Billy Bob Thornton: ‘I blew my marriage to Angelina Jolie, I was too insecure’


I have mixed feelings about Billy Bob Thornton’s continued insistence to discuss his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. I mean, BBT and Angie have been divorced longer than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: surely the same “just say ‘no comment’ and be done with it” rule should apply here? The difference might be that Billy and Angelina are still on reasonably good terms and it’s not like BBT ever gives interviews shading her or Brad. But Billy does seem… I don’t know, a little over-eager to drop Angelina’s name when he’s promoting something.

So, with that being said, I have no idea what Billy Bob is promoting but he gave another interview and of course he was asked something about Angelina and he answered. Apparently, Angelina gets very jealous when her man films sex scenes with another lady.

She’s one of the most beautiful, talented, intelligent actresses in the world – but Angelina still gets jealous when it comes to her men performing sex scenes in film.

Ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton told The Sun that he came into difficulty when having to explain over the phone that he had to film sex scenes with actress such as Halle Berry.

He recalled the moment when Angelina, 38, did not sound too happy when he told her about the explicit sex scene in Monster’s Ball, which he filmed in 2001.

Thornton told The Sun: ‘She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I am talking on the phone to my wife, (Angelina) and she says: “What have you been doing today?” And I say: “Oh, I did that sex scene with Halle Berry.” You are then asked if you actually touched her. I say: “I had to – it’s in the scene.”’

‘I blew my marriage to Angelina. I thought I was not good enough for her and I was too insecure. We are still friends.’

Angelina is thought to be the reason behind Brad’s decision to avoid accepting scripts which involve sex scenes. Since the couple met in 2005, Brad now keeps as far away from them as possible.

Earlier this year, Brad’s friend Frank Pollaro revealed: ‘This is a guy who has tried not to do any sexy scenes with other women since he’s met Angelina. He’s crazy about her, and she’s the same way about him.’

Jolie and Thorton, who were married for three years between 2000 and 2003, famously wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks.

[From The Mail]

This is sort of oddly worded, right? When BBT says “She is one of the most beautiful women in the world” is he referring to Halle Berry or Angelina? And as far as jealous goes… is that a story about how “crazy jelly” Angelina is? Really? She wanted to know the specifics of the sex scene! It doesn’t sound like she was crazy-jealous at all. Besides that, Angelina found out (the hard way) that she didn’t have to worry about BBT’s costars. Billy always managed to cheat on Angelina with other women, not costars.

But do you think Angelina’s jealousy is the reason why Brad doesn’t do love scenes anymore? That’s the real question. Does Angelina get out of her Whip of Doom and the Handcuffs of Insecurity whenever Brad is even thinking about doing a love scene?



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  1. Patricia says:

    she’s still human, I believe that she could have insecurities about things like this. BBT had her during the most gorgeous years of her life, he should hush up now before he ruins the friendship that he is lucky enough to have with her.

    • MCraw says:

      Yup she had reasons for those insecurities: word from that set was the sex scenes were not reenactments. Very Brown Bunny. Maybe that’s why Eric Benet wasn’t too thrilled w Halle either.

      • hiddlesgirl85 says:

        Really? How did I miss that info? Did the director confirm this or other people on set?

      • Cazzee says:

        Interesting. I remember when I watched Monster’s Ball thinking, “Wow, I’m impressed – that love scene is like real sex, not movie sex.”

        I just thought the filmmakers had done a good job!

      • Monica says:

        It wasn’t any kind of a secret. They talked about it openly. The crew left, only the director was there with the camera, he gave no direction other than to make it “animalistic” – and it was shot in one take..

        Halle: “I had an out-of-body experience because I was able to see the sex scene and not see myself – I was able to watch it and go, ‘Wow, look at her.’ I didn’t say, ‘Oh my God, look at me.’ I could really disconnect from it and really be into that character.”

        It was “art” and necessary for the plot – as if… It ruined the movie, frankly..

        She later had her husband Erick B. watch it before the release and approve it, and whatdoyaknow – he didn’t like it. He cheated on her not too long after (why not?) and they split. Angelina left BBT. I mean – these actors really need to use their brains sometimes..

      • Claire says:

        I haven’t seen the movie, but a friend of mine who is far from a prude saw it and said she felt really weird and uncomfortable about it – like she was invading their privacy. I don’t look like Angelina, but I love my partner and would hate to see or think of him with someone else – I would be so insanely jealous. These people live in a strange universe. I guess that is what you get when you get involved with an actor.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Monica, who wrote: “She later had her husband Erick B. watch it before the release and approve it, and whatdoyaknow – he didn’t like it. He cheated on her not too long after (why not?) and they split. Angelina left BBT. I mean – these actors really need to use their brains sometimes..”

        1) Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton ‘did not’ have sex while filming “Monster’s Ball.” It’s called acting for a reason, you know. Halle was talking about the ‘graphic’ nature of the sex scene, she wasn’t confessing to having sex. This is the very first I’ve ever heard of ‘real sex’ in “Monster’s Ball.” ‘If’ it were true, it would have been MAJOR news at the time and would have ‘certainly’ been the talk of the town during the pre-Oscar coverage. That didn’t happen.

        Actors often ask for a closed set during sex scenes. Not because they’re actually having sex, but to keep people from making up stories and/or snapping a photo to sale, and to make one or the other feel more comfortable.

        In fact, if it was a ‘Closed Set,’ how did “someone on the set” manage to spill the beans on this alleged ‘real sex’ act?? Please somebody, riddle me this.

        2) Eric Benet cheated on Halle ‘before’ she made “Monster’s Ball,” and she forgave him. When he cheated a second time (the time you’re talking about) she left him.

        3) Angelia Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton didn’t break up because of his role in “Monster’s Ball.” Aside from his (recently admitted insecurities, Billy Bob just didn’t what to be a father again.

        I wish people would stop making crap up about actors/actresses they don’t like.

  2. Bluesky says:

    I really would like to forget that union ever happened. Gross!

  3. marina says:

    Her face looks a lot different now.

    • Andrea says:

      It does. She’s had work done. Her old face wasn’t as “pretty” or cookie cutter but it was intensely beautiful and interesting. She’s still beautiful but I miss her less perfect face.

    • doofus says:

      it does.

      she was beautiful then and she’s beautiful now, but I don’t understand why some folks insist to the point of nastiness that she hasn’t had work done.

      it’s not like she’s made herself unrecognizable or like an alien; she’s had very good, (fairly) subtle work done.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @doofus, who wrote: “she was beautiful then and she’s beautiful now, but I don’t understand why some folks insist to the point of nastiness that she hasn’t had work done.”

        That’s because she ‘has not’ had work done on her face. All you have to (objectively) do is put the photo of Angie above next to a photo of her today. If you’re honest, all you can really see is her face is ‘fuller’ in the first photo and ‘thinner’ in the second. Nothing else on her face has changed at all. The ‘full face’ was just a bit of tie-over baby fat.

        Have any of you ever seen a photo or film of Jane Fonda from the early 1960′s? She had a full face as well. In fact, she ‘still’ had that ‘full face’ in the late 1960′s in “Barefoot in the Park” with Robert Redford (1967) too, when she was 29 or 30 years-old (sound familiar?). But by the time she made the film “Klute” in 1971 (with Donald Sutherland … Jane won an Oscar for her role), her face had lost its fullness.

