LeAnn Rimes tweets about Jake Cibrian singing “Spitfire” because of course


Here are some new photos from our weekly series, “LeAnn Rimes calls the paparazzi on her step-sons”. LeAnn, Eddie and Brandi were all at Mason’s soccer game over the weekend, and the paparazzi managed to get great shots of all the adults. LeAnn got pap’d while she was eating, Brandi was photographed strutting around in her really tight pants (I’ve never noticed this before, but Brandi has a great ass), and Eddie just looked kind of vacant. Oh, and LeAnn made sure to get some photos of her arm around Jake Cibrian.

Surprisingly enough, LeAnn didn’t have much to say about her ex-husband’s appearance on Access Hollywood last week. Dean Sheremet gave an interview to Billy Bush, and I thought Dean came across really well – not angry or mean or anything, just sort of over it but nice. LeAnn did tweet this: “I’ve got nothing! Over it, long gone, next… I mean really!? TGIF”. Which everyone assumes is about Dean’s interview.

Before that though, LeAnn did stir the pot when she tweeted “Long day of wrk, lots of laughs w/ mr @EddieCibrian & listening to Jake sing Spitfire! #liferules”. God, seriously? So, let’s get this straight… LeAnn screws a married man, stalks him to the point where his wife is totally over it, then she stalks the ex-wife and she writes an entire album where she whines about how hard her life is and how she hates the ex-wife then she tweets about her step-son singing one of those songs? #classy






Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. blue marie says:

    What happened to just wearing jeans and a t-shirt to your kids games? Gah, these are people are gross.

  2. nico says:

    Those poor kids don’t have a chance.

  3. strickchic says:

    Whatever happened with the lawsuit LeAnn had against that teacher? I never hear anything about it?

  4. Nadeni says:

    I don’t think Leann called the paps on this one. Given the fact that she’s stuffing her mouth like no ones watching (which is totally fine) I don’t think she planned this one. Plus, she isn’t looking right at the camera. The Spirfire thing is so inappropriate. I follow both her and Brandi on Twitter and I know Brandi can be a hot mess sometimes but I really like her. She seems herself no matter what, good or bad. I don’t get the total LeAnn bashing in twitter either. It’s constant. Those people who do it are sad.

  5. Toot says:

    Brandi looks nasty with those tight ass pants on at her son’s soccer game.

  6. GiGi says:

    Leann Rimes is just the worst. I don’t care about how awful Eddie & Brandi are, because her awfulness just overpowers everything else.

    I’m one to give excuses for people like, “maybe she has trauma,” or “she must be really sad inside,” – but not with this trick. I think she is just, legitimately, one of those truly awful people. I don’t think she sees past the end of her nose and can only relate to how things directly affect her.

  7. dorothy says:

    Doesn’t it seem that even Eddie would realize that perhaps LeAnn needs to see someone, anyone about her behavior? Like a mental health professional. At the very least he should realize how inappropriate her behavior is.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Why does Leann always have to make a spectacle of herself at these games. Those poor boys must get so embarrassed. I love the photo of her giving (bribing) that kid with cash.

  9. Frida_K says:

    The little boy looks absolutely miserable with her arms around him. Like he could audition for a part in a Charles Dickens made-for-tv-series and be a shoe-in for a role as an abused orphan. Poor little guy!

    Can’t say I blame him, though. Anyone would look miserable with that cray hanging all over them.

    Oh, and Brandi needs to save that ensemble for when she’s about to go out drinking at the clubs. At least then when she falls on her face her rear view will be a lot better than the last set of shots.

  10. Me me says:

    Hand not broken anymore??? She is resting her full body weight on it! What a moron!

  11. eliza says:

    LeAnn needs to put on pants and Brandi needs underwear.

  12. brin says:

    Love the first picture of Ediot stuffing his face and memaw Rimes at his feet.

    • Christin says:

      Memaw is a good comparison. Those frequent workouts are really working!

      The lyrics to that song were really juvenile and mean spirited. I would not want any child singing them!

      • mojoman says:

        But that IS THE POINT! She wants the kids to bash and go against their own mother (which hopefully will never happen). She is like the new version of Wicked witch of the West

      • Christin says:

        Most of us probably assume the lyrics (especially that awful last part about burying someone) are about their mother. Methinks the singer-songwriter will never come out and admit it, though.

        Regardless of the lyrics, it’s pretty telling when a supposedly legendary singer has to garner interest in their most recent song by tweeting that their stepson sings it. I think they know this show will be a big disappointment and it’s back to singing and touring since his career seems to have already flatlined.

        It will be interesting to see how the Opry appearance goes. She may be trying to find a more forgiving audience, as if it exists to any large scale.

