Kristen Stewart magically signs on to 2 films after reuniting with Sparkles: WTH?


The weirdest thing is happening with Kristen Stewart. I’m sort of at a loss for the Twihard Conspiracy Theories too. I actually have no reasonable explanation. Okay, so this is what has happened in the past week and a half:

1. Vanity Fair released their exclusive interview with Liberty Ross, in a piece called “The Woman Who Outfoxed Kristen Stewart”. But the interview was barely about Kristen or “outfoxing”.
2. Kristen and Robert Pattinson reunited in a somewhat public way when the paparazzi caught them leaving (in separate vehicles) Rob’s house. After they had presumably been boning. This came after some tabloid reporting that Rob was still banging Kristen with the understanding that they were not exclusive.
3. And finally, Kristen scores two new movie roles within days of each other.

WTF? What is this conspiracy? Like, as soon as the Twihards know that Rob and Kristen are still banging, magically producers want to hire her again? Not that the two new roles are that major or anything. She’s taking a “small role” in writer-director Tim Blake Nelson‘s Anesthesia, an independent ensemble film. The other project seems slightly more promising:

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are teaming up for American Ultra, an action comedy from Nima Nourizadeh, the director of the surprise hit comedy Project X.

Max Landis, who wrote the hit sci-fi found-footage movie Chronicle, penned the script for Ultra, which is being produced by Anthony Bregman for Likely Story, and by David Alpert and Britton Rizzio for Circle of Confusion.

Eisenberg will play an unmotivated stoner named Mike, who lives with his girlfriend Phoebe (Stewart) in a small, sleepy town. One night, their lives take an unexpected turn when Mike’s past comes back to haunt him, and he becomes the target of a government operation set to wipe him out.

“Simply put, American Ultra will be the most fun you can possibly have in a movie theater without the use of drugs, fireworks or canola oil,” said Bregman, the prolific indie producer whose most recent credit is Enough Said, the James Gandolfini/Julia Louis-Dreyfus dramedy
FilmNation Entertainment will handle international sales for all territories, including Canada. CAA will represent domestic rights on the film.

Ultra is set to begin shooting in April 2014.

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

Ah, so she’ll be playing a stoner. How shocking. Actually, American Ultra sounds like it has potential as a fun comedy, but it also seems like something that would attract better talent? Like Mila Kunis. Doesn’t that role just scream “Mila Kunis”?

Anyway, Kristen’s career has been in a major slump since the affair with Rupert Sanders went public – she went more than 16 months (by my calculations) without filming anything. She picked up roles in smaller movies over the summer (Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria), but the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman has been plagued by stop-start preproduction and the fact that no one really wants to put Rupert Sanders and Kristen in the same room together again. But perhaps this is a second chance now that Rob is showing her his sparkledong once again? Or should I say, a third chance? Her second chance was when he took her back immediately after the affair went public. This is the third chance. Is that really what’s happening though?

Here are some pics of Kristen filming Anesthesia yesterday.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Diane says:

    The allure of this woman remains lost on me.

  2. Patricia says:

    Hey, I’m a stoner, too! And I can be in a bad mood and not bathe and roll my eyes and not appreciate anything in life, if I truly, truly try. So can I please have a movie deal or two?!

    Ugh, this shlub and her undeserved opportunities…

  3. Bridget says:

    Nice theory, but wouldn’t the negotiations for these roles already have been underway before she and Sparkles were spotted?

    • KC says:

      The theory makes no sense. Producers dont just sign an actress. Theres screen tests and negotiations. And since when was RPattz showbiz catnip. I mean they tried to make him happen, it didnt work so how is it that a guy who isnt getting play himself would be increasing her worth?

      • Judy says:

        I beg to differ with Rob. He is a very hot commodity right now. He has five films lined up with the first shooting starting Dec. 15 in Morocco. His Dior Homme ad came out which paid him 15 million and he is getting scripts from producers and directors. If he just stays away from his ex, then he will be so much better off. In my book, Rob is a movie star for the long run. Kristen likes the small Indie movies and that is what her agent sets up for her.

      • Bridget says:

        @Judy: Robert Pattinson has a major image problem and he’s scrambling to make some real traction in the industry. Twilight became a joke and now the main players have to prove themselves all over again, and show that they have draw besides the tabloids.

