Britney Spears in rehab romance with rocker, includes pictures of guy

Britney Spears has hooked up with a guy she met at one of the outside AA meetings she’s been attending. It looks like that whole K-Fed reunion stuff was just a crutch for her, as she’s latched on to Jason Filyaw, 33, a guitarist in the band Riva.

The National Enquirer is set to claim that Britney calls and e-mails this guy all the time and that she wants to move in with him once she’s out of rehab.

The troubled pop star has hooked up a musician she met in AA, and plans to move in with him once she’s out of rehab, according to the upcoming National Enquirer.

Spears, 25, has fallen for Jason Filyaw, the 33-year-old lead guitarist of the rock band Riva, reports the tab.

“Britney adores Jason,” a friend of Jackson’s told the Enquirer. “He’s been a tower of strength for her at the lowest point in her life. She’s convinced Jason can help her through rehab because as an alcoholic, he’s been through the same thing.”

Spears emails and phones Filyaw constantly, according to the report, and the two have pet names for one another: he calls her Sugar, Kitten and My Lady; she calls him Mr. Secret Underground Guy and J-Sun.

Filyaw, when contacted by the Enquirer, said, “I have nothing to say about this.”

If this is true it’s ridiculous. She just sold her new house and hasn’t even settled down in her old one yet, preferring to jet around and get into trouble at various hotels and resorts. She seems desperate for some kind of stability in her life and is latching on to this guy as a life preserver.

The AA program discourages new members from relationships, and advises that they not get involved with someone until they’re sober for a year. They say that alcoholics often substitute a new intense romance for the addiction they’re trying to conquer, and that any stress or problems in the new relationship can tempt a relapse. Put two recovering alcoholics together and it’s double trouble

Here’s the website for Britney’s new guy’s band, Riva.

Header image from Splash News Online.

And here are pictures of who I believe to be Jason Filyaw from the band’s myspace and myspace group. There are two guys in that band that play the guitar and look similar, but this guy Jason has posted using an icon that looks like it’s him, so I’m pretty sure it is.

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  1. denial says:

    AWW hell….here we go again….

  2. lissenup says:

    gah, little does he know, he’s gonna be heading to the hills within a month of being with her.

  3. okay... says:

    she’s giving some other wanna be a chance to spill all her nasty little secrets…

  4. Toubrouk says:

    Here we go again! This is the “Love at first sight while in Re-Hab” trap. Let’s hope for everybody’s wellbeing that she will snap out of it.

  5. AC says:

    wow she really seems co dependant on relationships right now. Little does she know if she just is by herself and her family she will be SOOO much happier in the end. I hope this isn’t true.

  6. Carol says:

    She needs a side rehab to cure her of her man dependance. Geez woman, buy a vibrator and stay away from the men for awhile.

  7. Viv says:

    That is so freaking cute! They have matching haircuts!

  8. Zip says:

    Run Jason, RUN……She is a trainwrecked, crazy ass STALKER

  9. liar says:

    Maybe the dumb little whore ought to quit obsessing over her cooch and start worrying about her friggin kids for a change.

  10. beth says:

    this is sooo fake. you people believe EVERYthing you read? dumbasses.