Tom Hiddleston at the BFI London ‘Only Lovers’ premiere: would you hit it?


Your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston was at the BFI London Film Festival premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive last night. Do these photos make you happy? They make me happy, but they do nothing for my biscuit. As I finally figured out a few weeks ago, I only find him attractive when he has facial hair. Not when he’s clean shaven and he’s wearing his beloved velvet. Lord, this boy loves his velvet. That will be your opening line, right? “Can I touch your jacket? You look soft.” And then Hiddles will quote a Shakespeare soliloquy to some passing ducks.

There are some new Hiddles quotes and such bopping around. He answered some BBC Twitter questions, but it was nothing super-special. When asked about stunt work, Tom says: “99.9% of all my stunts in the movie, I do myself.” His description of a day off: “Good breakfast, table tennis, run in the park and a good movie.” When asked about possibly doing a musical, he said: “Love dancing, not so good at singing. I’d love to be in Guys and Dolls.” Oh, lord. Does he see himself as Sky Masterson? He would a terrible Sky. He would terrible at the Nathan Detroit role too.

Tom was also asked about a potential Loki spin-off movie, and instead of stoking the Loki fires, he chose to tamp down the Loki embers. Which says something to me – like maybe Marvel sat him down and told him that he wasn’t getting a Loki spin-off at all. Tom said, in part:

“The idea of there being a Loki solo film is some kind of concoction and I can tell you there is no movement on it. But I’d have to have a big brainstorm with Kevin Feige about it, if it ever came around. I do agree with you that Loki defines himself in opposition to Thor. There is not Thor without Loki, there is no Loki without Thor and that’s part of his nature, that he defines himself in opposition to other people…. To be honest, I don’t know. There are things I’d love to do with him. I’d love to see him out of context, on Earth, in the ’70s, running a nightclub, playing with The Rolling Stones. Those are the hair-brained ideas that I have. Who knows? At the moment, I’ve made three films with Loki and I’m very proud of them and if it ends there, that’s where it ends.”


Huh. It’s starting to sound more and more like this Hiddleston-intensive media tour has been designed to be Tom/Loki’s swan song, right? Like, this will be the last Marvel project Tom does so they’re letting him do the bulk of promotional work (plus Chris Hemsworth can’t be bothered). Here’s the video where Tom says all that stuff – he seems sort of sad talking about it.

And last but certainly not least, here’s Tom on Korean Saturday Night Live – this is so cringe-worthy, but bless his heart. He’s such a magnificent dork.

PS… Tommy has a boo-boo on his finger. Kiss it to make it better! I wonder how he got a boo-boo? Something dirty, I should hope. Wayward nipple clamp?






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Sixer says:

    Sunday thoughts:

    Not as hot as usual but still pretty hot.

    I think he has been doing the bulk of early promotion because of Coriolanus rather than because no one else would.

    Those Twitter answers are RIDICULOUS. Newsbeat is a BBC children’s news show, aimed at primary school and at the oldest early tween kids. Yin and freaking yang? Breaking Bad quotes? You’re talking to nine-year-olds, Tom. They originally had the mewling qu!m thing as Tom’s choice of favourite Loki line but they’ve taken it out now, I see. Betcha some fool of a BBC web editor didn’t realise it means halfway between p*ssy and cnut and there were a gazillion complaints from outraged parents. Deary me. PuddleTom is the most oblvious creature in existence.

    PS: I like velvet.

  2. ncboudicca says:

    …That will be your opening line, right? “Can I touch your jacket? You look soft.”…

    Dammit Kaiser, how did you know?

  3. Angel May says:

    Poor pet needs rest.

    I think he’s over Loki. Marvel will prob do one more Thor/Loki film then quit. Twilight of the Gods. And they should replace Chris’s huge ungrateful arse.

  4. Anna says:

    Beautiful. A 100% HELL YEAH. Love that smoking jacket-like tux. Would kiss ALL OVER to make ‘it’ better.

