Miley Cyrus pantless in a suitcase for her EMA promo: cute & funny or gross?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ tongue may have taken a break, but it won’t be down for long. Her Twitter feed reveals that she’s been down with a cold — perhaps acquired from licking too many sledgehammers. Eh, probably not. Everyone’s been sick for weeks lately. With Miley’s jetsetting and partying lifestyle, I’m not surprised that she caught the crud too.

Miley did find the energy to appear in a new promo video for her EMA performance. She hitches a ride to Europe in a suitcase owned by Redfoo from LMAO. Of course she’s not wearing pants. She’s likely wearing a thong, but the implication of nudity is there. She certainly wants us to believe she’s pantless.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

The EMA promo video arrives complete with “hot” tongue action and a weirded-out security guard:

Miley snippets are still arriving in abundance. Here’s some bullet-pointed updates:

* Miley may be going the seductive route for the EMA promo, but her upcoming AMA performance could be different. Miley’s being very hush hush about her AMA plan, but her team is pushing her to surprise everyone by foregoing the naked spectacle: “Instead of going for shock value, they want her to do something really classy that showcases her amazing voice.” HAhaha. Miley may have a decent voice (for country), but she won’t flip the script mid-album.

* The Toronto Maple Leafs are very annoyed that team owners decided to use “We Can’t Stop” as the team’s victory song. Leaf foward Joffrey Lapul says, “It’s certainly not my choice. Whatever. As long as we keep winning, I’ll deal with it.

* This week’s issue of Star details Miley’s “revenge” against Liam Hemsworth by refusing to return the engagement ring. Supposedly Liam needs the cash after moving out of Miley’s house, and the ring is worth more than $100,000. He’s only worth $1.5 mil as opposed to Miley’s $150 mil, and his leading-man status doesn’t look good. Do you feel bad for him? Nah. He chose to spend that much on a ring. Miley wants to auction the ring for charity because she’s “afraid” Liam will give the ring to another girl.

* The Mail still thinks Liam is serious with Eiza Gonzalez even though they were only spotted together one weekend. The paper hilariously raves about Eiza’s natural beauty even though she’s obviously had a lot of work done. Her face is a completely different shape now than it was three years ago.

* Miley is SO over Liam now. A friend who may or may not be Cheyne Thomas stated, “She’s actually excited and hopeful about the future. She’s proved that she doesn’t need Liam to be happy or successful. The past few months have been incredibly empowering for her.” HuffPo says Miley’s been secretly banging Theo Wenner since spring, but other sources say Miley wants to stay single for a year: “She loves being in love and she’s got tons of guys chasing her so it’ll probably be hard for her to stick to but she swears she’s going to do it. She’s all about girl power right now.

* BFF/assistant/enabler Cheyne tweeted the following as he and Miley cuddled up in a Twitpic. Go fish?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of MTV & Miley Cyrus on Twitter

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  1. Cleveland Girl says:

    What is with this girl?? Put some pants on!!!

    • Miley-NO says:

      She always looks dirty to me. Doesn’t she realize that talent-less, autotuned musicians pull these types of stunts? She has ruined her reputation. The parents of her real fans will never allow this gross girl in their home, and NO self-respecting adult will think her grungy no-butt self is to be admired. She will have a few teens who are overwhelmed by puberty, who will closet fan her. That is it.
      OH, and who does she think she is sticking that yeast-coated tongue out all the time? Gene Simmons. Noway. However, if she is planning to continue this charade she should at least hide her face behind the Kiss makeup so we don’t have to see this skinny, boyish, “woman” with her tongue wagging like a disobedient pet.

  2. nycmom says:

    There are only two genre’s where most good singers come from country and r&b. Of course there are exceptions, but most of those ladies all started in a church choir. Again there are stylist that are always the exceptions.

    • Lucinda says:

      Exactly. I’m not sure saying she has a good voice (for country) is an insult. She has an amazing voice. She may be obnoxious but girl can sing. Have you seen the a capella of “We Can’t Stop”? Don’t confuse her antics with her ability to sing.

