Jennifer Aniston is ‘living without Justin’, friends expect them to break up soon

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I wish this cover story had come out a few weeks ago, then I would have had an easier time believing it. As it is now, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have sufficiently pushed back on the breakup rumors to the point where I now believe that they will make it through the holidays. Whether they’ll make it to Valentine’s Day? Debatable. Whether they’ll make it to a wedding? Doubtful. But I think they’re in it for now.

As for this cover story, I haven’t read the full thing yet, but I’ve read some coverage and it seems like everything we’ve already discussed so far. The main gist is that Jennifer and Justin have been spending a lot of time apart – not just apart, but in cities thousands of miles away. Justin has been spending a lot of time in NYC and Jennifer has barely left LA. And it will only get worse in 2014 when Justin begins the grueling film schedule for his HBO show – I think HBO has asked for like 10-12 episodes or something, which means Justin could be working full-time in NYC for the better part of six months. And I think we know by now that Jennifer is totally “over” New York life.

According to Life & Style, “Jen and Justin have hit a rough patch. Right now, there are no wedding plans, no baby plans and no more buying houses together. Most of Jen’s friends expected this to happen because she’s usually with guys for two years at the most before they break up.” Ah, yes. The dreaded two-year itch. Which I guess is probably a real thing for some couples, sorry for making light of it. Two years is around the time when those little things you loved about your partner now start to annoy you. Two years is when make-up sex no longer solves your biggest fights. Also, I guess we’re saying that Justin and Jennifer have been together since December 2011 then? Good, I’m glad that’s been established. Now we know for sure that Jennifer and Justin were banging when he was still living with Heidi Bivens, right?

Anyway, Gossip Cop’s “source close to the situation” (Huvane!) says L&S’s story is “nonsense.”


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  1. Tulip Garden says:

    I can see by the cover that Jen’s failing in relationships and Jolie won’t eat. I’m glad the tabs keep us informed ;0

  2. Lark says:

    For some reason, I really don’t think Jennifer is this needy person the tabloids always try and make her out to be. I think she likes her girls, her booze, her yoga, and doing a film or two a year and she’s fine…and that she’s okay with Justin not being around all the time. But she knows her fanbase wants “babies” and “a man 24/7″ so she plays into this crap and makes sure there are pictures of them picking up a christmas tree together or clutching her belly.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I think that like all of us she has needs but that doesn’t make her needy so, yeah, I agree with you.
      As to fans and babies and men, I’m a fan but I like her maybe for reasons others don’t. I like that she hasn’t rushed from marriage to marriage. I like that she appears to be living the good life and is enjoying it. I like seeing a woman in her forties that for whatever reason that she remains childless, she seems happy about it. Lastly, I just like her humor.
      I know that this is a Jen thread but I’m sure I will be blasted for my opinion anyway. C’est la vie :)

      • Cecilia says:

        Hi Miss Tulip…no blasting from me. I agree with you. Jen does not appear needy in most respects to me. She has made her own way & continues to make her own way.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        I agree with you. I only read the JA posts to see the media spin on her happy life.

      • Lark says:

        Hey, I kind of like Jen too lol :) I know there are not many of us on CB lol. But my point remains that her general fanbase loves that sort of thing, so she plays it up. I don’t think she needs too, imo, either….

      • The Original G says:

        She was apart from Brad for half of their short marriage and she’s been apart from Justin for most of their engagement. This say to me that’s she’s not that needy. If anything, she’s quite satisfied on her own. Is SHE the marrying type?

      • ANDREA1 says:

        See people always have nice things to say about Jen
        But Cecila. Maggie and scout( where is Liz and Bird?) never have a positive thing to say about the JPs its always about negativity eg how they are a brand, they are together for the kids. Merely co parenting. Brad is dumb and So on and So forth.
        I rest my case…

      • June says:

        Her neediness for me is her constant need to have People mag talk about how happy she is , how she is glowing, etc. She seems needy for attention and had no problem with her pr team sending weekly reports about her.

        She has gone from relationship to relationship. With each one getting extensive publicist approved coverage.
        She went to dinner with Bradley Cooper ONCE and got it on People’s cover.

      • The Original G says:

        That’s a good point June.

      • Florc says:

        Aniston is needy in the sense she needs a man who will mold to her. She’s very set in her ways. That’s not a bad thing.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I remember that! Afterwards, he was falling over himself to make it known that they WEREN’T dating, and that the dinner was just friendly. I think he did that because the tabloids were already starting up with the ‘other, better, hotter Brad’.

        I sort of like Jennifer–I like her business sense at least. I’m meh on her acting–I liked her in Horrible Bosses. I think she’s very pretty–although I wish she’d go back to her darker hair. I’m only critical of her hypocrisy w/Justin, and her wedding. Other than that, I’m not really all that interested in her. If she starts directing, and does a good job, then I might become a fan (of her work at least).

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Lark, I don’t mind being one a few on here that like her. I just don’t like getting piled on because of it which, refreshingly, isn’t happening here.

        @Original G, Great points. I think if she and Justin do break up that she will be fine on her own. I admire her for it.

        @Andrea, That can be frustrating for J-P fans. Believe me, it is equally frustrating for Jen fans when certain posters not only have nothing nice to say but are determined that those with anything nice to say are wrong! We share that boat together. I myself will compliment that JP’s when I think they deserve it. At the awards banquet, I pointed out that Jolie looked lovely and the dress was so flattering. I’m not interested in the tit for tat of fanatics.

        @June, I can see your point. I think that that’s just business.

        @Florc, See I think that too! I am not pearl-clutching if she doesn’t want to move with Justin (which I have no idea). If they can’t make it work because of whatever, they’ll both be fine.

        @Virgilia, I like your posts whether or not you like Jen being immaterial because they are fair and logical! I have not been a huge fan of some of Aniston’s post-friend career moves. C’mon rom-com after rom-com? Blah. I am a fan some of the rom-coms themselves and I like the Horrible Bosses/We’re the Millers career move. Smart and long overdue in my opinion. I don’t find her behavior with Justin as hypocritical, also not exactly sure what you are referring to, but I have no objection to anyone thinking that. I get that you aren’t really into her and might never be, I feel like that about the J-P’s. I admire their efforts in humanitarianism, particularly Jolie’s and I think their children are lovely. I am a fan of some of Pitt’s work and early Jolie’s.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        I’m not a JA fan (honestly I think she’s overrated), but I like your post. It’s rational and your honest opinion. I think some of the JA fans get flak on here because they foam at the mouth defending her.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I kind of always felt like Jen was happiest being carefree Jen, hanging out in Cabo with her girls. As far as whether she wants kids or not, either she does and it’s painful that she hasn’t had them and people should shut up about it and stop throwing it in her face, or (as I suspect) she really enjoys being child-free in which case I wish she would just own it because there is no shame in that! It’s a perfectly valid lifestyle choice! In any case, I agree with you, Tulip.

        And, as always, it’s none of our business really. ;)

      • emmie_a says:

        “I think if she and Justin do break up that she will be fine on her own. I admire her for it.”
        I don’t believe that for a minute (and I don’t hate Jennifer but I’m also not a fan). The press constantly paints her as a needy, clingy girlfriend who needs a boyfriend/husband to make her complete and happy. And she doesn’t control every story written about her, so some part of it must be true. There is certainly a trail of failed relationships and a trail of stories about her being needy. I don’t care if she has a boyfriend or gets married or has babies — but it’s tiring/boring reading the same crap over and over, for years, about her.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Stef Leppard, Thank you. I appreciate that. And, IMO, anyone foaming at the mouth in defense of someone or in attack has already lost the argument and, while it annoys me to see those posts, I refuse to be drawn into them. I think those posts speak for themselves regardless of who you like/dislike.

        @Amy, My exact sentiments on the baby drama. I do think she has owns being happy right now regardless of children. Happily, bump watch should be at an end due to her age, although, there will be speculation about adoption until she makes a statement one way or the other which to my knowledge she hasn’t.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I was really referring to those lovey dovey pictures that she took with Justin (by Terry Richardson) that were released a few weeks after Heidi moved out. They were candid, and not in any way, shape, or form, used as a promotion for their film (Wanderlust). She felt that was okay, BUT she complained that Brad and Angelina did a work photoshoot (Domestic bliss for W mag.) a month after she had filed for divorce–saying that Brad was ‘missing a sensitivity chip’. I was neutral on her before, but that’s what turned me off of her for a long while.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Emmie, I think that you are saying that you don’t believe that she is fine on her own. I just think that there is evidence to the contrary as Original G pointed out above she has spent a lot (maybe even most) of her adult life as a single woman or as a woman involved in a relationship but far from consumed by it. I am not saying that IF she and Justin don’t work out (and that is a big IF) she won’t continue to date for its own sake or to try to find Mr. Right but I don’t think that she will fall apart without having someone in her life. As to failed relationships, I agree that she has a history of them, most single people do. I would applaud failed relationships if the alternative is failed marriages or miserable partnerships (for her or her partner or both).
        Completely agree that reading the same crap over and over can be tedious especially tabloid crap. Also, I think like with every celebrity whether or not you are a fan plays into whether or not you like coverage of her (tabloid-worthy or actual).