        This is just a natural thing that happens to some women as they age; which is why I can’t for the life of me understand why SO many posters here insist that Angelina Jolie ‘must’ have had something done. Is everyone here 19-years-old? Don’t you know any ‘older’ women?

        I notice no one has commented on what I hope is also (finally) very obvious. There is ‘no’ huge difference in Angie’s body/build/frame today then in those photos above. Look at her wrists in the white suite from her film “Life or Something Like It” (2002). Her arms were as thin then as they are today.

      • V4Real says:

        Oh please this woman has had work done to her face and there is a difference in her frame. I”m a huge fan of Angie and I have been since Gia but people stop putting this woman up on a pedestal like she”s a God that you must worship.

        There”s nothing wrong with having love for Angie but stop taking offense when someone says something negative about her. This woman has a lot of faults just like other actresses. She is beautiful but her body leaves a lot to be desired. Do I find her stunning; yes. I can also say the same for Kate Beckinsale, Abigail Spencer and Adrianna Lima.

      • cs says:

        I’m with you on this. She doesn’t look like she had any work done. Her face has thinned out over the years due to aging . I remember during the 60minutes interview she said “As I’m aging I’m beginning to look more like my mother.”

        Angie/Brad should’ve been vampires because they seem like the only HW couple that should never age. How does one compare a photo at 24 years old to someone that is almost 40? The same for Brad he always being compared to men in their 30′s ..he’ll be 50 in two months.

        I hated Angie with BBT. Brad was a MAJOR upgrade.

      • moot says:

        I’m thinking a little of column A and a little column B. Certainly a little face surgery somewhere along the way (nose job mainly), but also definitely post peak-fertility aging. I’m 43 and most people place me in the late 20s. But if you looked at a photo of me back then, my face was definitely fuller even though I may be about the same weight or a couple of pounds heavier. And I was a rower back then. But today, my face has a bit more *sharpness* than it did 20 years ago. And I’ve never birthed children or lost days and days of precious sleep nursing infants.

        Just look at Resse Witherspoon. I don’t think she’s had work done, but her features are definitely sharper than her Pleasantville days.

    • bns says:

      Yup. She’s still pretty, but she was exquisite back then.

    • Maya says:

      I think it is because she has lost to much weight – if she gains weight again she will look the same.

      • Faith says:

        Hahaha,who wants to bet 10 years from now the same people saying “she was beautiful and exotic then,not so much now” will say “she was beautiful and exotic then,not so much now” when they look at her present picture.@V4real i get what you mean but i think her fans are reacting this way only because those saying she had work done make it seem like she committed the greatest offence on earth,either way it doesn’t matter because she’s still the most beautiful actress to me,her imperfection only makes her more appealing to me.

      • V4Real says:

        Well Faith on a lighter note is it just me or does BB look like he”s getting ready to break out into a rap song in that second pic?

    • Anna Scott says:

      Of course it does. Waaay different!

  4. Sarah says:

    i can understand him, when so many people are after your partner it must be hard. this isnt some guy in the club hitting on her that you will never see again, its constant and she moves in social circles with very powerful, rich and interesting men.

    i find the info about brad not doing sex scenes interesting, i think i heard something about Dustin Hofman, too.
    i wonder how many men want the same from their actress wives.
    but i think for a woman its harder to turn down scripts with sex scenes.
    when i think about the bigger name actors i dont really can think of steamy scenes with big name male actors but quite a lot with female actresses.

    • paige says:

      i think she probably remembers how she behaved when BBT and bradley were her costars even though they were envolved with other women (laura dern, J.A respectivly)…

      and yes he should STFU.

      • AngryClown says:

        Um, how did she ‘behave’ with either of them, Paige? She was completely professional with both of them and never got together with either one of them til many months after.

      • V4Real says:

        This made me laugh. Do you believe that because that”s what Angie said? Angie hooked up with BB while he was still with Dern. Dern even said she didn’t know it was over between them until she returned from shooting a movie and BB was already with Angie. Now if you are one of those people who actually believe that Brad didn’t sleep with Angie while with Jen you are really kidding yourself.

        BTW have you heard the story about Brad not being Angie”s first choice and it was Colin Farrell she wanted but he wasn”t ready to settle down.

      • paige says:

        wow- REALLY angry clown??

        well laura dern did say that she found out that her engagement was over when she heard the news publically that her fiance had married AJ…..
        i’m a fan and think she’s beautiful but facts are facts….
        maybe move on? – or are you on the payroll??

      • AngryClown says:

        Lol, I can’t believe anyone still believes all that bs. Dern’s own publicist proved Dern lied when the publicist released a statement saying that her and BBT had split up, and that was weeks before he got with Angelina. Dern has used that line every time she was dumped, she’s a lunatic. She has no credibility. Also, Dern and BBT were never even engaged. So there was no fiance to begin with!

        With Aniston, even Aniston and Courteney Cox said there was no cheating, so its laughable anyone desperately clings to the tabloid hoax when its pretty well been proven no affair happened. Sorry.

        lol Oh, I forgot the Colin Farrell bit, no, unlike you, I don’t read and believe every thing I read in the tabloids. Sorry. Only actual interviews from the actual people. As strange as a concept that is to many on here.

      • V4Real says:

        @Angryclown Love your name it’s very fitting. I love how you say you only believe the interviews that comes from the celebs mouths but then turn around and contradict yourself when you accuse Dern of being a liar. Dern said from her own mouth that she was under the impression that she and BB were still together. S0 you only believe the celebs that help your argument?

        As for the Jen and Cox comment, that is laughable. Jen said she chose to believe that Brad didn’t cheat, not that he didn’t cheat. Saying you chose to believe something is not the same as saying you believe it. Cox said she don’t think Brad cheated physically, not that she knew he didn’t cheat. Saying you don’t think someone did something is not the same as saying they didn’t do it. Just like saying I don’t think you understood that interview is not the same as saying you didn’t understand that interview.

        Brad was still in a relationship with Jen; sorry honey. BB was with Angie while Dern was under the impression that they were still together. Ms. Angie isn’t as perfect as you would like her to be.

      • AngryClown says:

        Sorry but you didn’t disprove anything. Jennifer said elsewhere that he didn’t cheat, there was no bad guy, the breakup wasn’t due to “tabloid speculation”, she has great respect for him etc etc and on it goes. More than enough proof that there was no affair.
        Secondly, as I’ve already proven, Dern’s own publicist statement dated weeks before Angelina and BBT got together proves unequivocally that Dern and BBT were over long before he married Angelina. I know that disappoints you but its not even in question its already been proven by a dated statement, so, sorry, but Angelina is the innocent victim of smear and luckily the overwhelming evidence is testimony of that, she is not the demon you so badly want and need her to be. As Aniston attested, their marriage was over long before Brad and Angelina got together, and as Dern’s publisit’s document showed, Dern knew darn well and was under no impression. Sorry, you can lie and twist the facts because you so badly want Angelina to be a homewrecker and demon, but the facts *overwehelmingly* refute it honey. Lol So just deal with it and accept it. You need to start being ’4 real’ and live in reality. The only ones who have been involved with taken men that has been absolutely proven beyond a doubt are Aniston and Dern. :)

      • Domestic_diva says:

        Ii just pictured u walking into your closet the one that hides your Angelina shrine after your rant and telling her “don’t worry master I will never let anyone hurt you”

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @V4Real, who wrote: “This made me laugh. Do you believe that because that”s what Angie said? Angie hooked up with BB while he was still with Dern. Dern even said she didn’t know it was over between them until she returned from shooting a movie and BB was already with Angie. Now if you are one of those people who actually believe that Brad didn’t sleep with Angie while with Jen you are really kidding yourself.”

