Katy Perry reveals ‘long courtship’ of letters, epic romance with John Mayer

Katy Perry

Katy Perry covers the November 8th issue of Entertainment Weekly to promote Prism. She is flanked by adoring men with rainbow-colored hair, which I guess means Katy is pushing her status as a gay icon. My gay boyfriend is pretty indifferent to Katy and (if forced to choose) says he’d take Lady Gaga as a more authentic icon. Hmm.

Prism debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart this week. Katy sold 286,000 copies, which beats Miley Cyrus’ Bangers at 270,000 in its first week. Out with the old, and in with the new. Prism shall soon be replaced by either Eminem or Gaga’s upcoming records. There will never be another Michael Jackson, who held on to the #1 album slot for 37 weeks when he released Thriller in 1982. Isn’t that sad? I’m not sure if it’s a sign that pop stars aren’t what they used to be or if the digital era really has killed the album. These days, I usually buy single songs to avoid spending money on filler songs. If it’s an artist I really love, then I’ll spring for the whole package. That rarely happens though.

In this EW interview, Katy’s head is really in the clouds about boyfriend John Mayer, who was the inspiration for her “Legendary Lovers” song. Granted, they’ve been together 15 months, but a couple of breakups (so far) does not bode well. Us Weekly keeps stressing that Katy and John are oh-so-serious together, and “Everyone knows it’s just a question of when John will propose.” A source tells Us the couple “realize[s] they must be together,” so they “Skype and text all day.” Does this source sound like it’s coming from Katy’s camp? I can’t imagine any of John’s friends would pour the sugar on so heavily. God, I hope Katy isn’t pressuring John into a proposal. Here are some EW excerpts:

John Mayer inspired the “Legendary Lovers” song: “I actually wrote it in an email one time, and after I wrote it I looked — we had a long courtship before anything was [public], just writing letters to each other — and seeing ‘legendary lovers,’ it sounded so nice. Some things float into my mind, and I process them, and [then] I make songs about them.”

On Miley Cyrus: “She’s what, 19 or 20? She’s just living her life. She’s super young, and there’s no directing book on how to do this. Each of us find our own way, and some of us make it out alive and some of us don’t. I mean, Madonna was naked [too]. The thing is, people come to me and ask me, out of default, what I think about all these girls, but at the end of it all I shouldn’t be considered the behavior police, because I’m not always going to be on my best behavior!”

On rivalry with Lady Gaga: “Gaga and I like to publicly dismiss it because it’s not healthy. You want to feel music. You want it to resonate and relate to you. You can’t look at it like a competition because you ruin the reason why you love music. But I think that sometimes our fan groups are so big and strong, they use it as ammunition.”

[From EW.com]

I don’t necessarily buy Katy’s version of a leisurely courtship between herself and John. They physically hooked up only a few months after she and Russell Brand split. Were they writing these letters while she was married to Rusty? So sketchy.

Here’s a photo of Katy in London last week. She and John were at the Shoreditch House club but did not walk together to their car. John looked slightly uncomfortable (see photo in the below gallery).

Katy Perry

Katy landed in Narita, Japan yesterday. She was wearing her silly “Katy kat” ears.

Katy Perry

Photos courtesy of EW.com, Fame/Flynet & WENN

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32 Responses to “Katy Perry reveals ‘long courtship’ of letters, epic romance with John Mayer”

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  1. eliza says:

    I am super tired of this woman and her music.The End.

    • missmerry says:


      also, i love that they put her in a pose that empasizes her arm tattoo she got with her ex-husband…you don’t have to remove it, but at least ask ‘hey, can we not make this arm the center of the cover of a magazine with my ex-husbands shared tattoo while I gush about my new boyfriend’?

      she probably doesn’t want anyone to forget how bad we should feel for her for getting divorced…

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      I know, right?
      She is absolutely an idiot when it comes to love. She’s gonna end up so bitter when he screws her over.
      Seriously Katie? You thought Russell was the sh*t and you were SO in love and so incredibly BLIND and STUPID. And now you are doing all over AGAIN.
      Good luck with that, you’re gonna NEED it.

  2. Dani2 says:

    First of all, “Legendary Lovers” is one of the three songs worth listening to on her new album. Two, eww at being about John Mayer, I find myself being torn between wanting him to genuinely change and for them to have a long and happy relationship (this is what she genuinely seems to want), and just wanting to hear in two years from now interviews and songs about how awful John was. And three, really bothered me that human beings are being used as props in that cover, not necessary at all imo.

  3. blue marie says:

    Fingers crossed it’s Eminem, he makes better music. And in the words of my wonderful mother “You know you spend more buying single songs as opposed to the whole album, right? Do you like flushing money down the toilet?”

    As for Katy, stop trying to make the John Mayer hook up a good thing, it’s gross. I’ll admit to liking the shiny skirt though.

