Benedict Cumberbatch would rather talk about the Assange wiglet than Assange


Thank goodness – Esquire finally released their slideshow of Benedict Cumberbatch’s amazing coat-p0rn editorial by photographer Julian Broad. These photos are amazing, and I felt weird jacking them from secondary sources. Now we get to see Cumbercheekbones and Cumbercoats in all of their original glory. Amen. The glove photo is still my favorite – he looks like he’s about to give me a good spanking. Bless him. You can see more from Esquire’s Cumberpiece here. Ben also has some new interviews out (yay!).

For his role as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, Benedict Cumberbatch was required to wear white wigs, fake teeth, and contact lenses—all amounting to a “spooky” resemblance to the WikiLeaks founder.

“It was, like, ‘O.K., you really do look like him. Maybe we could take you to the embassy and you could spring him out,’” Cumberbatch said at a Cinema Society screening on Friday. “Then I said, ‘Well, where does that leave me? Am I going to be incarcerated in the converted bathroom behind Harrod’s for the rest of my life?’ Jokes aside, his real predicament is really precarious. You play someone, you empathize with them . . . whatever cases there are for and against him, I feel for a guy who’s in that predicament.”

The actor says most of the questions he’s been asked are not about the film’s costumes but about the controversial nature of WikiLeaks. “This is actually the first time I’ve been asked what it was like to be involved as an actor, rather than the issues,” he said. “I’m happy to talk about the wigs,” he added, laughing.

Assange asked the actor permission before publishing his open letter criticizing his participation in the movie, which details the WikiLeaks founder’s road to exile. “He’s a polite man,” Cumberbatch told VF Daily. “To an extent. If you don’t cross him, he’s a polite man.”

Cumberbatch has responded to Assange’s letter, although he has not made his comments public. “Like I said to him at the time, I had a gentlemen’s agreement not to publish,” Cumberbatch said. “It would have been easy for me to sort of drift into Vanity Fair territory and go, ‘Here’s the correspondence,’ but I didn’t want to do that. I took our exchange as being a personal one, and something that was to do with a private consultation as to whether I should do this film or not.”

Cumberbatch considers the movie a complex and important story on a person whom he did not want in any sense to vilify. “This is a three-dimensional portrait of a human being. It’s a skewed point of view because, of course, it comes from Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s book, and the Guardian, who we know had pretty acrimonious relationships with Julian,” Cumberbatch said. “But that doesn’t then necessitate that I am trying to facilitate a State Department or right-wing propagandist’s point of view, as he’s trying to make out. I wrote that response, pretty clearly, pretty politely, and took my time with it, and it was a larger e-mail than he sent to me.”

Despite the fact that Assange declined to meet with Cumberbatch about the role, the two have an open line of communication. “I’m fine with keeping that private. He can do what he likes,” Cumberbatch said.

[From Vanity Fair]

Yes, more wiglet talk! I’m sort of obsessed with how Ben changes his look from film to film. I’m starting to think he loves a good wiglet and a good set of fake teeth. Boy loves his prosthetics too.

He also has a good interview with The Chicago Sun-Times where he does talk a little bit more about the wig and the contacts, saying: “He has softer features and I’m a bit angular. I have a longer face; he has a rounder face. The hard thing was the contact lenses. His eyes are blue and mine are greener, and mine change whatever light I’m in.” God, I love it when Benedict talks about his features. I feel like he looks in the mirror a lot and tries to figure out the best way to describe himself and his auburn dong muff. He also tells the Sun-Times that his fans are “Cumber-collectors. The ‘bitches’ thing just wasn’t feminist.”






Photos courtesy of Julian Broad/Esquire.


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  1. Eve says:


    Asshole. I hate him (no, I don’t).

  2. LadySlippers says:

    CumberP0rn!! My whole day has been ruined!!

    *throws self on bed weeping*

    Although, not sure BC’s promotion of the film will help sales. The opening in the UK wasn’t as high as expected, but then again, the whole weekend was a tad off for sales. So none of the movies did as well as people thought/forecasted.


    But the pics are scrumptious.

  3. EscapedConvent says:

    He looks so elegant in these clothes. I would almost believe he’s really modeling.

    I still like the name Cumberbitches & I don’t think it hurts women at all. I appreciate his concern for feminism, but I don’t need to be protected from this word.