  5. Feebee says:

    Korea has an SNL? Just like in the US, the skit goes on way too long. And wasn’t that funny. The nipple tweaking was amusing though.

  6. Miss Jupitero says:

    Adorable, but no I wouldn’t hit it. He has his hittable moments, but this isn’t one of them. I like the velvet. I want a velvet jacket.

    Loki singing with the Stones, whaaaaaa? Running a club? Huh? No, no, no. How about locking horns with Dr. Strange in the east village? Something like that? Something interesting?

    I’m suspecting that Marvel wants Thor 2 to be another Ironman to do much more with it. I honestly doubt that is going to happen. This will actually be better for Tom.

  7. lolita says:

    Sigh…. be still my trembling thighs. Love him.

  8. Migdalia says:

    Who knows? Marvel pretty much owes Tom a big fat one for doing basically all of Thor promotion. I find it hard that they would want to never work with Tom again. I can’t believe how absent Chris is. Chris Evans did two Marvel roles, Reynolds did a DC and a Marvel character and hello this is Marvel comic book land…Tom could easily do another role with Marvel in the future and no one with sense would do a double take.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Marvel tends not to recast actors in to other Marvel roles. They might recast a character, but they have no shortage of actors. Now working with Disney, that’s another matter. This promo frenzy may very well be as much about proving himself to the .

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Proving himself to them.

      If advance tweets from journalists are any indication, he is going to shine in this film.

      I really, really hope he just moves on from this character though. He desperately needs to show the world that he has a range.

  9. FW says:

    Love velvet but not this one though. My friend in London went to OLLA premiere yesterday. She was only an aisle apart from Hiddles and now we all wondered why she was watching the movie instead of Hiddles! According to her, Hiddles’+1 that night was his mom. He kissed his mom when he sat down. Lovely, right? Also, I was excited to learn there will not be a Loki solo movie. Our Tommy boy knows how to let go with love:)

  10. drea says:

    Um, so who’s his table tennis partner?

  11. flower says:

    He brought his ma? Awes.

    I would hit it once he had a good nights week of sleep, he looks so exhausted.

  12. j.eyre says:

    In answer to your question, I would hit it like it was a faulty remote. And I love velvet.

    However, these are not shining examples of my Tommy. There was some big E! interview with all of them yesterday so I would like to see what comes from that. Once again, it’s all separate – i wonder why Marvel will not put the cast int he same room?

  13. loveisthecoal says:

    Yes I would hit it and I would totally ask if I could touch his jacket. I love velvet, and I love what a giant dork he is. I find it endearing. ;)

  14. Steph says:

    Fun fact for kaiser: Michael fassbender was attach to this movie

  15. umyeah says:

    His dorkiness is totally endearing. Makes me like him more.

  16. flower says:

    Tom is sitting next to his ex Kat Dennings at the Thor press conference, the body language is interesting. Like miles apart. Wonder why marvel decided to seat them next to eachother?

  17. C. says:

    I just can’t handle the velvet jacket with pants that aren’t velvet I feel like they’re mismatched and it kills me. If he rocked the velvet pants I’d be all over it. Plus I’d have an excuse to touch his thigh I mean who doesn’t love the feel of velvet?

  18. Miss Jupitero says:

    Ah, journalists have had a preview of Thor 2:

    Soundtrack list is intriguing!

  19. Mary-Rose says:

    Awww why didn’t we see out TommyAnne with his mother in picture?

  20. Naddie says:

    Hate velvet, but it’s my man, so yes, I’d hit it. Even if he wearing a skirt. Or shorts, that would look terrible on his skinny long legs.

  21. bettyrose says:

    Non-Loki Tom is reall growing on me. We would pack a picnic lunch, spread a blanket, I’ll sip wine while he soliloquies, and then the
    hittin’ will start.

