Demi Lovato’s alleged lover denies that she leaked Demi’s nude photos

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Do you guys remember that androgynous female model who was Angelina Jolie’s lover in the late 90s and would give interviews about it practically every week? I just looked her up, her name was Jenny Shimizu and she costarred with Angelina in 1996′s Foxfire. Angelina confirmed the relationship around that time, in 1997, but she probably wasn’t happy that the woman kept talking about her well into the ‘aughts. (Incidentally, Shimizu also claims to have been Madonna’s lover in the mid 90s, but I digress.)

Anyway that’s what I was reminded of when I heard about these tweets from an Australian DJ who claims to have been Demi Lovato’s lover. Apparently some nude photos of Demi leaked online a few weeks ago. I remember seeing them, but it seemed like such a violation that we didn’t cover it. This DJ, a woman who goes by the name Ruby Rose, sent out a bragging tweet claiming to have been Demi’s lover and denying that she’d leaked the photos. She deleted the original tweet and then tried to backtrack and justify herself a little, but I think that made it worse. Here’s Radar’s coverage, and they explain it well:

An Australian DJ named Ruby Rose is at the center of controversy after tweeting about a tryst she claims to have had with Demi Lovato.

The 27-year-old Rose started the rumor ball rolling when she tweeted Sunday that she was going to abstain from social media because friends of The X Factor beauty, 21, were attacking her “for being a ‘scorned ex-lover’ of Lovato’s.

She kept the momentum at a fever pitch when she wrote on her Instagram account that she’s “the one person demi has slept with that didn’t sell on naked photos of her.”

Rose then changed her tone somewhat as negative responses poured in, writing on Twitter, “What just happened to me on [Instagram] wasn’t very nice and I retaliated because I stood up for myself. It’s all sorted now Back to business …”

Oddly, she deleted all of the aforementioned tweets and wrote three more — a series of vague disclaimers in which she distanced herself from the controversy and Internet smack, though not recanting the rumor she and Demi slept together.

“Listen, im in no way shocked or offended by the shade im getting from people who have simply cropped my reply to what actually started this,” Rose wrote. “However I in no way initiated this, nor did I say something that wasnt already written in the ridiculous post. One sided replies dont cut it. However, love and peace to everyone. It is what is it.

“Remember it doesn’t really matter what people think. Its what you know that counts.”

Rose’s connection with Lovato goes back two years, as an Oct. 2011 tweet she sent read, “On a plus side I met Demi Lovato today at lunch and she is just magnificent.”

[From Radar Online]

Ok, I sort-of get it if there was the allegation that she leaked the photos and Rose felt that she was defending herself. If she tweeted and deleted it would be one thing, but she then tried to cover and explain herself when she should have let it drop, in my opinion. Whatever she had going on with Demi, that’s between them. It’s Demi’s business if she’s gay or bisexual and that’s for her to disclose. Given how open she is about her eating disorder and addiction issues, I think Demi may come out as bi at some point if that’s how she identifies, but again that should be on her terms. It’s so freaking tacky to kiss and tell, and in this case it seems like a kind of betrayal. This is a public person who isn’t out yet, you know?

WE Day Toronto

Ruby Rose

26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre - Arrivals & Pressroom

WE Day Toronto

Demi is shown performing in Toronto on 9-20-13. Credit: Dominic Chan/ Ruby Rose is shown at Fashion Week on 9-21-13 and at events in 2012. Credit:

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  1. Word says:

    This poor girl just can’t catch a break..

    • RocketMerry says:

      No, she can’t. Sigh.

      Maybe she should just learn how to choose better people to surround herself with.
      Wilmer Valderrama is a creepy, pervy bastard, and she just keeps coming back for more. He’s a big part of why bad things keep happening to her.
      There was a blind on Blind Gossip that claimed he was somehow indirectly involved in the leakage of the photos (meaning the girl with whom he was cheating on Demi accessed the photos that were in his possession). I don’t usually believe blinds but this is an exception.

      If Demi wants to be in a good place, she really needs to stop finding excuses to be with bad influences.

  2. Buckwild says:

    Princess Charlene with tattoos.

  3. Lilyvanilli says:

    Ruby Rose was huge for a while here in oz, as a brunette she was stunning and seemed much too smart to be involved with Demi Lovato but haven’t heard much about her for several years now.

  4. Alicia says:

    Ruby Rose is a famewhore and did the same to her last long term girlfriend, supermodel and Victoria’s secret model, Catherine McNeil. On a positive note, Ruby Rose is absolutely stunning in the flesh, above photos don’t do her full justice.