        You are SO not an Angelina Jolie fan … why lie about it? And that’s the problem with you Jen-Hens. You ‘always’ give yourselves away with either: “I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan, but …” or “I really like Angie, but …” Why the duplicity?

  5. Anoneemouse says:

    Get over it Dude – it was a million years ago!

  6. kpist says:

    That is how it started for Brad and Angie after all.

  7. marina says:

    BTW, my husband told me he read that there hasn’t been a sex scene in a mainstream movie in about six years because they don’t need them anymore. If people want to see boobs they just go on the computer. Think about it.

    • minime says:

      hmm..I will have to disagree with that statement. Mainstream movies are not my first aim when I watch a movie, but I still watch enough of those. Everytime I decide to watch a movie in the train or in a flight I end up making a note to myself: “check for sex scenes before watching a movie in public”. Most movies have them (even if they are not always ultra revealing).

      Anyway, if they both decided to not make sex scenes, they are certainly in the position to make that choice, careerwise. If that would make them happier as a couple, great!

    • Sarah says:

      sex scenes are getting more rare in cinema, thats true. its mostly due to what series show on tv. thnk of game of thrones, how often you see naked people there.
      its easier to show that stuff when you have an adult viewer base on a weekly basis than taking the risk of getting a high rating with a movie in the cinema.

  8. Sarah says:

    Didn’t she do that gratuitous sex scene with Ethan hawke while married to BBT?

  9. lisa2 says:

    Their marriage ended what 11-13 years ago.. that is a long time.

    Funny how people act like it was yesterday. she was what 24 year old when she married him. Damn how did any of us sound that young.

    Move on. Angie sure has, and she is not talking about her exes to get attention.

  10. nofkksgiven says:

    Gemini’s are notoriously jealous so I’m not surprised about Angie. Didn’t BBT say she was like sexing a couch, now he wasn’t secure enough? Whatever. He missed out.

    • Kim1 says:

      No he didn’t say Angelina was like sexing a couch.He said a beautiful woman and people ASSUMED he was referring tp AJ. He later stated he wasn’t talking about her
      They are friends so I don’t think she cares that he talks about her.As for Brad I think it is his decision to not do sex scenes since he became a father.

  11. Roo says:

    She was so much more striking looking then. Very unusual.

  12. Kiddo says:

    I liked Angie and Billy Bob together. Fun times.

  13. Micha says:

    Just gonna leave that here: the pictures show how skinny she already was back then, and of course, with age skinniness doesnt look that good anymore. she is very skinny now, but come on, it’s not like THAT much changed when it comes to her body. the older you get, the “harsher” being skinny looks. that simple.

    oh and yeah, bbt missed out of course.

  14. Apples says:

    I kind of like that he’s taking full blame for the end of their relationship. She has a lot of people trying to rip her down. To me, it shows a loyalty to her that he keeps building her up.

  15. Christin says:

    Did his insecurity also have anything to do with her wanting a family? They split up during or immediately after the adoption of Maddox.

  16. ran says:

    This story came from The Sun which is like Star magazine and like it was stated BBT is not promoting anything so why would he give an interview.

  17. Ok says:

    I love Billy Bob as an actor. But his marriage ended when Angie adopted Maddox.

    Billy Bob was done with having kids and Angie was just getting started. He walked out 10 days after she brought Maddox home. I remember the articles in the Enquirer and the interviews Angie gave.

    So, shut it with the revisionist history Billy Bob.

  18. littlestar says:

    I bet part of the reason why she won’t let Brad film sex scenes (if it is indeed true) is because a lot of actors end up hooking up on movies sets because of the intensity of their characters scenes/interactions. Sex scenes would just contribute to that. However, I don’t think AJ has anything to fear when it comes to Brad Pitt.

    • Cecilia says:

      …but that is how the brand hooked up in the first place. She is probably afraid of losing him the same way she got him.

      • Maya says:

        The brand? Seriously – you have to insult a couple like that?

        I just cannot understand why you continuously not only read JP articles but also write passive aggressive hateful comments about this couple who hasn’t done anything to you. Why spend that much time on people you claim to hate?

      • Esmom says:

        @Maya, I’d hardly call Cecilia’s comment hateful. She’s just stating an opinion, one that I tend to agree with. It doesn’t mean that I hate Angie and Brad or am out to destroy them.

      • Cecilia says:

        You don’t need to understand anyone but yourself, Maya & you’re one to talk. You are all over the JA threads. Not one thing I said was hateful.

        @ Esmom…thank you.

      • Maya says:

        @ Cicelia: Sorry but I haven’t been on any JA threads for months and that’s a fact.

        In the beginning when I started to read CB I did write on JA but then I realized that why would I waste time on a woman I dislike? Since then I haven’t even read her threads let alone written any comments.

        But you are right – I don’t need to understand a damn thing you do. You just keep on continuing wasting your time on people you claim to hate and I will just continue to move on.

      • doofus says:

        to Maya…

        but they ARE a brand. there’s nothing insulting about that. The Beckhams also fall into that category. as do a LOT of celebs with jobs/activities outside of just acting (or whatever their primary job is).

        these two, while certainly having star power on their own, are much more star-powery as a couple (also like the Beckhams).

      • AngryClown says:

        False. She did not hook up with Brad that way, it was months down the track. But JA hooked up with both Vince Vaughn and Justin on set, the last one had a long term partner. So I guess JA is afraid she’ll lose him how she got him. And she will. Nods. :) And I can’t wait for Justin to cheat on her, so she knows how it feels.

      • Janet says:

        For the umpteenth effing time, why does JA’s name ALWAYS get dragged into a Jolie thread? What does JA have to do with anything?

      • Cecilia says:

        @ Maya

        You were posting on a JA thread less than a month ago. Maybe you’re just confused?

      • Psychgirl says:

        Why does Angry Clown care so much?

      • Maya says:

        @ Cecilia: Ohh so you are back with your passive aggressive comments aren’t you?

        Well for the record there are several people with the name Maya in the world. I personally haven’t been on any JA thread for months – so you can cut the crap about trying to make me look like a liar.

        Do you have any evidence that it is me and not a namesake? No? Then I suggest you just shut up and sit down before making a fool about of yourself.

        PS: I wont waste my time on you anymore because frankly you are not worth it.

    • pwal says:

      Plus, look at the movies he has done-Babel, Burn After Reading, Moneyball, Inglourious Basterds, TAOJJ, Tree of Life, WWZ- none of the movies had room for gratuitious deep-d!cking (simulated, of course).

