Maksim Chmerkovskiy told Kate Upton to lose weight: ‘He loves skinny girls’

Kate Upton

In June, we brought you the story that Kate Upton was all canoodly” and “intimate with Maksim Chmerovskiy of DWTS. A lot of you didn’t believe the story. I was with you too. Maksim doesn’t have a repuatation as the nicest guy out there. Plus Kate could do so much better than a dude who walks around looking like he thinks he’s Rico Suave.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

About a week ago, Kate and Maksim went public and were finally papped together for the first time. The rumors were indeed true. Now we’re hearing a terrible story in Star, which says Maksim has been pestering Kate to lose weight. Seriously?

New couple Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kate Upton are already facing their first major blowout — because the professional dancer wants the blonde bombshell to tone down her famous curves!

“Maks wants to be a movie star, so his goal is to date someone famous to keep his name in the public eye,” spills a mole. “He loves really skinny girls, so he thinks Kate is too curvy. He constantly makes rude comments to her about her body.”

The Michigan-born model, 21, who started dating 33-year-old maks six months ago, is eager to please. “She’s attracted to him and wants to make him happy,” continues the source. “She’s been exercising and dieting more.” Is he blind?

[From Star, print edition, October 21, 2013]

Ugh. If Maksim “loves really skinny girls,” then why on earth would he date a buxom SI: Swimsuit cover girl? That makes no sense unless one believes he just wanted someone with a name.

This week’s issue of In Touch says that Kate and Maksim are getting very serious: “She met his family a few weeks ago. They’ve been hanging out a lot and really like each other.” It sounds like Kate likes Maksim a whole lot, and Maksim likes that Kate elevates his profile. Douche.

Kate Upton

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

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  1. Maria says:

    I won’t refute he’s a douche but I’m side eyeing this story and the use of curvy when describing Upton.

    Big boobs don’t make one curvy (her body is perfectly fine for the record, she needs to lose weight like I need to gain it, lol).

  2. QQ says:

    I believe this, the guy has that oily film that can only be described as “Dirtbag”

  3. Aura says:

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you date someone who has bombshell curves in the first place if you’re into really skinny women?

  4. Dawn says:

    Dump him now. The weight thing is only the beginning of his demands and controls. He is just not worth it.

  5. brin says:

    Yeah, she should lose dead weight….him! He’s a douche.

  6. blue marie says:

    Well Kate Upton, you tell him F. U. .. If he likes thin girls (Kate is not big) then he should have dated someone else. Guys like this suck and Kate can do better.

  7. Maureen says:

    He sounds emotionally and verbally abusive.

  8. Suze says:

    Every time I see a picture of him I burst out laughing.

    Such a walking cliche.

  9. Kiddo says:

    I’m getting the gayz radar beep on dude with man cleavage.

  10. Hautie says:


    When this “love” connection came up months ago… I said you would know if they were really dating… when she was forced to loose weight.

    This guy has always been an assh*le. And no, I am not surprise that this rumor has surfaced.

    I expect her to drop 30 pounds. Before she drops him.

  11. Mia4S says:

    *Ugh*. Gross. Hey Maskim, I happen to be a very skinny girl…and I wouldn’t date you if my life depended on it.

  12. posh-toes says:

    Am I the only one seeing his giant truckosaurus hands?

  13. Move On says:

    If he likes dating “skinny girls” then why is he dating someone he thinks is not? Idiot.

  14. Anna says:

    Sounds like they got this story from Wendy Williams. She said the same thing on her show. I don’t care for Kate but her body is sick

  15. Verbean says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she is super not pretty in the face? If she didnt have those boobs no one would look twice!

  16. paola says:

    She should press him to button up his shirt and look less greasy. Geez does he have mirrors in his house?

  17. Annie says:

    Kate did you really need to validate this asshat? Can you imagine all the professional athletes that want to date you? They’re probably douchebags too but they’re rich and have a real career. What are you doing?

    And as a skinny woman myself, I feel like when a man asks a girl to be skinny (or thicker) or anything she’s not, he’s being abusive and controlling. It’s kind of a way to control her 24/7 and fill her every thought. She not only worries about him and if he likes her but now everything she eats goes back to him and the fear of losing him. Some men are scary and astute.

  18. posh-toes says:

    So it’s okay if she smokes as long as she’s skinny?

  19. megs283 says:

    Man. Can you imagine being the SI cover girl and then still thinking you need to lose weight? They don’t pick uggos!!

  20. jaye says:

    The douche is strong in this guy. If that’s what he likes, go out and find yourself a skinny girl. What an asshat.

  21. magpie says:

    She could do so much better.

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    LOL @ The Curvy Police on this thread

    I don’t know any dude who doesn’t think that she’s hot and none have ever said “she’d be hotter if she was skinnier”. This guy is a douche canoe if this story is true.

  23. OhDear says:

    She needs to DTMFA. Guys like that only escalate the creepy and controlling behavior.

  24. Anna says:

    She isn’t curvy compared to regular girls, but she in comparison to other models. I hope she doesn’t lose weight, Maksim seems like a douche.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Right? I think she is already pretty skinny! She has big boobs but the rest of her is thin.

      On a side note, I once had a workout-aholic bf who told me I shld only eat chicken and lettuce. I said “yeah okay” as I stuffed my face with pizza and sat my a$$ on the couch watching Friends reruns instead of going to the gym. Needless to say, we split up…

  25. Roxy says:

    I call BS on this story, considering it comes from star magazine!! Anyway, her body is awesome, if she did lose weight she would just look like any other generic model, boring. She’s not even remotely close to being big. She’s slim with curves, and super hot!! He, on the other hand, is slimy and douchey looking, yuck!!