      • Brown says:

        I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Everyone always comments this… “She may be crazy but girl can sing.” What!?! What the hell am I listening to then, because I think she is pretty awful. Nasally and forced. Her voice is unique and it’s not the worst but I mean there are thousands of better singers out there…. what am I missing!?

      • Cary says:

        Miley performed a live duet of Jolene with Dolly Parton and held her own, so yes, she can sing. She has some problems with her voice (sings into her sinuses too much) but it’s nothing a good voice coach couldn’t fix. Unfortunately I doubt she’ll ever bother trying to improve her voice since she gets so much money and attention by half-assing it.

      • NerdMomma says:

        @Brown…agree. I think her voice is fine and some of her older songs have been fine, but she’s not overly talented. If you imagine how she’d do on American Idol, she may make it through the auditions but I’m not sure she’d get much further.

        I feel the same way when people say LeAnn Rimes is so talented. I mean, she can sing pretty well, but it’s nothing compared to Mariah Carey or Kelly Clarkson or Adele.

      • Evelyn says:

        Oh my god Brown, yes. I don’t understand, and I saw the backyard sessions of her singing Jolene, it was okay, I wasn’t blown away. She has a limited range, and I briefly saw her sing wrecking ball love on tv, and it was bad, downright bad!
        I guess the bar is low in singers these days. The chick from Florence + the machine, now SHE can sing

      • Lux says:

        @Brown: I agree. She has very limited vocal control, and I am being generous when I say she has a two octave range. She’s not awful but her voice is nothing close to “amazing.”
        I like unique and imperfect voices (Lorde comes to mind) but Miley’s just does nothing for me.

      • MonkSolo says:

        I saw the SNL performance and thought her singing was horrible. Yes, she was good at the “backyard sessions,” but I suspect her voice has downgraded a fair bit due to all the pot smoking and the lifestyle she’s leading.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        She’s not amazing or a legend, but she can sing, especially for someone who hasn’t had vocal lessons. I watched a live vocal battle between her, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande on youtube, and I was actually impressed by her performance. It was from that 2012 CNN Heroes thing. I would like to see her develop her voice more.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think that her voice is decent, and that she can sing–and with coaching she’d be a lot better live.

        My biggest issue, I think, with all the crap she’s doing is that she just doesn’t need to do it at all. Period. The kind of attention that she’s getting now isn’t the kind of attention that you want, for longevity.

        Can you imagine that it was only last year when ADELE was everywhere? It was the Year of Adele. All eyes were on her. Not because she was sticking her tongue out, not because she was wearing see through “dresses” and pasties as an outfit, not because she was twerking (rather horribly, I might add–she’s got no rhythm), and not because she was in the headlines for marginalizing little people, black women, and Jewish people.

        Adele was in the headlines because she could SING. Period.

        What really bothers me about Miley is that she already has half the battle won–name recognition. EVERYONE knows who she is. If they didn’t watch her on Hannah Montana, then their kids did, or their nieces did.

        She has enough money to do whatever she wants–she can produce her own album if it comes down to that–all she has to do is make good music. And she can take as long as she wants to do so.

        But she wants fame, she wants attention–she’s already admitted that. And it’s just sad to me.

      • Josephine says:

        I’m with Brown, too. I have never liked her voice. It has no clarity or depth, and she struggles to hold a note. She is mediocre at best. To me, she is all smoke and mirrors and T&A.

      • Sharon says:

        Lucinda speak for yourself. Everybody doesn’t share your opinion that Miley is a good singer.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Thank you , Brown! Saw Hannah Montana singing live once and she was APPALLING. Really terrible. I suppose she couldn’t hear herself with all the noise or something but it was astonishingly bad. They fix her voice up in the studio.

        I have never been so sick on ANYONE – except Baby Bieber, who at least is comical.

    • Asdfg says:

      The girl sang “Jolene” one time and that makes her a good singer? Please. Anyone who’s taken singing classes can sing a decent tune.