    • Funcakes says:

      Remember the days when those two idiots use to roll all over each other in the middle of the field. ( With Leann wearing the proper attire: cochie cutters and a halter top)
      Now they’er scoffing down burgers and shooting eye daggers at each other.

      PS-I love that they have a gym in the house and obviously no one is using it.

  13. AmyLynne says:

    This is mean but LeAnn looks really, really bad. She looks really big and bloated and just ugly. Brandi’s pants are gross, but she is at least gorgeous.

    • Joy says:

      I’m sure she’ll take to twitter and blast these paps for making her look fat.

    • Stacey says:

      I agree. What is with her wearing those same shorts every game? the hair in the bun?? Leann needs that hair down around her face to make her look decent. She used to go to the other extreme, starving herself, wearing ridiculous hooker heels and fake lashes to the most mundance places to look good for Eddie. Now she is chubby, slops her hair up in a bun every day and eats her cheeseburger in front of him like a cave man. (Is it the botox that makes it hard for her to eat like a normal person???)

      As for Brandi’s outfit… I swear there is something in the water down south. I have an aunt that lives in So Cal and she is so ridiculous with her outfits. She is constantly in hooker heels, has a huge boob job, tweaks with botox and wears totally age inappropriate clothing everywhere she goes. Its always about being “sexy”. I think this is just how a lot of women are down south.

      If I were Brandi, I might be flaunting it too in front of my ex.

  14. Jennifer12 says:

    I’ve come down on Brandi’s choice of outfits (and I’m Team Brandi) before, but I don’t see anything wrong with yoga pants, boots and a tank top to a game. I have 2 kids in sports and wear yoga pants or leggings with boots to the games. Leann is beaming at the camera in photos that aren’t shown on CB, so she definitely called them. She probably didn’t realize they had arrived and was eating before she started posing hard and giving Jake money so he’d sit beside her for photos. People dislike Leann on Twitter because she’s so ugly towards Brandi and bullies Brandi’s fans/bloggers who don’t like her and has her own fans harass people and pretend she doesn’t, when there’s solid proof; they dislike her because she does things like tweet about Brandi’s son singing a song Leann wrote and taught him to sing about burying his mother. She’s vile and Eddie is a POS. I think Eddie sticks with Leann just to stick it to Brandi, so she’s stuck dealing with her. He’s a sneaky piece of work, and Leann is just evil and is too stupid or arrogant to hide it.

  15. Patricia says:

    I relly didn’t think these two women could sink this low.

    Leanne – her goading of Brandi has reached a new level. I always say B should stop engaging but this tweet would enrage ANYONE in B’s position and L knows it. L still wants a fight. She can’t let it go and there’s no way that she is in a happy marriage.

    Brandi – her outfit is apalling to wear to a child’s soccer game. From the front you can see half her bra, from the back it looks like club gear. I’m all for flaunting your beautiful figure but of course use discretion. Brandi has now convinced me with her outfits that she does not have even an ounce of class or discretion.

    So who’s worse, the fighter or the flaunted? I think Leanna is worse this time. I’m sure it will continue in the next round. Those poor little boys :(

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I like Brandi, but she can dress kind of hoochie mama, and I’ve said that. But this isn’t so terrible- she just looks like she’s going to Pilates right after the game. She doesn’t even have socks on with her boots, and that’s what I do for my kids’ games. Uggs, leggings or yoga pants, larger top. I try to go to yoga before or after (if I’m lucky).

    • Myriam says:

      I don’t see what the big deal is with what Brandi’s wearing? And have you seen her outfits at past soccer games. She’s usually in jeans or (appropriate) shorts, flip flops, a cap or hat. the one time she wears something slightly “inappropriate” (aka different) at her son’s game, it;s apalling and classless? Fuck, I guess I better get rid of all my yoga pants, tights, or any outfit that shows a little bit of my skin.

      And I’m not on twitter, but I do glance at Brandi’s and Leanne’s twitter and I think Brandi gets alot of bad rep from her past responses to Leanne’s inappropriateness. The reality is B does ignore L. I remember when Leann posted that tweet, brandi has not made any response to it. L has been making passive aggressive tweets about B for weeks now and Brandi has not engaged AT ALL. Yet, people still are accusing her of engaging.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      It’s not the most appropriate outfit, but it’s not the absolute worst I’ve seen. Then again, my standards for these women are pretty low.

      That being said, Brandi looks really good in a fedora (I always look like an idiot in those hats) and I have to concede that she does have a great ass.

    • Myriam says:

      I wasn’t taking this personally. And I’ve seen what she wears on outings and again, I’ve never seen anything “inappropriate” except for the drunk-tampon-string dress and the Oscar dress. THAT was a mess. But as a celebrity, with her body and legs that stretches for days, she wears things appropriate to the event she’s attending or the outing. Some of her outfits look tacky, her taste is not really my taste, but that’s not inappropriate. Sorry if you think I was attacking you. I was just commenting on your points.