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Oh, okay, that makes sense. I see your point. If you think that Jen completely destroyed Justin and Heidi’s relationship (with Justin’s help, of course) than you should probably feel that way. I have always been of the idea that while Justin and Heidi were a couple that it was a very on/off again situation leading me to believe someone of both of them were not happy. I know someone is going to yell “14 years” at me but I believe Justin has given interviews talking about being single within those 14 years.
        As for hypocrisy, again, I see your point about the “W” photoshoot if you think that she was insensitive to Heidi even as she called out Brad for being insensitive to her. Again, yell at me but I am not speculating that Brad was a married man being pictured provocatively with a woman with whom he would short order leave his wife for and whom he had already admitted being attracted to. (He may have left Jen at this point. I don’t keep up with it exhaustively but I think the point stands). I think that would upset any spouse imminent divorce or not. I, and you, would be speculating on exactly what when on between Justin and Heidi within their own relationship as well as the status of it when they broke up. I do know that the Richardson photos were after the break-up. Because I like Jen maybe I am more inclined to give her the benefit on the doubt but I don’t have qualms with your reasoning.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Emmie_A, who wrote: “I don’t believe that for a minute (and I don’t hate Jennifer but I’m also not a fan). The press constantly paints her as a needy, clingy girlfriend who needs a boyfriend/husband to make her complete and happy.”

        Agreed. And she only enhances this image of her by making statements like” “I feel beautiful whenever I’m around Justin” Le Sigh! How in the heck does she feel the rest of the time??? Her comment certainly read to me as if she needed Justin’s validation, which just ‘screams’ needy/insecure to me.

        Oh, and I don’t actually hate Jennifer Aniston either.

      • Becky1 says:

        Good post, Tulip Garden. I’m not a fan of JA’s acting but I have no problems with her personally and really don’t understand the hate she gets on this site. I agree that it’s nice to see a single 40 something woman without kids who seems to be enjoying her life. She’s had a successful, long career in a tough business without being “beautiful” (I think she’s very attractive but it’s not like she’s someone who’s been able to coast on her looks) or a great actress. Obviously, she must be professional on the set, a hard worker and have some business savvy or her career wouldn’t have lasted this long. No, she’s not a great humanitarian but she seems pretty harmless.

      • Mairead says:

        Fair enough Tulip, but she was dating Vince Vaughn at that same time – they went public on/after the set of The Breakupmonths before Brangelina did.
        It’s a shame they broke up as I thought he was a better fit for her at that time than Brad. And this is speaking as an unapologetic Vince fan.

        Either she or her publicity team really don’t seem to think that the standards she sets for others applies to her. She could’ve gotten rid of this “Our Lady of the Perpetually Dumped” business years ago by clamping down big style on “poor Jen” leaks to the press by so-called friends and either extolling the virtues of having fun as a singleton or just deflecting the love-life and babies dreck in interviews. She has access to some of the best interview coaches in the world!

      • The Original G says:

        Yes, she did go public with Vince Vaughn, before the Vanity Fair shoot.

        Also, Vaughn was in Mr and Mrs Smith. If there were significant on set shenannagins between Brad and Angie, he would have been in a position to confirm. But he didn’t.

        Brad ended his marriage, which he was deeply unhappy in, first.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Tulip Garden, who wrote: “Again, yell at me but I am not speculating that Brad was a married man being pictured provocatively with a woman with whom he would short order leave his wife for and whom he had already admitted being attracted to. (He may have left Jen at this point. I don’t keep up with it exhaustively but I think the point stands). I think that would upset any spouse imminent divorce or not.”

        (Blinks) “He (Brad) ‘may’ have left Jen at this point???” Do you mean the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” film promotion photo spread in “W” magazine, that was shot in the spring of 2005 and hit the stands on July 1, 2005? Are you serious???

        But thank you for proving my (continual) point that many, MANY women thought Brad and Jen were still married and living together in April 2005 when the photos of Angie, Brad, and Maddox in Africa hit magazines. For such avid–rabid–Jennifer Aniston fans, how could so many of you have missed the joint separation announcement Brad and Jen made on January 7, 2005 or the fact that Jen filed for divorce on March 23, 2005?


        @Mairead …

        Well said! :)

    • Maya says:

      If one ex calls her high maintenance, vain and needy then that can be called a lie but if every single one of her exes only have negative things to say about her – then some of it must be true.

      I personally think Jennifer has a Peter Pan complex – she is afraid of growing old gracefully so she is doing everything she can by trying to stop the clock.

      • mia girl says:

        I must have missed all this bad mouthing by her exes.
        Which of her exes said she was vain, needy and high maintenance? I just remember Mayer basically saying she was kinda boring to him.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Mia, Tate Donovan said that Jen is very ‘high maintenance’ as well.

      • emmie_a says:

        I think Brad said he was bored with her??

      • Just Passing Through says:

        5 August 2003 | WENN | See recent WENN news »

        Friends star Jennifer Aniston was too high-maintenance and ambitious for her ex-fiance Tate Donovan. Donovan dated the actress, who is now married to Brad Pitt, between 1995 and 1998 and admits the pair were totally different people. He says, “She likes top-notch hotels and luxury, and I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike. That’s the most shallow version of it, but it’s indicative of our personalities.”

        Actually, Tate Donovan didn’t say “Jen is very high maintenance”. He just admitted they were totally different people….unless I missed another quote from him.

        Sorry, but I had to look that up because I’d never heard about any of her ex’s saying those things about her. :)

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      The ‘Domestic Bliss’ photos came out in July 2005—I believe they were taken in March. But my whole point was that she was complaining about a photoshoot (for work) that was taken months after she and Brad separated, and had already filed for divorce (it was a day or two after she filed)—but she was acting like Brad was the one who said ‘let’s do a photoshoot’. He didn’t. He didn’t like the way the original photoshoot was going, so he put his input into it. Which is why we got the whole ‘big, happy, God fearing, husband and wife + family on the outside’ photoshoot.

      I didn’t like that she complained about that, but had no issues doing a candid, impromptu photoshoot with her new boyfriend (when at the very least it had been rumored that they were cheating) right after the girlfriend moves out and says that she wasn’t going to talk about them unless they talked about her. I think that she and Justin did cheat–you’d have to read my other posts below–so I find it ironic that she’d complain about their relationship being insensitive to HER (months after they separated, based on a work photoshoot–not like they were photographed making out or anything), but then she turns around and does something worse to the ex girlfriend.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I had written such a lovely reply to you and the internet ate it! Anyway so far less eloquently:
        I can understand why Jen had a problem with the “w” photoshoot. Whether Brad was in charge or not, he certainly new the media sensation that the photos would cause and he also knew that the media would draw certain conclusions because there were already rumors about his relationship with Jolie. If your point is that Brad was unconcerned about the rumors either because they were baseless (I don’t think they were) or because he just doesn’t care what people think (including his soon-to-be-ex-wife), well then, fair play to him and to you. If it was in fact just for work and had nothing to do with his state of mind or the state of his relationship with Jolie, then the timing was very unfortunate for him as the photos seemed to announce he and Jolie as a couple or, at the very least, that he was very drawn to his co-star. That is usually frowned upon even in the midst of a divorce particularly when the new object of desire is rumored to have been a spoke in the wheel of marital discontent. I think that you and I are using the same information but just coming to different conclusions which is fine.
        In regards to to whether or not Jen and Justin cheated, I have acknowledged that it is possible but unproven. I also acknowledged that I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, I don’t expect others to do so particularly if they don’t like her because that isn’t human nature. As to the Richardson photos, I understand where you are coming from. I don’t know, and don’t think anyone does, about Justin and Heidi’s former relationship as to if it was perfectly blissful or if they had been arguing for years about commitment or lack thereof or if they were that couple that never really committed but kept coming back to each other anyway, or any other of the various possible scenarios. We just don’t know about them like that. You are right that Jen and Justin did take those photos after Justin had Heidi were done and, regardless, I don’t think that Heidi would have been happy about that. In your mind, Jen’s and Justin’s behavior was worse because I suppose that they had not been broken up for a long period of time. I just think that you are using a lot of exposition about Heidi and Justin’s relationship (i.e. commitment, for one thing) to assume that that is tantamount to a husband doing the same to a wife even if, and maybe particularly if, they are in the middle of a divorce. Again, we are using the same facts and drawing different conclusions based on them, as well as on other things like our ages, life experience, and an innumerable amount of other things that inform who we are.
        Lastly, even though we disagree, I think that is less important than that we can do so respectfully. I think you have done so respectfully and I hope that you think the same of me.
        Good evening :)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @Tulip Garden
        I do think the same of you–I try to be respectful of everyone’s opinions–it’s gossip for God’s sake. Nothing earth shattering going on here.

