Star: Beyonce’s marriage is in crisis, she’s ‘been feeling like a single mother lately’


It’s been a while since the tabloids have dusted off the rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z have anything less than a strong, perfect, empowered marriage. I’m racking my brain trying to remember… I think the last time was just before Beyonce mic-dropped her pregnancy announcement at the VMAs in 2011 with her big pillowy bump. Ah, those were the days. Back then, there were always rumors going around that Jay-Z had side-pieces and Beyonce tolerated that crap because together they were a powerhouse couple, the Michelle and Barack of the music industry. Then Blue Ivy came and all was peaceful and everything was all about the happy family and how much parenthood had changed their lives. But now? Now Jay and Bey are doing separate tour half a world away from each other and Beyonce is starting to feel like a single mother:

After reuniting with her husband Jay-Z for the first time in nearly a month, Beyonce posted some vacation photos to her Tumblr. They spent three days together at an undisclosed Australian resort with daughter Blue Ivy. But, as Star has learned, Jay-Z’s early November trip to Australia was not just a family getaway – it was a last-ditch effort to keep his marriage afloat.

According to an insider, Jay-Z’s decision to tour Europe at the same time as Beyonce is touring Australia has caused serious damage to their relationship – damage that may ultimately prove to be irreparable.

Beyonce had assumed that after Jay’s summer tour with Justin Timberlake, he would join her in Australia. At the end of the summer though, Jay let her know she’d assumed wrong.

“Beyonce flipped… not only did he plan the tour without consulting her at all, but he didn’t even try to coordinate dates with her tour. She told him he was selfish.”

Her anger only intensified once the tours began. According to the insider, Beyonce has been feeling like a single mother lately – and has been letting him know that he’s on very shaky ground. She even told him that she’s using the time they spend apart as a trial separation. The threat scared Jay. But though he’s tried to woo her with mini-vacations in Italy and Paris during breaks in their touring schedules, Beyonce still feels that he was putting his music career first and their family second.

And he continues to disappoint – almost immediately after their whirlwind trip to Paris, Ja seemed content to leave the child rearing to Beyonce as he returned to his infamous club-hopping ways.

“Beyonce hates that Jay goes clubbing so often – she understands it’s important to be seen, but he’s a husband and father. She thinks he’s using touring as an excuse to go out practically every night.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

This is surprisingly detailed for a Star Mag story, but I know that doesn’t matter to some of you who dismiss Star stories out of hand no matter what. I don’t really think that Bey and Jay’s marriage is “in crisis” or that they are in the midst of some kind of separation. But I’ll buy that Beyonce feels like a single mom sometimes and that she’s not happy that Jay still likes to party so much, and that he hasn’t made enough time for her and Blue.



Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr, WENN.

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  1. bns says:

    So many troubled marriages this morning.

  2. Kim1 says:

    Story is BS but it is interesting seeing tabloids discuss a Black celebrity couple besides Will and Jada. It’s still BS Star has run this same story many times they just substituted the couple.

    • MCraw says:

      Idk, black blogsites have been saying this for some time. That he’s been doing his thing and she ignores it. This feels like it’s pulling all the pieces of those stories together and adding glue that makes them stick. It’s certainly more detailed than everything before. **sips tea**

  3. mk says:

    The marriage is in trouble when one or the other doesn’t stick to the rules, in relationships like this one.

  4. Diana says:

    She feels like a single parent? Yeah, it’s just her and an army of highly paid nannies, raising that poor child on their own. My heart is bleeding with the sympathy this morning.

    • Dhavynia says:

      Ugh I just can’t with these two, there us nothing normal about these two who seem to just be in it for the money.

      She feels like a single mother because she’s the only one ordering the staff around

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I get what you’re saying, and I don’t like it when married, privileged women compare themselves to single mothers, but I think she has the right to expect him to be present in their child’s life. It sounds as though he hasn’t been lately. That would bother me, too.

