Kanye West ‘thinks it would be awkward & tacky’ to ask Kim for a prenup: lol?


“Baby, I’m gonna let you hold my pinkie… FOR LIFE.”

I’ve been so focused on Kanye West’s proposal that I kind of forgot about speculating on all of the other crap that comes along with celebrity engagements. When will they hold the wedding? Where will it be? Will Nori be a flower girl? Will Kanye sing to Kim during the service? Will he wear leather jogging pants? Will Riccardo Tisci throw a hissy fit while designing Kim’s wedding gown and will he make her look like a couch? These are valid questions and I’m sure we’ll learn the answers in the coming months.

For now, let’s talk about finances. Kim is independently wealthy – she’s got endorsement deals, reality shows, shops and clothing lines. She has her own money. Kanye is worth a lot too. It’s not like either of them really needs the other’s wealth. But does that mean that they should forgo a pre-nup? Um, considering this will be Kim’s third wedding… oh, God. Yeezus, what is going on with you?

Kanye West has been waiting for this moment for so long and he doesn’t want to do anything to ruin his happiness with his new fiance, Kim Kardashian, 33. The Yeezus artist thinks it would be “tacky” and “awkward” to get a prenup — he just wants to celebrate their love instead, a source tells HollywoodLife.com.

“Kanye’s in love with Kim to the point of infatuation. It’s scary because the love is so powerful, Kanye doesn’t even want to have a prenup,” the source says. “He thinks it’s tacky and he doesn’t want to offend Kim or make anything seem awkward. He loves Kim too much for that to even cross his mind. He thinks of his money and his accomplishments and hers and he wants to share them with her — no strings attached.”

Kanye is turning out to be a real family man! His top priority is making sure that his future wife and their baby North West are taken care of.

“Kanye’s got more money than the he knows what to do with — so does Kim. He doesn’t care about that,” the source reveals. “If he died tomorrow, everything he has is in Kim and Nori’s name. There will be no prenup. It’s all about love, nothing else matters.”

Kanye proposed to Kim on her 33rd birthday, making their engagement the best present of all.

“Kanye wanted to make Kim’s birthday something she would never forget. Kim is on cloud nine and couldn’t have asked for anything more on her day. She is in a great place with her child healthy and happy, and now getting engaged seals the deal on her happiness,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “When it comes to Kanye and marrying him, her thoughts are, ‘Three’s a charm.’”

[From Hollywood Life]

Tacky is as tacky does. I know many of you are going to have a hearty laugh about this, and I feel you. But I also think it’s sort of cool if Kanye really does feel this way. We hear so often about douchebags who don’t want to pay for their children or K-Feds who are just glorified users, so it’s kind of nice to hear about a guy who is willing to put his finances in a major bind… for LOVE. Now, is it stupid? Of course it is. This is her third marriage and she’s a famewhore who would sell her own mother for attention. There’s nothing wrong with being realistic about the situation AND being in love. You can have a pre-nup AND be financially generous towards your future wife.

Here’s some new video of Yeezus’s proposal – is anyone else curious about where the orchestra went after he proposed? It’s like the worst continuity error. Either that or Yeezus is so powerful, whole orchestras just appear and disappear with sheer Yeezus brain power:



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  1. QQ says:

    *hearty chuckles* You know what’s gonna be tacky Ye’? When yall divorce and tmz starts posting all kinds of dirt on you and your actual expenses as a plot to get more alimony out of you in a divorce settlement, THAT’LL BE TACKY AS FUCK

  2. MisJes says:

    Haha, oh Yeezus. Was it not you who stated that if you ain’t no punk, holla we want prenup? You should take your own advice!

    Seriously, if you needed to protect you assets from anyone in the world, it’d be Kimmy and PMK. They are going to wipe him out – and when they do, the effing fool will deserve it.

  3. aims says:

    Then he is a fool, and deserves giving away half of his cash.