        I don’t know–I still disagree. What Jennifer was mad about, wasn’t necessarily him doing the photoshoot. She was mad because he had input into it–not because he did it. I don’t know if you’ve actually seen it, but the entire idea was that you take this 60s, nuclear family, that looks perfect on the outside (beautiful husband, wife, four kids, they believe in God, have a nice house, etc), but then you see that the husband’s abusive and the wife’s a drunk when it they are behind closed doors.

        Was the photoshoot insensitive to Jennifer—given that they were going through a divorce, I would say yes. And I don’t blame her for that. I don’t blame Brad for doing it–it wasn’t for fun, it was to promote a film–MAMS. It was work. It’s not he said they should do a photoshoot–in fact I think that was the only photoshoot they did for MAMS. Basically the idea was to show that things aren’t what they seem. I thought the concept was interesting.

        I just found it hypocritical of her to complain in an interview that it was very insensitive to her (which she then excused him of it, saying he wouldn’t have thought of it as insensitive to her), when she participates in a photoshoot on the heels of a scandal just like Brad and Angelina. The only reason it’s not more widely covered (or even mentioned) is because Heidi isn’t famous, and she hasn’t gone to all the tabloids saying that Justin cheated on her. My thing about it was that they were candid photos–so it wasn’t to promote the film, as much to promote their relationship. And it was about two weeks after Heidi moved out–so it’s not like she had months to prep herself to seeing pictures of Justin and Jennifer out and about—like she did with Brad.

        And I do think that Jennifer and Justin cheated, which makes it worse. I was on this site from the beginning to the end of it all–they completely went behind Heidi’s back. PEOPLE magazine had an article about Jennifer and Justin going on a date–which was when people realized that Justin had a girlfriend already. So Jennifer and Heidi’s mom both went to PEOPLE–Jennifer said she wouldn’t get with a guy who has a girlfriend, Heidi’s mom said that she had it from ‘Justin’s own mouth’ that it was just a business dinner and that they were just friends. And then a few weeks later, it’s announced that Heidi’s moving out, and the idea that they had been together for 14 years came from her–she said they’d been together for that long, and that she wasn’t saying anything about them, unless they spoke about her (to the press). Also, one of the directors of ‘Five’ told the press that Jennifer was introducing Justin as her boyfriend on the set–’Five premiered in April 2011, Justin/Heidi weren’t done until June 2011.

        But I don’t know if I gave this impression–but I mainly think Jennifer and Justin are done because of those PEOPLE covers (also because of lack of compromise, but that’s me speculating to the nth degree). I was very ‘meh’ on them as a couple up until after the Oscars. Because she had these two conflicting covers out, and then in interviews (I think it was Good Morning America or something) she was getting annoyed because people were asking her about her wedding, and why it was put off. I remember she said something like–’there hasn’t been any delays or cancellations–i never had anything planned’–which if you didn’t, why would you go to PEOPLE and say that you did? I reread the article–she said she had her dress, venue, rings, and date picked out. And then, later in the summer, she’s back tracking. So that’s why I think something’s up. But that’s just me.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Hey, Virgilia :) , I just want to acknowledge your reply. Obviously, it takes effort to craft a statement that accurately reflects your views especially when “arguing” fine details. I wanted you to know that your effort wasn’t ignored or wasted.
        Your statement does refine your viewpoint. I still don’t share your same opinion but I do think that it is in the finer details. Also, I don’t want to short-change you or myself by not responding with accuracy and, tbh, it’s late and I am tired. I’ll be happy to discuss it again at some other time if that is okay with you :)
        I will address your last paragraph because it just easy and I don’t think I can unknowingly cause offense there. I don’t think Justin and Jen are finished but I haven’t seen this issue of People wherein she confirmed that she had a date, venue etc. picked out. Even if I had I don’t think that would necessarily mean that they are thru but it could definitely mean that they are working thru some things before they make that ultimate commitment or decide that they can’t. Like you, I don’t know for sure but those are my speculations.
        Thanks so much for this exchange. I have really enjoyed it :)
        Busy weekend ahead so if you don’t see me around these parts, enjoy your weekend!
        Last thing, in answer to your question, I did see the photoshoot, it was stunning. It was an interesting concept and it was shot beautifully!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Tulip, the PEOPLE article I referred to was the one right after the Oscars–when she wore that red dress last year??? That’s when she said it. But I was just referring to the fact that she had that cover out, and then when spring came and went she had another cover saying that she was putting it off–and then denied in subsequent interviews that she had anything planned for her wedding and that nothing was canceled or being pushed off. Which is why I started to think that something was up. Before that, I was kinda ‘meh’ on Jennifer and Justin, as a couple. I didn’t really care when they would get married (and had in fact forgot about the 1st PEOPLE article, until the second one came out). And then she just had an article come out recently in PEOPLE again–it doesn’t look good for them, at any rate. I don’t understand why she needs to run to PEOPLE with all the details of her wedding (or lackthereof).

    • Greenhoof says:

      I can see that but I have a huge problem with the fact JA’s lied about it. How much does she really gain by being dishonest? It either comes to show you how sexist the media is or how manipulative JA really is.
      As for the whole Heidi thing, Not saying that the breakup is Heidi’s fault or even Justin or Jennifer’s fault but let’s face it sometimes people don’t get the hint that a relationship is over and you want to move on with your life. I’m just saying this strikes me as one of those occasions when it sounds like the relationship was over long before Heidi felt it was over. Heidi came off sounding like a grade A clinger to me. But Jennifer and Justin for the sake of not looking like hypocrites should have made sure she acknowledged it was over for awhile before “officially” getting together.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well you could say the same thing about the ‘other’ couple–but not many people say that. Is the difference that one couple was married and the other wasn’t (even though they’d been together for twice the amount of time)?

        How does Heidi come off to be a clinger? She gave ONE interview about it–when the tabloid asked her about his relationship w/Jennifer and asked if he was cheating, she said that she wasn’t going to say anything about them, unless they said something first. That same interview she said that she had moved out and that they had been together for 14 years–that’s not clingy at all. She said the bare minimum to get the tabloids off her back.

    • Kath says:

      I agree. I’ve always been fairly indifferent to both JA and AJ, but I sometimes find this site hard to take with the level of vitriol aimed at the former. Last time I checked, neither woman is a serial killer, so I don’t really understand the over-the-top worship/criticism of either of them. I tend to defend JA just by default because so few do on this site.

  3. BooBooLaRue says:

    Poor dude needs his b*lls back!

    • Maya says:

      He never had any in the first place.

      What kind of a man would let his partners pay for everything – Heidi carried him throughout their 14 year relationship and now Jennifer is doing it.

      Justin is the biggest gold-digger I have ever seen – he even beats Eddie Cibrian in the manwh*re stake.

      • Rhiley says:

        Yeah, you can tell from his skinny jeans, dude never even grew a pair.

      • I’ve never heard he was a kept man. Just one more reason I hope Heidi doesn’t take him back.

      • doofus says:

        “Heidi carried him throughout their 14 year relationship”

        honestly asking…where did you get this info? because from what I understand, Theroux has been working pretty steadily in H’wood since, like…the late 90′s, which would have been right around when those two got together.

        never got the impression that he was being fully supported by Bivens. but I don’t doubt that Aniston has more $ than Theroux and pays for a LOT of their “stuff”.

      • Maya says:

        @Original G & Doofus: I can’t remember where I read that but I will try and find the links.

        Justin only got his fortune recently because of Tropic Thunder gig – before that he didn’t work that much nor did he get paid a lot.

        I could be wrong about Heidi taking care of him but it is very evident that Jennifer is the one who pays for everything in that relationship.

      • The Original G says:

        Why does there have to be a villain here? Maybe the relationship just ran it’s course.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Original G,
        Um, I don’t know but may I suggest that either Jen is a villain because she can’t keep a man and obviously there are good reasons for that. *tears at hair and weep* (not really)

        Justin is a villain cause he was only ever in it for the money and he’s a hipster.*cries copious tears and begins degrading Justin on the internet* (not really)

        Or, they are both villains because….well, it’s obvious! *becomes appalled that Jen isn’t set up as the righteous victim…and cries copious tears* (not really)

        Have I covered all the ways that a supposedly typical Jen fan would behave? As far as J.P fans, one of them will have to make up the internet-war-ready reasons for how they would supposedly feel. Anyone? (Only rationals should apply as they get satire).

        Of course, there is probably no “villain” in reality. There’s two people who couldn’t make it work but let’s let the others carry on because it is entertaining.

      • anon33 says:

        I’m sorry but you’re flat out wrong about him not working much. It’s easily verifiable via Google. He has been writing, producing, and acting for decades. Yeah, maybe he wasn’t a multi-millionaire before Tropic Thunder, but to allege that he “didn’t work that much” before that movie is demonstrably false. His career history has been discussed here numerous times.