  5. blue marie says:

    In the top photo they kind of look alike.. How awful though, to have an ex sell your photos, it’s happening far too often.

  6. Dash says:

    This story has gotten a bit confused since it all happened – Ruby’s Instagram comment was in response to something else. No one seems to know what. Anyway Ruby loves drama and gets caught up in incidents like this quite often, then backtracks. They just usually don’t make the international press. She’s an anti bullying advocate as well.

    • Caz says:

      Agree…Ruby has spoken a lot of the bullying she experienced in high school…I don’t see her as putting out Demi’s private photos. She does seem to court drama in a similar way to Charlotte Dawson (who I quite like too).

      I’ve also seen her in real life. She is stunning.

      Celebrities need to think before they post things on social media :)

    • Persephone69 says:

      LOL perfect! I spent an entire night reading through Reddit all about Romeo Rose. Ugh that guy is a delusional MESS and just an all around horrible person.

      On a side note I feel so awful for Demi, seems like she just can’t catch a break.

  7. pao la says:

    And now she is on every magazine or gossip site all over the world. if she was looking for notoriety..mission accomplished!
    Demi seems nice and sweet and no one deserves to be betrayed like that. famous or non famous.

  8. Frida_K says:

    What a hag. If she really cared at all about DL, she’d just keep her mouth shut and not stir the pot.


  9. Shauna says:

    Oh, so you didn’t sell the photos but just blabbed about being her lover? Way to keep things private.

  10. Aud says:

    Ruby Rose is a bit of a drama queen. I think she either creates or contributes to these dramas and then she tends to hibernate and claim that she is suffering from clinical depression. The thing is, Ruby Rose was -according to Australian media headlines in the last few months – hibernating for that very reason and now she has gone and done what most idiot celebrities do on Twitter.
    I don’t see why she had to tweet something to the world. If she was accused of something by Lovato or anyone else, why not take it privately? Does the rest of the world have to read it? But of course, the celebrity ego knows no bounds.

  11. fabgrrl says:

    This woman is 27? She sure acts like a 17 year old. Petty and immature.

    On a positive note, she is stunning.

  12. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    I think Ive got a little crush on demi. She is way sexier than scarjo

  13. Miss M says:

    Pretty… Dumb!

    Demi, surround yourself with better people who won’t sell your personal life for notoriety!

  14. Samtha says:

    I don’t get her claim that she was defending herself. No one publicly accused her of anything, so publicly denying she did something makes no sense.

    Unless, of course, you’re a fameho who wants some publicity.

  15. phlyfiremama says:

    So if it is tacky and trashy to betray Demi like that (I could care less about the whole situation personally) than why give the betrayer any publicity by publishing her photos? Way to encourage that kind of behavior!!

  16. idsmith says:

    Dear everyone in Hollywood – do not let anyone take a nude photo of you. Ever. The end. – This does not excuse people who would make those photo’s public, that is wrong, but still, why oh why do people do this? The photo’s always leak, or they will someday. Your privacy exists on some guy or girl’s phone …forever, even long after you have forgotten who that person was.

  17. bettyrose says:

    All else aside, I love that these young women feel so free to explore various aspects of their sexuality, and I think this is the one area in which young women have a bit more social freedom than young men.

    • Ryan says:

      I agree. SO many double standards for all genders. I applaud my 19-year-old brother for expressing his sexuality so freely in our highly conservative hometown. As far as I know, he doesn’t define his sexuality at all. He’s got terrible style, but he’s not afraid to experiment with cross-dressing, and he’s open about his feelings for men and women. He just doesn’t give a crap about what people think of him, and I love that.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      Yeah, society does seem slightly more tolerant of lesbian and bisexual women than it is of gay and bisexual men. But on the flipside, women and girls are often unfairly accused of ‘pretending’ to be lesbian or bisexual ‘just for attention’, and bisexual females are often called ‘whores’ and viewed like we’ll have sex with anybody just because of sexual orientation.

      I wish everybody had the freedom to be open, whether they’re male or female and regardless of their orientation, without being treated or viewed as something ‘other’. Even Ellen DeGeneres still gets a lot of crap from bigots online for being lesbian. But it does seem like things are starting to change for the better in society when it comes to homophobia.

    • Jay says:

      Male gaze. Two girls getting it on is attractive to heterosexual men. Two men getting it on isn’t.