  4. Ag says:


    Yes, that would be a blot on their otherwise oh-so-refined and classy existence.

  5. PHD gossip says:

    He doesn’t need a prenup if this is just a staged phony PR event to keep them in the news. Duh!

  6. blue marie says:

    He may not need to sign a pre-nup with Kim, but can you sign one for the mom-in-law? Is it tacky to make sure PMK Wednesday can’t get her claws into any of his money?

  7. merski says:

    Haha, good luck with that, buddy.

  8. phillykatt says:

    She has that Christina Hendricks “I’m stuffed in my clothes” look He is an obnoxious little man and she is just sooo vulgar. It’s a match made in hell!

  9. Rita says:

    I think California should pass a law requiring the words “awkward and tacky” must always be used in reference to Kayne and Kim.

  10. Ok says:

    Well if the plan is to never actually be legally married, then, no, he would not need a prenup at all

  11. Sam says:

    I don’t think it matters that Kim has her own money. I think her mother has raised her with the mentality that 1.) one can never, ever be too rich, and 2.) being married entitles you to get a chunk of your husband’s money, regardless of how you behave (let’s not forget that Kris’s divorce from Robert Karadashian is largely understood to have dragged on precisely because she felt entitled to spousal support – despite cheating on him – and she only relinquished the claim when Bruce stepped into the picture). Just because a woman might be rich doesn’t impart her with class.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. Also…

      1. Her wealth now is usually in terms of her entire 9+ member family. It is usually phrased as “the Kardashian klan is worth about…”, but that doesn’t mean that KIM is worth that much.

      2. Kim’s career has a very short shelf life. Kanye’s music will allow him to make money for decades off what he has already written. Music royalties for those that get lots of radio play/licensing are EPIC and will keep giving for years to come. If he keeps making music, that is even more long term income.

      3. He isn’t just a recording artist, he writes his music and produces. He is getting tons of cash from his music!

  12. Jackson says:

    Good luck with that.
    And FWIW, after reading about his proposal and the whole setup I thought, eh, maybe it would be nice. However, what I pictured in my head vs seeing the actual proposal and setup on video, not so much. It was all so big and open and just…weird.

  13. Another Ann says:

    Um. Did he not hear what happened with her first “marriage”.

    Remember your own words, Kanye. WE WANT PRENUP!

    Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…

  14. Quinn says:

    Clearly, Kanye doesn’t have a great handle on avoiding “tacky” and “awkward”.

  15. Esti says:

    She has more money than he does, so he’s not the one being silly for not insisting on a pre-nup.

  16. pao la says:

    Ahahaha!! i know what is tacky! His face, his clothes, his dead eyes and most of all Kim’s ass!

  17. Belle Epoch says:

    Why did I even read this? I can’t stand either one of them!

  18. Tracy says:

    I did not think he was that big of a sucker. Oh well…

  19. Mela says:

    Kimye stories always get “Golddigger” stuck in my head.

    Kanye might not want a pre-nup, but what about PMK? With Kim being such a hard-working business woman *snickers*, she needs to protect her assets. This is totally gonna be an episode next season.

  20. goldie says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! *wipes tear from eye* dude’s a sucker for punishment! BWAHAHAHAHAAA!! tummy hurts from laughter so much now heeheeheee

  21. Side-Eye says:


  22. MollyB says:

    I know the K-Klan has long since lost the ability to have true human feelings but I honestly think that Kanye is totally in love with her. I feel like this is going to end really, really badly for him.

  23. MCraw says:

    Why is Jaiden Smith there? I see his crazy flat-top at the end there…

  24. Mingy says:

    He has a track record for being the biggest dumbass, so yea…this sounds about right.

  25. GiGi says:

    I’d imagine their finances to be fairly evenly matched. I guess I don’t see this as a hugely naive or stupid move.

    Prenups can be very useful when the financial status of one half of the couple is, or is expected to be, vastly different than the other. Otherwise, they seem unnecessary.