  22. browniecakes says:

    We’ll see how everyone feels after Thor TDW premieres. You have make the audience think this is the last time they will see Loki on the big screen to fill seats. I was going to say something about dampening the expectations but I know this cb crowd would just get stuck on the word ‘damp’.

  23. Ag-UK says:

    Yes!! I never thought of him as really sexy but he has an appeal and I just saw the film and he WAS sexy to me he and Tilda worked well together and although she is much older it didn’t really seem that way at all.

    • icerose says:

      Yes but you could tell he was younger and they covered it with some historical references which with the implication he was not around then. I loved the old women /younger man feel that threaded through the relationship. The contrast between her warm ,sexy ,wise older women and his depressed, petulant musician was what made it for me. Tom always works well with older women. He has the presence, maturity and the charisma to hold his own. Now if they can put him with Helen Mirren.

  24. Linda L says:

    He brought his Mom- aw, that was sweet.
    I think he also brought her to the Avengers premiere, too.
    She’s a former stage manager- bet she’s proud of him. She’s probably so excited that he’ll be onstage for Coriolanus!

  25. Az says:

    He and Fassbender could totally be siblings, no?

  26. EscapedConvent says:

    I think that jacket is beautiful. Velvet with a shawl collar—mmmm. I hope he has one in midnight blue.

  27. allons-y alonso says:

    poor thing looks exhausted. That’s okay though, we can just cuddle

  28. Algernon says:

    My Hiddlestoner is showing is showing, but…

    He’s always been meh on a Loki movie. When it came up over the summer with the fan petition, he said something about Loki only being as good as the “good guys” he plays off of, and that if Loki had to be the hero of a movie, he would be boring because he would be relegated to making the kind of moral decisions he’s exempt from as a villain. He’s never sounded like he wants a Loki move.

    Also, given that Marvel changed the ending of Thor TDW and rewrote a bunch of Loki’s scenes for reshoots around Comic Con, it’s unlikely this is his last performance in the franchise. I think it was supposed to be, and that’s why they did the personal appearance at Comic Con, but then they went ahead with altering the ending of the movie. I doubt we’ll see Loki again for several years, but if they ever intend to do anything with Thanos, the character they introduced at the end of Avengers, they’re going to need Loki.

    My pro-Hiddleston interpretation of this press tour so far is that he knows he’s done for a while and is enjoying it because if/when he comes back, it’ll be at least three years from now. He likely won’t have anything this big going on in the foreseeable future, so he’s milking it. But I bet we do see Loki again, at some point.

  29. Ginger says:

    I’d let him nap first but then an “afternoon delight” so he’d forget all about table tennis.

  30. GeeMoney says:

    No man should EVER wear a velvet suit… EVER!

    Someone give me Hiddleston’s and Cumberbatch’s addresses so I can promptly go over there and burn these suits for them pronto…

  31. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Wayward Nipple Clamp is going to be my experimental industrial rock-a-billy side project when Fabio Wig and the Giant Hammers are on break.

  32. derpy says:

    Hes ugly and from what ive seen in thor, avengers and that rachael weisz movie a one not actor,

  33. L says:

    I was there. They didn’t let him come talk to us and rushed him down the line to sign autos, but so quickly that he couldn’t even say ‘hi’ or make eye contact. It was an awful night as some of us had been waiting since 5am. Considering how much fan interaction there was in Aus and Korea, we were all left heart broken. He didn’t even get to the end of the line and there were a lot of tears and disappointed girls.

    • icerose says:

      I was there as well and the organisation was a bit strange. They let some people in and then some had to wait in the queue until he had finished interviews etc. The crowd was horrendous and I know because we had to push our way through to get to the red carpet entrance I heard there were some issues re cleaning the theatre but not sure about their reliability and they held back entry. As it was the film was half an hour late in starting but it was worth the wait. Some people did get to meet Tom and got stuff signed and seemed happy with how it went down. The fact that it was a short red carpet did not help with crowding. Maybe they underestimated how many would show.There were more people their for Tom than at the red carpet for the Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson the next day.