  16. BravoCueen says:

    Brandi looks great! I’d wear those pants in a second if my ass looked half that good. IDK who said she needs underwear but you can’t tell if she’s wearing a thong and panty lines are gross! LeAnn needs help stat, but Daddy Cibrian needs to be watched so she won’t get it.

  17. Jayna says:

    If LeAnn had on Brandi’s outfit, everybody would be carrying on how inappropriate. It’s awful for a kid’s soccer game. LOL Not a peep from the peanut gallery since it’s Brandi.

    Brandi has tweeted she doesn’t think the paps were called, that they just find out on the published schedule. WTF? Now she’s defending LeAnn from all us haters bashing on LeAnn and Eddie’s set-up pap shots. Oh, just this time they didn’t call them? I see. Didn’t she just tweet her snarky comment about the paps being called back right before Le-Le and Eddie left for the UK. LOL I’m over this game. No. We all know LeAnn doesn’t call them. That was just in the beginning. Then after that they have the schedule and just show up like clockwork every game. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know she doesn’t have to pick up the phone every time. Plus LeAnn tweets the day before about the game. Plus, it’s been very obvious from several games Brandi gets just as many photos, so I wouldn’t be surprised that she’s now setting them up too the way she is really photographed ad nauseum at the game with a lot of her in the frams. They exhaust me, these people.

    LeAnn isn’t fat but is steadily gaining weight over the past six months and not stopping. I think it’s emotional eating and she isn’t happy. She stayed slimmer (not anorexic) when with Dean. I don’t think her marriage is the storybook marriage these days she wants us to believe and she’s eating to stuff down her emotions.

    WTF on her comment on twitter regarding Dean? She has talked on and on about her affair, her strong attraction to Eddie and couldn’t help herself, her songs about poor Dean, hurting him, boo-hooing on every interview about how she hurts, but can’t give up her soulmate Eddie, singing every concert about being married to Dean but laying in bed thinking of when Eddie will come screw her again. But heaven forbid Dean answer a few questions about how he was affected. And he answered it in a very classy and non-whiny way and even said he has love for LeAnn still and wishes her the best and she pouts on twitter? Seriously? She is a nutjob. Instead, she should have written him a note thanking him for the way he handled the questions.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes and no…. I am Team Brandi and I’ve come down on her outfit choices before; the Oscar dress was hideous. (I also don’t like her hairstyle). This isn’t terrible, just yoga pants, boots and a tank top that is getting whipped around with a sports bra under it. Leann and her short shorts that she makes sure to bend over in are the worst, but there are certain outfits of hers I’ve liked (but I dislike her, period). I think she’s self conscious about the weight gain and snarking at Brandi because she’s upset about it (among 5 billion other things she thinks she’s the victim of). And I’m with you about Dean; the guy is adorable and smart and great on camera. I think Brandi would come off even better if she wasn’t endlessly exhausted and exasperated by the behavior of her sons’ idiot stepmother. Kids are our weak spot, and when someone who blew your life apart is endlessly exploiting them, it must be the worst, worst kind of stress.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      Ya except pretty much every comment has been about how inappropriate Brandi’s outfit is for a kids soccer game.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I think the comments are evenly split, and it’s kind of subjective. I think the outfit isn’t as bad as some think, but not great either. You can’t see anything inappropriate. She seems to have stopped the boobs hanging out look, thank heaven.

    • briargal says:

      I’m thinking that if it is true that LR did not call the paps this time, she will still get her cut of the pay from the gossip sites. There was talk of an agreement between the wicked witch of Country Cuban Hills and the paps!

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      That’s because LeAnn would wear the outfit with sky high heels. She never gets it right.

  18. Rita says:

    The blind items about LeAnn being told to STFU or her show would be cancelled are obviously spot on. She looks really miserable not being able to publically taunt and tweet to eternity.

    She is pathological in her behavior and eventually will come unglued. Eddie thinks he has her harnessed for now but LeAnn’s history says it all….before long she’ll spit the bit and jump the rail.

    • Funcakes says:

      Plus by the way she’s at war with the blogger at Just say Jen. And the funny part is it’s a BLIND ITEM, therefore it could be about anyone. The fact she’s responding is telling. She’s not a very smart girl.

      • sunnydaze says:

        I mentioned that blog before on here for anyone that’s interested in this bowl of batsh*t crazy….jenn must be getting things pretty spot on given LR’s responses on twitter. Ladies and gentlemen, the depths of these issues can’t be done justice until you see a pi$sed off blogger being targeted by a pseudo-celeb.