    • Madriani's Girl says:

      I read she is worth “only” $30M to his $100M.

      • GiGi says:

        I guess my point being that they are both capable of earning large sums of money and both have established funds.

        We’re not talking about a woman who earns nothing to stay home and raise children while her husband earns $500,000/year. That kind of disparity is quite different from their situation.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      1. Her wealth now is usually in terms of her entire 9+ member family. It is usually phrased as “the Kardashian klan is worth about…”, but that doesn’t mean that KIM is worth that much.

      2. Kim’s career has a very short shelf life. She won’t be doing bikini calendars when she is 40. Kanye’s music will allow him to make money for decades off what he has already written. Music royalties for those that get lots of radio play/licensing are EPIC and will keep giving for years to come. If he keeps making music, that is even more long term income.

      3. He isn’t just a recording artist, he writes his music and produces. That gives him an even greater percentage of royalties. Also, he works on music for other people. He is getting tons of cash from his music!

  26. eliza says:

    Tacky is a 15 carat 3rd marriage engagement ring.

  27. Madriani's Girl says:

    Did this man not learn from watching her and Kris H. fight over money? I don’t care how much you love someone, when this much money is at stake, you have a prenup. If it ends amicably, you can always tear it up – it isn’t binding if the party who wanted it and got it signed decides to tank it. If he is afraid she will refuse to marry him if he asks her to sign, he needs to think again. This famewhore won’t let anything stop her from becoming Mrs. Kanye West because he brings her even more attention than she could ever get on her own. She’d whine and moan and make herself out to be a victim but if he held fast, she’d sign in the end. In a heartbeat.

  28. LL says:

    Does anyone else think Kim looks like she got a nose job?

  29. Dawn says:

    I find that so funny! Does this dude really know what tacky means? These two have lived tacky since she decided that her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries was just too much for her heart to bear. Tacky is having a baby by another man a week and a half after your divorce becomes final. I guess the genius will find out the hard way that he is not all that and a bag of chips. The ending of this relationship will be epic and they both deserve the bad karma coming their way. What a couple of fakers. And for those of you who think these two are for “reals” you need to open your eyes to the fact they do nothing unless there is a buck to be made for them. These two are truly cold and unfeeling people and it is all about the money for her. It’s her personal history and all you have to do is read it. PMK must be so proud.

  30. TheCountess says:

    Nothing more tacky than asking Kim for a prenup? I can think of a few more things a bit tackier:

    Dating Kim Kardashian;
    Being seen with Kim Kardashian in her floral sofa dress;
    Proposing to Kim Kardashian in an empty ballpark with the words, “PLEEESE MARRY MEEE!!!!” on the Jumbotron.

    The tacky ship has sailed, my friend.

  31. dorothy says:

    He dated, knocked up and is engaged to KIm Kardashian. What could be tackier than that????

  32. Ank says:

    Anyone else noticed the E! camera team at Mr. Privacy’s proposal? This will totally air on the show.
    The whole over the top and weird proposal makes sense since it’s all for show.

  33. Brannie says:

    What the hell has she done to her face? I hope his business manager and team of accountants talk some sense into him. I think the guy is an ass but would hate to see those Klowns get any money of him.

  34. Savanna says:

    Obligatory Golddigger joke: IF YOU AIN’T NO PUNK, HOLLA WE WANT PRENUP

    Practice what you preach, Mr. West.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Jay-Z needs to knock some sense in his friend Kanye. Dating her was one thing, but procreating with her and now wanting to marry her means he is seriously lacking in judgement.

    But then again, I haven’t seen a congrats from Jay or Beyonce (anyone else did?), so maybe they are not for it?

  36. Jillyro says:

    Oh bad move, he does know he is marrying a Kardashian right? As is Kash-in?? Or has Kim’s face changed so much, he has mistaken her for someone else? Kanye needs an intervention from his friends and managers.

