Nathan Fillion threw the ‘ultimate diva meltdown’ over screen time on ‘Castle’


We don’t cover Nathan Fillion that much around here. It’s not for lack of interest, it’s just that he seems pretty well-behaved for a celebrity. Reportedly, he’s incredibly nice and generous to his fans, his Twitter is not annoying, he doesn’t date super-famous women nor does he molest massage therapists, he hasn’t been arrested multiple times and he doesn’t seem to have a drug or alcohol problem. Which means that in the gossip world, we can go years without really talking about him.

For the record, I do like him. I haven’t been watching Castle this season, but I do watch it in reruns (and yes, I know that makes me sounds really old). Castle is basically just a police procedural with a “twist” – the twist is that Richard Castle is a famous author doing research with the NYPD for a series of books. Castle falls in love with an NYPD detective played by Stana Katic. Which brings me to this story courtesy of The Enquirer – apparently, Nathan had a diva hissy fit when this season’s storylines were focusing too much on Stana’s character!

Nathan Fillion is the star of “Castle” – and he’s not about to let anyone forget it! Insiders on the set of the hit ABC series say the 42-year-old actor recently threw a “diva fit” of epic proportions because he felt his co-star, Stana Katic, 35, was getting too much attention. The sixth season initially focused on Katic’s character, Det. Kate Beckett, working with the FBI in Washington.

“Nathan saw the show skewing more and more toward Beckett, and he finally went off on the producers,” revealed an insider. “Nathan railed, ‘The name of the show is ‘Castle’ not ‘Beckett’… now fix it!’ It was the ultimate diva meltdown.”

“Castle” debuted in 2009 and follows mystery novelist Richard Castle and Det. Beckett as they work together to solve some of New York City’s more unusual crimes.

Although Beckett initially balked at the idea of collaborating with Castle, the two have developed an undeniable chemistry. “Nathan loves the romantic interplay that Castle has with Beckett, but his viewpoint is that his character is more important than Stana’s, and there’s no fighting it,” said the insider.

This isn’t the first time Nathan has thrown a tantrum about the show. In July, the temperamental star was a no-show on the set in an attempt to lobby studio bosses for a four-day workweek.

“Nathan lost that battle, but he’s won the war for being the undisputed star of ‘Castle,’” added the insider. “He pulled the trump card of there being no series without him, and producers gave in.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Do you believe this? I believe a version of this. I doubt Nathan threw a tantrum or yelled at anyone. But he probably did pull rank and talk to producers (and maybe the writers) about making sure the show’s focus was still on him. Does this make him an impossible diva? Or does this just mean he’s like every other actor?



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  1. Len says:

    I mean, the show is called Castle so…

  2. T.Fanty says:

    I believe it. I follow him on twitter and he mostly tweets about himself. I like him too, but I would believe him to be a bit egotistical.

    • Gossy says:

      But it’s not like a Miley tweet or Rihanna tweet. I think he talks about himself because that’s what his fans want to know more about….

    • Esmom says:

      Not trying to pick on you, but isn’t that what most people tweet about, themselves? Seems like it kinda goes with the territory. With social media, even if a post/tweet/whatever is technically not about yourself, it always somehow comes back to yourself.

      For me, the bigger question is, does he wear a hairpiece?? Someone said that in a fairly recent post here, I’m still not convinced.

      • T.Fanty says:

        No, but it’s self-promoting. Not humorous “this is something cute/funny about my day” but lots of “here’s a pancake that looks like me – do I look weird?”/ “someone wrote on a brick saying I’m awesome” kind of stuff. I don’t think he’s in Rhianna/Miley territory, but I think he likes being the king of his own little fandom. I thought he’d be wittier, but on twitter he’s got a touch of the Shatner about him.

      • Esmom says:

        @T.Fanty, Oh. Ew. That’s too bad, sounds like he, like many people, needs to step away from the Twitter a bit. A little mystique can go a long way, these days especially.