      • doofus says:

        “before that he didn’t work that much nor did he get paid a lot.”

        as I stated, he’s been working pretty steadily since the mid to late 90s, which is easily seen if you google or IMDB his info. as for how much he got paid, how do you know it wasn’t “a lot”?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        LOL The highly imaginative narratives people present as fact are actually the ONLY thing entertaining about The Triangle. As if we know any of these people personally..

        Anyway, @TulipGarden-Looks like you threw a carcass to the zombie stans. Let me know if you need me to get a helicopter over here to airlift you out of this mess ;)

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Thanks a lot and if, ahem, certain posters show up in direct response to me (otherwise I ignore them), I will be sending a out an S.O.S….unashamedly because you cannot reason with the irrational :)

        As to the highly imaginative narratives, they are entertaining which is why some posters are scary fun to read although you would never move in their direction lest they cast their eye upon you, YIKES! I threw out an imaginative story about a dramatic bro-war between Cicaprio and Bale yesterday that I thought I had made plain I was only imagining ’cause it’s fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t make myself completely clear which is on me and some called me out on it and good for them. I hope they caught my response but it was late and I doubt it.

  4. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oh Lord.

    I don’t know Kaiser, I guess I agree w/you that being photographed together was ‘pushing back’ against the rumors. I’m still in shock that Jennifer ran to PEOPLE twice about her wedding plans, saying that it was going to be pushed off because of work commitments–and then in interviews she said that her wedding hadn’t been canceled, because there was nothing planned. Wtf? So who knows–they could break up before my birthday…..

  5. Oceansoul89 says:

    She sure knows how to play the media.

  6. Jayna says:

    Fill those covers and pages, Life & Style and Star, two crappy magazines loaded with filler.

  7. Maya says:

    I have no doubt that Jennifer was sleeping with Justin while he was still living with his then partner of 14 years – Jennifer, Heidi, her mum and Justin’s close friend all confirmed the affair.

    But is it me or are we seeing weekly gossip about Jennifer’s relationship trouble with Justin – its too much lately with the constant plant and deny pr games Jennifer and Huvane plays. Either they are genuinely breaking up (which I think most of us believe) or they are actually secretly planning the wedding and have decided to let the public think they are breaking up but in fact are getting married secretly. Never know with Jennifer since she is the biggest pr manipulator in the history of Hollywood.

    I don’t care either way but if Jennifer does get dumped by another man than I can guarantee that the announcement will be during when Brad & Angelina has something important happening the same time. Could be during the awards seasons since Brad’s movie 12 Years A Slave is up for multiple awards.

    PS: What I am looking forward to is to see what Chelsea Handler will say about Justin after the breakup – she is the one who always gushes about him.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Break up already.

  9. Sugar says:

    The two year itch=guy truly sees the writing on the wall with this chick. Her way or the highway on a Ducati.
    It would be awesome if Heidi were the costume designer on Justin’s HBO project…oops I’ve said that before.

  10. hadleyb says:

    I don’t get the “pushing back the break up” thing. Why? Why on earth does it matter when? They are not doing a movie together right? There is no “need” in the business right now, they are not promoting anything.

    She has no kids to say lets wait til after the holidays so who cares when? Her breakup with any other man will never ever be as big as the one she had with Brad. So there won’t be a media circus unless she want one.

    Now, when Angie and Brad break up — I can see them waiting to do it a certain time. There will be a frenzy.

    • Eva says:

      ” So there won’t be a media circus unless she want one.”

      She wants one

    • The Original G says:

      I think for PR purposes, they will go out of their way to “frame” a break-up in positive, move-forward kind of way. She’ll come out with some fresh branding; a new look and some projects and move on.

      She CANNOT do another round of poor Jen.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oooh, I’ll bet it would be shortly after they announce what film she’s directing…..(or just to stir the pot–she’ll announce the film just before the golden globes *evil grin*–but I don’t think she will, at least that’d be a horrible pr move, but those PEOPLE covers, and then denying what HER pr people put out was a bad move too–but Huvane still did it)

      • The Original G says:

        It’s got to happen in some organized fashion. She’s got interviews, like the last one out there talking about how beautiful she feels with Justin in the morning after she washed her hair with Living Proof . If it’s true, they’re splitting they’ve got to finesse their way around all that stuff. It’s business.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @ Orig. G
        It wouldn’t be the first time she’s contradicted herself in interviews—like with her hair. Either earlier this year, or last year, she had an interview saying that she got into the whole haircare thing (when promoting Living Proof) because extensions were ripping her hair out, and it was getting really thin. And then right after that, she puts the extensions back in and says that it’s Living Proof (if I’m not mistaken, I’m going by comments here, because I can’t tell wig, weave, or wiglet) that helped her hair.

        Or the different stories about why she cut her hair–obviously Living Proof wasn’t working too well for HER (not saying it’s a bad product, because I’ve heard that it’s really good), if she was trying to straighten it w/a Brazilian. Or her Aveeno interviews–says she uses Aveeno for all her skin care crap, contradicting the fact that she said earlier that she uses lasers to get rid of sun damage (which is why her skin’s looked a lot better in the past few years).

        So, I don’t think that they’ll have to finesse their way around any of the recent reports i.e. that Marie Claire article that was up yesterday or the day before. Her PR ignores them, and just says and does whatever they want.

        Like I’ve said–either way it’ll work out for her. We’ve had stories about how Justin’s controlling, how his friends make bets about whether or not they’ll get married, how they can’t compromise on where to live–if they break up, then those stories will be the ‘DUH’ moment, that her pr puts out. If they don’t break up, then we’ll be treated to a statement from Huvane about how stupid we are to believe tabloids—which I think because of her putting out those PEOPLE covers is the reason they’re having tabloid drama now. Because they put their business in the streets (the day after the Oscars, no less).

      • The Original G says:

        @VG. I think all your examples are the kind of reasons high profile break-ups are managed. To avoid the confusion that you’re talking about.

        Of course, there would be nothing to manage, if she they just kept this all more private. The press also tends to make him look “kept” and kind of whipped. That itself could put an extra strain on the relationship.

    • June says:

      You seem to want Angelina & Brad to break up. Shouldn’t that be “if” not “when”. I do not see them walking away from their family so easily and they have gone through a lot together.

      I think it is pathetic people are waiting to see a family with 6 kids torn apart.

      • Cecilia says:

        There is always a break up risk. That’s life. I can’t see Jolie & Pitt walking away from the children — just each other…it’s always a possibility. They would just co-parent the same way other couples with kids operate.

      • June says:

        Wouldn’t except anything else from you Cecilia! You just can’t wait and probably imagine it in your head. Sad.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I agree with Cecilia–no couple is never not under the risk of breaking up. That’s always a risk whenever you enter into any relationship. But I think that if they ever did, that it would be something HUGE (although after a double mastectomy, a tumultuous first year of being together w/three kids in the mix, and Angelina getting her ovaries removed–I’m not sure what would be HUGE after that), but I think that they would stay friends, and would be pictured together being friendly. Angelina’s very friendly with her exes–I remember Billy Bob said that he has dinner with both of them whenever they’re in town. Anyway, I think they’re in it for the long haul.

        I remember during promos for ‘Salt’ (I think) during an interview, Angelina was asked by the interviewer if she felt that she and Brad were soulmates, or did she believe that there was such a thing. And Angelina said (I’m paraphrasing) that Brad made her believe that there was such a thing, and that ‘yeah, he is, definitely.’. She went on to say that they wouldn’t have had six kids, if they were absolutely sure that they would be growing old together. I also remember in an interview w/Matt Lauer she said that he was her soulmate because she didn’t like being alone i.e. being away from him, as she used to when she was younger. She certainly never traveled from set to set w/Billy Bob.

      • The Original G says:

        Brad and Angie are having the time of their lives.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ June

        There is a risk for a breakup with any couple, including Jen/Justin & Jolie/Pitt & every other couple included. I hope the JP’s stay together because I am sure all those kids are depending on it. If the JP’s do ever breakup, they will have to sort it out. Kids complicate things.

      • Kim1 says:

        Well I guess JustJen will co parent the baby Ok mag claims she will raise alone.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        @June am with you all the way.
        Cecila and co have insisted that they are just together for the kids I wonder the proof they have. Yes we all know sometimes relationships run their course but to perpetually insist that a couple is the no longer together simply because you don’t like them is pathetic and goes a long way to show the kind of person you are.
        And the original G like you rightly said the JPs are having the time of their lives.. Cheers to that :)

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Any couple has a possibility of breaking up. ANY. COUPLE.
        That said, I think that Pitt and Jolie will marry by the end of the year.
        I am less sure about Jen and Justin because I think they are still figuring it all out but I suspect that either they will marry by the end of next year or not at all.

      • Rhea says:

        @Cecilia :
        “There is always a break up risk. That’s life. ”

        True. Also, I think EVERY couple has its ups and downs. You can’t say for sure just by looking from pictures—that because they don’t seem as lovey dovey as when they were at the beginning of the relationship—that they’re on the way for a break up.