    • Eve says:

      “I still like the name Cumberbitches & I don’t think it hurts women at all. I appreciate his concern for feminism, but I don’t need to be protected from this word.”

      To be honest, I’m getting tired of this…I don’t want to use the expression “fake concern” but, really, I can’t read any more interviews where he complains about the term.

      I’d agree with him if the term was used in a derogatory way, but it’s been clearly co-opted by his fans, and it’s a pretty funny play with his own name so…please, Benedict, stop it.

    • Kay says:

      Yes it’s as if he doesn’t realize his concern that the term isn’t feminist is a little bit paternalistically patronizing…which in turn flies in the face of all of his concerns about feminism.

      Edit: which is not to say that I don’t appreciate that he’s having the conversations about it, because it is important and it’s gratifying to see a very public figure engage in such discourse. It’s just maybe getting over saturated? And I think that Cumby sometimes has the potential to tie himself up in knots after a lot of repeated discussions about the same topic.

    • ncboudicca says:

      I think I come down on both sides of this: I’m in my mid-40s and think that I’m quite old enough to determine when I can apply the word to myself. On the other hand, he does have a ton of very young fans and maybe his unsolicited sermonizing on this issue is directed more at them. I don’t know if that makes it more righteous or not.

    • Green Girl says:

      Someone on this board described his pseudo concern over the term as paternalistic, and that’s exactly how it comes across. The fans were the ones who came up with the name – shouldn’t he let women decide what they want to be called? And to be honest, he’s the only one I’ve heard who complains about the term.

      I guess I just hate his “Ooooh, it sets feminism back” take on it, as it sounds so fake and condescending.

    • Sixer says:

      I agree with ncboudicca – he isn’t just talking to wimlins, there are many little girls too. It is grating, but it’s understandable.

  4. ds says:

    Oh the first photo is sooo good!

  5. Sixer says:

    I really like what he says abot the film as he addresses the balance point properly, finally.

    Most importantly, the gloves are MINE.

  6. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    How come no one has thought of the term “cu-cumbers” for his fans?

    Double entendre fully intended.

  7. Lindy79 says:

    These pictures, he looks SO good.

  8. T.Fanty says:

    Oh, sorry, there’s an interview? Kaiser wrote something? There’s anything on this page other than pictures of Cumby putting on his sex-gloves?

  9. Allison says:

    Some of this is reminding me of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy suit porn.

    If he’s so worried about feminism, then he can show up on MY doorstep wearing nothing but one of those coats.

  10. Abby says:

    Oh god these photos do something to me. This is the hottest he has looked lately.

    I am in love with the third photo :D

    Today he is coming on Katie Couric’s show…I don’t know if I can tolerate her for Cumby’s sake…she is so fake & annoying.

    Anyway I don’t know if you guys heard but he read a story from the LEGO book to some toddler at a bookstore….awwwww.

    Someone give this man a baby already!!!!

  11. GreenTurtle says:

    Cumberbatch doesn’t do it for me physically- I leave him to Eve et al- but I am really impressed by his answers. He gives some very thoughtful, articulate responses to what is a sensitive, controversial issue. He’s also pretty respectful of Assange, while not whitewashing him.

  12. Miss M says:

    “He also tells the Sun-Times that his fans are “Cumber-collectors. The ‘bitches’ thing just wasn’t feminist.””

    Obviously, your non-feminist fans are very subservient to you and will call themselves whatever you decide is best for them.

  13. icerose says:

    He still looks buttoned up to me. I want to see a bit of joy coming from his face and his body always seems so stiff.
    I still do not understand why he brought Assanges emails up in the way he did during the TIIF publicity. He have the impression at the time they were a bit weird. I was quite surprised at the time. I can fully understand that Assange spoke out.
    But it seems to have failed as a publicity move because the opening viewing figures were much lower than expected and the article I saw said that people seemed to be unimpressed with all the discussions.
    Hopefully soon he will get back to Sherlock and what he does best

  14. icerose says:

    I am find it amusing that on a sight called celebitchy people are concerned about the feminist issues linked to the term Cumberbitches.