  19. Angie says:

    I’m sorry but that teacher lawsuit is well deserved. That Smiley chick sounded dumb as hell and was way too concerned about some useless celb. I feel sorry for the kids she teaches. I mean she had the most whiny annoying voice.

    • joanne says:

      you don’t like her voice so she deserves to be sued? that’s solid reasoning.

    • Erinn says:

      Regardless of whether her voice is annoying or you think she’s stupid I don’t think anyone deserves to be phoned up and put on speaker phone by someone they’ve blocked from their twitter account. Leann is completely unhinged and shes using her money and fame to destroy someone that she could have easily ignored.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      She called and called the teacher because Kim wouldn’t pick up (no, I’m not on Twitter and I don’t know any of the players, but I do know their names from gofundme) and then when Kim didn’t pick up, she started off, “Listen, bitch….” and went off on her even though the teacher’s account was private. Leann is unhinged, looking for a fight, and frankly dangerous. I’d have taped it, too. She sued someone for taping her? She wasn’t threatened or even screamed at. Kim could barely get a word in edgewise.

    • MissMoody says:

      You sure have a way with words, huh? My feelings on the Smiley situ is that, if the call she recorded was indeed illegal, then let the police deal with her. The lawsuit is overkill.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I *sort of* agree in the sense that I think anyone who invests time and energy harassing a celebrity who clearly has mental issues, might have some serious issues of her own and is definitely asking for trouble. But I also think that Leanne could have and should have just moved on, a lawsuit is a bit over-the-top.

      They’re both insane and not very smart IMO.

    • Cindy says:

      Leann stalked and harassed this mom of six and special needs teacher. She befriended Kim’s friend and found out that Kim was a Brandi supporter. So Leann got access to Kim’s private twitter account and read her private tweets with her friends, then she got Kim’s phone number from the friend. She then took the friend out to lunch and while they got drunk on tequila she repeatedly called Kim’s number. When Kim finally answered Leann started swearing and screaming at her, all the while arguing about what a nasty lying bitch Brandi was and how she was a bad mother. The call was made on speaker phone at a table in a public restaurant and other people at the table took pictures of Leann drinking and making the call and yelling at Kim. Kim got scared and recorded the call and when Brandi heard about the whole thing she complained to Eddie. Eddie confronted Leann, who lied and said the whole thing never happened and that Brandi was making it up. The call went public online and Leann was caught in her lies to Brandi and Eddie. She threw a tantrum and sued Kim and her daughter out of revenge. Now the lawsuit is a year or so old, and Leann says she’s too busy to testify and keeps dragging the legal process out in order to bankrupt Kim and her family with the attorney fees. This is just another event in Leann’s lifetime pattern of stalking and legal harassment of various people she disagrees with: her dad, her manager, her record company, Brandi, Ilana Angel, JustSayJenn, this site and many other bloggers and now the Smiley family

      • Alita says:

        Oh comon, I listened to the recording back then – please, that a pretty tangential description of it. I imagine you are far closer to having a link ready than I am – go on, post it.Let people decide for themselves rather than this hyperbolic redact.

      • briargal says:

        Cindy–Do not do as Alita asks. LR would sue you faster than you can imagine. She is so sue happy–play it safe and don’t do it!

      • Cindy says:

        Everything I wrote is accurate, I listened to the call more than once, Leann was horrible. So is the fact that Leann sent her tabloid photographers to Kim’s house to try to get shots of the legal papers being delivered but they went to the wrong house, Kim’s sister’s house and frightened her kids stalking them. You and all the Leann supporters are supporting a woman with a long nasty history of stalking and harassment. This is just one of the stories, Piper Perabo and Brandi and Jessica Simpson are others. Get your own facts straight.

    • Funcakes says:

      Plus it’s documented that a rabid fan put the teacher’s address and pictures of her children on the internet.

  20. Anname says:

    I am glad I don’t have to deal with these types of people at my kids’ games. What an annoyance to have that sideshow going on when you just are there to watch your kid play. I wonder what the other parents think of it all.

  21. Arock says:

    So I love the pic of Brandi walking down the track with an extra hat, “here, I thought I’d save you the effort and just get it out of the way”., because you know if Brandi wears it leann is bound to have it to.
    The spitfire post is transparent, this girl blatantly goes after the kids mom any chance she gets. She’s a poor excuse for a human, maybe a sociopath at best. If I had Brandi ass (and had put up with 3 years of crap at my childrens long term expense) I would have walk my fine-ness over and sat down in her salad.

    • claire says:

      Leann just has no concern for anyone but herself. She’s made that clear over and over again. Heck, she’s outright said several times she can do what she wants. Imagine what goes on behind the scenes with how she treats Brandi that none of us even know about. Ed is such a dick for bringing this psycho into the kids’ and Brandi’s lives.