        I’ve been with hubby for years, we’ve got 2 kids together. We’re definitely no longer in the phase of kissing out like crazy for every second but we still like to steal a kiss here and there and call each other 3-4 times a day just for a short hi or just to check out if everything is ok. We rarely hold hands again when we’re walking down the street because we mostly have to push the stroller or hold our children’s hands. :D

        Now of course when there’s a big problem in your relationship, when you feel like you want to just run away and take a break—-your children would be part of the reason for you to hang in there and try to make it through—but certainly not the only reason. You won’t make it long if children is your only reason to stay unless there’s financial reason where one totally depend on the other or other specific reason.

        In the case of Jolie-Pitt, each got their own money so financial is a not their reason to stay together. Sure, they are a bigger name when they’re together but if we want to use the theory that some people here said that they are only staying for the “brand”—-don’t you think Jolie would look even better if they separated?

        I mean come on : single working mom of 6-actress-movie director-humanitarian? Don’t you think she would get more sympathy with that many multitasking? People would even be more understanding that she’s having a help of nannies. So with that, I would think that at least SHE doesn’t need to stay in the “brand”. If she feels the relationship is no longer working for them she would be out of it. As for Pitt, if Jolie is a crazy, druggie junkie like some media would like to paint her—I think he would be out from the relationship and fighting to bring the kids with him.

        But they still stay together so I think they are just like any other normal couple (but with a much better income ;) ). Trying to juggling and maintaining their work/career, household, kids, family and relationship. Not always rosy but full of colours.

        IMO—-as for Justin and JA as a couple—-well their “honeymoon phase” is over, too. But let’s just wait and see how it would turn out before starting to say they are over ( I know you’re not one that saying JustJen are over, by the way). Can’t they find a good and strong reason to stay or not?

        I wish the best for both couples, anyway.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Love your post!

      • Cecilia says:

        Hi Rhea ~ Your comment was so sweet & heartfelt. What a lovely person you are. Even though I have been married for going on 30 years, I try to never take my husband for granted. I realise that there are no guarantees in life — nothing is set in stone. That is what I was trying to express up-thread. The honeymoon certainly doesn’t last forever but if there’s true love…that’s forever. Like you said, they are normal people just like us, only with more money. Time will tell with both relationships. In the meantime, I wish you & your family all the best.

  11. Lopusta says:

    If this two should ever break up(I’m praying they don’t)the reaction is not going to be the same as before from the general public IMO. There would be a backlash not a poor Jennifer reaction people will begin to think she is the problem and can’t keep a man. I think there will be a backlash against Jen this time around instead of people saying its Brad’s fault all over again. I am just going to wait and see how long they last and the reaction if they ever break up and how it will be spinned by the media..

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I can see there being a backlash because of all the games she’s played with her wedding–up until then, I was rather ‘meh’ on them as a couple. Although I did laugh when she made Justin over. God that was awful–we need Liberty back! Where are you girl? Write another one of your funny ditties….

    • Lopusta says:

      Yes VC I think the people cover did them in. That cover right after the oscars got people really pissed off instead of being excited. And I guess they know that too. So they are trying their possible best to play it safe for now. Yes liberty we need you where are you gal :)

  12. The Original G says:

    I’ve been saying it for months. They live apart.

    So, maybe they had a good time and now it’s not for keeps. Nothing wrong with that, either. It’s just that the People mag fanfare has put her in the spotlight. I predict they carry on for a bit, until she gets working on her next project and then they just put out a statement saying they remain the best of friends but a wedding isn’t a priority…..blah,blah.

  13. DenG says:

    Awards season is a-comin’ and wouldn’t we be disappointed without the drama diversion served up by Aniston? Truth.

  14. Dulcinea says:

    Huvane! hahahahaha! I love what you did there…

  15. ANDREA1 says:

    I expect this thread to hit 150 comments before saturday night. I noticed something on CB every friday there is always a story on either the JPs or JA/JT or both. I expect accusations and counter accusations in……..
    Yep there we go:)

  16. PHD gossip says:

    Nothing new. They have been living apart for months. Last weeks rumblings about the split caused Huvane to force Justin on a plane to LA to go “tree shopping” will Jennifer and call the paps who dutifully recorded it. Justin, for his part, obliged them – bet that was part of the deal when Jen/Huvane got him that HBO show.
    No one is buying this romance anymore. You hear me, Huvane?
    You can do a Pap shop at a maternity shop with Jennifer munching on pickles and wearing baggy clothing and NO ONE will believe it.
    We will just keep commenting on the absurdity.

    • Cecilia says:

      I am going to comment on your absurdity.

      Huvane forced Justin on a plane to go tree shopping with Jen???

      LOL !!!!

      • evelyn says:

        I believe it! stephen huvane is very powerful in the media world. he can get you a job, but on his terms. huvane has repped aniston for a very long time, and a jen breakup is big news around the world. jen probably did interviews a few months ago, that are just now being published, where she gushed over justin. they probably are broken up, but the world will know when huvane says that it is the right time, and the right time will be when enough time has lapsed for the public to forget the mushy quotes in the articles. my prediction is after her birthday in February there will be a an announcement made that the two have quietly parted due to work commitments but will remain loyal friends.

        on another note…who would have guessed that gwyneth and chris would last for 10 years? good for them!

      • doofus says:

        Cecilia, I often laugh at how much power people think Huvane has over the people he works for.

        yeah, I realize that he is powerful in the PR world, but I really doubt he is able to force a client to do something they don’t necessarily want to do, just for publicity.

        some nutbar was on here saying how Theroux and Aniston have been over for at least a year and a half but are still pretending because Huvane is forcing them to.

        so, they’ve been together 2 years or less, but most of that has been spent faking it because their PR rep told them to?! I know people don’t like her (for legit reasons), and of course they’re entitled to their opinions, but it’s comments like that that just make me shake my head and wonder…

      • Cecilia says:

        doofus, In my company we have this little saying…who’s the customer?? Aniston is the customer & is paying Huvane for his services. Huvane isn’t forcing anybody to do anything.

      • lisa2 says:

        Not forcing as making him do it. But more hey Jen, Justin the press is talking. The two of you need to be seen together.

        If you have ever ever seen her on a RC or in an interview she defers to her PR guy all the time. He sticks by her like glue. Yes it his job, but you don’t see him so present with his other clients. And when questions get too REAL he pulls her away. And he has been known to get reporters fired for “upsetting her” by asking her difficult questions.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @PHD Gossip, who wrote: “No one is buying this romance anymore. You hear me, Huvane?
      You can do a Pap shop at a maternity shop with Jennifer munching on pickles and wearing baggy clothing and NO ONE will believe it.”

      :) :) :)

      Well said … and true!

      • Lopusta says:

        some nutbar was on here saying how Jolie and Pitt have been over since 2010 but are still together because of the kids.

        so, they’ve been together years, but most of that has been spent faking it because of their kids?! I know people don’t like them (for legit reasons), and of course they’re entitled to their opinions, but it’s comments like that that just make me shake my head and wonder…
        Here am done! Dusting my hands.

      • doofus says:

        what you say is absolutely true, and I don’t buy those assumptions either. it COULD be true, but I don’t think it is.

        but this is an Aniston thread, isn’t it? and my comment was regarding what a person said about Huvane’s power over his clients, Aniston and Theroux in particular. I made no mention of Jolie or Pitt in my post, or whether or not the “nutbar” I referred to is “team JP”.

        while I appreciate your attempt at humor, it’s not the same thing. if the accusation by the nutbar that you refer to was that the JP PR rep had forced them to do so, I could see your point, but otherwise, that’s what’s called a “straw-man argument”.

        there are so many comments on this board about “can’t people just let this go?” and your comment, which is clearly a direct “retort” to mine is simply perpetuating that which we would like to let go.

        yeah, people make silly accusations about the JP couple and family, but I’m not one of them and I don’t see why any comment about Aniston/Theroux has to have a tit-for-tat response about the JP clan.

        Unless you’re someone who IS still perpetuating the silly “team Aniston”/”team Jolie” BS. Please, let it go.

      • Lopusta says:

        I said my piece already dear Doofus
        Well I for one don’t care if its an aniston thread or the jp thread. If you didn’t find what I did funny well I don’t care. Am not team aniston or team jolie but the fact is that I love jolie. That woman has been treated badly by the american public becos we outside the US don’t care about any silly triangle but the work she does as an actress as a family woman and as a humanitarian. A woman who was labelled a homewrecker, a whore, a slut, a man eater, people saying they wish to rape her kids and stab her when they see her on the road… Smh why because she is with Brad.. Am only saying these as some of the things that drew Me to her. In my eyes she is the woman who was wronged. And oh I don’t need to let anything go because I wasn’t wronged and I wasn’t sleeping under their bed to actually know what happened in 2004/2005. Thanks

      • doofus says:

        well, I don’t see what all of the (unwarranted) hatred and vitriol sent toward Jolie has to do with the ridiculousness of a poster’s claim on Huvane’s power over his clients…

        but, uh…OK?…I guess?…

      • The Original G says:

        Clearly Huvane has the power to get certain stories in the media for Jen to benefit her image and he does that.

