“Prince William looked fantastic in his Royal Air Force uniform” links


Prince William looks great in his black Royal Air Force uniform. [A Socialite Life]
Lady Gaga is a human Christmas tree, of course. [Buzzfeed]
More photos of Brangelina & the kids. [LaineyGossip]
Ariana Grande throws shade at Selena Gomez. [Dlisted]
Everybody loves Inside Lleyyn Davis. [Pajiba]
Coat p0rn: Gwen Stefani wins, I think. [Go Fug Yourself]
Aaron Ralston was arrested for domestic violence. [CDAN]
Drew Lachey talks fatherhood. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Padma Lakshmi’s bikini body is insane. [The Blemish]
Megan Fox is a cute pregnant girl, again. [Popoholic]
Meredith Baxter married her longtime girlfriend. [Wonderwall]
Who is Evelyn Lozada’s baby-daddy? [Starcasm]
Is anyone watching Shahs of Sunset? [Reality Tea]
I just don’t think blonde suits Selma Blair. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Justin Bieber can’t be alone. [Celebslam]



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  1. bluhare says:

    I’ve always thought William’s hot in a uniform. He even looked good in the bear skin hat.

  2. Harriet says:

    It’s the hat. It hides the bald spot. But yeah guys in uniforms…nice!

  3. Babalon says:

    I think Ralston’s first name is spelled, ‘Aron.’

    Also, he’s a douche.

  4. Side-Eye says:

    Well, it’s not like Ariana was wrong- -Selena can’t sing for shit. (or act, for that matter)

  5. LifeonQueen says:

    HRH looks very nice but that is not a Royal Air Force uniform; the Duke of Cambridge is wearing his uniform as Colonel of the Regiment of the Irish Guards.

  6. Jillar says:

    Re: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    Who takes 6 little kids out on a boat and doesn’t pop for life jackets? Between this type of neglect and their appalling diet, these children will be lucky to make it to adulthood.

  7. grace d says:

    Looks fantastic?? Yeah, that’s easy when his head and a good portion of his face is covered and he isn’t showing his yellow beaver teeth.

  8. yvette says:

    Bill Middleton looks 40+ on a good day and is a complete bore to boot. Harry on the other hand is easy on the eyes, interesting and seems to have a solid work ethic.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Plus he’s cheeky and naughty! That’s half his appeal for me right there. I don’t think that Harry is really anything special in the looks department–he looks (ironically enough) like an all American, gingery, man. He’s not exotic in looks–he’s ordinarily handsome.

      BUT it’s his grin. Or how he calls the Queen ‘granny’ with a little smirk. Or how he actually looks like he’s enjoying himself when he plays with kids (during charity events). Or how he looks like he cares about the suffering of others, and shows it not just in how he speaks, but he puts his time into it. He looks like a caring, compassionate, FUN guy.

      That’s what makes me want to have ginger babies with him. Not necessarily his looks.

      And Harry (you cheeky, naughty, gingery thing) should know that I am half irish–so ginger babies might be possible ;)

  9. melior says:

    Can somebody tell me who the commentator is on Popaholic? I just read the link on Megan Fox and the guy sounds like a drooling teenager who praises her for staying so ‘slim’ despite pregnancy. Painful read.

  10. megsie says:

    A well made, well fitted military uniform ups the ante every time. Hid the bald spot? Bonus! So, yeah, better here than his norm by far. Otherwise, I hate to say, but the kid ain’t ageing well. I’ll take Harry.

  11. Miss_anne says:

    His jawline is quite sexy.

  12. Less is More says:

    He looks a lot like his father.