Does Scarlett Johansson deserve awards nominations for her voice work in ‘Her’?


Scarlett Johansson covers the December issue of Vogue Mexico. Thoughts on the cover? It’s striking, but it also feels like we’ve seen versions of this ScarJo a million times before. I was going to say something about how bleached-out she looks, but really… we’ve seen that look for ScarJo (and many others) a million times before as well. Still, it’s not an actively unpleasant cover at all. I like that she’s back to a dirty blonde and that her curves have returned.

Did you know that Scarlett might be on the awards circuit this year? Now that critics have seen Spike Jonze’s Her, some are trying to push Scarlett for a Best Supporting Actress nomination even though she never physically appears on screen. Her is that film with Joaquin Phoenix, where he falls in love for the Siri-like phone voice, which was voiced by ScarJo. Variety wrote a lengthy piece about what the major awards needs to consider ScarJo’s voice performance in Her you can read it here. Basically, the gist is that half the film is ScarJo talking to Joaquin and the other half is him reacting to her voice. ScarJo did win the Best Actress award at the Rome Film Festival last week too.

The weird part (which Variety mentions) is that it’s not like this is a new debate – critics and awards-watchers have been debating whether or not “voice actors” should be nominated for acting awards along with the actors who actually show their faces. There are several notable “voice acting” performances which were worthy of recognition in the past – think of Ellen DeGeneres in Finding Nemo, or Andy Serkis in Lord of the Rings. So will ScarJo be the voice actor to break the glass ceiling?

Oh, and she just turned 29 a few days ago. Happy belated b-day, Scar.


Photos courtesy of Vogue Mexico.

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  1. Eve says:

    All I know is that every review I’ve read so far praised Joaquin Phoenix’s performance. Even as a fan, and being certain he’s the best actor I’ve ever seen, I was surprised by how flattering they were.

  2. Jay2 says:

    She was really good in HER. It’s now one of my favorite films.

  3. Tessa says:

    That cover is GORGEOUS!
    Er, to the topic at hand… Most actors would probably say no; acting is about the performance of the body and the face, and the delivery of the lines is secondary to the delivery of the physical elements. I, for one, don’t care. It’s an acting award. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. People put a lot of importance into Oscars… far too much importance.

  4. jj says:

    I usually can’t stand her and her constant cheap sex appeal, but the trailer looks very interesting and it’s just her voice and not her bad acting. So I might give this one a go.

  5. feebee says:

    I dunno about this one. I definitely heard about enough squeals and other things from when certain male actors have voiced certain literature…. but I kind of agree that acting is not just about the voice. The physicality is so important. Then again if Anne Hathaway deserved an Oscar for 15 minutes of a 2hr+ movie then anything’s possible.

    A point about Andy Serkis… didn’t he effectively act also, just not the final product? I would argue the movements and facial expressions were essentially his behind the computerized persona. Otherwise all that time in a skin tight suit with whatevertheycallthem stuck all over him was a waste of time.

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      Yes, Gollum (and his other characters in different movies) was not only Serkis’s voice but also all the movements, gestures and face epressions which makes it one level higher than what Scarlett did. He is in a separate category with actors like Zoe Saldana in Avatar, Bill Nighy in The Pirates of the Caribbean or Benedict Cumberbatch in Hobbit who are in between the regular actors and the voice actors while Scarlett is simply a part of the latter group.

    • M.A.F. says:

      I agree with both feebee and Norman Bate’s Mother (great name btw). Those actors were in the studio acting it out not just in a recording studio for one day. Big difference.

  6. Luna says:

    Now I know why all my guy friends LOVE her. She’s stunning!

  7. truthful says:

    THIS looks good, thanks for uploading that..

    I’m a sucka for Phoenix, no matter what he is in.
    I feel like its gonna have me crying.

  8. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    No and while she looks good on the cover, still want to see models on the cover of fashion mags – sorry, but any Vogue or Elle cover from the 80s to mid 90s was better – this celebrity famewhoring by any means is grating – you mean Mexico lacks beautiful women that deserve a cover? It’s as though they have all become extensions of Hollywood marketing. I was looking at some photos on the net of one of my fav 80s models Yasmin Le Bon, and any of her covers from that era shuts down this overexposed girl.

  9. mk says:

    Nah. It may be the best she’s done, but her monotone anti emotion face doesn’t really translate to Oscar.

  10. IzzyB says:

    I’m in two minds about the film. The trailer makes it look a bit chick-flicky and sappy, but I don’t know anyhting about the film really.

    What do you think Celebitchers?

  11. Kathy says:

    They actually gave Scarlett the best actress award at the Rome Festival this month, but the Italian press got mad and accused the jury of injustice for preferring a voice only performance to other performances. So, as for her award chance in old fashioned America, I would say none. It’s just a PR stunt to get people curious to see this otherwise possibly hard to sell film, that’s all.

  12. aish says:

    the cover is beautiful and i love the concept and styling. even the colour used for Vogue matches the mood. and Scarlett looks good too. a bit disappointed cuz looking forward for a model to get another Vogue cover but this is really well done, so not much complain.

  13. shellybean says:

    Scarlett looks stunning in that cover photo. She is gorgeous.

  14. Claudia says:

    She’s really beautiful, especially in that shot where she’s facing forward. Yeah, I would switch for you, Scarlett ;) .

  15. jensies says:

    I don’t love the cover. . .it looks like she has no cheekbone.

    Also, the alternate cover looks like Amanda Seyfried, not ScarJo. . .they bleached her out too much, IMO.

  16. Ctkat1 says:

    Samantha Morton was the original voice- she was on set everyday, sitting in a small box so that she and Joaquin could interact together while filming. Then when filming ended, Spike Jonze started editing and realized that it wasn’t working. At that point he brought in ScarJo to re-record all of the dialogue in a sound booth, and then has Joaquin re-film a few scenes based on ScarJo’s voice. All of this was detailed in a magazine profile about Jonze.
    I don’t know if that makes what ScarJo did more or less “worthy”- you could argue that it was HER line readings that made the character work. Still don’t think she’ll get a major nom for it.

    • St says:

      I feel its more like poor Samantha Morton was thrown away and was replaced by famous actress Scarlett Johansson. For more promotion of the movie in media. Because obviously her name is more known and we see how it worked. Still it was unfair and very awful to other actress who was just thrown away. And here we are. And something tells me that no one at all would root for Samantha Morton to be nominated anywhere even if she would do amazing work. Because she is not blond pretty face who covers all magazines and was in Avengers.

      That’s why I hate even that idea. Because I’m sure they are hyping it only because Skarlett is famous actress. Its double standard.

  17. St says:

    She should not be nominated anywhere at all. They did not nominate Andy Serkis for Lord of The Rings and Planet of the Apes when people begged for it and he deserved it. But now someone wants to nominate Scarlett for voice work? This is ridiculous and wrong.

    Why? Because something tells me that if some unknown actress Jane Smithson would do voice for that movie and she would do great then no one AT ALL would even notice her and certainly no one would want to nominate her anywhere. But since it’s famous actress Scarlett Johansson then everyone want to hug her and nominate and suddenly she made such talented voice work… Right. When unknown actress would do the dame then no one would notice I’m sure. This is ridiculous.

    P.S. Also we didn’t see Eddie Murphy being nominated for Shrek.