  26. Applapoom says:

    He is so gross looking. His shirts are ridiculous.

  27. DreamyK says:

    Super creepy. She’s 21 and he’s getting all Svengali on her. Gross. Keep the curves, loss the douche.

  28. Megan says:

    well I imagine she doesn’t want to date someone that looks like they’d slip off the sheets but people make compromises in life.

    Plus the girl is skinny. She isn’t a rail but for the love of God, how anyone could say she needs to lose weight is beyond me. That girl has the perfect figure.

  29. Another Ann says:

    Dying of laughter that people are getting all up in arms about this.

    Star magazine, people. Star magazine. They have an accuracy rate of about 5%.

  30. Melissa says:

    I have said and I’ll repeat it again, most women in Hollywood who go on and on and on about their bodies do so as long as it’s convenient.

    I don’t like or dislike Kate Upton because I think she’s inoffensive and really doesn’t bother anyone. However, the way her image has been crafted has always bothered me. One interview she’s fine with her body, the other her trainer is listing off a list of grueling exercises she goes through. Now she’s allegedly losing weight to please a boyfriend who is nothing short of a douchebag.

    Most models and actresses considered “curvy” (the word itself needs to be redefined), start by glowing about their bodies every chance they get and how they love themselves, then start losing the weight gradually. I’ve seen this with Crystal Ren, Christina Aguilera, and others.

  31. hiddlesgirl85 says:

    This guy is a SUPER douche. A few years ago he publicly stated that two of the female pros on DWTS (Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer) needed to lose weight as they had gotten heavy.

    Also, he was a SUPER douche to Karina Smirnoff when they broke up a few years ago. I’m glad she broke it off with that angry toad. Even when they were together and seemed all loved up, I got pings that he was controlling her in that relationship.

    • Axis2ClusterB says:

      I was just about to post that, about Lacey and Cheryl. I do believe this one – the douche is strong with Maks.

    • Jess4 says:

      I don’t think Cheryl was bothered by those comments. There are even pics of Cheryl and Maks making out after that. In my opinion, non of these girls need to lose weight.

      • hiddlesgirl85 says:

        If my memory serves me correctly, Maks lit fires under some people’s butts when he made those comments a few years ago. Cheryl being cool with him afterward does not negate the fact that some were bothered by his statements. For all we know, she was upset by it, but got over it since they’ve been close for several years.

        Cheryl and Maks have a complicated relationship. They are friends with benefits whenever Maks is out of a relationship. I think it began when Cheryl was really young, and Cheryl has not been able to get out of that cycle. Maks is an abusive guy for sure (definitely verbally and emotionally) and I think women orb toward him whenever they are vulnerable (Cheryl has revealed that she was abused as a child and has been in abusive intimate relationships many times since then; when Karina hooked up with Maks, she had just ended her tumultuous relationship with Mario Lopez). Cheryl even hooked up with that douche, Chad Ochocino a few years ago when he was her partner on DWTS (her own admission), so she doesn’t really seem to be averse to hooking up with douchebags.

      • Axis2ClusterB says:

        Cheryl may not have expressed being bothered, but Lacey was pissed and didn’t care who knew. Lacey is, however, much more likely to stand up for herself than Cheryl. I think that Cheryl lets Maks doormat her.

  32. Meggin says:

    I don’t get the appeal with Maks at all, never did. Give me Tristan over Maks any day of the week!

  33. Dancing Girl says:

    Many people are writing this off because it was first printed in Star. They should know that Maks is very critical about weight issues. He has made rude comments to people in his studio about their weight. This is not secondhand info. I’ve heard it said to others and during my lesson with him, he pointed out areas that I should slim down. I was there to learn how to cha cha, not for a weight consultation. Now, I was a near stranger and he did that. What would prevent him from doing it to someone he really knows?

  34. Evie Rose says:

    I have the opposite problem. My man is Lebanese and loves T&A. I’m 5’11” and have neither. I guess it’s great to be tall in thin because you really can wear anything, but I would love to have her curves. Her boobs are amazing!

  35. Kat says:

    She’s gorgeous, he’s an ass and she needs to DTMFA, ASAP! She’d lose 180lbs she definitely doesn’t need hanging around! ;)

  36. Abby says:

    STAY AWAY KATE! I could see her with a football player… not this dude. And I love DWTS. She could do better.

  37. Bridget says:

    Call me crazy, but I’d guess that she’s getting more pressure to slim down from the fashion world.

    As a TV character, Maks is fun. But as an actual person, no thanks.

  38. kellyinseattle says:

    He looks like an idiot ass in those red pants!

  39. flan says:


    Looks like a douche.


  40. MegG says:

    Someone should tell this guy he’s too slimy and tanned or something! I can relate I have an ex who had to put me down to feel better about himself. It was subtle and he would gaslight me. Then he dumped me for having low self esteem. I didn’t have good friends to help me either

  41. Samantha3 says:

    Greasy, slimy social climber who dumped his DWTS girlfriend for Upton because she had more to offer for his career… anyone ( except for those old hags on twitter that see no evil in anything he does) can see this.

  42. He grew up seeing skinny Ukrainian women on a daily basis.

  43. Caz says:

    No idea who this man is…guessing a dancer on DWTS? Does he have any other skills? If not, Kate’s not going to be able to help him.

  44. JM says:

    To bad Kate Bosworth is married. She’s skinny enough for that greasy douchenozzle.