Guy suing Jessica Simpson says her weight gain is “karma”

Jessica Simpson has been tangled up in a $10 million lawsuit for over a year. She was paid $1 million by Speedfit, a workout company, to promote their exercise system. However Jess showed up to the shoot drunk (according to MSNBC), and Joe Simpson has done everything he could to make the video go away, including preventing its release. Now Speedfit owner Alex Astilean says Jessica’s recent weight gain is karma, as a result of Simpson pulling out of her contract and dragging out the lawsuit.

An exercise video featuring Jessica Simpson and produced by workout company Speedfit was leaked to the Internet Jan. 27 by Speedfit owner Alex Astilean. The video’s since been taken off YouTube, and Astilean is seething.

“This is a vendetta between me and (Jessica’s father) Joe Simpson,” Astilean said.

In 2007, Astilean sued Jessica Simpson for $10 million after she prevented the release of the video. Astilean says he paid Simpson a million dollars for her participation, and that she injured “millions of fat people” by not allowing its release.

The case has lingered on so long, Astilean says he can no longer afford an attorney and will have to represent himself.

“I have a conference call with the judge on Feb. 5 and I will have to tell the judge that my house is being foreclosed on, I cannot afford an attorney,” says Astilean. “But look at the pictures of her — karma has hunted Jessica to the ground and she knows it.”

[From MSNBC]

I don’t think weight gain is necessarily karma, but I do think this story shows just how unfair and manipulative Joe Simpson is. Jessica definitely came across as a moron in the little snippets of the Speedfit video, but not more than usual. And if she came to work drunk, that was her own fault. She also pocketed the $1 million, even though Joe Simpson has prevented the tape from being released. How unfair is that?

Here’s Jessica Simpson performing at the 99.9 KISS 24th Annual Chili Cook Off inPembroke Pines, Florida on Sunday. Images thanks to WENN.

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38 Responses to “Guy suing Jessica Simpson says her weight gain is “karma””

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  1. lola says:

    karma. So being something more than a size 2 is something bad people bring on themselves?

    Nice job A-hole getting people to buy your s8ty exercise equipment NOW.

  2. aviela says:

    uh i don;t know about you if I had a figure like the one she has now I’d be very happy and so would my boyfriend. She looked too thin before no curves.. now she looks like a curvy woman and not some skinny ratlike pre-pubescent boy/ girl thing.

    cut the girl some slack. not everyone in Hollywood should have to look like some starving lollipop with a head.

  3. Murmur says:

    I agree with Jaybird. This is about her father being a total d-bag

  4. guest says:

    shame on them for bankrupting this man’s life.

  5. Jenna says:

    Ew. I would not be around her while I am drinking. The way she laughed in that video would make me punch her and her sister in their noses.

  6. boomchakaboom says:

    She pocketed a million bucks for worthless work and that makes her wrong, wrong, wrong.

  7. guest says:

    she was in incredible shape in that video. not uber skinny and not overweight either. just healthy.

  8. aleach says:

    I cant beleive the things I am reading/watching about “jumbo Jessica”. It makes me really sad. So shes not a size 0, well, most woman arent.

  9. Yadira says:

    I don’t think she is fat? Maybe I am confused but she looks healthy now and curvy. She just made a horrible choice by wearing those ugly camel toe giving jeans.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, when the photographer gets on the ground and starts shooting pics of your butt, that’s when you stop singing, turn around and kick him.

    But I’m disappointed… I thought this was the guy to call Jess “pear-shaped”? Didn’t someone call her that recently?

  11. NotBlonde says:

    She looks great in the video. I don’t think it’s her fault though. Her dad is a world class assclown and everyone knows it.

    And yea, gaining a bunch of weight really quickly is a bad thing.

  12. Jag says:

    Wow, I want her legs from the video. lol She looks fantastic there. She looks normal in the latest pictures…

  13. 99 says:

    If that is fat then I give up forever. Throwing out the perfect-gym and Heading for the cupcakes immediately.

  14. Syko says:

    Personally, I would kill to be as fat as she is. I think she looks great.

    I’ve always thought karma was punishment for something done in a past life. So I guess Jessica must have made fun of fat girls when she was Queen of England in 1542, or something.

  15. Cinderella says:

    Okay, he hired Jessica Simpson. What was he expecting?

    Second, did he not write a solid, enforceable contract? It must be lacking somewhere if Papa Joe is able to block the video’s release.

  16. xiaoecho says:

    Cant watch the video ’cause it says it can’t be played from this website???????????

  17. Lauren says:

    Sure she’s put on a little weight, but she still looks fine. Apparently being anything other than rail thin makes you a fatass now. Her father is a manipulative douche.