    There is a medieval village called Bitchfield. It would be a great place for Cumberbitches to hold a gathering called Benny’s canine capers

  15. Sephora Wilson says:

    Just saw the Katie interview. I didn’t know he went by “Benedict Carlton” when he first started acting. Hmmmm no wonder he changed it. It doesn’t have the impact that the name Benedict Cumberbatch has. Haha Sometimes the most memorable names are the ones you least expect to hear.

  16. Bunty says:

    I ran out of champagne. This makes me sad.

  17. Karen says:

    Thank you, Benedict Cumberbatch, for instructing your female fans on how they should identify. I mean, it’s not like they have minds and opinions and tastes of their own to be able to decide what labels they want to take on. It’s not like they have intelligence accessible to them, clearly they need your guidance to tell them feels positive and empowering for them to call themselves. Way to go!

    • Katie says:

      Sigh. Yes, that’s exactly how he means it. It isn’t tied to his name or image or anything, creating a constant PR issue since the mags won’t let it go.

      Nothing looks better than a 37 year old man with young teenage fans calling themselves bitches.

      He’s also got a lot of fans who hate it and don’t want it uniformly slapped across his entire fanbase.

      From a PR POV, he should keep trying to kill it or dissociate himself from it.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Thank you Katie for injecting a teensy bit of logic here.

      • Lindy79 says:


        My feelings are that if you don’t like the man, you will automatically think he’s being condescending and patronising no matter what his intentions are.

        Its just another excuse to say something negative about him other than he has a face like an aliens foot or he’s a posh snob.

        2 cents worth. He’s asked in every interview about it. As much as it is ok for women to decide what they want to be called, he personally might not feel comfortable as a 37 year old man, freely calling his female fans bitches in whatever aspect, Cumber or otherwise. (I’m sure if he did throw around the whole “my Cumberbitches” thing regularly, the same people giving out about him trying to change it would be calling him a sexist pig).

      • Eve says:

        @ Katie:

        All right, I’m one of those who aren’t bothered by the term but I also think you have a point:

      • Katie says:


        It doesn’t bother me personally either, but it’s definitely shit on his end of the stick.

        And that’s disregarding the fact that ‘bitch’ only carries derogatory meanings in the UK. I’m betting US fans coined it.

        They actually use the c-word like we use bitch here instead. Shocked the hell out of a friend of mine who visited her abroad sister there, lol.

      • Karen says:

        That’s a lovely straw man you’ve built there but I never commented on the PR perspective AT ALL, or even derided his ABILITY to reject the label. That’s nice for fans who don’t want to identify as cumberbitches, but MY comment was in regards to the completely unfeminist, patriarchal condescension of rejecting something as unfeminist because of a view that women can’t choose a label for themselves that is empowering.

        I don’t have any particular feelings about Benedict Cumberbatch, so no, this isn’t because of hate toward him. My comment was deriding his idea that a fan calling herself bitch is unfeminist. It is feminist to believe and act as if women are completely capable of deciding what is empowering for them, not rejecting something because of your idea of how women should identify and what should be empowering for them.

        But I guess some people are still stuck in the mindset that male actors should be instructing women on what is best for them. That as a society we should tell women that despite how empowering something might feel, what we decide is appropriate is what’s best for them and they should be shamed for deciding for themselves.

      • Katie says:


        I’ll probably regret this, but you’re the one building a straw man here. This issue is more complex than what you’re reducing it to.

        PR is an inherently connected part of the whole thing because he is a public figure and therefore subject to evaluation on higher levels regarding his responses. You can’t push it aside, it’s a moving force behind his public position on this.

        Because of that, personal beliefs may or may not be in entirely in play and that’s the basis of your whole argument.

        His approach is PR-guided, based on what is perceived as best for his image and the fans as a whole group. And that would be for it to die.

        This label is now spreading and is liberally applied to all his fans in the media, so we have women who feel demeaned by it and are not getting to decide for themselves.

        I’m not sure how you can brush them off when it’s being forced on them, rendering them powerless. That’s the problem with making a slur ‘empowering’. You don’t get to decide that for an entire group, but that is what happened.

        Another issue is his fanbase, which ranges widely in age. There’s a huge difference between a 12 year old and a 25 year old using that label, and he’s got a lot of younger fans.

      • Katie says:


        I’m sorry, I forgot to add he’s already tried saying he doesn’t like it without giving a reason and then he tried the fans can decide for themselves but please consider another name. Neither of those approaches worked.