      • YoungHeartOldSoulNewView says:

        Thank you, I agree. Yes, celebs are rich so they are able to hire help but you can admit that in this case with who Beyonce is and the fact that she is on tour and actually does work her ass of to deliver a good show, she actually NEEDS the help; it doesn’t mean she allows them only to raise the kid. We’ve seen plenty of photos of both Jay and Beyonce holding Blue and spending time with her. If you were a married millionaire parent and still doing the work required to remain a millionaire, I’m sure you’d have nannies too and still feel upset and alone if your spouse was bailing on you and your daughter for clubs and making selfish decisions that could’ve been avoided. I’d rather see this married millionaire mom wanting her daughter to spend time with BOTH parents, then some rich (or poor) single moms who couldn’t give a crap, because they are out there too. All single moms don’t deserve all the sympathy all the time, because some of them shouldn’t even be moms, and I’ve seen this many times in my life. Nannies for some rich single mom celebs who are very messed up would be a BLESSING. At least Beyonce spends time and wants Blue to have both parents in her life; a reasonable request of a married mom.

        Sometimes, y’all, it’s OK to empathize with celebrities…you will not go up in flames and turn to ashes if you do, I promise.

      • Diana says:

        Yeah, I agree. But. It’s an eye roll from me, sorry. She has such economic privilege, as well as an emotionally supportive system with her mom and sister. Most single moms don’t have .00000001% of what she has. So while I sympathize about her marriage, there’s also an element of — she has it pretty good, to be honest, even if she does divorce Jay-Z.

    • Kate says:

      Diana I feel the same way

      Poor Beyonce feeling like a single mother shame shame shame (rolling eyes)

  5. blue marie says:

    I don’t believe it. Beyonce and Jay-Z are a business, I’d be shocked if they ever separated. Yeah, she probably gets annoyed with him but that’s not news worthy. All women get annoyed with their S.O’s, life goes on.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      I agree about the business angle, and cynically, even having a baby has been good for Jay and Beyoncé Inc. However, having a child changes the rules dramatically for a couple. Likely, most relationships find themselves on shaky ground after the first baby is born, since the rules change dramatically (the dads are usually clueless about this lol). Normal family growing pains…been there, got through it. So yeah, I buy that she’s really annoyed, but not that they are on the brink of of divorce.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, I don’t think either of them would give up the brand they’ve created. There are always a LOT of rumors about him cheating, but maybe they have an arrangement. Or maybe it’s all nonsense and they’re really happy together.

      • MCraw says:

        These are the lyrics for his song “Blue” on Magna Carta:
        Life changed again I was already taking off
        My flight changed again
        Slight change of winds
        It’s barely 12 noon
        And my wife changed again
        Baby needs Pampers
        Daddy needs at least three weeks in the Hamptons
        Please don’t judge me, only hugged the block
        I thought my daddy didn’t love me
        My baby getting chubby
        Cue that Stevie Wonder music, aww isn’t she lovely
        Now I’m staring at her praying that things don’t get ugly
        And I’m stuck in that old cycle
        Like wife leaves hubby
        Fuck joint custody
        I need a joint right now
        Just the thought alone fucks with me

        High on life
        I could die from the fall
        Imagine if I hit the floor
        Apologies in order
        To Blue Ivy my daughter
        If it was up to me
        You would be with me
        Sort of like daddy dearest

        … I was just listening to this thinking how creepy it was.

  6. Lark says:

    Again, it’s Star. That said I also could see Bey being annoyed at the amount of partying Jay does….because most women with a young kid would be kind of annoyed at that.

    • KC says:

      I dont think he parties as much as is suggested. He tends to show up in the occasional club hold court for a couple of hours and head home. Its always about business with Jay Z and this how you learn where music trends are heading, meet potential talent and ofcourse maintain relevance with DJ types.

  7. Pam246 says:

    I don’t see anything especially detailed about this story. It actually seems like every other story they cover about a couple.

