LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are touchy-feely at LA premiere: gross, funny or cute?


LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian walked the red carpet for the LA premiere of The Best Man Holiday last night. It was a mess! First of all, it’s not like Eddie is the star of the movie or anything, but he and LeAnn were probably the most-photographed people there. Second of all… LeAnn was clinging. HARD. She didn’t let him pose by himself at all. He had to be touching her, holding her hand, embracing her or letting her put her tongue on him the whole time they were on the red carpet. It was… uncomfortable. Also, LeAnn wouldn’t shut up about it on Twitter, which is always funny. Also: her outfit is terrible.

Here’s another funny story involving the Budget Bermuda Triangle – Brandi Glanville claims that LeAnn “hired” someone Brandi knows to be LeAnn’s friend on the VH1 reality show. Brandi said on her podcast: “They hired someone that I know to play LeAnn’s friend on the show… and there is a script!…I have a spy!” Brandi’s friend – who was doing the podcast with her – joked that LeAnn had to hire a friend. Which is worse: that LeAnn had to “hire” a “friend” for her reality show, or that LeAnn hired a friend from Brandi’s pool of friends/acquaintances?

Last thing… prepare yourselves for LeAnn’s tongue. It’s pretty funny/gross.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. msw says:

    Ohhhh that second picture.

    Who thinks sticking your tongue into someone’s mouth in public is appropriate? Oh yeah. The queen of inappropriate public behavior. All in the name of love, y’all!

  2. Dani2 says:

    They aren’t the only nasty things in the pictures – those boots are fug from every angle, I have a few friends that have bought something similar and they look good on NO ONE.

  3. aims says:

    they are the embodiment of tacky. including those ugly boots.

  4. Thinkaboutit says:

    Eddie is getting chunky. Must be stress!

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Desperado … Why don’t you come to your senses…

  6. starrywonder says:

    LOL um why were they there posing hard. He is no where near the star of that ensemble. Whatevs to both of them.

  7. LP says:

    Wow, those boots are…something.

  8. dorothy says:

    Not buying the lovely dovey act.

  9. Bopit says:

    I can smell the desperation through my computer screen.

  10. brin says:

    She must have been drinking in her closet in the dark when she chose that hideous outfit to wear to a movie premiere. Ediot must be so proud.

  11. ojulia123 says:

    Has anyone else listened to Brandi’s podcast (Brandi Glanville Unfiltered) ? It’s making me love her even more.

    I imagine Leann listening to it in from the floor of her closet, crying and frantically calling her manager. Heh.

  12. Mandy says:

    OMG, seriously Leann?? It’s crazy how obviously insecure she is. Also, those boots are some kind of awful.

  13. qtpi says:

    Oh wow. Well now we understand all the JustsayJenn info. It all makes sense now!

    Those pics are hilarious. She spends all day in hair and makeup for Halloween but can’t be bothered for a premier?!?! Oh and he is so checked out. I can see his skin crawling in these pics. Hehe.. such sweet justice.

  14. LAK says:

    What struck me about these photos and the ones on DM, is Eddiot’s had on LeAnn’s arm/hand. She might be trying for a closer cling on photo op, but Eddiot’s hand is controlling how close she is to him.

  15. MonicaQ says:

    Unless you’re at an EDM show wearing fluffies, that is not a good leg outline.

  16. Christin says:

    Did he intend to bring his Falcor cling-on to hog the spotlight? And trying for a tongue kiss on the red carpet just adds that extra touch of class.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Everytime I see a pic where she doesn’t copy Brandi’s style, I understand why she copies Brandi’s style. Her sense of style is atrocious! Those boots are hideous. Maybe they would have worked a different outfit but not with what she is wearing. That entire outfit is ugly.

  18. Brown says:

    Holy crap, that tongue pic…..

    Is she trying to cram hers into his mouth despite the fact that he is 0% interested in it? Who makes out on a red carpet? I have been following celebrity gossip for a while, and I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen celeb couples kissing on the red carpet more than a handful of times, much less full on makeout sesh.