    • T.C. says:

      I don’t buy it. These two films are Indies like the other two she filmed over the summer when she wasn’t with Sparkles.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Yup. I agree here about these being in the works for a while. Nasty, nasty me – I’m more inclined to believe she was tossed some crumbs indirectly from Harvey Weinstein for her Hurricane Sandy response. Understand – not throwing shade on the donation – God knows those people were suffering – I’m just saying she’s back in the good graces of people who have the ability to resurrect her nosediving career.

      • Lark says:

        Nah. These are indies. I think it’s more like Jodie Foster probably helped her (Jodie has a lot of friends in the industry), and because she worked a lot way before Twilight. I swear I read somewhere once that her parents may be like mid-level or crew, but that they were tight with Angelica Huston. I get what you are saying, but previous work experience plus name recognition plus family ties/Jodie seems more likely.

      • tracy says:

        She dropped out of Cali and took a year off. Rob booked five movies. She booked Focus with Ben Affleck, then dropped out when he left. Kristen and Rob separated. Then she started working again. Camp X Ray has her as a lead. Sils Maria has her as second lead. The new movie with Nicholas Hoult has Kristen as lead. And Kristen is lead in American Ultra. My guess is she stopped working and let Rob book work. Suddenly he had the hot career and her career looked stalled. The second they broke up she started working again. My guess is she did what some women do, let the man believe he is doing better than the woman.

  4. blue marie says:

    Oh come on, one probably has nothing to do with the other. I can’t believe I’m going to defend her, because I think she’s a crap actress but this story is ridiculous. Plus, she’d play the perfect stoner.

  5. Sunny says:

    don´t see the problem here. She gets roles for years now and she will get jobs in future. Wasn´t she always in little movies before and after this twilight-stuff? Sounds as if she is lucky with such roles. Not every actor wants to play in blockbusters. Seems she just likes the trashy, troubled, druggy girl roles in more “intellectuel” films. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. Nicolette says:

    So because she had an affair *gasp*, which seems the norm in Hollywood, she should never work again? Talent or lack thereof aside, she has a right to make a living. There are plenty of talentless people making a lot of money in the entertainment industry, it’s nothing new.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes I just don’t get the hate on her. She was young and made a mistake. It is like people want her shamed and run out of town. Ridiculous. Plus I like her and wouldn’t mind seeing her in more films.

      • AnnaM44 says:

        I’m not on anyone’s side but the reason people hate her

        It’s because before the scandal, her entire persona was centered on being down to earth, unique, and real, unlike everyone else in Hollywood. She claimed to be these things so often, it made people believe she was constantly insinuating she was better than everyone else. When the scandal hit, people couldn’t wait to take all that talk and shove it back in her face with the cheating pictures to prove she’s no better than anyone else.
        That’s why people don’t like her. That’s why all the hate. It’s been over a year. Has she changed? I don’t know…we’ll see.

      • tracy says:

        I never got that she believed she was better than anyone else. I think like many young people, she had never been in that position to be tempted. She was a junior in high school when Twilight started. Who at 17 didn’t think they knew everything? I have noticed very few people thought to much of the whole “scandalous” “affair”. My nieces are big Twilight fans. After the initial shock moved on. All the hate heap on a young woman is just odd.

  7. Algernon says:

    Conspiracies are great (Rob’s dong = career magic?), but those new films were announced out of the American Film Market going on in LA right now. I think it’s just a coincidence because of the AFM. Lots of people are announcing new work as films pick up financing.

  8. lovelylaura says:

    I’m getting a contact high just LOOKING at these pics!

  9. GIRLFACE says:

    It looks like she’s playing herself in ‘Anesthesia’ ? Not a Twilight stan so I have no theories… except, team Liberty!

  10. Anname says:

    I can admit there is a very petty part of me that would like to see her fail, since I like Rob and her selfish actions hurt him so publicly. But it is actually a good thing her “indiscretion” didn’t derail her career for too long – that wouldn’t be terribly fair considering what goes on all over the rest of the industry. She has her acting niche and a solid fanbase, and she will have a solid career, imo. I hope both she and Rob find success in the ways they choose.

    • RJ says:

      I think Sparkles has is BAD for her, some women just have that power over men. It’s not about looks, it’s an energy thing. I haven’t seen any of the Twilight films (yuk), but she seems to have an IDGAF attitude many men would find appealing.

