Elisabeth Hasselbeck is pregnant

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“The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck has revealed that she and husband Tim are expecting their third child. Elisabeth is due in August, she announced on Thursday’s broadcast of “The View.” So far, the TV host is feeling healthy except for a little bit of morning sickness and fatigue. Apparently, the nausea she was experiencing post-election and during the inauguration was not due to her outrage that her best buddies, John McCain and Palin, weren’t elected – it was because she was knocked up. Go figure!

Hot topic: Elisabeth Hasselbeck are her husband Tim are expecting their third child.

On Thursday’s The View, Hasselbeck, 31, announced the happy news and revealed that she is due in August.

“We were thoroughly happy with the surprise of it,” she said. “I didn’t even know for two months — I was walking around — I thought I had — I kept saying, ‘Electionitis, electionitis.’

She said she felt sick while attending the inauguration earlier this month.

“I was tired, I was nauseous, I thought I was worn out from the whole procedure,” she went on. “No. I was knocked up and didn’t realize it.”

Hasselbeck and her husband Tim have two children: Grace, 3, and Taylor, 1.

[From Us Weekly]

This could be good and bad news. On the down side, viewers are going to be subjected to every gory detail of the pregnancy from now until August. It’s gong to be like Kathie Lee Gifford all over again. But then there’s the good news: she will no doubt be taking a maternity leave, which means at least six weeks of guest hosts. Hooray! Unless, of course, the producers at “The View” want to find someone equally as obnoxious, like Ann Coulter, to replace her. But what do I care- I never watch this piece of crap show anyway. All the women, with the exception of Whoopi, make me want to stick sharp objects in my ears.

Anyway – congratulations to the family on their impending new addition.

Here’s Hasselbeck, along with Glenn Close and “View” co-star Joy Behar, at a NY Times event in September 2008. Photo credit: WENN.

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  1. KDRockstar says:

    This post made me laugh, MSat. At least you’re objective. ;-)

    I would rather go through childbirth again than watch that show. The only person I care for is Whoopie, and I think she knows she’s on a sinking ship.

  2. Hambone says:

    I wish someone would ask her if she is going to have an abortion.

  3. Syko says:

    Again? Don’t they know yet what’s causing it?

  4. L says:

    Talk about obnoxious, this post is.

  5. vdantev says:

    And it is written that Satan will lay down and beget a son of mortal woman…

  6. Mairead says:

    Simon looks as thoroughly shocked as you do Syko! *wink*

    “We were thoroughly happy with the surprise of it,” she said. “I didn’t even know for two months — I was walking around — I thought I had — I kept saying, ‘Electionitis, electionitis.’

    She makes it too easy doesn’t she… if it wasn’t a surprise would they have been thoroughly unhappy?

    I could go on, but I won’t. I must say, those teeth are so perfect, they’re unreal!

  7. MissMara says:


    MSat, sorry if I missed anything, but you were pregnant, too, weren’t you? Isn’t your due date fast approaching?

  8. MSat says:

    Yes – I’m due next Friday! I’m ready to have this child NOW.

  9. daisy424 says:

    MSat, hang in there girl!
    @Syko, priceless!!

  10. Nouvel says:

    vdantev, I can’t top that one.. well said !!!

    SHE IS A PSYCHO !!!!!!! poor baby !!

  11. aleach says:

    so i’m guessing if its a girl-sarah, of course! and for a boy…maverick.

  12. MissMara says:

    I know the feeling, MSat, my due date’s in 2 weeks… Still trying to finish my work and get some rest before hell breaks loose all over again… :D

    I’ll be checking on you! Good luck, enjoy! ;-)

  13. Bodhi says:

    lol @ Syko! & Congrats MSat!

  14. SeVen says:

    Congrats MSat. On the other hand, in a perfect world that baby belongs to John McCain, will be named Sarah Palin McCain Hassleback and will be the “god”son of Ann Coulter. Meh, words cant describe my loathing for this woman. poor kid indeed.