  19. Victoria says:

    That one pic looks like she has an arm reaching out of her butt. She’s growing extra limbs taking men left and right! lol!

  20. mollie says:

    I’m no body language expert but even I can tell that they are done. His lips are pursed, his smile is totally fake, and he’s trying to hold her off in the pictures.

  21. emmie_a says:

    She’s definitely making him work for his money now!

  22. Nadeni says:

    His body language is so different here compared to other red carpet pics with her. And that kiss! So awkward!

  23. AlexandraJane says:

    Another little finger hand hold. they make me chuckle! although I think Kim and Kanye are slightly more solid atm.

  24. brasileira says:

    God, that man is disgusted! Gross!

  25. Christin says:

    Hiring someone to play her friend? The more I hear about this show, the more screwed up it sounds.

    I just heard an ad for tonight’s CMAs. A tribute to Kenny Rogers is planned. Maybe Eddie can take his Halloween costume and head off to Nashville.

  26. Tracy says:

    He has aged a lot in a couple of short years. Must be the HAPPEEEE marriage.

  27. Rita says:

    I have always felt this was a business relationship for Eddie. I think he got a very nice wedding dowry (pay off) from LeAnn with something of a contractual time frame whereby LeAnn thought she could keep him if just given enough time and money. I think that contract has expired but each time Eddie has one foot out the door, she lavishes him with stuff. Eddie must look in the mirror everyday to practice his Al Pachino/God Father impersonation, “Every time I think I’m out, she pulls me back in.”

    The stories/blinds/reporting by JSJ are so intimate and detailed there can only be two explanations. First, they are coming directly from Eddie via his inner circle as he lays the foundation for his escape. Second, these intimate details are being spoon fed to JSJ by LeAnn’s people as a set up for a lawsuit.

    The details from the three sources who attended the Halloween Party were right on with the pictures LeAnn posted (didn’t post) and the blind about Eddie only having sex with LeAnn when he’s on Ecstasy and she pretends to be Brandi is TMI from an inside source.

  28. Walt Jr says:

    She looks “off” as always. Never can hit the mark. Eddie looks very nice. Douche-bag, but very handsome. Love the suit.
    Leann can’t let Eddie enjoy his spotlight for a second by himself huh? It’s always all about HER

  29. briargal says:

    No one with shoulders like a professional football lineman should ever wear a jacket with shoulders like that. Just makes her look like she is ready to play the game..
    I agree with the previous poster who figured she spent more time on her failed Halloween costume than she did her clothes her on the red carpet.
    And by the way, Eddie was the one in the movie. I could see one pic of them together but every freaking one! Give Eddie some breathing room. She could watch him like a hawk from the sideline. (Ooohh–another football mention!)
    And she was probably taking advantage of trying to get a tongue kiss as she doesn’t get any at home! Not figuring he would keep his lips tightly closed. Way to go, Eddie!

  30. NerdMomma says:

    I live for these LeAnn posts, I swear.

    So I actually think she looks great here. Her body looks amazing, she looks beautiful, and aside from those hideous boots, I like her outfit. What I don’t understand is why did Cibrian bring her to this thing? I need this reality show to see the light of day, I really do. If there were no children involved, and if Brandi hadn’t gotten so legitimately hurt by all of this, it would just be pure entertainment.

  31. Bej says:

    Yuck! How awkward trying to push her tongue in when he’s pursing his lips closed & squeezing his eyes shut tight.
    Plus she already has the frame of a front rower, why would she wear that jacket with exaggerated shoulders?

  32. Arock says:

    Can’t get past the boots. I’d really like to comment about what ridiculous, oxygen robber she is but I can’t get past the boots.