      • Karen says:

        I guess I have to reiterate, the straw man argument is on your end. You are making my argument into something it’s not. I’m addressing the shaming nature of his remarks. The idea that his personal beliefs are separate from his actions is ludicrous. He doesn’t get a pass to be an asshole because other people are advising him to be one, because it’s “PR” guided. I’m not choosing to ignore the PR aspect, I just don’t give a shit. I don’t care enough to argue about PR motivations because to me they’re irrelevant.

        Actually, no, the use of cumberbitches does not remove power from others who choose not to identify that way, and can simply say, “we choose not to identify that way.” That’s the wonderful thing about having a voice on tumblr or Facebook or wherever else you think the use of cumberbitch is important. Whether you’re 25 or 12 it is possible to simply ignore those that refer to the fandom that way, or if you want, point out that not everyone identifies that way. Because, you know, women have power, and women have voices. And in behaving as if they can be made powerless by the use of a word, like bitch, you are oppressing them. I’m commenting to call out those attempts at oppression. Because it’s a douche thing to do to tell women that calling themselves bitch is unfeminist, to tell them that they are made powerless by the use of a word that they feel empowers them. Hopefully 12 year olds will see that not everyone thinks that it’s totally cool for someone shame them into shutting up, or behaving in ways that they don’t like.

        I don’t give a damn what his personal feelings are about the name, I give a damn what he’s putting out there about how women should behave. If he felt a particular way, such as, “I don’t like it, but you’re free to choose for yourself,” or, “I don’t like it, and please reconsider,” then that’s what he should have stuck to, or simply pointed out he’s already addressed the issue. It’s called having integrity. If you or I believe something, we don’t get a j/k pass because “people kept asking about it.” So what? Am I supposed to care that it kept being brought up? Am I supposed to excuse him for his shaming words because people kept bugging him about it?

        I don’t really care whether you regret replying or not, and I can’t imagine how you would think anyone else would care enough about your regret either that it was necessary for you to point it out. I’m not interested in excusing him for shaming women because it’s “PR motivated.” I care about there always being a voice sticking up for the inherent power of women, and reminding people that women can and should choose to self-identify, even if that means using what other people consider to be slurs. Even if some male celebrity is trying to tell you that enjoying that name is equal to taking a dump on the progress of women.

    • Katie says:


      I try ;)

      What’s acceptable on say Tumblr usually isn’t so well received with the majority of the world. People often forget that, I feel.

      • Karen says:

        Yeah, I guess the idea of a woman being totally capable of deciding what is powerful for herself, and thinking it’s stupid and offensive for someone to try and shame her into doing otherwise, is poorly received elsewhere.

      • Jemma says:

        yeah like I see the issue, i doubt the dude realizes it’s being used as empowering or whatever since that’s solely a US thing and even the US fans disagree on it.

        bitch is still just an offensive word in europe. Vogue in Italy actually translated it as ‘cumberwhores’

      • Karen says:

        @Jemma: Which, to me, is a problem. I don’t approach it as a cumberbitch issue as much as an anybitch issue. He doesn’t consider that bitch could be empowering, and that sucks. But to call it not feminist is shaming and a shitty thing to say. But this is common among the majority of the population, to reject that a woman identifying as a bitch could be empowering, even in the face of women who insist that it’s their choice. Which is a problem that not only teenage cumberbitches experience, but adult kinky women experience: shaming because they enjoy something that makes other people feel bad. As if what is true for one person should be true for everyone. This guy, saying that something which women chose for themselves is not feminist, is just an example of that asshole mentality and I don’t think it should go unchecked.

      • yve says:

        @Karen, you’re a bit narrowminded yourself. you’re not takin into acccount his liberties-he has a right to say what others are doing with his surname…or the fact that a bitch has different meanings in dif. places. f.e. in my country it’s generally very insulting to call someone a bitch. i guess if it’s viewed as empowering in US, imagine hearing it as “cumberc–ts” instead..

        there’s always another side to the coin, if you flip it around.

