Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play nice with E! but avoid same questions


Angelina’s interview with Rancic

Brad’s interview with Rancic

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had tongues wagging as usual at the Golden Globes two weeks ago when they actively ignored E! correspondent Ryan Seacrest’s attempts to interview them. Seacrest had an awkward interview with the couple at the 2007 Globes in which he asked kind of pointless personal questions. On his radio show the next day, he was critical of Brad and Angelina’s responses and called Angelina “cold.” Angelina did seem a little out of it, but she was nice enough. Seacrest should have realized at least by that next day that her mother was very sick at the time. Angelina’s mom passed away from cancer just two weeks later.

At the SAG Awards on Sunday, E! avoided another Seacrest debacle by using celeb-friendly correspondents Giuliana Rancic and Debbie Matenopoulos instead. They were positive and upbeat with the attendees, peppering them with compliments and asking appropriate, informed questions about their hair, makeup, families and work. They basically did their job, which is more than you can say for Seacrest’s red carpet behavior at multiple awards ceremonies.

Brad and Angelina responded well in separate interviews with Rancic. They both deferred giving in depth answers to a specific personal question, though, which is particularly telling considering that they were being interviewed separately. It’s possible Brad overheard Angelina’s response first, it’s hard to tell because he’s off camera. He’s usually more reticent with the press anyway:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt praised each other on the red carpet at Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Asked if she likes having Pitt as her date at award shows, Jolie told E!’s Giuliana Rancic, “We’ve been doing it together for four years – it’s aways nice. I don’t think I’d want to be doing it alone. It’s nice to be doing it with your best friend … and have a laugh in the middle of the show.”

She declined to answer a question about how Pitt has changed her. “It seems like a really odd moment for all of that. I’m sorry,” she said. Later, she added that Pitt “is a wonderful man … the person I admire the most in the world. I think he is extraordinary.”

Jolie wore a Max Azria dress, Tiffany earrings and ring and Christian Louboutin shoes.

“I just like to be comfortable,” she said of getting ready. “I see what comfortable options are out there.”

Do the kids help her prep?

“They play, they get their nails done, they run around,” she said. “Most of the time, they’re a bit bored…. They don’t find it that interesting.”

Pitt did a separate interview. When told by Rancic that Jolie’s beauty never gets old, he said, “No, it never gets old – I am here to testify.”

The actor also called Jolie “amazing … a fantastic mother.”

Like Jolie, he declined to answer a question about how the actress has changed him.

“I don’t want to get into it,” he said. “We’re happy to be here.”

[From US Weekly]

Rancic was more formal with Brad and Angelina and probed a little deeper with them than she did with other celebrities. She explained that “You’re kind of like America’s favorite couple, and one of the favorite couples in the world, and I think that’s why people like to know about you guys.”

Maybe people should put away the preconceived notions with Brad and Angelina and treat them like they do the other celebrities and mainly focus on their work and what they’re wearing. They’re obviously uncomfortable talking about personal stuff at that kind of chaotic event. It’s hard not to ask them about it when we think we know so much about them, though.

Hopefully E! learned their lesson with Seacrest and will keep him away from the Oscars too.

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  1. Jen WInd says:

    The color of her dress is pretty, but I just don’t like that style on her at all. It seems that is what she is wearing a lot of lately. She had a good figure, not sure why she covers it up like that. She doesn’t ahve to go slutty, but a little more skin, or a tighter fit would be nice, at least on the top.

  2. bros says:

    i love the brange, but she has pretty much worn this same dress the last 3 awards shows. hopefully she will wear something cut differently to the oscars. this 70′s thing is driving me nuts. color is gorgeous thought

  3. geronimo says:

    God, those interviews were vomit-inducing. Where do they get these people? Sycophants R Us??

    That said, the J-Ps have only got themselves to blame. You give that much out, you can’t expect people to not respond in kind.