  33. Deanne says:

    So after hours of deliberation, that’s the ensemble that she decided was the winner? Uncircumcised boots, an ill-fitting grey dress and repulsive jacket? Did she decide to skip the shower altogether as well? That hair. I didn’t know what Eddie meant by ‘functional’ marriage, but from what I can glean from these photos, it’s one where you can’t let your spouse pose alone on the red carpet, even when everyone else is and where you try to force your tongue through their pursed lips, while they try to hold you away from their body. Got it. Eddie has really aged this last couple of years. He looks older than 40 and that doesn’t bode well for an actor whose dimples are all he has going for him.

  34. Relli says:

    This picture confirms my wigs and hairpiece theory but nice to see she showered yesterday.

    • Walt Jr says:

      What theory is that? Please tell!

      • Relli says:

        Well Walt I am glad you asked.

        A few weeks ago I was reading a post on another site and they blogger commented how in the pic on the cover of the Enquirer looks like she did her wig in the car. At the time LOL’d but then I took closer look and something about her part and they way it sat on her face was OFF. Now at that time I kind of laughed it off but then the other day when discussing her greeasy bun of doom on here @Christin brought up the fact that in her selfies she is always done up to the max, hair blown out and styled but the next day the greeasy bun of doom returns. I honestly had never really put that together but Christin had a good point and I was like BOOM PATTERNS I think she HAS been wigging out lately.

        Also Christin pointed out that she has very thin hair so wigs / hairpieces are a possibility.

      • Christin says:

        @Relli, here’s another tidbit for our hair conspiracy. Her bangs or fringe grew out at an incredible rate. In some pictures, the length looks believable for the few months it’s been. In others, especially when more styled, it looks like it grew five or six inches in as many months.

  35. blue marie says:

    wtf is she wearing? from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, just NO..

  36. ChrisTEEna says:

    That outfit looks like something you throw together hungover to go to brunch at IHOP. Does she not have a simple black dress? penis boots need no explanation. All the other women there were dressed professionally. Id say if i were eddie id be embarrased but he’s wearing a velvety suit and that looks terrible as well. Hes probably in this movie all of 10 minutes anyway. Tyler Perry has been throwing him bones every now and then.

    I am worried that Just Say Jenn (who is hilarious by the way) is getting fed fake info by Leanns paid cronies to see who is the mole in her posse. I dunno. Leann has been pissing off a lot of bloggers lately and thats never good for people who actually care what is written about them.

    to say something nice, Leann doesnt look as bloated as she did last month.

    • Katija says:


      I can so see someone making this outfit as an “I DID MY BEST” from a girlfriend’s closet because brunch is in twenty and they don’t want to go day drinking in last night’s sequined number.

      “You can just keep those. I bought them at Payless after I’d had one too many at a work lunch and it started to pour,” your friend, on the boots.

    • OhMyMy says:

      That jacket’s giving me flashbacks from the ’80s and making me twitch.

      Over what looks like a sleep shirt and ugly boots? On the red carpet…okay??

  37. Dia says:

    Wow, that outfit is awful! If she HAD to be in every picture with him, she should be looking better than that. If you see the pictures of rest of the cast of the movie, none of them came in casual attire. They looked like trash.

  38. Elisabeth says:

    they are both ‘on’ something. She’s high and he looks drunk
    a tsunami of low life

  39. locheed says:

    Aside from the disgusting displays of false affection (I wonder what was going through his mind as she performed like a facehugger from Aliens on his red carpet night?), I have to say she looks fairly decent. The boots are horrible, but the dress shows off some nice legs and tush. It’s a shame you can’t dress to hide severe self esteem and narcissism issues…

  40. Ed says:

    Wow, awful. So inappropriate. But I guess when your movies are all premiering on Lifetime you don’t know how to dress for a REAL movie premiere. And someone please buy that girl some shampoo & a hairbrush.

  41. MaryBeth says:

    WTF is she wearing!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! :-P

  42. Willa says:

    I saw the pix on DM. Body language is very telling and he looks like he is embarrassed and disgusted after the tongue assault. Noticed she is wearing a big gaudy ring on her left hand but it is not her wedding or engagement ring. Hmmmm?

