Julia Roberts thinks Jennifer Lawrence is ‘too cool’ to be America’s Sweetheart


As I said in the earlier THR Actress Roundtable post, I was surprised that Julia Roberts hasn’t been a bigger tool in interviews. Don’t get me wrong, she had some subtle shade for Amy Adams during the roundtable and Julia was annoying in general, but I was surprised that she didn’t completely dominate the conversation and make it into The Julia Show: Julia Talks About JULIA Because No One Else Matters. Fortunately for us, it’s a long awards season and there are many interviews to choose from. Julia sat down with MTV’s Josh Horowitz to promote August: Osage County and Josh asked her about “the newest member” of the America’s Sweetheart Club, Jennifer Lawrence. Julia’s reaction is… amazing.

Vanity Fair declares: “Seriously, this 67-second video should be nominated for its own Oscar for best Live-Action Short. American Studies majors will no doubt be studying it for decades to come.” SERIOUSLY. I come from a place of “Julia Roberts will always try to out-alpha-dog everyone” so my interpretation is that Julia was shading Jennifer Lawrence. But it’s not like Julia was going out of her way to take someone down – this is almost a lazy shade, like, Julia is just tossing out the idea that Jennifer Lawrence wouldn’t belong in the America’s Sweetheart Club because J-Law is too “edgy” and “cool” to be in the club. My read is “Julia is patronizing the very idea of a 23-year-old Oscar winner who is generally adored by the public.” Because it’s all about JULIA. But… I’m open to other interpretations. Have at it.



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  1. LadySlippers says:

    I thought Julia was being quite cheeky here. I liked it.

  2. Liv says:

    So a prostitute is a better choice to be America’s Sweetheart? Haha!

  3. Kiddo says:

    I’m not feeling shade at Lawrence. I think she’s shading the idea of “America’s Sweetheart”.

  4. Anna says:


  5. Kelly says:

    I think it was more awkward than anything. There’s always tomorrow though.

  6. ali says:

    Before the stans come I will say go Julia!!! Not everyone is drinking the Kool-aid and not everyone thinks Jennifer is the second coming!

    • pepper says:

      I am with you! JenLaw is boring. Her latest interview with David Letterman was annoying and was ridiculous with her constant body functional jokes and her being smothered in that stupid blanket.
      She is over doing the whole “wholesome” routine.

    • kennedy says:

      You don’t have to drink the koolaid to realize that JRob just has a tendency to be a huge bitch. She’s the quintessential mean-girl, who has yet to come off her Julia Mountain. She’s in no way more talented or successful than JLaw. And I say this as a fan of both JRob and JLaw. Also, can we make JRob happen?

      • IrishGirl says:

        @Kennedy: I completely agree!!. ,I don’t sense shade so much as, this intsrview is about ME!…ME!…ME!!!!!!. Roberts might have bristled a little because she now has to acknowledge the 23 year old actress who has more talent and acclaim than Roberts ever did, ever will. Having said that, I still don’t see shade.

    • Megan says:

      I don’t like J Law either, and I am sorry she didn’t deserve that Oscar. Neither did Jessica, but Jennifer had Harvey behind her not talent. Don’t get me wrong she is talented, but she really isn’t all that.

      • angie says:

        you sound contradictory here *rolls eyes*
        you say she got the oscar because of Harvey not because of her talent and then, in another sentence you say she is talented but not all that
        so which is it? lol
        and people seem to forget that she got her first oscar nomination at 20 yrs old by doing a little indie movie called winter’s bones . this movie was made for 2 million only and not backed by a major studio or Harvery Weinstein and she got raves for her performance so yeah, the she is untalented and only got the oscar because of Harvey when she already had critical acclaim before Harvey is just pure disillusionment , many actresses like Julia Roberts, Merryl Streep, Michelle Williams, Kate Winslet work with Weinstein Company in the past and even got tons of Oscar nominations and wins but I never heard any accusations of them sleeping their way through or their talent being discredited just because they work with Harvey Weinstein, i find this really hypocritical of certain people
        It is known as a worldwide fact that Harvey Weinstein knows how to mount an oscar campaign for his movies, he can’t do it if nobody follows through, if the critics,actors, producers etc did not in fact think Jennifer Lawrence is talented jmo

      • Nik says:

        @Angie, no one has time to read that essay you wrote. I stopped after your first sentence. But you can be talented and still not deserving an Oscar win for a performance. I thought that was common sense, but I guess not.

      • Debbie says:

        @Nik: Since you were too busy spitting on Angie to mount a substantive reply, I’ll merely put forward that your description perfectly describes Julia Roberts and “Erin Brockovich”.

      • Debbie says:

        Except without the “talented” part so much.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I’m not a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. She’s a talented actress, but I don’t think she was the best woman nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 and I get tired of her being promoted as being everyone’s designated BFF.

      But Julia Roberts is famous for being catty and aggressive, and this is typical Julia behavior.

  7. Megan says:

    Ehhh, I wasn’t feeling the shade here. I agree that she was being cheeky more than anything else. She’s always said she thinks the idea of ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is stupid and she doesn’t even know what that means.

    • V4Real says:

      But didn’t she say that after they stopped calling her America’s Sweetheart and the title went to Sandra Bullock.

      That being said I don’t think she was throwing shade. She wasn’t the one who mentioned JLaw; it was the interviewer and she gave a light hearted response.

  8. Hannah says:

    I think she’s actually fairly tolerable in this clip…

  9. bns says:

    I don’t even like Jennifer Lawrence, but shut up, Julia.