  22. Jane says:

    I am glad that Jake is finally getting disgusted by Leann. Kids cannot fake their feelings. A picture says a thousand words. We now have pictures of both boys finally seeing the light and a clue of how disgusting this woman really is.

  23. Christina22 says:

    I love how kaiser says in reference to Leann “stalks him until his wife is totally over it” that sums up the divorce right there. It’s so sad how Leann likes to make it sound like it was true love, something special and meant to be that no forces (marriage and family) could stand a chance against. When really it was just her psychotic, stalking, spoiled personality, with a lot of money in the mix.

    • Jane says:

      You know, the only way I can stomach this “true love” Leann speaks of with Eddie is recalling the marriage scene in Princess Bride between Princess Buttercup and Prince Humperdinck. It’s totally demented and hysterical and the only thing that keeps me from gagging.

      • Funcakes says:

        You mean you never read the fairytale about the married Prince that banged the fair maiden for a year while banging other maidens on the side.

        When the Princess found out about the maiden he denied it, called the maiden a speedbump and then took the Princess out for public displays of affection.(Even though in his heart of hearts he OBVIOUSLY loved the fari maiden)

        But he did not notice the fair maiden was his true love until the Princess kicked his sorry ass to the curb.

        Then oneday, homeless and not wanting to get a steady job, the Prince went to the maiden and profess his love.(of her money)

        And they both lived happily ever af….wait a minute. No they didn’t.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I just can’t with Leann. And the sad thing is, is that she wasn’t even his main chick. She wasn’t the reason that Eddie and Brandi got a divorce–it was that other one-Scheana. Eddie told Brandi that Leann was unattractive/ugly and that he’d never sleep with her. If some dude said that about me, to anyone, let alone his WIFE, I’d be out there so fast. But she took him; she chose him.

      I guess she was dickmatized AND didn’t want to look like a fool for throwing away her marriage, just for some extra booty–if it was TRUE LOVE, then that’s okay (in her mind).

      Just gross.

  24. Stef Leppard says:

    LeAnn talks constantly about her affair and divorce, and then when Dean says one thing she has an attitude about it? This woman is so totally out there with her narcissism.

  25. Christina22 says:

    Also, Brandi is covered from head to toe in that outfit, just because she has a butt doesn’t make it inappropriate in anyway. I understand hating on a celebrity for a legit reason and Brandi isn’t perfect and has had plenty “wtf” moments. But critiquing her choice of pants? Really guys?!

    • mommak918 says:

      I dont get why people dont like Brandi’s outfit. She has a great backside. She is covered and i see people run w kids in sports bras and butt shorts.

      I live in a really fit city and people wear hardly anything to show off their bodies. I wear leggings and spandex but with longer tops but if I had Brandi’s long legs and zero fat then Id parade around too!

      The woman has to deal w Leanne and I would flaunt myself around my ex and his awful wife if I had legs for miles!

  26. Deelite034 says:

    Do they have the same purse but in different colors???

  27. Elisabeth says:

    is it an open secret that Eddie is fixed? Is that why Leann clings to his children in such a weird way? She knows that fountain of DNA has been forever turned off? Once he dumps her, Eddie will have the same reason not to talk to her like Dean.

    p.s. nice broken hand bitch

  28. Jane says:

    @Jennifer12 Plans were done by Friday. District requires them to be done by then. Hope your wee-one is alright!

  29. briargal says:

    NEWS ALERT! Did anyone notice that Brandi has a different blanket?? Guess we know what LR will be shopping for now!

    And in the pic with Jake, LR’s foot can be seen and still dirty but at least she scraped most of the dirt off from before. Think how us posters have helped her out. One example– no more mouth wide open laughing like a braying jackass etc. Now if she would only listen to us telling her to STFU, leave Brandi alone, and just go away! No way she will evah do that!

  30. Rita says:

    If you stop and think about these two for just a second, one has to ask “Why are they still around?”

    If LeAnn doesn’t make snide remarks on twitter or post boring pictures of themselves at a soccer game, there’s is nothing. They invent publicity by displaying their lack of lives.

    Let’s face it, when that desperate tv show fails, they’re done. This is true for Eddie most of all because he won’t be able to make commercials after embarrassing himself on a failed reality show.

    Two nothing people, do nothing, while people wait only for their marriage to fall apart.

  31. Emily C. says:

    Brandi Glanville manages to make knit pants look incredibly uncomfortable. They are living up her ass. I doubt children are being scarred or anything, but her own body is another matter. She’s courting a yeast infection with those things.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure they’re in it together, because they know it’s the only way to get people to talk about them, and people talking about them is all they’ve got. Which is a shame because Leann is able to sing, and there is one quite good song on her album (“What Have I Done”). If she wasn’t a complete mess, she wouldn’t need this nonsense.