  43. chuckles says:

    Is this what she learned from her Dad when he was having an affair? Sticking your tongue in someone’s mouth in public is just too gross to even think about. I’m so glad the ladies of the movie knew how to dress, Eddie just took a hooker with him, that’s all he can get. Hopefully now Hollywood has seen the disgust people have for them and everyone boycott’s anything he is in. Leann ruined both of their lives, they deserve each other. Her upcoming concert in the Midwest is failing, cheap seats, giving away seats for a few claps is not working for her. Ewww, Leann, enough, you are just not with it anymore.

    • briargal says:

      Actually I hope just the opposite happens. I want EC to have a career boost so he will leave looney LR. Got to get her out of his and Brandi’s kids lives permanently!

      • locheed says:

        It would be nice if he could do that, but I just can’t see my way to wishing him any sort of success. According to JustSayJenn, he spins up her craziness and encourages her massive amounts of douchebaggery behavior to make himself look better. She was not a great person to start out with, but this level of insanity only hit when EC did.

        Here’s what I would like to see…he finds another sugar mama and leaves. LR hits rock bottom, does a genuine assessment of herself and her life, and grows from that. Sings songs of heartbreak and fame, or whatever it is she does that she was supposed to be good at doing. But for the most part shuts up and goes away in terms of her “celebrity.” Then I would like to see EC fall desperately in love with the sugar mama–who encourages that the kids just stay with their mama, because she is not ready to be a bonus mom–but spins him up like he did to LR and then dumps his butt without a cent. I want to see him wallowing in the emotional pain he delivered to two women in his life that he was supposed love before all others. Then he grows up (I know, I am laughing too) and teaches his boys that real men love and care for their women, and not to waste their lives like he wasted his on stuff that doesn’t matter.

        The End.

        I love fairy tales.

  44. Rita says:

    I looked at the red carpet pictures on DM where everyone is formally dressed in beautiful gowns and three piece suits…………..well almost everyone. The primary cast members arrived in limousines but parked in the background is a tow truck that say WRECKER on the side…….you don’t supposed they….nawwwww.

  45. Why when you know it is a big night for photo ops would you not have your hair looking styled and an outfit that is nice and attractive? The colors don’t even compliment each other on anything she has on. What does this woman see when she looks in the mirror? Her fave gossip sites are putting the true love spin on this photo op. So laughable. What I see is a woman trying to stick her tongue into a mouth that is closed for a quick peck. One pic you can see the crows feet at his eyes that makes it look like he is actually squeezing eyes in disgust. Just wonder where her gold Cartier bracelet he got for her (yeah right) and her big diamond ring have gone? Maybe they are just doing all this to drum up interest in them for their show. They are that desparate for sure. If people have all these questions about them, they will watch the show. Not me!!

  46. Tracy says:

    I keep going back to the picture after the tongue assault. The look on Ediot’s face says it all.

  47. bettyrose says:

    You guys remember couples like this in high school? Sloppy PDAs all over the place.

  48. Leslie says:

    Wouldn’t she have known about this premiere for the past month–enough time to wash and style her hair and find a decent dress to wear? Her outfit (those BOOTS) and his velvet jacket scream low class. Then she really takes it trailer park and tries to stick her tongue into his tightly closed mouth. I can think of a few couples who exhibited this kind of lovey-dovey behavior on a red carpet and within a few months a divorce was announced. It’s called trying way to hard to prove all is well in their world of lies and cheating.

  49. Katija says:

    Add a newsboy cap and Britney Spears could have worn that on her “Crossroads” promotional tour.

  50. Katija says:

    Theory, and I don’t want to be jumped on for this one, BUUUUT….

    It’s a predominantly African-American film. Could this possibly be Leann’s weird, misguided, bizarre and offensive attempt at some sort of “hip-hop” look? I could SOOOO see her doing that. Telling all her people about how she’s gonna do a “street thing.”

    I kind of want to believe this because the outfit is SO bizarre. And she seems like the type who would be a condescending, back-handed racist.