      • Gwenhamara says:

        I agree to the nth degree. I think Rob is head-over-heels, out-of-his-freaking-mind in love with her. No doubt it’s one of those “can’t live with her, can’t live without her” deals. I’ve seen the way he looks at her, heard the way he speaks about her, watched the body language between the two of them. It will take a long, long time for Sparkles to get over her. He probably hates himself for loving her but unfortunately you can’t make yourself fall out of love. I wish him happiness and hope that someday he finds someone who loves him the way he deserves.

      • NovemberScorpio says:

        I totes agree. She may look tortured and miserable in front of the cameras, but could very well be charming, witty, charismatic, funny, & amazing in the sack. Either way, Sparkles is hooked!

      • zai says:

        @Gwenhamara Your descriptions are so spot-on. You can see how much Rob really love(s/d?) her. I just hope that Rob finds someone who will love AND RESPECT him the way he deserves.

    • zai says:

      A huge (petty) part of me wants to see her fail, too. Because she hurt Rob (not only publicly but also privately).

  11. REALLY???? says:

    Please…everyone needs to quit ragging on this girl. Get the hell over it. So you all know better than all these directors and producers who want to work with her (Don’t forget the guy who want’s her to do Equals with Hoult). If you think the break was anything but self imposed you are delusional.

  12. Dawn says:

    Ya know I just don’t get her. She is a very bad actress and not all that interesting looking and just seems so boring to me. Why is she getting parts?

  13. MisJes says:

    Okay, this one is actually quite unfair and ridiculous. Negotiations for those two films would have been in progress for weeks before the pictures in their cars/reports of her and Rob’s potential reunion broke.

  14. Dani2 says:

    For all the people saying “why does she get parts?”, can’t you think of at least five actors/actresses who aren’t good actors but get parts anyway? Hollywood isn’t entirely talent-based, Amber Heard, Emma Roberts, Lily Collins, Olivia Wilde, they all get parts so why shouldn’t Kristen? It’s practically the norm these days tbh.

  15. Tig says:

    I can subscribe to the theory that the paps were alerted to the RK “Summit” (sorry, couldn’t resist!), but these roles have zip to do with what her/Rob are/are not doing. To me, she seems to be turning into the poor man’s Rooney Mara(obviously, she’s far from poor).

  16. Rose says:

    WHY DO THEY DRIVE PICK-UP TRUCKS!?! I just don’t understand :(

  17. magpie says:

    This relationship is such a farce. I’m so sick of them.

  18. Another Ann says:

    Well, seeing as she’s already FILMING Anesthesia, I highly doubt she negotiated it after the Rob sighting a couple days ago. The conspiracy theorists really are kind of amusing. I think we’ll have to chalk this one up to coincidence.

    Even the other new role that was announced would have been in negotiations for awhile. People act like roles are cast within a day in Hollywood. Let’s be real.

  19. Hubbahun says:

    I don’t love her but I do think the hatred for her is out-of-hand and hypocritical. Yes she has a bad attitude and yes she had an affair with a married man but as a lot of people here have pointed out – that’s hardly new in Hollywood. I’m struggling to think of anyone who hasn’t had an affair or at least a rumour of one. Her acting, yeah it’s one note and often brain-dead, but so is a lot of aother actor’s whio get far more praise than they deserve.

  20. Janet says:

    So what kind of movie is she filming? Comedy? Action? Drama? Romance? You sure as hell can’t tell from her deadpan expression because it never changes.

  21. Mimi says:

    None of these Twilight actors are working regularly. All except The Kellen Lutz because The Kellen is so epic. They all have fallen off the Earth.

    • Tig says:

      Think Anna Kendrick would argue with you over that statement-LOL!

    • Another Ann says:

      You think Kellan Lutz is the most successful of them all? HAHAHA!! He’s just one of the biggest self promoters.

      I actually think a lot of them deliberately took some time off after the Twilight craziness. Some got married, had babies, etc. It will be a couple of years before we really see who will have a real career post-Twilight.

      Anna Kendrick is doing fine. Stewart and Pattinson have each already filmed a couple of movies this year and have more lined up. I’d say they’re both working pretty regularly at this point. The bigger question marks to me are Lautner and Reed. I’d have thought they’d be doing more than they are.

