Brandi Glanville thinks RHOBH ‘wouldn’t be a show’ if she wasn’t a drunk, racist mess


You know what I love? References to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn this way.” I love that line! Anyway, that’s what I thought of when I read these quotes from Brandi Glanville. I keep forgetting that Brandi has a podcast now and that her people let her off the chain (even more than usual) to talk smack about everyone. Apparently, on the most recent podcast, Brandi basically said that she’s a racist drunk because she has to be, for the good of the show, and that’s why she gets paid. Brandi thinks no one would watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if it wasn’t for her antics.

From racist remarks to same-sex make out sessions, controversial reality star Brandi Glanville claims she’s the only reason The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is still on the air! Although she has received plenty of backlash this season, mother-of-two Glanville has no regrets.

“They pay me the big bucks to be an a—hole,” she said on her Podcast One show of her Bravo gig, adding that the point of these show is to stir up drama.

“Honestly, if Carlton Gebbia and I hadn’t kissed, I hadn’t said this stupid joke [against Joyce Giraud] and Lisa Vanderpump and I hadn’t gotten into a fight, we wouldn’t have a show. I’m just being honest. It’s hard to be me!”

Speaking about her on-air persona, Glanville said she’s at a disadvantage because Bravo doesn’t show her “softer side” – being a single mother.

The 41-year-old model revealed that she’d love to have her two children, Jake and Mason Cibrian, on the show, but her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian won’t allow it.

“It’s beyond frustrating… I’d have them on the show,” she said. “I was trying to explain to my ex-husband that I’d only have them in the background at my house with me and not with crazy b—ches that I don’t trust that could say something that could harm them, but it’s just a no go, unfortunately.”

Despite all the drama, Glanville is taking it all with a grain of salt because the show pays the bills.

Said Brandi: “I’ve been blessed in the opportunities I’ve been given through the show. You have to take the good with the bad. It sucks, but at the end of the day, I’m shopping for a new home.”

[From Radar]

While I think she has a point about some things, more and more I’m glad that Eddie won’t allow Mason and Jake on the show. But yeah, these Real Housewife shows are “written”. They have “writers” who cast certain Housewives as “the villainess” or “the racist” or “the drunk” or “the prostitution whore.” Right now, Brandi is being paid to play the racist drunk, and she’s still cashing those checks so I don’t see why she has anything more to say on the subject.


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  1. MelissaMelissa says:

    “They pay me the big bucks to be an a—hole,” This says it all.

    And it’s wrong on all conceivable levels.

    Why afford someone who is admittedly a mess many opportunities to have fame and fortune? Sure, a hot talented actress making $20 million a year, I’m fine with. But someone who is an unapologetic disrespectful, racist, trashy, drunk, and I can go on with as many horrific adjectives till the rest of the year will always be beyond my comprehension.

    Please go away…

    • Sugar says:

      It isn’t racist to say that black women don’t get their hair wet. It’s stupid for a white woman to bring it up, not racist. And that is all she said. Chris Rock said the same thing in “Good Hair”.

      • Meaghan says:

        Thank-you, SO TRUE! I am so sick of this stupid Brandy chick, she annoys me so much.

        And I’d be doing the same thing she is if I was getting paid that much to be on a reality show. That is a ton of money. And money talks!

      • Megan says:

        she didn’t say that though. She said she couldn’t swim because she is black. Which is a disgusting untrue racist stereotype. And “Good Hair” was not just about black women not getting their hair wet, which by the way several white women won’t either, it was about a bigger cultural issue and the profitable industry behind it.

        What Brandi said was stupid and racist. And she should be ashamed, embarrassed and not gloating and playing victim of bad editing.

      • MelissaMelissa says:

        What Brandi said was racist in my opinion. But that aside, I really don’t like that people like her get to be on TV and making a fortune just for being stupid and inconsiderate.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    I vaguely recall a reality show with Leanne and Eddie being mentioned, is that a real thing and are her children featured on that?

  3. Luca26 says:

    So they pay her to be just a little racist and a lot drunk? Ugh I feel dirty and ashamed to admit I’ve ever watched a Real Housewives of —- . She has actually made Eddie look like the reasonable parent which means she needs to haul her skinny butt to rehab.