  4. vale says:

    Geronimo-totally with you on that. It’s not so much the questions sometimes either, but the faaaawning. When Rancic was saying about being america’s favorite couple and whatnot, and he was looking around, she seemed she was desperately trying to get his attention.
    Plus I thought the same thing Angelina said-it wasn’t exactly the time and place for that.

  5. Baholicious says:

    Oh yes, and as for the colour on her (a variation of Wedgewood blue, the darker one)is just gorgeous. It’s nice to see her in something that is actually part of the colour spectrum.

  6. Mairead says:

    ZOMG COLOUR!!!, to paraphrase Kaiser. I like the dress. Unusual colour, elegant and nicely cut, she can sit down and she’s doesn’t have to to constrict all her major organs with elastic to get a decent line. I like the hair too.

  7. who cares? says:

    they are so boring. they seem to even bore each other.

  8. Lydia says:

    Geronimo, I totally agree with you. If the press focus in their personal lives, the Jolie-Pitts are totally the ones to blame. If other huge celebrities are able to live in privacy and preserve their kids from the madness, I don’t know why they can’t. Really, when you spill the beans and expose yourself the way they do, you can’t blame people for the interest.
    And her dress is nice, but it’s stuff for old people. She’s wearing the mosr boring dresses in the red carpet. She’s young and nice looking, why wear those granny clothes? And Brad is looking old. Johnny Depp is 45 too. And looks way younger.

  9. bros says:

    i think if brad slouched around with his long hair in his face, he might look as old as depp too. imagine depp cleaned up with his whole face visible, and im guessing he looks 45 too.

  10. Lydia says:

    In fact, I think Johnny looks younger than Brad even cleaned up. He was cleaned up for his recent movie, Public Enemies and he showed up in the MTV Movie Awards with this look. No beard or long hair. And he looked much younger than 45. I got the same impression from all the candid stills for the movie.
    He’s aging much slower than Brad, obviously.

  11. Leandra says:

    She could dress so much prettier than thqt unflattering dress.

  12. Cinderella says:

    I thought Angelina looked like an elegant grandmother. She can do better than that. Save that style for her golden years already. Brad looked better than usual, IMO.

    Both could have answered Giuliana’s silly question simply and quickly without such awkward hesitation. They’ve done enough of these red carpets to know how to handle those situations. I’m surprised at the way they handled it.

  13. Eileen Yover says:

    This dress looks like a belted moo-moo. Just because you’re a mom deosn’t mean you have to downplay your style. I have kids, but I still own it when I go out. Rockin the red carpet isn’t going to take away from everything else she’s doing-go get something that is at least your size woman!

  14. geronimo says:

    AJ definitely has odd taste in clothes. Incredibly hit or miss. The colour is beautiful but the dress is so dreary. Last time she really looked gorgeous was in the creamy, linen, knee-length dress with the back and cuff button detail. Now THAT was beautiful: elegant, classic but so contemporary. This – the neckline, the sleeve length – is just dull and aging.

  15. Will says:

    They are absolutely a gorgeous and graceful couple. They showed unity when interviewed separtely. Everyone can see they are true soul mates. I think E made a good choice getting some one else to interview them.

  16. Kaiser says:

    The dress was prettier in motion. The sleeves were really cool.

    I liked the interviews, I thought they were nice. *dodging thrown shoes*

    Better than Seacrest, any day of the week. Say what you will about Guiliana, but at least she can do an interview without bringing the conversation back to what people think of *her*.

  17. boomchakaboom says:

    I hope they go to France and get out of sight for a long while. Then when they re-surface it’ll be a such a nice sight. There’s only so much that can be said about each other’s magnificent beauty and benevolent soul.

    They ARE beautiful, successful, rich, amazing people, mkay? So there’s that…and um, huh. I dunno.

  18. texasmom says:

    Those are really inane questions. For the Brange, these award do’s are like business meetings. Brad was quick to talk about his film. It would be silly to bare all about your personal life on in the middle of a crowd that is hooting and screaming!