        Those Q rating mean money in a negotiation. Jen (and now Justin) have made her relationships part of her business.

        Otherwise, why would she be paying him?

  17. Luca26 says:

    Maybe it’s not so clear cut as everyone thinks. Maybe they’ve hit a rough patch but aren’t willing to break up officially. They were clearly selling an immenent wedding last spring. Something changed.
    She obviously made her own mess in that she tried so hard to sell this as a great relationship. Justin isn’t husband material. He may have more incentive to commit (publicity ;connections $) but ultimately the way he treated his ex is the way he seems to be treating her. It’s another on again/ off again.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      He definitely isn’t. I was rather meh on Justin, until I actually starting thinking about what exactly he’s done, and what he hasn’t done. In my mind, he’s just like Eddie Cibrian. He just sits back and lets Jennifer, Heidi, and Heidi’s mom do all the talking. Because then he looks better by default.

      I was on this site for the beginning, middle, and end of the drama of Justin/Jennifer/Heidi. When the rumors came out that Jennifer and Justin were dating–it was Jennifer’s pr that was going ‘what they failed to note was that there were other people at the dinner’. Heidi’s MOM was the one going to PEOPLE magazine, saying that she heard it from Justin’s own mouth that he and Jennifer were just friends and business partners. Jennifer was running to PEOPLE magazine saying she’d never get with a guy that had a girlfriend. Justin didn’t say a damn word. Nada.

      For those people who say that they had an on and off relationship–where is the proof of that? I have not read any of Justin’s interviews before then, but all I know is this–I didn’t hear anything from Justin’s mouth or pr that even HINTED at the fact that he and Heidi were in an on and off relationship. That bs was said by a ‘Theroux insider’ shortly after he officially (and publically) dumped Heidi–when she gave that one interview to a tabloid and said that they had been together for 14 years–since she was 20 and he was 24. So I don’t believe that.

      So I do think that it is completely possible that he was stepping out on Heidi during the years they were together–just by the way he treated her. Jerk.

      • Maggie says:

        Virg, For those people who say that they had an on and off relationship–where is the proof of that?

        Where is your proof that they didn’t? Why do you call him a douche? You don’t know these ppl other than what you read in magazines. And since when is Justin T obligated to say anything about his private life or his relationships?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Maggie, who wrote: “Where is your proof that they didn’t [have an on and off relationship]? Why do you call him a douche?”

        A couple of days after a ‘source’ in Justin’s camp was quoted as saying that Justin and Heidi had never been that serious, were ‘on again, off again’ a lot, and hadn’t been together in several months … a photo of Justin and Heidi magically appeared, attending the “House of Blue Leaves” Broadway premiere on April 25, 2011, just three weeks before Jen had her infamous dinner party to introduce Justin to her friends as her new man.

        Please note the caption in the photo link below. It says “Justin Theroux is accompanied by his longtime love, stylist Heidi Bivens.” After this picture surfaced, we didn’t see any more quotes about an ‘on again, off again’ Bivens/Theroux relationship.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well, I’m not even sure that you read my post–because I said the reasons why he should’ve said something in the post. I don’t think anyone is obligated to say anything to the tabloids or paparazzi. But I also think that means that you shouldn’t use surrogates to say things for you–which is exactly what Heidi and Heidi’s mom did. HE told THEM that there was nothing going on between him and Jennifer–to their faces. THAT’S what they told PEOPLE along with Jennifer. He didn’t say anything. After he and Heidi broke up, that’s when *I* heard the whole ‘they were in an on/off relationship’.

        So yes, he’s a douche. Because he let Heidi and her mom think that the tabloids are just big jerks who will print anything about anyone, no matter how hurtful or untrue it is (which is true)—when in his case it WAS true.
        My point is that if they really were in an on/off relationship, then that’s what would’ve been said, when the rumors first cropped up–true or not. OR no one would’ve said anything, because at that point, it was just a rumor–based on the fact that Jennifer and Justin went out to dinner (with a group of people). I said in my post–I was on this site for ALL of the drama, so I know what I’m talking about.

      • B says:

        “Jennifer was running to PEOPLE magazine saying she’d never get with a guy that had a girlfriend.”

        Totally! Just like how Angelina said she would never pursue a married man! Not long after, she was will Brad Pitt. You can never trust celebrities.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        What our own personal opinion is–that’s what it is. But let’s look at the facts. Angelina said that she would never get with a man who cheated on his wife–because the same thing happened to her mother. We can debate whether or not their relationship was innapropriate while he was married until the cows come home–but the facts are–they were not photographed together in a personal, intimate setting until a month after Jennifer filed for divorce. Angelina was not even in the same continent when they separated–she was in London. Afterwards, she came back to do more filming for MAMS, then she filmed that documentary in Africa for the rest of the time (the one where diff. celebrities spent 2 minutes in diff. parts of the world in refugee camps), until she had to promote MAMS. That’s a fact. Angelina did not publicly comment on her relationship w/Brad until she announced via PEOPLE that she was pregnant. That’s a fact.

        There is already a woman on record saying that Jennifer was introducing Justin as her boyfriend to different directors (Penelope Spheeris said this), when they were filming that Lifetime movie ‘Five’–’Five’ premiered in April 2011–Heidi and Justin weren’t officially done until June. These are facts.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @B, who wrote: “Totally! Just like how Angelina said she would never pursue a married man! Not long after, she was will Brad Pitt. You can never trust celebrities.”

        Actually, Angelina Jolie ‘did not’ pursue a married man. Brad Pitt pursued ‘her.’ And she kept to her principles and ‘did not’ get together with a married man in a committed relationship with an ‘unsuspecting’ partner/wife; which is what her father did to her mother.

        Angie only accepted Brad’s advances ‘after’ he had discussed his feelings with his wife, told Jen he wanted out of their marriage, officially separated from his wife, and then she and Brad waited one month ‘after’ Jen filed for divorce before they got together in Africa.

        And if you bring up the ‘Yeah, but Brad and Jen weren’t ‘officially’ divorced until October 2, 2005′ … you will force me to say two words: Vince Vaughn. Remember? Jen and Vince started dating in ‘July’ 2005; which was also before Brad and Jen were ‘officially’ divorced. You can’t cast shade at one couple without casting shade at ‘both’ couples.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Emma the JP Lover-

        Thanks for pulling their heads out of the sand and reminding the hens about the true timeline of what went down in 2005.

        If Jen and Vince Vaughn worked out and gotten married, this post today would NOT exist. If she and John Mayer, Jason Sudeikis, Gerard Butler, Paul Sculfor, the grip boy, OR ANY of the 4-8 other casuals that she dated had worked out, no one would be talking. Hell, had she not broken up with Tate Donovan, to whom she was engaged, there would have been no Brad Pitt.

        It is her life and it has unfolded exactly as it was supposed to. Now today there is Justin.

        You just don’t say I wanna get married again and have kids… and then subsequently have 8-9 years of back-to-back casual flings/relationships. Who are you kidding?

        There really is no need to read the tabloids regarding Aniston. This woman is just being herself.

        She has CONSISTENTLY contradicted herself when talking to the press for the past 9 years. Are you gonna blame the press for her lack of articulation too? The only thing that has been true is her desire to be a movie star, which explains the explosion of a gazillion of poor choice roles and poor-quality films she has mass produced since her divorce.

        I’m telling you, Jenhens want to rewrite the story trying to make Jen come off as a cool, level-headed, “private”, mature woman. Her running of her mouth to the press (and why would you relive your pain for the media anyway???), excessive ditzy magazine articles and TV show appearances to talk and snark about “Brad” AFTER he left her reveal who she really was. The tabloids only fed off of her embarassing drama ( .. “I was shocked, the world was shocked!”) and naturally profited from her lonely emblem girl status.

        Jen is responsible for telling her business to the media. SHE opened Pandora’s box for the sake of sympathy.

        (Other than Brandi Glanville and Porsha Stewart, no other female celebrity ran to the press for sympathy like a child.) That’s what family and friends are for, NOT the media.

  18. TeresaGiudice says:

    I think Jennifer should let JT out of his fake boyfriend contract and run off into the sunset with her one true love Chelsea Handler. We all know what’s going down on those weekend trips they take to Cabo.

  19. lucy2 says:

    I would say that “sources” in L&S saying she’s usually with a guy 2 years is not really concrete evidence of when that particular relationship started, so I think that’s reaching quite a bit. Maybe there was overlap, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take that particular sentence as gospel.

