to take care of the family. I think his admission that he did it all for himself is also an acknowledgement of this.

    Talk about Great Chemistry- the ingredients of Vince’s vision, a dedicated, continuing group of talented writers and directors, Cranston, Paul and all the wonderful supporting actors created the 99.9% pure blue meth of television.

    Also LOVED Baby Blue for the closing song.

    Jessie Pinkman forever!!

  37. Stacia says:

    I felt really sad when Walt showed up at Skylar’s new place and you could see that the way they were living was downgraded from how they once lived. And the part where Walt could only see Walt Jr from a distance behind a house through a window as Walt Jr got off the school bus and slowly went inside the house. He altered their lives, yet he still loved them and wanted to make things right …that made me tear up.

  38. bettyrose says:

    Why is Marie living all alone in that huge house while Skyler lives in a dumpy apartment with two kids? Is it because Marie has gotten so high strung that Skyler has to keep her distance?

    • sputnik says:

      it’s probably something to do with her sister being involved in an illegal operation that resulted in the death of her husband. you can see why marie might not want to be around skyler. when she calls, her first words are “truce, ok?” so they’ve not been talking.

      • bettyrose says:

        That makes sense, it’s just that they’ve always been so close and Marie has at times cared for the children as if they were her own.

      • sputnik says:

        true. and it’s why the separation is so sad. but remember that skyler was also involved in the videotape walt made implicating hank in everything. that’s a lot to get over. then when you add hank’s death, and skylar’s guilt over it, it’s normal that the sisters’ relationship would have deteriorated. at least the phone call made it seem like it’s not completely unsalveagable.

  39. Ryan says:

    I wonder if Gretchen & Elliott will tell Walt Jr. that the money is from Walt or if they will claim it’s from them, not to take the credit but to keep Jr. from rejecting it. If Jr. IS told the money was his father’s, would he accept it? Is the likelihood of him accepting it greater now that his father is not around to feel any satisfaction in knowing he has provided for his family? I think the finale was perfect, but I still have a lot of questions. I hope they go forward with the Saul Goodman prequel. I’m a big fan of Odenkirk.

  40. Isabelle says:

    Perfect ending to an almost perfect series. Vince Gilligan respected BBad viewers the entire series and last night he gave the viewers the ending they wanted. So happy to see Jesse free at the end, free of Walt, free of Nazis and free of drugs.

  41. sunny says:

    I was so irritated that the first words the host of Talking Bad had to say were “Walt is dead.” In my mind, there was a twinge of open endedness about that. Maybe Walt is severely injured but can be treated. Bah… I hope we get to see the characters pop up from time to time on Saul’s prequel.

  42. bettyrose says:

    Just one more question: Does Jesse know where the Nazis hid the money? He wasn’t human to them so it might have been mentioned in his presence. The cops don’t even know to look for it.

  43. Karen81 says:

    One of best endings ever in TV history!

  44. pajouli says:

    finally. walt gets high on his own supply.
    He samples his own product. It had to happen. Utter props to Vince Gilligan.

  45. RHONYC says:

    DEAD @ ‘Meth Damon’…..PRICELESS, CB just PRICELESS!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  46. Tish says:

    I didn’t like it at all. Or maybe I’m just in denial that it has ended already.

  47. poiup says:

    Eh…I’m more with the crowd where quite a few didn’t like it.

    I didn’t like it, the end of season 4 was brilliant but the finale here was just uninspired writing. The Dexter writers called the low level of realism on their show as “hyper-realism” and the same thing happened here. It felt rushed because every scene in the finale was him tying up a loose end with the various characters.

    Getting shot and with a slow death to reflect, dying just before policeman arrive, dying smiling in the laboratory as if meth making really was the love of his life – all that was cheesy and a bad grab at pathos.

    As far as pathos goes for me the series greatest strength was the complicated relationship between Jessie and Walter and which seemed like the focus of the series but there is no final good resolution there which means there is no proper resolution for the series. It just ends with the feeling that Jessie would have been better of never having encountered Walter despite all the ups and downs they’ve been through. That’s really depressing for the whole show since them working together was the focus for almost all of it.

    Lydia was never a villian, why did he want to kill her? Her wanting to kill him only happened because he put her safety in such jeopardy by barging in as a wanted fugitive. Who doesn’t check the boot of a car for something like a bomb for someone they know has used bombs before? Don’t people throw themselves on the ground when gunfire happens outside a house? This always happens in movies. How did it kill absolutely all of them except conveniently Jack and Todd who they each had personal vendettas against? Jack was a pretty crappy last minute antagonist anyway.

    But the main thing I disliked I guess was the bad resolution between Jessie and Walter since this really seemed like a core focus of the series. I hope there’s a better alternative ending on Blu-Ray.

  48. Maritza says:

    I love the show so much that I started to watch the whole series from the beginning to see what details I missed.

  49. sunny says:

    I spoke to a client who had that same maybe at the end. I had to burst his bubble the same way that host burst mine. Boo.
    I agree about poor Marie. Poor Flynn too. He had so much love for Walt (remember how proud he was to raise money for him online). I don’t think he’d even attend the funeral now.