Kim Kardashian posts new photos of North West, gets a speeding ticket in LA


Kim Kardashian posted two new photos of her daughter North West last night. You guys… Nori is adorable. She’s grown into those cheeks, hasn’t she? She’s a really beautiful little blend of her parents. So cute! Kim posted one photo of Nori laughing and one photo of Nori being held by her unofficial godfather Riccardo Tisci. Riccardo, as you probably remember, is the chief designer for Givenchy (he’s ruining the label) and he’s incredibly close to Kanye West. Kim posted that photo with the hashtag: “#NewStylist”. Does this mean that Riccardo is Kim’s new stylist? If so, OMG. He’s going to make her look like a couch for the next year. Or is Riccardo Nori’s new stylist? Huh.

Anyway, I kind of think Kim just posted these new photos because she was trying to draw our attention away from the fact that she got a speeding ticket yesterday in LA, and it was high drama on the freeway:

Don’t tell Kanye! Kim Kardashian was pulled over on the Los Angeles freeway on Nov. 12 for speeding, after trying to avoid multiple cars driven by members of the paparazzi. A source confirms to Us Weekly that Kardashian, 33, received a speeding ticket. (TMZ was first to break the story.)

Once Kardashian was stopped, there was a frenzy of photographers trying to capture the moment, and TMZ reports there was even a helicopter hovering overhead to get aerial shots.

This resulted in tons of traffic and upset police officers. The California Highway Patrol cited one photographer for speeding, but the rest managed to get off without any citations.

Kardashian’s fiancé, Kanye West, is known for his run ins with the paparazzi. The “Yeezus” rapper has had several physical altercations with photographers over the years. In October he was ordered to stay away from a photographer, but not forced to take anger management classes.

[From Us Weekly]

I judge people for DUIs and such, but I don’t really judge anyone for speeding. Probably because I’m a speeder. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket though. I pride myself on that! Anyway, that will teach the traffic cops to not stop Kim Kardashian. It will be damn chaos if you stop her and you will end up creating a bigger public safety hazard if you stop her.



Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. Buckwild says:

    Nori’s eyes and eyebrows are all Kim. She’s going to be a beauty when she grows up! Cute kid.

  2. Audrey says:

    Okay yeah. She’s really really cute.

    In only black and (kinda) white again. Weird

  3. jaye says:

    Nori is adorable! Those cheeks!

  4. ANDREA1 says:

    In that last photo of her sitting on a chair she is just suffocating her boobs… Poor boobs.. I am 38G I can’t afford to do that else I choke to death. :)

  5. Han says:

    You should have covered the story that kanyes likeability factor has fallen with 66% since he got with Kim instead.

  6. Melibea4ever says:

    North is beautiful but the picture with that guy is totally creepy!!

  7. pretty says:

    she is really cute and good-looking. i have no problem recognizing ugly babies as ugly and unfortunate looking.

    but this baby is really good looking. looks like a doll.

  8. Kim1 says:

    Nori with her other daddy , Riccardo.Funny no pics of Kanye holding his daughter.

  9. BeckyR says:

    Dear Celebitchy: Why, oh why, are you devoting space to this vapid woman whose claim to fame is a video showing Ray J (who IS he?) peeing on her? I doubt I am the only reader who feels this way. She is so irrelevant as are her whole tribe and that butt ugly boyfriend of hers. The baby is cute….mpve ON!

  10. lucy2 says:

    I find it hard to believe she was trying to avoid the paparazzi. I think if she went 12 hours without someone taking her picture, she’d cease to exist.

  11. bammer says:

    Ok so now with the televised engagement and baby pics they will stop bragging about how private they are???

  12. Jacqueline says:

    You now Tisci wishes that was his baby… Is he trying to get Kanye pregnant or vice-versa?

    And WHY don’t we have some kind of professional photos of this child yet??

  13. Tracy says:

    The kid is adorable. The name is still awful.

  14. Kattttt says:

    Good God, Riccardo Tisci should not be in charge of dressing anyone, ever, let alone a defenceless little baby.

  15. Erm says:

    Nori is adorable. beautiful eyes.

  16. Aussie girl says:

    Beautiful baby! They are blessed to have her

  17. serena says:

    Wow, little Nori is so beautiful.

