Tommy Lee is a bisexual toe-sucker

Drummer Tommy Lee has a foot fetish and enjoys sucking the toes of hot women. He doesn’t discriminate, though, and did not hesitate to suck several guys’ feet from his band when asked:

Never say “suck on this” to foot-fetish freak Tommy Lee – unless you’ve got shoes on! The rad rocker, who admits he’s so obsessed he prowls shoe stores to spy on women’s feet, put his worst foot forward at Seattle club Fenix when he suddently started licking and sucking the toes of… ewww Guys! My Spywitness says Tommy was nibbling a buxom red-head’s tooties as his band Supernova looked on – until lead singer Lucas Rossi shed shoes and socks and demanded “a good lickin.’” Tommy ditched the dame, tongues Rossie’s toe-sies and ended up devouring the feet of other band members as disgusted patrons howled stuff like: “That’s really sick, dude!

[From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker's column, March 26, 2007]

I can see sucking some lover’s feet behind closed doors, not that it’s my thing, but to do it in public is pretty gross. When there’s indiscriminate toe-sucking of anyone who’s up for it one would hope that some kind of inhibition-lowering substance was involved.

Lee once blamed his mother for his foot fetish, saying “My mother was Miss Greece in 1957. She’s gorgeous and she’s got beautiful toes. That’s one of the reasons I have a foot fetish today. When I was a kid, I’d massage her feet.” That just made me think of the Simpsons epsideo where Selma (or was it Patty?) asked Bart to massage her feet.

Tommy Lee and his ex-wife and mother of his two kids, Pamela Anderson, were spotted making out recently. Pamela addressed the rumors that they were back together on her blog, saying that they’re just friends and that she’s trying to do what’s right for her boys.

Here’s Pamela Anderson and her new dog in Malibu on 3/15. She is also shown at The Ivy with Tommy on 3/9. [via] Pamela’s 17 year-old golden retreiver recently died after an extended illness.

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  1. gg says:

    ew, he kinda looks like a twitching corpse.

  2. Carol says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t there, I would have barfed. I hate feet.

  3. Jojo says:

    There was a blind-item awhile back which said a rocker/reality tv star who used to be married to a plastic woman, is bisexual and is more into guys now than women. I had narrowed it down to Dave Navarro or Tommy Lee, but I guess this seals the deal. There was also a picture floating around of him kissing the singer of SuperNova – and both used tongues!

  4. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Tommy Lee is a disgusting pig that thinks he’s still relevant. How old is he now?! He dresses like a fucking moron. He and Pammy are so desperately trying to be 20 years old.

    I don’t know who in their right mind would want to fuck this guy. He always looks dirty and like he smells bad. He such a loser.

  5. b! says:

    I played violin with Tommy Lee for a Supernova show a couple of months ago. I was told to dress as sexy as possible for the show. Before the gig, my ex-boyfriend (who’s always thought I had really cute feet and is now a really close friend of mine) joked with me that I should wear strappy shoes that showed off my toes.

    Well, after this story, I’m glad I wore boots!

  6. stratusmonster says:

    HOT. Tommy you know we love you!

  7. Toubrouk says:

    Okay, Tommy Lee is a freak. Nothing new there.

  8. toe jam says:

    i guess we can add athlete’s foot to the unending list of cooties that tommy has swimming around in his nasty fog cloud.
    maybe his dentist can give him some jock itch medicne for his mouth.

  9. toe jam says:

    jojo, i remember that blind item… you are right.

  10. okay... says:

    Navarro’s the one into boys-not Tommy.

  11. pottymouth says:

    Yeah- I heard Dave Navarro is bi or gay. I believe it- he’s so feminine, plus who can’t be satisfied with carmen electra???

  12. Please says:

    Tommy….When you are Not Masturbating to Your Mom’s Miss Greece 1957 Pic with her Shoes Off & Slurping Toes of Fellow Rockers….Could you and Pamela Make another Sex Video..This Time with a Hi-Def non-Greasy Lens Camera….PLEASE!!!

  13. MaiGirl says:

    I just hope Tommy and Pam’s children are left huge inheritances.

    Therapy is expensive.