    Re: the Angela being cold to Seacrest last year, when I saw it, I thought she was hanging back because Brad was the one up for an award, she was really just her date. She looked like she was trying to stay out of the spotlight and hang back so Brad could be interviewed.

  19. Baholicious says:

    Her body (well her arms anyway) has no tone, that’s why she picks these outfits.

    Then again, maybe these are the only kinds of dresses the angels know how to make…

  20. raven says:

    I saw these interviews. They stunk. AJ has a project she is getting ready to do. Guliana couldn’t ask her about that? I can think of half a dozen questions off the top of my head about that alone. She was nominated for the Changeling. I can think of a few questions to ask about working with Eastwood that I haven’t seen asked in interviews. Same with Brad. What about the shooting he just finished? Other projects in the works? What about his work in NOLA? Why is it necessary to pry into areas that they know these two aren’t comfortable with?
    It is an award show and they are there because of the work. This isn’t rocket science.

  21. raven says:

    Texasmom, Seacrest made some crass comments about AJ being stuck up on his radio show a few days after the interviews. Given that her mom was in the hospital dying in the same city, he came off as an idiot. I don’t blame them for avoiding him after that.

  22. texasmom says:

    Raven — I don’t blame them, either, but I was commenting about the original interview that Seacrest whined about, from last year. Angelina seemed sort of surprised he was even talking to her — Brad was by the mike and she was sort of off to the side. I thought she figured it was Brad’s interview because he was the one up for an award.

  23. Me2 says:

    The dress looks like it’s still on the hanger. She needs to EAT SOMETHING.
    And what’s with this new things she has about not showing that she still has feet?
    She clearly should stop believing her own press- beeyotch needs a stylist STAT. It looks like she’s shopping out of Bea Arthur’s closet from back in her MAUDE days.

  24. Mairead says:

    texasmom, I know what you’re getting at, I actually got the same impression (except I thought she looked a bit uncomfortable anyway), and thought that she was perfectly polite when the mike was shoved towards her.

    Baho – you KNOW that the back was left bare for when she sprouts wings!

    I still like the dress but perhaps a bit more jewellery would have jizzed it up a bit – like a gold/silver chain belt, or cuffs or something. I know she likes minimal (except for the PMT earrings in Berlin), but there is a limit.

  25. WTF?!? says:

    The dress looks like it’s still on the hanger. She needs to EAT SOMETHING.
    And what’s with this new things she has about not showing that she still has feet?
    She clearly should stop believing her own press- beeyotch needs a stylist STAT. It looks like she’s shopping out of Bea Arthur’s closet from back in her MAUDE days.

  26. boomchakaboom says:

    Mairead, your comment about the angel wings sprouting on her back is cracking me up.

  27. Holly says:

    “pointless personal questions”? All he did was ask what she fed the children that morning. Lighthearted and trivial maybe but hardly anything to criticize. Would she have preferred if he’d asked how what little cute shape she shaves her pubes into? Seems more personal and pointless, to me.

  28. L says:

    Maybe she wears a roomy dress hoping to inspire pregnancy rumors, AGAIN.

  29. bros says:

    i think the point is, holly, that these questions do not get asked of dozens of other red-carpet guests when they do their interviews. they are the ones that get deeply personal questions like, what has brad taught you?…STFU already. they are at an awards show for movies they were in. ask about their careers and upcoming projects and what it was like to be on the project they are up for awards for. these interviewers are not cut out for asking deep philosophical questions. its not their forte so they shouldnt try. those are better saved for sit down intrviews for magazines. it was so awkward and annoying-just wanted to rip my face off watching this go down.

  30. NotBlonde says:

    Bros I gotta say that these two put A LOT out there and they are always trying to sound philosophical and like they are above all the silly bits of the acting world.

