“The red-band trailer for ’22 Jump Street’ is equal parts cheesy & funny” links

Help me, I think that the NSFW (for language) 22 Jump Street redband trailer looks really funny. But I loved the first movie, so I’m biased! [PopBytes]
Jamie Dornan & wife Amelia Warner welcomed their first baby. [Wonderwall]
Here’s the trailer for Christina Ricci’s Lizzie Borden movie. [Starcasm]
What in the world is Katy Perry wearing?! [Celebslam]
Bruce Jenner will no longer get that Adam’s Apple surgery. [ICYDK]
Kelly LeBrock got a DUI. [CDAN]
Edward Snowden wants to go to Rio de Janeiro. [Gawker]
The weepiest stories of 2013. [The Frisky]
Stacey Dash is still a Republican, just FYI. [Bossip]
The Rock is the biggest money-making star of the year. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Here’s the trailer for Shailene Woodley’s new movie. [OMG Blog]
Harper Beckham is a little fashionista! [Life & Style]
Friday the 13th superstitions are about Loki? [Limelife]
Kylie Jenner covers Seventeen, is kind of vapid. [I'm Not Obsessed]



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  1. Thinkaboutit says:

    Loved the Beckham article. They sound like such a normal and loving family.

  2. Andrea says:

    Part of it was shot in Puerto Rico! didnt grt to see channing though :-(

  3. jesb says:

    i’m with you on the 21 jump street, i expected nothing from that movie, what made 21 so fantastic for me was i wasn’t expecting it to be as funny as it was. it had me going from start to end, i gotta say i hope 22 can compete.

  4. B says:

    The whole own my ass part had me dying. I could not stop laughing! :lol:

  5. photo jojo says:

    They filmed this at my daughter’s school in NOLA. It’s so strange to me to see her dorm building in this movie.

  6. Aysla says:

    I loved the first movie too! I still laugh and cringe at the thought of the mutual gagging scene.

    What is going on with Ricci’s career? She used to be so in demand, it makes me sad that’s she doing Lifetime movies now. You’ll always be Wednesday and Roberta, to me.

    Also, Bruce Jenner was going to get plastic surgery for a smaller nose? Geez. His nose is already oddly small and bird-like for his face. I don’t understand that family.

  7. GeeMoney says:

    22 Jump Street looks hilarious!