  37. Thiajoka says:

    Boy, that woman must have some good stuff. LOL. He should ask Paul McCartney if it’s tacky to ask for a pre-nup. I bet his business manager and/or lawyer is hyperventilating.

  38. Hakura says:

    Do you all hear it? PMK cackling in the distance…

    A gay man playing straight, a woman wearing an expressionless mask & bad box haircolor, a cackling witch wringing her clawed hands as her evil plans come to fruition, & a masquerade in a baseball stadium. Happy Halloween, indeed.

  39. Jenna says:

    Perhaps they aren’t really planning on going through with the wedding, no need for a pre-nup. Lots and lots of press leading up to the break-up about the wedding and engagement though.

  40. Mon says:

    Oh dear… She loves money more than anything/anyone else, so not signing a pre-nup in this case seems simply stupid. But then, he is no genius is he? He might think differently, but still…. The time will tell and I have a feeling it’s not going to take long…. Although they will cover up all problems for a long time…. Sad. Then yet again, it goes to show that money don’t bring happiness…

  41. gg says:

    HE doesn’t want to spoil his own mood, not the other way around. No way she puts her foot down and tells him what to do, he’s a much bigger strop than she is.

  42. Ceebee says:

    Listened to part of this guy’s “song” new slave- sounds like a nine year old screwing around on a badly tuned piano. And Kim looks lobotomized.

  43. bettyrose says:

    Prenup? Unless KK loses her parental rights, a prenup wouldn’t protect him now anway.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Isn’t a pre-nup more about assets than kids, though?

      In CA, if you have been married for 10 years the less wealthy spouse gets claims on 50% of the earnings of the wealthier spouse during the time they were married.

      I see Kanye having a MUCH better career over the next 10 years. Music royalties pay on and on and on, even if you don’t make more music.

      • Susan says:

        You ALWAYS have claim to 50% of the amount earned during the marriage if it’s a community law state and you have no prenup. Anything you bring to the marriage (so the existing $40 mil on Kim’s part and $100 mil on Kanye’s) will technically be separate property since it was earned prior to the marriage but that assumes that both Kim and Kanye are smart about not mixing their funds and keeping them clearly separated. Once you mix the money, you are doomed. The 10 year rule in California has to do with spousal support, i.e alimony. If you are married for 10 years or more and you are the lower earning spouse, you can be entitled to alimony for the rest of your life. If less than 10 years, you just get alimony for however long the marriage lasted.

    • hannahF says:

      Susan is basically correct. In CA (and probably everywhere else) any provisions for child support and custody in a pre-nup are not enforceable. With respect to spousal support, for a marriage of “short duration” which by statute is less than 10 years, spousal support is typically for a period of time equal to 1/2 the length of the marriage.

      As for no pre-nup–very foolish.

      • bettyrose says:

        But since child support is on the table no matter what happens (prenup, no prenup, marriage, no marriage, etc) courts tend to rule in favor of the child, pretty much any scenario at this point – save for KK losing parental rights – entitles her child (and thus her) to a very good portion of his wealth.

  44. Dauhel123 says:

    I will never understand how a woman who gets famous thru a sex tape, is the daily news every single day, and is a multi-millionare in todays society.
    She does not work hard, does not have real job or really does anything other then video tape everything she does. She has no ambition in life other then being famous without talent or skills.
    There are real, talented people in movies and in the music industry out there who do not have her millions and I think its unfair really. I would rather see they have a net worth of 40 million then someone like her. Funny how Kanye West has ranted in the past about people not appreciting talent but he goes on about how his girlfriend deserves to have a star on the walk of fame, which is reseverd for talented hard working people. Hypocritical.
    This is another fake engagment I bet you. There will be another fake wedding and then a ‘divorce’.

  45. delilah says:

    While reading theese gossips i always wonder who the source was and how he/she can read people’s minds.

  46. Raffy says:

    Three is a charm huh? So she knows about Ricardo? :P

  47. Holden says:

    You’re #3, dude. Her last marriage lasted 72 days…