    While in general I’d imagine it’s not good to be apart so much, maybe it works for them. I have friends who have been together for ages and married for 10+ years, and because of work they live 3-4 hours apart and see each other on weekends. I don’t think I would want that, but for some people it works I guess.
    Or they might break up. Who knows.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      One of the directors on ‘Five’–Penelope Spheeris–said in an interview (google Justin Theroux Penelope Spheeris) that Jennifer was introducing Justin as her boyfriend, on the set, to the rest of the directors. ‘Five’ premiered in April 2011—Justin and Heidi weren’t officially done until June 2011. Plus there was this big thing where the tabloids shaved a few months off of Justin and Jennifer’s first public outing as a couple–ask Kaiser.

  20. CosmicGirl says:

    When they moved in together, I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. You just look at the guy and you know he’s not husband material. He would get married with a younger woman, I think. He has nothing to do with her.

  21. Anon says:

    Please no break-up for Aniston. I don’t want to hear anymore about Brad leaving her for Jolie 9 years after the fact and how many men?, Especially if Pitt/Jolie finally get married or announce they are already married. …wish they would just do it. Both couples.

    Best thing Jennifer could do for her career and personal life is to fire her PR Guru and rethink that line of branding. If her thirties were her awkward stage, quit talking about the period or trying to make people’s minds make the connection all the time. (manipulation)

  22. Vanderhootchie says:

    What a bunch of shiz, lol!!! Baby plans indeed. Like there ever was baby plans. Give me a break.

  23. Saffie says:

    I don’t think children and motherhood are in the cards for her and it’s not something she really desires anyway. She seems to have a very contentious relationship with her parents…hasn’t spoken with her mom in years. Having family dysfunctions doesn’t make one eager to have one of their own. I think she and Justin will eventually go their separate ways, IMHO. She should just date a hot, younger guy, skip marriage and enjoy living the life she wants to live. She’s almost like a female version of Clooney. She loves her booze, weed, girls trip to Cabo and her “me” time. Her fan base who view her as the “wronged” sweetheart, want to see her happily married with a child on the way. Maybe that’s not what she wants. I think her career and her “me” time are what appeals to her. Everyone is different…at this point…who cares?

  24. xxx says:

    The thing about the tabloid articles is how they always paint her as “Poor Jen, so many failed relationships” whereas when George Clooney does the same thing he’s a “free spirit” so to speak. Total sexism. This woman is wealthy beyond belief and Justin T. was clearly the one coming out ahead in the relationship. So why is she the desperate one? Studies show that the general “wow” factor and sex life slows down around the 2.5 year mark so maybe thrill is just gone. In any event time will tell:)

  25. kellyinseattle says:

    The more important question is: what does Jen’s hair look like today?

  26. Carolyn says:

    There is absolutely nothing new of any interest that could be said about Aniston these days. She and Huvane know there’s nothing left in the PR tank of ideas. I’d respect her if she owned that she likes being single, going on holidays, drinking & having fun and doesn’t want kids (as Cameron Diaz has already said).

  27. someone says:

    Im a fan of Jen, and I don’t see that shes needy at all! she had a good career, money in the bank, travels when she wants, and has fun in her life..I also don’t think she cares if she has a baby, if she got pregnant I think she would be happy, or if not, then she would still be happy…I don’t think shes in control of everything Huvane says..he is her pr guy…

  28. Amy Tennant says:

    In defense of Jennifer and the feeling beautiful when she’s with Justin comment, I think that was in response to a (somewhat inane) specific question about “when she feels the most beautiful.” I don’t think it was meant to suggest she feels like Shrek when she’s without her man. I think we’re parsing some of these fluffy interview pieces awfully closely.

  29. d b says:

    I feel like Jen is someone who doesn’t want to be trapped in a marriage. Many years ago, when she was still married to you-know-who, she said they were in it together for as long as it was mutually good and nourishing and respectful (paraphrasing here, it was some loopy LA speak) and either was free to go. And also at the time Pitt wasn’t known for being sexually faithful. There were all kinds of tales about him floating around — no makeup girl was safe, shall we say — so there’s a bit of a disconnect between public perception and private reality. Jen is portrayed as the weepy victim, but I don’t think that’s her

    • Rena says:

      I find your comments about BP being a playa interesting and inaccurate as everyone he every dated seriously always said he was totally monogamous unlike most in celeb-ville, and his make up lady of many many years and friend who has often been seen with him is a dark haired full figured definitely middle aged woman.

      Your quote reinforces for me that she was right when she said he was “a” love in her life but not the “the” love in her life unlike some fantasize, that she saw the marriage as something transitory but not necessarily as something lasting for the long haul.

      So why the constant lamentations by some crying over the breakup of what was seen as a temporary phase in a celebs life by that celeb, that is what I have never understood and never will.

      • The Original G says:

        Yeah, I’ve never heard any rumors that Brad was a hound dog in the way you describe. Ditto on the long term make-up lady. Brad is loyal to his staff as well.

      • d b says:

        Well @Rena @TheOrignalG@Vee I’m happy to stand by what I wrote. It reminds me a bit of Kevin Costner back in the day– there was this image of a family man but it was common knowledge in the business he was running around. It wasn’t until the divorce that it became public. There were rumors and blinds around for years about Mel Gibson before it was public. Same with BP, all I’m saying. And really, I don’t understand why people get so heavily invested in whether he’s “faithful” or not — clearly he loves AJ and the kids and he does great stuff. I like him. But faithful? No.

    • Vee says:

      Really, I never heard anything about Brad Pitt hitting on other women, or anything scandalous during their marriage. He seemed to be devoted, from what I remember, except I suppose now we know that he was very unhappy, at least near the end of his marriage. So you’re saying, “That no makeup girl was safe??”

      I wonder why a guy like him, who could have almost any woman, would have bothered to marry JA at all, when he could didn’t have to. So, they had an open marriage, so JA must have been sleeping around, too. Not much of a marriage.

      Anyway, I thought what you said was a curious statement. So I suppose you think JA was sleeping around, too?

      • d b says:

        I think what happens on set usually stays on set. As for JA, it’s possible. I don’t buy the PR that JA is some kind of unlucky in love sad single, sadly–and singly!–counting her $$ in her 15,000 sq ft cottage or something LOL

      • TC says:

        Many believe Aniston was a rebound for Pitt after his busted engagement to Paltrow. GP cheated on him while they were engaged and apparently hurt him pretty badly. Pitt and Aniston hooked up shortly after his broken engagement.

        In 2011 when Brad was promoting Moneyball, he told Parade Magazine that he was “hiding out” in his marriage. If you read past interviews from both Pitt and Aniston in the early years of their marriage, their comments sound unusual for “just marrieds.” Shortly after their wedding, Brad calls their marriage “an experiment.” In the first year of marriage, Aniston calls Brad “a love of her life, not THE love of her life.” When Brad was asked how he met Jennifer he describes it as, “a business merger.” For a newly married couple, their comments just sound very un-couple like.

        But having said all this, I don’t believe either of them were cheating. If that were the case, it would’ve come out during the separation and subsequent divorce.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @D B, who wrote: “I think what happens on set usually stays on set. As for JA, it’s possible.”

        Nope, what happens on set is how gossip sites mainly get their gossip. If Brad Pitt has a habit of snacking on makeup girls, personal assistants, or any other female worker on set it would have come out by now.

        The thing is that all of Brad’s ex-girl friends–including Gwyneth Paltrow–have all said that Brad is manogamous in his committed relationships.

      • Hypocrisy says:

        Set up blind date with a vulnerable man still hurt by his ex departure and so desperate to be a daddy.

        He thought trading a much younger big screen actress on the verge of becoming a big star to an established nearly 30 years old TV actress, hence a lower profile would increase his chances to what he wanted in a woman at this time of his life.

        Aniston made it clear from that point that she was wifey material, ready to get married and have children quickly. The mantra : “i always wanted a baby” started from that point and it was Aniston who instigated it so that Pitt would be convinced to put a ring a on it quickly.

        I am always baffled by Aniston fans throwing stones at her men like she is perfectly wifey material, innocent and pure and could do better. Aniston is immature, has no conversation whatsoever, is a professional gossiper with mean tendencies, isn’t really beautiful by Hollywood standards and is a girl’s girls, meaning she spends an awful lot times with her girlfriends gossipping and drinking more than with her man.

        When she was married, her husband was in therapy half of the time and the other time absent long months for filming. They had been in marriage counselling. Courtney and David were always there and both marriage suffered from that intrusive menage “à quatre”. niston didn’t think it was great to see her husband as much when he was filming abroad…yet se could not live a week without being to the Arquette to the mpoint of David calling her , his second wife..

        That’s really symptomatic of an immature woman unable to really make room for intimacy for her and her huisband and still live like she is in highschool with her godess circle as the third wheel in a marriage.

        That’s not the sign of a wifey material woman. She is a child woman, always was, always will be. She is immature and carefreee. I bet she will get along easily with the likes of Kim Kardashian.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Hypocrisy—

        Right. on. point. as . usual.

        When have we seen an example of where Aniston put her love life or family (whatever she calls it) before her career? Her entire life revolves around her career.