  4. Josephina says:

    Pffft. Bish, please.

    I have been watching the RHOBH long before this messy, ratchet excuse of a woman came on the show.

    So she thinks she is the STAR of the show now? SMDH.

    I guess being an example for your kids to follow isn’t really that important to her.

  5. Maria says:

    Ugh, take some accountability for the bullshit that comes out your mouth.

    You can be an asshole without making racist comments.

    I NEVER thought I’d say this but I’m grateful that Eddie doesn’t allow his sons on there, they’re better off.

  6. Renee says:

    She doesn’t look bad in the outfit with the red skirt and should dress like that more often. It’s fashionable yet age appropriate. That’s all I got.

  7. DreamyK says:

    Wow. So she has justified her BS in yet another incredible way by blaming yet again someone/something else.

    Brandi. I just can’t with you anymore. You’re an a**hole.

  8. missy says:

    her cheeks look really bad. i know some women want high cheekbones but this looks ridiculous. they also look rock-hard

  9. claire says:

    It’s pretty true for this season. If I’m understanding her correctly, she’s right. If they weren’t focused on all her screw ups this year, what would they focus on. No one seems to have much of a story line this season.

  10. Megan says:

    You know there are many things to hate LeAnne for but I have now decided that her affair/pap calling ways that unleashed this twit on us is the worst thing she has done.

    I need Brandi to disappear. I just can’t anymore. She is worthless. And please she isn’t edit bad or written bad she thinks these things.

  11. Angie says:

    RHOBH ‘wouldn’t be a show’ if the world wasn’t a drunk, racist mess”…unfortunately, trashy shows like this one seem to be the “in” thing these days! Hooray for shows such as ‘Undercover Boss’ !!!

  12. gg says:

    That close-up shot her her face is scaring me. All she needs is a bright purple suit. “Wait’ll they get a load o’ ME!”

  13. someone says:

    What I find most annoying is the whole “I kissed a girl and liked it” thing she does. Kissing freaky Carleton is NOT hot, though she wants to think it is. If you have to flaunt it and talk about it, it isn’t sincere. Somewhere along the line she got it in her head that making out with other women makes her appear SEXIER but in reality it makes her appear desperate for attention.

  14. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    I can see where she is coming from though (although she is arrogant to talk about it so blatantly). Ratings were low in the first couple episodes because they were boring and then BOOM! Brandi says/does something lush/stupid/ignorant and ratings are on fire. The next week episode previews with Yolanda picking her favorites at the dinner party with little hearts on the namecards of her chosen few bring us back to real RHOBH mean girlness and less Brandi stupidity though so im happy about that

  15. Regarded says:

    Brandi is right.
    I’m not saying that this excuses her from making racist comments, but let’s be honest. People don’t watch this show because they want to see how classy, wealthy women live in a famous city. It’s reality TV and the vulgarity that comes with it is expected.
    Once again, that’s not to say that behaving in that kind of way is excusable. But this is exactly what the producers of the show want, and judging by the way the viewers are eating it all up and talking about it, this is probably the kind of drama they want to see, too.
    I don’t think Brandi is this idiotic otherwise. She does lack a filter, but being on RHOBH just provokes it further, in my opinion.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      ……………So Brandi is admitting that she “acts” like a drunken asshole just so she can make a boatload of money?
      ….. So she’s saying that she sold her soul (because who really cares if her kids get made fun of in school for her behavior) so that she can pay for her plastic surgery addiction and designer clothes?

      Yeah, that sounds about right…..

  16. LAK says:

    This is what I keep pointing out to those who take this show seriously or who base their opinion of Brandi on the show.

    It’s scripted within the framework of reality. The more drama a person adds to it, the bigger the paychecks. This doesn’t necessarily preclude them from being a$$holes, but everything is bigger and definitely edited to showcase certain personas. It’s bear baiting and to be taken with a giant pinch of salt.

    I will also add that the person edited to look bad each season changes.

    Season 1′s bad girl was Camilla. Never forgetting that ‘psychic’ lady who sees dead people everywhere.