  32. frankly says:

    And the whole world responds, “He’s singing what now? I’ve never heard of it.”

  33. Leslie says:

    At this point, I can only feel sad for LeAnn. I seriously doubt one of Ediot and Brandi’s boys was singing that song. LeAnn only posted that tweet as a dig at Brandi. The only life she has is on Twitter, and that is really, really sad. Can you imagine sitting around all day, trying to come up with ways to do Twitter digs at your husband’s ex? She must be as tense as a newly strung strand of barbed wire.

    • Christin says:

      It is very telling (I think) about the state of one’s personal life and career. If both are thriving, why would one have the time or inclination to be on social media almost nonstop?

      More digs at the ex(es) and attempts to prove a great love just convince me that things are not all that great.

  34. bettyrose says:

    Even my super snuggly pup gets annoyed when I hang on her that much. It’s called personal space. We all need it.

  35. rianic says:

    Am I crazy, but hasn’t she tweeted this before? About one of the kids singing Spitfire?

  36. briargal says:

    Is that pink top one of the ones from the “supposed” visit to the maternity shop??? Just askin’

  37. Jane says:

    She only tweeted this because she’s doing damage control on the telling picture with “Jakey”. It is quite obvious that he is finally creeped out by her antics, so the “Spitfire” song is to show how much he “wuvs his Bonus Mom” when in fact it is quite the opposite. Pictures taken the same day with Brandi show a happy, relaxed and smiling kid. I’ve worked with children for 28 years and can tell when a kid is happy or not.

    Stay tuned for Halloween antics of the highest order; larger candy/gift card gift baskets than last year (remember those gems?)and costumes to show how totally “fab” her family is. Mark my words: she is cooking up more c*** stew or witches brew for this month. It’s only going to get worse.

  38. skilo says:

    Brandi’s pants are really tight but they are fine, I mean take into consideration that yoga pants are practically required in California,and you have people like Britney Spears going to her sons games in camisole tops with cootchie cutter short shorts, and people like that nasty as* Courtney Stodden going to the pumpkin patch and slobbering all over her pervy old husband in practically no clothing.

  39. Michele says:

    Brandi is a hotty, Margaret is a fatty. Nothing else.

  40. lenje says:

    Eh, LeAnn owns a black Falabella bag, like the white one owned by Brandi.

    And they both were bringing those identical bags to the same event!

    PS. Apparently this has been mentioned upthread.

    (Nevermind, I know people have been saying that LeAnn likes to copy whatever Brandi wears, but since I never followed her, I didn’t notice. And this one’s likely because I’m still coveting the bag).

  41. Jenn K says:

    Brandi looks hot. Case closed!!

  42. karkar says:

    Her stepson is apparently the only one singing the song so she MUST brag about it #LoserStepmom.

  43. Dahlia1947 says:

    Brandi DOES have a nice booty, but her walking around barefoot in the dirt kind of downplays it (her butt.) Walking around in dirt or on asphalt like I’ve seen some girls do after a night of partying is just plain Nasty!

  44. Jane says:

    It’s really odd that Leann is so quiet today. She is totally up to something…
    Off to JSJ to see if she has some info.

    Edit: Just went to Brandi’s Twitter. Dean lent support to her cooking skills. She said he is helping her with measurements. Followers are praising both of them and hinting at a collaboration. This is getting slightly amusing. Something tells me Leann is just furious, hence her silence. Could she be having a meltdown?

    OH CB, is there a chance of a write-up on the collaboration? This is a juicy one!

    • Christin says:

      Dean and Brandi could use the so-called homemade meals featured on Twitter and Eddie’s Instagram (remember those?) and then prepare the item their way. The differences would likely be astounding.

      This is a bit out of place, but Snowpea has an interesting theory about Brandi’s outfit. A certain legendary singer routinely brags about her workouts. Is this the evidence? I’m not seeing a lot of muscle tone. Eventually, genetics rule (along with lifestyle). That may sound harsh, but why she boasts about those lengthy workouts at this point is odd, given photo evidence like this.

      • Jane says:

        Question of the day. Has anyone ever seen Leann work out-ever? I only recall an incessant amount of Tweeting in her “thin” days about boxing and kicking butt. Nothing else. You would think with all her “selfies” she does (did) there would be a plethora of them showing what a mean fighting -work-out machine she is (was).

        I am sure that it infuriates her to see how thin Brandi is. Brandi’s outfit leaves no questions unanswered as to how slim she is, not to mention what a great behind she has. Off to get a long sweater to cover my flat 49 year old a$$ right now. Slinking away in embarrassment.