      There are people on Youtube who sing without background singers, music, or auto tone. These people can out sing Miley by miles yet they don’t get the publicity because they aren’t famous. It’s not fair.

      Miley has an awful – nails on chalkboard – speaking and singing voice. Her music is nothing but auto tone. Just like all the other pop star “singers”.

  3. janie says:

    What is up with this chick? Does she have an aversion to pants? She has a good body… She should, she’s 20yrs old!

  4. Aud says:

    Two of the music identities I least respect. Redfoo and Miley.
    Ideal couple.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    She’s suppose to go classy for the AMAs. Yeah right. Her raunchy routine is so baked in the cake people are not going to believe she’s anything else. I think the AMAs and ABC told Miley and her people she was not going be allowed to perform unless she turns in a clean act. Network television is subject to the FCC at this hour; and they could be fined. ABC is not willing to take a $1 million dollar hit for the Twerk Jerk.

    P.S. – Thank you for censoring the tongue.

  6. Jane says:

    Miley, do you know where that dog’s mouth has been-and yet you allow it to continuously lick you?

  7. Flea says:

    I am glad to see she still smokes. Smoking is sexy. It makes you cool and popular.

  8. Liv says:

    From Liv Tyler to Miley, how classy.

  9. MeowuiRose says:

    I will never understand why singers smoke….doesn’t smoking damage your voice?

  10. IzzyB says:

    The one time I tried a skimpy outfit when I was 14 my mum decided I looked like a hooker and declared “since you look like you belong on the street corner you can clean the gutters while you’re there.”

    4 degrees with pouring rain outside, made for one memorable and miserable night. Never even tried it again.

    Miley needs someone like my mum in her life.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That sounds like something my mom would’ve done, if I’d tried that. Your mom rocks.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      Not really. A person has the right to dress however they please. Imagine what our society would be like if we resorted to punishing people for wearing clothes (or doing other things) that went against our puritanical roots.

      • IzzyB says:

        I’ve worn tight and sexy dresses as an adult and she hasn’t batted an eyelid.

        At 14, heading to a party and dressed in a stupidly skimpy outfit to try and seem cool to my friends, she called me out for it, and she was right to.

        She taught me to respect myself and never base my self worth on the opinions of others.

        Seems to me that Miley could have used that guidance.

      • aquarius64 says:

        Yes a woman would be punished in society right now for copying Miley’s sense of freedom….in the court system. Let some woman go a club and act like Miley does. A guy, right or wrong, is going to get the message she is willing to do anything with anyone, anywhere. What happens if that’s not the message being sent but the guy presses the issue? If it goes to trial a jury will take into account her behavior at that time and come back on the guy 1)not guilty; 2)hung jury; or 3)guilty and gets a very light sentence. And in the mix the media will tear the woman apart to the point she has to go into hiding. A woman has a right to express herself, but even in 2013 if she takes it too far she better be ready for the consequences.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        @IzzyB: I see now. You were dressed that way because you thought it would make those kids like you. Your mom was trying to teach you a lesson in not being a poseur/conformist, or one whose self-worth or happiness is based on what others think of your appearance. Well, as long as you don’t believe that a woman has to dress modestly in order to have self-respect and self-worth, no harm done. :)

        @Aquarius64: I’ve never heard of a woman getting in legal trouble in America for wearing a revealing outfit at a club and dirty-dancing. But it’s always sad to me when I see a woman who thinks that male sexual violence is a ‘consequence’ of women dressing provocatively, especially since there’s enough evidence around that disproves the theory that a woman’s clothes and dance moves cause a guy to assault her. Rape culture at its finest.

      • marina says:

        Actually, an adult has that right, a child doesn’t. Parents need to parent and stop trying to be friends with their kids. That’s why they’re all a bunch of disrespectful spoiled a-holes.

      • Franklymydear1 says:

        I too dislike the patriarchal construct that society often brings. However, as a minor the argument you are being “shamed” is decreased when it’s from someone’s parents. No this does not mean someone’s parents have the right to treat a person poorly but there are lots of people who are not offended by this instance such as me.