      • magneto says:

        Hmm, I follow him on Twitter and never had such impression. His tweets are mostly sarcastic and/or geeky. He does seem to enjoy the fan adoration but mostly in a humorous way I think. Like playing Captain Hammer. And there’s a lot of self-mocking. So I guess I don’t see what you see. May be try to watch some Comicon video from his panels, you’ll get a glimpse of his sense of humor “in the wild” and may be understand his Twitter better. He is VERY dry-witted so may be that doesn’t come through without knowing what to expect.

      • grum says:

        I think he plays up his characters a lot on twitter. At least he always does it at con panels, easily goes from Hammer to Castle to Mal and it’s funny. Same on twitter, I always hear his voice in character and it all clicks. But may be Magneto’s right, you need to be prepared what to expect.

    • blue marie says:

      No, really? I would never have guessed. He’s always seemed pretty down to Earth in interviews, but I guess best foot forward and all.

    • KC says:

      I believe it. The level of detail implies the writers room or perhaps a producer have had it with him.

      Also, going by the various Hollywood Insider books I have read, these are exactly the sorts of pissing contests that happen between ‘Stars’ and writers. He really did piss away his Firefly goodwill with this mediocre show didnt he.

      • Anna says:

        The things is – I watch the show every week (it’s cute and I love procedurals), and the described situation is just not the case. Castle is the only one shown outside of work/case context, and the last 8 eps or so (incl end of last season) have been centered on the Castle-Beckett relationship, so there’s at the very least a parity. Plus, the last episode on its own (which must have been filmed a couple of months ago) was 90% Castle. So I dont know what to make of this…

    • MollyMaxwell says:

      Yeah, a friend of mine met with NF for lunch a few years ago about potentially having him as the lead in his movie. He said Nathan was a perfectly nice guy but that he was very much an “actor” in that he clearly liked being the centre of the room and commanding that attention, which can be pretty exhausting to be around if you’re not that type of person.

      So basically, he knew himself well enough to get into the correct profession, I guess.

  3. mk says:

    Yeah. Cancel Castle and bring back Firefly.

  4. Hubbahun says:

    God, that final pic of Nathan, Zachary and Tom – dear lord!! A smorgasbord of hotness! :D

  5. Anon says:

    I can’t really like him ever since he was such a tool about The Bloggess’ request for a photo with twine. His actions in that instance, when he didn’t know she is a famous blogger with thousands of fans, speaks volumes.

    • name du jour says:

      Just curious – what did he do? (Edit – never mind, I Googled it!)

      • Anon says:

        The Bloggess (who is a humor blogger and awesome) is a big fan of his and jokingly asked for him to take a picture with a ball of twine. It became a thing and all sorts of other celebrities sent in pics. He wouldn’t do it and finally addressed it on Reddit saying he is an actor and he shouldn’t have to nor does he have time to answer all the silly requests like this he gets. Um, okay dude, it was a joke. I’m guessing if he knew how popular she is (she has a NYT best selling book, among other things) that he would’ve gone along with it.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Yes! Thank you. He takes himself so seriously and demands that we all do the same. You aren’t a diplomat or a world leader. You are a man child who plays pretend for a living. Now get over yourself.

    • Beep says:

      Agreed! He was just such a bitch about the entire thing, I have zero respect for the man.

    • tc says:

      See, that’s funny because it shows how differently people can interpret the same incident. For me, that incident really lowered my opinion of The Bloggess. Actor pretension is annoying, but so is fan entitlement. He’s been in shows you like, but he’s not your pet, and it’s okay for him to refuse to do “tricks” for you. And how sad does your life have to be that his refusal would make you so angry?

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree. If he said no thanks, let it drop and move on. I’d imagine celebs get asked to all kinds of stuff, and you can’t say yes to everything. They are people who have the right to say no thanks. It may have just been one silly little thing, but maybe she caught him at a time when he was bombarded with stuff, and he wanted to put his foot down.