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      The whole “Brad won’t film sex scenes with other actresses” came from his last Esquire interview–the one where they said that Zahara said to Brad “Daddy are you and mommy going off to make out again?” (or something)–but that was said by one of his colleagues/friends–can’t remember who.

      But it was in the vein that he avoids doing sex scenes w/other actresses, not that Angelina said he couldn’t/didn’t want him to.

      • littlestar says:

        That actually makes more sense when you put it that way, rather than AJ being jealous of him “kissing” other women. It probably is very confusing for kids to see movies with their parents being intimate with what are essentially strangers to them. So I guess kudos to Brad for looking out for his kids that way.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’d say it’s a combination of getting older, being more picky with his work, and I don’t think that he really did sex scenes to begin with–not like Angelina did early in her career. The only two I can remember are “Mr and Mrs Smith” and “Fight Club”–there might’ve been one in “Troy” (I think my brother said there was at least a kissing scene).

        But it was one of the last official interviews that Brad did–it was covered on this site like a month ago.

      • mayamae says:

        Virgilia –

        Don’t forget the sex scene that helped Brad get noticed – Thelma and Louise.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I haven’t seen all of Brad’s movies, but yeah–that should’ve been obvious. It was mentioned in his Inside the Actor’s Studio that that was the role that made him the leading man–or something like that.

  19. Esmom says:

    “But do you think Angelina’s jealousy is the reason why Brad doesn’t do love scenes anymore?”

    I don’t know if it’s jealousy as much as it’s an acknowledgement that sex scenes can lead to trouble off screen. Both Angie and Brad had taken up with co-stars in the past, it happens all the time in Hollywood. It seems like a smart decision to try to keep the temptation at bay if possible.

    BBT, on the other hand, strikes me as insincere and opportunistic whenever he talks about Angelina.

    • TG says:

      Very good reasoning on why Brangelina wouldn’t want to do a sex scene. I personally prefer Brad in movies where he is either the suave guy or the hapless guy. I don’t care to see Brad or Clooney in serious movies. As for BBT I agree he is insencere and gross. As if La Jolie would have been jealous over his scrawny butt.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      To add to what you said Esmom, I think a lot of actors might be more hesitant, because of how big of a scope is in their private lives now. Like with the ABC show ‘Scandal’–Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington.

      There have been only three sex scenes (and even then it’s just kissing), and a few kissing scenes in the three seasons so far–their chemistry is off the charts. But some of the crazier fans are just…..crazy.

      Like I was watching a scene on youtube on day, and I think someone said something about Kerry’s husband–and another person responded with “Kerry’s not married. Have you seen her walk the red carpet with her husband?”

      The above is almost verbatim–and it’s all because Kerry and Tony have amazing chemistry and because Tony’s a huge flirt during interviews.

      But just think of the fan letters and emails that they get–people are saying he should leave his wife and be with Kerry. Which is crazy. I don’t think I’m that much of a loonie with Brad/Angelina, let alone anyone else. I may think that the two people (in a film) look good together, but no way would I be on here saying someone should leave their spouse because they get along with the other person.

  20. pwal says:

    I’m sure BBT misses Angelina… actually, he misses the media attention, hence the constant name checking. He had a movie that was on the festival circuits… something called Jayne Mansfield’s death car, or something to that effect, that had a pretty good cast… Bacon, Duvall, etc. and it got ZERO attention. ZERO! So cue the Angie talk and about how unworthy he was while illustrating how Angelina shouldn’t be as exalted now, based on the person she was 10-12 years ago.

    Lately, every attempt that BBT makes to show how he’s still connected to Angelina just seems desperate. If he doesn’t realize yet that Angelina is more than a media attraction for him, then the JPs may need to step up their security detail, because this could get creepy and scary.

  21. daisy says:

    of course she doesn’t want Brad doing that…look what happened last time? Mr and mrs smith.

    • John says:

      Exactly. People who buy the “we were having an emotional affair, but no sex” story are naive. No judgment here, it’s just common sense; she was THE most overtly, openly sexual woman on the planet at that time and never took no for an answer.
      When a “sex symbol” suddenly stops doing sex scenes, there’s a reason.
      Aside from the quirky film here and there (Burn After Reading, Inglorious, etc.), he’s pretty much taken himself out of the leading man category.
      That’s her doing, no doubt.

      • Maya says:

        Or maybe Brad is turning 50 this year and has realized he wants to do real and meaningful movies. Even his next movies he is playing roles closer to his age and the story makes it that you dont have to do sex scenes.

      • The Original G says:

        Being sexually free doesn’t mean that one has no boundries.

        Angelina has been quite outspoken about being against infidelity because of what it did to her mother and family. I believe her. I believe they were emotionally attracted to each other before Brad ended their marriage and went further afterwards.

      • Kim1 says:

        That’s your opinion based on tabloid stories. Anyone who believes AJ has screwed every guy in Hollywood based on tabloid rumors is delusional as well.No judgement.She has stated she is not as interesting or sexually promiscous as people imagine she is. RIGHT now there are rumors about her having multiple male and female lovers.Some BI claim she hooked up with lesbian lower while she was having reconstrutive surgery.But I guess I’m naive because I don’t believe she is sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Mary.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        One of the biggest reasons why I believe Angelina, is because she has always been honest about who she was, and what she was doing. She may avoid a question, but she doesn’t lie (in interviews).

        This is a woman who was openly bisexual in a time when it wasn’t as “popular”/normal as it is now–and she made no apologies for it. She talked openly about her drug use, self harm, early fascination with death, and so on–admitting to an affair would be small potatoes, compared to some of the other things that she’s done–and what’s being CONTINUALLY brought up.

        So if she says that she did nothing, I believe her. And what really reinforces that, for me, is her relationship with Brad’s parents/family. I came across this video on the LA premiere of “Benjamin Button” (I’ll put it below), but Brad, his mother, his father, and Angelina attended and they all looked THRILLED to be in each other’s company.

        From what I have seen and heard of his family, they’re nice, genuine people who give back to others–they don’t seem like they get caught up in anyone’s bs. My point is they love her, and you don’t love someone who lies continually about something like how she got together with their son.

        If anything, I’d expect them to be polite, but formal, and not so relaxed with her. My own family had to deal with this recently. My cousin’s girlfriend (who just had a baby) is probably one of the most disrespectful, lazy women you will ever have the misfortune to meet. No one in the family likes her. But guess what?
        We don’t talk sh-t about her, we generally ignore her–we’re polite when we have to interact, we try to have a good time, but in no way would my aunt ever willingly act like the Pitt’s did with Angelina, with my cousin’s girlfriend.

      • littlestar says:

        I actually believe them too when they say they weren’t physically hooking up on the sent of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They’ve said they didn’t get serious serious until many months after BP and JA were officially done. And as Virgilia points out, AJ isn’t a liar – she means what she says, and is blunt and honest about things.