      • Terrile says:

        Leila, people who don’t want to see someone else’s genitalia aren’t “puritans”. They may not be religious at all. Imagine that. They just don’t want to see someone else’s private parts. Britney Spears is an example of someone who thought it was okay to expose her you-know-what for all the world to see. She has no talent and has had to do all kinds of crazy things to stay in the public eye. She is only a performer, not a real singer, songwriter, or musician. She can dance a little bit, but that is all. Exposing her private body parts is all she can do, same for people like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, etcetera.

    • lavinia says:

      Leila, do you EVER get off your tired agenda and soapbox? Do you have some kind of life?

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Of course I don’t get tired of it. Why should I?

        Let me clarify: I do get tired of the virgin/whore dichotomy, the widespread policing of women’s clothing choices, the portrayal of females as ‘problematic’ or a danger to themselves, others, or society based on their clothing choices, and all that comes with those attitudes. I figure that in the 21st century, we all should be over that prudish paternalistic scarlet-lettering bullshit. But I definitely don’t get tired of discussing it or calling it out.

        I suppose I could talk about, say, homophobia. That is also a form of bigotry that needs to be eliminated, and it’s also close to my heart. But you don’t see me talking about that as often as I talk about this. Know why?

        One reason is because during the whole time I (and my sister) have been on this site, I’ve only seen one homophobic comment here. That tells me that there probably aren’t any homophobes here, and that this is a site where homophobia is not welcome. That’s a great thing.

        But there have been plenty of slut-shaming ones, which brings me to my point (I’ll wrap it up :) ) one is the more socially accepted bigotry. My commitment to changing that does not mean that I don’t have a life, any more than your acceptance of it means that you don’t have one.

      • lavinia says:

        Well, *I* don’t mind what other people wear. Whatever makes them happy and feel good. But I don’t see the point in lecturing people who are just making comments online, I’m sure nobody here is running around pointing fingers at scantily dressed females and yelling “You slut!”

  11. Bijlee says:

    She’s all about girl power. Jesus Christ.

  12. j.eyre says:

    Can you play Go Fish in silence? Isn’t speaking a big part of the game? Maybe they worked out hand signals – its such a dynamic game, I can see why you would want to add some different layers to it.

  13. umyeah says:

    If only she would stay in the suitcase and get shipped off into space.

  14. pretty says:

    Malfoy is better looking than her.

  15. booboocita says:

    She’s ridiculous, but I have to admit, the deadpan customs agent is hilarious. Love the disapproving eyes!

  16. Kassis says:

    Miley and other young pop starts flaunt their body because they have very little real talent. Lots of girls and women want to follow in their footsteps – act crude, flaunt their body, aggressive in-your-face sexuality. Perhaps that is partly why American men prefer to go overseas to find wives.

  17. Barbara says:

    Miley as a 20yr old thinks she discovered sex….

  18. lenje says:

    Miley’s antics annoy me BIG time. But I don’t feel sorry for Liam. If anything, he’d been humiliating Miley way before she did him (by the faux twerking and tounging and of course the VMA).

  19. Lucybelle says:

    What does she has a decent voice (for country) mean? Besides Taylor Swift, most female country singers have great voices. Ever heard Patsy Cline? Loretta Lynn? Tammy Wynette? Dolly Parton? The Dixie Chicks? Martina McBride? Kacey Musgraves? Ashley Monroe? These are talented women that deserve to represent country music. Not this no-talent hack.

  20. Bodhi says:

    Miley may have a decent voice (for country)

    I’m not sure what is going on here. Is the author trying to diss Miley? Or country music? Or both? Country music isn’t my favorite genre, but there are some AMAZING vocalists in it.

  21. newtoyourn says:

    I don’t get how any of this is sexy, (sleazy is more accurate)..She looks so boy-like in her current look. No matter how naked she is. Also I hate her Frankenstein shoes she seems to wear all the time.. .