  10. Anna says:

    Oh I am feeling the shade, starting with ‘how many of us are there?’ I bet if she was given the full list (SandyB, 90s Meg Ryan, …who else?) she’d find something ‘complementary’ yet disqualifying to say about all the ladies. She is almost visibly bristling at the idea of sharing the title with some newbie – who also beat her to the Best Actress Oscar by what, more than a decade?!

  11. Satiah says:

    My shade detector didn’t go off. I think Julia is just being her bitter, old, sarcastic self. I feel bad for the staff who works for her on her ‘organic’ farm. I bet she abuses them all!

  12. Mimi says:

    Not to change the subject but WHT to Emma Stone. Two years ago she was going to be the new It girl and now she disappeared. JLaw stole her thunder more than she stole Kristen Stewart’s.

  13. Krista says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel the shade pouring out from Julia in WAVES. I personally like J Law and find her to be genuine but I also know that not everyone shares this opinion (ahem, Julia Roberts). I think Julia believes that J Law doesn’t belong in the Americas Sweetheart Club because J Law doesn’t care that much about it anyway.

  14. Athena says:

    There’s no shade…Christ almighty (LOL!)…Roberts was poking fun at the whole America’s Sweetheart thing which always seemed to make her roll her eyes. Her response was, “I think she’s fabulous, but too cool to be America’s sweetheart”. That’s not shade, that’s poking fun at the whole idea of being an American sweetheart. I don’t see what’s so “amazing” about Robert’s response.

  15. OlyB says:

    I know I’m suppose to hate Julia, but I love her. And I love this interview. I hate when smarmy young interviewers try to shoehorn screen legends into being all “Oh yah, sure, I’m that thing you’re saying” and flip it back at them with awkward gusto. Which Julia does here with gusto. Not only does she cash out on being a “sweetheart” herself but she indicates that JLaw is a hell of a lot more than that. Team Julia on this one.

  16. Athena says:

    @OLYB: Yes!, this exactly. The whole America’s sweetheart thing is a media construct. Roberts seemed to be indicating that the title is silly and that it does not apply to either Jennifer Lawrence or herself. I think as well, that Roberts was implying that Jennifer Lawrence is so much more than that.

  17. Harryg says:

    BTW, I think “August: Osage County” is the worst title ever!

  18. truthful says:

    I so feel the subtle shade…and for her to give a supposed “playful” reason why she CANNOT be, is the shade.

    Julia is a piece of work, smdh.

  19. Tiffany :) says:

    The idea of “America’s Sweetheart” is such a 80s/90s ideal. It doesn’t exist now because Rom-Coms are in hospice. They are making very few because women do NOT go see them. What few they do end up making aren’t successful.

    No one is going to be the next “America’s Sweetheart” because it came from the stock protagonist female in rom-coms. Now, the role of leading female is one who can do indies and blockbusters (aka character films and action films).

  20. Athena says:

    @Tiffany:) : +1,000,000. Also, love the “romcoms are in hospice”…LOL!.

  21. stinky says:

    jennifer got to cut HER hair.
    julia couldnt .

  22. Lisa says:

    I really care about what Julia Roberts has to say…

  23. Sarah M. says:

    This is ridiculous. It was a stupid question and her response was obviously tongue in cheek. She thinks the America’s Sweetheart title is bullsh*t and she’s saying that Jennifer Lawrence is too cool for that label.

  24. feebee says:

    Jennifer Lawrence IS too cool to be America’s Sweetheart, because we know this is who she is. If America had known the reality of other Sweethearts maybe the title would just stay vacant. We know now that Julia and Reese were too bitchy to be AS and Bullock just too awesome.

  25. Nikita says:

    I think julia was cool and god i love her laugh, none of the socalled sweethearts has such a great laugh like her. Shes still julia, the one. I forgive her if shes sometimes a bitch. We are all sometimes no holy angels ;-)

  26. shellybean says:

    I seriously hate that Jennifer Lopez, once upon a time, renamed herself JLo. Now, instead of typing a person’s full name, we have JLaw, ScarJo, KStew, LiLo, etc., etc., and now evidently JRob. Just no.

  27. witchhouse says:

    god, is english even your native language? how can someone misunderstand “she’s fabulous but she’s too cool to be an american sweetheart” be thought of as shade.

  28. Atticus says:

    Interesting that she says her card expired and she wasn’t issued a new one. I can’t find it but I definitely remember Meg Ryan saying something similar about how she was no longer America’s Sweetheart now that – and now I can’t remember who she said replaced her…Sandra Bullock perhaps?

    Haven’t been a fan of Julia’s since the whole A Low Vera thing, but I don’t think she’s snarking on Jennifer Lawrence here. I agree with the other commenters who interpret it as more a swat at the whole concept of America’s Sweetheart and the romcom genre – of which, Jennifer Lawrence has never been a member. So, Julia’s right!

  29. Thiajoka says:

    Nah, she wasn’t shading JLaw–she was shading the whole “America’s Sweetheart” genre, with just a little bit of “I’m kind of a has-been in that regard” thrown in. I don’t like her, but fair is fair–she wasn’t shading here.

  30. Lark says:

    I don’t think Julia is shading Jennifer at all…If VF is trying to pull something with that snippet of a video, they are just desperate for hits….That said I sometimes forget how much charisma Julia has…She just has a gigantic presence. It’s interesting to think in this day of social media and celebrity blogs and when a celebrity’s persona matters more, that Julia probably would have had some sort of damage to her career with her past shenanigans…..Back then, it seemed like it was more about the performance and the quality of the film than the “star”….Anyway, there are very few stars that have that “it” factor. Also, I find the America’s Sweetheart thing to be kind of weird…We don’t pigeon-hole men into that box.

  31. Jo March says:

    somebody should be fired for that red dress. No one could look good in that.