      • AngryClown says:

        Exactly Virgilia and littlestar. The fact that JA admitted she told Brad to go and have an affair with Jolie and get it out of his system, but Brad couldn’t do that, is just yet ANOTHER in the long list of evidence that proves there was no affair. An affair is something the person isn’t aware of, not encourage. Why would Aniston even say that? People don’t use common sense. Its painfully blatantly obvious, despite Aniston and *her close friends* ADMITTING there never was any affair, that there wasn’t. I smh that anyone still clings to the fairytale myth when its been so obviously debunked, and by every one involved. I honestly think that those that still believe it do so because they want to and it suits their agenda. Reason doesn’t come into it with those who are DESPERATE to believe the infamous hoax.

      • Esmom says:

        “Myth,” “debunk,” “hoax.” You guys speak as if everyone has analyzed this couple as much as you have. Honestly, I based my opinion on about as much thought as I give to every other piece of celeb gossip, which isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of life.

        To accuse everyone who makes passing comments about how maybe Angie might have hooked up with Brad — emotionally, physically, whatever — while he was married of malicious intent is, well, loony. Come on, people are entitled to their opinions. NO ONE knows the real facts, how about we move along?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Btw–how’s your wedding coming along?

      • littlestar says:

        Virgilia – great, thank you for asking/remembering! Just 2 & a half weeks away now actually. Looking forward to marrying my old fart :D .

  22. Hypocrisy says:

    BBT and Jolie parted ways because he couldn’t stand her growing up, wanting to do humanitarian things and mainly wanting to have kids.

    He married a sexed up child woman who was great for his ego and perverted old man needs . When she matured and decided to adopt Maddox, he ran away, relinquinshing his paternal rights and his name with ease. He made it clear that he didn’t want to become a father again, at least not at this time and not with Jolie.

    Then and only then she asked for divorce and took Madoxx with her to the UK. BBT tried to come back to convince her to stop the procedure but she didn’t want to answer his calls.

    He blew it, because of the two he was still the child and she, the adult. Because he was still a fitfty years old immature guy with a middle age crisis who thought he could have his much younger sex toy for years without ever thinking that she wasn’t just that but a young woman coming at an age where she was still growing up and maturing into the woman she is today, with other needs, including maternal ones.

    He said once that he never loved a woman as madly and strongly as he loved Jolie and that he made the biggest mistake of his life letting her go. That the marriage’s ending was entirely on his fault.

  23. SBJ says:

    Brad Pitt has a history of hooking up with co-stars. Juliette Lewis and Goop for the most known. And AJ of course. So, if it’s true, yep, she’s right to be vigilant

    • Maggie says:

      esp when it comes to Halle. She’s much prettier in my opinion and with a killer body!

      • Hypocrisy says:

        Hence why the very average looking Aniston had to rely on PR guile, blind date, and sex on the very first date with a vulnerable Pitt after Gwyneth to have the slightest chance to approach him….

        Otherwise, it is sure as hell that ugly Aniston wouldn’t have a single chance with the former model Brad Pitt who could date any model he wants or the likes of Jolie, Charlize, Thandy or Robin Givens….Hell, even her former BBF Courtney was the bomb back then.

        Aniston worked her ass off during that blind date…more that she ever did with her former ugly to average looking in par with her physically boyfriends.

        I give her that !

      • Kim1 says:

        Like BBT would ever have a chance with Halle.GMAB Halle likes pretty boys That’s funny

      • Maggie says:

        Hypocrisy: looks are subjective. I actually find Aniston very pretty. Especially in person. Pictures dont do her justice. I dont know about the blind date but he did continue to date her for several years and then marry her. He was obviously attracted.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think Jennifer is pretty too–but she’s just different from Angelina. If anything, I think Jennifer is easier to dress up and down (for different film roles), than Angelina. But beauty is subjective.

      • Maya says:

        I am going to agree with Maggie as well. Jennifer is also a very good looking woman who knows what suits her.

        Angelina is stunning while Jennifer is pretty. No one should be judged based on their looks because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        @Hypocrisy – I’m no JA fan, but where is that information from? I remember that JA said she waited nine months before she and Brad slept together. And I only remember this because she was on Leno or one of those talk shows, and he made a really funny joke that went: “She had to wait nine months to have sex with Brad because the line was too long.”

        (Which still makes me laugh, because it’s true, hehe. :) )

        Anyway, I thought that was the official version of their relationship.

      • mayamae says:

        Brad dated Juliette Lewis, who I’ll kindly call “interesting looking”. He didn’t seem to seek out those with model looks.

      • Esmom says:

        @Hypocrisy, oh come on. Despite how ugly you think Jen may be, Brad entered the relationship of his own free will. No one held a gun to Brad’s head to make him date and marry her.

  24. Maya says:

    Here we go again with the JP haters all ready to attack this couple for supposedly cheating while shooting a movie together.

    The people involved in that mess ie Angelina, Brad, Jennifer plus her BFFs all told the media directly that Brad never cheated. He told Jennifer the second he started to develop feelings for Angelina and wanted out of the marriage. Courteney Cox even said that Jennifer told him to go have to affair and get it out of his system and then come back home but Brad wouldn’t do that because he had to much respect for himself, Jennifer and Angelina.

    If people wants us to have sympathy for Jennifer Aniston and Laura Dern – then that is waste of time. Jennifer is a triple homewrecker who caused a woman to miscarry and also a family with children to divorce. Jennifer also got together with her current fiance after shooting a movie together even though he was still living with his 14 year long girlfriend Heidi. Jennifer is also notoriously known to hook up with her co-stars.

    Laura Dern on the other hand got together with Billy Bob while he was still married to his second wife. Laura also got together with her current husband while he was still married and his wife was pregnant – infact the ex-wife’s and Laura’s sons are born at the same time.

    What I don’t get is why it is only Angelina who gets attacked and called homewrecker when in fact there are no evidence that she did break relationships. Jennifer confirmed Brad didn’t cheat and Laura alongside her assistant came out months after that Billy Bob didn’t cheat with Angelina and that they had broken up weeks before he got together with Angelina.

    Why aren’t Jennifer Aniston, Laura Dern, Rita Hanks, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Chelsea Handler also called homewreckers? They have all confirmed that they broke relationships and had affairs with married/taken men.

    PS: Personally I love the fact that Brad has enough respect and love for Angelina and his children to not do any sex scenes anymore. Plus the movies is has been doing these past 8 years didn’t need any sex scenes because they are movies with good stories and most educational.

    Denzel Washington publicly said that he doesn’t even want to do kissing scenes because of his wife – have any of you ever seen Denzel having done sex scenes? Paul Newman didn’t do any sex scenes after he married the love of his life either. I can add many more respected and married couple having taken the same decisions as Brad and Angelina and yet I don’t see any of you attacking them for it.

    Why the hate and hypocrisy when it comes to Brad and Angelina?

    • SBJ says:

      I don’t care if they cheated or not, it’s not the point, the point is BP has a history of hooking up with co-stars. So, yes, it may be a good thing to be vigilant.

      Denzel Washington is not a good example as he is a serial cheater, but that’s another story.

    • bns says:

      I think you’re taking it too seriously. It’s gossip, that’s all.

    • marina says:

      “Why aren’t Jennifer Aniston, Laura Dern, Rita Hanks, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Chelsea Handler also called homewreckers? They have all confirmed that they broke relationships and had affairs with married/taken men.”

      “I don’t read any gossip other than Brad and Angelina so I didn’t know about that.”