    Season 2′s bad girl was a two hander between Vyle and Taylor (who can forget what a drunken, screaming mess Taylor was?)

    Season 3′s bad girl was a toss up between Adreinne (sp) and Faye. Oh Faye, trying to be exceptionally reprehensible so that she could become part of the permanent line up.

    Season 4 is Brandi though, going by previews, might end up being Lisa.

    And throughout it all, everyone baiting Kim (who revealed what an a$$hole *she* was in season 2 despite her special circumstances. Can we talk about Kim’s circumstances or will CB invite a C & D letter?)

    And that vile woman with the $25K (not a typo) sunglasses.

    • Jayna says:

      Please. It’s slightly scripted. Brandi even said they say what they want to say. Taylor was and is an alcoholic and her husband was hitting her and they were grifters, living a fake life. It was crashing down on her. It was all real her issues.

      Kim was hiding from the viewers her addictions and was acting bizarre until she and her sister got into a fight. That wasn’t scripted. Her sister outed her because she was mad and it almost destroyed their relationship They didn’t talk the whole off season and barely the next season.

      Adrienne became jealous of Lisa and too caught up in the fame and started turning ugly, trying to take Lisa down. Kyle was in her corner. She showed what an ugly person she can be. And with her marriage falling apart, there was nothing redeeming about her.

      Brandi came into this season full of herself, thinking she was the fan favorite. Lisa tends to address Brandi’s issues and she’s tired of it. She’s got enabling Yolanda and now her new buddy Carlton and Kyle groveling at her feet because Kyle has no friends on the show anymore. So what does Brandi do, turn on Lisa, tired of her controlling ways. There’s set up scenes and stuff sometimes on all these shows or redone scenes, but as anyone knows when you watch the reunions, the anger and friendships shattered are never fake. You can feel the hatred or hurt.
      Brandi always said you have to own your behavior and not blame editing because you really did those things, but now that the fans are turning on her, she says she only does it for the show. or she’s bored or blah, blah. More like she doesn’t like Joyce because she’s the young, pretty thing in the group and she was the only one in that group before. And Joyce called her out about calling her and talking about Lisa. Brandi has it in for Lisa and feels she is top dog there now and not being bullied by anyone anymore. Sadly, that has brought out all the bad sides of her where she felt invincible going into this season. Team Lisa all the way, amazing woman and classy.

      • LAK says:

        Firstly, much of what you’ve posted is evident to us viewers, but not to the characters as they are being filmed. And some things are pointedly ignored whilst they all pretend other reasons for the person’s bad behaviour. Again these ignored issues are evident to the viewers. The season changes according to what they allow to be shown eg we could all see that Taylor was a drunk, screaming and later outed as a victim of domestic abuse. Yet they all pretended she wasn’t the mess she was due to the drink. They wouldn’t necessarily acknowledge the proper reason (alcohol, abusive husband) except to say Taylor had told them things about her marriage that they didn’t know whether to believe or not. Meanwhile she’s in a corner getting drunk as a skunk and no one will address that directly too. The ONLY time it was addressed on camera (by Camille), Taylor acted all huffy and offended and then they all went back to talking around the issue rather than having a proper discussion (off camera if need be). No one addressed Taylor’s husband evident confusing statements which implied that Taylor had told *him* a different version of whatever story.

        All this was/is evident to the viewers because we can see the arc of the story and we can connect the dots. It’s not evident to them.

        I maintain it’s scripted, but I add the caveat that it’s within the realms of reality TV. By that I mean that certain scenes are prompted by producers, as are certain scene set ups. It’s not 100% scripted, but neither is it slightly scripted. I’ll find an article from a reality TV producer who went on record 2yrs ago to discuss just how much is ‘reality’ even if the scenes seem so close to their real lives and post later. Hope you come back and read it.

        The other point to make is that often, many of the true issues are discussed in tabloids and by fans and not showcased within the show eg your specific examples of Taylor and her husband being grifters. In season 3, Taylor talks about her being sued for being a co-signatory with her husband, but she doesn’t go any further than that. She goes so far as to position the creditors’ demand of her engagement ring as a step too far…..a clear bid for personal sympathy. if you didn’t read tabloids, you’d never know she was a grifter and that ring was a necessary recovery plan for people that had been fleeced.