      • magneto says:

        That thing with The Bloggess actually went on for more than a year if I remember correctly. I’ve been reading her on and off (I think she is funny on and off) and that story turned tedious pretty fast. If a celeb goes with it right away – fine, it’s awesome. But if not – leave the poor soul alone, it’s not funny anymore. Not everyone in the world has to know of your little internet clique and its awesomeness. With Fillion it included a barrage of rude and entitled tweets and demands from her followers, that even The Bloggess herself had to reign in at some point. IDK I don’t blame the guy for not finding this constant spam funny and refusing to be a monkey for their amusement. He does seem like someone who won’t perform under pressure and is more likely to do the opposite when being treated this way.

        As for the gossip, I don’t watch his show so can’t comment on that. But from all I saw/read of him (I tend to follow Firefly cast and their antics) it looks fake. May be there was some talk with the producers about screen time (or is it shorter work week? It doesn’t add up), but certainly not a diva fit. Or it might be totally pulled out of someone’s ass. Wouldn’t be the first time.

        And taking himself too seriously? C’mon this is SO not Fillion. Watch Firefly/Serenity bloopers or stuff from Comicon, I doubt this guy takes anything seriously, least of all himself.

        Wait, I’m going to find you a quote.
        “Nathan is a dork, He’s handsome, hilarious, a classic raconteur and a caring, considerate guy. But it’s his dorkiness, and his delight in it, that make it all more than charm. No one is more ready to poke fun at Nathan than Nathan. Except me.”
        Joss Whedon

      • Irishae says:

        Despite being someone who tends to think the worst of all actors, I agree as well. So he didn’t feel like appeasing Twine Girl and her irrelevant schtick, which is neither funny nor cute. Oh noes!

      • holly hobby says:

        People make it sound like he kicked a sick child! I’m sorry I wouldn’t have done the twine thing either. It’s not like he has nothing to do. The job may be easy but he still has a job to pay attention to.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        I agree TC. I personally feel the Blogess’s behaviour was pretty rude. Also, I have read her blog and I don’t think she is that funny or great. I think she is pretty lame to be honest.

        We, as fans, aren’t entitled to anything from actors except decent performances. They don’t have to do the cons, they don’t have to stop for photos or autographs, they don’t even have to say hello to a fan in the street. Nathan Fillion does do the cons so if you want to interact with him, go there.

      • jaye says:

        I agree with this 100%. He didn’t want to do the twine pic and he was within his rights not to. The way The Bloggess explained the situation, it seemed like she was being borderline harassing. If he didn’t respond to the first couple of requests, there’s your answer. He ain’t interested. Move on.

    • Sparkly says:

      I agree! My first thought upon reading this was, “I hope they make him spend 30 minutes playing with a ball of twine.”

  6. Cait says:

    There was a blind a few years back that suggested that Katic was a diva, and that he had publicly dressed her down on set.

  7. feebee says:

    I would have paid to see him actually have a hissy fit. But this doesn’t sound like one. More likely he just went to producers about screen time, maybe raised his voice…?

    I watch Castle most weeks and it was a bit boring when they focused on Beckett. I think one of the keys to the show is the interplay between not only Castle and Beckett but also Esposito and Ryan. it can fall flat when they separate them for long periods.

    • Apples says:

      This is EXACTLY correct. My brother and his wife love the show and I’ve seen quite a few shows at their house. When they focus on Beckett, it’s also when they tend to do more dramatic (melodramatic) story lines. In my opinion, the Castle-only stuff is funnier so it works better on its own.
      I love Esposito and Ryan stuff. It seemed like they went away from them being together for some shows? It got to the point where I was wondering if Ryan was filming a movie? He’s the one that should be in there arguing about screen time… and better writing for his lines.

    • bluhare says:

      I love Esposito and Ryan! Especially Esposito. Actually, I think the entire cast’s pretty likaeable. Even Beckett has mellowed since they got together. The one who bugs is Alexis.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yes they must have hired a new writer to write Alexis because she came back from summer with a full lobotomy. And please, I want Pie in a body bag so he can be the next victim of the week. Yes it is that bad and it’s killing the momentum of the story every week. Thankfully last week didn’t have Pie but we got Alexis’ b—h face for the first 30 minutes of the show.