    Don’t believe me, just read Brad’s last interview and really any of Angelina’s for the last four years.

    Other celebrities who were there rarely talk about their personal lives and I have to say, though some might not like this, their work isn’t exactly the best. I mean, with someone like Meryl Streep, you can ask her questions about characterization and all that. With Viola Davis you can ask her about going from stage to screen. With Taraji Henson you can ask about working with whomever. Even Anne Hathaway is getting away with not talking about her jailbird ex-boyfriend because she just doesn’t talk about it.

    Those two can’t complain when people ask them personal questions since they are constantly answering them.

  31. DD says:

    Someone needs to remind AJ she’s only 33 and she’s still hot. Please stop dressing like a schoolmarm.
    well at least this one isn’t vomit inducing like berlin.

    Oh and eat something… her silhouette reminds me of my grandma when she was frail with osteoporosis.

  32. DD says:

    is it just me or was rancic being extremely kiss assy and at the same time insulting with the whole reminding Angelina of coming to award shows alone and with her brother.
    If I were Angelina I’d slap her.
    Thank god they made an attempt to not answer questions about each other. Their likeability just moved up a notch.

  33. bros says:

    i know notblonde, but they talk alot in magazine interviews, which is where people are asked less lightweight questions. not on the 3 second red carpet interview where everyone else gets asked normal questions, except for these two. and they are not the only ones who overshare-this silly faux philosophe thing seems to be only reserved for them by these retarded E! people, and i dont think it looks good.

  34. Lily says:

    Oh really? These two outstanding actors and wonderful parents are too real for such phony interviews…you can see on the videos that they are just being polite to the interviewer’s cornball questions and sugary comments….give me some air!

  35. Diva says:

    I’m a Brad and Angelina fan, but I thought they were short and rude to Rancic. I have no issue with them not answering the questions, but I think they could have been more amenable. I kinda felt like they’re starting to believe their own hype. I was turned off of both Rancic and the wonder couple for the duration of the interviews.

    But seeing the way they looked at each other during the show brought me back to my full “Brangeloonie” glory. {=0)

  36. Mairead says:

    I’ve finally gotten around to watching the interviews and I can sortof see what you mean with Brad, Diva. But I think he was a bit embarrassed. Not that I blame him, they were some cringeworthy questions!

    Although in their defense (for I am a BADette after all), I wonder how much of the hesitation and shortness was due to the fact they had to concentrate to hear her? Given the fact that E! probably set up their sound to filter some of it out, it was still very noisy and was probably an absolute racket in reality.

  37. Madelyn Rose says:

    With the Guiliana interview, BOTH Brad and Angie were acting holier-than-thou. I expect it from Angie but not Brad. It was ridiculous. Many celebrities are asked personal questions, and everyone else pleasantly answered. Angie answered every single question through clenched teeth and with daggers in her eyes. These two were much nicer and happier in the past – I don’t know what has gotten into them the past 2 awards seasons. Acting better than the interviewers is not endearing them to anyone. Just answer the freaking questions and play nice. They constantly talk about their family and work the publicity machine like there is no tomorrow, yet when they get on the red carpet they act like they are so far above answering any questions except about their “art.” Guliana was obviously so nervous due to Angelina’s snippiness and bitchy behavior in the past. Give the girl a break! How condescending.

  38. Si Si says:

    Maybe they were mad bc of the reports that her ex-bodyguard is writing a tell all. How they had sex 3 weeks into filming Mr and Mrs Smith and she makes fun of Brad behind his back for not being knowledgable, getting tattos to impress her, etc. Also that she wanted to snag Brad to become accepted in Hollywood and not be viewed as the weird druggie. I am sure after hearing that news over the weekend they were seething with anger at the media in general.

    Plus Angelina obviously holds grudges – look at her Dad and now she holds a grudge against all of E! just because of her perceived slight by Ryan Seacrest. Ryan was right to call her out last year – she deserved it.