        The criticism that is written about Aniston is routinely as a result of HER INTERVIEWS, magazines articles, and TV TALK SHOW appearances.

        And we are talking about the character of a 44-45 year old woman, who should have more wisdom and/or learned experiences under her belt by now. She says one thing and repeatedly does another.

        The latest schtick coming from the Jenhen apologists is that she always wanted to be single and childfree. Because she has an exciting life that way– single and child-free. Really? None of HER interviews/actions support this claim. Would Chelsea Handler have any motivation to snark about BFF ex-husband’s new wife and children if she was so happy? (For reference of happy, childfree women see Cameron Diaz, Gabrielle Union, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, etc.)

        She says that her 30′s was her awkward phase. I’ll argue that her 30′s was her best stage in terms of career development/advancement as well as love. She had two relationships that “appeared” stable- Vince Vaughn and Brad Pitt. Both dudes are now in committed relationships with children.

        Her 40′s is definitely her awkward phase (dumped TWICE by John Mayer anyone?) She started off her forties with a bang, Gerard Butler admitting that he “trimmed her bush,” butt-fingering her in public and TMZ recording John Mayer dumping her. The tabloids had nothing to do with the demise of her relationships. Again, they are playing their role and profiting off of her missteps.

        We’re the Millers is her best movie result by far because she is the biggest actress listed as part of the movie. Yet, NOT ONE nomination has come her way for her “comedic timing.” Still think the best is yet to come?

  30. Rena says:

    I think the main problem for these 2 is that they are both older, have careers that have followed very different paths, and to mesh their lives and be successful as a couple is not an easy path to navigate. The older you get it is very hard to change, no matter how much you try. Neither wants to fail at this relationship point but when you have lived lives almost opposite to one another success is hard to achieve and maintain.

    And it is not helpful that she appears so aware of how she appears in PR efforts like saying she hopes her fans love what she Is doing in her career in her latest interview, whereas he appears to be adverse to much PR effort and is not really watching to see if fans love him. He also seems so much more confident in who he is (those constant skinny jeans and black shoe polish colored thinning hair scream that to me LOL).

    Really don’t think they have broken up but also think they are evaluating what they want from each other. She certainly cannot want to be seen as some pathetic loser in love yet again, a situation her PR created and she fed for years.

  31. d says:

    I frankly care more about what Aniston looks like with her new haircut than about her relationship/whatever with Theroux. Because no one really knows and they seem like the non-marrying type anyway. If I were healthy and wealthy like her, the LAST thing I’d be doing is thinking about marriage. I think she’s living her life and loving it and all this other stuff is nonsense that keeps her in the public mind. To my mind, the real Jen never speaks in these interviews or magazines or what have you. That’s all her persona for her career. What she really thinks and who she really is, and what really happened back with He Who Shall Not Be Named…we all don’t know. Nor are we meant to; we’re meant to keep speculating, to keep the wheels turning and the money coming in, for HER. And hey, kudos to her, like her or not, she’s living the life.

  32. This says:

    And all those multi-mil $$ renovations at Jenn’s CA home just this past summer not being enough to fortify their ‘happiness’. Forget about how a 40k nyc apartment was not enough for Jen to feel somewhat comfortable as well, while Justin hung in his hometown. Their intellects are different. Their familial warmth (or lack thereof, in Jen’s case) is different. Just own up and stop fronting.

  33. Sugar says:

    Good God it’s all been covered in this thread over & over. Justin had a career before Jen he was in his element in NYC & has to be over the moon to be back. She is in her happy place in LA, if he wanted to be married they’d be married. He probably looked at himself in the mirror one day & was like WTF this is not who I am all Oompa Loompa orange & getting my brows waxed. He tried just like Brad & John & Tate any others like Paul the model or the Harry Morton guy were just fillers.
    Jen if you read these comments there comes a point when you are nearing the 50 mark that if your relationships don’t last you gotta own up-it’s you. I had to & I’m happier that way. Sure there are tiny moments of self pity but life is full & I can do what I want when I want. Its really not that bad & hell I’m broke as a joke compared to you but fun is fun weed is weed friends are friends rich or poor.

  34. Mairead says:

    Nooooooo! I want these f**kers to get married! Or her to get married to anyone really. I’d be willing to take one for the team if need be to end these f**king “Our Lady of the Perpetually Dumped” stories!!!!!

    *aside: I really like her makeup in that 3rd thumbnail.

  35. Caroline says:

    I really really want her to be single for a while, take some acting classes, then film a couple of independent movies or something.

  36. Ravensdaughter says:

    I hate pushing the “biological clock” button; nevertheless, she’d better get on that baby with someone. Biology doesn’t care if you’re a celebrity or just an ordinary woman; at her age, even IVF can fail, especially with a first pregnancy. Hopefully someone close to Jen has pointed this out to her…

  37. Amelia says:

    Ok, I’m not a big JA fan, and don’t find AJ or BP fascinating either. But here are my $.02.

    Despite what publicists say, and I think they’re playing games with the media to keep their clients in the news, JA is totally within her right and absolutely normal if she doesn’t want children, marriage or a long-term relationship. I remember her quotes in Vanity Fair about wanting children and how she did and she would. But people and circumstances change. I’m a mom of two and that works for me. But I totally respect people who don’t want to have children. It’s especially good when they decide that before the have a child. A life of plenty of money, sunny vacations, not being responsible for two other lives, jetting off whenever you feel like it sounds pretty nice. I might not want a steady diet of it, but maybe JA does. If that’s what replenishes her and feeds her spirit, I say, go for it girl!

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Ameila …

      Amen to all you’ve said … but no one will give Jennifer Aniston ‘peace’ to live a happy, single and child free life until she states that is what she ‘really’ wants, and stop claiming that she really wants the man and kids in her interviews to placate her fans.

  38. crtb says:

    (as I suspect) she really enjoys being child-free in which case I wish she would just own it because there is no shame in that! It’s a perfectly valid lifestyle choice! In any case,

    WHY? Why does she need to own up to it? It is none of our business. Woman are allowed to change their minds. Maybe this year she feels like she wants a child. Next year circumstances change and she now long want s to be a mother. Then she thinks maybe she might want to be a mother again. Millions of women go through this dilemma. Why do you think she needs to explain her thought process to us? She can change her mind every day and that is OK.

    • Josephina says:

      Trust me when I say this…

      ALL of the JP fans want her to own up to wanting to be single and child free. It just has not happened.

      If she was single and carefree there would not have been a front cover of People’s magazine, twice, one dishing about her with “upcoming” wedding details, then another cover within months announcing a postponement.

      See? … even more contradictions.

      By the way, the capture of Huvane as PR agent came from Brad Pitt. He introduced her to him ( I think Huvane was his agent first.) By being Mrs. Brad Pitt she was introduced to a whole new world of influence and many key influential contacts to which she would never have had access.

      She is the actress best known for the revelation of her messy character post-divorce (i.e Vanity Fair 2005, Vogue 2009, and several others) rather than her films, Many women still identify with her as being “loved and lost.” in other words, there exists an audience that wants to see Jen “win” at something. Because she told the world she lost. So yes, she FED into the perception/drama of the lonely girl emblem.

      There was never a triangle but just a sad spook trying to find where she belongs.

      • Kim says:

        Sorry but it was ANGELINA who needed the connections–and that was in spite of her Oscar win and her famous father. The public did not warm up to her UNTIL she married Brad Pitt., ESP women! Before that she was seen as eccentric to say the least. Jen was already a star in her own right and extremely popular. If Jen is known by some by the messy divorce others will see Angelina as someone went through multiple men –often ones connected with other women–until she hit the Hollywood jackpot. She seen as a PR genius for sure who uses her kids, causes and Brad to reinvent herself from her wild days. Apparently it’s worked beautifully for her. I’ve NEVER seen so many women fans before she was with Brad. She was mostly some beautiful bisexual fantasy that men lusted after. She may make a great looking partner with Brad but lets not forget about that other beautiful famous couple that people felt were made for each other just because of their looks–DICK AND LIZ. And Liz was another one known to grab already attached men–until she at least THOUGHT she hit the jackpot.

      • Vee says:

        I disagree, Kim. A lot of us liked Angie as the action star! She was a movie star, before Brad Pitt, not a television star, like Jen.

        To me, it was Aniston who grabbed a hold of Brad’s star and used him for what she wanted, a movie career. (I’m not knocking that she went for what she wanted. I’m just stating what it seemed like to me–that he was someone who could help her career. And that she liked being “Mrs. Brad Pitt”. I wonder if she ever really loved him as the person, or what he could do for her. I think that’s what he gets from Angelina.

  39. Suze says:

    I really like her new haircut, though!

  40. Kim says:

    I’m kinda glad if it’s true.I wasn’t feeling them as a couple at all. Jen needs a REAL MAN but should spend her time right now being happy with herself, picking better projects and just enjoying life! People who find true love often do when they aren’t looking for it and are just happy as individuals.