      • oh dear says:

        alexis is pretty annoying this season.. actually i thought that becket was a “better” character in that she could have her own series and own it (as a captain or sth. shes rather “strict” lol). castle on the other hand just works when he interacts with the others, on his own hes started to annoy me this season, cant put my finger on it…

        anyway, i think the series works because the characters mesh so well together, on their own theyre annoying, the stuff they do gets old (like espesido starting every sentence with “yo!”). but when theres a mix of ALL of them its pretty funny and interesting to watch. i dont wanna see more of castle, i wanna see more of all of them together. bring back the original allocation of screen time! (that means less alexis please lol)

      • lunchcoma says:

        I used to enjoy Alexis, but she’s annoying me this season as well. Sure, her father should treat her boyfriend with more respect. But it was fairly out of line to expect her family to house him for a couple of months, and I’d have been cross with him by that point too.

      • MisJes says:

        I LOVE Castle, easily my favourite show (well, tied with Arrow)! Alexis is really irksome to me too this season. I feel she has been so disrespectful and ungrateful to Castle, and it bothers me. I miss the old Alexis who was very clever and sweet!

      • Nina W says:

        They clearly took the Alexis character in a new direction and so far I’m disappointed. I hate it when writers change a character without respect to their history and context. Where is the Alexis we’ve known from previous seasons? This isn’t her.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, Alexis is annoying this season. And I agree Pi is like a little gnome you want to step on. But I think the writers wanted to create some drama and chose to do it through the Alexis-Castle relationship. So in a way, I understand it. And the characters of Alexis and Castle were too emeshed to begin with – no one can be daddy’s girl forever!

      • bluhare says:

        I’m so glad you all agree about Alexis. Sometimes I think I’m out to lunch on stuff like this so I’m glad Holier-Than-Thou-Oh-So-Perfect Alexis annoys others too. And the way she tells her dad that he’s got no say in her life when he’s paying for it . . . sort of sets me off. :)

        But I love Nathan. I saw a rerun the other night that was one of the first ones and man, was he hot back then when he was a bit skinnier and had a little five o’clock shadow going on.

      • pato says:

        lol holly, Pie in a body bag would be perfect. I am tired of him, his meals and Alexis!

        And I don´t believe NF would throw a fist. The chick certainly could do it. I don´t like her. And the show is called Castle for a reason.

  8. Mia4S says:

    Ironically it’s more likely he asked for the opposite. There was some confirmed stuff at the beginning of the year that he hadn’t shown up on set. He was looking for a four day work week. Now to be fair he has a very bad back so it may not be a diva thing. I just think it’s funny the tabloid completely missed what might be a real story!

    • Joey says:

      That was a big deal pushing for four days. He sited his soap days. I think he’d be happy for less screen time. I’ve seen him in person too many times (as an sdcc/Buffy nerd) and he’s never come across as a Diva. They’re all a bit narcissistic, but nah, I don’t see it.

  9. Kkhou says:

    Disclaimer: I am a huge Nathan Fillion fan. Loved Firefly, enjoy Castle on occasion, and love how good he is to his fans. I am guessing he is just protecting his job, and it seems normal (even for a non actor) to protect your value at work. I have done it when I thought too many projects were going to other co-workers, though not in a diva tantrum, but rather a sit down discussion with my supervisors to make sure I wasn’t geting cut out. I would expect him (and all the actors) on the show to advocate for themselves to a certain extent.

  10. fancyamazon says:

    I know he charges a ridiculous amount for autographs at cons. I believe this story. My brother in law went to a con in Alberta, and this guy was charging more than Stan Lee. He is a great actor though.

  11. LucyS says:

    I don’t buy it. This is a guy who, after he made it in primetime, went back to the soap that gave him a job to launch his career. He reportedly called Stana Katic out about a diva on the set and treating the crew like crap, so I doubt anyone who defends the cast and crew from another actor’s atrocious behavior is going to storm around and do the same thing.

    I do think, though, that the show gets less interesting when it’s all about Beckett. While she’s a compelling character, it’s their banter that makes the show what it is.