  8. Shannon1972 says:

    Am I the only one who is now hearing “single ladies” in my head because of this story? D*mn, I’m gonna be humming this all day now…

  9. Sarah says:

    just like all the other single mums being stressed out from the noise of their huge entourage running trough the room to fulfill their wishes.

  10. Mary says:

    Why is she even touring? Does she have a new album out that I missed? Jay actually has an album to promote!

  11. Rhiley says:

    I kind of buy it. Not that I think they are heading for divorce, but I do feel that if Jay Z started another tour immidiately after one tour, a half of world away from Bey without giving her a heads up months in advance that this is the way it was going to go down, she’d be pissed. I’d be pissed. Jay needs to have a sit down with Ben Affleck. Nobody can balance work, family, and side pieces like Ben.

  12. phaksi says:

    I always thought they were solid, but a relationship with two huge egos like they have cant be easy to maintain

  13. Dommy Dearest says:

    Sorry but: F*ck each and every single celebrity that even feel like they can say they ‘feel like a single mother’. No, you’re far, far, FAR away from what a single mother is. Millions of dollars, help, ability to fly your family anywhere with you so you can have company and someone to watch your kid versus the help. I already hated Beyonce before but now I hate her even more. Must be so hard for this bitch. Can go and change her hair every day on a whim but because her husband and herself are out doing the ‘career’ they chose and pursued now she suddenly feels like a single mother. C*nt doesn’t know how well she has it. Get rid of this woman now please.

  14. Holden says:

    Being a single parent must be brutal staying in the best hotels with a team of nannies at your beck and call, I can’t even imagine.

  15. mar says:

    I really doubt this story. They are UBER private and are good at playing the game. I call BS

  16. RHONYC says:

    #1. ugh. those legs

    #2. if true, he should grow that f!ck up and leave all that tourin’
    & hoppin’ to Drake & them, kays pops

    #3. ugh. his face


  17. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    No sympathy: they are both fake, plastic, venal shysters – marriage, music- it’s just about the dollars. And those lyrics to “Blue” are just bad, rambling, shapeless; Only Jay-Z thinks he’s Shakespeare.

  18. vvvoid says:

    I never fully bought into the rumors about Beyonce faking her pregnancy, but I did cock my head sometimes about the size of her bump. Now that I’m pregnant, I get it. People would easily think I was faking if I were in the public eye. I am 8.5 mos and no one believes it most of the time, my bump changes sizes and shapes, can be very easily hidden, and I have LOST weight since becoming pregnant rather than gain. When my daughter changes positions, my bump flattens out or elongates or protrudes, and if I feel like it I can still hide the whole thing with the right outfit and bag.
    I do believe Jay cheats, hell I even buy into the conspiracy theory about the college student he was allegedly putting it to who turned up dead right before Blue was born, but I kinda think Beyonce was indeed pregnant or at least could have been regardless of the fact that she never “looked” properly pregnant to a lot of people, because I don’t either.

  19. greenmad says:

    This is crap, I don’t believe this, made up story, of course if they are both working hard far away they cannot spend all that time together. Beyonce and Jay Z are the only smart people in show business left.

  20. nikkie says:

    It’s pretty crappy that you cannot feel like a single parent if you have money. Obviously if you are worth millions of dollars you can’t be lonely, tired, or wish your (ex) spouse was around to spend time with their kid.

  21. Dorothy says:

    I don’t know, heard other things about this of late too…guess we’ll just have to see. Hope it’s not the case. I know the whole Chris and Gwennie thing is a factor and so are Kim and Kanye. Beyonce dumped Goopers months ago because of her mean girl behavior and selfishness and she is not thrilled about Kim or Kanye. Also, totally upset with Rhianna for continuing with Chris Brown, and that Jay refuses to step in about it. But, she is trying to be gracious and quiet aout it, because of her husband’s relationships with Chris, Kanye and Rhianna. Might be a little to much to ask of her if he isn’t doing much in return, especially with her work load and a baby too.