      • yve says:

        @Karen, you’re a bit narrowminded yourself. you’re not taking into acccount his liberties-he has a right to say what others are doing with his surname. you’re also truly not thinking of where he comes from, culturally, because when you understand his roots you understand what he’s trying to say. in my country it’s generally very insulting to call someone a bitch. i guess if it’s viewed as empowering in US, imagine hearing it as “cumbercunts” instead.. he’s trying to say that he finds it insulting, bcos in his country it’s an insulting term. i’m sure he doesn’t think that women can’t choose things for themselves, you’re jumping the gun a bit here…

        there’s always another side to the coin, if you flip it around.

      • Karen says:

        @yve: Totally respect other people may be offended by the name, never indicated I didn’t respect that. Totally understand he may be offended by the name, never indicated I didn’t understand that. Totally respect his right to express himself, never indicated I didn’t respect that. Although, it’s unclear what you mean when you say “he has a right to say what others are doing with his surname.” Do you mean he has a right to talk about the phenomenon or…? Do you actually think he has a right to control how fans use his last name? Do you actually think he has a right to dictate what other people say?

        I’m attacking his perpetuation of the idea that calling yourself bitch is not feminist. As far as I’ve been shown, his opinion of the name is irrelevant and inconstant. So, I really don’t need to “understand his roots” to understand his message: calling yourself bitch isn’t feminist.

        All I can interpret from your ill-informed distinction between how “bitches” is treated in the U.S. and how it’s treated in your country is that you truly don’t get what my argument is about. It does not matter where you live, if you feel that calling yourself cumberbitch, cumbercookie, cumbercunt, cumber collective, or cumslut is empowering and fun and awesome, you don’t have to sit quietly as some male celebrity tries to tell you that doing so is not feminist.

        That’s nice for you that you assume that he doesn’t think that women can’t choose for themselves, but I’m looking at his WORDS and seeing it “just wasn’t feminist.” I’m not jumping the gun when I read that and interpret that Benedict Cumberbatch thinks that me calling myself bitch isn’t feminist. I’m not jumping the gun when I read that and interpret that Benedict Cumberbatch thinks that me calling myself bitch does not empower me, regardless of my own choices. I’m not jumping the gun when I interpret that as some oppressive bullshit because my choices, and my freedom to choose are what matter in the feminist conversation.

        I don’t have to sit quietly while some dude tells me that my freedom to choose and my choices actually remove power from me as a woman. They don’t and anyone who says that they do is opressing women and shaming them for making their own choices. Regardless of intent, regardless of background, regardless of personal feelings, that was the message that came out of his mouth and it is not okay. Don’t allow anyone, male, female, or neither to convince you that calling yourself names that you enjoy and choose to call yourself does not empower you. Do not allow them to take your inherent power over yourself from you through their shaming words.

      • yve says:

        i can actually see you breathing fire from here, whoa.

        i truly mean that he has a right to say what others do w/his surname-and i mean right to say that he doesn like it, of course he can’t dictate what everyone else does, but it’s ok if he offers a preference is all’m saying.

        but i can see you’re very passionate about this, i guess i don’t just jump on one quote from him and write a novel about it, as in my mind, the bigger picture i get from him doesn’t support these thoughts that you’re painting on him. you should prolly have a discussion with him about feminism and what he meant exactly, even though you seem to’ve made up your mind v. passionately.

        all’m sayin is i don’t think he meant it to be analysed that way, and that i don’t take things so seriously.


      • Karen says:

        @yve: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re right, I need a conversation on feminism with Benedict Cumberbatch to accurately interpret: “just wasn’t feminist.” I mean, it’s not like his words weren’t clear enough.

        Can you? Can you actually SEE me breathing fire from where you’re sitting? Because if that’s what’s happening right now in front of your eyes, you need to go to a doctor. Immediately.

        That’s nice for you that you don’t take things seriously enough to string together thoughts and form arguments with enough length or clarity to comprehend, but I do. Funny that. And it’s actually irrelevant whether or not he meant for his words to be analyzed because he certainly meant for them to be heard. Because, you know, he said them to a journalist, those people who write in newspapers and magazines and go on tv to give reports. So I actually think it’s pretty okay to get pissed off and contradict the stupid ass message he’s putting out there.