  15. Syko says:

    Those last few weeks are the pits, aren’t they, my fertile friends? Good luck to you and be sure to post a birth announcement and maybe links to pictures after the birthdays take place!

  16. NotBlonde says:

    Congrats MSat and MissMara! Hope you have lovely, healthy bouncing baby girls/boys. :)

  17. Cinderella says:

    Three kids, wow. I won’t even try to imagine what she’s like in the bedroom.


  18. Mairead says:

    Congrats MSat and MissMara.

    Don’t worry – your feet are still there. And you’re wearing matching shoes and/or socks. Honest! *crosses fingers*

    Best of luck with the respective (trouble-free and minimum soreness) births.

  19. lrm says:

    whoopie annoys the c*ap out of me,as well. C’mon-she’s so self-righteous and politically correct….

  20. Zoe says:

    Yay MSat and MissMara, hang in there, it’ll all be a blur very soon! How sweet! Good luck!

    @aleach, great names, I’ll bet you’re right. Just so long as it ain’t Joe (as in “the plumber”) or Rush as in “where did that farty Rush of hot air just come from?”

    Do you think she dropped the oops bomb to appease her Christian following? “we believe that condoms are the devil’s party baloons, so we just never know when I might get “knocked up” oopsie! YARF.

  21. The Old KC says:

    I have a theory (which may not be anything new – I bet others have thought of this too) that Ann Coulter is secretly a liberal who is posing as the most ignorant, hateful, spiteful, witch of a conservative for the sole purpose of trying to turn people against conservatives. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, on the other hand, is just a twit. I really liked her when she hosted that style show on E! I think it was – I watched it the whole time I was on maternity leave and I thought she was adorable. Wish she had stuck with material that was more her level.

  22. theresa says:

    ick. i just dont’ get why she’s on a show… how do you go from being on survivor to being on the view? whatever!

  23. barneslr says:

    Why are there so many hateful people on this board? Why can’t you just not like someone without declaring that they must be evil and stupid? Honestly, it makes you look ignorant to think that your point of view is the only possible valid one.

  24. vdantev says:

    Why can’t you just not like someone without declaring that they must be evil and stupid?

    Because it’s human nature to separate ourselves from what we truly dislike in the strongest possible words since we can’t do so physically. Read a book.

  25. Ter says:

    Interesting that it is ok for Angie to breed like a rabbit but not this woman. Just like it ok for Keith Oberman to be a flame thrower and arrogant s.o.b. like no other but O’Reilly is Satan incarnate for doing the same.

  26. vdantev says:

    Interesting that it is ok for Angie to breed like a rabbit but not this woman.

    No one said that, quit projecting. Interjecting your political sense doesn’t earn you high marks either. AJ’s habit of collecting children to prove she’s the better parent to her father is one of her personal flaws, I find.

  27. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    May all of her kids grow up to be liberal Democrats. Vocal liberal Democrats. Who run for and win office.

    She’s a freaking idiot. But like you said in the OP, what do I care? I don’t watch the show anyway, mostly because of her vapid self.

  28. Blah blah blah says:

    The bridge of her nose is just so WIDE in the space between her eyes. Yes, a stupid and unnecessary comment, but it bugs me.

  29. E.D. Davis says:

    Saw Elisabeth on another talk show recently. She was the wearing the same dress as Carrie Underwood does in her recent video. Carrie looked 200 times better in said dress!
    Now Elisabeth is pregnant Again. Geez, is she trying to keep up with Kelly Ripa or with the octumom??!! I am truly begining to believe Elsabeth is addicted to being pregnant. Or perhaps her hubby is gone too long playing ball and pathetic Elisabeth just needs something to make people take notice of her also. She is only a wealthy, self-centered republican. Many of us (NOW) working poor Mother’s detest you and your selfishness, Elisabeth.
    Be assured – what goes around truly does come back around. You will get yours and not one of us will ever pity you.