    • dj says:

      I really have stopped watching this show because of it focusing too much on Beckett. I find her about as interesting as white bread. I love Nathan and all the other actors on this show. I was wondering the same thing how did Beckett hijack “Castle.” It just doesn’t seem to flow when she is on the show. I tended to hope they would recast her after the first year. But No!

  12. Karen81 says:

    In many ways, Nathan is correct. The show is about them together solving crimes and specifically about him being a wise cracking diva. The Beckett sub-plots have always been weak and her joining the FBI was just silly. Plus Stana sometimes cannot act her way out of a paperbag.

    But regrettably he went about it the wrong way. I still love Nathan but please cut off the diva act.

    • mom2two says:

      I do love Nathan. I have since he was Joey on One Life to Live. He always comes across like a nice, intelligent guy. I respect him for returning to celebrate OLTL and the fact that he has never forgotten his soap roots. I’d like to believe that he did not have diva fit on the set and I hope the story has been embellished for the tabloids. I could believe him asking the writers to make sure the focus was back on Castle, since that is what the show is called.
      I did not know about the ball of twine thing though, Nathan, what were you thinking???? And no more diva acts, buddy!

  13. Christin says:

    I’ve always liked him and thought he seemed grounded for an actor. I first saw him in Waitress, and he caught my attention the same way Heath Ledger did years ago in the “10 Things” teen movie. They just had a charisma that made them stand out.

  14. qwertyz says:

    I don’t believe this. My brother worked on Castle for couple of years and says he would drop everything and take a pay cut if he ever has a chance to work with Nathan again. He’s that awesome with cast and crew. Bro always said it’s a happy set and that it comes mostly from Nathan who is very popular with crew and very down to earth. Now,he may not be that popular with producers, I don’t know about this. He doesn’t know much about Stana Katic tho, she is not very sociable but not unfriendly.

    • lucy2 says:

      Good to know. That’s always the impression I had of him.

      I’m guessing if a conversation happened at all, maybe he just wasn’t in love with the whole FBI direction – which didn’t really work anyway I thought – and wanted to voice his concerns about the show changing for the worse. Less about him getting screen time, and more about him wanting the show to stay what the fans like.

  15. L says:

    I don’t buy this.. Considering the last season was all about Beckett and their relationship, and the seasons before that were ALL about the search for her mom (did they ever figure that out BTW? Past the creepy senator?)-why would this become a issue after 4 seasons of a similar storyline trend. The story lines have always been heavy castle for a few episodes and then heavy beckett for a few episodes.

    Beckett was with the Attorney General’s office (not the FBI) for 3 episodes. One of which was back in NYC. That’s not her taking over the storyline. That’s normal. They are now back to Castle being the main person and his drama with Alexis.

    Now the 4 day workweek? THAT story I believe.

  16. Anoano says:

    He seems like a nice guy, so not sure if it’s true, but he’s pretty downt to earth and nice in interviews, so I don’t see it. I’ve always find he is one small detail away from being truly good looking with his downward nose.. I just can’t with that nose and ultra thin lips. If weren’t for that, he would be better looking to me.

  17. Morgan says:

    I feel like Beckett has hardly been around this season, much less so than in past years. I can’t remember any scenes of her without Castle or without Ryan/Espo other than the short-lived DC subplot. So unless the season changes drastically soon,I don’t buy it.

    Also, Fillon always complains about the workload — I would not enjoy working 5 12 hour days for a 43 minute show either — so I feel like he’d welcome a drop in screen time.

  18. Kaboom says:

    Yeah, don’t see that happening really. Especially considering the last episode that aired was almost entirely about Castle and Alexis with just a sprinkle of Beckett in it.

  19. MavenTheFirst says:

    He always strikes me as polite and well mannered but does not suffer fools gladly.

    If he did talk to the producers, I imagine he expressed his concern about the creative direction of the show. And perhaps he wants either more focus on Castle or less .

    I think this is a tempest in a teapot.

  20. holly hobby says:

    Nope I don’t believe this because I’ve been watching all season. Last week’s was a Castle centric episode – barely any Beckett. The previous weeks had equal time for both stars. The only Beckett centric ones were the first two epis of the season.

    Nope I don’t buy this story and I don’t think he’s a douchebag.