      • mimi says:

        @Mimi (with a capital “M”)

        Kellan Lutz? Please tell me you are joking. Out of the main Twi cast,including the humans, Anna, Kristen and Rob seem to be working pretty steady. Even Ashley Greene has been landing some roles and she nailed a Donna Karan campaign which I think she has now fulfilled. Supporting cast in minor vamp roles like Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen don’t seem to ever stop working. Both are extremely talented and will always have films lined up for them.

        Please, no more conspiracy theories. We only see a tiny fraction of Kristen and Rob’s personal lives. When we get pap pics or a sighting, it’s far too easy for some to fill in the blanks with personal agendas. Since none of us knows Rob or Kristen personally, we have no idea what they are truly like behind closed doors. If they wanted the fans or public to know more about them, they would avail themselves more but that isn’t currently happening. As we all know, they value their private lives so much that both are now living in gated communities to ensure even less public exposure. Rob even rents different cars and SUVs to try to throw them off the trail. There is no way Rob or Kristen would ever alert the paps when they both take extreme measures to elude them. The fact that each quickly took off in separate directions once they spotted the paps, proves they did not want to be seen or have their pictures taken. Kristen even flipped them off and gave them death stares.

  22. mcm says:

    Lol@ sparkledong. This girl needs to go to veterinary school or something.

  23. Asdfg says:

    Smelly pits = TRUE LOVE!!!1!1111 S♥S

  24. LOL says:

    LOL People see what they want. Pics of the homewrecker and Rob leaving HIS house? We only see the homewrecker and someone driving a Jeep. We don’t see Rob or his house. The homewrecker is nothing without PRsten but please, stop telling lies.

  25. skyler says:

    Eh, she’s harmless. I reserve my disdain for true pieces of shit like Beiber and Fist Brown.

  26. TherapyCranes says:

    My bestfriend when I was growing up looked a lot like Kristen. She had thin mousy features but I think both of them can be pretty. That being said I also don’t blame Rob or Kristen for the acting in Twilight. Those movies are atrocious and I like both of them better when they’re in roles outside of the franchise.

    As for the two of them getting together well I chalk that up to being in love. It’s really hard to break free from a relationship where you truly love someone. It takes time. Theres a quote from Seinfeld that I always liked “breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can’t do it in one push; you gotta rock it back and forth a few times and then it goes over.”

  27. Lark says:

    RME. Kaiser, I love you, but you are acting crazier than Lainey does towards Sparkles. It takes weeks, not a few days, to negotiate roles. She was in NYC the day after “reunited with Sparkles,” so chances are they did it for the DVD release next week because she wasn’t going to be in town. She worked steadily way before Twilight and she was just on Vulture’s most valuable star list (albeit with the word image problem). Did you honestly think she was going to disappear off the earth? She also landed a role with Nic Hoult before this. She probably purposefully wasn’t doing these tiny indies for 16 months because she was hugely, hugely over-exposed and was trying to lay low…or she realized that the big roles weren’t going to come and went back to her pre-Twilight work existence.

    • MisJes says:

      Completely agree, LARK. It’s getting more and more ridiculous.

    • St says:

      ” she realized that the big roles weren’t going to come and went back to her pre-Twilight work existence” – yeap. That’s exactly what happened. Eventually she (and Pattinson too) will just vanish in those indie movies. There is no way she would be hired in lead role in big movie anytime soon. Maybe eventually she would sneak in some ensemble. Like Zac Efron did few times. But that is not A-List career people thought she will have.

  28. Crash says:

    Actually, she’s a VERY pretty girl. Striking eyes. Even if you don’t “like” her you have to admit she’s pretty.
    She started out as such a promising young actress in that film with Jodie Foster that I can’t remember the name of. It doesn’t seem her talent has matured with her, though. Maybe all the sparkly films stunted her growth or something but a few acting classes wouldn’t do her any harm.
    She could be around for a long time if she’d work at getting better at her “craft”.


  29. St says:

    Well Kristen probably waited for the good roles in big movies or at least those with 30-40 millions budget and respected actors in them. But then finally accepted that those small forgettable indies are the only ones that people will hire her in so she begin to take them just to shoot something and have some work. And hopes that better roles will come up eventually. Thats the only thing she can do at this point.