  18. Dawn says:

    Yawn. Kim Kardashian is a bore. Her kid is cute sure- but aren’t all kids cute at that age? Both she and Kanye aren’t that popular any longer and I find nothing of interest here to comment on other than she is a terrible driver from all accounts. If only the media would wait to report on her until after she did something of worth for the world like actually doing charity work (she normally charges to so) or showing talent for something other than sex tapes and dressing two sizes too small or actually acting like a 33 year old who no longer sticks out her tongue in pictures, or staying off twitter for months and no longer posting selfies that show her over abundant azz or something like that would be refreshing.

  19. Chibichichai says:

    Beautiful little girl but the cynic in me wonders how long before her first surgery. I have no trouble believing PMK would have (or did) sign off on surgeries for Kimmy Kakes ans since Kim is like her mama, she’ll do the same too.

  20. Maureen says:

    Cute baby. Horrible parents. And I still think Kanye has something going on with Riccardo. If not gay then it’s a friendship and an intimacy much closer and deeper than anything he has with Kim or ever will have.

  21. lucy says:

    That baby already looks more intelligent than either of her parents.

  22. Gem says:

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound? If a reality tv star goes 48 hours without being talked about, do they cease to exist? On another note, did anyone else watch the season finale of kuwtk? It still blows my mind that Khloe was able to keep all the problems with Lamar a secret for so long, especially from her family. Kourtney said that Lamar had never even been to their house, which is down the block from them. That family is so dependent on one another, and make it a point to get together frequently it makes me wonder if they knew something was up, but no one wanted to bring it up. Especially when they took a road trip to area 51, and lamar kept calling bruce’s cell to find out if Khloe was really with him, or if she was lying, and then wanted her to go online and watch the security tapes of the house, paranoid much? Then for Kris Jenner to get someone to clean kylie’s bedroom, because she’s trying to be a good parent and give her boundaries & responsibility, but then let her daughters leave high school, attend questionable parties, and not notice that they’re out of the state on modelling gigs just blows my mind. I just wish she was less of a manger to those girls, and more mother. /end rant! haha

  23. JudyK says:

    Nori is GORGEOUS! Little doll baby.

    Could care less if I never see another pic of KK. Hey, Kim, if you want to stay in the news, how about more pics of Nori. Nori is the only reason I even opened this.

  24. Soccer Mom says:

    Nori is a cutie. She looks a lot like Kanye, except an adorable baby girl version. Kim has lost all of her prettiness now and she looks so weird.

  25. judyjudy says:

    The black and white clothes on a baby kind of bums me out. I think babies should be bright and cheery. Oh well.

  26. eliza says:

    Riccardo= Kanye’s true love.

  27. Sachi says:

    That baby girl is so precious. Adorable. :D

  28. MsDaisy says:

    Riccardo is Kompass mother and Kanye is the father. Kim was just a surrogate.

  29. Dyllish says:

    Little Nori is one cute baby, I refuse to call her North because I’m sure she won’t want us to either & dressing her in only white & black is just plain dumb, I know they are trying to do something unique but that idea is pretty stupid just like her real name.

  30. Lucybelle says:

    The baby is adorable. And I’m not one who thinks all babies are beautiful. I’ve seen some unfortunate looking little ones in my time. But I think Nori is a cutie. Shame about her parents and extended family.

    That being said, I about shit when I read there was a helicopter hovering. A helicopter?!? For Kim freaking Kardashian?!?

  31. mk says:

    Look at her sweet little smile! The baby, that is. I think that Kim really does love her baby, and maybe isn’t as interested in real love as a solid contract. If Riccardo and Kanye really are closer, so to speak, maybe she likes that. She probably finds it a more stable situation than hers, growing up. Her mom beat her up every day, remember.

  32. Mew says:

    She’s cute baby but I feel sad for her that she’s going to be a market product from the start.

  33. Ag says:

    Nori is adorable.

    Riccardo looks creepy as hell.

    Kim, per usual, looks rather busted.

  34. Sheila says:

    Cute kid, but most babies are. Wait until she starts with the plastic surgery later (her Mom and late Grandmother are addicted to it, so matter of time). Ridiculous name North is. And Nori is no better, not a cute nickname at all (Nora would have been better). But poor wee thing, she has Kanye and Kim as parents, UGH, talk about bad luck to be born to 2 narcistic, uneducated, ridiculous parents!! Good job she will have money to comfort her from her bad gene pool.

  35. dorothy says:

    Adorable child, too bad she doesn’t stand a chance in life with the parents she has.

  36. lovegossip says:

    Kaiser, don’t you know if you say out loud you haven’t had a ticket for a while, you have just jinxed yourself and will probably be pulled over in next few days? Lol Happens to me everytime. Better find some wood…… ;-)

  37. Liz says:

    Precious child! Looks exactly like Kanye…. Only a lighter version.