  34. Gin Princess says:

    In answer to the original question, I would hit it daily and nightly and ever so rightly…

  35. icerose says:

    Having seen him in person at the OLLA Q and A, I can now confirm he is sexy elegance personified. Those long legs in the grey trousers and the jacket that fitted his body like a condom.
    He and Tilda were pitch perfect in portraying to worldly lovers with both dead pan wit and a warmth and sexuality that transfers across time and age. Did I mention how sexy and graceful they both were? The film has just won won the grand Jury prize at Stiges.
    THOR has had a critics screening although there is an embargo on reviews the tweets are more than positive with many singling Loki out “All I can say, and everyone brought their A game, is LOKI owns it”

    Read and weep you nay sayers a few celebbitchy comments are not going to burst Tom’s bubble. Its his moment to shine once more.

    • Mary-Rose says:

      @icerose have you met him? I want to see OLLA but I don’t know if its going to be widely available

      • icerose says:

        no I did not actually meet him as we were late arriving and literally queued for a few minutes and then went up the red carpet.
        I saw the Q and A and was happy with that.I have a ticket for Coriolanus as well and its mostly about the acting for me anyway.I am not that big a fan of meeting celebs so it did not bother me to much. I was a bit taken aback by just how elegant he was in person. Mostly I have not been that surprised when I see celebs in person as they look pretty similar to their picture. There was one actor I saw in person was just so much more beautiful that he was on film that I just stood and stared for a few minutes. It felt like that with Tom as well. Not so much beautiful but hypnotically elegant in the old film star tradition.

      • icerose says:

        I hope you do get to see it. I loved it and saw it twice. Their relationship has a warm sexuality but the film does not actually show any passionately graphic sex scenes. Despite the film’s resonance of gloom it is their love as depicted which gives it an uplifting feeling. That and the deadpan humour.

      • Mary-Rose says:

        I really really want to watch it now.
        Just had a look at DL (I know I said I’d never look at that troll playground again) and they have seemed fit to call you delusional. I would reply to them on your behalf but don’t know how. plus it would only encourage them back here again and we don’t want that.

    • Sixer says:

      Ah, I’m just being mean. Ignore me. Bad day. Cooker issues. Work issues. Electrician issues. My bad.

      • Mary-Rose says:

        Icerose I also want to know what he smelled like and did anyone ask him how he got his boo-boo

      • DahliaDee says:

        Oh, I usually get up to a bit of mischievous fun trolling DL. Got called “an old queen” once. Made me feel damn proud. I’d wave, since we all know you lurk here, but I’m sure I’ll see you there, boys and girls.

      • Mary-Rose says:

        I liked reading DL when it was funny with the regular guys. Now they have seemed to have gone and all that is left is the Trolls who spout unfounded nonsense about TommyAnne. I clicked the DL link on another thread and saw them moaning about icerose haven’t been back since. Btw guys I didn’t mean the regulars are trolls. The trolls know who they are and they can stay off here with their tea.

      • DahliaDee says:

        Oh, I don’t troll with so called tea, I troll the trolls. I like to watch them squirm when they get called out or caught tangled in their own lies. Also, all those who have zero filters and will believe anything. Yell at them to get off the lawn, that sort of stuff.
        Then I switch codes and troll from the other side. I’m horrible, I know :D

  36. G. says:

    I was there too, I waited for 6 hours, but it was worth it, absolutely. I was also so lucky to be one of the few who managed to receive an autograph and have a brief conversation with him… he’s really a kind and charming person.

  37. Diana says:

    I have never find him particularly hot, but last night I had a dream that made me change my mind; so I’m gonna simply say, yes, I’d hit it.

  38. DEB says:

    No, he’s about as sexy as cold margarine.

  39. browniecakes says:

    …on a hot biscuit.
    Back to sexy.