    So we can expect to see one trailer for every movie, then she will do few interviews and photoshoots, they will try to push it to some second rate movie festival, critics in reviews will be like: “Yeah, whatever. It not bad, it’s not particular good”, then movie will get limited release, gross some 1 million overall and everyone will forget about it. Or it will go straight to DVD with no release at all.

  30. cyndi says:

    KS appears to be a character actor, whether she realizes it or not. Her acting in Cake Eaters and the Runaways was great! Joan Jett said that KS portrayal of her was “eery, it was so spot on”. In Cake Eaters her portrayal of a young girl with a degenerative muscular disaease was fabulous!

    I think her acting is much better when she has something to focus on in her character. Also, the movie Speak was really good as well.
    As for her success in the Twilight Saga…Twilight started out as a SMALL, Indie film w/ a budget of $50 million! The books had a large fanbase and the phenomenon that grew from filming to premiere was *greatly* unexpected! They thought it would do well, but had no idea it would become what it did.

    • mayamae says:

      I’ve never seen the Twilight movies, but I thought Kristen was very moving in Speak – she actually made me cry.

    • Tig says:

      In a nutshell, you have summed up her current challenge- she was OK playing a young girl when she WAS a young girl. Not to suggest that 23 or so is ancient, but she can’t play adolescents with issues anymore. What’s next then? Adult roles require some expression of emotion and subtlety- maybe she’ll get there. But please keep her off the interview circuit unless and until she works on that skill set!

      • SMT says:

        I actually can’t wait to see her work post-affair. I know some of you are saying things about the Anesthesia pictures above, but I have seen the whole set and it looks really good. You can truly see anguish, which was lacking in the Twilight films. I’m hoping this was the jolt she needed to get back on track. I’m rooting for her because I think she has potential. And I really don’t like it when people mindlessly hate. It has turned me into a stan.

  31. Francie Nolan says:

    The Twilight people are over and irrelevant.

  32. kiki says:

    a stoner comedy? yeah we really need another one of those.

  33. lulu says:

    I have nothing against her until she opens her mouth. she is so smug, and acts like she is entitled.

  34. Mika302 says:

    It’s crazy how people hate on this girl… This is hollywood, who hasn’t cheated on some1. It seems like a double standard, becuz the men who cheat on women i don’t here anyone saying they should NOT work again!! And for people whp say ohhh she hurt Rob, how do u know. Did he tell u he was hurting? It’s ridiculous how people think thy know someone famous and what they r thinking becuz of pics…u sound crazy!! RPat is nothing special, not even a good looking guy!

  35. Dalovelee says:

    I KNEW IT! As soon as we got the sighing of sparkles and trampire there inevitably was going to be an announcement of a movie deal. Those two do nothing but exploit their relationship for the sake of their career. It is completely bogus that they hate the attention…there will be more little sightings right up until one of them has a movie to promote…because all will be wondering will the other show up. Sorry but on their own they are box office duds. I don’t even think they are dating but they both realize staying together is a bonus for their careers.

  36. HB says:

    Love her. So refreshing t see a real person instead of a Hollywood fluff pot. Can’t understand you haters. You must all be perfect.

  37. Sloane Wyatt says:

    “Kristen Stewart magically signs on to 2 films after reuniting with Sparkles: WTF’

    I read this literally as KPatz were magically doing two film together! :)

  38. MegG says:

    I’d really lose all respect for Rob if they did get back together. Makes him look like a wimp.

  39. serena says:

    Oh god, why?! Even if the sex is amazing (can’t be anything else at this point) he sure is dumb.

  40. D. says:

    There’s no doubt about it…Stewart’s career is on shaky ground. The indie film roles that she is getting almost seem like penance roles, crumbs from the table. It’s as if she’s been exiled to the wilderness of non A-List indie films and must work her way back into the good graces of A-List filmmakers (although, who knows if they ever even considered her when she was drifting through that whole Twilight crap, LOL!).

    I don’t buy the whole well, maybe she doesn’t want to work with those directors, or in a studio film for that matter, nonsense. If a director like David O. Russell or Steve McQueen or Martin Scorsese offered her a role…even of it was a walk on, she’d jump at the chance…she’s just NOT being offered roles from A-List filmmakers, that’s it and that’s all.