Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy break up

Fans of hot ginger royals rejoice! Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy have broken up. Officially now, because it’s in People magazine and because a “royal source” actually confirmed the breakup. Chelsy and Harry have been dating on-and-off for five years, according to People, but I think it’s been shorter length of time. People magazine also claims that Harry is 23, when he’s 24 years old. He’s a Virgo born in 1984, which makes him 24 – I know this because I love a hot ginger man, and we‘re the same sign.

The breakup comes at a weird time. The couple just took a romantic vacation to Mauritius, and Prince Harry is still feeling the sting of the public’s anger over his recently publicized 2005-6 racist comments. Chelsy is a Zimbabwe-born heiress who is usually photographed with a drink and cigarette. She’s got a great figure, but I don’t understand why people talk about her like she’s some great beauty – she’s rather average looking, in my opinion.

Britain’s Prince Harry and his Zimbabwe-born girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 23, are calling it quits after five years, a palace source confirms to PEOPLE.

The 24-year-old prince parted amicably with Davy, a post-graduate law student at Leeds University, three weeks after the couple spent a romantic holiday together in the Indian Ocean nation of Mauritius.

“They are remaining friends,” says the royal source. “There have been all sorts of reasons given [for the split] but suffice it to say they felt that it had run its course.”

According to the British newspaper News of the World, Davy, the daughter of a millionaire safari operator, made the decision to break up after tiring of the prince’s playboy antics.

The pair met through mutual friends in 2004 and conducted a long-distance relationship for three years while Davy studied at a university in Cape Town, South Africa, and Harry was enrolled at Britain’s Sandhurst military academy.

Last week, Harry – who recently came under fire for uttering racist comments caught on videotape – began a new phase of his military career, a 2½-year course with the Army Air Corps in helicopter pilot training.

From People

For royal watchers like myself, this news is pretty good. Harry will most likely go through a phase where he will hook up with random eligible girls, then in a little while he’ll settle down with some fun, interesting girl who will provide some good gossip. Harry has always reminded me of his uncle, Prince Andrew, The Duke of York. Andrew is a pretty good guy who always liked the ladies, especially the ones who aren’t that classy. Andrew also had a long, distinguished military career, which I see for Harry. And whenever Prince Charles takes the throne (in like twenty years or whenever), Harry will be the new Duke of York, the title bestowed on the second son of the monarch. In any case, I’m rejoicing that Prince Harry is back on the market, and I know I’m not alone!

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are shown on 12/29/08 during their vacation on Mauritius Island. Credit: Bauergriffin. They’re also shown on 5/5/08 at a service for soldiers lost in Afghanistan. Credit: WENN

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  1. Baholicious says:

    She’s just pulling a Kate Middleton. It’s just another way of holding a guy’s feet to the fire in the direction of marriage.

    I know a woman who did that with her long-term boyfriend. He showed up with a ring 3 months later.

  2. geronimo says:

    I’m not sure, baho. She’s always seems to be very independent-minded, and I think she’s probably just realised she can’t be doing with all the restrictions that are part and parcel of his life. She’s well out of it, in my opinion. Nothing against Harry but the Windsors give new meaning to disfunction. Dodgy genes!

  3. HEB says:

    I never thought she was stunningly beautiful either, but still pretty. But you can’t read anything about her without being reminded that she was born in Zimbabwe–its been 4 years since we were introduced to her people–we know she isn’t black by now!

  4. Baholicious says:

    @HEB – She’s a remnant of privileged white Rhodesia, which is what Zimbabwe used to be called. When word hit that she was Zimbabwean, a lot of people knew that she wasn’t black.

    Additionally, a royal wouldn’t have an “approved of” relationship with a black person anyway. That’s potentially breeding waaay outside the line…they manage their fertility like livestock breeders.

  5. Baholicious says:

    *edit* Rather than “fertility” let me re-phrase that to “procreation.”

  6. HEB says:


    They don’t say Rhodesia…they just say Zimbabwe.
    Maybe in England thats assumed, but most Americans have never heard of that–and they’re reported on a lot in the United States.

  7. Leandra says:

    Harry won’t be around much anyway. He’s just signed on for two and a half years of military training. They were only in their teens when they hooked up. It’s run it’s course and they both need to move on.

  8. Baholicious says:

    HEB, I know they don’t call it Rhodesia anymore – I said that already. The British colony of Rhodesia became the Republic of Zimbabwe in 1980.

    No offense, but most Americans aren’t familiar with any former British colonies, their independence and sometimes resulting name changes. They really have no reason to whereas the Commonwealth member countries (like Canada where I’m from) would because this type of thing is more widely known.

  9. Baholicious says:

    *edit (again…)* instead of “this type of thing” I mean “these histories.”

  10. bwoz says:

    I just think these kids (! I’m only 36!) are WAY too young to be so serious. There is something to be said for “growing up” together, but I feel (IMHO) that a mature relationship is better….

  11. Emily says:

    I always thought the brief split between Prince William and Kate Middleton was orchestrated so the media would potentially leave Kate alone. It seems the press is more interested in those two because they seem to have a more serious and mature relationship.

    As for Chelsy–while I’m sure the break up is hard for her, she’s rich and has plenty of money waiting for her in Zimbabwe. I don’t feel too sorry for her.

  12. HEB says:

    Baho–did you even read what I wrote!? Americans don’t know much about the Commonwealth! I know! Thats what I’m saying to you!!! They don’t know why her being from Zimbabwe is important! I’m guessing the American mags keep insisting on reminding us in order to get their readers to think she’s exotic and special.

  13. HEB says:

    **and when I said “They don’t say Rhodesia” I was referring to the magazines that talk about her…they don’t say it/make reference to it (Rhodesia), thus Americans DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT

  14. Cletus says:

    EXCELLENT NEWS! Send his lil cute ass Stateside and lemme make a man outta him. K GO!

  15. Baholicious says:

    I read you, HEB. No need to spaz over it.

  16. HEB says:

    I’m not spazzing, but I guess if I don’t capitalize-you don’t read what I’m saying.

  17. morgs says:

    She turned down a royal. Good on you Chelsy. With the amount of crap that comes with the Windsors I say she is lucky as hell to escape from that mess. She’s got a head on her shoulders and I hope she has a happy happy life.

  18. Whitey Fisk says:

    These two seem to have pretty strong chemistry. I think they’ll be makin’ sweet Zimbabwe-born ginger-ific love again in the future, even if it’s after they both marry other people.

    I love red-haired men too. LOVE them.