    That dress and the beach… My, what thick calves! They are as big as my thighs.

  38. glorie says:

    Cute baby…i actually like kim…i think beneath the superficial…she is a good person!

    • Dawn says:

      Really? How can you tell that? I’ve heard stories that say the opposite about not only her but her family in general being very much douches to sales people, waiters and waitress and to people in general who they imagine to be beneath them. In fact I hear she swears like a drunken sailor whenever the camera is not on her and sometimes even when it is. And if you don’t live in NYC, LA or Miami just know she finds you to be a boring hick. It is all smoke and mirrors with this awful family and that is the truth.

  39. idk says:

    So we get to see a pic of Ricardo holding the baby before we see one of Kanye, Kim, or any Kardashian/Jenner holding her? LOL priorities I guess.

  40. Palermo says:

    I’m thinking now she was the surrogate for Kanye and Uncle Riccardo, they will actually raise the baby

  41. anon says:

    Actually if a person watches the video with Kim speeding you will see it’s not how it went down at all. A lot of hype from PR. There was a huge amount of traffic anyways on the highway. Maybe a chase should not have ensued. Either way as when a chase is happening cars slow down. IT had nothing to do with Kim persay. If you look at the paps and cops there was like three and two left right away.. Sounds like a stunt for there show to me. Of course US weekly and TMZ were told different then what we see from obviously PR as they seem to gather cutbacks or favours for helping the PR.

    Now on a lighter note it is a very cute baby.

  42. Dommy Dearest says:

    Sorry, the kids parents are complete douches and I just can’t get behind the cute factor of the kid because of it. I do hope that the nanny raises her properly though so she at least stands some sort of chance. If Kim raises her then I have nothing but pity for the kid.

    I’m sure she’ll spin the speeding and compare herself to Princess Diana in 3, 2, 1.

  43. j78 says:

    Meh, she is cute. Too bad about the parents.

  44. swack says:

    North is definitely cute. I also will call out ugly babies. My twin grandchildren were born at 3 lbs each and looked like little aliens – ugly! But they are both gorgeous now. I can’t help but think that these pictures are out there for damage control. There has been a lot of negative comments about not seeing North and not seeing either of the parents hold her. So now we are going to see what good parents they are. I’ve only seen Kim hold her in pics and not Kanye. And when Kim does hold her, Kim seems very uncomfortable doing so. JMO.

  45. dorothy says:

    Good to see she’s still pursuing the privacy issue. It’s all about being private, protecting North and enjoying being a mom.

  46. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’d like to babysit North for a day!

  47. rep says:

    Why is he throwing up devil horns while holding the baby? He has to show his allegiance to lucifer ?

  48. Dirty Martini says:

    The kid is very cute ….but when I looked at her, she made me think of Tiger Woods!

    Now that’s a rumor to start…..

  49. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I judge speeders. They are as much of a hazard as anyone else driving dangerously on the road. Speed CAN and DOES kill. I am surprised at people not caring/being cavalier about it. Smh

  50. F5 says:

    Cute baby.. also the hairiest baby I’ve ever seen ^_^

  51. Becks says:

    Cute baby, although i wonder when she will start getting those Kardashian eyebrows lasered? Her vain vapid mother can hardly wait for baby’s first laser. :/

  52. jwoolman says:

    I wonder who managed to get a smile out of the kid? The photos in the Daily Mail were disturbing. They obviously had chosen the best of a large bunch and the text was gushing over Kim bonding with the baby etc. Kim was lifting her up high, changing positions, and of course posing directly into the camera. But the kid had a “who the heck are you?” look on her face the whole time. No reaction or interaction with Kim at all. No smiles or anything close to it. Isn’t that a little peculiar for a baby that age getting all that direct attention from a parent? I remember Kourtney complaining about Scott being away so much that her daughter Penelope wasn’t recognizing him. Those pictures made me think Kim might not be spending much time with Nori either. Is she bored already?

  53. lisa says:

    her nose is so short now, it really isnt pretty

  54. Thiajoka says:

    First of all, cute kid. Just adorable. Second of all, is there going to be a remake of “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” and KimK is playing the Tina Turner role? Because that dress looks like a Mad Max dress. Third, I’ve been on this site all day sort of browsing and kept seeing the photo accompanying this article and thought it was Mariah Carey–just skimming past it. So, yeah, KimK no longer looks like herself.