      • Christin says:

        The dance workout instructor that she’s mentioned several times recently claims her as a celebrity client with a “toned and sleek” look, no less. If I recall correctly, even sickness and ending up with a fracture didn’t prevent her from working out during her recent overseas trip. Photo evidence would be nice, though.

      • Apsutter says:

        Leann used to work out all the time when she was with Dean. They were often photographed going in and out of the gym and she looked healthy and toned back then. Then she got with Eddie and turned into a skeleton.

  45. Snowpea says:

    I could be delusional, but does anyone see a twinkle in BG’s eye? Like she’s suddenly done a complete U-turn and thought “Hmmm I’m gunna mess with her head” all the while rubbing her hands together with glee.

    And about time too. BG has passively dealt with Rimes for a long time. I have seen a clip where the interviewer asks “Does Rimes copy you?” to which BG replied “Ummmm, yeah of course she does. It’s pretty obvious she watches everything I do!”

    So now I think the gloves are off. She knows very well that LeAnn obsessively copies her and the wearing of the yoga pants feels like an intentionally directed mindfuck. Because Leann would look like hell in that getup. (Plus there is the added bonus of making Eddie weep into his burger at what he’s missing out on).

    Imagine if the newly bloated, Hollywood fat Rimes turned up wearing those pants? She’d look like a baby elephant and that’s being kind.

    Ive been watching this f*ckery for at least a year now and I have travelled the full gamut of emotion from sympathy to doubt to full blown horror at the extent of Rimes’ illness.

    BG wearing those pants – knowing the extent of Rimes’ dysmorphia and narcissism – is her way of poking the bear. It may be immature and juvenile, but goddamn, it would feel good!

    Mark my words, Rimes is at home plotting retaliation. I’ve called it before. There will be a massive drama in the next week or so. She scares the hell outta me :(

    • Stacey says:

      I agree. Brandi no longer seems to be in fear of Eddie and Leann. Something has changed in the dynamics between them all this summer. Brandi use to literally cower in the corner at her sons games as Leann and her entourage crashed the soccer games with paps.

      I think it has something to do with the Blind on JSJ…about Leann going too far with the discipline and no longer allowed to be unsupervised around the kids AND that Eddie is giving Brandi a vibe. Maybe Eddie has groveled to Brandi, maybe they had a little ex-sex, maybe she had a a recent child custody victory in court..it is SOMETHING. Brandi has a twinkle and confidence in her eye.

      And I saw Eddie checking Brandi out in soccer pics a few weeks back. Brandi knows he has the hots for her.

    • Macey says:

      That’s not being kind to baby elephants… :( they’re precious.

      I do think you’re onto something. I was just going to post a count down til we see LR prancing around in similar outfit. I think the best thing BG can do is laugh this maniacs antics off. If it wasnt so insane that its dangerous Id say its funny and have some fun with it. Unfortunately, her antics will only get worse b/c she’ll start amping it up to get to her more. there’s no way she’s going to let BG’s attention slip away she’s too obsessed with her.

    • Bridget says:

      Success is the greatest revenge – her book sold well, she’s a fan favorite on RH (though I think she’s going to come up with major drama this year because she knows what the show wants), and it’s pretty obvious that Eddie amd LeAnn’s marriage is an utter disaster. As hard as it’s gotta be to be away from her kids, Brandi’s probably making some pretty good money, and it’s not a real leap to guess that Eddie is regretting being kicked out. I’d strut around too!

  46. someone says:

    Maybe the yoga pants would have been fine with a regular shirt but yoga pants with that cutout back top look trashy. The back of that shirt is NOT appropriate for a soccer game, nor is the side boob it shows. Showing the top back band of your yoga pants isn’t high fashion.

  47. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Of course you “spit fire” LeAnn, because you are a dragon ;)

  48. newtoyourn says:

    There is Absolutely no reason for her to tweet that except to get under Brandi’s skin…LeAnn is so sad and has no respect…

  49. TheTruthHurts says:

    I don’t care if she is eating that burger protein style, LeAnn needs to step back from the In N Out. #Fatty

  50. anne_000 says:

    I noticed that LeAnn has on shorts so short that it ends at the same level of her white blouse. As the Daily Mail described it “[LeAnn was] wearing a pair of impossibly short cutoffs”

    As for Brandi’s clothes, I guess I’m used to seeing such in Los Angeles. It doesn’t bother me that she wore it to the game.

  51. Jane says:

    @Funcakes That was hysterical. The fact is, Leann certainly wished for this marriage to be a fairytale, but she got a horror story in the end.