        And lastly, you seem to be under the mistaken impression that some bigger picture changes or negates, “The ‘bitches’ thing just wasn’t feminist.” It doesn’t. He said it. And 12 year olds who would be influenced by him read it. I’m not painting any picture of him. At all. In fact, I’m not the one who is bringing up HIM or HIS PERSONALITY, you are. I’m angry that he put that message out there, at his words. Like I wrote before, I really don’t have any feelings about Benedict Cumberbatch and after this, I doubt I ever will. He does not matter to me, but his dumb, selfish message does.

      • yve says:

        yes, i’m sure he would set you straight about his comments, you are setting feminism back i think by saying that.

        just bcos everyone doesn’t want to hold onto every thing he says on tv doesn’t mean they’re not capable of thought.

        aahaha, i’m sorry, i can’t actually go on with this conversation… but i so love baiting people!!! and you were sooo quick to grab it, weren’t you ;)

      • Karen says:

        @yve: I just want you to repeat yourself, so that we’re all crystal clear what your stance is. Do you actually believe that by sticking up for women being able to choose how to self-identify without shame, I am setting back the feminist movement? Do you actually think that by defending a woman’s freedom to self-identify without shame or oppression, I am setting back the feminist movement?

        I actually never said that everyone isn’t capable of thought because they don’t want to “hold onto every thing he says.” I was reiterating your position that, whether by will or lack of skill, you’re not taking a well written stand, because you don’t take his thoughts and words seriously.

        It’s real cute that you’re trying to pretend that you’re too… I don’t even know… to hold a conversation about male celebrities shaming women into silence, and I’m having difficulty imagining that even YOU think that anyone cares or believes you. I don’t even know what exactly you thought was bait, so I can’t be sure what you think I was grabbing. Unless, of course, you think feminism is a joke that the only way you can interact with feminism is by trolling. Is that what you’re saying about yourself?

      • yve says:

        no, i’m saying that you were clearly very pissed off and i had fun baiting it out of you. it could’ve been about feminism or fishing…!

        it was hilarious to wring long essays from you. i’m sorry, but this is what the internet is like sometimes… :D

        what do you know, i might be a cumberbitch after all!! ahahaha

      • Karen says:

        Actually no, it wasn’t about fishing and couldn’t have been about fishing. As you yourself have acknowledged, these shaming asshole words pissed me off. I don’t exactly know how you thought you wrung essays from me… do you know what that word actually means? I don’t think you do. I’ve been willing and ready to answer each of your contradictions, so no, you didn’t wring anything from me. I agree that the Internet is sometimes host to intelligent debates but, as you’ve written yourself, that’s not happening on your end. That’s nice for you that you may be a cumberbitch but I don’t know why you thought that I would be interested in your conversion, I never gave that indication. You still haven’t answered pertinent questions. What exactly was the bait and where did I grab it? Do you just think feminism is a joke and that the only way you are intellectually equipped to interact with it in a conversation is by trolling? Cause that’s what it looks like. Do you truly believe that me sticking up for a woman’s freedom to self-identify sets back the feminist movement? I wonder how many more times you’ll claim to be over this conversation without. actually. leaving.

      • yve says:

        to answer your question, fishing is great fun!

        i also click onto for my share of intelligent discourse when i’m pissed off about someone stealing my favourite fishing boots!

        the only way to make a troll away-go is to ignore-it-yourself -oh!

        and i mean novels! there’s my language barrier showing, oh my. well them long-things, you keep writing!!

      • Karen says:

        @yve: I’m having trouble believing that even you can make sense of what you just wrote. But when you’re ready to answer the questions you inspired through your inability to write clearly, we’re all ears. Or just for another claim to be over this conversation while never. actually. leaving.

      • yve says:

        well, you’re a bit boring now.


      • Karen says:

        @yve: I’m going to interpret that as your complete inability to discuss feminism intelligently, or support your arguments against opposition. Or it could just be pretend exit #3. We’ll see, I guess.

    • Jojo says:

      Perhaps if they had so much ‘intelligence accessible to them’, they wouldn’t want to call themselves Cumberbitches in the first place.

      • Karen says:

        Maybe, maybe not. I’m of the opinion that women shouldn’t feel ashamed to make that decision for themselves. And that they shouldn’t be ashamed to enjoy being called and calling themselves whatever version of bitch that they choose. Because, y’know, they’re thinking, rational, capable human beings who should be treated with the same liberties we would want granted ourselves.