  21. Sarah says:

    For what it’s worth, I went to a talk by Charlaine Harris, who wrote the books that True Blood is based off of. She said of all the celebrities she’d met since the show took off, the only one who had been rude to her was Nathan Fillion, and he did it twice.

    • Bridget says:

      See, now I just want to know how he was rudeto her. If he was a fan of her books it might be justified…

    • Shoe_Lover says:

      I wonder what Charlaine Harris defines as rude. She was pretty rude to the fans who complained about how she annihilated her characters, which she did, had heaps of continuity errors and completely contradicted herself over and over again.

      I just realised that I have commented on this thread twice. That may make me seem like a huge Fillion fan I guess and while I do enjoy his work, especially Firefly, some things he does make me wonder if he has slightly douche like qualities

  22. MisJes says:

    I believe that he might have met with producers to talk about the show’s direction, but a big diva throw down? No way.

    • grum says:

      Yeah, I don’t see it. May be there was some talk, like “either better storyline or less hours”. But diva fit? More likely it was “leaked” by one of those who can’t think up a better storyline and don’t wanna reschedule for less hours LOL. If even some of it is true, I don’t know how Fillion could wait so long to raise his voice. He doesn’t have a lot to do on the show for years now, looks like their writers forgot they have a title character.

  23. taxi says:

    I think the women watch it for Fillion & a few men watch for Stanic. Their repartee was much more interesting before they started planning the wedding. Alexis isn’t cute anymore – Pi is a ill-mannered freeloader, bound to annoy any parents with teenagers. Stick him on a life raft in the ocean with a tiger, please. It did break my little heart to hear from friends who’ve socialized with him that he’s not at a “ladies’ man.”

  24. mia says:

    Um this makes no sense. Before the start of this season he was pushing for less work days. If she’s on screen more then he could force them alter the shooting schedule so he’d have to be there less.

  25. bella bella says:

    I doubt the hissy fit but I believe he could have said something about the story line and where the focus was. And the whole Beckett in DC thing was really flat, if you ask me. Compared to a show as complicated and well acted as Homeland, is there any reason to have a show that focuses on homeland security? And Castle is supposed to be somewhat of a comedy, so how does that work? Oh those hijinks at the FBI!

    On the other hand, they shut down the whole storyline so quickly that it was totally unbelievable. Beckett is fired for insubordination or leaking info that exposed agents and undid years of work, whatever it is. And then, THEY NEVER TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN. That whole next show, she didn’t once have regrets, be circumspect about what happened, that she blew her dream job (you’d think they’d milk this a little, drama wise) — but neither she or Castle discuss it, fight about it, sulk about it, etc. That abrupt change feels very unrealistic — not sure why they didn’t ease out it more slowly. Felt to me like the storyline was compromised.

  26. kitty-bye says:

    Is he getting a little beefy? :) . Mostly enjoy the show however, wish he was in something scifi… or the setting of the show changed.

  27. Karla says:

    What I don’t get is that Fillion initially was asking for a shorter workweek, right? One solution to “too much work” is to give him less on-air time; problem solved. Wasn’t there also word that he had been dealing with back pain? Sometimes less work pressure makes sense; let the story lines go to the rest of the ensemble for awhile. And I like the darker, Beckett-focused episodes as a counterpoint to the bubble-lightness of the other. But in the end, when both characters are fully engaged is when the show is the best.

    • caleb says:

      He probably used the ploy of asking for less time in order to point out that since Stana had most of the workload, therefore why would it be necessary for him to be present. I do not think he meant it. He knows that the others work long hours too. He also may have used it to get attention. The fellow seems to have this childish, insecure need for attention. Addressing the show itself, for me it is the only TV series I follow. I tend to love Movies more than TV. I found Castle on TNT. It was Stana Katic that kept me interested. Before, I did not know neither she nor Nathan. I had heard of Marlowe because I truly liked Air Force One, the movie he wrote. This was an exception for me because I am not an action movie fan, but I like Harrison Ford. I lean toward movies because I seek good acting and good story telling, such as ‘There Will Be Blood’ or ‘Beast of the Southern Wild’. This bring me back to Stana Katic and the show Castle. I found good story telling and more importantly Stana brought excellent acting skills. If not for these two elements I would have abandoned this TV show like I usually do. When I found Castle on TNT, I didn’t know they were into season three on network TV. I did not see the premiere episode initially. When I viewed Flowers for the Grave (whatever) and saw the scene where Fillion is guessing her reason for being a cop when it is obvious she could have been more, I was stopped in my tracts by Stana. Not necessarily her beauty, but how she acted out that short scene without saying a word. Her face told a whole story. I thought, who is this chick ? She’s got the goods. I was reminded of that scene in ‘Sophie’s Choice’ when Meryl Streep showed the horror she felt over her choice. That piercing cry spoke volumes. It was not necessary for her verbalize her emotions at that moment. The horror in her face did it. Stana so reminded me of that experience. Stana gave the audience that emotion again when she protested her removal from the scene when Capt. Mongomery died in an attempt to keep Beckett safe. Her piercing cry spoke volumes. I said move over Meryl and share the space with this girl. Marlowe you and the network run this show. Do not sacrifice that talent , that does not come along very often, for some weak male ego. Don’t do it to her or us. You impress me as a smart, intuitive person. Therefore you must know that this show would have failed years ago if people had not connected to what Stana brought to the Beckett character. Nothing against Nathan , But he does not have the presence to carry a show. Leave it in the steadfast hands of Katic. She and Jon brings that intangible element to this series. All my friends who have connected with this show are saying, if Katic is neutralized we are gone. This includes man and female. (Note: I will confess, a couple of the guys love her beauty and body first and then her talent. Also, some the ladies find Nathan too unattractive and overweight with so-so talent. We all believe the show could survive the loss of Nathan but not Stana ).

      • bluhare says:

        Not me. I did like Fillion’s Castle better in the earlier days where he was more of a player, though. But Beckett bugged me with all the Secret Stuff.

      • DemoRabbit says:

        Duuude you have it bad for Katic, don’t you? LOL.
        Anyway, I don’t know a single person who watches or ever watched Castle and thinks like you. It’s either Fillion or romantic tension that brings people back (in my experience). You may not like Fillion (or rather, like Katic too much to give credit to her co-star), but both he and his character is what makes this show different. With only Katic it would be just another fake-gritty procedural, and not a good one. Writing for the cases is appalling.

      • grum says:

        So you basically want Castle to be about Beckett and Esposito? LOL. Yeah, I don’t see it in the cards.

        Personally, I see Beckett as one of the most boring, cookie-cutter characters on network TV. All that tortured posing in full make-up does nothing for me.

  28. CARBONA says:

    This is what he said on Twitter about it “Seeking truth is admirable, but maybe the internet isn’t the place to find it.” I for one, don’t buy it in any shape or form. Anonymous source my ass!

  29. caleb says:

    Demorabbit, I am exhausted from that long winded soliloquy that I typed (all in vain, it seems). And yet your only take away is I like Stana and Jon. Yes, I do admire their talent. I do not believe you are that intellectually challenged that you could not determined that I am drawn by talent and good story telling (hence Marlowe and staff). Did you subconsciously introduce the word ‘like’ when you mentioned Nathan. I did not say I liked Stana nor Fillion. Why did you not note that I might ‘like’ Meryl Streep too much especially since I used her as the model for good acting. (I also like the talents of Robert deNiro, Daniel Day Lewis. Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman (sometimes) and etal… But the subject here is the show Castle. For me anyway. But please do not use me to promote your opinion of Nathan. ‘Methinks you like Nathan too much’. Lest you forget or neglect, Stana has talent, like or dislike and in MY opinion is the glue for this show. The same friends mentioned initially, continue to concur with the soliloquy observations. Be Well!!!

  30. Livus48 says:

    Dont believe a word of it, I expect this is one feather who turned in to a whole henhouse ….
    Why cant people just shut up,…..this i unfounded rumours, and hear-say,so stop it
    If you cant say somthing nice,just remain quiet ….
    LK Norway