  4. Kiddo says:

    I got nothing, except those gay dudes seem to be having a blast on the cover.

  5. bns says:

    I wish these girls would stop bringing up Madonna. Madonna was creative, even when her ideas were recycled, and she always had a message. Miley Cyrus does not compare.

  6. Thinker says:

    Well her marriage began as a one night stand, so I think her definition of “long courtship” includes anything longer than one day.

    • Ella says:

      How did her marriage begin as a one night stand? According to multiple interviews with both Katy and Russell at the time, they didn’t even sleep together til they’d been dating a few weeks. Not that that’s a long time to wait, but I remember they both specifically commented on how Katy insisted on waiting at least that long.

  7. jaye says:

    I’ll give her five million dollars if she’d just hursh dat mouf! She’s gushing over a known womanizer and mega-douche nozzle. It’s…it’s just…it’s too much. I don’t begrudge her her happiness, but shut. the. hell. up. Don’t you have girlfriends, Katy? Share stories of your epic love with John Mayer and his David Duke dick with THEM…that’s what girlfriends are for. I know reporters ask her about the relationship, but she could go the “I don’t talk about my personal life” route.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m crabby this morning.

  8. Hakura says:

    I just assumed the guy’s hair was ‘rainbow’ bc of the whole ‘Prism’ thing, which I believe causes rainbow colors when the light hits it? (maybe I’m thinking of something else, too lazy to check xD). It makes me sad that she’s w/John… I think she’s a ditzy airhead, but I think she’s also probably a very nice person who treats her fans well.

    And John *always* looks constipated to me, so it’s hard to tell if he’s ‘uncomfortable’ in that pic xD

  9. Ag says:

    God. She hasn’t been around much if she thinks that John Mayer is the thing, has she?

  10. QQ says:

    Bullshit sweetheart, you cant keep marketing this shit sandwich called John mayer and keep telling us is really great angus beef… We KNOW this turdwafer

  11. REALLY???? says:

    Yuck. Just Yuck. I assume she got those ears from her “dark and edgy” closet?

  12. Jayna says:

    When will these women learn? They all carry on in interviews about him and he barely says a word about them? It’s now embarrassing and cringeworthy, because she’s one in a long line that has done it and we know the ending. It’s kind of like how George Clooney’s girlfriends all did the same and he said nothing. It’s just how John likes it. to feed his bottomless ego. Legendary lovers, ha. That’s why when I listened to some of her new songs that are about him I can’t take it seriously. Even if he marries her, which I doubt will happen, it will be Katy thinking she landed a 10 and adoring him, while you won’t hear much out of him, and then the inevitable divorce will come. Russell will look like a dream divorce when John coldheartedly pulls away from her.

    Thriller was a masterpiece. No pop record will sell like that with these pop princesses because their work isn’t even close to what he put out. That includes Gaga with her new album. Some of the lyrics to their new albums are so basic and cheesy. I mean, seriously, come on. Thriller is exceptional compared to such lazy songwriting lyricwise these days on pop albums.

    Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience part one has sold massive numbers and stayed on the charts for a long time. Adele’s 21 did also.

  13. PunkyMomma says:

    Katy’s cashing in on her fame – her fifteen minutes are about up. There’s a whole wave of young, refreshing, talented singers and musicians (not talkin’ Miley here) who don’t need gimmicks to sell their music. Adding Mayer to the mix seems just another attention getting move, sorta like the whipped cream-shooting-from-the-boobs stunt. It all screams “look at me, look at me”. Mayer always looks like he needs a flea bath. Shudder.

  14. klaus says:

    I wish people stop consider Miley “super young”. She’s not fetus. She’s grown woman.

    • Sha says:

      Agreed. I mean Britney Spears was Miley’s age when “Oops I did it again” came out, and even when her following meltdown and stuff changed everyone’s perception about her, at that time she was to the public’s eyes a healthy hard-working young woman

  15. Eve says:

    On her relationship with John “David Duke Dick” Mayer…I’m torn between feeling sorry for her or pointing at her and laughing.

    Either way, better her than me.

  16. jojo says:

    forgive the shallowness, but is that second picture photoshopped?!?!? Her head is like 4 times the size for that body. if you measured it from forehead to chin, it its longer than her whole torso, even if you include her only money makers in the measurement..

  17. The Original G says:

    Wow, the bar on what is legendary must have really dropped!

  18. ctkat1 says:

    Oh Thriller- man, that’s a great album.

  19. Andrea says:

    The legendary lovers song is just awful, far, far worse than Roar will ever be! I would bet quite a bit of money that Russell’s moves are far more legendary than John Mayer’s…

  20. Raffy says:

    I actually like Legendary Lovers and This is how we do but other than that the album is meh. Like John Mayer.