  51. Miffy says:

    It looks like she was out shopping and suddenly remembered ‘OH SH*T! My husband’s thing is tonight! I don’t have time to get changed, I’ll just whack on my super flattering, super current Givenchy boots. Yeah, that looks alright….’

    It screams volumes about the direction of respect in a relationship when you put more effort into your appearance for your selfies than your partner’s work event.

  52. nicegirl says:

    I agree, horrible outfit. She needs a new perspective.

  53. judyjudy says:

    Sometimes I think everyone reads too much into the Leann gossip and are unnecessarily harsh…but then I see pics like these and realize yeah, y’all are right.

    I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Leann-story-commenters.

  54. Jessiebes says:

    Well i think that Eddie had invited her at the last minute and that she couldn’t fit in her nice dresses anymore.

    Also she looks hungover.

  55. Jayna says:

    It’s the best LeAnn has looked in a while. She’s been looking all kinds of awful lately. Her body looks good here. The length of the dress is good on her. I don’t care for the boots, but they are okay. The problem is the outfit is all wrong for a red carpet, way too casual. What would made her think of wearing this for the premiere of the movie? Maybe she doesn’t fit in any of her dresses anymore and didn’t have much to choose from. LOL

  56. Stacey says:

    I cant believe how cheap she looks. She is wearing some club outfit and her unwashed hair has a huge crease in it from her bun. Couldnt even run a flat iron through it?! That takes a minute. Something tells me there’s a reason she got ready so last minute…maybe Eddie didnt invite her until the last minute, or she was busy hitting the daytime bottle like the JSJ blinds.

    If my boyfriend invites me to a social function, I am shopping for the perfect dress like as soon as i find out. Leann is on constant vacation and money is no object and she didn’t even buy a new dress?? Wow!!! She was even out shopping with Eddie a few days ago?!

    Something is UP!!!

    Ps listened to Brandi’s podcast…loved it!!! Listening every week

  57. Jane says:

    I just found a new diet plan: one look at Leann ramming her tongue down Eddie’s throat and those foreskin boots (I think they are Givenchy) and one cannot eat for the rest of the evening!

  58. Gable says:

    She’s been DYING to wear those awful boots to something, but this wasn’t the place. A simple black dress would have been better than that 80s looking moto jacket. The other women were totally appropriate. Does MeAnn not have a stylist?? And she will NEVER achieve Brandi’s ass, so she should give up trying.

  59. michele says:

    She’s slovenly and hideous as usual. And what a burn she’s trying to tongue him and he’s giving her no such thing. #desperate

  60. MademoiselleRose says:

    Maybe she dressed like that, acted like that on the red carpet to get back at him … ruin his one moment in the sun. It’s not like he’s had much work going on in the last couple of years. If they look like a trainwreck at his “workplace” maybe his boss and potential bosses get pissed off and he has to stay longer because he’s not making any money. Just a thought. Na, she’s just useless…

  61. Snowpea says:

    The only thing I can see different that she may have done for this premiere is her hair looks ever so slightly lighter. But everything else? She has made zero effort.

    She’s looking at least 15 kg heavier than 3 months ago but she does have a very cute looking bottom now. So there’s that.

    Eddie is coming off worse than Rimes at this point, which is pretty hard to believe considering she is such a malicious, vindictive, angry, malevolent nut job.

    Seriously, I know Ive become addicted to LeAnn stories but where does this end? I honestly was gobsmacked by the ‘Wrecker’ shot but seeing these pics today? I think she is on the fasttrack to a complete bunnyboiling, pink wig, straitjacketed breakdown.

  62. MegG says:

    Thankyou for making me laugh today. I’ve still never seen Ediot in anything either, to this day!

  63. dahlianoir says:

    What does Karma taste, Eddy ?

  64. Dinah says:

    In the header picture, Eddiot looks like he smells her stench ( or fart), and MeAnn looks like she’s enjoying every second of it..

  65. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Thanks CB, this story should come with a disclaimer as I lost both my lunch and dinner over those puke, uh I mean, pictures.

    Kudos for the nightmares too. :)