      How would you know if these other women are called homewreckers if you only read gossip about Brad and Angelina?

      Is your comment meant to be tongue in cheek because it’s really funny.

    • lucy2 says:

      Angelina is not the only one who has been “attacked”. All of the women you listed above have been referred to as a “homewrecker” or called out on a messy relationship situation. The idea of Angelina being singled out in that criticism simply isn’t true.

      And I’ll agree that Denzel is not the best example, given the rumors. And I don’t think anyone is attacking anyone for choosing not to do sex scenes.

      • ennie says:

        Have those women been attacked by haters and tabloids with the intensity that Angelina has?
        Only couples a little comparable were th Taylor – Fisher-Reynolds – Burton affair (witha similar all american next door girl DEbbie as Aniston, but MUCH MORE pretty and talented), and the Ingrid Bergman and Rosellini affair, where Bregman, who was hailed as the perfect woman after movies like The Bells of Saint Mary, left husband and daughters for an Italian love fantasy.
        All those other women pointed here had as counterparts anonymous women with no PR. Think of Heidi Bivens.

      • lucy2 says:

        Maya’s question was, why aren’t they called on it, and my answer is that they are.
        Intensity is a different discussion, but I’ll agree with you that the media and gossip focus was stronger on the Aniston/Pitt/Jolie situation than some others. But all 3 of them are hugely famous, and you factor in the rise of online content and commenting, paparazzi and media, and the desperation of magazines…it’s the perfect storm for a Hollywood scandal.

    • mayamae says:

      Using Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward as an example when arguing the fact that Brad and Angelina didn’t have an affair on set is amusing. Paul Newman was married when he dumped his wife for co-star Joanne. I don’t know if they caught a lot of flak since I wasn’t alive at the time. Elizabeth Taylor had a bad rap for years re: Eddie Fisher. I think she only married him to shut up her detractors.

      By the way, I love Brad and Angelina. But idealizing them and their relationship while demonizing those who’ve made
      similar moral choices but are not as attractive is silly.

  25. lenje says:

    I don’t really care about BBT, but Johnny Lee Miller… now, that man is HAWT!

  26. David says:

    OK Billy Bob, Ang is with Brad now, and she is happy.

  27. Ginger says:

    At times I have wondered how odd being in the acting industry must be especially for the actors partner. I’m thinking specifically of the film “The Royal Tenenbaums” in which Gwyneth Paltrow had a kissing scene with Owen Wilson while in real life she was dating Luke Wilson, who was also in the film. How strange would it be to get your paycheck from kissing your boyfriends brother? Acting is at times a very unusual profession. How do you stay professional while also trying not to be jealous? Obviously actors are only human so I can see how it might make some uncomfortable. I’m not sure I would enjoy the thought that my husband was going to be in an explicit sex scene with Halle Berry even if I were Angelina Jolie.

    • mayamae says:

      I think the actors least secure in this situation, are probably those who started relationships with their co-stars on set. Specially spouses of actors who’ve been involved with many co-stars – like Julia Roberts, or have partners who left them for co-stars – like Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, etc.

      • Ginger says:

        That would certainly make sense. I believe in trusting your partner but I’m not sure I would relish the idea of my husband making out with someone else even if it was his job and it means “nothing” in the context of the situation. Everyone is a professional…blah, blah, blah. It still doesn’t change the fact that they are kissing/groping/pretending to have sex with someone else. That must be hard even if you are married to another actor. And I hear so many stories from actors about on set hookups being so common.

  28. lucy2 says:

    It seems odd to me than a fellow actor would be jealous, when they themselves do the same thing, and know it’s part of the job (and by most accounts pretty un-sexy and awkward with a whole film crew standing there). But I guess when there’s a history of relationship with costars, it’s natural to not want them to do that.

  29. Faith says:

    I hate stories like this because there always bring up the stupid unholy triangle no matter what.I don’t know why people have to argue if brad cheated or not,i mean who cares?because i know i don’t,people will always believe what they want to.
    If she doesn’t want brad to do sex scenes so what?brad is almost 50 he doesn’t need to do those kind of things again,its embarassing.Angie has nothing to worry about,if brad cheats on her she will SURELY find someone else and i know she’s strong enough to deal with just about anything.
    Most importantly this guy should pleasssssse SHUT UP.

  30. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I think Billy Bob (if he said this, but still) needs to stfu. Like Kaiser said, it’s not that he said anything bad, but he’s always using her name for promotion. Which if I was her, I’d be ticked. Plus I wouldn’t think he’d want to remind everyone that he left her after/because of Maddox coming into their lives. If what I read was true–that’s a sh-tty thing to do—why didn’t he tell her upfront that he didn’t want to adopt?

    • Maggie says:

      Maybe he did and she went ahead and adopted anyway. Who knows? I kinda liked them together. Creepy but hot.

      • mayamae says:

        I did not like them as a couple. Angelina’s career would have stalled with him in my opinion. I thought she acted like his sex-doll door mat. Especially the groping each other on the red carpet while telling the interviewer they just had sex in the limo – yuck. I much prefer the pics of Brad with his hand on her butt on the red carpet, now that’s sexy to me.

    • Cecilia says:

      I don’t think AJ adopting Maddox was the only reason that BBT dumped AJ but we will never know & it really doesn’t matter at this point — but I agree with you, If that was the ONLY reason — it was pretty shitty.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well now that I think about it, I think the adoption was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        I saw this interview she did with Barbara Walters, shortly after divorcing Billy Bob. And Angelina basically said that she and BB grew apart. He was focused on his music, she was focused on her UN work. Which isn’t a bad thing–it just seems that neither of them wanted to put their projects on hold for each other.

        Which I liked that she didn’t say something like “Billy was just into his music, and he didn’t care about my UN work at all”, you know putting the blame on him–she said that they just grew apart and were wrapped up in their own things.

        It sounds like to me, that she outgrew him. Like with the making out on the redcarpets and things–she said in the interview that she did a lot of that, because it made him happy, and that when you love someone you do things to make them happy–which isn’t surprising because while she and Brad are pretty affection on the rc’s, we don’t see his tongue down her throat.

      • pwal says:

        I think that Angelina was done trying to sell Billy Bob as some sort of sex god but virtue of having her on his arm. If she wanted to step up her UNHCR work, she couldn’t allow the public groping and TMI to continue and that’s all BBT got. Watching TMZ illustrates that, since those reporters know that they will get a crazy, TMI comment from him.

        If Angelina remained with BBT, she would’ve had a significantly smaller life, in terms of fulfilling career and personal ambitions because,as BBT just said, he wouldn’t have handled anything that deviated from the ‘this sexy, young woman adores/wants to fcuk me’ and sorry, wanting a significant other to embrace that lack of scope/perspective is beyond pathetic.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Virgilia Coriolanus – Yet another great comment. I agree.

      • TC says:

        I just believe that Jolie was simply growing up during her BBT years. They were only together for three years, but in that time Jolie started her UN work and adopted Maddox. So she was simply not the same person at the start of that marriage that she was at the end. Her priorities had shifted and she was coming into her own. And a year later she meets Brad.