  22. poppy says:

    is it just me or is it creepy in a serial killer kind of way to put a person in a suitcase and haul them around?

  23. Side-Eye says:

    I don’t get these comments that she has a great voice—it’s decent, but only on certain songs and she doesn’t even do those kinds anymore, so it’s all overproduced trash now. And all these antics just seem like attempts to hide that–did you know that Adele went DIAMOND? Sis, didn’t leave the Top 40 for two freaking years, and you have never seen her act an ass once. Florence Welch wears nothing but curtains and drapes but both of her albums have been critically acclaimed and you never hear anything about her. This is how people with actual talent behave. No antics, but raw talent to prove themselves. I only ever see basic performers do the crap that this ignorant, butter-faced leech does, and they’re always defended as “young and dumb” and whatver excuse people can come up with. (And Adele is what, 23, by the way?)

  24. Janet says:

    Ten years from now people are going to be asking “Miley who?”

  25. aquarius64 says:

    @Leila in Wunderland – I’m talking about what goes on in a court room for sexual assault. Juries for the most part don’t take studies into account; they bring in their own prejudices. The William Kennedy Smith rape trial years ago – the jury acquitted him because one fact it took into account his accuser was not wearing underwear at the time. To them it meant she was promiscuous and was out to hook up with a scion from a prominent political family. The Stuebenville case – those guys got off light because the girl willing got drunk at a party. Those guys should have received harsher sentence, but the media was sympathetic to them. Even with current laws that are suppose to protect her, don’t kid yourself to think a woman will never pay a price for actions that go over society’s line.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      All that you’ve said would be tantamount to someone telling gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people: “There are bigots and homophobes out there, including in the legal system, so if you don’t want to face bullying, harassment, discrimination, or hate crimes, and if you don’t want judges or juries excusing such acts against you, you’d better stay in the closet and dress, act, and live as a heterosexual male or female is expected to. There are consequences and prices to be paid for crossing the societal line.”

      Even if a person meant well by such a statement, and was only trying to tell people to ‘be safe’, they would still be perpetuating a culture of homophobia.

      So to say that women should be careful about how they dress/appear because there are rapists and rape apologists out there and consequences still serves to perpetuate rape culture.

      • skeptical says:

        I think Miley promotes rape culture!
        How is she owning her sexuality?
        is she really enjoying her body and what it is capable of, or is she just seeking out the Male Gaze by whatever means will work fastest and ignoring nearly everything else about herself?
        And then seeking that male gaze out again and again and again no matter how fleeting the attention will be?
        And making it seem like seeking out that attention is a perfectly normal thing for a girl to focus on?
        How is seeking out “uncle” Terry even remotely a good thing?
        you are clearly a great feminist, so please explain why i should be more indifferent to Miley’s antics.
        Because when I look at that brat, all I see is a Stupid Girl who has fully bought into and supports the very sexist culture that holds me down.
        And i think a number of other commenters have this same feeling, even if they don’t word it quite that way.

      • Faye says:

        @Skeptical – Thank you for this post; it was very well-stated. Women should dress as they please, and shaming a victim of sexual violence based on her clothing is despicable. But Miley Cyrus’s antics do nothing for the cause of feminism. How does offering herself up as a distorted, kinky parody of what men might consider “sexy” help women? Most of her actions, not the least of which includes collaborating with Uncle Terry, certainly seem more like pandering to a very seemy subsection of the male audience, and have very little to do with advancing the cause of women.

        But then, I’ve never bought in to the whole theory that Playboy, strip clubs, etc. are actually a way for women to feel self-empowered. That seems like a bill of goods certain men are trying to sell.

  26. missiecoco says:

    she is so Gaga-esque its boring

  27. newtoyourn says:

    She is trying way to hard to keep in the spotlight. Its not like she has no talent and will fade away if the spotlight is not on her every five minutes. But this constant need for attention makes people wish she would.

  28. Green is Good says:

    Bed head, co-signing on the thank you for blocking out Twerk’s gross tongue. It’s a gag-reflex inducer.