  18. MhjmC says:

    Funny .. if she’s fat .. what do they call the rest of us who are not in the size range of 0-8???
    I think her dads a jerk, but if they won’t allow the release of the video than the money should be returned, that would be fair. She is in breach of contract for holding up distribution. I’m not sure I’d of bought a workout video with Jessica’s name on it, the company should’ve went with someone better.

  19. Nony says:

    Can I sign on for being as fat as she is please?

  20. CiCi says:

    actually, that picture there is the most flattering of the bunch, and she IS overweight in the other pics.

    you don’t have to be 0-8, but we all know what JS looked like before. and come on – it’s not like she was a lollipop stick celeb before and needed to put on a few. she was normal and looked great, now she looks overweight.

  21. Elle says:

    Wow…I just typed this long tirade about how wrong it is for Simpson is for taking the money. Then I thought about it. I don’t know the whole story. The product is called Speedfit. Really? Because every quick fix I ever bought in my life (and there have been a few) was a f#%*ing rip-off. And of course as a frequent visitor to this and other gossip sites I know that the big money is often in getting the unattractive shot (see above post), or better yet, video! Could it be that the producer set this up to make Simpson look ridculous (I know…the irony)? I’ve got a compromise: maybe Jessica (Joe) could return the cash in exchange for the rights, and all copies of the video, with explicit penalties for violating agreement. Seems fair.

  22. says:

    it bothers me when people misuse the term karma…karma isn’t something that “happens” in the same lifetime. it’s about reincarnation and your next life.

  23. Mike12 says:

    I was at the supermarket today and you can definitley tell which magazines Papa Joe is in good with and who he’s burned bridges with, comparing People to US Weekly. Part of the raeson she has such a negative image is that her handlers are incompotent as his feud with this company shows.

  24. Annie says:

    Man. I just gotta say, looking and laughing at that picture never gets old.

  25. vdantev says:

    He’s another person I’d like to strangle who assumes everything bad that happens to you is somehow karma. The system is much more complicated than good stuff- bad stuff.

    and he’s suing Joe principally, not just Jessica.

  26. elisha says:

    The first problem is that she dresses like a tall person. This itchb is like, what, 5’3″? You have to be at least 5’10″ to pull off the high-waists.

  27. elisha says:

    Also, she has no ass no matter how fat she gets. You can tell in the side view from her other fat pics. Flat asses are also a no-no for the high-waisteds.

  28. Kati says:

    I think it’s just her outfit that makes her look so bad.

  29. Ophelia says:

    Elisha, great point, because high waisted pants do have to be on someone taller. I’m 5’8 and I can barely make them work. I have no ass at all though, lol.

    Also, I have no idea what shape body JS has, but sometimes it’s just hard to find the right clothes. I’m an hourglass, and OMG nothing works. I’m long legged and long waisted. Most clothes look awful on me. But then again I don’t have access to a personal stylist like she must :P
    I still think the focus on her weight is nuts! She’s got a great figure, she just should have consulted someone..anyone.. to tell her not to wear that outfit!
    And to those of you that think it’s funny how everyone is making fun of her, how would you feel in that situation? It sucks to get made fun of, no matter how famous you are. Nobody deserves that, grow the f*ck up!

  30. t says:

    Elle, I like your idea about the Simpsons giving back the money they took from the Speedfit guy.

    I feel bad for him getting ripped off by the Simpsons. Joe seems so snaky…I think I remember at least a couple stories about them being sued for breach of contract in the past.

    As far as the attention Jessica’s gotten for the weight gain, I don’t feel bad for her at all…when you live by your daisy dukes, you die by your daisy dukes.

  31. Diva says:

    Wouldn’t Jessica have been paid for the WORK she did for the company? She did the work, the video was finished, she got paid.

    The issue is completely with her management, and what THEY (well, HE, being her management is her father) was paid. That’s what this should be about, the Speedfit company and Joe Simpson, manager.

  32. Keekee says:

    Why is Jessica even doing these goofy jobs? Isn’t she trying to become a serious singer or something?

    As for Joe, he should return the money and Jessica should fire his @$$. The guy is just creepy.

  33. t says:

    The Miami Herald has an interview with the Speedfit guy. He goes into more detail about what it was like to do business with Joe…

  34. NotBlonde says:

    Can we stop with the extremes? There are millions of people in the US who are between “rail thin” and “fat”. I know because I’m one of them.

  35. len_mo says:

    I agree with lola. Being a size 8 is definietly not faith’s punishment. I’m not a Jessica Simpson fan but if it wasn’t for that outfit she’d still look hot. Living proof that if u got the looks, it doesn’t matter if u go from a 2 to an 8

  36. Mike12 says:

    I almost wonder if she intentionally wore that outfit in order to get her some attention since her movie and music career is going pretty rough and with Tony’s stock falling because of his and his team’s choke she probably figures she’ll get less publicity from that.

  37. Codzilla says:

    t: Thanks for the link. Joe Simpson is such a piece of shit it’s unreal. He gets creepier every year.