Amy Fisher: My kids are my life, pr0n is my business


You know the old idiom, “Porn stars can’t be good mommies?” Yeah, that’s a saying. Or at least I’m making it one. It strikes me as relatively good conventional wisdom. Anyway, Amy Fisher has turned all that on its head. Or she’s trying to. Amy says she can do professional porn – and strip at clubs – and still be a good mom. How? Well she conveniently divides up her business and family life, and says the porn is just her career, and has nothing to do with her ability to bundle her kid up in a onesie.

Sixteen years after she shot her lover Joey Buttafuoco’s wife, Mary Jo, in the head with a .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol, the Long Island Lolita is making headlines again. Amy Fisher, now 34, recently launched a career as a Pay-Per-View porn star and an exotic dancer, performing at strip clubs along the East Coast. Amy, who is married to her agent, Lou Bellera, 56, and has three children, Brett, 8, Ava, 4, and a 3-month-old boy, spoke exclusively to In Touch about her controversial new career and how she’s changed after spending seven years in prison for assaulting Mary Jo. “I’ve been through so much,” Amy says. “It’s time to have fun in my life.”

Why did you decide to get into porn?

I’m doing it for me, to have a good time. As long as you don’t mind taking your clothes off, it’s great.

How do you reconcile doing porn with raising kids?

Whatever I do in my private life is my private life. When I come home at night, I have my family. The kids are my whole life — this is my business. I give 100 percent to my kids and husband.

You gave birth three months ago. How did you get back in shape?

I work out two to three hours a day. I do a half-hour of cardio and weights for the rest of the time. My body looks great — I look phenomenal.

Do you think the public will ever change their perception of you?

I’m the Long Island Lolita who has always been known for a sex scandal. I’m not a criminal. I did something stupid in high school. I’m an adult now and I grew up. I think people are sick of hearing about it. It’s been [almost] 20 years – I’ve moved on.

[From Best Week Ever]

What a handy way to compartmentalize your life so you can do whatever the hell you want and never have to question it. Amy Fisher could rationalize smoking crack in front of her kids if she tried hard enough. For her sake, I hope her quote about how “people are sick of hearing about it,” isn’t true, since her notoriety is exactly what she’s basing her porn career on. From photos, she does appear to be in good shape, though I would never have said her face looks phenomenal. She’s certainly no better looking than most of the other women in porn. People aren’t paying for her movies because she’s the hottest woman out there; they’re paying for them because she’s Amy Fisher. End of story.

It’s really not my place to say that a woman shouldn’t be doing porn because she has kids. Ultimately that’s her decision. But you can’t help but worry about what’s going to happen when her kids come home asking questions because little Timmy told them at recess that their mom gets naked and sucks things on camera. Pamela Anderson said she recently had to explain about her infamous sex tape to her sons. That’s an experience I think most parents would like to avoid.

Here’s Amy Fisher with husband/manager/sex tape co-star Louie Bellera at her sex tape release party celebrating it being the number 1 porn video in the nation on January 4th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Yadira says:

    This girl has always seemed like a lost soul and having kids isn’t going to her her find a purpose.

  2. Yadira says:

    I meant help her find a purpose in life….sorry edit didn’t work and my spelling sucks

  3. lazydaisy says:

    Wait–Did she say she’s NOT a criminal?!? Um…maybe seven years wasn’t quite enough time for Ms. Fisher to adequately brush up on her vocabulary and definitions. Cause I’m pretty certain that SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE HEAD would classify you as just that. A criminal. But I guess delusions are the only thing that keeps this girl feeling righteous.

  4. Baholicious says:

    “…Assaulting Mary Jo.” Is this what they’re calling attempted murder now?

    This amoral skank and her guido pimp husband need to just slither back under their rock. I feel sorry for her kids.

  5. hmm says:

    I love how she says that her kids are everything and then casually mentions that she works out for hours a day. And oh yeah, she’s doing porn. Don’t those kids have enough to live down with her infamy but now they have to deal with a porn star mom in the internet age. Ouch.

  6. Baholicious says:

    Oh but lazydaisy, she had her pretty innocent little head all twisted around by a Bad Man. Poor little Amy – as if. She was a teenage prostitute at the time of the affair and shooting as well as an all-around nasty little piece of work.

  7. Terri says:

    I like how she says she’s not a criminal. She shoots someone in the head and serves time in prison for it, yet she’s not a criminal. LOL

  8. audrey says:

    well, she does have the porn-star eyebrows

  9. audrey says:

    maybe i meant drag queen eyebrows.

  10. Roma says:

    I love how her husband filmed them having sex and then sold the tape without her knowledge, and yet she’s claiming p0rn as being “her decision”. So what, you got shamed by your douchebag husband and then decided to roll with it?

  11. Baholicious says:

    …and her peelercure Audrey, don’t forget that.

  12. audrey says:

    Baholicious —-afraid to ask, but what is a “peelercure”?

  13. Cletus says:

    who would pay to watch amy fisher take her herpes for a walk? GROSS.

  14. Baholicious says:

    No problem Audrey – another name for a stripper is ‘peeler’ so when combined with manicure, voila! ‘Peelercure’

  15. audrey says:

    not even urban dictionary had that one!

  16. gg says:

    Her skeezy husband is making my flesh crawl. Love how he’s modeling his ill-begotten jewelry for the camera.
    “Hay I don’t do nuthin an’ I git alla dis spensive joory.”

    Small d!ck mother4ucker.

  17. Cha Cha says:

    I remember a few years back when she was on Oprah pretending she turned over a new leaf and acted all wholesome and put together. I bet Oprah is feeling pretty stupid now for inviting her on her show. And a 2-3 hour workout daily would produce much better results than that.

    She’s so full of shite.

  18. vdantev says:

    What other industry would take in someone who did time for attempted murder?

  19. ChristinaX says:

    I heard that she “publicly” apologized to Mary Butafuoco and then turned around and started shooting her mouth off in an interview about how it wasn’t a “big deal”, that Mary Joe Butafuoco was being overdramatic.

    Ugh, whatever.

    She looks like a typical pornstar too. Exaggerated eyebrows, the manicure, the tan, and the racoon eye makeup.

  20. cara says:

    I don’t know…I’m more comfortable with an older woman getting into porn as opposed to a young newbie. A young newbie can and will get taken advantage of and will most likely loose sight of herself, whereas The LI Lolita is already well formed of who she is and is very aware, or at least should be, of the consequences for what she is doing. I’m thinking this was a well thought out plan. We can’t choose our parents and I think it’s unfair for us to judge her love and/or parenting skills. There could very well be some(parents), from here included, who are home, sitting in fromt of the computer screen, being complete asses, ignoring their kids all day, forcing them to live in filth. Or one may be a Pastor of a church, only to go home and violate their kids….so can we really judge???

  21. aleach says:

    gg- i literally laughed out loud at your post. i am just imaging him talking like that…you silly!

  22. Codzilla says:

    gg: God, you crack me up.

    And I’d like to add that her husband’s shirt is almost as repulsive as he is.

  23. serge says:

    I need to be in Porno Film With you!
    Comment me up! I Love you!