        On a different note, much of the emotion at the reunions comes from the fact that they seem not to be aware of the season’s arc until it’s played to the public. Their blogs take on an episode by episode rebuttal that seems to indicate that they unaware how they were coming across whilst filming or how it would be edited. This goes back to my first point.

        The person on the receiving end of a b!tch edit isn’t necessarily aware that they are getting one- see Camille from season 1. She hired a publicist to rehab her image and now many people forget what a B she was.

  17. Jayna says:

    First off, they are not paying her to be a drunk mess on the show, and we have seen her off the show that trashed, so it’s a habit. She could get buzzed without going past the point of no rturn. They aren’t paying her to turn into a mean girl bitch. she chooses who she reacts to. She blames everyone else for her behavior I have noticed in her blog, no responsibillity, deflect, deflect, deflect.

    And no, thank God Eddie didn’t allow those kids on this show. Brandi is so trashy on this show and such a foul mouth and so drunk that to have her children associated with it, is wrong. I don’t care that they aren’t in those scenes. They are still tainted by their mother. The other ladies don’t act as bad except Kim back when she was drinking and trashy Taylor, another drunk. I don’t agree with the way the kids are papped because of Leann, Eddie and even Brandi to a lesser degree, but that is still just a still photo, not on this reality show.

    I went on the blogs yesterday and was stunned. I knew the fans were not happy with Brandy an dknew it was a lot, but it was just hundreds of posts basically saying they were once fans and aren’t anymore or telling her she is changing and hard to root for her anymore. Many said they bought her first book and would not be buying her second book. She needs to get rid of that big head she has thinking she is the show and take stock of herself. She is screwing up great employment opportunities for her future.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I would disagree with you at least on one point Jayna. If she is an alcoholic, and I believe she could be, your statement: “She could get buzzed without going past the point of no rturn. ” is not necessarily true. Alcoholics progress in the disease to the point where they can sometimes get extremely intoxicated with out ingesting very much alcohol at all. Even under the best of circumstances, they fail to drink “normally/socially” either overshooting the socially acceptable level of intoxication, or automatically drinking to the point of no return every time. In other words they very rapidly lose the ability, (if they ever had it) to control their level of intoxication.

  18. Christin says:

    She’s made it clear that she’s trying to fund her kids’ education and buy a home. I may be wrong, but it seems her current income opportunities will likely be short-lived. I don’t think she’s thinking beyond the paycheck at hand. And she doesn’t have a wealthy background to fall back on.

    Maybe she plans to be a female version of Stern at some point. Who knows.

    • Jayna says:

      Stern is beyond intelligent and on his show covers politics, and other issues. He is a tremendous interviewer when he gets great guests on there. His two-hour Paul McCartney interview was riveting. She is no Stern, just I guess the raunchy side of the show and that part of him, but not the other part that has kept a wide variety of viewers.

      I just can’t figure out what is up with Brandi. She was positioned so nicely to expand on her popularity from the show into maybe cookbooks, maybe a workout tape, guest apperances on shows, on and on. But her smugness and her inability to take responsiblity for anything is in the immediate greatly affecting her book sales coming up I believe. And being seen so completely trashed that she can’t walk so many times probably hurts her in ways she doesn’t know as far as potential opportunities. She is squandering the sympathy and good will she had from being the wronged woman and having to deal with SWFer Leann Rimes. Who knows maybe it will turn around on the show and we will see that Lisa really did something awful as Brandi says to cause a rift, but I’m beginning to think even if she did, by that point fans won’t care because of how she’s treated Lisa all season before that and treated Joyce and just her antics. And, please, her antics with Carlton kissing, leering at each other is juvenile and the fans are just eye-rolling. You think that made the season? Brandi is delusional. It’s not shocking. It’s not sexy, two middle-aged woman acting stupid. It’s not entertaining as Carlton is just rough looking. In Brandi world it’s cool. Not in the fan world, just Brandi trying to play the sex card as usual.