        I really believe the stars aligned for that uber-coupling because had they met any earlier, I really don’t believe they would have lasted. But by the time they came together, Angie had seemed to have found her sense of purpose and Brad was experiencing his “epiphany” as he said in his Esquire Magazine interview, he made a “conscious change” about 10 years ago to get up and change his life. So they both seemed to be going through similar life lessons at the same time, which may have helped to bring them together. Jolie mentioned in print interviews that they spent lots of time talking on the MAMS set and really getting to know each other. I suppose my point is, they seemed destined for each other.

    • PassingBY says:

      This reply is to TC actually,

      Well, Angelina Jolie & BBT separated in 2001 and was officially divorced in early 2002.

      Her visit to Cambodia in 2000 while filming Tomb Raider led her to UN and also the adoption of Maddox changed her.

      She already have her goals and know where she is heading to. In fact she thought that her life partner will be someone who is a activist or someone involved in UN work!!Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt met in 2004 and that was about nearly 3 years later after her seperation from BTT.

      Brad Pitt on the other hand was lost and he even claimed that his life was a dead end during his marriage, he wanted a meaningful life and many children, a big family, he is not getting it in his marriage. He is interested in the world just like Jolie.

      Brad Pitt found his path of life with Jolie, he is the one that is lost and searching, she have her vision and journey with UN work and her adopted son Maddox, her life is meaningful and interesting.

      Brad Pitt’s make-up artist for 20 years said something which I fully understand and agree. He is attracted to her zest of life, taking life to the ninth grade.

  31. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    @Kaiser, who wrote: “But do you think Angelina’s jealousy is the reason why Brad doesn’t do love scenes anymore? That’s the real question. Does Angelina get out of her Whip of Doom and the Handcuffs of Insecurity whenever Brad is even thinking about doing a love scene?”

    I thought Brad said something a few years back about how having kids affected the roles he accepted. But I’m sure consideration for Angie is in there as well. :)

  32. Christina says:

    My only guess for all the misdirected, false founded Angelina hate is jealousy. For the millionth time, people who think she had her lips done please look at her childhood photos, photos of her mother & photos of her bio kids. I also do not see all these changes supposedly to her appearance. She is thinner and she is older, that is all. She is still beautiful. BBT is an idiot, so Angie is better off without him.

    • Jordan says:

      She does have those identical lips in child pictures of her. There is one of her as a little girl, going to the Oscars with her dad and the lips were evident then too. She might have had other work done, but I will never believe her lips are fake.

      People get their lips done BECAUSE of hers!

  33. d says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, our modern, real-life soap opera continues. Seriously, the way the stories come out, the way the characters/actors speak about one another, the way the speculation occurs about all of the players…all of it, it’s the same as the way we talked about the big-time soap operas during their heyday. I’m still trying to come up with the name though. Sweet Tortured Divides? Continental Love Drift? Acting Agonies? Hollywood Heat? Hollywood Heaven and Hell?

  34. Megan says:

    I think Brad avoids sex scenes because he is not as hot as he used to be and he’d rather not advertise that.

  35. chloe says:

    I have to admit there are some BBT movies that he has acted in that I love (Sling Blade and Bad Santa), but I personally cannot stand the man. I’m old enough to remember when he was with Angelina, good God those were the wild years. I still remember them arriving at the opening of a movie or at awards show and he was bragging about how they just had sex in the limo. I think someone made a good point in an earlier thread, he was with her at the end of her wild stage and she decided to grow up, have children and get involved with humanitarian work and he still wanted to party like a 20 year old, it sounds like he’s still trying to relive those times.

  36. LoL says:

    Oh please, if angelina cared she wouldn’t be in Australia looking happier than EVER while Pittstain is in England looking haggard and smoking like a chimney.

    Maybe she once cared and was jealous but I don’t think she gives a damn now. Plus, she hasn’t filmed love scenes since being with him so is he stopping her?

    I have seriously never seen angelina look as happy as she does in Australia WITHOUT PITTSTAIN. LoL

    • Rena says:

      Angelina looks happy because she made a monumental health decision that she had been thinking about for years, since her Mom got sick and then died, her uncle (Mom’s brother) died, and her aunt (Mom’s sister) was fighting the same disease for years and died a few months ago, she took preventive action against cancer which wiped out her Mom’s whole generation of siblings (and that had also killed her Mom’s mother). That worry is lessened now.

      Angelina is also happy because she is directing a film about a hero who she and Brad have both become friends with and greatly admire.

      As for Brad he admits that he quits smoking for periods of months and even years only to take it up again just like many many long time smokers find themselves doing. He was seen smoking on the set while in Budapest when Angelina was making ITLOBAH 3 years ago, just as he was seen smoking on the set of his film in the UK while looking grubby as anyone in a war was and is.

      He has the twins with him in the UK and tweets are that he does activities with them, took them to see the Lion King last Saturday for example.

      At the end of the day, Angelina and Brad are working parents who have decided what is best for them and their family while balancing professional obligations. The original announced filming schedule would had have Brad completing his UK film before Angelina began filming in Hawaii but things changed and adults deal with what is as best as they can.

      As for your always expressed negativity toward Brad why not be negative toward BBT who did not support Angelina in any way when she began to mature and transition into adulthood and motherhood. BBT ran in the opposite direction from her and Maddox like Wiley Coyote.

      Why always the snark toward Brad from you is a mystery to me.

      • LoL says:

        I think this might be the longest reply I’ve ever received. LoL

        Angelina is happy because she’s Freee! Deal with it.

        Every picture from Australia angelina has that huge authentic grin.. One that hasn’t been seen in years. It’s not the typical fake red carpet smile she has when she’s helping pittstain promote one of his latest overrated films.

        It is fabulous to see her truly happy even if she hasn’t gained a ton of weight… Yet.

        According to Jolie haters and pittstain fans angelina would die of heartache without pittstain but it looks like the opposite has happened and she’s finally really living happily. LoL

  37. EammesP says:

    I don’t know why I even come on Brad/Angie posts or anything remotely related to them. If you don’t worship them, you’re wrong. This is a gossip site…people come here to snark on celebs – every thread has it. Angie is a beautiful, talented woman, but she isn’t a saint. Some people need to stop drinking the kool-aid.

  38. Faith says:

    Apart from AJ’s movies another reason why i love her is that she doesn’t seem to want pity,imagine if it were another actress whose husband dumped her because she had a kid.

    On another thread someone asked why AJ is always treated differently,well i think i know why,it all boils down to her cold demeanor,people like that never attract sympathy because they have this strong,confident look that people just assume they can take care of themselves,and if they make one little mistake it gets overblown.I have the same problem,i remember when i was in highschool(boarding school) one of my friends was sooo manipulative and she always got away with every bad thing she did because she was funny and “relatable” but i never got away with anything -infact i get the worst punishment-because i have this rude outward appearance and its easy to believe i did something bad even when i didn’t(but people who look past that always tell me i’m very different from what they expected when they first saw me),thankfully people like us are blessed with not craving sympathy and we’re pretty independent.AJ’s case is worse because she’s really beautiful.

  39. Lucky Charm says:

    “Angelina is thought to be the reason behind Brad’s decision to avoid accepting scripts which involve sex scenes. Since the couple met in 2005, Brad now keeps as far away from them as possible.”