  52. Macey says:

    There’s a pic in the DM of her trying to kiss that poor little boy with her diseased mouth and the kid looks like he’s going to cry while holding the money she’s trying to bribe him with. How sad. I can only imagine the convo btwn them. you can tell he doesn’t want her trying to slobber all over him just by the way his body is. Im surprised she lets JJ and the DM use these pics b/c they’re more telling of the disgust and “over it” attitude the boys have towards her than the boys being in a loving family or whatever fantasy she is trying to portray.

  53. Cinderella says:

    Brandi didn’t wear that outfit for Eddie. She wore it to torture Leann, and I’m sure it worked. She looks smokin hot in all her “inappropriateness”.

  54. Funcakes says:

    Everyone has to take a gander at Leann’s twitter. She is arguing with someone who tweeted Brandi. Instead of ignoring it she’s responding.

    Plus she claims to be suffering from food poisoning. First Leann claims she’s throwing up in trashbags and in another response Leann claims she’s fine. Which is it?

    Just stop it.

  55. MegG says:

    It says a lot that Leanne has this much time to stalk and harass people. Where does she find The time?! I’m on Smileys side. I’ve had an ex harass me too, despite him being the dumper.

    • Jane says:

      She has a lot of time on her hands because she doesn’t have a full time job. Her lawn chair tour is over.

      As for as the sickness issue is concerned, it’s just another sympathy ploy to get people to feel sorry for her and detract attention from Brandi seeing she Tweeted about her and Dean collaborating on recipes.

      • briargal says:

        But don’t cha know she is filming her “scripted reality show”–aka as One and Done. So she is too busy to make a depo as requested by the Smiley lawyers. She sure has plenty of time to spend with her BFF’s drinking though!
        Such a liar!

  56. Deeside says:

    So now LeAnn has “food poisoning”. When will it end? I’ve had real food poisoning before and believe me, no one would be hanging with their girlfriends and enjoying themselves if they actually had it. Were they all hanging out in her bathroom watching her throw up.? Fun times. She just lies and lies. Even fans are commenting on how she is perpetually ill or injured. Then of course she minimizes it and says she’s fine. I’d say she changes her story as much as she changes her underwear, but she doesn’t look like she changes her underwear as frequently as she changes her stories. She’s just so dirty looking lately.

    • Macey says:

      Im convinced she also has Munchhausen syndrome on top of all her other mental disabilities. It’s either that or one of her “bffs” caught her making herself yak and she played it off with the food poisoning excuse. Maybe a combo of the two but this thing would make a great study case for various mental disorders.

      • Deeside says:

        A fan asked her if she was a hypochondriac. You are probably right on with the Munchaausen Syndrome . She literally never shuts up about her health issues, unless she’s on vacation. How convenient.

      • Jane says:

        I totally agree. She has had more ailments over the last few weeks than I can count. Still waiting for the BIG ONE—the one that makes her so severely ill, she is on her death bed waiting for flowers and get well wishes from all over the world, because of course, she us the only one that matters. Off to take a drink. I seriously need one after dealing with this space case.

  57. Leslie says:

    If LeAnn’s not tweeting, that means she’s meeting with her lawyer, trying to figure out a way to sue someone. She’s probably getting ready to sue Dean, Eddie, Brandi, JustSayJen, her grade school bully, everyone on Twitter who said something negative about her…

    Does she still have money to pay a lawyer?

  58. Zooyork says:

    Brandi looks frickin’ fantastic!

  59. Leslie says:

    Question: Who is that idiot Karla Hoffman on Twitter? Is she supposed to be someone important? Or is that another one of LeAnn’s many accounts?

    • Stacey says:

      She is the mother of a kid that is friends with Brandi’s youngest son Jake.

      She shamelessly tweets all day for yearssssss to Leann, Brandi and Leann’s minions and Brandi’s fans. She gets in twitter arguements over the love triangle weekly. I mean…she actually knows them all personally yet still engages in the online commentary like a fan girl. I would be so embarrassed if I were Karla!!! But apparently, she isnt becuz she gossips about lr, bg and ec publically non stop. I have no idea how she looks Leann and Brandi and Eddie in the eye without dying from embarrassment.

      • briargal says:

        She is what we call a mugwump. She has her mug on one side of the fence and her wump on the other side. Playing both sides for all it’s worth. Talking out both sides of her mouth. One tweet of hers really turned me against her–

        “no matter. LE has always maintained her positive no hate no bashing position. Regardless”

        –which we know is totally untrue. Must have been on the day she was on LR’s side or needed a favor from LR. If I were Brandi, or even LR (thankfully I am NOT her), I wouldn’t trust her any farther than I could throw her. And I’m sure Brandi is quite careful about saying anything around her. Trustworthy???? What do you think??!!