      Lisa is beloved on there and too bad more of Lisa didn’t rub off on Brandi. She might have developed some social skills and tact and softened some of her hard edges from Lisa’s influence and met a nice man to date who would be someone to bring home to her kids. Yolanda and Carlton just high-five Brandi’s behavior and don’t tell her the truth.

      • someone says:

        Jayna, I agree with you (especially about Carlton). Somewhere along the line Brandi got the idea that people find her sexy when she talks about and kisses other women and gets drunk. That is her gimmick. Maybe 20 something college kids find fake lesbianism and drunkenness sexy but I’m pretty sure once you graduate into the real world that no longer works.

      • Kellykat says:

        I agree with you both Christin and Jayna. Brandi is squandering the opportunities the show and her first book gave her. She needs to take responsibility and be humble: “yes I said it, I’m sorry,” then shut her mouth. I still feel like her own personal issues are hurting her and she’s drinking to compensate. She needs to not drink anymore, it does her no good. I would love to see her go to rehab and get good therapy.

    • dontbuyit says:

      By the 2 pod casts I listened to, I do not think that will be on the cards. She’s not a natural. Talked 99% about herself. The people who she was interviewing, ended up sounding like the interviewer and her being the interviewee.

  19. DTX says:

    This is annoying. So we’re labeling Brandi an offical racist but Britney gets a pass because she’s cute/doesn’t know any better/has mental problems. But then again we’re deciding that Brandi needs rehab for alcoholism (on a previous thread) but isn’t alcoholism also a mental disorder?

    As a minority woman I think what Brandi said was dumb and not properly thought out and yeah, she’s an idiot for that but do I truly think she’s racist? No, I don’t. I found Britney’s mocking of the Spanish language a bit more offensive. Being from the South (where there a lots of Hispanics!) even she knows better, but I’m not going to riot over it or what Brandi said either.

  20. happymama says:

    She’s right. People tune in for the drama. No one would watch if things on the show were anything like normal day to day life. She is an interesting personality whether you like her or not and that’s why people are paying attention to Brandi. I like her.

  21. Zwella Ingrid says:

    As much as I don’t like Cibrian, I have to give him points for not allowing his boys to be on the show.

  22. Samtha says:

    Please. The show was more interesting and watchable before she became a regular housewife rather than a “friend of.”

  23. eliza says:

    To those that say she’s right, take a look at the ratings this yr vs previous Beverly Hills seasons and the various comments on Bravo and several reality based web sites. People are tuning out in great numbers because of the drama. No one likes the turn any of these housewives shows have taken since the original O.C aired in 2005.

  24. BeckyR says:

    I think all of the Housewives shows are going to be toast in the next year or so…a little goes a long way. As for Brandi, she WAY overestimates what she brings to the RHOBH. In short, she is the trash!

  25. eliza says:

    @LAK- You are incorrect about the popularity of BH. Atlanta is the most popular with New Jersey running a close second. Sorry to disagree. :-(

  26. dontbuyit says:

    Which is it? Shes real, yet they pay her to be an a**hole? She tweets “I’m not a bully, I’m not mean” but just admitted she gets paid to be an a**hole? So which is it?

    Or could this be what she does best. Another excuse to explain her nastiness without taking any of the responsibility. Blame it on drink, blame it on her enemy, blame it on her employer. Sure she might apologize, but when there is a but in the apology followed with an excuse then there really is no point in saying the sorry in the first place, because it is not genuine.

    I see the pattern she is creating. She can’t use the ex husband and crazy wife plot because it’s one sided with no other input. One by one she goes after a housewife and stirs beef to keep the light shining on her, although I’m now opening up to see Joyce for what she is, on Twitter. Petty fake s**t stirrer. Still doesn’t excuse Brandi’s behavior towards her.

    And for the record, I’m tuned out from 2 weeks ago because of the cat fights. I expect this from girls in high school, not 40+ women.

  27. Suckmyfarts says:

    She’s garbage regardless if she’s been cheated on or not. She’s a sloppy slob & ruins the show imo!
    Also, her face is redic! Since when is that joker face better than a few wrinkles? I mean WHY?