    I think it’s probably more likely that it’s due to his respect for her and their children, rather than her jealousy. There are many actors who won’t do sex scenes with anyone not their real life partner. Brad highly respects Angelina and has chosen not to do those types of scenes because of that.

    And BBT just needs to worry about his current relationship, not an ex-wife from over a decade ago.

  40. lulu says:

    Angie and BB forever!!! Perfect match IMO
    And yes face work. She was beautiful before

  41. Monica says:

    Seriously, I don’t have any feelings about Angelina Jolie – not a fan, or un-fan, but how could you not be uncomfortable with the Monster’s Ball sex scenes?! That was waaaay too much and fully unnecessary. The movie could have still communicated what it wanted without the uncomfortable and flat out pornographic sex scenes. It’s not that he touched Hallie Berry, he had sex with her… But anyway, just saying, I wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina walked away partly because of this movie. Your husband shouldn’t be having sex with other women, even if it’s for way too much money.

  42. Faith says:

    Apart from AJ’s movies another reason why i love her is that she doesn’t seem to want pity,imagine if it were another actress whose husband dumped her because she had a kid.

    On another thread someone asked why AJ is always treated differently,well i think i know why,it all boils down to her cold demeanor,people like that never attract sympathy because they have this strong,confident look that people just assume they can take care of themselves,and if they make one little mistake it gets overblown.I have the same problem,i remember when i was in highschool(boarding school) one of my friends was sooo manipulative and she always got away with every bad thing she did because she was funny and “relatable” but i never got away with anything -infact i get the worst punishment-because i have this rude outward appearance and its easy to believe i did something bad even when i didn’t(but people who look past that always tell me i’m very different from what they expected when they first saw me),thankfully people like us are blessed with not craving sympathy and we’re pretty independent.AJ’s case is worse because she’s really beautiful.Thats why when angie says something,people refuse to believe it but if a sweet liar says something its immediately believed.

  43. Naddie says:

    She had a totally round face, I’ve forgot that!

  44. Emily C. says:

    Threads about Jolie or Aniston are always fascinating. There’s a line between being a fan and getting way overinvested in celebrities’ lives, and a whole lot of people here have crossed it. The bile from both sides is absolutely amazing. In 20 years, the bile from both sides will still be absolutely amazing. Why? There are lots of pretty, smug, white, rich people to become obsessed about in Hollywood, and nearly all of them have affairs. Why these three?

    The only solution is for Brad and Angie to break up and for Angie to marry Jennifer.

  45. ctkat1 says:

    I think that the MPAA has a lot to do with the lack of sex scenes in movies these days. Lainey has written about the change in sex scenes recently, and she’s right. There were big, studio films made in the 80s and 90s that had really hot sex scenes. Over the years, the MPAA has gotten really strict about ratings for sex in movies (but not for violence, of course). Getting an “R” rating hurts the box office, and putting a sex scene in your film guarantees an “R”, so they just don’t really do them the way that they used to. Remember all of the hoopla over ‘Blue Valentine’ in 2011? Two pretty tame sex scenes and the MPAA gave it an “NC-17.”

  46. Jordan says:

    WOW!! I see there are still battle lines drawn in the AJ/JA camps.

    There is only 2 people who know if there was an affair between Pitt and Jolie. Anyone claiming to “know” what happened, besides those 2, is just kidding themselves.

    Aniston doesn’t know either. “Choosing to believe her husband” is not proof even under the most lenient of standards.

    • doofus says:

      “There is only 2 people who know if there was an affair between Pitt and Jolie. Anyone claiming to “know” what happened, besides those 2, is just kidding themselves.”

      well, I would add that some folks who were on set probably know, but other than that I agree, and I’ve said as much before.

      maybe Pitt pursued Jolie and she said “not until you tell Jen it’s over”…maybe Jolie pursued Pitt and he said “not until I tell Jen it’s over”…maybe there was a LOT of what’s called “emotional cheating” but no physical (which would go along with what Jolie said about them having long talks about life and long term life goals)…and maybe they boinked like rabbits.

      the point is that, regardless of what any involved party (or their friend/proxy) said to the media about cheating, only two people know for sure, and it’s likely that, to avoid any further ugliness in what was already a REALLY UGLY tabloid story, they all said “no cheating happened”.

      everyone has their opinion on what happened, but it’s all speculation and theory.

  47. RHONYC says:

    “I KNEW IT!!!”

    i literally yelled that out loud when i read Halle’s name to which Mr. RHONYC said “RHONYC. really?” *whoops* :lol:

    i always, ALWAYS felt she had to have been very ‘uncool’ with that scene. of course she’s the jealous type. any super passionate chick is, plus she’s not dumb enough to think she’s got the only magical labia majora out this piece.

    we’re EVERYWHERE! *boogahboogahboo!*;-)

  48. RHONYC says:

    Does Angelina get out of her Whip of Doom and the Handcuffs of Insecurity whenever Brad is even thinking about doing a love scene?


    nope. she just plays on a loop her sex scenes from all her movies including the director’s cut of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

    settles his sh*t right on down. :mrgreen:

  49. Hatuh says:

    I can’t stand Angeline or Brad, seriously. I think they’re both extremely overrated and phony. However, if he (or any actor) chooses to quit doing love scenes for the sake of his wife/partner/family/relationship, how can that be a bad thing? I can think of much better reasons to dislike them.

  50. d b says:

    CDan’s maintained for years now that their relationship never “ended” and in fact they still have the occasional hook up. I don’t know what to make of that one, except to wonder why? Why???

  51. Yoda says:

    I think I’m the only person in the world who has never found Angelina Jolie beautiful. Her charity work is really commendable but she’s like a walking skeleton and even back when she did eat at least once a day, she was kind of puffy and weird. I find her smug expression a bit annoying and like Chelsea Handler thought her thing with her brother was just WEIRD but again, she obvious has a big heart and at least she does something with her fame.
    Billy Bob Thorton was probably just trying to be gracious esp after her mastectomy…Ethan Hawke sort of came out and said something flattering as well.

  52. cletus says:

    I’m not starting shit here, but I would REALLY like to know just what it is about Jolie that makes the claws come out. My mom hated her guts, too, and all she could ever say was “JUST LOOK AT HER. LOOK AT HER FACE.” And I did, but I didn’t feel any bile rising in my throat or the burning fiery hatred of a thousand suns or anything. So… anyone?

  53. Sway says:

    “She is one of the most beautiful women in the world” — this is The Sun, the beginning of the article and not a quote from BBT.

  54. Oyn says:

    There have been blinds for years that they still see each other A LOT.

  55. Anna Scott says:

    Halle Berry is a goddess. AJ doesn’t even come close in looks. Not one bit. If people say that it was ok for Pitt to cheat on Aniston because AJ was way hotter than her, then it’s quite allright for BBT to cheat on AJ with Halle. I mean, who could resist Halle Berry???

  56. LaurieH says:

    If, as an actress, Angelina just want the details of the sex scene, she would not have asked “did you touch her?” – unless, of course, Angelina is aware of a sex scene that doesn’t involve touching (aside from the one in Cocoon).